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0 Subject: RIFC 2008: Draft Rationales #1 (Rounds 1-6)

Posted by: Guru
- [330592710] Sat, Aug 16, 2008, 23:39

This thread will be for managers in the 2008 RotoGuru Invitational Football Challenge to provide the rationale for each pick.

Here are the ground rules:
1. Only managers in this league should post here. If you want to provide feedback (either from other league managers, or from those not in the league), put it in the discussion thread. (Non-conforming discussion in this thread will be deleted.)

2. Try to keep the pick rationales in the same order as the draft. We'll attempt to keep this thread 2 rounds behind the actual draft. With the lag, most comments should not have an impact on the draft in progress. However, if there are aspects of your pick that you feel need to be kept under wraps, feel free to protect that information. In particular, please avoid mentioning the names of any players who are still undrafted at that time of the post.

If possible, please post your (2 round lagged) comments at the time you make each pick. For example, you should post your comments for your round 1 pick when you make your round 3 selection. If you are not ready to post at that time, then create a "placeholder" so that the next person is able to go ahead in sequence. When your post is ready, simply post it in the draft discussion thread and a moderator can copy it over.

If your rationale is due and intervening placeholders have not been inserted, please insert them before posting your rationale.

3. Once the draft is over, each manager is also encouraged to provide a general draft recap, at which time you can discuss your overall strategy, mention any undisclosed factors, comment on what worked out well and what didn't, etc.

The general format should be:
1.01 Priest Holmes - RB, KC
Several sentences of rationale.

As part of your first round rationale, please comment on your selection of draft sequence.
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† † † ID: 330592710
† † † Tue, Aug 19, 2008, 14:53
3.06 Ronnie Brown, RB, MIA

3rd rd and I still have no RB. didn't really care for any that were still available, but Brown averaged almost 19 rifc pts a game before he went down last season. I'll take a shot at that. I came damn close to taking Torry Holt but you have to draft an RB at some point, I guess.
34Slackjawed Yokel
† † † ID: 330592710
† † † Tue, Aug 19, 2008, 14:53
3.07 Plaxico Burress, WR, NYG

I had already decided that with 2 solid RB's for my first two picks that I'd get a receiver here. Several of the guys I had listed during the planning of my previous pick were still available. It came down to Burress and Steve Smith. With Smith serving a suspension the first two weeks, I decided that's not what I wanted with my first receiver selction. It's unnerving to see that Burress is still having problem with his ankle. It sounds like he re-injured the ankle that famously kept him out of practice all last year. It didn't seem to phase him too much during games last season, and he says he's close to being healthy.
† † † ID: 330592710
† † † Tue, Aug 19, 2008, 14:53
3.08 Santonio Holmes, WR, Pit

I want to nab my first WR here. The short list includes Holt, Smith, Holmes, and Boldin. Published rankings seem to prefer either Holt or Smith, but I canít get wholly comfortable with either Ė and, of course, Smith will miss the first two games as well. Boldin had the best per-game average of the bunch last year, but durability is a concern there. Holmes had a similar average, and although he also missed three games, that doesnít seem to be a chronic issue for him yet. Iím going to go with the upside of youth.
† † † ID: 330592710
† † † Tue, Aug 19, 2008, 14:54
3.09 Torry Holt WR StL

After going for 2 running backs with my first two picks I had cringed every time another WR had come off the board. I felt I really had to start getting a WR corp together.
As I started looking over remaining players I saw Maroney was still available and almost took him in this spot.
But Holt's availability was too tempting. I may have had him ranked a bit higher than most people,but after a couple of down years (coaching changes,injuries to him and Bulger,and Jackson) this seemed like the year he could return to his earlier form and get back in the top 5 WRs.
† † † ID: 330592710
† † † Tue, Aug 19, 2008, 17:08
3.10 Willie Parker RB PIT
This time last year, Fast Willie was a consensus first rounder. How the mighty fall fast!

I drafted Fast Willie here because all the reports I have read state that he is STILL fast, despite sustaining a broken leg in week 16 last year. The Steelers taking Rashard Mendenhall in the first round of the NFL Entry Draft this year also does not scare me, as I watched a couple of the Steelers pre-season games and it seemed that Mendenhall was having trouble picking up blitzes.

Due to the foregoing, I believe Parker sees the field a fair bit and the presence of Mendenhall will keep him fresh, thereby leading to Parker bouncing back pretty strong this year.

† † † ID: 330592710
† † † Tue, Aug 19, 2008, 17:08
for fugazi
3.11 Thomas Jones RB NYJ
Most of the running backs I wanted were gone by this point. I drafted Jones because of his touches. Hopefully he will be more productive this season with a new line.
† † † ID: 330592710
† † † Tue, Aug 19, 2008, 17:08
3.12 Laurence Maroney RB NWE

I have to admit i wasn't sure what i was going to do here. i was thinking i needed to do the traditional thing, and grab an RB2, but i really didn't expect there to be much of anyone worth of a third round pick left.

lo and behold, some how, Maroney fell to me. i've seen his ADP pretty much be in the low to mid-20s, and here at pick 40, he stood standing, passed over in favor of guys like McFadden, Parker, and Thomas Jones. seeing that happen shocked me, but i'm happy for it.
† † † ID: 330592710
† † † Tue, Aug 19, 2008, 17:09
3.13 LenDale White RB TEN

When I had the chance to put my queue up for this pick there were still a few good starting RBís on the board to choose from. I picked White for a few reasons Ė he was consistently good when he started last year. He scores touchdowns at a good rate and should still get goal line carries. And running should be a cornerstone of the TEN offense, even if he has to share some carries.
† † † ID: 330592710
† † † Tue, Aug 19, 2008, 17:09
3.14 Rudi Johnson RB CIN
Wanted to get a RB/WR combo with these two picks. The guys at the top of my list left just a few picks before, leaving me wondering who to take. I took a gamble with Johnson. There is a good chance that this pick could be a bust. But he has shown that he can be a very productive back. I am hoping that I donít regret this pick.

4.01 Steve Smith WR CAR
This guy should have been off the board at this point, but missing the first two games dropped him. I wanted a WR here, and I am willing to take the risk at the beggining of the year to get a guy that produces like a 1st or 2nd rounder. Also, with so many picks before my next one, I figured someone would grab him.

† † † ID: 330592710
† † † Tue, Aug 19, 2008, 17:10
4.02 Anquan Boldin WR ARI

Boldin stood out to me here for some reason. He had an injury shortened season last year but still caught 9 touchdowns. Arizona will again have a pass-happy offense, and as long as he stays with the team he should put up #1 type numbers. I stole Moss in this round last year. Boldin might be a bit of a steal here this year if he plays a full season.
† † † ID: 330592710
† † † Tue, Aug 19, 2008, 17:10
4.03 Jason Witten TE DAL

I wanted a WR2 here, but a lot of them went off the board quicker than i expected, and i wasn't keen on anyone else left for that position.

so, when you can't find a WR2, an elite TE1 will do the trick.
† † † ID: 330592710
† † † Tue, Aug 19, 2008, 17:10
4.04 Edgerrin James RB ARI
I was quite surprised That Edge was still around this late. Hes a great running back. I know last season was a bit of a bust. But I fully expect him to do much ... much better this year.
† † † ID: 330592710
† † † Tue, Aug 19, 2008, 17:11
4.05 Marvin Harrison WR IND
Two seasons ago, Harrison was the top fantasy football receiver. I believe that Harrison offers exceptional value at his current ADP, which is right around where I select him. I am somewhat concerned about his knees and his age, but I have read that each day at Colts camp, he was involved in the highlight of the day.

I am beginning to be concerned, as three of my four picks so far can be described as high risk/high reward.

† † † ID: 330592710
† † † Tue, Aug 19, 2008, 17:12
4.06 Roy Williams WR Det.
With the wide recievers still being drafted at a pretty good clip I wanted at least one more in this spot. I almost flipped a coin between Williams and Calvin Johnson. I'm not thrilled with Kitna as QB but he has had a couple of good years and I think Detroit has improved a bit in the offseason so perhaps there will be enough passes to go around.
† † † ID: 330592710
† † † Tue, Aug 19, 2008, 17:13
4.07 Kellen Winslow, TE, Cle

I thought about getting my second RB here, but when Edgerrin James disappeared a few picks ago, I decided to wait for at least another round. I doubt if more than 2-3 RBs are taken before my fifth rounder, and I can live with that variability.

The top two receivers on my list were Winslow and Calvin Johnson. I opted to go with Winslow, taking a top tier TE instead of a 2nd or 3rd tier WR. Either would have been acceptable. But itís quite possible that Winslow could put up as many points as Johnson, and thatís hard to turn down from a TE.
48Slackjawed Yokel
† † † ID: 425869
† † † Tue, Aug 19, 2008, 17:45
4.08 Antonio Gates, TE, SD

Leading up to this pick, I debated going several different ways. In fact I had an informal queue that went TE, WR, QB, TE. Guru before me actually picked up the second of the tight ends in my short list. Before the position thinned out too much, I decided to get Gates who was the name on the top of my list. He represents another receiver for me (after Plaxico) who has some question marks at this time following off-season surgery on his toe. I'm hoping that this injury doesn't hold him back and that he returns to his dominant form. If so, this could be a solid pick - this is the same guy who was an early 3rd round selection in last year's RIFC.
† † † ID: 15621316
† † † Tue, Aug 19, 2008, 18:59
4.09 Calvin Johnson WR DET

Pretty happy with this pick. All kinds of upside here. Johnson is a monster. I'm just hoping he can avoid injury. He's got the talent to be the top WR in the league at some point.

another RB would have been cool, but argh, nothing but a junkpile left.
† † † Leader
† † † ID: 017103420
† † † Tue, Aug 19, 2008, 19:10
4.10 Jerricho Cotchery , WR, NYJ

Thought I'd better start with a WR at this point and Cotchery is more of a "gut" pick than anything else. He was pretty high on my list, but not at the top. What made me decide to select him was watching how he played with Favre this past weekend. They seem to be developing a chemestry together and especially on how Brett was throwing the ball to spots where he expected Jerrico to be (and he was).

If Cotchery turns out to be the #1 receiver of Favre, then he can play on my team anytime. He's about the same size as Jennings in GB and we all know how well that relationship worked out.
† † † ID: 23412218
† † † Tue, Aug 19, 2008, 19:22
4.11 Selvin Young, RB, DEN

Starting RB, and no direct competition for the job. He may come out on 3rd downs, and is a little undersized, so has questionable ability to stay healthyÖ but Denver has always been good at getting the most from there RBs.

Best Pick of Round 4: Edge (Hard to find solid RBs at this point)
Stretch of Round 4: Gonzalez (Don't think he merits this high a pick)

† † † ID: 23412218
† † † Tue, Aug 19, 2008, 19:27
4.12 Ben Roethlisberger, QB, PIT

Drafting at the top the round I knew I would have to ďstretchĒ for a player I wanted. I had Palmer, Reothlisberger, Anderson and Undrafted as the last of the 250 pt QBís. I felt that one of them would make it back to me but decided to "stretch" for the one at the top of the list. I like the young WRís that PIT has put around Roethlisberger and think that he should be able to throw for 30+ TDís again.
53da Bomb
† † † ID: 25751421
† † † Tue, Aug 19, 2008, 20:28
4.13 Tony Gonzalez, TE, KC

After getting 2 RB and 1 WR with my first 3 picks, I looked at QB, WR, and TE for this turn. None of the remaining QBs separated themselves to me so I'll take one later without feeling mine will be much less of a producer than if I were to take one now. One player that did separate himself was Gonzalez. He was about 7 points away from being the top TE last year as he put together another 1000+ yard campaign. After Gonzalez I saw a significant drop at TE so I decided to grab a top tier one while I could.
† † † ID: 25751421
† † † Tue, Aug 19, 2008, 20:36
4.14 Brandon Marshall, WR, DEN

The first of these two picks was easy. Brandon Marshall was the
only player I considered here. I've seen several rankings that
have him in the top 10-15 WR, and I think I got him as the 20th.
Yes, he's out the first 2-3 games with suspension, but he is that
much better than the other WR available here that I'll accept it. I
think he has a ton of upside, assuming he can keep his backside
off of McDonald's bags.

5.01 Patrick Willis, LB, SFO

This pick was hard. Obviously I had no clue what to do, so I
tried to trade down. I didn't like any of the other WR at this
point, I figured I could wait on a QB that would be equivalent to
a Carson Palmer, the top 4 TE were gone, and I didn't feel like
gambling on a rookie RB. So I went with what I thought was a
sure-thing in the IDP department. Last year Willis scored 179
pts in this format, which is probably 65-75 pts above
replacement value since we essentially start 5 LB/DB. That
sounds like value to me. I looked back to last year's RIFC and
Guru took Ryans in Rd 5, so I figured it wasn't all that early for
an IDP.

55da Bomb
† † † ID: 23412218
† † † Tue, Aug 19, 2008, 21:00
5.02 Lee Evans, WR, BUF
If Ocho Cinco's injury proves to be serious, Evans will need to step up for me and I feel he has that ability. Evans is the clear #1 in Buffalo and has big play ability. What hinders him is his shaky QB but I have read they have gelled more since last season and I'm seeing that lead to an improved year for Evans.
† † † ID: 23412218
† † † Tue, Aug 19, 2008, 21:01
5.03 Nate Burleson, WR, SEA

Last year Burleson was the 3rd highest WR in points; he only had two games under 8 pts and was a starting WR for most of the season. This year he is a starting WR and will still be handling PR/KR duties. I thought about Jennings here and really had hoped Marshall would make it back to me.
† † † Leader
† † † ID: 017103420
† † † Tue, Aug 19, 2008, 21:26
5.04 Greg Jennings, WR, GB

I felt there was about to be a WR run, so wanted to get in a quality starter while I still could. He won't have "undrafted" throwingÖ but he's got the speed to beat defenders for long gains.

Best Pick of Round 5: Burleson (Improved situation over last year... could be huge)
Stretch of Round 5: Willis (too early for IDP IMHO)

† † † Leader
† † † ID: 017103420
† † † Tue, Aug 19, 2008, 21:29
5.05 Chris Chambers, WR, SD

Chambers as a 2nd WR choice was easy as he is a huge target and will be easily integrated into the San Diego offense this year. He has great hands and runs great routes. With the problems the other 2 receivers (not to be mentioned) at SD, Chambers has received a lot of work with Philip Rogers this training camp and it shows. He made Pacman look silly in their first preseason game and I hope that carries on into the regular season.

Time will tell, but the SD offense needs to be balanced to be effective and Chambers can stretch the field to keep the safeties honest and give LT a chance to run. LT can also give Chambers a chance to make some big plays in the passing game too.
† † † ID: 425869
† † † Tue, Aug 19, 2008, 23:18
5.06 Jonathan Stewart RB CAR

Hmmm. 5th rd and I only had 1 RB. Stewart broke Oregon's single season rushing record. He might return kicks. He was Carolina's 1st rd pick (13th overall) this year. He might start. DeAngelo Williams is just OK. Stewart seems likely to get goal line carries.

I don't have extremely high hopes for Stewart. I wasn't enthused with the pick then and I'm not any happier with it now (epecially after the vultures scooped D. and R. Williams handcuffs out from under me). If he can get the playing time, then he could be a great bargain. Just one of several (dozen?) RB's I'll be rolling the dice on.

I was really really close to taking Roddy White. Was set to take Kevin Smith but his bye week already matched with 3 of my other players so I just couldn't do it.
60Slackjawed Yokel
† † † ID: 330592710
† † † Tue, Aug 19, 2008, 23:43
5.07 Roddy White WR ATL
With my previous pick I was really conflicted between getting Gates (who I did select) and Calvin Johnson. Johnson ended up getting taken with the next selection after mine. I had also debated even getting a quarterback with my previous pick. However, I couldn't make myself pull the trigger on either of the qb's I was contemplating this time around - although a bit more consistent than who I'll probably end up with later, they are not locks week-in week-out. So, I decided to get my second starting WR. Roddy White looked to be a good option here, and the more I found out about him the better I thought. Rotowire pointed out that he'll now be playing in a scheme designed around his abilities (or actually, Hines Ward as the Steelers former Offensive Coordinator is now in Atlanta), so he should thrive even with an unstable QB situation.
† † † ID: 330592710
† † † Tue, Aug 19, 2008, 23:44
5.08 Matt Forte, RB, Chi

My most successful RIFC season was the one in which I waited until the 5th round to take my 2nd RB Ė Larry Johnson. So Iím not at all concerned about waiting until this pick to fill my RB2 slot.

My choice came down to Matt Forte & Fred Taylor. As a known commodity, Taylor is tempting. But Iím going to go for the upside potential of Forte, who was recently named the starting RB for the Bears.

This pick is not without risk. As a rookie on a team with offensive weaknesses, he could flail even if he keeps the starting job. He could end up as one part of a 3-man RBBC. But he also could live up to some of the preseason hype. For a fantasy team, heíd be better suited as a backup RB, but since I have only one RB so far, heís at least tentatively my RB2.

As a 5th rounder, I donít feel the risk is all that great. Last year, my RB2 was also the opening day Bears starter, and that worked out miserably. But I wasted a second round pick on that mistake. This year, I feel like I have the risk/reward equation better balanced. I donít expect him to live up to the standards of a 2005 Larry Johnson. But maybe he has a chance to challenge the output of a 2008 Larry Johnson.
† † † Leader
† † † ID: 017103420
† † † Wed, Aug 20, 2008, 12:44
5.09 Donald Driver

Still feeling the need to shore up my wide recievers just went with the best available; although I do think the old pro may be a young QB's best friend (actually Grant may be Roger's best friend) as I think Jennings may be a bit over-rated.
† † † Leader
† † † ID: 017103420
† † † Wed, Aug 20, 2008, 12:55
5.10 Kevin Smith RB DET
The rookie Smith, as a junior last year, led the NCAA in rushing at Central Florida with 2,567 yards and also scored 29 times. Only one other college running back other than Smith has run for more than 2,500 yards in a season - Barry Sanders at Oklahoma State.

This offseason, Lion's head coach Rod Marinelli fired offensive co-ordinator Mike Martz and promoted the team's offensive line coach - Jim Colletto - to that role. Running the ball seems to be a priority in Detroit, as the Lions have gone to a zone blocking scheme. I am also NOT afraid that the other Lions' RBs will steal Smith's carries.

With only two of my first four picks being an RB, I felt I had no choice but to go RB here and Smith offers the most bang for the buck.

† † † Leader
† † † ID: 017103420
† † † Wed, Aug 20, 2008, 12:56
5.11 DeAngelo Williams RB CAR
Not too thrilled with this pick. But I felt that the drop off was severe after Williams. I needed a 3rd running back so I pulled the trigger. Deangelo has looked great in the preseason. But so has Jonathan Stewart. And that scares me a bit. I expect Stewart will get the goal line carries. But Deangelo should still put up some decent numbers.
† † † Leader
† † † ID: 017103420
† † † Wed, Aug 20, 2008, 13:02
5.12 Dwayne Bowe WR KAN

referring back to my previous rationale, i was still looking for a WR2. and while i felt the 4th would be reaching for Bowe, late in the 5th seemed like the right place for him.

i have some concerns that KC doesn't even appear to have a second WR on their roster, so we'll see how this pans out.
† † † Leader
† † † ID: 017103420
† † † Wed, Aug 20, 2008, 13:03
5.13 Laveranues Coles WR NYJ

Coles was perhaps a bit of a reach here, but I felt since the Jets will have a real QB for a change that he might do better than projected. Still he is not bad for a #3 WR, where most teams struggle to score 7 ppg.
† † † Leader
† † † ID: 017103420
† † † Wed, Aug 20, 2008, 13:05
5.14 Bernard Berrian WR MIN

To be honest, all I know about this guy is that he is a threat for the long ball. Playing for a team that plays in a dome, I like that. It also seems that he and Jackson seem to be building good chemistry in the preseason from what I have read. Basically, with all the top tier WRís off the board, I was looking for someone who will be solid all year, and certain weeks, can win me some games.
† † † Leader
† † † ID: 017103420
† † † Wed, Aug 20, 2008, 13:06
6.01 Kevin Curtis WR PHI

With the pick of Steve Smith, I figured that I would go WR here. I am a huge Eagles fan, and that is basically what made me choose him from the other guys. He had some good stats last year, but was up and down though. His QB likes to spread the ball around, but when someone is proven like Curtis, a QB will look for them. I expect a good season.
† † † Leader
† † † ID: 017103420
† † † Wed, Aug 20, 2008, 13:07
6.02 Carson Palmer QB CIN

I was surprised to see Palmer still here at the 72nd pick, considering he was once a 2nd-3rd round pick in the past. He struggles with the INTís last year but he still had 26 TD and 4100 yards. He is also only 28 years old so he could get better. This could be a real steal.
† † † Leader
† † † ID: 017103420
† † † Wed, Aug 20, 2008, 13:08
6.03 Jay Cutler QB DEN

prayed Carson Palmer would fall to me. obviously, god hates me. :o)

so i went for what i felt was the next best QB on the board, Jay Cutler. another bit of a risk, but i think it would yield results.
† † † Leader
† † † ID: 017103420
† † † Wed, Aug 20, 2008, 13:09
6.04 Hines Ward WR PIT

I was very happy and surprised that Ward was not drafted by this point. I had him last year and he put up some great numbers for my team. I guess people are a little spooked by his age and last year's injuries. Not me. LOVE ME SOME STEELERS!!!
† † † Leader
† † † ID: 017103420
† † † Wed, Aug 20, 2008, 13:10
6.05 Julius Jones RB SEA
The Seahawks signed Jones from Dallas as a free agent this offseason and paid him starting RB $$$ (for this year at least). Further, the other two RBs in Seattle's backfield, while they will get some of the carries, do not scare me at all.

While I'm not overly excited about this pick, adding a starter who will get the lion's share of the carries to my roster in the sixth round seems like good value to me.

† † † Leader
† † † ID: 017103420
† † † Wed, Aug 20, 2008, 13:11
6.06 Dallas Clark TE IND

Typically I wait for a couple of more rounds to get a tight end but I was pretty happy with my RBs and WRs and just couldn't see anyone I felt I wasn't reaching a bit for.

I had read at a couple of sites I trust that since Gonzales hadn't progressed quite as fast as they hoped and Harrison has lost 1/2 a step, the Colts were putting in a bigger package of plays for Clark. My bet is he's top 3 TE this year.

† † † Leader
† † † ID: 017103420
† † † Wed, Aug 20, 2008, 13:12
6.07 Fred Taylor, RB, Jax
I donít usually take a third RB this early - but I almost took Taylor last round, and given the risk of Forte as my RB2, Jackson provides a great safety valve, who will probably even start for me in week one. The common knock on Taylor is durability, but heís played in 15 games in each of the last two years, and has only played in fewer than 14 games once. Since heís been sharing the workload with MJD, his average per carry has gone up (5.4 in 2007). He even made the Pro Bowl last year. Those seem like pretty good credentials for a RB2/3 selected in round 6.

The alternative was to get a second WR. Devin Hester was tempting, but I already have him in an identically scored (keeper) league, and wasnít sure I wanted that type of risk doubled up Ė nor was I particularly enamored at the idea of having two offensive starters from the Bears. There are a few other WRís that could have been taken as well, and although I expect WR to be a popular position in the next round, I decided to get a solid RB.

I read somewhere that he has his sights set on surpassing Jim Brownís career rushing yards, needing about 1600 to get there. He wonít likely get there this season, but Iíd love to see him get close!

76Slackjawed Yokel
† † † Leader
† † † ID: 017103420
† † † Wed, Aug 20, 2008, 13:13
6.08 Derek Anderson, QB, Cle

I'd been looking at Palmer and Anderson since the fourth round. (I figured as long as I had a qb from the state of Ohio, I'd be good) Palmer just went six picks earlier, so before I had to settle on a QB who I couldn't feel was a lock every week I grabbed Anderson here. Anderson got off to a torrid start last season before slowing down the last several games. But if he puts up similar totals this would still be a good value pick.
† † † Leader
† † † ID: 017103420
† † † Wed, Aug 20, 2008, 13:14
6.09 Minnesota Vikings DEF MIN

Last year I had the NE defense. Got lucky drafting them in the ninth rd. They played a major role in my run to the playoffs. It's nice having a defense that can consistently put up good points regardless of the opponent. It sucks to have an average defense. There are just too many scoring opportunities in this system for me to be content with a mediocre defense. Playing matchups and juggling defenses isn't something I want to do.

Knew for sure I wanted one of the top 3 defs (Min, SD, NE being the consensus picks this year). I felt There was a good chance they'd all go off the board before my 7th rd pick, so I pulled the trigger.

Wouldn't have minded having the NE def again, but their bye week would have put me in a bind.
† † † Leader
† † † ID: 017103420
† † † Wed, Aug 20, 2008, 13:15
6.10 Felix Jones RB, DAL

Tough decison here, do I take another WR or grab a 3rd RB. The WR I had in mind just might make it back to me so I decided to grab Felix here. Another speed guy who has that extra gear. He's really not been profiled a lot in preseason, but even in limited action he's posted 3 plays over 20 yds showcasing his speed on each. If the Cowboys ever figure out how to block a screen play he will have a huge gain with it.

Maybe another risky pick as he's not a full-time back, but if he put up yardage and scores a few touchdowns along te way he'll be worth the pick.
† † † Leader
† † † ID: 017103420
† † † Wed, Aug 20, 2008, 13:16
for I_A_C
6.11 Ted Ginn Jr. WR MIA

I already had Wes Welker, and now I have his clone. Once again I'm trying to "overpay" (slightly) to get the players that I think give me the best shot at winning the RIFC.
† † † Leader
† † † ID: 017103420
† † † Wed, Aug 20, 2008, 13:40
6.12 DeMeco Ryans LB HOU

I noticed that in past RIFC drafts the top LB's started to get drafted in the 5th-6th rounds. I also felt that if the WRís available were less that 8 ppg I would take a LB who averaged over 8 ppg. There were a few WRís available above my 8 ppg line but felt that a LB run would start before my next pick. I grab my one of my top 5 LBís now I get a top ten with my 8th pick and make up for lack of WR points by bulking up on LB points. I seemed to work for me last year so Iíll give it a shot again.
81da Bomb
† † † Leader
† † † ID: 017103420
† † † Wed, Aug 20, 2008, 16:34
6.13 Terrence McGee DB BUF
McGee is a special player in this scoring format because he is significantly better than any other player at his position. Last season he scored more than 2 points per game over every other DB. Only Brady and Moss were more dominant compared to their positional counterparts. I've read that the Bills plan to work in another player as a returner, but hopefully he won't cut into much of McGee's production.
† † † Leader
† † † ID: 017103420
† † † Wed, Aug 20, 2008, 16:36
6.14 Santana Moss WR WAS

As I mentioned in 1.01, I am a Skins fan, so this is a bit of a homer pick. After the reach for Willis at 5.01, I wanted a 3rd WR. Moss was in the tier of WR I considered at 5.01, so I was surprised he made it back to me. I'm hoping Jim Zorn's offense helps the passing game in DC and keeps Moss's production high enough to be a consistent WR3. 900-950 yds and 6-7 TDs shouldn't be out of the question.
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Rationales for round 7-12
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