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0 Subject: Daily Blurb - March 14, 2011

Posted by: Guru
- [330592710] Mon, Mar 14, 2011, 13:06

Quote of the day
"Why does the NCAA love arguments in football, but get their panties in a bunch over criticism over the [basketball] selection process? Bizarre." -- ESPN analyst Jay Bilas

Daily blurb
Every year there is a hue and cry about bubble teams that got snubbed by the NCAA basketball selection committee, and unworthy teams that get in. Once the tournament starts, that’s all quickly forgotten. But some of the decisions this year are puzzling, and the rationales put forth by the committee chairman were generic and less than satisfying. As Jay Bilas tweeted, “Ten members with different criteria. Why? Can we not agree on the criteria? Not sure we do this correctly.”

Regardless, RotoGuru’s Market Madness Contest is open for “bidness.” The first four games do not count in the contest scoring, so the entry deadline is at the tipoff time of the first game on Thursday. The Big East basket has 11 teams this year. Not sure whether that makes it a good short or a good long. At a cost of $G95, it’s an expensive long, but gets you a lot of upside potential in one unit. That high price also makes it a tempting short – with a lot of potential downside if several of those teams go deep.

Congrats to JeffG-2, whose -53 for the Puerto Rico Open was the top GuruGolf best ball score by a couple of strokes. The top worst ball score was carded by swingers (+41).

      ID: 138481617
      Mon, Mar 14, 2011, 14:43
This "who got snubbed" and "who doesnt deserve to be there" has always annoyed me.
Lets face it, if your team is a bubble team you are not going to make it to the final four much less win a national championship.

The question I want asked and answered is did the committee select the top 32 teams?
If yes, then end of discussion.
If your team is one of the top 32 teams in the nation and you are not in the tournament then you have a right to complain....if not, then be better next season if you want to be on the other side of the bubble.
      ID: 36201422
      Mon, Mar 14, 2011, 23:00

I love this contest and still come back for it every year-- even as one of the top losers last year. :)

Just wanted to point out one thing:

In the rules under "Winnings and Charges and Bonuses... Oh My!" I came across this:

On to bonuses. If the tournament selection committee gets the seeding right, all four #1 seeds should get to the final four. (However, that's never happened in the tournament's history.)

Of course it did happen once now-- 2008. Just thought you'd want to correct that.

Thanks again for an amazing spin on a great tournament.
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