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0 Subject: RIFC AAA #2

Posted by: wolfer
- [146213121] Mon, Sep 07, 2015, 19:39

AA Managers - You are each invited (although not required) to post your general reflections on the completed draft. Comments may be as detailed or as general as you wish. As a catalyst, free free to comment on any of the following:

1. What was your plan/strategy entering the draft? Were you able to execute as you had planned?

2. What were your favorite picks? Which do you wish you could do over?

3. Looking over all of the teams, which ones do you like the most (other than your own)?

4. What surprised you most about the draft? (other than the time?)

5. If you could start over, would you do anything differently?

Non-managers are also welcome to post general comments on the draft, and to raise questions.
1 gurudan
      ID: 3743521
      Mon, Sep 07, 2015, 23:49
as you plan for a deep league draft the plan for me with the #5 slot was top RB,followed by the best available wr or rb on the board. But bonzai drafts screw up the best of intentions. i had the option of picking sooner than #5, but with my RB targets gone,i picked the most consistent performer in fantasy, Antonio Brown.I actually felt lost in RD 2,and took another WR, in Andre Johnson.The predictions are mixed, with him now receiving from A Luck,but the RB pool was iffy,and i needed to do what i thought best.My overall plan is always to fill the starting positions first,so if the WR'S are there, gotta go.Round three, J Randle was a stretch, but i'm desperate for a back.There lies my dilemma.If i could start over i would have chosen #2,#3,or#4 draft position,and got a good RB.
2Philly Busters
      ID: 2375517
      Tue, Sep 08, 2015, 07:11
1. Plan - My intention was to have 3 RBs and 3 WRs through 6 rounds and assess then how to approach Def players. Reached a bit for Brady in round 6 but otherwise held it together. Feel like the roster is solid but the final results will depend on health and in-season moves.

2. I felt good about the value in the late rounds esp on Def. Should have waited on QB but it def helps that it looks like Brady will not miss time. Nervous about Taylor but glad I don't need to rely on him for the first 5 weeks.

3. SteelerG looks to me to be the team to beat. Strong across the board.

4. Surprised at how early the QBs went other than Luck. Also I'm always shocked when any kicker goes before round 23.

5. If going again probably take Hill over Murray in round 1 and wait a couple more rounds for a QB.
3 gurudan
      ID: 3743521
      Tue, Sep 08, 2015, 10:29
My favorite picks were Antonio Brown and almost all my IDP'S.One of my goals this year was to try to be stronger on DEF.The teams to me look pretty balanced, with almost everyone having some weak areas.Like in years past, someone will be struck down by injuries, while a lesser team is carried to the championship with a top 10 player drafted in round 18.
      ID: 179591814
      Tue, Sep 08, 2015, 12:32
My plan like years past was to take the best available has left me severely shallow at RB which will most likely hurt me at some point this year.

My favorite pick was getting Lynch when I did. I rolled the dice on my draft position and I believe there is no clear cut #1 RB so my gamble paid off. My favorite pick would have been Luck in round 2 but Tree got a steal there and I was left with Cobb who got injured shortly there after but thankfully it does not appear to be serious

Off the board, with so many teams and players I wouldn't mind seeing a position limit in place for the draft. I looked at one point and I believe a person drafted 7 RBs in his first 15 can play 3 at once and a backup or two is reasonable. I'm not sure making half your picks RBs can produce a winning team in the end but it can probably prevent others from winning. I ended up punting the position once things got so thin and just went for strength of starters. The lack of availed RBs probably significantly impacted 2 of my picks in the first 8 rounds.

I also think we draft too many allows for folks to load up on a position and negatively impacts the free agent pool when injuries hit which they always do. I would never draft James Starks normally but if something happens to Lacey, that owner has no shot at his back up

Best wishes everyone

      ID: 3782814
      Tue, Sep 08, 2015, 15:24
Between the Banzai format and my luke-warm interest in the top tier of RBs, I was definitely pleased to have the option to take pick 14.

My expectation was to take 2 elite WRs, based on ADP and the propensity for Rotoguru leagues to (in my opinion) significantly overdraft RBs each year. Julio Jones was somebody I hoped and assumed I'd be drafting, but I was surprised to find Forte available, and figured I had to grab him.

As usual in this league, one of my main plans was to utilize return yards as a way to get cheap mid-tier RBs and WRs. That resulted in Sproles and McCluster at RB and Lockett, Harvin, Ty Montgomery (not looking so great now with James Jones signed), and Cordarrelle Patterson at WR.

I decided that strategy allowed me to take some IDPs early, something I haven't really done in the past because my knowledge of them isn't anywhere near my knowledge of offensive players.

I think this is the happiest I've been with an RIFC league draft: I should be much more solid on defense than in previous years, and if any of my return specialists end up with a sizable role on offense, I feel that I have a legitimate shot at the championship.
6The Beezer
      ID: 10735519
      Tue, Sep 08, 2015, 21:46
1. My strategy for this year's draft was to be open to playing catch-up at RB and WR if Gronk and/or Watt were available. Missed Gronk by 1 pick, but C.J. was a great consolation prize and I got Watt in round 2. Then it was a matter of filling up on RBs and WRs (along with an elite LB that slid way too far) until round 10.

I don't think I have ever been in an RIFC draft where QBs didn't go off the board too early. This draft was no exception - 12 teams took their QB by the end of round 6. I decided to wait until PEI took a QB and one team took a reserve, which didn't happen until round 11. I still got the guy I would have taken in round 7, so that worked out great.

The back half of the draft was all about getting good IDPs and some potential breakouts that should be clear hits or misses in week 1. There's no time to wait on players to hit with such a thin waiver wire, so having guys be obvious misses doesn't faze me.

2. I really liked a lot of my picks. My favorite picks were Watt (2), Gore (3), Crowell (6), Bowman (8), Wheaton (10), and Preston Brown (21). Duke Johnson (9) might have been too early, but locking up the Cleveland backfield after West's trade to the Titans makes me feel pretty good about that one. I may regret waiting so long to get my backup - I got too cute trying to wait and it bit me a little. Hopefully Winston will help me out like Cam Newton did in 2011.

3. No one had a bad draft (just some bad luck with trades/injuries), but my favorite drafts were by dpr and Gmoney.

4. The biggest surprise was how long highly rated IDPs were left on the board. That had really tightened up the past couple of years yet seemed to revert a bit this year. No complaints though.

5. I would not change a thing other than backup QB (as mentioned above). This league is all about making good waiver wire moves early and staying ahead of the curve, along with some good injury luck. Looking forward to a good year and hopefully a return to the big league.
      ID: 317571618
      Thu, Sep 10, 2015, 14:57
Having played fantasy sports for a long time, I still think RB,RB with the 1st two picks is the way to go then just draft for value the rest of the way.As fast as the top WRs went off the board I picked up Hilton in the 2nd and was really happy when I could grab Hyde in the 3rd.

I was able to stick to my strategy fairly well, but my favorite picks,the rookies Cooper and Gurley in the 4th and 5th could be my least favorite if they don't perform as well as expected. I liked Fitzgerald in the 8th as well, but have 2nd guessed my pick of Newton in the 6th as there are some legitimate concerns about his receivers.

I think the teams (as usual) are pretty well matched although If Arien Foster comes back early as expected, and strong, and Gronk can cover for a little weaker WR corp Drussell may be the team to beat.

Not too much surprised me about the draft, although it seems as tho top WR and TE go off the board earlier every year,I kind of expected that.

I'm pretty happy with my team especially if the Rookies perform well, I would have liked a better QB,but hopefully Palmer has a good year if I need him, and as always I feel like I'm chasing with my IDPs.

Good Luck to all.

      ID: 161121811
      Thu, Sep 10, 2015, 16:44
I didn't have much choice in my draft selection, and since we went to the Bonzai I think I've always managed to pick in the last 4 spots. #3 is exactly where I picked last year - I figured any one of the top 5 RB's are about even, except I did not want Peterson if he fell to me. Generally I think my draft went as I expected it to - RB-WR-RB-WR-QB-LB-filling spots. I held off longer on IDP this year because the rule changes against the defense have shrank the scores so much and bunched everyone much closer together - so there is much difference between the 5th best IDP and the 50th than there has in the past. I punted TE's again, as I usually do, because I am generally unwilling to draft a TE before the 7th round.

My favorite picks are Morris in the 3rd and Landry in the 4th. I love getting players that have a return component to their game, because it's like getting secret bonus points. Adam Jones is another player I like because of his return value. My least favorite pick is probably Reuben Randle. I picked him way too early, and then picked Victor Cruz *after* him, so I am not sure what I was doing there. I also do not like my depth at RB, but I never do, and I have never had two strong RB's go the whole season (Only once in nine years have I had both RB spots score more than 130 in the regular season), even though I pick both in the first 3 rounds.

I think overall my team is solid, but for whatever reason I am not as excited about it as I usually am. My heart wasn't in the draft that much and I was just grabbing players to fill spots without really doing a lot of research. That probably means I will go 20-6 and win the league. Haha!
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