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0 Subject: 2019 G24

Posted by: Judy
- [35493114] Mon, Jul 15, 2019, 14:31

Please sign in below with your team name and your sign in name.

      ID: 35493114
      Mon, Jul 15, 2019, 14:32
Rosters have been transferred over from 2018.

I need to delete any acquisitions made during playoffs. Later.
      ID: 9541311
      Mon, Jul 15, 2019, 14:33

      ID: 35493114
      Mon, Jul 15, 2019, 14:33
AZ Cardinals / Judy are IN!

Looking to rebound after a disappointing season...
      ID: 35661517
      Mon, Jul 15, 2019, 18:06
Seahawks / Promizeone
      ID: 305301811
      Mon, Jul 15, 2019, 19:12
Here with the Lions
6 ttucowboy
      ID: 126401518
      Mon, Jul 15, 2019, 19:41
Dallas Cowboys are back! Also have the following players on the block if anyone is interested:

Ben Roethlisberger
Jaylen Samuels
Carlos Hyde
Golden Tate
Curtis Samuel
Keanu Neal
Budda Baker

Open to anything so feel free to message me if interested.
      ID: 230312410
      Mon, Jul 15, 2019, 22:37
Minnesota Vikings are in!
      ID: 112192620
      Mon, Jul 15, 2019, 22:42
Jets are in and QB shopping...
9 taxman
      ID: 029463114
      Mon, Jul 15, 2019, 23:48
Houston Texans are in
      ID: 1615517
      Tue, Jul 16, 2019, 19:32
San Diego Chargers / GoatLocker In
      ID: 301342313
      Wed, Jul 17, 2019, 11:05
Bengals are in
12 SwinganaMiss
      ID: 402572821
      Wed, Jul 17, 2019, 14:27
Ravens are in
      ID: 35338278
      Wed, Jul 17, 2019, 23:05
KC Chiefs in
14 Tree
      ID: 77532019
      Thu, Jul 18, 2019, 08:36
Denver is in, and i've got players on the block!

i'm also looking to make some moves - several off-season moves in the NFL boded well for my team (Howard leaving the Bears, Ingram signing with the Ravens, and ODB leaving NYG, not to mention Quinn looking like the 'Skins slot guy and Martin re-signing with the Raiders because Crowell got hurt), so i feel as though i have a surplus.

i'm mostly looking for picks, although multi-player deals aren't out of the question. i'm game for upgrades.

among those available:
Tom Brady
AJ Green
Doug Martin
Kenneth Dixon
Trey Quinn
Sterling Shepherd
Greg Olsen
Michael Gallup

CJ Mosley
Avery Williamson
Jaylon Smith
      ID: 35493114
      Sat, Jul 20, 2019, 16:15
These teams still need to sign into MFL:


If you need another invite, l let me know...
16 deepsnapper
      ID: 151133618
      Mon, Jul 22, 2019, 12:24
Eagles are in, Thanks Judy
      ID: 040625911
      Mon, Jul 22, 2019, 13:24
Packers are IN!
      ID: 305301811
      Mon, Jul 22, 2019, 16:35
Just to make sure that my memory isn't faulty, we are removing team D this season, and having a separate one-round IDP draft based on the preseason projections of teams' current team defenses, correct?
      ID: 466112218
      Mon, Jul 22, 2019, 19:32
How many do we keep again, 9? And any restrictions (like, does one need to be on D?)

Available for trade discussions:
QB J Rosen
RB K Drake
RB L Miller
RB R Burkhead
RB G Edwards
WR S Watkins
WR J Gordon
TE J Cook
DL T Flowers
20 Doug
      ID: 466112218
      Mon, Jul 22, 2019, 19:33
<-- email
      ID: 12622209
      Mon, Jul 22, 2019, 19:50
SF 49ers/twolves are in
      ID: 040625911
      Tue, Jul 23, 2019, 15:08
Nerf re:18, yes this is the year we get rid of Team Def and have a 1 round supplemental draft for IDP. I don't believe we came to a final decision, but the consensus as I recall was to use a popular ranking site like to use as a preseason ranking.

Fantasy Pros has their preseason rankings up now, and from prior use of their site I don't recall that they make many changes if any at all for Team D rankings. So what they have up now is probably going to be the same in a few weeks time. I think we should pick a date for the draft and then whatever the rankings are on that date is the order we will use for the 1 round supplemental draft.
      ID: 305301811
      Tue, Jul 23, 2019, 16:02
I assume that we will do this draft after keepers, and before the supplemental draft? Are rookies eligible in the IDP draft?
      ID: 35493114
      Tue, Jul 23, 2019, 16:34
Skinner and nerf
Thanks for the reminder — totally forgot about that...

I’ll need to change the roster requirements...
One more flex IDP...


Great question Nerf
I think rookies/everyone should should be available...
Will send email out so folks remember this and can comment...

I think we can use one round of draftime for free to get the IDP pick out of the way quickly???
Especially since the order will be different than the regular draft.

Yes IDP needs to be after keepers announced. No position requirement for keepers.

can one of you post the current ranking list and give your source? Question.
      ID: 35493114
      Tue, Jul 23, 2019, 16:40
MFL 2018 DST points ranking can be found here. Just points.
      ID: 35493114
      Tue, Jul 23, 2019, 16:41
Oops not a just go to home page and look it up under
Reports —> players
      ID: 35493114
      Tue, Jul 23, 2019, 16:48
Here are fantasy football today 2019 projections:

Here it is using our league scoring for 2019:
(Haven’t looked to see differences)
      ID: 35493114
      Tue, Jul 23, 2019, 16:49

FFT can find our MFL league (#35231) and rank it...

      ID: 9541311
      Tue, Jul 23, 2019, 17:04
Commissioner Judith:

2018 DST results are irrelevant: What counts are 2019 projections.

The rule is here:

"Beginning in 2019, the roster position of Team Defense (aka D/ST) will
be abolished. An additional IDP position will be added, and the IDP
configuration will become 1 DL - 2 LB - 2 DB - 1 Flex. After keepers have
been selected and before the draft in the year the proposal comes into
effect, a SPECIAL ONE-ROUND ONE-TIME-ONLY IDP Draft will be held.
Any IDP who has not been kept by a team may be chosen in that draft.
To determine the order of drafting in that round, the projected rankings
of the Team Defenses owned in the league at the end of the previous
regular season will be determined according to the "Fantasy Pros"
website, or in some similar manner determined by the Commissioner. If a
team owns 2 or more team defenses at the end of the regular season, its
best ranked team defense will be used. The special draft order will start
with the team with the best ranked team defense and proceed down the
rankings, with the last pick going to the team with the worst ranked
team defense. Because one player will be picked by its team before the
supplemental draft starts, the draft will be one round shorter than usual;
otherwise it will be conducted in the usual manner."

It was Slizz's idea to use Fantasy Pros projections. I adapted it becuz Fantasy Pros projections do not use our scoring settings. There are propietrary sites that can adapt their projections -- e.g, "Football Guys", which I highly recommend.

Notice, Madam Commissioner, that the rule was drafted to leave the decision in your hands -- your decision, no way to overturn it or overrule it.

      ID: 9541311
      Tue, Jul 23, 2019, 17:10

I should note that I am not *recommending* using Football Guys projections. I felt it best to give our beloved commissioner the option to choose.
      ID: 052753312
      Tue, Jul 23, 2019, 17:14
Indy is back for another season.

My current keepers are looking to be the following. If anyone is interested in a swap or you have a bonus player or two that you want a midround draft pick for, I'm open for business.

Duke Johnson
James White
Robby Anderson
Tyreek Hill
Marvin Jones
LaVonte David
Bobby Wagner
Dont'a Hightower
Justin Reid
33 Toral
      ID: 9541311
      Tue, Jul 23, 2019, 17:23

New Orleans Saints will be *needing* keeper-quality players. We are as bereft as the Yankee farm system was in 1965 after Del Webb had decided to sell the team, and so, dismantled the Yankee scouting programme. Keep this in mind before you trade any.
      ID: 39230821
      Tue, Jul 23, 2019, 18:25
Carolina Panthers / Thumper in!

Looking to swap a RB for a comparable WR. My RB’s are James Conner, Derick Henry and Derrius Guice
      ID: 53213822
      Tue, Jul 23, 2019, 19:48
I clicked the link to join but it said I was already a member of the league.
      ID: 35493114
      Tue, Jul 23, 2019, 20:48
Yikes Toral

No no no! It’s judy

We get one round of draftime free. I can set the IDP order there. It is a very efficient system — assuming people do not pick someone else’s keeper. But I might be able to maneuver that.

The regular draft is on MFL and it will have a separate order. Once the draftime is done and the keepers are added to your roster, the regular MFL draft can begin!
      ID: 35493114
      Tue, Jul 23, 2019, 20:57
WG. You are all set. I think if you sign into one league it signs you in to all...
      ID: 9541311
      Wed, Jul 24, 2019, 06:46

Actually in Draftime you could just remove the IDP keepers from the player pool, ensuring no draft by mistake.

It sounds like more work for you than just listing the keepers at the top of the thread on the message board and draftime there. But whatever is easiedt for you is fine.
39 taxman
      ID: 029463114
      Wed, Jul 24, 2019, 18:21
Thumqer..let's talk.. need to post your e-mail address

I have:

Antonio Brown
T Y Hilton
Dede Westbrook

Looking for quality RB
      ID: 305301811
      Wed, Jul 24, 2019, 19:01
Wow, I hadn't realized how bare the cupboard has gotten. My roster is not looking so hot! My probable keepers are:

2 of Murray, Lee, or Stills
last spot is up in the air.

I'm looking for a WR better than any of the above, which shouldn't actually be hard to find!
      ID: 402572821
      Thu, Jul 25, 2019, 12:44
Personally, I think rookies should be excluded from the supplemental draft. Not sure if it's worth a vote or is just up to executive decision.
      ID: 53336714
      Thu, Jul 25, 2019, 13:36
For Reference - 2019 Fantasypros DST Consensus Rankings:

1. Chicago Bears
2. Jacksonville Jaguars
3. Los Angeles Rams
4. Minnesota Vikings
5. Baltimore Ravens
6. Los Angeles Chargers
7. Houston Texans
8. Cleveland Browns
9. New Orleans Saints
10. Denver Broncos
11. Buffalo Bills
12. New England Patriots
13. Dallas Cowboys
14. Seattle Seahawks
15. Philadelphia Eagles
16. Tennessee Titans
17. Pittsburgh Steelers
18. Indianapolis Colts
19. Kansas City Chiefs
20. Green Bay Packers
21. Carolina Panthers
22. Atlanta Falcons
23. New York Jets
24. Washington Redskins
25. Arizona Cardinals
26. Detroit Lions
27. San Francisco 49ers
28. New York Giants
29. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
30. Miami Dolphins
31. Cincinnati Bengals
32. Oakland Raiders
      ID: 53336714
      Thu, Jul 25, 2019, 13:40
Thumqer picks 1.01 in the 1 rd IDP draft. Congrats dude!

When selecting or posting your keepers just put the DST you are cutting and we can create a separate thread for the IDP draft.

One thing we never discussed in the elimination of the DST vote is whether Rookies are allowed to be taken in the 1 rd special IDP draft...or are they subject to the supplemental only...
      ID: 53336714
      Thu, Jul 25, 2019, 13:41
My contention is that the supplemental draft is the place for rookies but don’t care either way.
      ID: 402572821
      Thu, Jul 25, 2019, 13:57
Ok, I meant special 1 rd idp draft. I think the rookies should be excluded.
      ID: 466112218
      Thu, Jul 25, 2019, 14:15
I agree, I think I expected Rookies would not be part of the IDP Draft when thinking about how to value Team D last year.
      ID: 305301811
      Thu, Jul 25, 2019, 14:18
I can see both sides. Those with top 5 picks are losing a pretty significant keeper. The only significant IDP's leftover would the rookies, and they are often not immediate impacts. I lean towards leaving them in.
      ID: 040625911
      Thu, Jul 25, 2019, 15:02
I was a little disappointed in the Titans preseason rankings unfortunately as they performed fairly well the second half last year as 4th best in our scoring system. ESPN and MFL both have them 12 this year, so guess FantasyPros is the lowest ranked among them at 16.
      ID: 402572821
      Thu, Jul 25, 2019, 16:03
Lets eliminate kicker next year and give the team with the best kicker ranking the 1.01 in a one round offensive player only special draft, including rookies. Zeurlein and gostkowski will be first rd picks this year for sure. Maybe a bunch more kickers too!
      ID: 305301811
      Thu, Jul 25, 2019, 16:58
Just summarizing the discussion in the email spam and adding a few of my own questions.

1. It's okay to trade your DST's before the draft, if someone wants to move up

Q: What happens if you trade your only/all DST's and are left with none? End of draft? No draft at all?

2. Straight fantasy-pros rankings vs. adjusting their projections for our scoring.

Q: Which one is more fair? I'd say the latter.

3. Confirm we get 9 keepers, plus the IDP round. The regular supp. draft is then only 10 rounds.

I have 2 extra DST's - the Packers, ranked 20 above, and the Cardinals, ranked 25 - in case anyone is stuck at the back and wants to move up a few slots.
      ID: 53336714
      Thu, Jul 25, 2019, 17:31
Thanks for summarizing Nerf...I agree with Torals earlier point (via email): THE LIST:

I guess Fantasy Pros should be used. It's not set for our scoring system. My Team D ranks 8 placess higher projecting under our scoring system. But that's just tough bananas for here.

The problem with a vote on some other list is that everyone has an interest now.
      ID: 14143919
      Thu, Jul 25, 2019, 20:52
IDP rookies should not be included... I view the purpose of this as to convert an asset owned from year end 2018 and establish a similarly valued asset picked from a pool of available talent (different position) which was also utilized in 2018.
53Slackjawed Yokel
      ID: 15602520
      Thu, Jul 25, 2019, 21:00
Slow to the trigger...

Jags are in. Will try to get caught up
      ID: 53602521
      Thu, Jul 25, 2019, 22:00
New York Giants are in.
      ID: 35493114
      Fri, Jul 26, 2019, 13:10
Do we need to vote about the rookies in IDP draft?
      ID: 040625911
      Fri, Jul 26, 2019, 13:46
If we have to have a vote on whether rookies are allowed for this 1 round supplemental round, then we probably need to delay the elimination of the D/ST for another year. When I originally proposed this solution for replacement value of the Defense unit vs just eliminating the position, it was intended to include anyone who was available after keepers had been selected. That includes any rookies.

The mechanics were simple, keep your 9 players, then select the 1 D/ST on your roster that you want to replace (obviously the higher ranked one), and then when it's your turn to pick select the IDP you want for replacement. It was never going to be a true replacement value since some Def are much more valuable than others, but at least there was some semblance of equal value replaced. The pool is likely to already be watered down as more IDPs may be kept than other years I imagine, so the managers giving up the best defenses would be able to select the best IDP replacement value possible. This is a 1 year issue and then we don't have to worry about it again.
      ID: 9541311
      Fri, Jul 26, 2019, 13:51

We need something, either a vote or a binding interpretation by from you.

I took some time mulling over the actual wording of the rule. It seems susceptible of either interpretation.

"Any IDP who has not been kept by a team may be chosen in that draft."


Let consider Joe Rookie, IDP. Is he an IDP? Yes. Was he kept by a team? No. Therefore he can be chosen.


A little more subtle. What is the import of the term "who has not been kept by a team". Does it not suggest that the player must have been capable of being kept by a team, i.e., not be a rookie? Why else would the rule say "who has not been kept by a team". Would anything think that an IDP who HAD been kept by a team could be drafted anyway?

There is no obvious solution to be found in an individual owner's statements about what they thought they were voting for, which are on an individual basis irrelevant, or conjecture about the purpose of the rule, which could go either way.

Judy, this is why you make the big bucks.

      ID: 356432512
      Fri, Jul 26, 2019, 14:14
Let’s just include rookies and not delay this any further. I don’t see a valid reason not to include them. People with top defenses are losing that advantage. They should be compensated accordingly and have the option to pick from any IDPs available after keepers are declared...including rookies. Not including rookies is a bit of a slap in the face to the intended purpose of this idea to begin with..
      ID: 356432512
      Fri, Jul 26, 2019, 14:19
52: Disagree 100%. Why are we using projections for 2019 as the rankings for D/ST? The reason is because we’re establishing a fair value for that asset coming into this year. Thus, all IDPs not being kept should be available along with rookies. How can we value something for 2019 and not include the entire 2019 player pool for compensation. Makes zero sense.
      ID: 11740813
      Fri, Jul 26, 2019, 14:25
There are no good options. Include, exclude, or delay a year... with each approach some managers are going to feel as if the rules have been changed from under them and that they might have made different choices had they known.
      ID: 77532019
      Fri, Jul 26, 2019, 16:06
the rules didn't change if we don't change them.

the original rules as written don't specifically exclude rookies, so i see no reason why we'd do so.

the only even remotely related line states Any IDP who has not been kept by a team may be chosen in that draft, and by that qualification, rookies are allowed because they were not kept.
      ID: 39230821
      Fri, Jul 26, 2019, 16:14
I’m also in the “include rookies” camp.
      ID: 11740813
      Fri, Jul 26, 2019, 18:15
Players clearly fall into 4 buckets during the preseason:
1. Players removed from the player pool (due to retirement, etc.)
2. Players who were kept
3. Players who were not kept
4. Rookies

IDP draft is for group 3.
      ID: 35493114
      Fri, Jul 26, 2019, 21:50
Need someone to run the lottery. Have no idea how to do it.

4. Draft Order
A. Round 1
Picks 1-4 are determined by a draft lottery of the prior year’s 16 non-playoff teams. Picks 5-16 are in reverse order of regular season record of the remaining non-playoff teams; Picks 17-24 are the playoff teams in reverse order of playoff finish.
B. Subsequent Rounds
Picks 1-16 are in reverse order of regular season record of non-playoff teams. Picks 17-24 are the playoff teams in reverse order of playoff finish. The draft will NOT snake.
      ID: 35493114
      Fri, Jul 26, 2019, 21:52
I believe this is draft slots for 2019, with 1-16 in the lottery for picks #1-4. Someone should double-check and confirm.

24. Seattle
23. Bills
22. Carolina
21. KC
20. Cleveland
19. Jacksonville
18. SF
17. GB
16. Denver
15. NYJ
14. Oakland
13. Dallas
12. Cincinnati
11. Arizona
10. Baltimore
9. Detroit
8. NYGiants
7. San Diego
5. Indy
4. Chicago
3. Houston
2. Philadelphia
1. Minnesota
      ID: 92552311
      Sat, Jul 27, 2019, 08:04
Guru will run lottery in a few days.
So we are all set there.
      ID: 330592710
      Sun, Jul 28, 2019, 03:26
Lottery has been run (per Judy's request.

Pick #1: NOLA
Pick #2: Minnesota
Pick #3: Houston
Pick #4 Philadelphia

NOLA had 5.9% chance to be selected
Minnesota was at 25%
Houston was 14.7%
Philly was 20%

Spreadsheet with full results is at
      ID: 9541311
      Sun, Jul 28, 2019, 08:12

Always have good luck in Guru's lotteries. Thanx, Guru.
      ID: 206272812
      Sun, Jul 28, 2019, 13:28
Ditto on including rookies for the IDP draft.
      ID: 040625911
      Tue, Jul 30, 2019, 17:19
Anyone looking for a QB? I have Ryan Fitzpatrick available and he is seemingly still ahead on the depth chart to start in Miami right now.

      ID: 14143919
      Tue, Jul 30, 2019, 20:38
I am QB hunting... need to figure out what picks I have but would sell a non 1st rounder for a competent starter like this or better.
      ID: 556503022
      Tue, Jul 30, 2019, 23:51
Trade Announcement

Dallas Cowboys trade:

Ben Roethlisberger
2019 8th round pick

New York Jets trade:

2019 2nd round pick

GO to confirm on pick exchange
      ID: 14143919
      Tue, Jul 30, 2019, 23:57
Trade confirmed.
74 SwinganaMiss
      ID: 356281721
      Sat, Aug 03, 2019, 10:45
I would be interested in trading for a RB. If you have one to trade, hit me up! (Balt Ravens)
75 promizeone
      ID: 35661517
      Mon, Aug 05, 2019, 11:00
Guess need some clarification.

1. We get 9 Keepers again this year. Is the defense considered one of those keepers?

2. I had the Vikings defense, am I understanding that with the lotto I'm #2 pick in the IDP draft?
      ID: 347152518
      Mon, Aug 05, 2019, 14:59
No, the IDP draft is separate and there’s no need to keep your defense in order to participate.
      ID: 402572821
      Tue, Aug 06, 2019, 07:24
Now might be a good time to iron out how a strike might impact the league.
      ID: 35493114
      Wed, Aug 07, 2019, 21:24
To summarize:

Correct me if I am wrong.

DST is gone
Keepers — 9 of them
First round of draft IDP in order from #42 above
Second round regular order with lottery from #67 above
Rounds 3-11 regular order as shown in #65 above right side up
All drafts on MFL.

Lineups will have no DST, but a flex IDP. (I haven’t done it yet)
      ID: 9541311
      Wed, Aug 07, 2019, 21:46

I don't see why you are taking the rankings from post #42? What is so special about that time? The rankings have in fact changed since then. I suggest you use the rankings from 24 hours before you are setting the IDP draft order on MFL.
      ID: 35493114
      Wed, Aug 07, 2019, 22:29
Didn’t consider that DST ranking would change...

Proposal from email:

Should we pick a date and someone post the ranking as of that date?

Sunday August 18?

Need a keeper date soon after that. Thursday August 22/Friday August 23?

2018 dates:

Draft began August 26
Draft finished sept 3.

2019 suggestion
Keepers due August 22/23
Draft begin August 25
Draft end by. Labor Day sept 2...

Remember that nothing I toss out here or on email is final, just starting points for discussion. At some point tho a decision will be made, hopefully after input.
      ID: 356281721
      Thu, Aug 08, 2019, 06:19
(from post 30)
Beginning in 2019, the roster position of Team Defense (aka D/ST) will
be abolished. An additional IDP position will be added, and the IDP
configuration will become 1 DL - 2 LB - 2 DB - 1 Flex.

2018 rule was 1 DL - 1 LB - 1 DB - 2 Flex. So, we are not adding a Flex. We are adding 1 LB and 1 DB, and removing 1 Flex.
      ID: 12622209
      Thu, Aug 08, 2019, 08:49
Could we move the start of the draft up a day to start earlier? I will be flying all day starting August 31 (8+ hour and then 10+ hour trips) with no internet and thus get more picks done before being out of touch.
      ID: 305301811
      Thu, Aug 08, 2019, 11:45
There was a point in email that if someone wanted to trade a DST they need to know where they stand in the rankings, so perhaps lock it in at least 3 days ahead of keepers due. So like, August 19th?

There was also the question of taking the exact rankings, or using the projected stats and running the points based on our scoring system. I didn't hear a definitive answer on that either way.
      ID: 1379811
      Thu, Aug 08, 2019, 12:09
I have WR and RB to deal. Mariotta for the right price. Take a look at CLEV and let me know if you are interested based on need/offer. (And, no, Mahomes is not available)

RE: Judy 80 -I am good with the idea of
019 suggestion
Keepers due August 22/23
Draft begin August 25
Draft end by. Labor Day sept 2...

      ID: 35493114
      Thu, Aug 08, 2019, 18:10

It will be opened earlier untimed — as soon as the keepers are in.
Remember you can also use a Q or emaill me directly. I not look until it is your turn...
      ID: 35493114
      Thu, Aug 08, 2019, 18:22

It will be opened earlier untimed — as soon as the keepers are in.
Remember you can also use a Q or emaill me directly. I not look until it is your turn...
      ID: 35493114
      Thu, Aug 08, 2019, 18:23
I popped in the starting lineup changes and they seem to be working...

I also took DST out of rosters.

If anyone wants to check, just out a starting lineup in and see if it should.
      ID: 53336714
      Thu, Aug 08, 2019, 19:44

Denver Broncos Trade:
Trey Quinn, WR, WSH
2019 Round 8, pick 11

Buffalo Bills Trade:
Mason Crosby, K, GB
2019 Round 5, pick 23
      ID: 217372011
      Thu, Aug 08, 2019, 19:50
90 WG
      ID: 35338278
      Fri, Aug 09, 2019, 13:14
I have 2 defenses, Ravens and Bills, if anyone wants one of them.
      ID: 356281721
      Sat, Aug 10, 2019, 19:42
Deshaun Watson
1 LB

either Reed or Ito Smith (unless someone is interested in trading a RB > Ito).
      ID: 9541311
      Sun, Aug 11, 2019, 08:54

87: I believe the number of starting DTs + DEs
should be set at 1-2 (1 plus a flex) rather than 1-3.
      ID: 35493114
      Sun, Aug 11, 2019, 18:40
Toral is correct. Max DL has to be 2 to fulfill requirement of 2 LB and 2 DB

See 81. IDP total is 6

I fixed it.

I am so glad you guys are specific about this. I need to reminded each year...
94 ttucowboy
      ID: 407531012
      Sun, Aug 11, 2019, 19:20
Not sure if there is a market for Carlos Hyde, but he’s available for a draft pick upgrade. Starter Damien Williams is currently hurt. Appears Hyde will have a role in an explosive offense regardless of William’s injury status.
95 Tree
      ID: 77532019
      Tue, Aug 13, 2019, 09:08
looking to make more moves..

among those available:

Tom Brady
AJ Green
Doug Martin
Kenneth Dixon
Sterling Shepherd
Greg Olsen
Michael Gallup

CJ Mosley
Avery Williamson
Jaylon Smith

Olsen, in particular, could be a sneaky get. he's healthy, and probably at the back end of TE1s...
      ID: 206272812
      Tue, Aug 13, 2019, 12:38
I will have to figure things out, but the earlier the better for me for draft start.
I'll be on an airplane 30 Aug.
Board the Riverboat 2 Sept, but will have wifi.
Will just have to load queues when I have access.

      ID: 407531012
      Tue, Aug 13, 2019, 23:41
Golden Tate suspension was upheld so the pick exchange is:

WG (KC) trades:

2019 S6

ttucowboy (Dallas) trades:

2019 S9
      ID: 9541311
      Wed, Aug 14, 2019, 17:21


New York Jets
Benardrick McKinney, LB, Hou, and 2019 draft choices 6 and 10

New Orleans Saints
for 2019 draft choices 6 and 7
      ID: 14143919
      Thu, Aug 15, 2019, 07:18
      ID: 35661517
      Thu, Aug 15, 2019, 08:45
What are our officials dates?
      ID: 35493114
      Thu, Aug 15, 2019, 15:50
Matching up NFL DST with G24 teams.

NFL team/G24 team

I need to do this so I keep it straight for the draft. Please double check.

NOTE: order will change with list as of Monday August 19.

Someone needs to post it please.

I will put this list into MFL draft order today because it should be easy to fix once the “official” list is posted.

If you have 2 or more DST I will only put the first one in.

1. Chicago Bears/CAR
2. Jacksonville Jaguars/BUFF
3. Los Angeles Rams/CIN
4. Minnesota Vikings/SEA
5. Baltimore Ravens/KC
6. Los Angeles Chargers/CHI
7. Houston Texans/DEN
8. Cleveland Browns/INDY
9. New Orleans Saints/DET
10. Denver Broncos/AZ
11. Buffalo Bills/KC
12. New England Patriots/OAK
13. Dallas Cowboys/SF
14. Seattle Seahawks/PHL
15. Philadelphia Eagles/NYG
16. Tennessee Titans/GB
17. Pittsburgh Steelers/NOLA
18. Indianapolis Colts/NYJ
19. Kansas City Chiefs/OAK
20. Green Bay Packers/DET
21. Carolina Panthers/SD
22. Atlanta Falcons/—
23. New York Jets/HOU
24. Washington Redskins/CHI
25. Arizona Cardinals/DET
26. Detroit Lions/MINN
27. San Francisco 49ers/BALT
28. New York Giants/DAL
29. Tampa Bay Buccaneers/—
30. Miami Dolphins/CLE
31. Cincinnati Bengals/BALT
32. Oakland Raiders/JAX
      ID: 35493114
      Thu, Aug 15, 2019, 15:52

DST list is from post #42

Draft order is from post #65

Round 2 lottery is from post #67

      ID: 35493114
      Thu, Aug 15, 2019, 16:15
Slot 11 belongs to DAL due to trade.
      ID: 5671162
      Sat, Aug 17, 2019, 22:27
I am confused about 1st and 2nd round order of picking! I thought lottery for first round and after that by finish position during season.
      ID: 206272812
      Sat, Aug 17, 2019, 23:40
Defense is right for SD.
      ID: 356281721
      Sun, Aug 18, 2019, 09:13
FYI.....I looked at the 2018 trades, and found these 4 trades with 2019 draft picks included.

Denver Broncos gave up Kupp, Cooper LAR WR; 2019 third rounder
Minnesota Vikings gave up Ingram, Mark NOS RB; 2019 last rounder
Baltimore Ravens gave up Shepard, Sterling NYG WR; Evans, Justin TBB S; 2019 7th
Denver Broncos gave up St. Brown, Equanimeous GBP WR; Warner, Fred SFO LB; 2019 4th
New Orleans Saints gave up Osweiler, Brock MIA QB; 2019 8th rounder
Seattle Seahawks gave up 2019 5th round
Denver Broncos gave up Seferian-Jenkins, Austin JAC TE; 2019 5th ... if Olsen doesn't play at least 6 games the rest of the season (the Panthers have 12 games left), the pick moves to a 7th) (Olson played 8 games)
Arizona Cardinals gave up Olsen, Greg CAR TE; 2019 8th
      ID: 9541311
      Sun, Aug 18, 2019, 11:23

I am confused about 1st and 2nd round order of picking! I thought lottery for first round and after that by finish position during season.

I believe that Judy is treating the special IDP draft like round 1 of the supplementary draft, which may lead to considerable confusion. The draft picks traded above refer to the supplementary draft as constituted under the rules, with the lottery round being round 1, not round 2.
      ID: 12622209
      Sun, Aug 18, 2019, 13:32
Okay that helps. thanks.
So in round 1 can only draft IDP players. It seems to me it would have been easier to just add one round to draft since no one has more that one Def but I do see point that some teams have managed to dump team def already although not sure how unless have one less team member.
      ID: 35493114
      Sun, Aug 18, 2019, 17:49
Reminder draft is set for 3 hours per pick!
110Slackjawed Yokel
      ID: 15602520
      Sun, Aug 18, 2019, 22:18
Judy - re def order. Nfl def New England belongs to Jags. (Shows up as oakland on your list)
111 slizz
      ID: 532371213
      Sun, Aug 18, 2019, 22:45


1. Chicago Bears - Thumqer / Carolina
2. Jacksonville Jaguars - Slizz / Buffalo
3. Los Angeles Rams - Roman / Cincy
4. Baltimore Ravens - WG / KC +1
5. Minnesota Vikings - Promize / Seattle -1
6. Los Angeles Chargers - ??? / Chicago Bears
7. Houston Texans - Tree / Denver
8. Cleveland Browns - Kyle / Indy
9. New Orleans Saints - Nerf / Detroit
10. Denver Broncos - Judy / Arizona
11. New England Patriots - yokel / Jacksonville +1
12. Dallas Cowboys - twolves / SF +1
13. Buffalo Bills - ttucowboy / Dallas -2
14. Philadelphia Eagles - TD / NYG +1
15. Seattle Seahawks - deepsnapper / Philly -1
16. Pittsburgh Steelers - Toral / New Orleans +1
17. Indianapolis Colts - GO / NYJ +1
18. Tennessee Titans - skineej / Green Bay -2
19. Kansas City Chiefs - Doug / Oakland
20. Carolina Panthers - mjd / San Diego +1
23. New York Jets - taxman / Houston
26. Detroit Lions - Bobo / Minnesota
27. San Francisco 49ers - SwinganaMiss / Baltimore
29. Miami Dolphins - CT / Cleveland +1


21. Atlanta Falcons - FA +1
22. Green Bay Packers - Nerf / Detroit
24. Washington Redskins - ??? / Bears
25. Arizona Cardinals - Nerf / Detroit
28. New York Giants - ttucowboy / Dallas
30. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - FA
31. Cincinnati Bengals - SwinganaMiss / Baltimore
32. Oakland Raiders - yokel / Jacksonville

The +/- indicates the change in consensus ranking from my original post.
      ID: 487241823
      Mon, Aug 19, 2019, 00:26
#20 Carolina Panthers would be GL since I own SDC now.
      ID: 417421910
      Mon, Aug 19, 2019, 11:42
      ID: 206272812
      Mon, Aug 19, 2019, 15:35
I went all the way through.
See keepers as 22/23 Aug.
Has this been decided?
      ID: 35493114
      Mon, Aug 19, 2019, 15:45
You should have received a detailed email Sunday.

Thursday August 22 midnight EDT
Note calendar in MFL says August 24 — I need that leeway to remind those of you who might not follow directions...🤪

List keepers in the thread so we can see them all in on place.
Select your keepers on MFL — you can do this NOW if you know.
1). For owners.
2). Select keepers.
3). Pick nine.
4). Scroll to bottom to hit “select keepers”.


(3 hours per pick)

Untimed once I perform the “load keepers” button.
Hopefully, sometime Friday.
I will send an email, although I think MFL also let’s you know when the draft opens.
Sunday, August 25 8:00 am EDT

Please check the thread to see the draft slot swaps leftover from last year. MFL should have processed them already.
It is your job to verify all this, not mine!
      ID: 337391915
      Mon, Aug 19, 2019, 16:39
Does anyone know if it’s possible to trade picks on the website? We have several trades that need to have the picks processed.
      ID: 9541311
      Mon, Aug 19, 2019, 17:27

Yes it is possible.
      ID: 206272812
      Mon, Aug 19, 2019, 18:20
Got it.
Couldn't find the email, but who knows at this time of year.
Probably sent to wrong folder.
      ID: 206272812
      Mon, Aug 19, 2019, 18:42
OK, I'm blind.
Found it.
Thanks for all you do.
      ID: 337391915
      Mon, Aug 19, 2019, 18:57
117: Thanks. For some reason, I didn’t see that option before. Trade proposals with pick exchanges from post 72 and 97 have been submitted.
      ID: 477462019
      Tue, Aug 20, 2019, 20:49
Expected Keepers
Deshaun Watson
Derrick Henry
Jordan Reed
122 WG
      ID: 35338278
      Wed, Aug 21, 2019, 08:39
Still looking to add a keeper, preferably a WR or IDP, if anyone has one for not a super high pick swap cost. Also have Jimmy Graham and Jack Doyle to trade if anyone needs a TE.
      ID: 305301811
      Thu, Aug 22, 2019, 18:39
I am letting everyone know I will be out of town, but with internet access, for the weekend starting tomorrow morning.
124 taxman
      ID: 029463114
      Fri, Aug 23, 2019, 22:02
Anybody have information/contact with CCRider (Chicago) and Kyle (Indianapolis). Need their keeper picks to start this draft.
      ID: 356281721
      Sat, Aug 24, 2019, 00:26
On MFL, it says neither has visited the league website in > 30 days.
Both have email addresses and cell phone numbers listed on the site
      ID: 206272812
      Sat, Aug 24, 2019, 01:36
Thanks guys I was going nuts trying to figure things out. trying to update spreadsheets and getting no where.
      ID: 9541311
      Sat, Aug 24, 2019, 07:00

Before anyone starts suggesting draconian punishments, we might keep in mind that the last time this happened, in 2018, the player in question had been in the hospital.

The sensible solutions are to start thinking about keepers for them, while thinking about possible replacements. Of course just a text or phone call may be all that is required.

The gory details of the controversy of 2018.
      ID: 356281721
      Sat, Aug 24, 2019, 07:48
The link is wrong.
Check the G24 Preseason 2018 thread instead (the one above currently goes to RG14).

The posts were in the 80s and 90s.

Anyway, Kyle checked in on July 23.
But no messages from ccrider in 2019, I don't believe.
      ID: 9541311
      Sat, Aug 24, 2019, 08:07

ccrider's keepers now in.
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