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0 Subject: S42 Waivers & Transactions

Posted by: GO
- [14143919] Tue, Jan 07, 2020, 09:39

RWF Season 42 Schedule
All roster freezes will be the start of first show live or taped each week.
You can only have one add/drop completed and submitted per roster freeze period.

Regular Season
Week 1 – 1/6 RAW/SD
Week 2 – 1/13 RAW/SD
Week 3 – 1/20 RAW/SD
Week 4 – 1/26 PPV; RAW/SD
Week 5 – 2/3 RAW/SD
Week 6 – 2/10 RAW/SD
**Week 6.5 (**or season ending PPV if announced for 2/17)
** PPV - Regular Season Ends
*Trade Deadline = Regular Season Finale = 4 PM Waiver Processing

Week 7 – 2/17 RAW/SD
Week 8 – 2/24 RAW/SD
Week 9 – 3/2 RAW/SD
Week 10 – 3/8 PPV only Round 1 Finale = 4 PM Waiver Processing

Week 11 – 3/9 RAW/SD
Week 12 – 3/16 RAW/SD
Week 13 – 3/23 RAW/SD
Week 14 – 3/30 RAW/SD
Week 15 – 4/5 RWF PPV Super Bowl Finale = 4 PM Waiver Processing

Next Season 1st Round Locks

Opening Waiver Priority
1. Zyre
2. RJ
3. Nailer
4. GO
5. Rude
6. R-$
7. Farn
8. Samson

Prospect Guidelines
A wrestler is prospect eligible if they had not scored 100 or more points in the previous season.
The prospect will need to be picked and declared a prospect (at the time you pick him) during the draft in any round and he is your prospect til he hits 100 in the current season.
If he never does you can keep in subsequent off-season’s and just forfeit your worst pick at draft time.
The prospect will remain on your bench until he hits 100 points or you call him up to your active roster.
You call him to your active roster by dropping one of your other 8 talents.
This add/drop of your prospect would count as your one transaction for the week.
You can trade for extra prospects and have as many as you want, as long as you are down to 0-1 at draft time.

You can also switch your eligible prospect that you drafted between the draft and the start of the season.

Trade Deadline = Regular Season Finale
*Round Ending Waiver Processing
4 PM roster processing of any pending claims/trades day of this event. This includes all single "week" PPV's such as playoff round ending PPV's -including regular season ending PPV. All pending claims will process at 4 PM before the PPV. If you want your new wrestler scored you must set a new lineup before the respective PPV's start or leave instructions on the board or via email for us to implement.

This counts as your one move per "week" aka Roster Freeze period regardless of you complete a claim earlier that same week or using the 4PM buzzer.

If an opening lineup is not posted, your 1st starting roster will be your keepers plus your 1st 3 pick made. Your prospect will be deemed the last player picked that is an eligible prospect.
      ID: 14143919
      Sun, Jan 12, 2020, 08:17
Add Big Show
Drop Cedric
      ID: 14143919
      Mon, Jan 13, 2020, 14:25
Add Big Show
Drop Cedric
Start Big Show, Bench Zayn

Updated Priority
1. Zyre
2. RJ
3. Nailer
4. Rude
5. R-$
6. Farn
7. Samson
8. GO
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