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0 Subject: Gurupie 20 - 2018 Regular Season Discussion

Posted by: Species
- SuperDude [07724916] Wed, Mar 21, 2018, 12:11

Prospects - 300AB 110_IP/40_GP to remain a prospect.

(Draft Rounds 1-3, '04; 4-5, '05; 6-8, '06; 9-11, '07; 12-14, '08; 15-17, '09; 18-20, '10; 21-23, '11; 24-26, '12; 27-29 '13; 30-32 '14; 33-35 '15; 36-38 '16; 39-41 '17; 42-44 '18)
MGR: #, Name,Pos,Team,(# Call-ups)
Bean: 34.09 Nick Gordon, SS, MIN; 40.07 Brent Honeywell, SP, TB; 42.06 Forest Whitley, SP, HOU
bmd: 39.03 Vladimir Guerrero Jr, 3b, TOR; 42.01 Fernando Tatis Jr, SS, SD; 42.08 MacKenzie Gore, SP, SD; 43.04 Leody Taveras, OF, Rangers; 43.06 Jack Flaherty, SP, STL; 43.14 Colin Moran, 3b, PIT
Blue Hen: 43.15 Yusei Kikuchi, SP, Seibu Lions NPB; 44.03 Yordan Alvarez, 1B, HOU; 44.04 Derek Fisher, OF, HOU
Darkside: 42.11 Miguel Andujar, 3B, NYY; 43.08 Austin Hays, OF, Bal; 44.01 Alec Hansen, SP, Det
Great One: 36.01 Brendan Rodgers, SS, COL; R40.04 Kyle Lewis, OF, SEA
Guru: 39.18 Francisco Mejia, C, CLE; 40.11 Jake Bauers, OF, TB; 42.15 A.J. Minter, Atl, RP
Fosten: 31.08 Austin Meadows, OF, PIT; 43.13 Jeimer Candelario, 3B, DET
Judy: 39.01 Mickey Moniak, OF, PHI; 40.02 Alex Verdugo, OF, LAD; 42.04 Sixto Sanchez, SP, PHI
Khahan: 42.16 Michael Chavis, 3b, BOS; 43.12 Christian Arroyo 3rd/SS TB
Meatwads: 40.06 Juan Soto, OF, WAS; 42.07 Taylor Trammell, OF, CIN; 42.05 Jhailyn Ortiz, OF, PHI
mjd: 39.02 Kevin Maitan, SS, ATL; 42.03 Royce Lewis, SS, MIN; 42.10 Austin Riley, 3b, ATL; 43.01 Michael Soroka, P, ATL
Nerfherders: Kolby Allard, SP, ATL; 42.12 Luis Gohara, SP, ATL; 43.09 Brendan McKay, SP/1B TB
Slizz: 42.14 Jo Adell, OF, LAA; 43.11 Jesus Sanchez, OF, TB; 44.02 Gabriel Arias, SS, SD
Species: 36.17 Victor Robles, OF, WAS; 39.04 Nick Senzel, 3b, CIN; 42.17 Estevan Florial, OF, NYY; 42.19 Keston Hiura, 2B, MIL
Thumper: 39.10 Kyle Tucker, OF, HOU; 42.02 Bo Bichette, 2b/SS, TOR; 42.09 Triston McKenzie, SP, CLE; 42.20 Carter Kieboom, SS, WSH; 43.03 Mitch Keller, SP, PIT
Tree: 39.08 Michael Kopech, SP, CWS; 42.05 Willie Calhoun, OF, TEX; 43.02 Luis Urias, IF, SD
ttucowboy: 39.12 Yadier Alvarez, SP, LAD
Tosh: 37.12 Anthony Alford, OF, TOR; 43.07 Yoshihisa Hirano, RP, ARIZ
wg: Willy Adames, SS, TB; 42.18 Hunter Greene, SP, CIN
youngroman: 39.15 Luis Robert Moiran, OF, Cuba; 42.13 Michael Baez, SP, SD; 43.10 Kyle Wright, SP, ATL

These managers have had their 2019 Supplemental Draft selections altered via trade:
3-19-17 Thumper receives WG's 1st (Desmond + Harvey / B. Rodgers)
3-25-17 Meatwads receives WG's 7th for his 11th (2017 pick swap)
3-30-17 bmd receives Species' 7th and 9th for his 10th and 11th (2017 pick swaps)
5-21-17 Thumper receives WG's 8th for his 14th (Triggs, Wheeler / Altherr)
2-08-18 Species receives Meatwads' 4th for his 12th (Gordon/Cruz/E5)
2-09-18 GO receives slizz' 4th for his last pick (Acuna/Rodgers/Moncada/Quintana/Hill/picks)
2-09-18 GO receives Thumpers 3rd for his second to last pick (Acuna/Rodgers/Moncada/Quintana/Hill/picks)
3-07-18 Thumper receives Species' 5th for his 9th (Godley)
3-08-18 slizz receives bmd's 3rd for his 14th (W. Davis)
3-15-18 Great One receives Meatwads' 2nd and 5th for his 7th and last (2018 Supplemental)
3-16-18 Great One receives Fosten's 4th for his 10th (Matz)
3-16-18 mjd gets WG's 4th for his 14th (Winker, 2018 picks)
3-20-18 Fosten gets WG's 12th for his 14th (2018 pick)

The following managers have had their 2019 Prospect Draft selections altered via trade:

8-17-17 Thumper receives Fosten's 1st and 2nd round picks (Meadows)

These managers have had their 2020 Supplemental Draft selections altered via trade:

3-15-18 Thumper receives GO's 2nd and 5th for his 7th and 14th (Britton / Eaton + Calhoun)

Previous Champions
2003 (tie) Ref and StL Cards
2004 Ref
2005 Ref
2006 Beastiemiked
2007 Twarpy
2008 Ref
2009 Peter N
2010 Species
2011 (tie) Species and blue hen
2012 Toral
2013 Wazaaap Guy
2014 blue hen
2015 blue hen
2016 Species
2017 blue hen

"Species" - "Tosh" - "Guru" (Treasurer)

C - 1 1B - 1 2B - 1 3B - 1 SS - 1 OF - 3 DH - 1 P - 6
Active - 15; Bench - 8; Total - 23; Must have active players on roster at each position

Returning Managers
As commissioners, we reserve the right NOT to extend an invitation to (or remove) any manager for any reason. Primary reason for being excluded would be abusive behavior, purposeful rules violations (ie colluding on a trade), inactivity (ie leaving injured/OUT players in as starters or not actively trying to improve your team), not participating in league business or repeated delays/unresponsive, or failure to pay your share of league fees. If an owner is removed or NOT invited back, a new owner will be recruited to take over the vacated team in its exact state. All monies will be forfeited.

Trade Policy
If there are 7 votes against the trade it will be sent to the commishs to be vetoed. There will be a min. of one full day to vote before the trade will be approved if the max objections are not reached. Everyone will be emailed by ESPN automatically as soon as the trade is accepted so they may review it. Make sure your email notifications are set up! Please check the site daily.

Trades involving draft picks/prospects will be listed in the trade and can also be posted on our leagues bulletin board and/or our thread at Note that off-season and pre-season (before draft is complete) trades will still be approved by the commishs.

Trades for draft picks - be they Supplemental or Prospect picks - may only be consummated within two drafts from the date of the trade. Example: in March 2015 before the Supplemental Draft, one can only trade either 2015 or 2016 picks. In June 2015, one could trade either 2016 or 2017 picks, etc.

Trade deadline - the trade deadline is the last day in August available in the ESPN website.

Minimums for GP and IP:

A team must accumulate a minimum of 1375 GP by hitters over the course of a season. For each 15 games of shortfall, a team is assigned one demerit. Demerits will be integer values only. Thus, a team with 1-15 games of shortfall will receive one demerit, 16-30 will receive 2 demerits, etc.

A team must accumulate a minimum of 1200 IP over the course of a season. For every shortfall of 15 IP, a team is assigned one demerit. Demerits will be integer values only. Thus, a team with 1-15 IP of shortfall will receive one demerit, 16-30 will receive 2 demerits, etc.

GP and IP demerits will be combined for each team. However, the first two demerits will be forgiven.

If a team finishes ďin the moneyĒ for prize pool purposes (ranked 1-6), then demerits will be ignored.

For lottery teams, the following penalties will be applied to every pick in the next yearís supplement draft:

If a team accumulates more than 10 demerits, then it will be removed from the lottery and assigned the 14th pick in all rounds (i.e., behind all lottery teams, but ahead of any prize pool teams.)

For teams with less than 10 demerits, that team is pushed forward one place in the supplemental draft rankings for each demerit. For example, if a team finishes in last place (20th) and has 5 demerits, then that team will be treated in the draft rankings as though it finished in 15th place (and the teams actually finishing in places 16-20 will each move down one place.)

If more than one lottery team has a demerit, then the lottery rankings will be successively applied starting with the worst finisher and then moving up to the next worst finisher, etc.

There will be 9 players available to be kept heading into the season. You will have a deadline to post your keepers. You may change your keepers up until the deadline.

Players drafted in the Rule 4 draft the previous June are not eligible to be kept as keepers. This rule applies even if that player has played in the major leagues. All Rule 4 draftees must go through at least one Prospect Draft prior to being eligible as keepers.

2017 Prize Pool
There are 19 of 20 people in the prize pool @ $15 each. That means there is $285 to distribute. Teams are required to always be in it or out of it once they committed to it in 2005. These will be the payouts: 1st $110; 2nd 65; 3rd 45; 4th 30; 5th 20; 6th 15. If a non-participant places 1st-6th, his money will be reallocated so there is always a 100% payout. 1st-5th place will be moved up a spot in the prize money and the 6th place $15 will go to the treasury to help defray dues costs to all. Dues are used to pay for the league champion trophy and draft.

Supplemental and Prospect Draft Lotteries:
The lotteries for both the Supplemental and Prospect Drafts will be conducted within 30 days of the end of the previous season.

Timing of the Keeper Deadline, Prospect Draft and Supplemental Draft
Each March, as proposed by a Commissioner, the league hold the following events, in this order:

1) Keeper Deadline: all teams must designate their keepers. They may designate up to 9.
NOTE: At this time, once the Keeper Deadline has passed, managers may also call up prospects to their active roster. In this scenario, those prospects are separate from their 9 keepers.
ADDITIONALLY: Once the keeper deadline has passed, managers may exceed 9 or more players by trade.
2) Prospect Keeper Deadline: Managers designate their Prospect Keepers. They may designate up to 3.
3) Prospect draft picks are assigned and the Prospect Draft is commenced per our rules below.
4) The Supplemental Draft is completed.

Supplemental Draft, FA Pickups and Waivers
The Draft will be held prior to every season after Keepers are announced. A "NBA style" lottery will determine the top three selections. The lottery for the following season will be completed within 30 days of the end of regular season. Picks 4 - 20 and all picks in subsequent rounds will be in inverse order of previous years finish and will not snake.

Players must be available in the ESPN player pool to be drafted or added during the season via FA or WW. No amateur player may be drafted or picked up via FA or WW if the player in question still has amateur status or is a prospect. Also, if a player is drafted in the June MLB draft, while he may be freely picked up and used on a roster, please note that per our keeper rules they may not be kept the following season. All Rule 4 draftees must go through one Prospect Draft before they become keeper eligible.

There is a 3 hour per draft pick time limit and a cumulative time limit of 12 hours. (Subject to change). You may not exceed 23 players. You may not drop a player (or add a non-drafted player if you are short) until waivers have been turned on. You may trade for extra picks and you may trade your excess picks as long as it is done before the preceeding pick has been made. If you make a duplicate pick, the draft will continue and you may correct that pick at any time. Once you have been skipped, you will continue to be skipped until you are caught up. If a clock runs out, the next person on the clock will be charged for any time before his pick. If you are skipped due to a pick or c clock, you may still post your selection at any time.

Waivers will begin the season in the same order as the supplemental draft. Lottery picks and traded draft picks will not be considered when determining the waiver order.

Prospect Rules:
The underlined key deadlines and procedures are completed in a linear fashion, one after the other.

Keeper Deadline:
At a time announced by the Commissioner, all managers must have no more than 3 keepers on their prospect list. This is the only point in time where teams must have 3 or fewer prospects.

Managers will announce what prospects they intend to keep on the prospect list, which prospects they are releasing, and (if applicable) which prospects they are calling up and releasing (see below).

All hitters must have less than 300 ABs and pitchers less than 110 IP or 40 GP to remain a prospect. Otherwise, they must be moved to your active roster or released. Managers must monitor their own prospects. If they are later to have found to be over the max. at that deadline, the player will be immediately removed as a prospect and put on waivers.

Owning another team's prospect pick has no bearing on the above.

Assignment of Prospect Picks:
After declaration of kept, released or called up prospects, Managers are assigned new prospect picks dependent upon how many prospects they kept - with the total sum of kept prospects and new picks of your own limited to a total of 3. Specifically:

- If you keep 3 prospects, you receive no new picks
- If you keep 2 prospects, you receive your 1st round prospect pick
- If you keep 1 prospect, you receive your 1st and 2nd round prospect picks
- If you keep no prospects, you receive your 1st, 2nd and 3rd round prospect picks

If an owner has traded away one of their prospect picks, they must reduce their kept prospects below three in order to comply with the terms of their trade. See "if you have traded away a pick", below.

Owning another team's prospect pick has no bearing on the above.

End of Keeper Deadline Activity:
Upon the completion of the keeper deadline and the assignment of picks, managers may then exceed three prospects by trade.

Processing of Traded Prospect Picks:
After the assignment of picks, the league will officially process all traded picks:
If you have traded away a pick: As noted above, any team that has traded away a pick must comply with the terms of their trade. This means that the number of prospects you are allowed to keep is reduced by the number of prospect picks you have traded away. As with any trade, if an owner trades away a pick in a round that they do not own, the receiving party receives a pick of a higher round to satisfy their trade.
If you have traded for a pick: Acquired picks are only used as picks in the Prospect Draft. The owning of another team's pick in no way alters the number of prospect keepers you may have, nor does it effect the assignment of your own prospect picks.

Prospect Draft:
The Prospect Draft will be held during the preseason after keepers are finalized (but before the Supplemental Draft). Drafts will be in inverse order of the final standings of the previous year and will not snake. A "NBA style" lottery will determine the top three selections. The lottery for the following season will be completed within 30 days of the end of regular season. Picks 4 - 20 and all picks in subsequent rounds will be in inverse order and will not snake. Players will be selected on our thread at if possible. If that site is down, our draft will continue on the bulletin board of our page if we have knowledge of all picks selected previously. Ties will be broken by a dice roll. There will be up to 3 rounds.

A draft-eligible prospect is defined as a hitter that has less than 150 Major League at bats or a pitcher with less than both 55 Major League innings pitched and 20 Major League games pitched. Further, to be eligible, the player must be a professional baseball player, defined as one of the following:

- Under contract with a MLB teams system. This does not require them to have been assigned to a minor league team at the time of the draft.
- A professional player playing in/having played in Japans Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB) league.
- A professional player playing in/having played in Koreas Korean Baseball Organization (KBO) league.
- A professional player playing in/having played in Cuba's top professional league, the Serie Nacional.

Amateur players in High School, College or otherwise subject to the Rule 4 draft are not eligible.

There will be a 3 hour per pick clock and a 4 hour cumulative clock to draft. If you are skipped, you may make your selection at any time. Time will not accrue from midnight to 8 am ET, though anyone may select during that time if their pick is up. Once the draft concludes, the only way to add a prospect is via trade or future drafts. After the draft, you may bring this player on your active roster at any time (as long as hes in the ESPN database) by dropping a player.

Prospect callup rules: Managers may call-up and then send down their prospect up to two times without losing their rights as a prospect as long as that player has not hit the maximum ABs/IP/GP threshold. Once a commish allows the call-up, he will add the number of times that player has been called-up next to his name in the Prospect List below. At the end of the season, all prospects on the roster will be considered optioned so they wont have to be counted as a keeper so long as they have not hit their threshold. Before a commish will option or send-down a prospect, he will look at the stats for that player including games played that day if the lineup freeze has passed. If a prospect is renounced or hits his threshold while on your roster (called up), his name will be removed from your prospect list.

Alphabetical list of Prospects:

Willy Adames
Jo Adell
Anthony Alford
Kolby Allard
Yadier Alvarez
Yordan Alvarez
Miguel Andujar
Gabriel Arias
Christian Arroyo
Michael Baez
Jake Bauers
Bo Bichette
Willie Calhoun
Jeimer Candelario
Michael Chavis
Derek Fisher
Jack Flaherty
Estevan Florial
Luiz Gohara
Nick Gordon
MacKenzie Gore
Hunter Greene
Vladimir Guerrero JR
Alec Hansen
Austin Hays
Yoshihisa Hirano
Keston Hiura
Brent Honeywell
Mitch Keller
Carter Kieboom
Yusei Kikuchi
Michael Kopech
Kyle Lewis
Royce Lewis
Kevin Maitan
Brendan McKay
Triston McKenzie
Austin Meadows
Francisco Mejia
AJ Minter
Mickey Moniak
Colin Moran
Jhailyn Ortiz
Austin Riley
Luis Robert
Victor Robles
Brendan Rodgers
Sixto Sanchez
Jesus Sanchez
Nick Senzel
Michael Soroka
Juan Soto
Fernando Tatis
Leody Tavares
Taylor Trammell
Kyle Tucker
Luis Urias
Alex Verdugo
Forest Whitley
Kyle Wright
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93 WG
      ID: 35338278
      Tue, May 15, 2018, 14:50
Looking to swap Justin Smoak for an OF... anyone interested??
      ID: 77532019
      Wed, May 16, 2018, 10:22
i've had several inquiries about Yasmani Grandal. he's definitely available.

if interested, i'm looking for starting pitching (preferably with Ks), and just about any keeper level player that's not in his 30 or older.

also, package deals are good too.
      ID: 14143919
      Thu, May 17, 2018, 19:03
Only one more month of Gabe Kapler coaching?
      ID: 36362320
      Thu, May 17, 2018, 22:56
Brutal. Just brutal. Re: Kapler

Anyone want Steckenrider or Betances?

I need to shed a spot and can live with trading one...
      ID: 36362320
      Fri, May 18, 2018, 17:29
Iím gonna start fielding offers for my players. 2 months in and my season didnít go as planned:

-my streaming is as good as my keeper hitting.
-Buxton sucks again
-Kershaw fastball is down another mph and is no longer elite
-Price has been awful
-DL hit my team hard

If things donít improve quickly I will be a seller...
      ID: 35226100
      Sun, May 20, 2018, 08:09
Trade Announcement

Khahan trades:
Brian Dozier

ttucowboy trades:
Yadier Alvarez (p)
2019 1st round prospect pick
2019 2nd round prospect pick

****I'm also looking to trade for a closer. The market has been set and I'm willing to pay full market price (1st, 2nd or 3rd round supplemental pick depending on who we are talking about).

      ID: 367431722
      Sun, May 20, 2018, 11:03
      ID: 825715
      Sun, May 20, 2018, 11:54
Calling up Flaherty for the 2nd time.
101blue hen
      ID: 5254718
      Mon, May 21, 2018, 12:26
Upping this a bit. Looking to package Elvis Andrus (or Marcus Semien) and James Paxton (or Chris Archer) for the best hitter I can get in return. If you're fine in hitting and struggling in pitching, let's talk.
      ID: 07724916
      Tue, May 22, 2018, 10:54
Nice trades!! Trades updated on the website, as well as the two Flaherty callups.

Anyone looking for a strong veteran SP should hit me up about CC Sabathia. Great ratios so far and pitching on one of the best teams in the league. I also have Matt Kemp as a solid OF bat and Starlin Castro if anyone loses a 2b.
      ID: 43056268
      Wed, May 23, 2018, 12:55
Meatwads calling up Juan Soto for the first time!!
      ID: 33543714
      Wed, May 23, 2018, 17:33
With three of my best four hitters on the DL, I am way past trying to compete, and simply looking for enough warm bodies to play games for me so I don't go under the inane GP limits.

Meanwhile, I have the best pitching staff in the league. I'm willing to trade an SP for a hitter of any position.
105blue hen
      ID: 5254718
      Fri, May 25, 2018, 13:57
Trade Announcement

Khahan receives:
- Marcus Semien

Blue Hen receives:
- Kelvin Herrera
- Khahan's highest available 2nd round prospect pick at the time of prospect keepers. If he trades all of his 2nds, it becomes a first.
      ID: 2911322610
      Fri, May 25, 2018, 14:02
confirmed 105. If all my 2nds are used, it becomes my lowest first round.

but since i'm looking to acquire p picks, not trade them, that's likely not a concern.

To others who have inquired about one of my closers, they are now off the market.
      ID: 81492120
      Fri, May 25, 2018, 14:46
Trade announcement
Tree gets Manny Pina, prospect Miguel Andujar and darkside's 2019 11th round supplemental


darkside gets Yasmani Grandal and Tree's 2019 8th round supplemental
      ID: 217372011
      Fri, May 25, 2018, 15:02
      ID: 4097314
      Sat, May 26, 2018, 10:34
Calling up Candelario for the 2nd time.
      ID: 81492120
      Sat, May 26, 2018, 20:27
The McCullers for Cain deal is straight up. No picks/prospects/etc.
      ID: 2211442615
      Sat, May 26, 2018, 20:33
      ID: 4097314
      Wed, May 30, 2018, 00:35
Calling up Austin Meadows for the 1st time.
Putting Justin Upton, Max Kepler, and Dustin Fowler on the trade block.
      ID: 33543714
      Wed, May 30, 2018, 13:46
I'm ready to part ways with Arcia and Brinson, if anyone would like to take a chance on a couple of young players.
114blue hen
      ID: 5254718
      Wed, May 30, 2018, 16:10
Looking to deal Paxton or Archer (or Verlander), I guess, for the best hitter who will have me.
115blue hen
      ID: 5254718
      Wed, May 30, 2018, 16:12
Looking to deal Paxton or Archer (or Verlander, I guess), for the best hitter who will have me.
      ID: 07724916
      Thu, May 31, 2018, 16:58
We are basically 1/3 of the way through the season. For our GP and IP limits, that means you should be around 458 games played to date. I am pleased to report that ALL teams are above that threshold. Great job! For IP, you should be at 400 IP. I am disappointed to report that 8 teams are below that threshold. Some significantly so. Please do your best to pick up the pace.

Tosh has run out to a lead at the 1/3 pole, but stalwarts WG, bh and Guru are hot on his heels. darkside quite often surprises in the early going......can he reverse the trend of the past and stay in contention? Can Meatwads bring his team out of slumber to the top 3 where he belongs?

Lots to play out as the calendar turns to June. Good luck to all!
      ID: 39230821
      Fri, Jun 01, 2018, 08:34
(Continuing Species post) what a better way to sustain or take a lead than reinforcing your team with a trade? Available for trade are Francisco Cervelli (Pos rank 1), CJ Cron (Pos rank 3), and miles mikolas (pos rank 15). Iím looking to package players together for solid younger talent.

Iím nawoomer at the google mail if youíre interested.
118blue hen
      ID: 5254718
      Fri, Jun 01, 2018, 10:56
Team Blue Hen June 1 Report

Phew, glad I get to write this today vs. a couple weeks ago. As of this writing, Team Blue Hen is in second place, 8.5 points out of first. Earlier this month the team was... not doing as well.

So far, the story of our 2018 season has been pitching. We knew it would be a strength, after keeping four stud starters - Verlander, Archer, Cole, and Paxton. Verlander and Paxton have been about as expected. Cole has exceeded expectations, although he has a high pedigree and has been a top pitcher in the past. Archer came into the season with high expectations but struggled in April. But his 2.33 ERA and 1.06 WHIP in May could mean he is back on track. Overall, the team's 0.96 WHIP in May has led to 79 out of 80 points in non-save categories.

We knew relief pitching would be a problem, and tried to address it at the draft. Three of the first four picks were relievers, and in-draft trades for Wade Davis and Brandon Morrow fell through. May saw trades for Kelvin Herrera and Brad Boxberger, both having fantastic seasons, and they join waiver find Seranthony Dominguez (13 innings, no walks or runs), and draftee Brad Brach to form a solid bullpen. Sitting 14th in saves right now, but hoping to add a bunch of points as the season progresses.

Three keeper hitters have been solid: Jose Altuve, Joey Votto, and Kyle Schwarber are about where you would expect, and garnering the core of our stats. Josh Donaldson and Elvis Andrus have been injured, but we've been pretty lucky with their replacements. Both should be back and healthy in June.

Marcus Semien, in particular, was a revelation, providing great numbers leading off for the A's and bringing back Herrera in trade. Already, he's been the best pick of my draft.

This year, my streaming and waivers hitters have been quite good. Brandon Nimmo is the star, and at 25, looks like he'll stick around a while. He's a walks machine, but has shown power and speed this year. As for others, 9 of my stolen bases have come from streams this year, and 10 home runs. And streamed pitching has been good as well, although we are still searching for our first streamed save.

Overall, you have to feel pretty good about the team's performance in May. If some of these hitters can pick it up, or if we can trade some pitching for hitting, we'll be right there with the best of them.

See you in July!
      ID: 36362320
      Sat, Jun 02, 2018, 17:22
I still think I can win this thing. Clayton Kershaw for sale. Need a pitcher and maybe a hitter.
      ID: 35493114
      Tue, Jun 05, 2018, 20:12
Wow, rock bottom.

Is it time to give up on my young uns?

Gave up on ozuna, Nola and a couple others and look where they are now...
      ID: 367431722
      Tue, Jun 05, 2018, 22:33
sitting in 13th place on my team Judy!!
      ID: 20555612
      Wed, Jun 06, 2018, 13:55
anyone interested in a first baseman? I have 4 eligible players on my roster that I am confident in playing on a daily basis:

Miguel Cabrera, back from his injury. OBP of .394 for the season. the HR's should follow
Max Muncy, outplaying Cody Bellinger, also eligible at 3B. 7 HR's and a OBP of .382 in the last 30 days.
Mitch Moreland, now the everyday 1B for the Red Sox, 10 homers and a OBP of .373 on the season
Ryan Braun, also eligible at OF. better than average, but not as great as he was in the past. already has 6 SB's though.

looking for stolen bases no matter at which position. willing to invest a 2nd player to make it work.
      ID: 07724916
      Wed, Jun 06, 2018, 18:09
I also have some useful players available:

Matt Kemp: .374 obp, 9 HR, 34 RBI
Eduardo Nunez: Pedroia out. Multi position eligibility. SB.
Solarte: Multi position eligibility in solid TOR lineup.
124 beastiemiked
      ID: 825715
      Wed, Jun 06, 2018, 20:02
Alex Reyes is available. Heís still a keeper for me but my team is trying to compete so I may move him for a player producing that may be a fringe keeper. Interested in a SP or closer.
      ID: 102481820
      Sun, Jun 10, 2018, 17:05
Trade announcement:

Slizz receives:
Matt Kemp
Species' 2019 6th

Species receives:
Nick Williams (welcome back)
Slizz best 3rd in 2019
      ID: 36362320
      Sun, Jun 10, 2018, 18:04
      ID: 77532019
      Mon, Jun 11, 2018, 15:10
man, Nick Williams has been around the world this year.

if anyone needs hitting, Todd Frazier is back at it, and available, for players and/or picks that will help me some this year, and certainly down the road.
      ID: 14143919
      Sat, Jun 16, 2018, 10:27
Wow, 7 HR night. Hopefully sign of my team really waking up.... kind of just been cruising along.

Still looking to add good reliable SP. Non keeper type.
      ID: 07724916
      Tue, Jun 19, 2018, 10:29

WG gets Stephen Wright and Y. Solarte and Thumper's 9th via Species

Species gets WG's drops and his 2019 5th.
      ID: 35338278
      Tue, Jun 19, 2018, 16:45
      ID: 07724916
      Wed, Jun 20, 2018, 13:49

Tosh receives:
Sam Dyson
Species 2020 7th

Species receives:
Addison Reed
Tosh 2020 5th
      ID: 057721710
      Wed, Jun 20, 2018, 14:00
      ID: 545112110
      Thu, Jun 21, 2018, 11:12
Trade Announcement

Bean trades:
Fernando Rodney

ttucowboy trades:
2019 1st round supplemental draft pick
      ID: 304422310
      Thu, Jun 21, 2018, 11:34
135blue hen
      ID: 5254718
      Thu, Jun 21, 2018, 13:28
I have some questions for the league. A guy named Reyes Moronta got the save yesterday for the Giants, in a bullpen that is definitely "in flux" after Strickland's injury. WG just added him now, 15 hours after the same happened, meaning there was ample time for people who check up on G20 either at night or in the morning to have seen the news. I'm a little curious why he sat on the waiver wire so long.

Which category do you fit into?
- You are WG.
- You have so many saves, the extra closer wouldn't help.
- You have so few saves, the extra closer wouldn't help.
- You had a trade for Fernando Rodney in the works, and while you needed saves, didn't think it would be honorable to stop the trade discussions.
- There was a slow-cooker related fire in your house last night, and you were too busy saving the dog and some pictures to notice.
- You only follow the Phillies, so had no interest in the result of a Giants game.
- You have a bias against someone with the first name Reyes (make your own political jokes, I'm not touching that one).
- You only check in to G20 every few days, so missed this entirely.
- You are actually a host, and this is just a ploy by Robert Ford to annoy BH.

Personally, I was loading up on bats for today's Thursday off day, and didn't have room. But looking at the transactions, not many of you were doing the same.
      ID: 07724916
      Thu, Jun 21, 2018, 14:04
Two answers:

1) I am Robert Ford and love to annoy you

2) I listen to Giants radio any time I am in the car and feel very strongly that Moronta has very little chance for save opportunities. Yesterday Sam Dyson was pitching on his 3rd day in a row and just didn't quite have the snap on his pitches. It happens.
      ID: 77532019
      Thu, Jun 21, 2018, 15:47
you left off:

- there's an asinine minimum innings pitched requirement, so a reliever with 33 IP so far this year isn't going to help me hit the category that's most important for non-contending teams, innings pitched.

i've already got one of those guys, and as soon as i drop him, y'all will be on him like vultures, so i'd just as soon hold.

you guys chase saves, i'll chase a non-category like innings pitched and somehow try to build a contender one day.
      ID: 33543714
      Thu, Jun 21, 2018, 17:29
I'm not sure what exactly you're driving at, other than trolling.

Most of us don't check every boxscore of every game, every night. We have, you know, better things to do with our time.
      ID: 35282121
      Thu, Jun 21, 2018, 22:28
Hierarchy remains: Dyson | Watson | Melancon
      ID: 367431722
      Fri, Jun 22, 2018, 00:09
Sam Dyson started the ninth inning tasked with protecting a three-run lead, but he allowed a pair of runs and exited with runners on first and second before Moronta locked down the win. Even with regular closer Hunter Strickland (hand) on the disabled list, Moronta likely remains behind Dyson and Tony Watson (who had already appeared in Wednesday's game) in the pecking order for saves, but the 25-year-old has an impressive 1.91 ERA and could be an option down the line if Strickland's replacements continue to struggle. - Per rotowire.

Why would we scramble to get him? There are currently 32 pitchers available in FA who have 1 save on the season. People will randomly pick some of them up and on occasion get lucky and get another save or two. What separates him, in your mind, from the other 32 pitchers to choose from with 1 save?
      ID: 39230821
      Fri, Jun 22, 2018, 08:08
Now that heís back making rehab appearences... Cueto is up for sale!
      ID: 33543714
      Fri, Jun 22, 2018, 15:25
Today will be the first time this season that none of my starters are on the DL. Now we get to see how good this team could've been...
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