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0 Subject: Idea: "All Time" Fantasy Draft - RIBC style

Posted by: Species
- SuperDude [07724916] Fri, May 01, 2020, 19:56

First off, my best wishes to you and all of yours. Crazy times out there and I hope everyone is well.

We are all suffering through the lack of any sports in the world. The lead up to the NFL Draft helped, but most of us here are dying for some baseball......and probably dying for something new to think about after Tiger King and streaming whatever show you are all streaming at the moment.

Somewhere I read about the idea of doing a fantasy draft involving EVERY player and EVERY season as a basis of a rotisserie league draft. You pick a player and a particular year in their career and craft a team of the greatest players and seasons of all time. Babe Ruth is famous for his 1927 season where he hit 60 home runs -- but it may be surprising to realize that his 1921 season actually blew that year to smithereens from a rotisserie perspective.

There would be some limitations:

- Once you have picked a player - say you pick Barry Bonds' 73-HR season (2004) - you can no longer choose a Barry Bonds season from there on out.

- Just to make it fun, once you have picked a season - say Babe Ruth's 1921 season - you may not pick any other player's 1921 season.

- I would envision throwing out all of the pitching seasons from the 1800s. If you have never heard of Old Hoss Radbourn, he had a season of 647 IP, 61 wins and a 1.38 ERA in 1884. I am not sure if that would be a cutoff of DATE, or a cutoff of maximum innings pitched in a season, but eliminating those "video game"-like seasons when you entered a cheat code and gave your player a "99" for everything makes sense.

I would envision duplicating the RIBC structure - it is something nearly all of us are familiar with, and the use of OBP plus SLG just makes it more fun:

- 16 teams
- Same categories
- Same roster configurations
- Position eligibility at 20 games in the season played
- No bench - just draft your best starting lineup

Given that there is no urgency in terms of timing -- no real stats to worry about / no injury concerns to deal with -- I would envision a slow draft on the board, complete with a thorough pick rationale at the time of the pick in true RIBC draft rationale thread style.

Since the stats are published for all to see, it will be a VERY fun exercise in knowledge and strategy to draft the best team. That said, those with the most number-crunching power are much more likely to do well. BUT, to me the point of this draft would be the nostalgia involved in the journey than the destination.

It will not replace baseball nor true fantasy leagues, but it could be a great way to promote the continuity of the Rotoguru community and give those who participate a welcomed distraction from the current pandemic and shelter-in-place environment. Who is interested?!?

PS - I am proposing this with Guru's blessing. Sadly, he would not be able to participate due to a variety of non-Corona related priorities. And thank gawd for that - with him being a financial actuary by trade he would likely mop the floor with us.
      ID: 367431722
      Fri, May 01, 2020, 21:46
I'm interested. I'd say use 1903 as the cut off date. That was the year of the first world series. Or just got back 2 years to 1901 and use the start of the deadball era.
      ID: 89402220
      Sun, May 03, 2020, 11:52
      ID: 161118314
      Sun, May 03, 2020, 14:04
another twist would be that you can only have players from the same team on your squad.
      ID: 04991311
      Mon, May 04, 2020, 11:57
definitely interested
6Seattle Zen
      ID: 301361318
      Mon, May 04, 2020, 21:07
      ID: 07724916
      Wed, May 06, 2020, 16:25
That's 6.

Not everyone is checking in these days. Don't be shy to text your gurupie friends and direct them to this thread.
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