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0 Subject: Gurupie 20 - 2020 Offseason Discussion

Posted by: Species
- [10431316] Sat, Oct 24, 2020, 14:12

Happy baseball offseason, G20ers. We have had a pretty exciting baseball playoff season, with both League Championship Series going 7 games, and a fascinating World Series matchup between the Rays and Dodgers.

I sent the email below a month ago to all managers via ESPN and we have 14 confirmed managers so far:


In several cases when I followed up, the response was (basically) that they don't check the account that ESPN is attached to. Hey guys -- having an active email attached to ESPN is kind of critical to league-wide announcements and trade offers! PLEASE update your ESPN account to an email that you use actively.

The following have yet to respond:

Matt G

Please review the email below and confirm your commitment to participating. All trading is OPEN for business!


ESPN Email:
The crazy 2020 COVID season is about to end. Thus, by our agreed upon treatment of this season, that means that the offseason begins in earnest on MONDAY. All methods of trades for your current roster, S-picks and P-picks are available. The 2021 draft grid is still up in the thread. All trades that would have been in effect for 2020 are now in effect for 2021. All trades that would have been in effect for 2021 have been pushed to 2022. We will begin the 2021 preseason where we left off this year:

- Prospect draft complete
- 10th keepers who were already designated that way for 2020 stay the same, regardless of their AB/IP for 2020.
- Any non-10th keepers are still subject to AB/IP limits for the 2022 prospect keeper deadline


I need each and every manager to respond to me at with their commitment (or lack thereof) to:

1) Be active in offseason discussions and respond to trade offers/inquiries

2) Be committed to the 2021 season as described above

Too much happens in a G20 offseason to 'take the winter off'. A variety of new stars have sprung in this shortened season. New values have popped up out of nowhere - perhaps even some on your own roster. This league cannot afford to have a franchise (or franchises) be inactive.

If you don't think you have it, it is better to speak up now.

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      ID: 07724916
      Tue, Mar 16, 2021, 23:17
Approved and entered in Draftime
      ID: 410122612
      Wed, Mar 17, 2021, 10:13
Interested in buying picks in these next couple rounds, if anyone is selling. Primarily looking to use a 2022 S pick to buy.
      ID: 07724916
      Wed, Mar 17, 2021, 10:26

Great job so far in Draftime. Let's keep up a solid pace.

ALL OF THE PLAYERS ARE NOW FREE AGENTS AND AVAILABLE TO BE PICKED UP! Starting with PIck 3.01, I am putting the onus of picking up your draftees onto you!


- Pick up your room
- Clean up your car
- Put your dishes away
- Do your homework
- And pick up your MF'ing G20 players your own damn self! I ain't your Mom!

Happy Drafting!
      ID: 330592710
      Wed, Mar 17, 2021, 10:39

Time to collect dues for the prize pool for 2021

For those in the pool, the annual charge is $15. The pool is distributed to the top 6 in the standings. Typically, the winner gets around $100, and 6th place gets $15, with the scale grading in between. Final determination of amounts depends on the number participating in the pool each year.

New teams in the league may wait one year before deciding to be in the pool. Of course, if you defer in your first year, you are ineligible for a prize in your first year. Starting in year #2, you must decide whether to be in or out. If you are in, you must remain in the pool each year going forward. If you ever decide to opt out in the future, you may no longer re-enter the pool.

Blue Hen is out of the pool.
Lyman must decide this year whether he wants to be in or out (He deferred in his first year).

The following new managers have the option to join this year, or to defer the decision until 2022:
Donkey Kong
Matt G
Jon Dowd
Code toothpick
Vampire Weekend

Some people have funds on account (from previous winnings) to cover their $15 dues for this year.

The following managers have enough funds on account to cover dues: .
Great One, Species, Thumqer, Guru
has $10.00 on account, so owes only $5.00

Everyone else owes $15

If you think I have missed funds on account for you, please let me know, Otherwise, you may pay in one of these two ways:

PAYPAL: send to (Recipient will probably appear as Uncommon Cents LLC.) Designate this as “send money to friends and family”, and mark the payment only as "G20 baseball"

CHECK via SNAIL MAIL: check can be sent to the address listed at the bottom of this page:
If you snail mail, please tell me in advance so that I can mark you as tentatively paid until the check arrives.

Payments are due NOW. Please pay promptly so I don’t have to keep pestering you.
      ID: 531581023
      Wed, Mar 17, 2021, 15:49
Tree gets Berti and 5.18
GO gets Walsh and 9.19
      ID: 161118314
      Wed, Mar 17, 2021, 15:54
      ID: 07724916
      Wed, Mar 17, 2021, 18:55
Approved and processed in Draftime.
      ID: 206491223
      Fri, Mar 19, 2021, 00:45
A friendly reminder to all managers to please add your player picks in Yahoo IMMEDIATELY upon drafting in Draftime. There have been a number of occasions where I have spent - make that wasted - time researching players who were already drafted, yet were showing available in Yahoo. Since we already have 100 owned prospects that show as available, let's not make the drafting process more difficult by leaving our drafted players in the pool of available players.
      ID: 410122612
      Fri, Mar 19, 2021, 08:32
Trade Announcement

GO Receives 14.18 and Thumper's 2022 S5
Thumper Receives 6.11 (Mitch Garver) and GO's 2022 s14
      ID: 517342812
      Fri, Mar 19, 2021, 12:11
      ID: 410122612
      Fri, Mar 19, 2021, 14:30
Trade Announcement

Tree receives prospect Bayron Lora, OF, TEX and Thumper's earliest 2022 S6
Thumper receives Dane Dunning, SP, TEX, 8.01, and Tree's 2022 S14
      ID: 161118314
      Fri, Mar 19, 2021, 14:32
      ID: 2910361920
      Fri, Mar 19, 2021, 15:19
Guru, just a heads up that I opted into the prize pool and paid via PayPal last night. Lyman
      ID: 057721710
      Fri, Mar 19, 2021, 15:31
Looks to me like Tree has 23 players ... and 2x upcoming picks in round 8.
      ID: 410122612
      Fri, Mar 19, 2021, 15:44
Tree just cleared 2 spots by trading Dunning (6th round pick) and s8.01, leaving 1 MLB spot and 1 8th round pick
      ID: 07724916
      Fri, Mar 19, 2021, 19:03
300 and 302 approved and processed
      ID: 422219
      Sun, Mar 21, 2021, 10:02
I am going to defer my decision to join the prize pool.
      ID: 260421814
      Mon, Mar 22, 2021, 12:26
I'm also going to defer this year
      ID: 39230821
      Mon, Mar 22, 2021, 12:31
Trade Announement

Donkey Kong receives 12.09 + Thumper’s 2022 s9
Thumper receives Matt Bush (10.17) Donkey Kong’s 2022 s14
      ID: 260421814
      Mon, Mar 22, 2021, 12:35
      ID: 39230821
      Mon, Mar 22, 2021, 12:40
Side note, saves are a garbage statistic and I really hope we move to a Saves + Holds league next offseason
      ID: 56261418
      Mon, Mar 22, 2021, 15:16
Agreed. Or something that more closely approximates reliever value.
      ID: 206491223
      Mon, Mar 22, 2021, 16:29
The only worthwhile counting pitching stat is strikeouts. Wins are no better than saves. And quality starts render non-closing relievers less useful. I've been thinking the last few years that all pitching categories should be ratios. ERA, WHIP, K-Rate, BB-Rate and something else (perhaps batting average against). Ratios across the board level the playing field while still allowing the cream to rise to the top.
      ID: 161118314
      Mon, Mar 22, 2021, 17:49
Side note, saves are a garbage statistic and I really hope we move to a Saves + Holds league next offseason

Yes. let's do this.
      ID: 161118314
      Mon, Mar 22, 2021, 17:49
Side note, saves are a garbage statistic and I really hope we move to a Saves + Holds league next offseason

Yes. let's do this.
      ID: 56261418
      Mon, Mar 22, 2021, 18:35
The most useful reliever stat is win probability added, but it's hard to quantify. Besides the fact it's not an available fantasy statistic.
      ID: 330592710
      Mon, Mar 22, 2021, 19:00
[295] Everyone has paid or deferred. I did not hear anything from Jon Dowd, but will assume he is deferring his option until 2022 (unless I hear otherwise).

With one opt-out and four deferrals this year, the pool will be only $225.

We've typically set the 6th place amount at one year of dues ($15), and then scale up from there.

So I suggest this payout structure:
1st - $80
2nd - $50
3rd - $35
4th - $25
5th - $20
6th - $15

(in 2019, with a pool of $255, the payouts were 90-55-40-30-25-15)
      ID: 330592710
      Tue, Mar 23, 2021, 12:17
My roster is now full.

I still have a pick at 13.08, available for sale. Otherwise, it will be skipped.
      ID: 07724916
      Tue, Mar 23, 2021, 12:26
310 approved and processed.


I am decreeing that it is every team's responsibility to pick up their own players. If you do not, and those players make it through waivers on the other side of the draft, those unpicked up players will be free to all teams.
      ID: 07724916
      Tue, Mar 23, 2021, 12:36
Note for the decree in 321 -- prospects that are on the prospect list remain protected.

      ID: 422219
      Tue, Mar 23, 2021, 21:04
Quick 4 hours for a missed pick
      ID: 330592710
      Tue, Mar 23, 2021, 21:25
see [320]
      ID: 422219
      Tue, Mar 23, 2021, 21:29
Ahh my bad....missed that for sure
      ID: 057721710
      Tue, Mar 23, 2021, 22:46
[320] It seems that Donkey King should have bought that pick. Because he's only got 22 of them.
      ID: 07724916
      Tue, Mar 23, 2021, 23:35
WG is short a pick as well. I don't know how that happens....but there are occasions where a pick is traded and one is not given in return.
      ID: 39230821
      Wed, Mar 24, 2021, 09:40
I have an extra pick too at 14.14. Is there a way I can skip it without delaying? Maybe I’ll just draft Chase Utley there
      ID: 89402220
      Wed, Mar 24, 2021, 11:37
So can DK and I and whoever else get extra picks at the end of the draft to fill out our rosters, pre-waivers?
      ID: 517342812
      Wed, Mar 24, 2021, 12:30
Chase is on the case! I want Johnny Damon... brings good clubhouse unity, making brownies and stuff.
      ID: 07724916
      Wed, Mar 24, 2021, 15:05
329: If you can find the error, I would gladly correct it. Absent that, I have to assume a pick was traded away without one in no pick at the end would be warranted.
      ID: 057721710
      Wed, Mar 24, 2021, 16:45
Pick 14.05 by Fosten -- Daniel Lynch, P, KC

Is a prospect already owed by Donkey Kong.
      ID: 07724916
      Wed, Mar 24, 2021, 16:52
I either missed 'removing' Lynch from Draftime, or Lynch was added to the player database after I removed the rest of the prospects.

I have pinged Fosten to request a replacement. I can delete the Lynch pick and replace it with another one. Until then, THE DRAFT CONTINUES!!
      ID: 057721710
      Wed, Mar 24, 2021, 16:59
It's not on you.

Lynch added -- Mar 21, 2:13 pm

      ID: 07724916
      Wed, Mar 24, 2021, 16:59
Replacement provided! Onto our last few picks!!

After post #321 (plus email), I noticed a large improvement in delinquent pickups in Yahoo. Thank you for that.
      ID: 531581023
      Thu, Mar 25, 2021, 08:39
And with the final pick of the draft I select...
14.18 Tom Brady
      ID: 07724916
      Thu, Mar 25, 2021, 10:51
Thank you and congratulations on a swift G20 Supplemental Draft!

Waivers and free agents are not yet open / available! It is our intent to get all remaining/undrafted players on waivers and reset the waiver order like in a normal situation. Stay tuned.

Remember, we are in our trade moratorium impacting KEEPERS. Keepers may not be traded until April 13th. This rule does not impact prospects and players drafted in the now-completed Supplemental Draft.

One week to Opening Day!
      ID: 07724916
      Thu, Mar 25, 2021, 10:59
Pasting these in for posterity.

These managers have had their 2021 Supplemental Draft selections altered via trade:

3-15-18 Thumper receives GO's 2nd and 5th for his 7th and 14th (Britton / Eaton + Calhoun)
5-10-18 bmd receives WG's 1st for his 14th (W. Davis)
5-15-18 Lyman receives Meatwads' 2nd for his last (A. Simmons)
6-20-18 Species receives Tosh's 5th for his 7th (Dyson)
7-03-18 Species receives GO's 6th for his 10th (Sabathia)
12-3-18 Meatwads receives Greggo's 5th and 6th for his last two (Hicks/Morton, 2019 S and P picks)
2-22-19 Thumper receives Greggo’s 1st for his 14th (Hampson)
3-08-19 Thumper receives Greggo’s 2nd for his 13th (Morton, ‘19 pick)
3-10-19 Fosten receives GO’s 4th and 9th for his 6th and 10th (C. Allen, P-pick)
3-10-19 Fosten receives WG’s 4th and 9th for his 11th and 14th (Knebel)
3-15-19 GO receives his own 5th back (via Thumper) for his 8th (2019 S-pick swap)
3-15-19 GO receives his own 2nd back (via Thumper) for his 14th (2019 S-pick swap)
3-16-19 mjd receives ttucowboys’ 3rd for his 10th (Ray, P-picks)
3-17-19 Species receives WG’s 10th for his 14th (2019 s-picks)
3-19-19 blue hen receives Greggo’s 7th for his 11th (2019 s-picks)
3-20-19 blue hen receives bmd’s 9th for his 14th (2019 s-pick)
3-21-19 Tree receives WG’s 11th for his last (2019 s-picks)
4-17-19 mjd receives ttucowboy’s 2nd for his 11th (Choo)
5-15-19 Thumper receives Nerfherders’ 4th for his last(Soler/Marwin/Colome / K. Davis)
5-30-19 mjd receives Tosh’s 5th (via Species) for his 12th (Miley)
6-07-19 GO receives Thumper’s 5th for his 11th (Quintana)
6-18-19 Guru receives ttucowboy’s 1st (J. Dyson)
6-21-19 mjd receives WG’s 6th for his 14th (Lynn)
6-21-19 youngroman receives blue hen’s 5th for his 9th (Hamels)
6-24-19 bmd receives Species’ 5th for his 13th (Pederson)
6-25-19 Khahan receives WG’s 5th for his 14th (Gant)
6-26-19 Khahan receives blue hen’s 4th for his lowest (Giles, Smith)
6-27-19 WG receives Meatwads’ 9th for his 14th (Cruz/Carrasco)
6-27-19 Tree receives Meatwads’ 9th (via WG) (Stroman, Kelley)
7-10-19 GO receives Thumpers’s 2nd for his 13th (Judge/Arenado)
7-23-19 mjd receives WG’s 3rd for his 9th (Y. Gurriel)
7-28-19 Thumper receives Meatwads’ 4th and 6th for his last 2 (closers, Segura)
7-28-19 youngroman receives Species’ 6th for his 10th (Lester)
7-28-19 Lyman receives GO’s 6th (via Species) for his 9th (Samardzija)
8-01-19 Fosten receives Meatwads’ 1st for his 13th (Hand/Odorizzi)
8-01-19 bmd receives Meatwads’ 3rd for his 12th (Dozier)
8-02-19 Thumper receives Meatwads’ 5th for his last (Osuna/Bell, Bieber)
8-02-19 WG receives his own 9th back from Fosten while Fosten receives his own 14th (Yonny, Crawford)
8-02-19 WG receives ttucowboy’s 7th for his last (Cruz/Minor)
8-03-19 slizz receives Species’ 4th for his 7th (Rendon/Rogers, Robles/Senzel)
8-03-19 blue hen receives ttucowboy’s 4th for his last (W. Smith)
8-13-19 ttucowboy receives Greggo’s 5th (via Meatwads) for his last (Kennedy)
8-23-19 ttucowboy receives Greggo’s 6th (via Meatwads) for his last (W. Smith/Choo)
8-25-19 GO receives slizz’ 7th (via Species) while Species receives his own 10th back (Fiers)
8-26-19 Tree receives Greggo’s 4th for his 6th (B. Anderson)
1-07-20 Species received WG’s 7.17 for his 10.15 (Blackmon/Brantley + closers)
1-08-20 Jon Dowd receives: 8.18 from Thumper (huge 3-way)
1-08-20 Thumper receives: 2.09 from DonkeyKong and 4.20 from Jon Down (huge 3-way)
1-08-20 DonkeyKong receives 6.19 from Thumper (huge 3-way)
1-13-20 Thumper receives GO’s 2.18 for his last (10.18) (Beiber/Mize, Freeman)
1-15-20 Tree receives Lyman’s 6.02 for his 9.01 (Chavis)
1-16-20 bmd receives mjd’s 1.05, 2.17 and 3.05 for his 8.10, 10.10, 11.10 (Lux)
1-21-20 Tree receives Lyman’s 3.02 for his 12.01 (Kepler)
2-16-20 blue hen receives DK’s 5.06 and 8.09 for his 12.11 and his 13.03 (Verdugo / Ray)
2-21-20 Tree receives Greggo’s 3.01 for his 10.01 (Andujar)
2-25-20 Lyman receives mjd’s 6.05 for his 10.02 (Urshela)
2-26-20 Lyman receives Matt G’s 4.11 for his 11.02 (Swanson)
2-26-20 darkside receives Thumper’s 3.18 for his 14.14 (Fried)
2-27-20 mjd receives Meatwads’ 8.19 for his 13.05 (Hand, P-pick)
3-04-20 Jon Dowd receives Fosten’s 8.12 for his 14.20 (LeMaheiu / Mauricio+p-pick)
3-04-20 Jon Dowd receives DonkeyKong’s 4.09 and 5.17 for his 12.17 and 13.11 (2021 s-pick)
3-09-20 Fosten receives GO’s 5.07 for his 12.12 (Kingery, 2021 P-pick)
3-09-20 Thumper receives GO’s 1.07 and 7.07 for his 2.18 and 5.19 (Kingery/Fried)
3-10-20 WG gets blue hen’s 6.11 for his 7.15 (P-pick swap)
3-10-20 bmd receives Lyman’s 1.03 for his 3.05 (P-pick swap)
3-11-20 Thumper receives Lyman’s 2.02 for his 4.16 (P-pick swap)
3-12-20 mjd receives bmd’s 2.17 and 5.10 for his 3.17 and 11.10 (P-pick swap)
3-14-20 Guru receives blue hen’s 4.17 for his 7.089 (p-pick)
5-10-19 Tree receives Thumper’s 1st (Segura/Lucchesi for Burnes)
3-01-21 Great One receives Thumper’s 2.06 for his 14.18 (Betts/Yelich/Stanton 3-way)
3-08-21 Species receives bmd’s 2.10 and 3.17 for his 8.20 and 9.20 (
3-09-21 Nerf receives blue hen’s 3.11 for his 11.16 (Frazier)
3-11-21 Lyman receives mjd’s 5.05 for his 7.02 (Civale)
3-11-21 DK receives Lyman’s 4.16 for his 14.09 (Musgrove)
3-11-21 Lyman receives Code Toothpick’s 5.09 for his 9.01 (Santander)
3-11-21 Great One receives WG’s 6.11 for his 10.07 (Canha)
3-11-21 Jon Dowd receives Fosten’s 4.15 for his 14.19 (L. Gilbert / Wheeler)
3-11-21 WG receives Fosten’s 9.07 and 9.12 for his 14.05 and 14.10 (2022 picks)
3-12-21 DonkeyKong receives blue hen’s 9.04 and 10.11 for his 9.09 and 10.05
3-12-21 DonkeyKong receives Thumper’s 6.18 for his 12.09 (McCullers)
3-13-21 Tree receives’ WG’s 8.15 for his 13.01 (P. Lopez)
3-15-21 blue hen receives Fosten’s 1.12 for his 11.16 (22 p-pick, A. Thomas)
3-16-21 Lyman receives blue hen’s 2.11, 5.06 and 7.06 for his 2.19, 4.11 and 6.12
3-17-21 Tree receives GO’s 5.18 for his 9.19 (Berti / Walsh)
3-22-21 DonkeyKong receives Thumper’s 12.09 (Bush, 2022 pick)
      ID: 89402220
      Thu, Mar 25, 2021, 11:58
Can I ask what the rationale is in not letting me and DK make picks at the very end to complete our rosters? Seems innocuous enough and don't think many would object. Isn't the purpose of the S-Draft to get everyone to 23?
      ID: 07724916
      Thu, Mar 25, 2021, 15:01
339: The rationale is rooted in getting the draft right in the first place. Look at post 338 --- what is that, 80 trades? More?

As serious as I take this and as accurate as I want to be, anyone expecting me to be 80-for-80 in accurately reflecting these in both the Draft Grid and Draftime are asking for more than one person ought to be responsible for. Hence, I put the onus of verifying accuracy of the Draft Grid and Draftime upon each of you! If you only need to verify the 5 to 10 (or more) trades that YOU did, the chances of accuracy increase.

I author multiple posts (and often double up with an email as well) for managers to check their picks and correct it before the draft. In the absence of a correction, I feel the only recourse is to proceed as planned.

If you can find the trade or series of trades that I input incorrectly, I will look at it and if found to be in error I will grant you that last pick BEFORE waivers. In the absence of that, I assume accuracy and you must have traded away a pick without properly designating a pick in return. In that case, that is on the manager that did so to be impacted by the consequences of that oversight in the original trade.
      ID: 56261418
      Thu, Mar 25, 2021, 15:55
Looking over all those trades, it seems WG lost a pick when he did this:

6-27-19 WG receives Meatwads’ 9th for his 14th (Cruz/Carrasco)
6-27-19 Tree receives Meatwads’ 9th (via WG) (Stroman, Kelley)

Even though he got that pick back, he traded a pick for it, so he's one down from then on.
      ID: 07724916
      Sat, Mar 27, 2021, 20:36
10th keepers that were called up and renounced in 2021 (for posterity as I delete them from the Constitution):

Francisco Mejia (Guru)
Mitch Keller (Fosten)
Touki Toussant (Fosten)
Brent Honeywell (Matt G)
Carter Kieboom (Lyman)
Nate Lowe (Lyman)
AJ Puk (Vampire Weekend)
Gavin Lux (mjd)
Austin Riley (mjd)
Tyler O'Niell (Nerfherders)
Bo Bichette (Tree)
Dylan Cease (Tree)
Luis Robert (youngroman)
Jesus Luzardo (youngroman)
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