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0 Subject: RIFC 2018: very preliminary

Posted by: Guru
- [330592710] Tue, May 22, 2018, 11:07

Soon, I will be re-activating all RIFC leagues at in order to take advantage of the 2018 early bird discount pricing.

League organizing will not start until the second half of July. If you get any notices from in the meantime, just ignore them.
1blue hen
      ID: 5254718
      Tue, May 22, 2018, 13:55
      ID: 1443552
      Mon, Jun 04, 2018, 04:46

3blue hen
      ID: 5254718
      Mon, Jun 04, 2018, 13:29
It's already June!
4 GoatLocker
      ID: 166591018
      Tue, Jul 10, 2018, 19:59
I do know it is early, but I have retired / retired and no longer working at all.
Will be going to Europe Late July / Early August.
I'm in for where ever I land.
Get back into Las Vegas on 7 August.

      ID: 330592710
      Sun, Jul 22, 2018, 19:45
Emails have been sent to all of last year's managers in the four RIFC leagues.

I am awaiting responses from 3 managers for the RIFC league. 11 have already accepted. When that league is final, I'll start a thread.

28 managers have been invited to join one of two AAA leagues. Once again, Judy and wolfer will commish those two leagues.

13 managers have been invited to join the AA league.

So if you played last year, please check the email address that you registered at last year. If that is no longer a working email, then post here or send me an email at

If any managers decide to opt out this year, then I will need to promote managers to fill the open slots. That will be based on last year's results.

I expect to have some openings available for newbies this year. If you (or a friend) would like to try it out this year, please post your email address below, or send an email to

As a general overview, RIFC leagues consist of 14 managers. Rosters include both offensive and defensive players. A round-robin schedule is used for NFL weeks 1-13, followed by a single elimination playoff bracket format for weeks 13-16. Slow drafts are held online starting in late August and continuing through approximately Labor Day. To participate, you must be able to draft your team during that period. Usually, about 2-3 rounds will be completed each day of the draft.

For a more thorough description of the league rules, see the post 16 of the 2017 RIFC thread.
      ID: 306542219
      Sun, Jul 22, 2018, 20:59
I am in
      ID: 330592710
      Wed, Jul 25, 2018, 12:14
I now have acceptances from all 14 invitees to the top RIFC league. I will start a separate thread for that league shortly.

For the qualifying leagues, there are 42 available slots, assuming that we continue with three qualifying leagues. I have sent out emails to 41 managers who participated last season. So far, 28 have responded that they wish to participate again this year. Four have decided to opt out this year, and 9 have not yet responded.

Those not yet responding:
Rotten Amoebas
Aussie Diamondbacks
Matt G

      ID: 330592710
      Fri, Jul 27, 2018, 08:37
Update: I have 32 acceptances for 42 QL spots. Only three people from last year have yet to respond:

Aussie Diamondbacks

So, we'll have 35 at most. That means we'll need at least 7 more - either newbies, or existing managers who will take a second team.

If you have a friend who might enjoy trying a AA team in this league, please pass the word.

If you would be willing to manage a second team, please let me know - either post here, or send me an email.

      ID: 330592710
      Mon, Jul 30, 2018, 09:34
I still have not heard from either Doug or Aussie Diamondbacks. I just emailed them again and gave them until the end of the week to respond. Both are qualified for a AAA spot.

There are still six openings available in the AA league. I've sent out some emails asking people to consider taking a second team to fill these openings. Hopefully by the end of the week I can fill all leagues and make the league assignments.

      ID: 45435111
      Mon, Jul 30, 2018, 17:35
count me in.
      ID: 330592710
      Wed, Aug 01, 2018, 12:39
All of last year's managers have now been heard from.

At this point, I have 28 managers lined up for AAA. I'm in the process of making league assignments, which should be released shortly.

For AA, I have 9 managers lined up now, and enough extra managers (willing to take a second team) to fill the remaining 5 openings if needed. For now, I will keep those 5 spots open in case someone else comes forward. Perhaps some of you have a spouse, sibling, son/daughter, or significant other that would like to try this out? A great "bonding" experience!

Stay tuned for league assignment details...
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