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0 Subject: Daily Blurb - September 27, 2010

Posted by: Guru
- [330592710] Mon, Sep 27, 2010, 11:17

Quote of the day
"We know [Sebastian Janikowski] can kick it from end zone to end zone, no problem. But you know, big games, pressure. You can't take that part out of the game. It's like a quarterback having a wide-open guy, but it might not be the perfect pass. It's the pressure of the game. That's a chip shot for him, but he pushed it. That's why we love the game." -- Arizona LB Joey Porter, after Janikoswki’s missed 32-yard FG at the end of the game allowed Arizona to survive with a one point win

Daily blurb
The endgame for the PGA Tour went almost unnoticed. Jim Furyk won the tournament and the FedEx Cup – which made for a nice story, after he was DQ’d for the first FexExCup event for oversleeping the Pro-Am. But with a Tigerless field, a week off in advance, several MLB pennant races, and a full slate of NFL game, it was kind of hard to pay attention.

The endgame for GuruGolf was just about as anticlimactic, as both champs took advantage of built-up cushions to glide across the finish lane. Congratulations to the two full season champs in GuruGolf:
Best ball champion: moe eagles
Worst ball champion: SANFORDORS2

For the FedEx Cup Contest, these were the GuruGolf contest winners:
Best ball: Liters4
Worst ball: BlueSky

Finally, the best results for the final weekend belonged to stymies (-44) and Knights 3 (+55)

GuruGolf now goes into mothballs for the next four months. Prize determinations for the season will be resolved and emails will be sent to all winners sometime in the next week. Thanks to everyone who participated.

In the NFL, the big story so far has to be Michael Vick. I note that he went undrafted in all of the RIFC drafts. And that’s a good demonstration as to why it’s never impossible to recover from a sub-par draft.

      ID: 138481617
      Mon, Sep 27, 2010, 21:10
Last Monday you mentioned how the Texan's icing the kicker worked our for the Texan's.
Yesterday the same tactic backfired on the the Saints.
Apparantly icing the kicker proves to work 50% of the time and backfire the other 50%.
I would think it would increase the likelyhood when you give the kicker a free warmup kick.
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