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0 Subject: RIFC 2017: Rationale Collection Thread

Posted by: Guru
- [330592710] Sat, Aug 26, 2017, 17:38

We'll use the same process for collecting rationales as last year.

You have a choice. You may either post your rationale in the comment area next to the associated pick on the MFL draft page,

- or -

you may post each rationale in this thread. Anything posted here will "trump" anything posted on MFL.

Regardless, each rationale is due no later than two rounds in arrears. I understand that, especially when queues are used, staying within two rounds will be difficult. However, please try to stay relatively current.

I will set up a master thread for all Rationales that will be organized in the proper draft sequence. So don't worry about the sequence here.
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      ID: 432322919
      Wed, Aug 30, 2017, 00:00
8.05 Dak Prescott QB DAL
I just missed out on Stafford (went previous pick). I’ve now ended up with Dak in a couple of my Leagues, and really find he brings great value for the position, which is why I try to hold off from QBs in the first ~5 rounds. He finished as QB6 last year. I don’t see many reasons to predict much regression: He’s got 1 year extra in the offence. He’s got most of the same receiving / rushing options of last year. His O-Line is still outstanding.

9.10 Kyle Rudolph TE MIN
I wasn’t really looking for a TE here, but with the new lineup system in place during the bye weeks, it made it more tempting to grab a 2nd startable TE here. I’m not sure how the whole 5-11 weeks scenario will play out for my team, but I think this gives me a little more flexibility.
      ID: 241117622
      Wed, Aug 30, 2017, 09:49
9:12. Aaron Donald DT
Despite contract dispute a settlement is likely despite rhetoric. I can only hope before too long or probably worst Pick of draft as try to build defense. I had planned to take Bosa in this spot if available. I have had Donald last couple of years and has been fairly consistent with a few big games.

10.03. Reshad Jones
Wanted top S to help fill out defense but he comes with injury history. When healthy was top safety next to Collins. I considered Keanu.
      ID: 052753312
      Wed, Aug 30, 2017, 14:28
7.04 Pierre Garcon, WR, SF
I would have to look back at past drafts but I feel like I always have my starting WR and RB slots filled by the 7th round. This year is no exception. Garcon is an excellent big play guy and while his QB situation isn't the best, he should see a lot of targets. The best part, his bye week fits in perfectly with my other WRs

8.11 Terrance West, RB, BAL
There isn't many RBs left who will get a starter's load of carries. To get one in the 8th round to be my RB3 is just icing on the cake. He's got a solid back up now but that backup catches the ball, he doesn't really run. Really if West plays twice for me and then acts as a security blanket for my first two RBs I'm doing well.

9.04 Von Miller, LB, DEN
This year in going with a bit of a different IDP strategy. I usually go after 120 tackle type LBS, but this year I've got 2 sack machines. It may lead to some boom or bust weeks, but the last two playoff spots are based on points and these guys score just as much as the 120 tackle guys who get 1 sack and 1 INT.

10.11 Barry Church, S, JAX
I might be changing my LB strategy, but my DB strategy will never change. Get safeties who rack up tackles. Since 2014, Church has had the second most tackles and is replacing the leader. He's going to get 100 total tackles, the only reason he didn't get it last year was due to injury.
      ID: 432322919
      Wed, Aug 30, 2017, 19:00
10.05 Ted Ginn Jr WR NO
How many years have I owned Ted Ginn Jr? How many years have I heard people say about players “like him”… he’ll be too important to his team to cover the special teams rolls anymore? And yet, someone “like Ginn”… continues to find new teams, and continues to finnish as a top 30 WR year in, year out. This year, in New Orleans, he’s actually shown great rapport with Brees early. He’s also solidified his role as a team #2 WR... for now. End of year recap? We may be looking back and saying, solid WR2.

11.10 Carlos Dunlap DE CIN
My lack of RB depth is almost laughable at this point. However, I find myself with another great starting player who should/will be starting for my squad week in week out. Last year, he was top 10 DL… I think he has the opportunity to improve upon that. At this point, I’m really trying to build the best team possible… not one that has tons of depth and earns points on my bench every week.

12.05 Duke Johnson RB CLE
This pick was made on the road. I didn’t have a cheat sheet ready per-say for this pick… but I knew it had to be another RB. Duke has shown great talent / ability, especially as a pass-catcher out of the backfield. This year, the QB scheme doesn’t seem to be using as many dink and dunk plays in the flats to the RBs… so far. Realistically, he looks like a safe bye week fill in, and hopefully I don’t need him for much more than that.
49Slackjawed Yokel
      ID: 107391212
      Thu, Aug 31, 2017, 00:22
9.02 DeSean Jackson, WR, TB

Per my previous rationale, I decided I wanted to get my third WR here, and created a queue of 5 receivers. DeSean was actually the first name on the list, so glad he was still around 15 picks later. (actually two of them made it even another two rounds...) DeSean has some new scenery this year, and from the couple of episodes of Hard Knocks that I've seen, seems he has landed in a good spot where he can take advantage of his speed.

10.13 Jordan Matthews, Buf, WR

Decided to go with depth on the offensive side rather than address some starters on defense. I noticed that deepsnapper only has two WR, so he will likely grab one before my upcoming pick. So, I'll address defense after the turn. I actually had Matthews in my queue that landed DeSean Jackson with my last pick at 9.02. He is the #1 option in Buffalo after being traded in the preseason. Hopefully, he's had sufficient time to learn the playbook...

11.02 Keanu Neal, DB, Atl

I was fully prepared to get my first DL here, but it looks like I've missed the boat on the top tier linemen. Decided instead to beat the rush on top DB's and grabbed Neal. As a rookie last year, he had more than 70 solo tackles and 100 total tackles - and this with missing the first two games. Expecting him to be a reliable tackle machine, so I'll bank on those points, and see what I can come up with for my linemen in future rounds.
      ID: 237262718
      Thu, Aug 31, 2017, 01:52
10.09 Jeremy Maclin - WR, BAL

Maclin was one of the other WRs I was considering back when I took Lockett in round 7. He was still around, so this was a pretty easy decision.

Last year was bad, but Maclin had 1,088 yards and 8 TDs in 2015, which is remarkable considering that Alex Smith was his QB. Nothing destroys a WR's fantasy value like Alex Smith. Here is what the Chiefs' leading WR put up in Smith's 3 other seasons:

2016: 593 YDS/6 TDs
2014: 754 YDS/0 TDs
2013: 673 YDS/5 TDs


Now Maclin is on the Ravens, and they throw a ton. The Ravens' WRs have received over 350 targets each of the past 2 years, whereas the Chiefs' WRs didn't reach 280 targets either year.

The Ravens are also conveniently missing over 300 targets from last year after losing their #1 WR to retirement, their #4 WR to free agency, and their TE and #2 RB to injury.

Maclin feels like a washed up veteran: nobody's excited about him, he struggled through injuries last year, and it seems like he has been mediocre or bad for forever.
He's still in his 20s, though, and in the seasons prior to last year, he finished as WR#21 and WR#7.

Is this way too long of a rationale for Jeremy Maclin? Probably. Do I expect him to light it up with 1,300 yards and 10 TDs? Not really.

...but hey: he did that not too long ago!

11.06 Tyrod Taylor - QB, BUF

I already took Roethlisberger with the intention of platooning him. So what weeks will be bad weeks for him? Well, I took a look at the Steelers' schedule, and his toughest matchups appeared to be in weeks 1 and 7, with his bye week in week 10. What are Tyrod Taylor's matchups in weeks 1, 7, and 10?

vs Jets, vs Bucs, vs Saints.

It's absolute perfection and my QB situation is looking spectacular, right?

Well, no, because whatever I was looking at was not an accurate Steelers' season schedule. It doesn't correspond to last year's schedule either. I have no idea what happened.

The Steelers' bye week is actually in week 9, and they have difficult road matchups in weeks 6, 13, and 16. Tyrod Taylor's matchups in those weeks?

BYE, @NYJ, vs NE, @NE.


I do think Tyrod Taylor is terribly undervalued because he averages over 6 points per game from his rushing: last year in Seattle he put up an NFL average-ish line of 289/1/1 and ended up with 24 points. Heck - in week 3 vs the Cardinals, he threw for 119 yards and an INT and still finished with over 16 points.

That said, I valued Eli Manning slightly more, and there were several slightly worse QBs I would have taken over Taylor if I had discovered the schedule mishap earlier.

In conclusion: if you like Tyrod Taylor and you drafted Eli Manning, Andy Dalton, Carson Palmer, or Carson Wentz, offer me a trade!!
      ID: 237262718
      Thu, Aug 31, 2017, 03:16
12.09 Johnathan Cyprien - S, TEN

I had identified 3 LBs I was really excited about: Vontaze Burfict, Jatavis Brown, and Eric Kendricks. I planned to take one of them and draft a DB on the turn. Naturally, all 3 of them were taken, in order, back to back to back.

I turned to look at the safeties instead: Tony Jefferson was fantastic last year, but moving to Baltimore will probably hurt his tackle totals. Kenny Vaccaro has been consistently solid playing in a MLB wasteland. I think I can wait on him, though.

Cyprien has been a reliable top DB, and moving to Tennessee shouldn't damage his value. In all 4 of his seasons, he has averaged at least 6.5 points per game from tackles alone. He hasn't done too much else, but that's still plenty of production from a DB.

13.06 Michael Bennett - DE, SEA

As I waited for my next pick, I figured I should move on to my "sleeper" LB, Reuben Foster. I had been assuming I could wait quite a while for him, but then I realized he had already been taken in AA and one of the AAAs.

I got myself hyped up to draft him, and then Jaydog took him with the pick before me. Ugh.

I briefly considered doubling up on DBs with Jefferson or Vaccaro, but I figured I should draft a DL to even my defense out and give myself more options in future rounds.

I was primarily considering Michael Bennett and Muhammad Wilkerson. Wilkerson is coming off a down year where he was useless for fantasy purposes, and I can see it happening again: if the Jets are as bad as advertised, there won't be many passing plays in the 2nd half, and there will be far fewer opportunities for sacks.

Michael Bennett has consistently racked up tackles for losses: at least 8 of them each of the past 3 years. Our scoring system makes him a much more valuable player than he is in traditional systems which only value sacks, though Bennett does get plenty of sacks too: roughly one every 2 games for each of the past 5 years.

Bennett averaged 7.4 points in 11 games last year (7th best rate), which is backed up by his 2015 average of 7.7 points (9th best rate). The Seattle defense promises to be excellent again, and he won't face much double-teaming. I'm expecting him to finish in the vicinity of DL#8 again, which would be nice value as the 13th DL taken.

If nothing else, between Bennett and Marshawn Lynch, my team is set to lead the RIFC in national anthem protests.
52Slackjawed Yokel
      ID: 107391212
      Thu, Aug 31, 2017, 07:38
12.13 Everson Griffen, DL, Min

The speed of the draft this year makes it hard to stay caught up. In this case, I had to quickly, and, hopefully stealthily, do research during a meeting at work. Felt like I needed to address the gaps in my starting lineup on defense with these pair of picks. Was rushed, and didn't feel entirely comfortable with these picks, but I at least ensured Griffen is still healthy and a decent source of tackles from the DL position.

13.02 Kiko Alonso, LB, Mia

I still remember picking him up during his rookie year where he had a dominant 159 tackles while with Buffalo… a couple of stops later and he had 115 tackles last year - that is still a very good number, but knowing he's got the potential to do much more than that led me to pick him him here.

      ID: 811161317
      Thu, Aug 31, 2017, 09:40
13.12 Eric Ebron. TE
Needed tight end to fill out offense and waited a bit long to where may have to take chance on injured player which seems to be the theme of my draft this year. If healthy could have good year and hoping lives up to potential this year. Jack Doyle survived a long time and was hoping he or Thomas might fall through to me.

14.03. CJ Prosise. RB
Another injury concern but has playing time there if healthy as backup. Hoping for breakout year. Considered another similar back Sproles here who has not played during preseason but is in good position for playing time. I assumed he was healthy and guess age was consideration.
      ID: 036331011
      Thu, Aug 31, 2017, 09:50
9.3 Smith, Telvin JAC LB
Once I complete drafting starters at QB,RB,WR, and TE, I start looking for IDPs. Smith is 26 years old and was a top 10 fantasy LB in 2015 and 2016. I see no reason not to expect similar production in 2017.

10.12 Ingram, Melvin LAC DE
Ingram's position has changed from LB to DE because the Chargers are changing to the 4-3 defense. Ingram puts up good sack numbers and would have ranked 5 in DL fantasy points if he played there last season.

      ID: 036331011
      Thu, Aug 31, 2017, 10:06
8.12 Stewart, Jonathan CAR RB
Wanted to get a 3rd RB with this pick to add some depth. Stewart will still have a major role with the Panthers even with the addition of McCaffery. I expect him to score more TDs this season because it has been reported that Newton will no longer be running at the goalline.
      ID: 036331011
      Thu, Aug 31, 2017, 10:08
11.3 Decker, Eric TEN WR
Adding some depth at WR. Decker was a top 20 fantasy WR when healthy for 4 seasons from 2012-2015 with the Broncos and Jets. I am hoping hi is able to produce numbers close to these with the Titans in 2017 after being injured most of 2016.

12.12 Manning, Eli NYG QB
I like to keep a quality backup QB on my roster in this league in case my starter gets injured. I thought there were only a few left (Manning, Wentz, Palmer). Chose Manning because I think he will be throwing a lot because of the weak Giants running game and strong receivers. And also because I feel he is less likely to be injured than the other two.

      ID: 036331011
      Thu, Aug 31, 2017, 10:31
13.3 McLeod, Rodney PHI
Wanted to add a DB to my roster. McLeod put up good numbers in his first season with the Eagles in 2016. I expect his tackle number to remain the same but an increase in interceptions because he has looked like he is becoming a playmaker this preseason.

14.12 Smallwood, Wendell PHI RB
Added Smallwood as my 4th RB. My plan was to draft 5 RBs. Smallwood played well when he got playing time for the Eagles during his rookie season. Smallwood is an everydown back who I think will get a significant ammount of touches this season with Sproles touches probably reduced, and Blount used mostly in short yardage situations.

15.3 Foster, Mason WAS LB
Chose Foster as my 2nd LB. Foster was a top 20 fantasy LB last season putting up good tackle numbers. I expect similar production this season.

      ID: 241117622
      Thu, Aug 31, 2017, 10:59
11.12. Chris Hogan WR
Looking for WR to fill out offense. Due to other offensive players with bye week 8 decided to try for another bye week. Looked at Hogan and Thielen who are both rising. Due to injury looks like Hogan would be beneficiary although a little bit in unknown territory filling in for Edelman. Being a Vikings fan I think Thielen is going to have big year.

12.03. Corey Coleman WR
The original thought was to take Thielen on short turnaround but that did not work. Looked at Coleman and possibly Britt and not sure who benefits with QB situation. Hoping for second year breakout. I also liked John Brown here who I have on another league but health is still a concern.
      ID: 432322919
      Thu, Aug 31, 2017, 11:29
13.10 Jarrad Davis LB DET
The first rounder looks to step in as the MIKE for the Lions. When you get drafted in the first round, a lot is expected of you. I haven’t seen a lot of film on Davis, other than preseason game 3 vs the Pats. That didn’t seem to work out so well for him. Hopefully the stat lines will look better though.

14.05 Lawrence Timmons LB MIA
While in PIT, he’s been a consistent LB for years. Now, he moves down to MIA, where hopefully he will man the Middle of the field. Here’s hoping he gets the consistent opportunity to make plays once again, and break the 100 tackle mark once again as well. Age will be a limiting factor probably... so I temper my expectations to the LB3 range.
      ID: 811161317
      Thu, Aug 31, 2017, 19:40
15.12. Jerry Hughes. DE
Needed to fill out defense and like Hughes potential in new 4-3 Buffalo is supposedly using. I had hoped Wilkerson would fall to me as more Def has been coming off board in last few rounds.

16.03. Sam Bradford. QB
I was late in getting a second QB and Sam was last one on my list. I also hope he puts up good numbers early as there would probably mean Vikings are winning and Teddy Bridgewater will not return this year which is a risk in drafting Bradford. Kizer of Cleveland was alternative but think he will have up and down season. Russell Wilson has an early bye week which also was part of the decision to take vet.
      ID: 432322919
      Thu, Aug 31, 2017, 19:57
15.10 Myles Jack LB JAC
My 3rd straight IDP / LB slot being filed. With 7 IDP starting slots… I felt it was important to get a good group of starters prior to turning my attention back to the “skill positions”. Jack is my 3rd straight ILB, as I tend to prefer tackles heavy / consistency over sack potential that normally come from the Outside positions. Jack has some injury concerns / history… hopefully they don’t become too much of an issue this year.

16.05 Jacquizz Rodgers RB TB
I really don’t know how this whole RB situation is going to play out with the Cowboys… so I’m adding a little insurance for the first few weeks of the season while Martin is serving a suspension himself. The coaching staff for the Bucs haven’t officially said that it’s Doug Martin’s job to lose when he comes back from suspension, so there could be some mid/long-term value here as well.
      ID: 811161317
      Thu, Aug 31, 2017, 21:20
15.12. Jerry Hughes. DE
Needed to fill out defense and like Hughes potential in new 4-3 Buffalo is supposedly using. I had hoped Wilkerson would fall to me as more Def has been coming off board in last few rounds.

16.03. Sam Bradford. QB
I was late in getting a second QB and Sam was last one on my list. I also hope he puts up good numbers early as there would probably mean Vikings are winning and Teddy Bridgewater will not return this year which is a risk in drafting Bradford. Kizer of Cleveland was alternative but think he will have up and down season. Russell Wilson has an early bye week which also was part of the decision to take vet.
      ID: 811161317
      Thu, Aug 31, 2017, 21:24
13.12 Eric Ebron. TE
Needed tight end to fill out offense and waited a bit long to where may have to take chance on injured player which seems to be the theme of my draft this year. If healthy could have good year and hoping lives up to potential this year. Jack Doyle survived a long time and was hoping he or Thomas might fall through to me.

14.03. CJ Prosise. RB
Another injury concern but has playing time there if healthy as backup. Hoping for breakout year. Considered another similar back Sproles here who has not played during preseason but is in good position for playing time. I assumed he was healthy and guess age was consideration.
64Slackjawed Yokel
      ID: 107391212
      Thu, Aug 31, 2017, 23:01
14.13 Coby Fleener, TE, NO

At this part of the draft, I really start comparing my roster with the rest of the teams to see where I need to address gaps before I get stuck sifting through the dregs of what is left. This time around, TE stood out - not a lot of reliable options left - in, fact neither is Fleener - but he certainly has the potential and is in the right system to be a good fill-in for me during WR or TE bye-weeks or for injury backup.

15.02 Preston Brown, LB, Buf

Grabbed my 3rd LB here - they are still the most reliable source of tackles, and Brown had 139 last year, and he is still just 24 years old. Plus he was a keeper on my G24 team (which probably speaks more to the quality of my roster there than it does to this being a steal...).

16.13 Giovani Bernard, RB, Cin

At this point, I'm focusing on positions I need to address. Can't have too many running backs - due to uncertain roles and due to injuries. I found a few that I queued up this morning. James White was actually on top of the list and Bernard was second. He's not the main guy, and may actually be third on the depth chart in Cincinnati but should still figure to get plenty of touches.

17.02 Blake Bortles, QB, Jax

ugh. Waited too long to grab my backup quarterback. Disappointed to see several (slightly) more serviceable options fall off the board in the past round. On the plus side, Bortles currently has the starting job, and has a different off-week than Cam Newton who is my other QB.
      ID: 052753312
      Fri, Sep 01, 2017, 01:59
11.04 McKinney, Benardrick HOU LB
I needed a IDP who can get 8-11 tackles in a week.i can't rely solely on sack machines at LB.

12.11 Thomas, Julius MIA TE
Cutler loves his TEs. I expect a return to his Denver numbers. 900 yards, 8-10 TDs.

13.04 Burnett, Morgan GBP S
When he's healthy he's a tackle machine. But he misses 2 to 3 weeks a season.

14.11 Cutler, Jay MIA QB
I don't understand the Cutler hate here in the Chicago area. He's a league average QB. Solid back up who plays a weak D on Matty Ice's bye.

15.04 Cox, Fletcher PHI DT
He was the best DL on my board. No other reason than that.

16.11 Weddle, Eric BAL S
Stupidly I took two DBs that have the same bye week. I need a really solid #3. Hopefully I can draft one in the late rounds and forgo a #3 DL until the byes. Or maybe let my kicker draw a 0 in that week... We'll see. Best available DB here tho.

17.04 LaFell, Brandon CIN WR
While I expect a bit of a dip from last season, the #2 WR in a pass happy offense should provide a decent amount of points for a WR4
      ID: 811161317
      Fri, Sep 01, 2017, 09:08
17.12 Jamal Adams. S
Needed to fill out IDP and decided to take chance on rookie who has had good preseason . He is in position to start and a lot of action for a weak Jets defense so will be high risk/high reward.

18.03. Antoine Bethea. S
Just realized both safeties had same bye week after drafting them so decided to take another safety before a few more disappeared that I liked. He could also serve as last defensive back and has had good tackle counts past few years but is switching teams which is always a worry.
      ID: 036331011
      Fri, Sep 01, 2017, 10:09
16.12 Doctson, Josh WAS WR
Doctson is a 2016 1st round pick who was out most of last season with an achilles injury. He had some hamstring issues this preseason and not played much. If healthy, he could become the Redskins #1 WR and a red zone target.

17.3 Buckner, DeForest SFO DT
Buckner was the 7th overall pick in the 2016 draft and had a strong rookie season finishing 13th in DL fantasy points. I expect these numbers to improve in his 2nd season.

      ID: 036331011
      Fri, Sep 01, 2017, 10:23
18.12 Thompson, Chris WAS RB
Thompson is the Redskins 3rd down back who will catch a lot of passes out of the backfield. He was the 31st ranked RB last season averaging around 7 fantasy points each week. He won't put up any big numbers, but will be a good bye week and injury replacement.

19.3 Shepard, Sterling NYG WR
Shepard had a good rookie season in 2016 with stats of 683 yards receiving and 8 TDs. Even with the addition of Brandon Marshall, I still expect Shepard to be on the field a lot because the Giants usually go with 3 WRs. I expect his numbers to improve in his 2nd season.
      ID: 432322919
      Fri, Sep 01, 2017, 11:54
17.10 Tavon Austin WR LAR
The anti-sexy pick. Last year Austin was worthy of a 7th Rounder in this format. True, he’s had some issues performing (for his team not fantasy), so he’s not considered “the answer” at the Wideout position. He’s still going to get his useage though. And… most likely, he’ll be a safe bet as a plug in WR3 during bye weeks for my current wideouts. In his 2015 season, he was good for the 13th overall WR in our format, whereas last year he finished 33rd. Coming into his 4th season, and still only 26 years old… no reason to expect a large drop-off.

18.05 Jordan Hicks LB PHI
Filling in some LB depth now. Hicks is currently sidelined with what is considered a minor groin injury. He should be back out on the field really soon as he’s both an every-down LB, and he calls the plays for the defensive unit. That’s too valuable too stay off the field for long.
      ID: 237262718
      Fri, Sep 01, 2017, 17:24
14.09 Ndamukong Suh - DT, MIA

Suh consistently finishes as a low-end DL#1 thanks to plenty of tackles for loss and QB hits. His first season in the NFL will probably end up being his best, but I should be able to count on him as a competent and reliable starter each week.

15.06 Kenny Vaccaro - S, NO

Vaccaro ranked 4th among DBs in points per game last year, but his season was shortened to 11 games due to an injury and a suspension. In 2015, he played all 16 games and finished 9th overall. Much of his value has come from the Saints' terrible MLB play, and it looks like that will probably be a mess this year too.
      ID: 237262718
      Fri, Sep 01, 2017, 17:55
16.09 Vince Williams - LB, PIT

After watching Vontaze Burfict, Jatavis Brown, Eric Kendricks, and Reuben Foster all get taken in front of me, I still only had 1 LB. There were a few that fit what I was looking for, but Vince Williams stood out to me a bit more than the others. His final stats from last year were low, but for most of the season he was barely on the field.

When he did get playing time, he was a monster: in weeks 4 and 5, he put up 25 tackles (5 for a loss), and 2 sacks. Now he's a starter, and I think he has a decent shot at finishing as a LB1.

17.06 DeAndre Washington - RB, OAK

There are plenty of question marks around Marshawn Lynch, so it makes sense to handcuff him. DeAndre Washington seems to be the clear #2 right now (though he might split carries if Marshawn is out of the picture). He is a good receiver and should get enough targets and carries (5.4 YPC last year) to be a tolerable emergency start if Danny Woodhead misses week 1 or is injured during Doug Martin's bye week.
He's mostly there as a handcuff, though.
      ID: 237262718
      Fri, Sep 01, 2017, 18:23
18.09 BJ Goodson - LB, NYG

The Giants' MLB play was such a disaster last year that Landon Collins essentially did their job. BJ Goodson was a rookie and barely played a snap: now he's earned the starting MLB job, and it's looking like he's going to stay on the field for passing downs. If he ends up getting most of the snaps, there will be plenty of tackles available.

19.06 Jahleel Addae - S, LAC

Addae missed 8 games in the middle of the season, but he was great in the rest and was on pace for over 130 points. Chargers' strong safety was a great role for Eric Weddle for a long time: now it's time to hope that continues with Addae. Also, the other time I drafted a Central Michigan Chippewa, it worked out pretty well for me (2013, Antonio Brown in the 4th round).
      ID: 241117622
      Fri, Sep 01, 2017, 20:17
19.12. Darron Lee LB

Wanted 3rd LB for defense. It appears he has full time job and hope he can make second season jump for Jets. His bye week was a consideration.

20.03. D'onta Foreman RB
More of a backup flyer at RB who apparently has talent and might develop as season progresses or have big role if injury.
      ID: 432322919
      Fri, Sep 01, 2017, 22:08
19.10 Kam Chancellor S SEA
Legion of Boom’s strong safety. He has some consistency issues, and recent injuries as well… so I have to temper my expectations. Fortunately, he’s got the upside… but I probably won’t hesitate to send him to the wire should he get injured.

20.05 Danny Amendola WR NE
With Edelman going down with injury, it’s Amendola and not Hogan that’s currently expected to fill in the same “scout” role on the offence. Amendola and Edelman are very similar type players, and Brady first mentioned him when talking about players that he has the most trust in, remaining in the receiving core. Added value: he remains the top option in the Punt Return game as well with Cyrus Jones going down in preseason game 4 with a feared ACL tear. Injury is a worry here… so maybe his usage will be situational… it’s hard to predict these things with the Patriots. I don’t mind taking a shot on him in the 20th round, when the potential on that offense is so high.
      ID: 811161317
      Sat, Sep 02, 2017, 10:41
21.12 Besdad Perryman WR
With new format needed another WR and pretty picked over. Perryman has not lived up to expectations and maybe this is the year will be different. It appears if healthy he would be first on depth chart with a couple of prior starters gone so might have some upside for this late draft position.

22.03. Caleb Sturgis PK
PK seemed to flying off board earlier than I remember. I wanted a dependable kicker and he did well last year. However, he has missed a few this preseason which may not be good omen. I also liked Samtos here but hoping Philly scored more than KC.
      ID: 432322919
      Sat, Sep 02, 2017, 11:06
21.10 James Conner RB PIT
These next two picks are happening on what seems to be “cut-day” in the NFL. Unfortunately, I’m out and about running errands and have a hard time staying up to date on all the movements / impact. All I know is, that most of my team is filled with starters, so may as well aim a few darts at some high potential players. Conner seems to be in-line for the #2 duties for the Steelers, where we’ve seen the backups prove to be VERY valuable in previous years.

22.05 Alvin Kamara RB NO
Mainly...see 21.10. I’ll add a little extra though. New Orleans system w/Brees at QB is built to make the pass-catching RB very valuable. Ingram is currently set as the primary at early downs, goal line and pass-catching. With him and Peterson ahead of Kamara on the depth chart, I may not be able to use him till the 2nd half of the year. At this point, I’m fine with that, as he’s my 4th backup at RB.
      ID: 18814212
      Sat, Sep 02, 2017, 13:14
12.14 Carson Wentz QB PIL
Wanted to pick up a quality quarterback as I had queued up several and Wentz was one of them. His was a season of Jekyll and Hyde in reverse. He was great to begin the season last year going 5-1 and ending 2-8. I'm predicting the former with new receivers and O-Line. Time will tell and he's not going anywhere after the rookie season last year.

13.01 Garrett Myles DE CLE
Went with the top ranked rookie as a DE. He has outstanding quickness and speed from DE and the Browns switched to a 4-3 defense thus the need for a top DE. I hope he lives up to his rating as he'll be on the field a lot.
      ID: 18814212
      Sat, Sep 02, 2017, 13:28
Guru - Sorry for the late posts. I had an appointment with my Ophthalmologist Wednesday, and she preformed laser surgery on my right eye's retina due to "background bleeding". I've been blurry eyed since, and had to see another doctor in the afternoon about my bad foot. Sure proud of my wife for hauling me around, ;-)

Blew Wednesday all to heck. Good thing I set up 4 queues.
      ID: 18814212
      Sat, Sep 02, 2017, 13:40
14.14 Byron Jones FS DAL Going into his 3rd season, Byron has established himself as a fine Safety and slot defender. I was happy to get him in the 14th round. I look forward to an even better season this year.

15.01 Carl Nassib DE CLE He was an inadvertent pick due to queuing too many players. I plan on dropping him after the draft.
      ID: 18814212
      Sat, Sep 02, 2017, 13:57
16.14 Leonard Williams DE CLE
Williams was the best, and most consistent, player on the Jets defense in 2016 and it seems like his future is in front of him. The former 6th overall pick is an excellent all-around player who does just about everything well.

17.01 Ha Ha Clinton-Dix DE CLE
Clinton-Dix had twenty less total tackles in 2016, but did come up with a career-high five interceptions. I expect similar totals this season as the LB group is still unsettled and he will range sideline to sideline and back up the line as well. Look forward to a great season.
      ID: 18814212
      Sat, Sep 02, 2017, 14:10
18.18 Dion Lewis RB NE
Lewis has shown he can run the ball well off the edge and is a deadly weapon when receiving a pass. The only question is, can he hang onto the ball? I needed an additional RB and he was IMO the best option available.

19.01 Paul Posluszny MLB JAX
Barring injury concerns, I like Paul at MLB. He has excellent pursuit angles and attacks the gap as it is being opened. Hope he has a good healthy season
      ID: 18814212
      Sat, Sep 02, 2017, 15:38
20.14 Dan Bailey PK DAL
Bailey has been one of the most accurate and efficient kickers in the NFL. He can make the pressure kick from 35 or 55 yards. I went ahead and took him to ensure I had a great kicker.

21.01 Charles Clay TE BUF
In need of a 2nd TE, Clay seemed the best available, he is a solid overall TE and a great check-down option for the QB. The WR corps will not scare anyone, and he could be a very good red zone option
      ID: 036331011
      Sat, Sep 02, 2017, 15:56
20.12 Golden, Markus ARI LB
Golden is a pass rushing LB who has 12.5 sacks last season. He was the 28th ranked fantasy LB last season.

22.3 Prater, Matt DET PK
Prater is a reliable kicker who has hit over 80% of his field goals in each of the last 5 seasons. He has also averaged around 5 50+ yard field goals a season.

21.12 Poyer, Jordan BUF S
Poyer was signed by the Bills this offsesaon to be their starting free saftey. He played well for the Browns until being injured in the middle of last season. He seems to be fully recovered.

23.3 Agholor, Nelson PHI WR
Agholor is a former first round pick who has been a dissapointment his first two season with the Eagles. Reports are that he had a great training camp and will be filling the slot role vacated by Jordon Matthews.
      ID: 18814212
      Sat, Sep 02, 2017, 16:17
22.14 Marcus Maye FS NYJ
Maye appears to be a solid rookie with a strong defense. He is a player who looks to be ready for the transition to the NFL. Looking forward to seeing how he plays in the AFC East.

23.01 Travis Benjamin WR LAC
He is the deep threat for the Chargers as well as PR. Diving this deep into the draft, I hope he plays well as he did early last season before injury limited to the sideline the last half of 2016.
      ID: 241117622
      Sat, Sep 02, 2017, 16:24
23.12 alien Hicks DE
Had Beasley, Hicks and Tuitt as possible picks for last 2 rounds. With Beasley gone decided between Hicks and Tuitt. Went with Hicks since he better better stats last year, However think Tuitt is ascending and may out produce Hicks.

24.3. Jarrod Cooks TE
Since Ebron is still a question decided on second TE and he seemed to positioned well for week 1 if needed.
      ID: 241117622
      Sat, Sep 02, 2017, 16:27

The info for my 15 and 16 picks Hughes and Bradford are in thread earlier
      ID: 237262718
      Sat, Sep 02, 2017, 19:01
20.09 Austin Seferian-Jenkins - TE, NYJ

He's suspended to start the season, and drafting somebody who is on their third "this will be the year he breaks out" doesn't tend to work out very well. Supposedly he has cleaned up his life - it's tough to know if that's true or not.

There should be a lot of targets to go around on the Jets, though, and with the lack of talent at WR, there's a chance that Seferian-Jenkins becomes the primary receiver. He has a lot of raw talent and should be one of their red zone threats. I can see a scenario where he gets enough garbage time stats to finish as a top 10 TE. He'll probably just be disappointing again, but this is about the most ideal situation he could ever have to break out.

21.06 Justin Houston - LB, KC

Justin Houston has missed 17 games over the past 2 years.
Justin Houston also has had 11-1/2 sacks over the 15 games he played, with a 22 sack season the year before that.

I prefer tackle-dependent LBs to sack-dependent LBs whenever possible, but in the 21st round, I'll gladly take this chance. If he's healthy again like he claims, then he could have a huge season. If not, he'll probably put up a few 25 point games on my bench and get 4.50 when I start him as a bye week replacement.
      ID: 432322919
      Sat, Sep 02, 2017, 19:14
23.10 Dustin Hopkins K WAS
He’s a kicker… check. Moving on… about the only other I thought I put into this besides consulting a cheatsheet, was the fact that I drafted him in the RGK… thus, if something goes wrong with him, I’ll know to adjust both leagues. The less thought I put into kickers the better.

24.05 Jared Goff QB LAR
Just needed an extra body to cover the ever important QB bye week, and all depending on schedule wholes, may the occasional start here and there. Word on Goff’s tape this summer has been mixed, but the tools he has to work with are improving… maybe he might end up being a solid contributor.
      ID: 237262718
      Sat, Sep 02, 2017, 19:24
22.09 Jalen Richard - RB, OAK

Now I've locked up both of Marshawn's backups. Richard is explosive and can make defenders miss, as evidenced by last year's 5.9 YPC on over 80 carries.

DeAndre Washington is currently slated to get more playing time and would probably be the primary back if Marshawn Lynch gets hurt, but Richard would also be likely to become a reliable starter, with punt return yards in addition to what would probably be 10-15 carries per game. Depending on how many touches he gets on offense, those punt return yards might also make him a better emergency fill-in option than Washington.

23.06 Wil Lutz - K, NO

10 kickers had already been drafted, and Lutz is on a team that has a consistently strong offense and plays in a dome. Wil I stick with him all year? I guess wil see.
      ID: 237262718
      Sat, Sep 02, 2017, 19:34
24.09 Denzel Perryman - LB, LAC

Perryman averaged almost 9 points per game in 2015 after taking over the MLB role. Last year he averaged 8 points over 11 full games. He probably would have been one of the first 10 LBs drafted, but he tore an ankle ligament and will miss about half the season.

However, Perryman is likely to be put on the Injured Reserve: Designated for Return list, and we have an IR slot that I'd like to finally take advantage of!
      ID: 036331011
      Sat, Sep 02, 2017, 22:03
24.12 Jenkins, Malcolm PHI S
Wanted to add a third DB. Jenkins is a starting safety for the Eagles who was the 15th ranked fantasy DB in 2016.
      ID: 18814212
      Sun, Sep 03, 2017, 19:40
24.14 Brandon McManus PK DEN
Brandon has been a solid kicker for several years. Kicking in Denver 8 games/yr doesn't hurt his chances to score either. He will make a solid 2nd kicker.
94Slackjawed Yokel
      ID: 107391212
      Mon, Sep 04, 2017, 15:24
18.13 Eric Reid, S, SF

Solid source of tackles for second defensive back.

19.02 DeMarcus Lawrence, DL, Dal

Well, for my second starting linemen went for upside… he was hampered by injuries last year and really had no production. The year prior he had 8 sacks and ~50 tackles… that's what I'm hoping to steal here late.

20.13 Devin Funchess, WR, Car

Potential upside here, but last year he did not really step up when Benjamin was sidelined with injury.

21.02 Stephen Gostkowski, PK, NE

Didn't really have time to plan out this pick. Seeing as a kicker had just gone before me, I thought this would be a good time to grab one, and see if I could cause a full-fledged kicker run.

22.13 Latavius Murray, RB, Minn

Murray is coming off of a couple of 1000 total yard seasons. Plus he had 12 rushing TD's last year. Sounds like a perfect backup candidate - should get plenty of touches and TD opportunities - can't beat that in a 22nd round selection.

23.02 Cameron Meredith, WR, Chi

This was user error. Instead of picking on my laptop or phone, I tried with my iPad, and had typed a name in to the search field, hit go, and I must've had Meredith's name highlighted, as he ended up on my roster instead of executing the search. Oh, well, will teach me to try to draft while half asleep. Upon looking up Meredith, saw he put up some good numbers last year, but was just placed on season-ending IR.

24.13 Edwin Jackson, LB, IND

Several rounds back in researching potential LB's, I saw that the Colts depth chart wasn't perfectly clear. And someone is going to have to get their tackles. Things don't look real good for the Colts this year, so I wouldn't be surprised to see them regularly having to defend against the run. So, if Jackson, is indeed one of the starting ILB, that should provide him a lot of tackle opportunities.
      ID: 052753312
      Wed, Sep 06, 2017, 17:13
Sorry for the delay. I was out of town this weekend and just returned home.

18.11 Williamson, Avery TEN LB
With 2 risky LBs I decided to go with another one who racks up tackles. Williamson should be good for another season of 100 tackles.

19.04 Tucker, Justin BAL PK
I wanted to get ahead of the kicker run that I was sure to happen at any moment. I think I was a round or two early but I got the best kicker on the board.

20.11 McCoy, Gerald TBB DT
I'm watching too much Hard Knocks. He's a beast but does he put up the numbers to deserve this pick? Maybe.

21.04 Blue, Alfred HOU RB
Handcuff time. If Miller goes down for any amount of time Blue will get the lions share of the carries.

22.11 Miller, Zach CHI TE
What the best friend of a young QB? A pass catching TE. Will Miller stay healthy? Probably not. If he does he's a border line TE1

23.04 Turbin, Robert IND RB
You can't just have one handcuff, they come in pairs.

24.11 Curry, Vinny PHI DE
He's my back up DE. If he doesn't produce on the bench, he'll be the first one on waivers.
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