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Fantasy Points for 9-Jun-2018
DraftKings Daily Baseball
Past week:   8-Jun   |   7-Jun   |   6-Jun   |   5-Jun   |   4-Jun   |   3-Jun   |   2-Jun   |

DFS salaries typically reflect only "all day" or "main" slates.
Salaries for single game contests are often different and are not reported below.
Starters are indicated by a ^ following the player’s name.
A number after the ^ indicates the player’s order in the batting lineup.
For data in semi-colon delimited text format, click here.

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Pitchers PointsSalaryTeam Opp. Score Stats Summary
PDanny Duffy^0 36.15$4,800KAN@ oak 2-0  7.0IP 3H 3BB 10K Win
PTyler Skaggs^0 30.15$8,000LAA@ min 2-1  7.0IP 5H R ER BB 8K Win
PJon Lester^9 27.95$8,200CHCv pit 2-0  7.0IP H 2BB 5K Win
PMichael Fiers^0 26.15$5,200DETv cle 4-2(F12)  7.0IP 5H R ER BB 8K
Chris Bassitt^0 22.75N/AOAKv kan 0-2  7.0IP 3H R ER BB 6K HB Loss
PDomingo German^8 21.90$8,500NYY@ nym 4-3  6.0IP 5H 3R 3ER 9K HB
PDavid Price^0 20.70$9,200BOSv chw 4-2  6.0IP 5H 2R 2ER 3BB 6K Win
PMichael Wacha^9 20.55$10,000STL@ cin 6-4  5.2IP 4H 2R 2ER 3BB 6K Win
PLuis Castillo^9 19.30$6,200CINv stl 4-6  6.0IP 4H 5R 5ER 3BB 10K Loss
PAnibal Sanchez^9 19.00$6,500ATL@ lad 5-3  5.1IP 3H 2R 2ER 2BB 5K Win
PKyle Gibson^0 17.55$6,800MINv laa 1-2  7.0IP 5H 2R 2ER 2BB 5K Loss
PMike Clevinger^0 16.80$9,000CLE@ det 2-4(F12)  6.2IP 4H 2R 2ER 3BB 5K
PSilvino Bracho 16.50$4,000ARI@ col 12-7  2.0IP 4K Win
PCarlos Rodon^0 16.45$6,000CHW@ bos 2-4  5.0IP 6H 4R 2ER 2BB 7K Loss
PBrent Suter^9 16.25$5,500MIL@ phi 12-3  5.0IP 4H 3R 3ER BB 5K Win
PNick Kingham^9 16.05$7,100PIT@ chc 0-2  6.1IP 4H 2R 2ER 2BB 5K HB Loss
PKevin Gausman^0 15.60$7,300BAL@ tor 3-4(F10)  6.2IP 9H 3R 3ER 6K
PTyson Ross^9 15.20$9,600SDG@ mia 5-4  5.1IP 6H 4R 3ER 2BB 7K
PAaron Sanchez^0 14.25$6,900TORv bal 4-3(F10)  6.1IP 6H 2R 2ER 4BB 5K
PSteven Matz^9 14.10$5,600NYMv nyy 3-4  6.0IP 5H 3R 3ER 4BB 6K
PJustin Miller 13.75$4,000WASv sfo 7-5  1.2IP 3K Win
PAlex Wood^9 13.10$9,400LADv atl 3-5  4.2IP 9H 4R 2ER 6K Loss
PTony Sipp 11.65$4,000HOU@ tex 4-3  1.0IP BB 3K Win
PBlake Snell^0 11.50$11,800TAMv sea 7-3  6.0IP 7H 2R ER 2BB K HB Win
PMike Minor^0 11.30$5,000TEXv hou 3-4  6.0IP 6H 3R 3ER BB 4K
PRoenis Elias 11.20$4,000SEA@ tam 3-7  4.0IP 2H R ER BB 3K
PCraig Stammen 11.15$4,000SDG@ mia 5-4  1.2IP H 2K BS Win
PJohn Axford 8.70$4,000TORv bal 4-3(F10)  2.0IP H 2BB K Win
PWarwick Saupold 8.50$4,000DETv cle 4-2(F12)  2.0IP Win
PXavier Cedeno 8.25$4,000CHW@ bos 2-4  1.0IP 3K
PDellin Betances 8.25$4,000NYY@ nym 4-3  1.0IP 3K Hold
PCharlie Morton^0 7.65$12,400HOU@ tex 4-3  3.2IP H 2R ER 6BB 4K 4HB
PJordan Hicks 7.65$4,000STL@ cin 6-4  1.0IP H 3K Save
PDavid Robertson 7.65$4,000NYY@ nym 4-3  1.0IP H K Win
PTy Blach 7.10$5,100SFO@ was 5-7  3.1IP 2H R ER 2BB 2K
PDrew Steckenrider 7.05$4,000MIAv sdg 4-5  1.0IP 2BB 3K
PJake Arrieta^9 6.60$7,800PHIv mil 3-12  5.1IP 4H 5R 4ER 3BB 4K 2HB Loss
PBrooks Pounders 6.40$4,000COLv ari 7-12  1.1IP 2K HB
PCraig Kimbrel 6.25$4,000BOSv chw 4-2  1.0IP 2K Save
PJoe Kelly 6.25$4,000BOSv chw 4-2  1.0IP 2K Hold
PSammy Solis 6.25$4,000WASv sfo 7-5  1.0IP 2K Hold
PJustin Wilson 6.25$4,000CHCv pit 2-0  1.0IP 2K Hold
PJeff Hoffman 6.20$4,900COLv ari 7-12  2.2IP 2H R ER BB 2K
PDavid Hernandez 5.90$4,000CINv stl 4-6  2.0IP BB K
PKelvin Herrera 5.65$4,000KAN@ oak 2-0  1.0IP H 2K Save
PZach McAllister 5.65$4,000CLE@ det 2-4(F12)  1.0IP H 2K
Mike Morin 5.65N/ASEA@ tam 3-7  1.0IP H 2K
PChad Bettis^9 5.60$5,700COLv ari 7-12  4.0IP 5H 5R 5ER 2BB 6K 2HB
PChris Devenski 5.15$4,000HOU@ tex 4-3  1.2IP BB K Hold
PDaniel Winkler 5.05$4,500ATL@ lad 5-3  1.0IP H BB 2K Hold
PAroldis Chapman 5.05$4,000NYY@ nym 4-3  1.0IP 2BB 2K Save
PTyler Clippard 4.90$4,000TORv bal 4-3(F10)  0.2IP BB 2K BS
PA.J. Minter 4.40$4,000ATL@ lad 5-3  1.1IP H R ER 2K Hold
PChaz Roe 4.40$4,000TAMv sea 7-3  1.1IP H K Save
PSean Doolittle 4.40$4,000WASv sfo 7-5  1.1IP H K Save
PDaniel Coulombe 4.25$4,000OAKv kan 0-2  1.0IP K
PZach Duke 4.25$4,000MINv laa 1-2  1.0IP K
PKirby Yates 4.25$4,000SDG@ mia 5-4  1.0IP K Save
PPedro Baez 4.25$4,000LADv atl 3-5  1.0IP K
PBrad Hand 4.25$4,000SDG@ mia 5-4  1.0IP K Hold
PJosh Hader 4.25$4,000MIL@ phi 12-3  1.0IP K Hold
PReyes Moronta 4.25$4,000SFO@ was 5-7  1.0IP K
PSteve Cishek 4.25$4,000CHCv pit 2-0  1.0IP K Save
PKevin McCarthy 4.25$4,000KAN@ oak 2-0  1.0IP K Hold
PTaylor Williams 4.25$4,000MIL@ phi 12-3  1.0IP K
PNeil Ramirez 3.90$4,000CLE@ det 2-4(F12)  2.0IP H
PSteven Brault 3.80$4,200PIT@ chc 0-2  1.1IP H BB K
PJustin Anderson 3.65$4,000LAA@ min 2-1  1.0IP H K Hold
PFernando Salas 3.65$4,000ARI@ col 12-7  1.0IP H K
PBlake Parker 3.65$4,000LAA@ min 2-1  1.0IP H K Save
PJerry Blevins 3.65$4,000NYMv nyy 3-4  1.0IP BB K
PDiego Castillo 3.35$4,000TAMv sea 7-3  1.2IP 2H R ER 2BB 2K
PDan Jennings 3.05$4,000MIL@ phi 12-3  1.0IP H BB K
PMatt Barnes 3.05$4,000BOSv chw 4-2  1.0IP H BB K Hold
PAdam Conley 3.00$4,400MIAv sdg 4-5  1.1IP
PLuis Garcia 2.90$4,000PHIv mil 3-12  0.2IP H R ER 2K BS
PDanny Barnes 2.90$4,000TORv bal 4-3(F10)  0.2IP H K BS
PLuis Avilan 2.90$4,000CHW@ bos 2-4  0.2IP H K
PEdward Paredes 2.90$4,000LADv atl 3-5  0.2IP H K
PDan Straily^9 2.85$7,000MIAv sdg 4-5  3.2IP 9H 4R 4ER 4K
PBrad Peacock 2.75$5,800HOU@ tex 4-3  1.2IP 3H R ER BB 2K HB
PPeter Moylan 2.75$4,000ATL@ lad 5-3  0.1IP K Hold
PDaniel Hudson 2.75$4,000LADv atl 3-5  0.1IP K
PMiguel Castro 2.70$4,000BAL@ tor 3-4(F10)  2.0IP 2H BB
PRyan Madson 2.45$4,000WASv sfo 7-5  1.0IP 3H R ER 2K Hold
PAnthony Swarzak 2.45$4,000NYMv nyy 3-4  1.0IP 3H R ER 2K Loss
PChris Volstad 2.40$4,900CHW@ bos 2-4  1.1IP H
PLouis Coleman 2.30$4,000DETv cle 4-2(F12)  0.2IP 2H R ER 2K BS
PArchie Bradley 2.25$4,000ARI@ col 12-7  1.0IP
PShane Greene 2.25$4,000DETv cle 4-2(F12)  1.0IP
Daniel Corcino 2.25N/ALADv atl 3-5  1.0IP
PDrew Rucinski 2.10$4,000MIAv sdg 4-5  2.0IP 2H R ER 2BB K Loss
PTommy Hunter 1.80$4,000PHIv mil 3-12  1.1IP 2H 2R ER K E
PEdubray Ramos 1.80$4,000PHIv mil 3-12  1.1IP 2H
PElieser Hernandez 1.65$4,600MIAv sdg 4-5  1.0IP H
PRobert Gsellman 1.65$4,400NYMv nyy 3-4  1.0IP BB
PChris Martin 1.65$4,000TEXv hou 3-4  1.0IP H
PJake Diekman 1.65$4,000TEXv hou 3-4  1.0IP BB
PArodys Vizcaino 1.65$4,000ATL@ lad 5-3  1.0IP H Save
PBuck Farmer 1.05$4,200DETv cle 4-2(F12)  1.0IP 2BB
PHector Rondon 1.05$4,000HOU@ tex 4-3  1.0IP H BB Save
PTrevor Hildenberger 1.05$4,000MINv laa 1-2  1.0IP H HB
Mike Mayers 1.05N/ASTL@ cin 6-4  1.0IP 2H R ER K Hold
POliver Perez 0.75$4,000CLE@ det 2-4(F12)  0.1IP
PAlex Wilson 0.75$4,000DETv cle 4-2(F12)  0.1IP
PTim Collins 0.75$4,000WASv sfo 7-5  0.1IP Hold
PAaron Loup 0.75$4,000TORv bal 4-3(F10)  0.1IP Hold
PRichard Bleier 0.75$4,000BAL@ tor 3-4(F10)  0.1IP
PScott Alexander 0.45$4,000LADv atl 3-5  1.0IP 3H R ER K
PDan Otero 0.45$4,000CLE@ det 2-4(F12)  1.0IP 2H BB
PBoone Logan 0.45$4,000MIL@ phi 12-3  1.0IP H BB HB
PAustin Gomber 0.15$5,300STL@ cin 6-4  0.1IP BB Hold
PYimi Garcia 0.15$4,000LADv atl 3-5  0.1IP H
PBryan Shaw -0.10$4,000COLv ari 7-12  0.2IP 4H 6R ER 2BB 2K 2E BS Loss
PMatt Koch^9 -0.15$5,400ARI@ col 12-7  5.0IP 8H 7R 5ER BB 2K
PKyle Crick -0.45$4,000PIT@ chc 0-2  0.1IP H BB
PBrandon Kintzler -0.45$4,000WASv sfo 7-5  0.1IP H HB Hold
PJake McGee -0.45$4,000COLv ari 7-12  0.1IP 2H Hold
PGio Gonzalez^9 -0.50$9,800WASv sfo 7-5  3.1IP 6H 4R 4ER 4BB 3K
PJoe Biagini -0.60$4,000TORv bal 4-3(F10)  0.0IP R HB E
PMychal Givens -0.90$4,000BAL@ tor 3-4(F10)  0.2IP H R ER 2BB K HB Loss
PCory Gearrin -0.95$4,000SFO@ was 5-7  1.0IP 2H R ER
PYusmeiro Petit -0.95$4,000OAKv kan 0-2  1.0IP H R ER BB
PSam Tuivailala -1.55$4,000STL@ cin 6-4  1.0IP 3H R ER Hold
PJose LeClerc -1.55$4,000TEXv hou 3-4  1.0IP 2H R ER BB Loss
PCody Allen -1.70$4,000CLE@ det 2-4(F12)  0.2IP 2H 2R 2ER K Loss
PAustin Brice -2.15$4,000CINv stl 4-6  1.0IP 3H R ER BB
PFelix Hernandez^0 -4.05$6,500SEA@ tam 3-7  3.0IP 7H 6R 5ER BB 2K Loss
PDereck Rodriguez^9 -6.00$5,000SFO@ was 5-7  2.2IP 6H 5R 5ER 3BB 2K HB Loss
PAdam Morgan -9.65$4,000PHIv mil 3-12  0.1IP 4H 4R 4ER

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Hitters PointsSalaryTeam Opp. Score Stats Summary
3Paul Goldschmidt^2 41.00$5,300ARI@ col 12-7  3/4 3R 4RBI 2HR BB HBP SO
6Trevor Story^4 35.00$4,800COLv ari 7-12  3/4 2R 4RBI 2HR CS
6Nick Ahmed^7 30.00$3,800ARI@ col 12-7  3/5 2R 3RBI 2-2B HR
3Jesus Aguilar^3 25.00$3,800MIL@ phi 12-3  2/5 2R 3RBI 2B HR SO
2Nick Hundley^5 25.00$3,200SFO@ was 5-7  2/5 R 4RBI 2B HR SO
7David Peralta^5 22.00$4,300ARI@ col 12-7  4/5 R 3RBI 2B SO
4D.J. LeMahieu^1 21.00$4,400COLv ari 7-12  2/4 2R 2RBI HR SO
7Rhys Hoskins^2 21.00$4,000PHIv mil 3-12  2/4 R 3RBI HR
6Freddy Galvis^6 21.00$2,700SDG@ mia 5-4  2/4 R 2RBI 2B HR
35Max Muncy^2 20.00$4,200LADv atl 3-5  1/1 R RBI HR 3BB
3Jose Martinez^3 20.00$4,000STL@ cin 6-4  1/2 2R RBI HR 2BB SO
4Jonathan Villar^6 20.00$3,400MIL@ phi 12-3  1/4 2R 2RBI HR BB SO
37Ji-Man Choi 20.00$3,400MIL@ phi 12-3  1/1 R 4RBI HR
7Mallex Smith^6 20.00$3,300TAMv sea 7-3  3/4 2R RBI 3B CS
7J.D. Martinez^3 19.00$5,400BOSv chw 4-2  2/4 R 2RBI HR SO
37Ryan Braun^5 19.00$4,200MIL@ phi 12-3  2/4 3R RBI 3B SO
5Miguel Andujar^5 19.00$3,900NYY@ nym 4-3  2/4 R 2RBI HR
45Matt Carpenter^1 19.00$3,800STL@ cin 6-4  2/5 2R RBI HR 2SO
7Derek Dietrich^2 19.00$3,600MIAv sdg 4-5  2/4 R 2RBI HR SO
6Dansby Swanson^2 19.00$3,500ATL@ lad 5-3  2/5 3R 2B SO SB
5Eugenio Suarez^5 18.00$5,000CINv stl 4-6  1/4 R 2RBI HR BB SO
7Nelson Cruz^3 18.00$4,000SEA@ tam 3-7  1/3 R RBI HR 2BB
2Max Stassi^7 18.00$4,000HOU@ tex 4-3  1/3 2R RBI HR BB
7Bryce Harper^3 17.00$5,500WASv sfo 7-5  2/5 R RBI HR SO
7George Springer^1 17.00$4,900HOU@ tex 4-3  2/3 R RBI BB SB
7Leonys Martin^1 17.00$4,300DETv cle 4-2(F12)  1/5 R BB 2SO 2SB
3Albert Pujols^4 17.00$3,400LAA@ min 2-1  2/4 R RBI HR SO
3Freddie Freeman^3 16.00$5,200ATL@ lad 5-3  3/5 R SB
4Gleyber Torres^9 16.00$4,200NYY@ nym 4-3  1/3 R RBI HR BB SO CS
5Jeimer Candelario^4 16.00$4,200DETv cle 4-2(F12)  1/6 R 2RBI HR 2SO
4Asdrubal Cabrera^4 16.00$3,800NYMv nyy 3-4  1/4 R 2RBI HR SO
2Yadier Molina^5 16.00$3,600STL@ cin 6-4  2/3 3RBI 2B BB
7Alex Gordon^4 16.00$3,100KAN@ oak 2-0  1/3 R RBI HR HBP SO
7Randal Grichuk^6 16.00$2,900TORv bal 4-3(F10)  1/4 R RBI HR HBP SO
7Yasiel Puig^5 15.00$3,900LADv atl 3-5  3/4 2R 2B
57Cory Spangenberg^5 15.00$3,100SDG@ mia 5-4  2/5 R RBI SB E
2Erik Kratz^7 15.00$3,100MIL@ phi 12-3  1/3 2R RBI 2B 2HBP
7Aaron Judge^2 14.00$5,500NYY@ nym 4-3  1/4 R RBI HR
6Jurickson Profar^4 14.00$3,900TEXv hou 3-4  1/2 BB 2HBP SB
7Marcell Ozuna^4 14.00$3,800STL@ cin 6-4  1/4 R RBI HR
2Tyler Flowers^5 14.00$3,600ATL@ lad 5-3  2/4 3RBI 2B SO
4Ian Kinsler^1 14.00$3,600LAA@ min 2-1  1/4 R RBI HR
5Todd Frazier^2 14.00$3,500NYMv nyy 3-4  1/4 R RBI HR 3SO
7Jesse Winker^6 14.00$3,300CINv stl 4-6  1/4 R RBI HR SO
2Chance Sisco^9 14.00$3,200BAL@ tor 3-4(F10)  2/4 R RBI 2B BB SO
2Yan Gomes^8 14.00$3,200CLE@ det 2-4(F12)  1/5 R RBI HR 2SO
7Jackie Bradley^9 14.00$3,000BOSv chw 4-2  1/3 R RBI HR 2SO
7Rajai Davis^9 14.00$2,800CLE@ det 2-4(F12)  1/5 R RBI HR SO
2Spencer Kieboom^8 14.00$2,200WASv sfo 7-5  2/3 R RBI 2B BB
7Christian Yelich^2 13.00$4,700MIL@ phi 12-3  3/5 2R SO
6Jean Segura^1 12.00$4,700SEA@ tam 3-7  2/4 2R HBP E
5Jake Lamb^3 12.00$4,500ARI@ col 12-7  1/6 R RBI SO SB
7Nick Markakis^4 12.00$4,200ATL@ lad 5-3  2/5 R RBI 2B SO
7Brandon Nimmo^3 12.00$4,200NYMv nyy 3-4  1/3 R 3B HBP 2SO
37Matt Adams^5 12.00$3,800WASv sfo 7-5  2/4 2RBI 2B SO
45Yangervis Solarte^1 12.00$3,800TORv bal 4-3(F10)  2/5 R RBI 2B SO
6Jose Iglesias^8 12.00$3,300DETv cle 4-2(F12)  1/4 RBI 3B BB
3Ronald Guzman^9 12.00$3,200TEXv hou 3-4  2/4 RBI 2B BB SO
5Matt Duffy^3 12.00$2,900TAMv sea 7-3  2/4 RBI 2-2B SO
5Anthony Rendon^4 11.00$3,900WASv sfo 7-5  1/4 R 2RBI BB SO
5Matt Chapman^6 11.00$3,800OAKv kan 0-2  3/3 BB
2Buster Posey^2 11.00$3,800SFO@ was 5-7  1/3 R 2B 2BB
4Rougned Odor^7 11.00$3,300TEXv hou 3-4  1/4 2R 2B HBP SO
57Charlie Culberson^6 11.00$2,800ATL@ lad 5-3  3/4 RBI
3Joey Votto^3 10.00$4,400CINv stl 4-6  2/4 2B BB SO
7Andrew McCutchen^3 10.00$3,700SFO@ was 5-7  2/4 R RBI SO SF
7Adam Jones^2 10.00$3,600BAL@ tor 3-4(F10)  2/4 RBI BB SO
46Eduardo Nunez^4 10.00$3,600BOSv chw 4-2  1/3 BB SO SB
7Noel Cuevas^7 10.00$3,500COLv ari 7-12  2/3 R 2B SO
3Jake Bauers^2 10.00$3,400TAMv sea 7-3  2/4 R 2B SO E
6Jose Peraza^8 10.00$3,300CINv stl 4-6  2/4 R 2B
45Christian Arroyo^7 10.00$3,200TAMv sea 7-3  2/4 R RBI SO
7Victor Reyes 10.00$3,100DETv cle 4-2(F12)  1/2 R SB
6Trea Turner^2 9.00$4,600WASv sfo 7-5  1/4 R RBI BB
3Miguel Cabrera^3 9.00$4,400DETv cle 4-2(F12)  1/4 R 2BB
5Alex Bregman^2 9.00$4,300HOU@ tex 4-3  1/4 R RBI 2B
7Justin Upton^3 9.00$4,200LAA@ min 2-1  0/2 BB HBP SO SB
6Didi Gregorius^6 9.00$4,000NYY@ nym 4-3  3/4
7Adam Eaton^1 9.00$4,000WASv sfo 7-5  1/4 2R HBP
4Starlin Castro^1 9.00$3,500MIAv sdg 4-5  1/3 R 2B BB
3Justin Bour^4 9.00$3,200MIAv sdg 4-5  1/3 R 2B BB 2SO
2Robinson Chirinos^8 9.00$3,100TEXv hou 3-4  1/3 R BB HBP SO
7Matt Szczur 9.00$2,900SDG@ mia 5-4  2BB SB
56Giovanny Urshela^9 9.00$2,900TORv bal 4-3(F10)  3/4
7Eddie Rosario^2 8.00$5,000MINv laa 1-2  2/4 R SO
7Michael Brantley^2 8.00$4,800CLE@ det 2-4(F12)  2/4 BB
7Tommy Pham^2 8.00$4,600STL@ cin 6-4  1/5 2SO SB
7Austin Meadows^2 8.00$4,500PIT@ chc 0-2  1/4 3B SO
7Lorenzo Cain^1 8.00$4,300MIL@ phi 12-3  1/6 SO SB
7Denard Span^7 8.00$4,100SEA@ tam 3-7  2/4 2B SO
35Miguel Sano^6 8.00$4,000MINv laa 1-2  2/4 2B 2SO
7Travis Jankowski^1 8.00$3,900SDG@ mia 5-4  2/5 RBI SO
5Yolmer Sanchez 8.00$3,700CHW@ bos 2-4  1/1 3B
5Evan Longoria^4 8.00$3,600SFO@ was 5-7  2/5 R SO
3Yulieski Gurriel^4 8.00$3,500HOU@ tex 4-3  2/4 RBI
7Tony Kemp^8 8.00$3,400HOU@ tex 4-3  2/4 2B
57Brian Anderson^5 8.00$3,300MIAv sdg 4-5  2/4 R
5Danny Valencia^4 8.00$3,300BAL@ tor 3-4(F10)  2/4 BB
3Kendrys Morales^4 8.00$3,300TORv bal 4-3(F10)  2/5 2B SO
6Amed Rosario^1 8.00$3,200NYMv nyy 3-4  1/4 SB
3Victor Martinez^5 8.00$3,100DETv cle 4-2(F12)  2/3 RBI
2Kevan Smith^5 8.00$2,800CHW@ bos 2-4  2/4 RBI
7Peter Bourjos 8.00$2,200ATL@ lad 5-3  1/1 3B
3Jose Abreu^3 7.00$4,300CHW@ bos 2-4  1/4 RBI 2B SO E
4Cesar Hernandez^1 7.00$4,300PHIv mil 3-12  1/3 R BB SO
7Teoscar Hernandez^2 7.00$4,200TORv bal 4-3(F10)  1/5 RBI 2B 2SO
7Scott Schebler^1 7.00$4,100CINv stl 4-6  1/5 RBI 2B SO
3Eric Hosmer^2 7.00$4,100SDG@ mia 5-4  1/4 R BB SO
7Ian Happ^7 7.00$3,900CHCv pit 2-0  1/2 2BB
7Aaron Hicks^1 7.00$3,800NYY@ nym 4-3  1/4 2B BB 2SO
7Hunter Renfroe 7.00$3,800SDG@ mia 5-4  1/1 R 2B
7Jarrod Dyson^6 7.00$3,700ARI@ col 12-7  1/4 R BB
46Jose Rondon^2 7.00$3,400CHW@ bos 2-4  1/2 R BB
7Jason Heyward^2 7.00$3,300CHCv pit 2-0  1/4 R 2B
7Adam Duvall^7 7.00$3,300CINv stl 4-6  1/2 2B BB
37Trey Mancini^8 7.00$3,200BAL@ tor 3-4(F10)  1/4 R BB 3SO
56Scott Kingery^6 7.00$2,900PHIv mil 3-12  1/2 2BB
45Jace Peterson^1 7.00$2,800BAL@ tor 3-4(F10)  1/4 2BB SO
2Kevin Plawecki^8 7.00$2,800NYMv nyy 3-4  1/3 2B BB 2SO
4Ryan Goins^7 7.00$2,700KAN@ oak 2-0  1/4 R 2B
6Ehire Adrianza^7 7.00$2,500MINv laa 1-2  1/2 2B BB SO
5Kris Bryant^1 6.00$4,900CHCv pit 2-0  0/2 R BB HBP SO
7Jon Jay^1 6.00$4,200ARI@ col 12-7  0/4 R 2HBP 2SO
45Daniel Descalso^4 6.00$4,000ARI@ col 12-7  0/3 R 2BB 3SO E
3Justin Smoak^3 6.00$4,000TORv bal 4-3(F10)  0/3 R 2BB SO
46Daniel Robertson^1 6.00$4,000TAMv sea 7-3  0/3 R RBI BB SO E
7Shin-Soo Choo^1 6.00$3,900TEXv hou 3-4  0/3 3BB SO
7Kevin Pillar^5 6.00$3,500TORv bal 4-3(F10)  2/5 SO CS
7Delino DeShields Jr.^2 6.00$3,300TEXv hou 3-4  0/2 RBI 2BB S
2Christian Vazquez^7 6.00$2,700BOSv chw 4-2  2/4
7Mike Trout^2 5.00$6,000LAA@ min 2-1  1/3 BB
7Charlie Blackmon^2 5.00$5,700COLv ari 7-12  1/4 R SO
5Jose Ramirez^3 5.00$5,500CLE@ det 2-4(F12)  1/4 BB 3SO
4Scooter Gennett^4 5.00$4,900CINv stl 4-6  1/5 R 2SO
6Xander Bogaerts^2 5.00$4,700BOSv chw 4-2  1/4 R
2J.R. Murphy 5.00$4,400ARI@ col 12-7  1/2 R
7Joc Pederson^7 5.00$4,300LADv atl 3-5  1/2 2B
6Tim Anderson^1 5.00$4,200CHW@ bos 2-4  1/4 R SO E
47Ben Zobrist^3 5.00$4,200CHCv pit 2-0  1/4 RBI
3Carlos Santana^4 5.00$3,900PHIv mil 3-12  1/4 2B
7Albert Almora 5.00$3,700CHCv pit 2-0  1/1 2B
7Mac Williamson^6 5.00$3,600SFO@ was 5-7  1/4 BB 2SO
56Johan Camargo^8 5.00$3,300ATL@ lad 5-3  1/4 2B SO
47Jose Pirela^3 5.00$3,200SDG@ mia 5-4  1/5 R SO E
3Adrian Gonzalez^7 5.00$3,200NYMv nyy 3-4  1/3 2B SO
4Joe Panik^8 5.00$3,200SFO@ was 5-7  1/3 BB
6Aledmys Diaz^8 5.00$3,100TORv bal 4-3(F10)  1/4 R
2Mike Zunino^6 5.00$3,100SEA@ tam 3-7  1/3 BB SO
45Wilmer Difo^7 5.00$3,100WASv sfo 7-5  1/4 R SO
47Hernan Perez 5.00$3,000MIL@ phi 12-3  1/2 RBI
7Lonnie Chisenhall^4 5.00$2,900CLE@ det 2-4(F12)  1/5 2B
7Rob Refsnyder^8 5.00$2,700TAMv sea 7-3  1/4 R SO
7Paulo Orlando^8 5.00$2,500KAN@ oak 2-0  1/3 RBI SO
7Andrew Benintendi^1 4.00$5,600BOSv chw 4-2  0/3 R BB 2SO
2Gary Sanchez^4 4.00$4,200NYY@ nym 4-3  0/3 R BB 2SO
37Ian Desmond^6 4.00$4,100COLv ari 7-12  0/3 R BB SO
7Juan Soto^6 4.00$3,900WASv sfo 7-5  0/2 2BB
35Matt Davidson^4 4.00$3,900CHW@ bos 2-4  0/2 2BB SO
37Joey Gallo^5 4.00$3,800TEXv hou 3-4  0/3 2BB 2SO
5Kyle Seager^4 4.00$3,600SEA@ tam 3-7  0/5 2RBI 2SO
4Jonathan Schoop^6 4.00$3,600BAL@ tor 3-4(F10)  0/4 R HBP
7Gorkys Hernandez 4.00$3,500SFO@ was 5-7  0/2 R HBP SO
2Luke Maile^7 4.00$3,400TORv bal 4-3(F10)  0/4 RBI BB
7Carlos Gomez^5 4.00$3,200TAMv sea 7-3  0/3 R BB SO
4Jose Altuve^3 3.00$4,900HOU@ tex 4-3  1/4 E
3Matt Olson^5 3.00$4,500OAKv kan 0-2  1/4 2SO
7Nick Castellanos^2 3.00$4,400DETv cle 4-2(F12)  1/6 SO
67Chris Taylor^1 3.00$4,200LADv atl 3-5  1/4 SO
47Whit Merrifield^1 3.00$4,000KAN@ oak 2-0  1/4 SO
7Mitch Haniger^2 3.00$3,900SEA@ tam 3-7  1/5
2Willson Contreras^5 3.00$3,800CHCv pit 2-0  1/4 SO
4Alen Hanson^1 3.00$3,800SFO@ was 5-7  1/5 SO
3Ryon Healy^5 3.00$3,700SEA@ tam 3-7  1/4
7Max Kepler^5 3.00$3,500MINv laa 1-2  1/4
5Rafael Devers^6 3.00$3,500BOSv chw 4-2  1/4
7Franmil Reyes^4 3.00$3,300SDG@ mia 5-4  1/5 3SO
45Zack Cozart^6 3.00$3,300LAA@ min 2-1  1/4
7Manuel Margot^7 3.00$3,200SDG@ mia 5-4  1/3 CS
6Addison Russell^8 3.00$3,200CHCv pit 2-0  1/4 SO
2James McCann^6 3.00$3,200DETv cle 4-2(F12)  1/5 SO
2Chris Iannetta 3.00$3,200COLv ari 7-12  1/1
7JaCoby Jones^7 3.00$3,200DETv cle 4-2(F12)  1/5 SO
7Austin Jackson^7 3.00$3,100SFO@ was 5-7  1/2
7Guillermo Heredia^8 3.00$3,000SEA@ tam 3-7  1/4
7Melky Cabrera^7 3.00$3,000CLE@ det 2-4(F12)  1/5
7Robbie Grossman^4 3.00$3,000MINv laa 1-2  1/4 SO
2Jorge Alfaro^8 3.00$2,900PHIv mil 3-12  1/3 2SO E
56Miguel Rojas^7 3.00$2,900MIAv sdg 4-5  1/4 SO
47Andrew Romine^9 3.00$2,700SEA@ tam 3-7  1/3
2Curt Casali 3.00$2,700CINv stl 4-6  1/1
6Orlando Arcia^8 3.00$2,700MIL@ phi 12-3  1/5 SO
Jose Fernandez^7 3.00N/ALAA@ min 2-1  1/3
6Manny Machado^3 2.00$5,200BAL@ tor 3-4(F10)  0/4 BB 2SO
7Giancarlo Stanton^3 2.00$5,000NYY@ nym 4-3  0/3 BB 2SO
3Anthony Rizzo^4 2.00$4,700CHCv pit 2-0  0/3 RBI SF
5Travis Shaw^4 2.00$4,300MIL@ phi 12-3  0/3 BB
7Kyle Schwarber^6 2.00$4,300CHCv pit 2-0  0/2 BB SO
7Brett Gardner 2.00$4,100NYY@ nym 4-3  BB
3Yonder Alonso^5 2.00$4,000CLE@ det 2-4(F12)  0/4 BB SO
7Nomar Mazara^3 2.00$3,900TEXv hou 3-4  0/4 RBI SO SF
46Ketel Marte 2.00$3,600ARI@ col 12-7  0/2 R SO
7Daniel Palka^8 2.00$3,500CHW@ bos 2-4  0/3 BB 3SO
7Mark Canha^2 2.00$3,500OAKv kan 0-2  0/2 BB SO
3Josh Bell^6 2.00$3,400PIT@ chc 0-2  0/2 BB SO
37Marwin Gonzalez^6 2.00$3,300HOU@ tex 4-3  0/3 BB SO
7Jay Bruce^5 2.00$3,300NYMv nyy 3-4  0/3 BB SO
45Isiah Kiner-Falefa^6 2.00$3,200TEXv hou 3-4  0/4 HBP 3SO
7Ben Gamel 2.00$3,200SEA@ tam 3-7  BB
4Joey Wendle^4 2.00$3,200TAMv sea 7-3  0/3 RBI SO SF
35Ryan McMahon 2.00$3,100COLv ari 7-12  RBI SF
7Stephen Piscotty^7 2.00$3,100OAKv kan 0-2  0/3 BB SO
46Greg Garcia 2.00$3,000STL@ cin 6-4  BB
2Alex Avila^8 2.00$2,900ARI@ col 12-7  0/2 BB SO
3Hunter Dozier^5 2.00$2,900KAN@ oak 2-0  0/3 BB 2SO
6J.P. Crawford^7 2.00$2,900PHIv mil 3-12  0/2 HBP SO S
35David Freese^5 2.00$2,900PIT@ chc 0-2  0/2 BB
6Alcides Escobar^6 2.00$2,800KAN@ oak 2-0  0/3 BB
45Logan Forsythe^8 2.00$2,800LADv atl 3-5  0/3 RBI SO E
2Rafael Lopez^8 2.00$2,700SDG@ mia 5-4  0/3 BB SO
2Jesus Sucre^9 2.00$2,600TAMv sea 7-3  0/3 RBI
5Nolan Arenado^3 0.00$5,800COLv ari 7-12  0/4
6Francisco Lindor^1 0.00$5,100CLE@ det 2-4(F12)  0/5 2SO
7Khris Davis^4 0.00$4,900OAKv kan 0-2  0/4 SO
4Ozzie Albies^1 0.00$4,800ATL@ lad 5-3  0/5 2SO
56Eduardo Escobar^3 0.00$4,800MINv laa 1-2  0/4 SO
46Javier Baez 0.00$4,600CHCv pit 2-0 
3Mitch Moreland 0.00$4,600BOSv chw 4-2 
4Brian Dozier^1 0.00$4,500MINv laa 1-2  0/4 2SO
4Jed Lowrie^3 0.00$4,400OAKv kan 0-2  0/4 2SO
7Matt Kemp^3 0.00$4,400LADv atl 3-5  0/4 SO
5Mike Moustakas^2 0.00$4,100KAN@ oak 2-0  0/4 SO
2Evan Gattis^5 0.00$4,100HOU@ tex 4-3  0/4 SO
4Yoan Moncada^6 0.00$4,100CHW@ bos 2-4  0/4 2SO E
2J.T. Realmuto^3 0.00$4,100MIAv sdg 4-5  0/4 SO
7Dustin Fowler 0.00$4,100OAKv kan 0-2  0/1 SO
6Marcus Semien^1 0.00$4,100OAKv kan 0-2  0/4 SO E
47Dee Gordon 0.00$4,000SEA@ tam 3-7 
3Gregory Bird 0.00$4,000NYY@ nym 4-3  0/1
7Harrison Bader 0.00$4,000STL@ cin 6-4  0/2
2Salvador Perez^3 0.00$4,000KAN@ oak 2-0  0/4
7Starling Marte^3 0.00$4,000PIT@ chc 0-2  0/4
2Francisco Cervelli^4 0.00$3,900PIT@ chc 0-2  0/2
7Odubel Herrera^3 0.00$3,900PHIv mil 3-12  0/4 3SO
37Cody Bellinger^4 0.00$3,900LADv atl 3-5  0/4 3SO
7Gerardo Parra^5 0.00$3,900COLv ari 7-12  0/4 2SO
56Yairo Munoz^8 0.00$3,900STL@ cin 6-4  0/4 SO
7Ender Inciarte^7 0.00$3,800ATL@ lad 5-3  0/4 SO
7Mike Tauchman 0.00$3,700COLv ari 7-12  0/1 SO
6Brandon Crawford 0.00$3,700SFO@ was 5-7  0/1 SO
7Michael Conforto^6 0.00$3,700NYMv nyy 3-4  0/3 SO
7Gregory Polanco^7 0.00$3,700PIT@ chc 0-2  0/3 2SO
7Chad Pinder^8 0.00$3,700OAKv kan 0-2  0/3 2SO
5Adrian Beltre 0.00$3,600TEXv hou 3-4  0/1
7Greg Allen 0.00$3,600CLE@ det 2-4(F12) 
7Josh Reddick 0.00$3,600HOU@ tex 4-3  0/1
2Yasmani Grandal^6 0.00$3,600LADv atl 3-5  0/4 2SO
5Jedd Gyorko^6 0.00$3,500STL@ cin 6-4  0/4 2SO
7Michael Hermosillo^9 0.00$3,500LAA@ min 2-1  0/3 SO
47Chris Owings 0.00$3,500ARI@ col 12-7  0/1 SO
45Erik Gonzalez 0.00$3,500CLE@ det 2-4(F12) 
5Maikel Franco 0.00$3,400PHIv mil 3-12  0/1
3Tyler Austin^7 0.00$3,400NYY@ nym 4-3  0/3 SO
7Dexter Fowler^7 0.00$3,400STL@ cin 6-4  0/3 3SO
4Jason Kipnis^6 0.00$3,400CLE@ det 2-4(F12)  0/5 SO
7Mark Trumbo^7 0.00$3,400BAL@ tor 3-4(F10)  0/5
35Pedro Alvarez^5 0.00$3,400BAL@ tor 3-4(F10)  0/3 SO
46Brock Holt 0.00$3,300BOSv chw 4-2  0/1 SO
2Devin Mesoraco 0.00$3,300NYMv nyy 3-4  0/1 SO
47Kike Hernandez 0.00$3,300LADv atl 3-5  0/2
7Nick Williams 0.00$3,300PHIv mil 3-12  0/2 SO
7Brian Goodwin 0.00$3,300WASv sfo 7-5  0/1
2Elias Diaz 0.00$3,300PIT@ chc 0-2  0/1
35Luis Valbuena^5 0.00$3,300LAA@ min 2-1  0/4 2SO
57Jose Bautista 0.00$3,300NYMv nyy 3-4  0/1 SO
3Logan Morrison 0.00$3,200MINv laa 1-2  0/1
2Tucker Barnhart^2 0.00$3,200CINv stl 4-6  0/4 SO
5Colin Moran 0.00$3,200PIT@ chc 0-2  0/1 SO
56Jose Reyes 0.00$3,100NYMv nyy 3-4  0/1
24Austin Barnes 0.00$3,100LADv atl 3-5  0/1 SO
2Josh Phegley^9 0.00$3,000OAKv kan 0-2  0/3 2SO
46Breyvic Valera 0.00$3,000LADv atl 3-5  0/1
2Jose Briceno^8 0.00$3,000LAA@ min 2-1  0/3
4Kolten Wong 0.00$3,000STL@ cin 6-4  0/1
4Brandon Dixon 0.00$2,900CINv stl 4-6  0/2 SO
46Nolan Fontana 0.00$2,900LAA@ min 2-1  0/1 SO
7Aaron Altherr^5 0.00$2,900PHIv mil 3-12  0/3
7Cameron Maybin 0.00$2,900MIAv sdg 4-5  0/2 SO
7Ryan LaMarre^8 0.00$2,900MINv laa 1-2  0/3 SO
7Carlos Tocci 0.00$2,900TEXv hou 3-4 
7Abraham Almonte 0.00$2,900KAN@ oak 2-0 
45Ramon Torres^9 0.00$2,900KAN@ oak 2-0  0/3 SO
7Jake Marisnick^9 0.00$2,800HOU@ tex 4-3  0/2 2SO
7Jake Cave 0.00$2,800MINv laa 1-2  0/1 SO
6Jordy Mercer^1 0.00$2,800PIT@ chc 0-2  0/4 SO
46Gregorio Petit 0.00$2,800MINv laa 1-2 
27Blake Swihart^8 0.00$2,800BOSv chw 4-2  0/3 2SO
7Charlie Tilson^9 0.00$2,800CHW@ bos 2-4  0/3
46Eric Sogard 0.00$2,800MIL@ phi 12-3  0/1
45Alex Blandino 0.00$2,800CINv stl 4-6  0/1 SO
6J.T. Riddle^6 0.00$2,800MIAv sdg 4-5  0/3 2SO
7Lewis Brinson 0.00$2,800MIAv sdg 4-5  0/1
7Hunter Pence 0.00$2,800SFO@ was 5-7  0/1 SO
4Dixon Machado^9 0.00$2,800DETv cle 4-2(F12)  0/5 SO
67Sean Rodriguez^8 0.00$2,800PIT@ chc 0-2  0/3 2SO
2Bryan Holaday 0.00$2,700MIAv sdg 4-5  0/1 SO
7Trayce Thompson^7 0.00$2,700CHW@ bos 2-4  0/4 3SO
2Bobby Wilson^9 0.00$2,700MINv laa 1-2  0/2
3Sam Travis^5 0.00$2,700BOSv chw 4-2  0/4 2SO
45Ronald Torreyes 0.00$2,700NYY@ nym 4-3  0/1
45Luis Guillorme 0.00$2,700NYMv nyy 3-4  0/1
2Mitch Garver 0.00$2,700MINv laa 1-2 
2Tony Wolters^8 0.00$2,700COLv ari 7-12  0/4
2Andrew Knapp 0.00$2,700PHIv mil 3-12  0/1
46Adrian Sanchez 0.00$2,600WASv sfo 7-5  0/1
46Yadiel Rivera 0.00$2,600MIAv sdg 4-5  0/1 SO
7Craig Gentry 0.00$2,600BAL@ tor 3-4(F10)  0/2
45Tommy La Stella 0.00$2,600CHCv pit 2-0  0/1 SO
7J.B. Shuck^8 0.00$2,500MIAv sdg 4-5  0/3

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