RotoGuru/DBD Text File Subscription Information and Login Panel for 2021 MLB Season

All data for the 2021 MLB season is currently offered for free. Sometime after April, some 2021 data will be subject to a premium subscription, as described below. For information on data from prior seasons, please scroll down to the bottom of this page.

For the 2021 MLB season, all pages on DailybaseballData.com and RotoGuru.com will continue to be available without cost when presented in HTML format – the format typically used to view web pages in your browser.

Some of these reports are also available in a text-only format, suitable for importing or copying into a spreadsheet or other analytical platform. This format allows the user to populate a spreadsheet or database with information for home-grown analysis.

Once the early-season trial period is over, access to all text format reports for the 2021 season will be subject to a subscription fee, to be announced. Files included in this subscription include:

Frequently asked questions

How do I copy the data into a spreadsheet?

In Excel: First, copy the data into a spreadsheet column. Then, while the data is highlighted, select Data -> Text to columns -> delimited ->Next and then select either the semi-colon or the colon (other) as the delimiter. Click Finish, and the data will be parsed into columns, with headings at the top of each column.

You may find it easier to open the URL directly into your spreadsheet program. To do this, you’ll probably need to use a URL with the username and access key included in the query string.

Why don’t any of the files include raw stats – like hits, home runs, strikeouts, etc.?

Raw stats are obtained by DailyBaseballData and RotoGuru under a licensing agreement with SportRadar US. The terms of this license prohibit the reproduction of these stats in a manner that would make the provider a competitor of SportRadar. As such, I cannot reproduce these basic stats in any of the text-formatted files.

When is the data updated?

The master file and sortable stats file are updated overnight, and should be available by 5am ET. Daily results files are updated throughout each game day at approximately 15 minute intervals. BvP files are available up to 6 days in advance – although DFS salary and position data generally reflect the current day values.

Will a subscription be less expensive later in the season?

No. The master file actually becomes more valuable as the season advances, since more and more data is included. Even if you wait until the end of the season, $38 is good value for data of this depth, breadth, detail, and convenience.

Is prior season data available?

A 2020 master file, similar in format to the 2021 master file, is available for free:

A 2019 master file, similar in format to the 2020 master file, is available for a subscription fee of $38:

A 2018 master file, similar in format to the 2019 master file, is available for a subscription fee of $37:

A 2017 master file, similar in format to the 2018 master file, is available for a subscription fee of $36:

A 2016 master file, similar in format to the 2017 master file, is available for a subscription fee of $35:

A 2015 master file, similar in format to the more recent master files, is available for free:

Daily results files are available for some formats for some past seasons. Files for seasons prior to 2016 are also free to access. Files for each of 2016-2018 are included as part of the related subscriptions referenced above. Use the menu on the daily results page to access data from prior seasons.

Sortable Stats files and Batter-vs-Pitcher files are not archived and historical files are not available.

I already subscribed to access an NBA data file this winter. Does that subscription include this MLB data as well?

No. That subscription was only for specific NBA data files, and is separate and distinct from this MLB subscription. For more information on the NBA file(s) and the related subscription, click here.

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