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0 Subject: RIBC 2021: Draft Rationales

Posted by: Guru
- [330592710] Fri, Mar 12, 2021, 11:22

This thread will contain all of the individual pick rationales for the 2021 RIBC draft. RIBC managers should supply those rationales in the Rationale Collection thread.

I expect that this thread will be updated daily.
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351Seattle Zen
      ID: 330592710
     Mar 22, 6:10 pm
22.15 Valdez, Framber - HOU - SP
I like a lot of the picks coming off the board. I came into the draft expecting to take Josh Naylor but at this point I have five outfielders so Nerf can reap that profit. Jake Diekman is a great pitcher who should get some saves either because Trevor gets hurt or traded. Also like Clase, the guy is a K machine. Soroka and Smyly are great values this late. I have frequently drafted Rich Hill over the past five seasons because I trend towards drafting skills even if the player is made of glass. This year, though, there will be plenty of "Over the Hill" puns, I suspect holt will cut Rich fairly early not because he is injured but because he is not. I, too, was considering Elvis Andrus, graydog. Your late round Andrus France middle infield has a great chance of making hay, not so sure about Wittgren, but the Romano pick is now looking rather wise. We may be looking back at this draft in October and say to ourselves, "Why didn't I think of that?" when we look at Not so Young anymore Roman's pick number 300 Chris Sale. With an IL slot, he could very well provide a half season of top 50 production without damaging YR's bench. I wanted Jesus Aguilar and John Means. Dallas Keuchel was a steal, of course he won't have a sub 2.00 ERA but still, that's a great pick. Lo Cain, E Escobar, Starlin no longer the Marlin Castro, all excellent picks. I've been a big fan of Trevor May since he was in high school in Kelso, WA. Early first round pick by the Phillies, traded to my Twins for Ben Revere, he throws heat and could easily spend some time as the closer because E Diaz can have bouts of "Where is that confounded plate?!?"

The Rouge's Gallery this morning at Baseball Reference was way too difficult. Who in the hell would know that this is Ice Box Chamberlin? Don't get me wrong, he was a good pitcher, he started 301 games and had a 9.2 WAR for St. Louis one year, but it was for the Browns and that was in 1889. Safe to say I didn't have any 1889 baseball cards in my collection.

This one was also unfair I didn't recognize Freddy Garcia because this looks more like a mug shot than anything (probably intentional if you followed Freddy's career). I have seen Freddy about three feet away from me back when he was a Mariner.

Is it time to look for a catcher? Ugh, no.

I make a queue of nine players around the time holt is picking and now just a few picks away not a one has been taken. If I was an American woman research has shown that I would probably start questioning my list and let doubt creep in. But I'm an American man so I will just brush it off, call y'all a bunch of clowns in my rationale and sit smugly in my Throne of Self Assurance waiting for praise and accolades. Because I am white, too, I am accustomed to getting them even when they are not deserved.

I had Framber at the top of my queue because I am in desperate need of starting pitching ;) He doesn't need surgery on his finger after all, his healing is a "miracle". His manager said he has "The Predator's blood" in his veins. I think he may have meant Pascual Perez, I get the two of them confused, too. I'm hoping to do at pick 351 what YR did with Chris Sale, stash the guy on the IL while he is "day-to-day" and watch his electric stuff confound the Texas Rangers and Mariners maybe ten times this year.
      ID: 330592710
     Mar 23, 3:16 am
22.16 Rosario, Amed - CLE - SS
I was thinking Framber Valdez with this pick, but SZ grabbed him right in front of me. Well, I guess I have to take another temporary SS until Wander comes up. Nobody likes Amed? Eh, a trip away from New York will do you Wanders… Wanders! Get it? Haha. Hey, he's had some misadventures in centerfield so far, but I'm betting the change of scenery is good in the end.
      ID: 330592710
     Mar 23, 3:16 am
23.01 Kopech, Michael - CWS - SP
Another "Bullpen to start the year." guy. This is a ridiculously low ADP for Kopech. Before the injury he was a top 3 prospect. I don't mind taking these returning TJ guys. Great value when everyone else sleeps on them. Kopech has had 2 years of rest and should be back at peak performance. Maybe he can finally get his brain off women and pitch again.
354Seattle Zen
      ID: 330592710
     Mar 22, 10:48 pm
23.02 Floro, Dylan - LAD - RP
Ha, ya snooze, ya lose, Fosten. Thwarted your Dylan Floro hopes and dreams! He signed a contract with the sharp nose fish after pitching for the Dodgers last year. Here's how I imagined his interview in Miami went: Fish Management (FM) - "Floro, is that Madagascarian? Mancunian? Macadonian? Martian?" DF - Close, Mercedian. FM - It says here you are of the Æsir under Thor. DF - Again, close. I'm a graduate of Buchah Colony High School and our mascot was Thor. I'm actually from the House of El, my father comes from the lesser known branch: the House of Randal El, perhaps you have hear of my cousin Antwaan? Speaking of, I may have to scan the clubhouse for Kryptonite. Hope that won't be a problem. FM - Proudly Kyrptonite-free since 93!"

Floro may not supplant Large Mouth Bass as the closer but he should provide decent numbers. Nobody can get good contact on his outstanding sinker. He doesn't walk anyone so his WHIP is nice.
      ID: 330592710
     Mar 23, 6:38 am
23.03 Zimmer, Bradley - CLE - OF
A few years ago I made rather a fool of myself for drafting Zimmer about 12 rounds earlier than he should have gone. I has entranced by the combination of speed and power he offered. Now it transpires that he should have the good side of a platoon in the Indians outfield. Rotowire says ""Zimmer deserves a normal season where he's healthy before giving up hope that he can get back on track."" OK.After the game he can join Wheatfarmer colleagues O'Neill and Hampson for a drink in the Last Chance Sa"loon.
      ID: 330592710
     Mar 23, 6:38 am
23.04 Syndergaard, Noah - NYM - SP
I was worried that Seattle Zen's Framber Valdez post might ruin this plan, but fortunately Syndergaard made it back to me.

He's throwing 96 mph already and is slated to return at some point in June. Will he be an ace post-Tommy-John? I don't know, but with the addition of the IL and the extra roster slot, it's worth a try.

      ID: 330592710
     Mar 23, 6:38 am
23.05 Treinen, Blake - LAD - RP
He doesn't have the most exciting profile as a pitcher as he relies more on control and command rather than strikeouts, but Manaea has made it work throughout his career, and has been a solid starting pitcher since his debut. Manaea definitely isn't the flashiest pitcher, but he should still be quite a productive one.
358Mighty Meatwads
      ID: 330592710
     Mar 23, 11:17 am
23.06 Kieboom, Carter - WAS - 3B
Third base was the last infield spot I didn't have a backup yet, so I took the gamble on Keiboom. The early returns in his career are mediocre at best, and I can't say I am super excited to land him. He is someone who was viewed as a top prospect a couple of years ago, the organization seems to like him, he's penciled in to start despite the early struggles. I do think Keiboom will become a worthy fantasy player at some point. I just can't say with confidence if this will be the season it begins to appear.
      ID: 330592710
     Mar 23, 11:22 am
23.07 Rainey, Tanner - WAS - RP
Good RP, who seems second in line in Washington after Hand. At round 23 a clear cut second in line is draftable.
      ID: 330592710
     Mar 23, 11:36 am
23.08 Diaz, Yandy - TAM - 3B
A bit surprised to see Yandy and his high OBP still available in round 23. Nevermind that he had a -7.9 launch angle last year. We all know gravity was especially strong last summer. The trouble is, the Rays are managed like my 10 year old's little league team - EVERYBODY PLAYS!!! Starters get substituted for in the 5th inning. So there's a likelihood that I'm getting 2-3 at-bats per start from him, and only when the Rays face a left-handed pitcher. Or, just maybe, he's a 5-day a week clean-up hitter. The other trouble is Wander Franco, who everybody thinks will be called up by June to play third base. At this point in the draft, I'll take 200 at-bats with a high OBP, and anything else is gravy.

Also considered a couple of upside OF picks like Franchy Cordero and Gregory Polanco, a couple of relievers (Keone Kela and some undrafteds), and a catcher. But everyone in this direction of the turn already has a catcher, and there were enough to choose from still that I was comfortable waiting.

      ID: 330592710
     Mar 23, 11:59 am
23.09 Davies, Zach - CHC - SP
Davis is lined up to be the number 3 starter for the Cubbies and pitched well last year. Projection systems don't expect a repeat but he's something of a Kyle Hendricks mini-me and sits among the best of the remaining starter options according to some of the experts I have been following.
      ID: 330592710
     Mar 23, 12:17 pm
23.10 Chisholm, Jazz - MIA - 2B
Can you take a handcuff for a middle infielder? That's what Jazz is, essentially. He doesn't quite have the 2B job nailed down, but his upside is good, and if he breaks camp with the team, I can 1-2 Jazz and Berti, even though Berti will probably play mostly in the OF.

And then… another one bites the dust. Kirilloff sent down with a week to go in the spring. Two down, how many more to go?

      ID: 330592710
     Mar 23, 12:17 pm
23.11 Duffey, Tyler - MIN - RP
Duffey has put up excellent stats the past 2 years and will round out my modern day pitching staff where everyday is a bullpen day. He also is a handcuff for my earlier pick of Colome.

PS. KDL when you need some saves, come and see me and we can work something out:)

      ID: 330592710
     Mar 23, 2:49 pm
23.12 Kim, Kwang-hyun - STL - SP
In search of a late pitching gem I came up with Kwang-Hyun Kim. He pitched well last year in his first season in MLB and if he is a nearly as good as he was in 2020 he can surprise many.

when researching pitchers for this pick I got an unusual amount of "Our European visitors are important to us" on various sites. What is up with all these American media outlets? it seems they don't give a shit about us Europeans. I also have the feeling that the sites that are not available to us is growing and growing. the GDPR is now there for 3 years, so you can assume they will never opt in to the concept of data privacy. F… You!

      ID: 330592710
     Mar 23, 2:49 pm
23.13 Wisler, Matt - MIN - RP
A multi-inning reliever with great ratios can be a secret weapon.
366Da Bomb
      ID: 330592710
     Mar 23, 3:49 pm
23.14 Crick, Kyle - PIT - RP
At this point I don't see any bats I need to draft over someone I could pick up for a matchup play or hot start early in the season or an SP who would sit on my bench until I felt comfortable starting him and thus I would likely use a streamer before then, so I will take another stab at a small potential case of early saves. Rodriguez has not been named closer and has struggled this Spring, so Crick has a chance of taking the role.
      ID: 330592710
     Mar 23, 3:57 pm
23.15 Matzek, Tyler - ATL - RP
Ratio stabilizer with a high K-ratio, and maybe a handful of vultured wins.
      ID: 330592710
     Mar 23, 5:07 pm
23.16 Cooper, Garrett - MIA - 1B
I tell you he gets no respect. Cooper deserved to be in the majors when he was younger. He finally got a chance in 2019 at age 28 and delivered. He deserves to be ranked and drafted higher in fantasy baseball and hopefully he proves that this season. At 6'5" you'd think he would have more holes his swing but he's a very well-rounded hitter with no extreme splits. I think the Marlins will get him in the lineup on a regular basis and he will gain OF eligibility. He may end up being dealt this summer. The Dodgers have already been trying to acquire him. His .283 .353 .500 line last season was no fluke.
      ID: 330592710
     Mar 23, 5:10 pm
24.01 Frazier, Adam - PIT - 2B
I don't have much to say about Frazier. I need someone to hold down 2B for a short while and Frazier starts every day and should have a good spot in the lineup.
      ID: 330592710
     Mar 23, 5:53 pm
24.02 Bummer, Aaron - CWS - RP
Ratio stabilizer with a high K-ratio, and maybe a handful of vultured wins.

And it's always fun to draft someone named Bummer.

371Da Bomb
      ID: 330592710
     Mar 23, 7:28 pm
24.03 Moronta, Reyes - SFO - RP
In the chance the Giants use their best lefty reliever McGee earlier in games, Moronta could find himself in play for save opportunities.
      ID: 330592710
     Mar 23, 7:28 pm
24.04 Cordero, Franchy - BOS - OF
It sounds like he'll be back up to full heath sooner than expected, if he's not already. This season with the Red Sox might be his last chance to prove the power/speed combo that he flashed in minor league.
      ID: 330592710
     Mar 23, 7:53 pm
24.05 Newman, Kevin - PIT - SS
he is hitting lights out in spring training. He seems to be the regular SS in Pittsburgh. He is eligible at both MI positions. What is not to like about him?

Thought about starting pitching, like #undrafted# and Jefferies, but I was still missing a 2nd 2B so Newman fits better. There is hope one of them will be there in the next round. or a RP gets a surprise closing gig.

      ID: 330592710
     Mar 23, 7:53 pm
24.06 Eaton, Adam - CWS - OF
Looking for some batting depth. I was surprised to read that Eaton is only 32, he seems like he is older then that, likely due to the injury history. If he stays on my roster he should provide positive OBP contribution without hurting elsewhere and maybe get me a bag or two.

I strongly considered all available undrafted relievers…

      ID: 330592710
     Mar 23, 8:24 pm
24.07 Gonzalez, Victor - LAD - RP
I would have a preferred a pitcher in the line for saves, but I'll take a productive pitcher here instead. A situational lefty who does his job. He should be fine here.
      ID: 330592710
     Mar 23, 8:25 pm
24.08 Locastro, Tim - ARI - OF
Locastro is making some noise in spring training and figures to be at least platooning in the Diamondback outfield to start the year. ZiPS has him for a .348/.406 line with 20 SB so I am hoping they are on the mark with that projection.
      ID: 330592710
     Mar 23, 8:48 pm
24.09 Narvaez, Omar - MIL - C
Once Yasmani Grandal was picked, "Catcher Plan #1B" was activated, which is to not draft a catcher unless Sean Murphy was available in Round 20. When Murphy was picked in Round 19, I figured I would be filling my catcher slot after the draft from the waiver wire. But when my Round 24 pick came up, there was Narvaez sitting there. He offered a higher upside than any of the options sitting there (though I could imagine a dice-roll on a late-career gem from Posey). Before last year, he looked like a steady .360 OBP guy with variable power. Since 2 managers still needed a catcher on this turn, I decided to pull the trigger. I'm giving Narvaez a mulligan for his first year in the NL last year under crazy circumstances, and hoping he returns to his prior self.

I wasn't expecting to be padding my OBP this late -- usually by round 20 it's OBP killers who are left - but the late combo of Yandy Diaz and Narvaez might even raise my team's OBP.

Because this is RIBC, even Round 24 choices have consequences. I had a list of guys I still wanted to roster that included Yusei Kikuchi, Keone Kela, Gregory Polanco, and [two undrafted guys]. The only one I considered here was Kikuchi, who is on every other pitcher sleeper list I've seen for his underlying stats from last year. But I already have 7 starters (the Zac Gallen news of a fractured forearm was, confusingly, good news) so I decided to let him go, knowing he wouldn't make it back to me.

      ID: 330592710
     Mar 23, 9:04 pm
24.10 Grichuk, Randal - TOR - OF
Had him last year, when he had a sneaky decent year, including a palatable OBP to go with his usual good power numbers. Ready to cut him if the OBP goes too south to be sustainable.
379Mighty Meatwads
      ID: 330592710
     Mar 23, 9:59 pm
24.11 Cease, Dylan - CWS - SP
This is one of my deep sleepers this season. I've talked with some smart pitching people who see the ingredients for a full-blown breakout. Pitching is inherently risky and pitching half your games in Chicago isn't ideal. But he does have an elite fastball with an elite spin rate. He's also being coached by the same people who got Lucas Giolito to the ace-tier. There were a couple of other pitchers I considered as well but felt none of them brought the upside of Cease if it actually clicks. My confidence isn't super high but intrigued enough to take a deep stab and see what happens early.
      ID: 330592710
     Mar 23, 10:01 pm
24.12 Kela, Keone - SDG - RP
Still fishing for more save opportunities. Kela is likely to start the season as the Padres set-up guy, but the guys ahead of him Melancon and Pomeranz are not any locks to hold down the position. A good player to keep on my roster until things work themselves out, or other players present themselves.
      ID: 330592710
     Mar 23, 10:07 pm
24.13 Workman, Brandon - CHC - RP
Kimbrel insurance. If Workman pitches like he did in 2017-2019, he might stick around even if Kimbrel is good.
      ID: 330592710
     Mar 24, 5:57 am
24.14 Adam, Jason - CHC - RP
Hmmph. When Pomeranz went down with forearm tightness, Keone Kela (24.12) was so obscure that I had to email Fred to get him included on the list of players. He was at the top of my scraping-the-bottom-of-the-barrel-for-potential-closers list here.

Jason Adam was mentioned on a sleeper list as being someone who might emerge from the rubble when Kimbrel goes down. That and a good spring were enuf to get him picked here.

383Seattle Zen
      ID: 330592710
     Mar 24, 5:57 am
24.15 Kikuchi, Yusei - SEA - SP
Wait, Yandy Diaz was available? Damn, missed that. T Rainey, too? Maybe I should pay closer attention. Yusei is my eleventeenth starter. I'm the opposite of graydog. Why stream waiver wire chumps when you can draft yourself a stable full of thoroughbreds? Though his ERA last year was unsightly, his FIP was 3.30. He increased his velo and K rate. He has four very good pitches. He has millions of good reasons to pitch well this year, his contract has a clause where the M's can exercise and option to keep him for four more years at $66M or he can exercise a one year option for $13 million. The Mariners are in a good division to compete in this year, they have a lot of top young talent, the Astros took a large step back this offseason, the Rangers are god awful and the Angels and A's are meh. I think Kikuchi could have a SZ emblazoned on his uni all season with a winning record and an ERA under 4. Perhaps he and Maeda can teach the rest of the squad the fight songs from their high school years.
      ID: 330592710
     Mar 24, 7:50 am
24.16 Pache, Cristian - ATL - OF
Noooo! I missed out on Syndergaard. Haha. mmkukla got a heck of a deal taking The Terminator at 356. Ah well, there's always next year. Guess I'll grab some OF lottery tickets at the RIBC register on my way out to go with my OF beer and whiskey. I personally think Pache will always be too highly ranked in fantasy, because his defense is so highly touted. Yet, we don't get points for defense? Hey I'm proposing a new rule, any players drafted in the 24th round, get extra points for defense! Except catchers, this doesn't mean you!
      ID: 330592710
     Mar 24, 7:51 am
25.01 Adell, Jo - LAA - OF
One more OF shot for the road! I don't expect him to start the year with the Angels, and I don't expect to own him past week 1. Just drafted him, so he was forced to go through waivers again. But I do like Jo Adell, so you better not scoop him up on waivers, or worse yet add him through free agency or I'll be really sad. Or is this some sort of Fosten mind trick? Does he secretly think Adell won't be good this year and he wants me to waste a roster spot? I'm so confused!
386Seattle Zen
      ID: 330592710
     Mar 24, 7:51 am
25.02 Alfaro, Jorge - MIA - C
More Fish! I've got four trophy fish to go with my three Phillies and one Giant Gnat. Guess I will be firing up a lot of 4:00pm games on MLB TV. Screw the Mets and the Braves! Catchers are awful, when we get rid of home plate umpires can we also drop catchers? Just have some sort of padded wall the pitcher throws against? Much like NFL kickers, we have to have a catcher and Alfaro is just as meh as the next bum. Here's some next level, sabermetric analysis: If he stinks I'll cut him and grab someone else. Looking back to his minor league years, there is a lot to like. Back in 2013 as a 20 year old in rookie ball, he slashed .429/.500/.820 .569 wOBP, 240 wRC+ and as a 22 year old in rookie ball in 2019 he improved to .500/.667/.750 .656 wOBP, 311 wRC+. I am counting on something inbetween those numbers, I'd be fine with a .585/.800 295 wRC+ for the whole season, not the six and three game performances back in ‘13 and ‘15. GO MIAMI!
      ID: 330592710
     Mar 24, 7:51 am
25.03 Rojas, Miguel - MIA - SS
What an injury day yesterday! I swear I didn't push Robbie Ray down the stairs so that Matz could take his position in the rotation. Then Fernando Tatis left the game with what turned out to be left shoulder discomfort and the injury day wasn't so funny, particularly as I had no backup shortstop. It appears Tatis will be fine, but I guess it's still prudent to have a backup shortstop.

This is my last rationale for my last Guru-led RIBC league. I thought that some musical accompaniment would be appropriate:

      ID: 330592710
     Mar 24, 8:12 am
25.04 Rogers, Tyler - SFO - RP
He's no Trevor Rogers. Not even Taylor Rogers. He picked up a few saves last year, though, and yesterday Gabe Kapler named him (alongside Jake McGee) as a potential closer.
      ID: 330592710
     Mar 24, 8:14 am
25.05 Cabrera, Asdrubal - ARI - 3B
It was either a catcher or MI here. Ultimately, I wanted another MI and Cabrera is a utility player for the Dbacks who just may get more playing time than other options here. Maybe can contribute to the counting stats when he plays.
390Mighty Meatwads
      ID: 330592710
     Mar 24, 11:24 am
25.06 Posey, Buster - SFO - C
I strongly considered taking another position I already had filled and bypassing drafting a catcher all together. Ultimately, I decided to give the spot to Buster Posey since I will need to fill the position by opening day anyway. He was the catcher on the board with the best track record, the best spot in his team's lineup, and the player I suspect will have the most ABs. How the mighty has fallen. I will be pleasantly surprised if he survives all season on my roster.
      ID: 330592710
     Mar 24, 12:49 pm
25.07 Javier, Cristian - HOU - SP
Young pitcher with a good upside. And by the way the most owned pitcher of the pool…
      ID: 330592710
     Mar 24, 12:58 pm
25.08 Polanco, Gregory - PIT - OF
I was *this* close to picking Luis Arraez, just for the sheer delight of snagging a trio of high OBP guys in the last 3 rounds of the draft. With Kiriloff sent down, Arraez could be getting regular at-bats at the start of the season in the leadoff spot. But maybe he's a 4-game a week guy. And apart from OBP, he doesn't offer much. So I went with a higher ceiling but much, much, much lower floor pick in Gregory Polanco. He was great in 2018, hurt his shoulder, and his been absolutely awful since. But the nerds, when they remove their glasses and squint, see some good statcast data (on those rare occasions he didn't swing and miss last year, he hit the ball hard) and several folks have him on their late-round flier lists. And so here I am. I took him in Round 17 last year, with the same optimism. Let's hope the results are better this time around.
      ID: 330592710
     Mar 24, 1:10 pm
25.09 Arraez, Luis - MIN - 2B
I guess I will be rooting for Minnesota this year as Arraez becomes the 4th Twins player on my roster. Somewhat surprised he was still available in the last round as he has excellent OBP skills. Talk is he will be a utility type player so I'm hoping he gains eligibility at some other position
      ID: 330592710
     Mar 24, 1:16 pm
25.10 Hilliard, Sam - COL - OF
I would have taken a backup catcher here to pair with McCann, but circumstances forced my hand. I needed an OF. I was prepared to take Heyward here, and hope his excellent 2020 meant he finally figured out how to hit. But, I found Hilliard, an up and comer who seems to have the starting CF job in COL. He was awful last year, but his track record before that was excellent, so maybe there's something here. At 25.10, it's basically an FA pickup, so it doesn't matter too much if he fails or gets sent down.
      ID: 330592710
     Mar 24, 1:16 pm
25.11 Renfroe, Hunter - BOS - OF
More batting depth. I likely won't keep Renfroe and Eaton but we will see. I liked the move to Fenway for Renfroe as he seems built to loft fly balls into and over the monster.

I considered undrafted, undrafted, undrafted, undrafted and undrafted relievers…

      ID: 330592710
     Mar 24, 2:54 pm
25.12 Jefferies, Daulton - OAK - SP
we are throwing darts now. I just pick a top prospect with lots of potential that had a fantastic spring. Its anybody's guess how long he will retain his spot on my roster. Hopefully for a full season.
      ID: 330592710
     Mar 24, 2:55 pm
25.13 Staumont, Josh - KAN - RP
If he could somehow walk batters at a more palatable rate - say ten percent - Kansas City has got themselves a real stud.
398Da Bomb
      ID: 330592710
     Mar 24, 3:22 pm
25.14 Severino, Luis - NYY - SP
Chances are virtually zero that Severino will last on my roster until he's healthy as I will need the IL spot for someone else, but until then I will stash him and pick up a FA post draft. I have that someone in mind, but it's probably not a good idea to talk about him yet.
      ID: 330592710
     Mar 24, 4:20 pm
25.15 Lugo, Seth - NYM - RP
Just a deep flier that I can stash in the IL slot to open the season. If Diaz gets injured or falters, Lugo could potentially enter the save sweepstakes.
      ID: 330592710
     Mar 24, 4:43 pm
25.16 Skubal, Tarik - DET - SP
Big lefty with high 90's heat and good command. 10.4 K/9 and 1.22 WHIP in 7 MLB starts last season. 13.2 K/9 2.11 ERA and 0.99 WHIP are his career minor league numbers. Hoping he becomes Mr. Relevant.
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