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0 Subject: RIBC AAA Yahoo draft rationale thread

Posted by: Khahan
- [2911322610] Tue, Mar 13, 2018, 12:36

Draft rationales for AAA are optional but strongly encouraged. A couple of rules about rationales to keep in mind:

1. post 2-3 rounds behind the current pick

2. Never post the name of an undrafted player

For your round 1 pick if you choose to do rationales, please post your rationale and a little blurb about why you took the draft spot you took.
      ID: 2911322610
      Tue, Mar 13, 2018, 12:39
1.10 Mike Trout OF LAA

I won the lotto with the 1st slot to choose so I took the 1st overall pick. Trout gives you just so much so consistently. .400+ OBP .600+ slg, 80+ runs/rbis and 20+ steals. Picking 1st ensures I get him.
As for taking him, seeing what positions came up to pick over the next 4 rounds I honestly wish I had taken Altuve here. Not complaining at all about getting Trout. But I think from the perspective of filling out differing spots, I would have picked Altuve if I had known. Guess I'll just have to suck it up and deal with the fact I 'settled' for Mike Trout. haha
      ID: 491532215
      Tue, Mar 13, 2018, 13:35
1.06 Trea Turner SS, WAS

I had the 6th choice of draft slots and took the earliest pick available which was number 6. I was really hoping for Goldy or Turner. I thought it was likely that I would have a shot at one of them. Decent OBP and SLG %, elite SB, I believe his runs and RBI's will go up this year. I think Washington will score more runs this year and Turner should see some of that benefit. 85 runs and 55 RBI. I didn't even consider anyone else because I was set on Turner even before the draft started.
      ID: 4211201420
      Tue, Mar 13, 2018, 20:17
Draft pick #15
I had the choice of picks 9-15, and chose 15 for a number of reasons. After Trout and Altuve, I did not see significant separation between the remaining players. I thought I would do better with picks 15 and 18 than with 9 and 24.
I was also tossing around the strategy of picking SPs with my 1st 2 picks if 2 of the 4 top pitchers were available. I have been playing in these leagues since their inception and have not seen it tried. The pundits disagree with this, but I never win with conventional draft strategy , so I decided to try it.
Finally I like being around the turn, although that can hurt if you miss a closer run.

1.15 Chris Sale, SP, Bos
Kershaw was also available, and as a Dodger fan (note team name), it would have been nice, but I am concerned about his back and the potential for Kershaw having substantial time on the DL. I also do not think that there is really any separation between the 2 on a fantasy or MLB level.

2.02 Corey Kluber, SPUH, Cle
I felt that Kluber, along with Sale and Kershaw, comprised the top tier of SPs, although it could be argued that Scherzer belongs with them.
With Kershaw gone, I decided to pick Kluber and then play catchup with hitting.

      ID: 142171220
      Tue, Mar 13, 2018, 21:03
Took highest draft slot available at 7. Thought there were 5 guys I wanted and it was possible one could slip to me at 7. Normally prefer to draft at the ends but couldnt justify going to 16.
1.07 Joey Votto, 1B, Cin
One of the top 5 guys in the draft for me. He absolutely kills this format year in and year out. Leads the world in OBP and is only rivaled by Trout in total OPS. I normally like a high floor vs a high ceiling early in the draft and this guy has one of the highest floors in baseball. consistently great. besides dominating ratios and allowing me to reach later for lower OBP guys he kicks in 90+ runs and RBIs with a handful of SBs from 1B. Undervalued every year I will take him happily.

2.10 Brian Dozier, 2B, Min
Was wishing one of the top 5 SP would fall to me but they went many picks before. Never considered another SP at this point as the value isnt there. Made a list of 6 guys I would take with 6 picks to go. Dozier was number 3. J.D almost made it to me as he was my #1 but missed him by one pick. Dozier is always knocked in rankings because his batting avg is like .260 but who cares his OBP is north of .350 thats what we care about. helps you in all categories and plays 2B. no injury issues. proven track record with reliable floor. last of the elite 2B who can help in all categories.
      ID: 2911322610
      Wed, Mar 14, 2018, 10:40
2.16 Stephen Strasburg SP, Was
3.01 George Springer, OF Hou

Since I'm right on the turn these picks are kind of made in tandem. This is an oddity for me taking a SP in the first 3 rounds. Last time I took one this early was Matt Harvey. You know when we knew him as Matt Harvey then. And that was the year we came to know him as Matt Harvey now. But I couldn't pass on Strasburg here. Kershaw, Sale, Kluber, Scherzer are a smidge better but I feel he's pretty close to those guys when healthy and there is a drop off between him and who would come back to me next. Solid ratios, great K's and fantastic run support for W's.
As for Springer, I didn't really want to go OF/Of so early with trout and him, but the I felt he was simply the best available. I considered Bellinger and Ozuna but just feel Springer is a more solid player with a better floor than either of them.

4.16 Xander Bogaerts SS Bos
5.01 Elvis Andrus SS Tx

Like I said in the Trout write up, hind sight I wish I had taken Altuve. Only because after taking Trout/Springer I get to this pick and there were 2 OF I would have been very happy to take. I wanted to get some solid obp/slg guys who could also steal bases. Domingo Santana, Byron Buxton, AJ Pollock were all pretty close to the top of my list here from a stat perspective (ok, not all of them were solid in obp, but they wouldn't kill it). But I just couldn't take 3-4 OF this early. So I looked around and saw Bogearts. I'm a Sox fan. I expect a bounceback closer to 2016 than 2017 (he played hurt last year). I couldn't pass his value as I really think he'll drop 2nd round value. He was an easy pick since I feel he's a steal here. Then there was Andrus. Luckily we have an MI slot to fill so even though this means back to back SS, I'm getting good to solid OBP skills (.350 range), above average slg (.450 range) and double digit steals from each (low end 30 combined, high end 45 combined). I still can't help but wonder if Altuve/Springer/Domingo Santana/Bogaerts wouldn't be better than Trout/Spring/Andrus/Bogaerts at this point. I think later in the draft 3rd/4th OF will be better value than late round MI's so from that perspective Andrus/??OF in the teen rounds is probably a better combo than say Santana/??MI from the teen rounds.

      ID: 491532215
      Wed, Mar 14, 2018, 12:34
2.11 Dee Gordon, 2B, SEA
I set my que at the start of the draft and he was the last player left, so I stuck with my initial gut and made the pick. 114 Runs and 60 SB. I should be pretty set with Runs, and SB with Turner and Gordon, plus getting my SS, and 2B drafted. His SLG% is a little troubling.

3.06 Anthony Rendon, 3B, WAS
Maybe a little early here. I was hoping for Bellinger to fall to me, so close. I am a believe in the Nats. Rendon 81 Runs and 100 RBI with a good SLG%. Filling in my infield. I might regret passing on Bumgarner with this pick, but apparently I am this high or high on Rendon.

4.11 Carlos Martinez SP, STL
I needed a SP and he has a decent whip, era and good K's. I drafted him because of his K's. Maybe I should have gone with Darvish or Quintana.

5.10 Eric Hosmer, 1B SGG
Not loving this pick. One site I use has him ranked incredibly high and I guess that got me to pick him at 70. I regret not taking another quality SP. Since they all went right after me.

6.11 Chris Taylor, 2B, SS, OF LAD
Once again maybe a little early. I do like him better than Whit that was drafted just before him, but maybe I could have waited on him another rd or two. I love the position eligibility and maybe I over value it. He will do well with Runs and above avg in most categories.
      ID: 4211201420
      Wed, Mar 14, 2018, 13:31
3.15 Kris Davis, OF, OAK
Picked Davis for power, SLG and RBIs in particular.

4.02 Tommy Pham, OF, STL
Pham gives a good combination of power and SBs.
      ID: 25248915
      Wed, Mar 14, 2018, 13:39
Pick #3
According to my projections, I had 3 hitters that were separated from the rest: Trout, Goldschmidt and Altuve. With Trout going at 1, I had outside hope that Altuve would go 3, so I could get an MI before Round 7 or 8.

1.03 Paul Goldschmidt, 1B, ARI
As I saw Altuve go I found myself fighting the feeling that the draft is already over. Not a good way to start things mentallyÖ But I donít know why I am complaining about Goldy. 100+ R and RBI, Top 5 OBP, .520+ SLG. And close to 20 steals to boot. If he puts up the same numbers as last year this will be a great pick. Maybe he'll be humidor-proof. I need to psych myself back up now. 27 picks to goÖ

2.14 Corey Seager, SS, LAD
I am always surprised by how quickly MIís get taken in the RIBC drafts. This was the driving motivation behind my Round 2 pick. 2 MIís were picked before my turn which were rated far below Seager on my list, but SBís are a stat too. I just have a hard time spending an early pick for them. Maybe thatís why I spend more time in AA leaguesÖ

Almost got Dozier and Lindor, but almost doesnít count here. Weíll see if Seagerís elbow holds up. I now have an MI in the early rounds. I can now form a draft strategy.

3.03 Carlos Carrasco, SP, CLE
This is a pitcher pick for me. I had choices of Carrasco, Verlander, deGrom and MadBum. Severino was not an option because he is a Yankee (sorry Yankee fans). I wanted about 200 Kís. But all of these options have projected ERAís over 3.30-3.40, and that is a little scary for my first pitcher pick. And since Carrasco has the lowest projected ERA of my choices, I picked him. Plus, I think I will get a couple of more wins out of him than some of the others.

4.14 Andrew McCutchen, OF, SFG
OBP is king for me, and McCutchen was the best OBP guy on the board at pick #62. Hoping that a change of scenery rejuvenates him somewhat. Although the R and RBI will probably drop to the low-to-mid 80ís, I am looking for an OBP near .360 and SLG near .460.

5.03 Aroldis Chapman, RP, NYY
Yeah, yeah, I know I said what I said about the Yankees, but things change in a draft. Besides, I consider Chapman more of an ex-CubÖ ERA of 2.9 ish, WHIP a little north of 1.00, 30+ saves. He offsets Carrascoís ERA a little.
      ID: 142171220
      Wed, Mar 14, 2018, 14:34
3.07 Christian Yelich, OF, Mil
He was on my short list last time so was happy to see him make it back to me. He quietly helps in all 5 categories. big help in OBP Runs and SB. His move to Mil should help and he is primed for a career year at 26. Surprisingly consistent and has been a good player now for couple years on a bad team in bad lineup in a bad park. This pick could be my best one. Never looked at anyone else here.

4.10 Buster Posey, C, SF
This was the first pick I looked around and went what the hell am I going to do here. No one was jumping out at me. I needed a SP as I normally wait on SP but wanted a front line guy this year but wasnt blown away by any of them and didnt see the value there. A closer went off the board already. I normally start the closer run but couldnt pull the trigger on Kimbrel here will have to see how that plays out. Posey is another elite OBP guy giving me Votto and Posey really gives me a leg up there and flexibility later. He fills the thin C position and will play. power declining but not that big a deal and still has another elite year or two in him.
10Uptown Bombers
      ID: 38261518
      Thu, Mar 15, 2018, 01:41
1.05 Giancarlo Stanton, OF, NYY
Itís a deep first round after Trout, so I gave some consideration to selecting a position in the lower third of the draft, but decided not to overthink it this year. I like being closer to an end than the middle, so if it was not the 5th pick, I would have chosen pick 11 or 12.
As for the pick, I did not enjoy having to decide between Harper, Betts, and Stanton. Those 3 sorted to the top of my projections above the other candidates. Honestly, I like all 3 and would have been happy with any of them. Since we picked our draft order, Iíve been assuming Iíd have to pick between at least 2 of them, and at different times during the week before we began, I talked myself into all 3 of them. In the end, I followed the ranking order of my projections and choose Stanton. The power numbers in Yankee Stadium and the counting stats in the Yankee lineup were too enticing. Hopefully spending some time as the DH will help keep him as healthy as last year.

2.12 Noah Syndergaard, SP, NYM
Side note: Rizzo at pick 21 is an absolute steal, especially with his 2B eligibility in Yahoo. I mentioned in my first rationale that I considered moving down in the draft slot selection and my logic was to try and nab Rizzo. I didnít do it since I didnít feel comfortable he would be available at pick 11/12 and preferred picking closer to the ends. But seeing how the draft unfolded, I would have been elated to take Rizzo at 12 and say Lindor at 21 and be mostly done with MI. But I digress.
With Syndergaard, we all know itís about the injury risk. He has the ability to match the top pitchers in the game and Iíve read nothing but positive news coming out of Mets camp when it comes to Callawayís impact on the pitchers. I get to root for one of my current favorites on the Mets and will be wearing my Syndergaard jersey T-shirt with added exuberance. This is usually higher than I draft my first pitcher, but my spreadsheets tell me that Syndergaard is the most valuable player on the board. When the heart matches up with the data, it makes it an easier decision.

3.05 Cody Bellinger, 1B, LAD
I had originally targeted a MI with this pick, but the players I had in mind were mostly snatched up before my 2nd round pick. My next plan is best hitter available and two names surfaced to the top: Yelich and Bellinger. Bellinger offers positional flexibility and builds on my base of power numbers with Stanton. Yelich offers more balance to my offense, but not enough additional SB to warrant a second OF at this point. Iím optimistic that by banking SLG and RBI now, Iíll be able to find some speed and R specialists later on.

4.12 Wil Myers, 1B, SD
Looking over my team, I need to add SB. Myers brings that to the table and contributes across the board. He should add OF eligibility soon so some more position flexibility. Was looking at Daniel Murphy and Starling Marte as well, but they were taken before my pick.

5.05 DJ LeMahieu, 2B, COL
Oof, I donít have any MI yet. This is much later than I usually like to draft my first MI but I kept convincing myself that other players were more valuable in the other rounds. I had players rated higher than LeMahieu but I canít keep putting MI off. Sure enough, several Mi were taken in between this pick and my round 6 pick, so Iím glad I made this pick. LeMahieu should be solid, if not spectacular. I think of him as low risk.
      ID: 491532215
      Thu, Mar 15, 2018, 10:07
7.06 Trey Mancini, OF/1B BAL
I was excited to get him at pick 102. i had him ranked in the mid 80's. Position flexibility again. 75 runs, 25HR, 90 Rbi. I considered Odor and Castenllanos, but I thought I better get an OF.

8.11 Eddie Rosario, OF, MIN
I also had him ranked much lower. Not much of a proven record, 85 runs, 27Hr, 95 Rbi and maybe double digit SB with pick 123. I really considered Castillo to get a 2nd SP, but I thought I would have plenty of options with my next pick.

9.06 Trevor Bauer, SP, CLE
I thought I would have some better options than Bauer. Between the 11 picks, 6 SP or RP were taken, with gurudan taking two. I was hoping Godley would make it to me. Bauer will have some wins and over 200 k's but his era and whip are a little high.
      ID: 4211201420
      Thu, Mar 15, 2018, 11:04
5.15 Roberto Osuna, RP, TOR
In past drafts I have always waited on closers because the CW is that one should always wait on closers until later in the draft. Following this I have always been killed in the saves category. Osuna has the potential to be a top closer. Also being near the turn, I did not want to miss a run.

6.02 Byron Buxton, OF, MIN
Drafted for speed.
      ID: 142171220
      Thu, Mar 15, 2018, 16:11
5.07 Zack Grenike, SP, Arz
Velocity is down in first spring game but his velocity is always down this early. I will take the discount and take him as my SP1. Normally wait on SP as finding one later is easier then RP but last two seasons I have really struggled at SP and this year I wanted to change that but just couldnt pull the trigger on anyone and always saw better value elsewhere..... this pick is at least an effort to be better at getting some arms.

6.10 Trevor Story, SS, Col
Aliright apparently half the league hacked my computer and took my cheat sheet. I loaded up 3 guys with 4 spots to go and boom...Nola gone Segura gone, Pollock gone.... OK lets see who is available.........Story has a chance to be a bounce back player, feel like im buying low here. everyone was so disappointed in last year they forget he is a power hitting SS that plays in Col. 82 RBIs with some SB in a down year.... OK. Has a chance for some real growth without betting the farm on him. I needed the RBIs and getting them from SS is a plus. I can make up the OBP as previously discussed so this pick made sense for my team.
      ID: 304422310
      Thu, Mar 15, 2018, 19:22
In seven drafts, running one this year. So, haven't had time til now to post.

Draft Position - I like the middle to avoid reaching too much. #10 was closest to the middle.

1.10 Charlie Blackmon, OF, COL
To me was no brainer best available, besides I live in Colorado.
2.07 Francisco Lindor, SS, CLE
MI goes fast in RIBC leagues. I am Indians season ticket holder, and own a Lindor jersey.
3.10 Justin Upton
0.900 OPS last year, just hoping for a repeat.
4.07 Daniel Murphy, 2B, WAS
Had great season last year (0.927 OPS), a tad worried about spring injury. MI player this good in 4th round, why not.
5.10 Dallas Keuchel, SP, TEX
Been ignoring pitching, I like him best at this time.
6.07 Jean Segura, SS, SEA
This gonna be his breakout season? If not, SS with 0.776 OPS and 20+ SBs is not bad for a 6th. All my MI is filled now.
7.10 Wade Davis, RP, COL
Didn't want to miss out on the Closer run. It's time now.
8.07 Sean Doolittle, RP, WAS
See 7.10
9.10 Justin Bour, 1B, MIA
.900 OPS, 83 RBIs in just 108 games.....hope he starts 162 this year.

Just made my 11.10, so this is where I stop.
      ID: 4211201420
      Thu, Mar 15, 2018, 21:47
7.15 Javier Baez, 2B, CHC
Power and speed from a middle infielder, a good combination.

8.02 Ian Desmond, 1B, COL
Was looking for a 1B with some speed, but gave up too much in other categories. My worst pick so far.

9.15 J.T. Realmuto, C, MIA
I wanted a catcher who would give me 500 or more at bats and would help more than hurt hitting categories. Realmuto should fit these needs.

      ID: 142171220
      Thu, Mar 15, 2018, 22:24
7.07 Cody Allen, RP, Cle
Closers are going quick. Better get on board or miss the train entirely. Allen is an elite closer complicated only by Andrew Miller being there. Proven last year that they prefer Miller in a fireman type role and Allen as late inning "closer". Allen should still have plenty of save chances. I will have to be mindful to try and get more saves later but I can already tell saves will be an issue for me this year. Just trying to be middle of the road with that category.

8.10 Shohei Ohtani, SP, Ana
Ok I will take him. Seems to be kinda discounted here based on other drafts. Now yahoo lists him as two separate players which is just stupid. If he plays 10 games at DH he should qualify at DH and just not be able to start him in two positions at once like every other player with multiple position eligibility. But I digress. He has potential to come in and be a contributing SP for me immediately. Lots of upside here as we dont know what he will do. Comes with risk too but its round 8 everyone has risk. I will take the high reward opportunity.
17Uptown Bombers
      ID: 38261518
      Fri, Mar 16, 2018, 07:12
6.12 Corey Knebel, RP, MIL
My relationship with closers in this format is usually more hate than love. But this year, I came into the draft with a plan to draft a top closer, hopefully in round 6. So when Knebel was there at this pick, I stuck to it. Heís usually ranked as closer #5 or 6 depending on which site you use. It was between him, Giles and Diaz. I took Knebel and was hoping one of the other 2 would be available in round 7.

7.05 Ozzie Albies, 2B, ATL
Neither Giles or Diaz survived. I look at the rest of the closers and consider Iglesias. I should probably go ahead and pull that trigger butÖ.
Having missed out on the elite MI and still needing SB, Albies presents an intriguing option. He will likely offer good value even with less than average ratios. There is some hype (probably too much to make it likely) that he can exceed projections and be more of a .340/.440 player. That would be awesome. At the rate that SB are being drafted in this league, Iím not convinced he will make it back to me in round 8. I talked myself into the idea that Albies was the top MI on the board and that with one closer already on board, the MI took precedence.

8.12 Luis Castillo, SP, CIN
I hate this pick and that has nothing to do with Castillo or his potential. I really wanted Iglesias to survive 3 more picks. At the time of the pick, I was at an AHL hockey game with coworkers, far removed from my spreadsheets. I didnít want to take the time to research more diligently on my phone at the game. Castillo is less than a safe pick and I just took a hyped young player last round. I would be better served to play it safe. In hindsight, I wish I had taken Adam Eaton. Of course, if Castillo emerges as a true ace, then all his hand wringing will have been a waste of energy.

9.05 Alex Colome, RP, TB
Back home from the hockey game, I decide to stick to my original pre-draft plan and take a 2nd closer. Colome sorts to top of my list and even though the homer in me wants to take Familia, Iím a bit concerned that Familia is on the verge of blowing up. Iíd love to be wrong, but Colome feels safer.
      ID: 491532215
      Fri, Mar 16, 2018, 12:30
10.11 Sonny Gray, SP, NYY
I was excited by this pick. I expect Gray to have 15 wins, 175k's with good era and whip. I was hoping for Acuna, but getting my 3SP was not a bad move.

11.06 Lance McCullers, SP, HOU
My 4SP and he should put up similar numbers to Gray, but with fewer K's. Hindsight-I ignored the closer run in the 9th and 10th (9 Rp were taken) and thought I could get in on the tail end in the 11th, but I was wrong.
      ID: 2911322610
      Fri, Mar 16, 2018, 16:22
James Paxton SP, Sea
Edwin Diaz RP SEA

Nice supplement to Strasburg on my pitching staff. Paxton projects to a 3.32 era and a 1.19 whip all the while pushing 180K's. Diaz should see 30+ Save opps, keep a good era/whip and add more than a k/9. He's projected on rotochamp for 85 k's in 66 IP. After 7 rounds I have 3 pitchers, 2 of them top notch SP and a higher end closer. Good foundation for my pitching.

Kyle Hendricks, SP Chi
Mike Moustakas 3rd KC

Hendricks projects out to slightly less K/9 and slightly worse ratios than Paxton but as a 3rd starter, his projections look pretty good to me. Mid 3 ERA 1.2something whip and 160 or so K's.
Moustakas on the other hand is an .800+ ops 150 rbi/run guy in the 9th round. They are getting more scarce. Its the 129th overall pick and his adp is between 97 and 104 depending on the site you use. That's 2 full rounds later than he 'should' have gone.
      ID: 4211201420
      Sat, Mar 17, 2018, 08:23
10.02 Ryan Mcmahon,1B, COL
The rookie has had a good spring and is predicted to start at 1B over Ian Desmond. Picked Mcmahon to cover the error in picking Desmond.

11.15 David Robertson, RP, NYY
K's, ERA and WHIP+a few S's.
Still need another closer.

21Uptown Bombers
      ID: 38261518
      Sat, Mar 17, 2018, 11:36
10.12 Delino Deshields, OF, TEX

I was originally hoping for Michael Conforto or Greg Bird with this pick but neither of them made it back to me. I still need a SS and 3B but I donít think the options at those positions are worth this pick so Iíll continue to play the waiting game on those. Another SP would also be a good option, but I went into the draft with a plan to have 7 hitters through the first 11 rounds and that means a hitter here and next round otherwise I risk losing too much ground in the hitting categories. When looking over the available hitters, Brandon Belt sorts to the top and fits the mold as a replacement for Conforto/Bird. There are still a few available players in that mold so I decide to pass now and wait for that pick in round 11. That narrows my pick down to steals potential and Deshields becomes the obvious pick. The projections have him around 30. Thereís a chance he exceeds that but I wonít be greedy.

11.05 Brandon Belt, 1B/OF, SFO

Belt is still available and he is the highest rated hitter according to my spreadsheet rankings. In fact, those projections have him rated as the 50th best hitter overall and I am taking him at pick 165. Thatís a significant discount and value, presumably because of the concerns over Beltís health and concussion issues. But he is playing this spring and there are no signs of lingering effects. Belt will boost my teamís ratios, which is hard to find at this stage in the draft and will help balance the weaker ratio picks sure to follow as I fill in the holes of my lineup. Sure, there is a chance that he gets another concussion at some point and has to sit out, but at this stage in the draft, I think that risk is offset by Beltís production when healthy.
      ID: 142171220
      Sat, Mar 17, 2018, 13:53
9.07 Matt Olsen, 1B, Oak
power hitting bat. crazy second half last year but unsustainable. Would love to have an OPS around .800 with 75+ runs rbis. if he does more great. I still need a 3B and considered Seager but liked the upside here.

10.10 Jose Berrios, SP, Min
This pick was hard for me. I wanted a SP but also wanted Andrew Miller to go with Cody Allen. I knew he wouldnt make it back to me but I couldnt pass up Berrios. Greinke may be hurt and Ohtonai is a big question mark so i still need good SPs. Decided Miller was a luxury and Berrios was a necessity. This kid could be special. highly touted prospect came in and was horrible but rebounded great last year. Looking to build on that and be a SP2 for me.
23Uptown Bombers
      ID: 38261518
      Sat, Mar 17, 2018, 14:47
12.12 Dexter Fowler, OF, STL

Iím probably getting a little greedy with this pick but I still donít love the options at the positions that I need at this stage of the draft. Iím already assuming that Iíll end up with weaker players there so I decide to take a player here who, just like Belt last round, will help make up some of that ground. Iím looking at some 3B options I will target later and they will offer poor OBP with helpful SLG, so taking Fowler here is meant to pair with one of those options. Fowler projects to help with runs and SB as well, also the weaknesses of those 3B options. Much like Belt, Fowler projects as one of the best hitters available. According to my projections, he is rated as the 81st best overall hitter (those projections ignore position) and I am taking him at pick 188. It is not as great a value as Belt was last round, but still a significant discount. Perhaps Iíll regret not picking Stroman, who was my only other consideration.

13.05 Blake Snell, SP, TB

Iím not feeling especially great about the pitcher options at this point in the draft. I think it is because in most RIBC leagues, I donít draft closers as early as I did this year. That usually translates to me using my ďpitcher roundsĒ to take starters and trying to get a jump on the rest of the league. Looking over the available SP, most of what I see looks more like what I would be targeting as SP 4 and 5 rather than SP 3. Iíll have to adjust to that moving forward. Of the available pitchers, I am most intrigued by Snell. He had a solid second half last year and just might be ready to take the next step into top 25 potential. He should be a solid source of Kís and there is great upside with this pick.
      ID: 221442714
      Sun, Mar 18, 2018, 12:00
Short takes on picks to date: (Rounds 1-4)

1.13 Max Scherzer, SP, WAS
Seemed like a no brainer to me has been one of the most reliable pitchers the last few years now and I like to take top flight pitching early.

2.04 Manny Machado, 3B/SS, BAL
Had a bit of a down year last year but word is that heíll be the full time shortstop this year which makes him a super premium player at the position. Plus he rarely misses games which will play well in this style. If he can hover around .800 ops (being very conservative) with good counting stats he will be a great value at a scarce position.

3.13 Justin Verlander, SP, HOU
Expecting another big year out of him. Moving to Houston seemed to revitalize him last year as he put up video game type numbers after the move there. Even being more conservative with estimates I would project a high win total with playable ratios and 200+ Ks.

4.04 Billy Hamilton, OF, CIN
Wanted to lock up SBs. Now I wonít have to worry about them as much and can focus on power with my next few picks. Heís about as one dimensional as you can get but brings the coveted HTF stat of SBs in ♠️.
      ID: 142171220
      Sun, Mar 18, 2018, 13:35
11.07 Eugenio Suarez, 3B, Cin
Was glad to get this guy. 3B was becoming a hole for me and he should plug this nicely. I had him last year and was a pleasant surprise. He walks gives you .350+ OBP with 75+ RBI Runs. nice value here in the 11th round. Never looked anywhere else for this pick.

12.10 Eric Thames, OF/1B, Mil
This was an autopick that im not sure im happy with. I had Rich Hill and Gardner above him and figured I would get one of them but they went just before me. Thames gives me some flexibility and has a lot of power but not sure about playing time and will have to sit him against lefties. I still need RP as well but Rodney was the only one i looked at and just seemed like he wasnt worth it here. I will just have to pick up saves during the season as jobs change.
      ID: 2911322610
      Mon, Mar 19, 2018, 11:15
10.16/11.01 Ian Kinsler 2nd LAA
Chris Davis 1st Bal

Mixed emotions on this round of picks. I kind of felt forced into picking 1st base now as since my prior pick we had 6 other 1st basemen picked. 3 of which I had queued for this round which of course emptied my queue. I think the days of even a .250 BA are over, but he's got ridiculous power, will draw walks and maintain a decent obp. I think he's actually a bit more valuable in this league due to obp. Still, I don't know have a lot of confidence he has another full season left in the tank. On the other hand we have Ian Kinsler. He's got the strongest line up around he's had in a long time. He can still draw walks, has a bit of pop and double digit steals potential. I like his value here and I like his chances to exceed his projections.
      ID: 4211201420
      Mon, Mar 19, 2018, 12:19
12.02 Matt Harvey, SP, NYM
The Dark Knight is back, at least he appeared to be in his last spring training appearance. Not much in SPs still available, so I thought that he was worth the gamble.

13.15 Ahmed Rosario, SS, NYM
Some power and speed from a middle infielder. May reach his touted potential this season according to the NY media.

14.02 Cesar Hernandez, 2B, PHI
Speed and OBA.

15.15 Dylan Bundy, SP, BAL
At one time the top pitching prospects, and looked liked he might be returning to a quality level in 2017. Another gamble.
      ID: 502151614
      Mon, Mar 19, 2018, 14:00
6.14 Ken Giles, RP, HOU
I have a feeling that a closer run is going to happen soon. So I figured I would get ahead of the game and get me two stud closers in a row. Iíve never done this before so weíll see how it goes. This is kind of a homer pick for me as I saw Giles come up through the Philly system and became an instant fan. Giles closes for the World Series champs, his stuff is almost as electric as Chapman with similar ratios, and a save total of about 35. He has worked on conditioning over the offseason so he can last through October, so that could make him even better during the regular season.
So while others are drafting closers, I can look elsewhere without much worry.
7.03 Jake Lamb, 3B, ARI
I figured Lamb would be more likely to last through this turn than Giles. Humidor or no, the lineup is supposedly better, he will have another year under his belt, and he was the best 3B on the board for me; just slightly better than Travis Shaw. Numbers close to last year will be fantastic for a 7th rounder.
8.14 Ryan Braun, OF, MIL
I need runs and RBI. As each round goes by and I see that his name is still on the board, I wonder what the issue is with this guy. For me and my numbers, he projects as the #35 hitter. Maybe those projections were pre-Yelich and Cain acquisitions. But with the contract he has, MIL is going to need to find a way to keep his bat in the lineup. He looks and acts healthy and is even working out at First Base now, so Iíll get position flexibility. When healthy he is still probably the best bat in their lineup. So to get him at pick no. 131 seems like real value to me. Hoping for 70 R and 70 RBI, but that could increase with the added bats in that lineup and better health.
I donít feel so bad now, because he was pick #112 in the RIBC, so I think I have value here.
9.03 Josh Bell, IB PIT
Need more runs and RBI. Bell had a pretty good rookie season, and with McCutchen now gone he could be in line for more RBI chances. For a 9th round pick, if I can get 80 runs and 90 RBI I would be happy.
10.14 Andrew Miller, RP, CLE
I am looking at the list of available SPís and NOTHING excites me at all. I worry about my ERA and see Miller on the board and, viola! I now have three relief pitchers who will give me close to 100 Kís apiece, with great ERAís and WHIPís. I now feel like I have some flexibility to search for some risk/reward pitchers without hurting my ratios too much. And I am solid in saves. Miller is capable of closing and will surely pick up some saves when Allen canít go, but with a WHIP under 1.00, and a K/9 over 13, he will be an asset.
      ID: 502151614
      Mon, Mar 19, 2018, 14:39
11.03 Jason Kipnis, 2B, CLE
Here is another value pick, in my opinion. I donít think anyone projects him to be anything near his 2015-16 numbers. If you believe Kipnis, it was a hamstring injury that plagued him last year, and he is over that. He had an oblique injury in 2014 and he bounced back great the next two years. Heís only 30. If I get something between the 2016-2017 Kipnis I wonít be disappointed with an 11th round pick. If I get the 2015 or 2016 Kipnis, I have a real steal in the 11th round.
12.14 Marcus Stroman, SP, TOR
According to the team and Stroman, the shoulder issue is behind him. I usually donít wait this long to get my second starter, but the way the draft has fallen, getting those relief pitchers when I did just seemed to make sense at those times. Looking for 10-15 wins with a pretty good team, with an ERA between 3.5 & 4. The WHIP will be an issue, but thatís why I have my relievers to offset, right?
13.03 Odubel Herrera
Pure homer pick. But he is the best OF on the board currently. He hits 2nd in a much better Philly lineup. With Hoskins and Santana hitting behind him, runs should come a little easier. Iím hoping for 70-80 runs, and for the 13th round thatís pretty good, imo.
14.14 Yonder Alonso, 1B, CLE
Interesting pick here. I find that I need to shore up my SLG a little. I am full of CIís, but need an MI and OF still. But none of the OFís on the board had the ratios that Alonso has. Looking for an OPS north of .800 with 70 or so R and RBI. His power numbers are nice after drafting Kipnis and Odubel.
15.03 Drew Pomeranz, SP, BOS
I didnít do any research before making this pick. This could be a dud. Forearm flexor strains are never good. So whatís more likely Ė 12-15 wins and 160-170 Kís, or a big fat zero? I guess time will tellÖ
30Uptown Bombers
      ID: 38261518
      Mon, Mar 19, 2018, 20:02
14.12 Addison Russell, SS, CHC

My game of SS chicken is over. I have no idea if the teams picking after me and before my 15th round pick are even considering SS or Russell but I just donít like the idea of chancing it. There are a few other SS eligible players I can accept so I could be patient and wait to see how it shakes out, but I donít think they offer the same upside of Russell. Of course, I drafted Russell last year in round 7 based on that same upside and that is part of the reason why I came in second to last. But I like to give players a chance to pay me back and by taking him in the 14th round, that means he can only disappoint me half as much. Come on kid, put it together!

15.05 Maikel Franco, 3B, PHI

My original plan after round 14 was to pick a SP here but watching Todd Frazier come off the board forced my hand. Iíve had Frazier, Franco and Matt Chapman on a short list of 3B targets since back in round 11. They all have their shortcomings and I didnít have a particular favorite among them. With Frazier gone, my choices have not only been reduced, but my projections have Franco not only as the highest rated 3B left, but also the best CI available, as well as a top 5 available batter. The risk is too great that the other teams needing 3B or CI snatch both Franco and Matt Chapman before I pick again, so I go ahead and pull the trigger. We all know the deal with Franco; if he had demonstrated any progression in his skills, he wouldnít be available here. But the talent is present and a recent adjustment in batting stance might just be the thing that helps him turn the corner. Heís still so young, so this could also just be the year he starts to put it together, new batting stance or not. Iím certainly hoping so.

16.12 Chad Green, RP, NYY

Looking over the available SP reminds me of how I felt in round 13: blah. Donít get me wrong, there are useful options, but all I see are inflated ratios. I have a list of 4 SP that would help me and part of my thinking says to double down on them in this round and next. I also think about taking my 11th batter, the options including Kepler who was taken immediately after my pick, and others. But plugging numbers into my projections convinces me that I can wait on a batter and that the biggest boost I can give my team is solid pitching stats. And in the end, I decide that Chad Green does that best. If I can pair Green with one of those 4 SP, I will have done well in both counting stats and ratios. I chose Green over others that are closers in waiting or parts of closer committees because I trust Green more and this isnít a save speculation pick. Heck, thereís even a chance that Green gets to start a few games this year, which would be interesting.

      ID: 142171220
      Mon, Mar 19, 2018, 21:23
13.07 Bradley Zimmer, OF, Cle
Still needed couple of OFs and was in desperate need of speed. Zimmer fills both. potent lineup speedy guy could give me 30+SBs and hopefully not kill my ratios. Was happy to take him here.

14.10 Garrett Richards, SP, Aan
This pick could be great or could be total bust. If he stays healthy he is a front line SP. But he doesnt ever stay healthy so lets see how many innings i can get out of him. hopefully will stick on my staff all year long. The set up RP are going now so will have to keep an eye on that too.
      ID: 491532215
      Tue, Mar 20, 2018, 12:16
Fernando Rodney, RP MIN
Needed to get a closer bad. Bottom tier I know. I hope he produces more than projections. I hope for 19 saves. I would have liked to have Gardner Hill or Margot fall to me here and I overlooked Stroman. Great pick by Philspan.

13.06 Brad Ziegler, RP MIA
Another bottom feeder closer that has potential to get over 20 saves. I was hoping Greene would fall to me here and I was disappointed the Zimmer went right after my pick. I have two bottom tier closers and I am going to struggle with saves.

14.11 Michael Taylor, OF, WAS
I desperately needed an OF. Taylor has some risks, but should produce good SB and hopefully HR. Could be a 20/20 guy and a steal this late in the draft or he could be a bust. I think the Nats are going to score some runs. Hicks and Wacha were on my list here.

15.06 Tim Anderson, SS, CWS
Backup SS that I am a huge fan of. I probably could have waited, but he had been on the top of my list for quite some time. Could be 75runs, 15HR, 60RBI, 20SB? I hope I drafted upside here.

16.11 Wellington Castillo, C, CWS
I thought I better grab a C and Beef Wellington is my man, but nothing exciting here. Maybe he can get me 15 HR.

      ID: 2911322610
      Tue, Mar 20, 2018, 13:04
12.16 Shane Greene RP Det
13.01 Aaron Sanchez, SP Tor

My second closer its kind of up in the air. If you look at espn projections this is a really good pick. If you look at rotochamp projections he's barely worth taking in the 24th round. I prefer to go somewhere in the middle of those projections. mid 3 era, 1.25 or whip, 65-70ks in around 65 IP. 25 saves or so. I'll take that from a closer in the 12th round. Wont kill ratios, adds a good k/9ratio and stack up saves.

As for Sanchez, this pick is also a tale of 2 projections. Blister free Aaron Sanchez really could be putting up 5th to 6 th round numbers. The ability is there. Just a complete lack of trust in him to stay healthy. Still out of the next 5-6 SP that went I don't see much difference. I don't think any of them have the potential Sanchez has but they have better floors than his. So I went with the high risk high reward effort here.
      ID: 4211201420
      Tue, Mar 20, 2018, 16:38
16.02 Jedd Gyorko, 3B, STL
I still needed a 3B/CI, and Gyorko was available. Will help in power categories.

17.05 Jose Pirela, OF, SD
Having a good spring, and has won the starting job. As good as anyone left for a starting outfielder.

18.02 Mark Chapman , 3B, OAK
Same reasoning as with 16.02
      ID: 142171220
      Tue, Mar 20, 2018, 20:08

15.07 Michael Brantley, OF, Cle
This is all about health risk. expected to be back around opening day and if healthy should give me .350OBP along with double digit HR's and SB's in a good lineup with plenty of R/RBI available. realistically would like to get 400abs from him this year but at this point the upside is worth the risk

16.10 Asdrubal Cabrera, SS, NYM
needed a MI and Carbrera was available. Helps in a little bit of everything except SB. only 32 and seems to be hitting better last couple of years. Liked him a tick better the Simmons, who went just before me, due to his multiple position eligibility which is always a plus in a deep and short bench league.

17.07 Alex Claudio, RP, Tex
Still needed RP and this is a saves upside pick. Has as good a chance as any to close in texas and is their most reliable RP. not flashy in fact he is borderline boring but effective last year. if he closes reg this is a great pick up if he reverts back to mediocre he is on the waiver wire.

18.10 Kevin Gausman, SP, Bal
Autopick that i would prob not have taken if i was live. Has been at the top of my list for a while but not exciting and not sure he is worth it. Would have prob taken a high leverage RP with good ratios and K's here like Hader instead to help balance my poor ratios of my back of rotation starters, or another bat that was queued up....oh well. If the second half last year is an indication then this pick has promise for sure.
36Uptown Bombers
      ID: 38261518
      Tue, Mar 20, 2018, 22:11
17.05 Danny Duffy, SP, KC

Duffy has been sitting near the top of my available pitchers since round 15. Strange, round 15 would have been a two round discount compared to the other 3 RIBC leagues. Has he fallen through the cracks? He had a down year last year which I know all about since I took him in round 8. But in his down year, he still posted an ERA under 4 and a WHIP of 1.26 with reasonable Kís and 9 wins. Here in round 17, this feels like a no brainer, even if I was seriously tempted to draft Matt Chapman, who Iíve also been looking at since round 15. I get that the Royals stink so his wins will be low, but this is a minimal investment for a pitcher who might rebound to his 2016 numbers now that he is healthy. It will be funny to read this back halfway through the season when Duffy flames out. Other SP considered: J. Gray, Happ, and Porcello.

18.12 David Peralta, OF, ARI

Was hoping that Chapman made it back to me, as my teams needs RBI and it would give me a backup for Franco. There are a few OF that I like, including Bradley who was picked just before me, but Iím optimistic about Peralta in round 18. The articles I read noted he might hit leadoff, so maybe he will be more of a R boost than RBI, but his OBP is strong and his counting stats are respectable for a player at this stage.
      ID: 221442714
      Tue, Mar 20, 2018, 23:49
(Rounds 5-8)

5.13 Miguel Cabrera, 1B, DET
Hoping for a rebound from him after a career worst year.

6.04 Domingo Santana, OF, MIL
Gives a good up and down the board production and hitting in a good lineup. Plus wanted to add another OF and he was at the top of queue.

7.13 Travis Shaw, 3B, MIL
Not in love with the pick because he probably overpeformed a bit last year. I really like the Milwaukee lineup though and 3B is starting to thin out.

8.04 Justin Smoak, 1B, TOR
Itís looking like Smoak finally turned the corner last year and much more patient at the plate. I was also looking at shoring up more power from my corner slot and I like the fact that he doesnít miss all that many games (158 GP last year!).
      ID: 491532215
      Wed, Mar 21, 2018, 15:16
17.06 Lance Lynn, SP, MIN
I thought I could wait on getting Peraza and grabbed a 4th SP, big mistake. Hopefully he gets 12 wins, 175 k's, but era and whip are not great.

18.11 Jackie Bradley Jr. OF, BOS
I needed a 4th OF and I was choosing between Bradley and Peralta. I hope I made the right choice. 72/22/85/257/10 He has some upside.

19.06 Kendrys Morales 1B, TOR
I looked at Ryon Healy and Calhoun. I thought Morales had more upside if he can stay healthy. 70/25/80/255/0 If I can get those type of numbers at pick 294 almost 300, what a steal. I am not convinced he can stay healthy.

20.11 Julio Teheran SP, ATL
How long have we been waiting on this guy to produce and be a true number 1 or 3. 12/4.12/1.33/170 He will be given the chance, but just not sure he will produce but 170 k's with pick 315. Worth the risk.

21.06 David Dahl, OF, COL
I love the pick, just not sure if he is going to get the AB's. I was big on Dahl last year and I still have hope. If he gets hot he will get Ab's. he could put up 50/20/70/265/8 or lucky enough to put up half those numbers. Pick 326 has some major risks.

39Uptown Bombers
      ID: 38261518
      Wed, Mar 21, 2018, 23:17
19.05 Brandon Crawford, SS, SFO

I should probably take a pitcher but Iím still feeling blah when I look over my list. Turns out Iím not alone, as only a handful of SP get taken between this pick and round 20. At some point, Iím going to bite the bullet, but not now. Instead, I get back to RBI help and backing up Addison Russell, who I donít completely trust. Crawford is my first bench player, but I expect to use him a fair amount (presuming he doesnít flame out altogether). I donít think he is as bad as last yearís stats. But I do think he is capable of being a starting MI in our format, so as my 4th MI and as someone with a track record of RBI production, I think he fits my teams needs quite well.

20.12 A.J. Minter, RP, ATL

So what do you do when you canít decide which SP to take because they seem mediocre but need pitching stats? You find a RP projected for excellent ratios and 11+Kís per 9. On top of that, he should stand second in line to close behind a somewhat shaky Vizcaino. In fact, given that Team RJ has Vizcaino and drafted a RP in round 19, Iím pleasantly surprised he didnít take Minter instead of Edwards for the handcuff, but I like Edwards too and he has a track record, whereas Minter has barely pitched in the majors. Minter has had an excellent spring, so I think he will be just fine and if Vizcaino falters, Iíll have a great chance at another closer. Round 20 feels like a good time to gamble on those things, so here goes.

21.05 Sean Manaea, SP, OAK

Before round 20, I had a difficult time picking between Manaea, Montgomery, and Chatwood. Choosing Minter made me feel more comfortable since he should help improve my pitching ratios. Montgomery gets picked and I immediately decide he was my number one choice, so I ball my hand into a fist and scream ďKhahan!!!Ē That leaves Manaea and Chatwood. Chatwood has looked good this spring and should get more wins because Cubs >>> Aís. But Chatwoodís walk rate scares me off, and I like Manaeaís chance at a bounce back season, so choose him.
      ID: 367431722
      Thu, Mar 22, 2018, 00:10
14.16 Todd Frazier 3rd NYM
15.01 Aaron Altherr OF Phi

Boy did I ever ignore the corners. First Chris Davis and now Todd Frazier. Can we go back to 2015? This is a real hit to my obp but the slg should be ok and Frazier is a smart base runner. Could net a few steals.
Aaron Altherr on the other hand - I predict the Phillies to be a dark horse wild card candidate this year. Altherr can put up decent obp, solid slg, steal a few, score some runs. But they've also got a crowded OF so he could be pushed for playing time. Still, I'm very happy with him in the 15th.

16.16 Mike Zunino C Sea
17.01 Corey Dickerson

Quick, in 2017 which 2 catchers had 350+ AB and a .500+ slg? Easy one is Gary Sanchez but Mike Zunino was the other. His .331 obp is nothing special but he goes right along with my other 'power or nothing' picks I've made recently.

Corey Dickerson on the other hand had a .490 slg and did great in..did ok...little below league average in obp. Guess he fits the mold of my team pretty well. Decent line up, should have good run/rbi opportunities.
      ID: 4211201420
      Thu, Mar 22, 2018, 13:03
19.15 Brad Boxberger, RP, ARI
MR to help with ratios and Ks.

20.02 J.A. Happ, SPUH, TOR
Needed another SP, and Happ was as good as anyone left.
      ID: 491532215
      Fri, Mar 23, 2018, 11:48
22.11 Juan Nicasio, RP, SEA
MR that I am just a fan of. I think he will do better than projected. Hopefully over 70 k's. I don't love the pick, but went with it.

23.06 Yangervis Solarte, 2B, 3B, SS, TOR
A nice utility player this late in the draft that should still get plenty of AB"s and possibly 65/19/70/.258/3
43Uptown Bombers
      ID: 38261518
      Fri, Mar 23, 2018, 19:25
22.12 Jorge Soler, OF, KC

I know he has likely disappointed all of us over the last few years, having never lived up to the hype. But he is still only 26 and should be set for full playing time in KC. Heís had a good spring and in round 22, itís a low risk, high reward pick.

23.05 Yasmani Grandal, C, LAD

The catcher position was especially uninspiring this year. Coming into the draft I knew I would not target the top tier unless they slipped too far down. The rest of the catchers all looked mostly the same, so waiting it out became my approach. This late in the draft I can cut bait if I need too. The most recent headlines say Grandal will get the majority of time behind the plate. If that is true, Grandal can give me the same production as last year, which would more than acceptable in round 23 from the C position.

24.12 Hyun-jin Ryu, SP, LAD

A dart throw at SP#6. He is set to start year in rotation and has had success in the past. Iím willing to see how he starts off the season and if he stinks, I just move on.

25.05 Colin Moran, 3B, PIT

Gives me a back up at every position but C. He is expected to start and at least is a young player with potential.
44 fear the monkey
      ID: 241301817
      Sat, Mar 24, 2018, 22:30

4th ranked player at all sites


I'M happy to get another bomber. Woulda passed if he was only DH eligible


My 1st pitcher. Only 4 pitchers I rated higher and all were gone


MI that drives in 100 runs


Filling the roster hopefully with players who'll get lots of AB'S


Another pick who I'm hoping duplicates last season


Expecting him to play OF this year plus all the pundits expect a breakout. He drove in 100 last year and I didn't even notice


New home and i'm just hoping he's not a bust


Young phenom with plenty of upside


Chasing relief. Notice a run is beginning


SEE 10.13


Outfielder with good power


Solid 4th starter


Just trying to fill spots. He'll mostly DH but I needed backup at 1B


Even if he doesn't close he offers great WHIP and K/9


Need OF and he'll start in a high octane offense


Projects as a starter and I need a MI


A rookie with plenty of pop.Worth a shot


Great utility guy. Projects to start at short


Plays in HR heaven + my 1st catcher


Each night you hope one of your catchers play


Another top prospect who may contribute


Relieved in HOUS but starts in PITT. My 5th SP


Elite prospect


Contributes to K's, ERA, and WHIP

      ID: 491532215
      Mon, Mar 26, 2018, 15:57
24.11 Alex Reyes, SP STL
Risky upside player that I don't expect much from until the middle of June, I just hope they place him on the IR.

25.06 Juan Minaya, RP, CWS
another MR with save potential that should post good, k's, era and whip.
      ID: 112362718
      Tue, Mar 27, 2018, 19:38
Rounds 9-12

9.13 Gregory Polanco, OF, PIT
High upside player, hoping for a bounce back year.

10.04 Arodys Vizquaino, RP, ATL
With the closer pool thinning, I took who I viewed as the best available at the time.

11.13 Brad Brach, RP, BAL
May have been a bit of a reach, time will tell was looking for another source of saves.

12.04 Marwin Gonzalez, Everything but C, HOU
Really needed a 2B at this point and saw him as best available. I expect some regression but he's hitting in one of the best lineups in the majors so I think he'll be at least serviceable. He also plays all around the diamond so a good plug and play guy to make sure I'm using all of my GP.

      ID: 342593115
      Sat, Mar 31, 2018, 16:59
Rounds 13-16

13.13 Cole Hamels, SP, TEX
It had been awhile since I had taken an SP so I wanted to shore up a solid 3rd starter for my team.

14.04 Dellin Betances, RP, NYY
Seems to always be reliable for 90-100ks,
5-10 Svs, and solid ratios.

15.13 Lucas Giolito, SP, CWS
He really started to blossom last year on the White Sox after the All Star break. I didn't want him ending up on someone else's team and doubted he'd make it back to me... well maybe could have waited til round 16 but I wanted to get my guy.

16.04 Tim Beckham, 2B/SS, TB
He falls in the post post hype sleeper realm. I still had a hole at MI so felt like it was worth taking a shot. Showed some flashes last year as well, so maybe he'll take another step this year.
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