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0 Subject: In Memoriam

Posted by: Guru
- [330592710] Mon, Dec 11, 09:03

It is with great personal sadness that I report that Paul Scheirer ("philliephan") passed away yesterday of a sudden heart attack. He was only in his mid-40s, and leaves a wife and two children, a daughter (13) and a son (11).

In additional to being an active, competitive, and helpful fantasy sports enthusiast, most of you know that Paul produced a very helpful fantasy hockey stats site. In fact, some of the current RotoGuru features were inspired by similar features at Paul's hockey site, including the Sched-O-Matic. Paul was also instrumental in providing me with some early assistance in fully automating the sortable stats. And he has been an active contributor to the message forum since its inception, where he has many, many friends who will sorely miss him. Most of us only knew him though the internet, but at times like this, we all understand how personal those relationships can become.

I am awaiting word about a designated charity for memorial contributions, and I will post that information when I receive it. Meanwhile, I'm sure all of our prayers go out for Paul's family.
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98Peter N.
ID: 481063011
Mon, Dec 11, 23:28
My prayers will be with his family. Life is excredibly fragile . It makes you extremely thankful for what you have.

You will be missed Paul,

Peter Nash
99¤ Mario LeMoose ¤
ID: 5711291123
Mon, Dec 11, 23:29
The Great One's spot (#99 on this thread) belongs to philliephan.
ID: 45420316
Mon, Dec 11, 23:45
Sincere condolences to his family. Thoughts and prayers for philliephan.
101¤ Mario LeMoose ¤
ID: 1411591123
Mon, Dec 11, 23:59
Thank you, Guru, for providing the arena that allowed us the opportunity to get to know Paul, and now to share our grief. As is the case with most of you, I too shall miss philliephan's wry sense of humor, his expertise, and his tireless efforts to help us enjoy the fantasy side of sports. On a personal note, I shall miss him dearly as my friend and my mentor.

With great fondness, I still recall the late weeks of the 1999-2000 hockey season, when the message board team was struggling to maintain a position among Small World's top 100. There was very little input from other Gurupies, as many had lost interest, were too occupied with their own teams, or had turned their attention to baseball. Paul literally guided me by the hand and we spent the last days of the season, down to the final minutes before each deadline, comparing notes and trying to use what trades were left wisely. That was typical philliephan … always there when he was needed, always ready to give of himself, always the "team player."

My heart aches deeply for his family, for his co-workers, and for all who regarded him as a friend. I feel privileged that his life touched mine.

¤ Christine ¤
ID: 4010452422
Tue, Dec 12, 00:02
Philliephan... You will be missed...

To you I offer no sadness and no tears for I believe that you are in better health than you have ever before been in and you are in a better place and can even now see your wife and children.

I do offer my condolences and my tears to your children, your wife, your friends and associates and for myself, in that we will not be able to experience you again in this life.

Good journey my friend!!
ID: 574112114
Tue, Dec 12, 00:21
Farewell Paul, as you embark on a very special journey. What an incredibly difficult time for your family, but I have no doubt that you are watching over them this very moment, helping to give them the strength and the courage they'll need to carry on without your physical presence. Be at peace my friend, knowing that the lives you touched are richer for it. Godspeed.

ID: 51912417
Tue, Dec 12, 00:25
A lot of emotions just flooded through me. Fantasy sports have come to mean loss for me. My best friend got me into Pursue the Pennant Baseball years ago, and fantasy sports became a consuming passion with us. My best friend was born with Cystic Fibrosis. He made it to almost 30 because of the fun he had in these "silly" games. But I can't put together a lineup without thinking of him. Now, another good man connected with my hobby of choice is gone too young. It's an all too familiar ache I'm feeling right now. It echoes off the hollow places left behind when my best friend left and resonates through you all that much more harshly.

If any members of Paul's family read this, there is something I would like you to know. I know you probably thought this was a bit of a goofy pasttime, but it's a marvelously simple pleasure in an all-too-complicated world, and it made Paul really happy. Paul wasn't willing to settle for personal happiness, though. By setting up that website and sharing his knowledge, he tried to share his happiness with others. The gift of happiness is one of the most precious gifts a human being can give to another. There are few better legacies a person can leave behind more wonderful than to say a man made a lot of people happy. And Paul did.

Paul, you've probably met my friend Grady by now. He's the one in the Capitals jersey and UVA hat. You'll enjoy your new league. Grady will show you the ropes up there, just like he did me down here.
ID: 421132120
Tue, Dec 12, 00:32
Wow. As I've read this touching thread throughout the day, I've tried to think of the right thing to say. I can't say that I have, but couldn't let the day pass without at least echoing the sentiments expressed in such a heartfelt manner throughout this thread.

To the Scheirer family, jumpball, Guru, and everybody else who had the pleasure of meeting Paul in person, my condolences. Thank you, Paul, for all you've done for us. Your presence will be missed.

George Tsuji

P.S. Not that I want to deflect attention from Philliephan, but his passing made me reflect on how much I enjoy this board, and the fact that everybody here is to thank for that. I'm not going to mention specific names, as I know I can't mention everyone, but to all the Gurupies out there, a sincere thank you for the guidance and the entertainment that this board brings. It's unfortunate that sometimes it takes circumstances like these make one remember how much everybody's contributions can mean.
ID: 29427106
Tue, Dec 12, 00:58
As most of you have expressed, I too am at a loss for words. I found these boards over a year ago when I was browsing through the SW message boards. There was a note there from Paul advertising his hockey statistics site and I emailed him for some advice. He told me all I needed to know could be found at, and I haven't looked back since. This is the first "internet friend" I've ever lost, and its a wierd feeling. I don't know much about him. I mean, I wouldn't even know him if I passed him on the street. But I always looked forward to Paul's advice and will truly miss having him around. Much prayer and love to his family. I'm sure he'll be using his first complementary heaven hockey tickets to watch Super Mario's return. And still telling God the Flyers are better. lol. Damn, I'll miss you Paul.

Brian Davis
ID: 5192947
Tue, Dec 12, 01:09
My condolences to your family and your friends.

We will miss you.

ID: 2710201719
Tue, Dec 12, 01:33
philliephan, my prayers are with your family. Obviously, you were deeply liked by many people who you never met. A pretty nice tribute to a man that he can impact so deeply those that don't even know him. I have never posted on the hockey boards, but I will miss your presence come baseball time.

If the family is reading, our prayers are all with you.
ID: 145191710
Tue, Dec 12, 02:21
Don't quite know what to say, was shocked to learn about his death. And despite not knowing him to well other than reading his posts, his insight and humor will be greatly missed on the boards. My deepest sympathies go out toward his family and friends.
ID: 14833716
Tue, Dec 12, 04:18
After reading these thoughts all day long and feeling moved each time, I still don't know what to say. I spent minimal time in the hockey forum but grew to respect Paul throughout the baseball season. His posts both made me laugh and think. My thoughts and prayers go out to his children and his wife, and I hope you are truly in a better place. All everyone above has said, you will truly be missed.
David A.K.A. RebelFan
ID: 441119124
Tue, Dec 12, 04:19
My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends.
ID: 204251611
Tue, Dec 12, 04:46
Thank you Philliephan, for your efforts and insight over the years.

May you Rest in Peace, and God Bless your family.

Sam Reeve.
ID: 389642
Tue, Dec 12, 04:57
Paul, thank-you for everything you have done for us all. You will be missed, now rest in peace.

To your family, thanks for letting Paul share himself with us. May God bless and comfort you in your time of need.

Jeff McKinley
114El Tel
ID: 117443011
Tue, Dec 12, 05:53
What shattering news.Heartfelt condolences to family and friends.
El Tel
115 Mike D
ID: 111158910
Tue, Dec 12, 06:02
Thanks to Jeff G for bringing back just a few of the great philliephan threads. Bantering back and forth with him was always a treat. One that will certainly be missed.
ID: 6816256
Tue, Dec 12, 07:57
As I sit in sadness over the loss of a great man and kindred soul, I remembered the first time I came across the handle philliephan. It was during the 1999 baseball season, when he was perched atop the Gurupie rankings. I remember thinking "Who is this guy? He's good!" I quickly realized that not only was he good at fantasy sports, but he was a good person. Philliephan was the model gurupie to me: warm, witty, helpful, insightful, and dedicated.

Paul, thank you for the gifts of your help, patience, and wit (I could go on and on). You have helped make this little corner of the world we know as the forums a wonderful place to visit. I will miss you, my friend. May you rest in peace.

To the Scheirer family and other loved ones, I offer you my sincerest condolences. It was a privilege to know the special man you loved as husband, father, and friend. We're all very lucky that he was a part of our lives.

Fernando T. Viloria (aka Bubba)
ID: 1911241111
Tue, Dec 12, 07:59
ID: 559271312
Tue, Dec 12, 08:37
KKB, that is great. It should be displayed proudly. Nice job.
ID: 4443038
Tue, Dec 12, 08:40
Wanted to add my condolences and my prayers.

-Jubal Miller
ID: 13443221
Tue, Dec 12, 09:04
I have had a day to feel the weight of this and I am still not sure what to say. I feel the need to post and share my grief and regret at the passing of a fine man and contributor to these boards. As a father and a husband, I also know that as much as Paul did for the boards, it pales in comparison to what he most certainly did for his family. We will miss his sense of humor and his insight, his family will miss him. We will remember him frequently and think of things he said or did for all of us.

My thoughts and prayers go out to his family who will miss him dearly.

Scott King
ID: 71158811
Tue, Dec 12, 09:09
Moved by all these responses and warm outpourings to philliephan's death. To his family: he was a valued friend and contributor to this whole crazy group of people who would otherwise be total strangers. Although we are united only by the most tenuous of links -- fantasy sports games -- and 'meet' only online, there has grown a real community of hearts and minds.

I never knew your husband or dad -- never would have met him -- but his presence on the message boards and sense of humor was enjoyed by all of us. I hope he got as much out of this community as he gave it.

My thoughts are with you at this sad time.

-- Annie
ID: 4644339
Tue, Dec 12, 09:12
KKB, thanks!

I'm getting copies of that image now as I post this . . . . well done!
ID: 404592723
Tue, Dec 12, 11:06
This is the most difficult thread I've ever read in these forums. As I gaze through the tears I think back over 2 years ago when I stopped becoming a lurker and really started posting. It was during football season and someone was slamming the Cowboys. I was flaming and philliephan was one of the gurupies who actually started conversing with me. I was touched by a "philadelphia fan" actually talking to a "dallas fan". That began a 2 year correspondence through these boards and email.

I soon found out philliephan wasn't a reference to Philly, but an Paul related to me, a combination of: P for Paul + hillie + fan as he loved the mountains so he thought to honor them with his gurupie name P-hillie-fan.

His love for his family was evident in almost every note we exchanged. One of the last emails we exchanged was just before football season started and when he was preparing the new stats site for hockey. We were talking about the weather and how hot it was in Dallas in August and he shared a note about his daughter which I'll pass along here in his words.

"Hope the Eagles can contend this year, though they always seem to give the Cowboys at least one good game each year, even when they are lousy.

Here in Northern VA it was actually quite cool this morning at my daughter's swim meet. Fortunately her dad was smart enough to bring her some sweats which she wore in between events. So I have staved off, a little while longer, being the ignorant father of a teenager."

I'm remembering how fullcount and I agonized over his baseball rosters this summer when he took the family on their 2 week vacation into the mountains and a "pay" phone was their only means of communication. I wish I could endure those same feelings again next year.

I've never lost a "cyber" friend before. Heck I don't even know if I ever had one before Paul. The ache in my chest and the sadness I feel is as real as when a "physical" friend is gone. I know because I've lost someone close who was a competitor before (fooseball partner). It was December 11, 1977 and he was the victim of a drunk driver. I remember it well because today is my birthday. Now I have Tommy Zinni and Paul Scheirer to remember on this day.

My thoughts are with his wife, daughter, son and family members today. I pray for their well being and comfort at this time. I pass along John 3:16 to them knowing full well I shall meet Paul one day.

God Bless Paul Scheirer.

Your friend,

Roy Jones
ID: 107452911
Tue, Dec 12, 11:06
I just want to echo the thoughts and prayers expressed above. My condolences to Paul's friends and family. Godspeed, Paul.
126 Dale T. Rates
ID: 1611501211
Tue, Dec 12, 11:50
Shocking indeed! As a fellow "40-something" with a new-born son, I would imediately like to pass-on my best wishes to his family.

I barely got to know him, as I'm one of those "newbies," but none-the-less feel a bond of sorts. I'm a bit fazed. All I can think to add right now, is be careful out there everyone!

Peaceful journey on your new path, my friend....Dale ( Greenbelt Hippies, Bottom Feeders and Half-bakers )

127Strike One
ID: 496441210
Tue, Dec 12, 14:33
Gosh, what sad news. I just looked at this post now and i can't believe what i've read. i never really got to know him that well. I came here during this year's all-star break for baseball. and i visit these hockey boards only 3-4 times a week due to schoolwork and all. i only wish i'd gotten to know him more, because from what i saw, he was an all around great guy. KKB, that's a great banner you have there. is it possible guru to put that at the top of this board? just for the memories. Paul was a great guy, from everyone here at rotoguru, we will dearly miss him.
ID: 299302812
Tue, Dec 12, 21:25
Oh my God!

Philliephan and I had our differences and quarrels. But I would like to say that my prayers go out to your legacy and family. Thank you Philliephan!!!!!!
129allhair allstars
ID: 5398182
Tue, Dec 12, 22:06
After reading this thread on and off for the last two days I'm struck by the large number of people that philliephan touched and the strong emotions that have come to surface. I can only guess at the impact of Paul's loss to those that really knew him.

I ache for the family and friends of Paul. The death of someone close is never easy, but take solace in the good memories and thoughts that surely surrounded his being.

Although we represent only a small portion of Paul's life, I trust that it was a positive portion. He provided us with his knowledge, wit, understanding, and care. I hope that we were able to repay him with a large chunk of the goodness that he gave to us.

Go easy, step lightly, stay free.
130 imfubar
ID: 5511301222
Tue, Dec 12, 22:34
ID: 291869
Wed, Dec 13, 03:54
The night is almost over now. I would like to offer Paul's family my deepest condoleances. For two days, I have been moved by other gurupies heart-felt testimonies and wondered what I might say from a man I never knew. You will be deeply missed by all gurupies. I just wish that from the top of the hills, you will be able to look over your family over the sight of the rising sun.

Jean-Francois Gamache
132 jumpball
ID: 4644339
Wed, Dec 13, 10:47
The memorial service for Paul will be Friday at 3:00.
They have asked us for any stories or anecdotes about Paul.
Please send these to me using my email address.

133Severed Lims
ID: 509502719
Wed, Dec 13, 13:24
We will miss his dedication to this board.
May God bless his family.
May Paul rest in peace.
We will remember philliephan forever!!
ID: 31730710
Wed, Dec 13, 21:53
Thank-you Paul and may you find peace. My sincerest symathy to his wife and young children.
ID: 568341215
Thu, Dec 14, 08:55
I am usually a silent member of this group but the tragic loss suffered by Paul's family is heartbreaking. It is hard to think of hockey at a time like this.
So long Philliephan, our prayers go with you and our hearts to your family.
136X Giants
ID: 411541414
Thu, Dec 14, 14:54
We'll miss you philliephan...
137 philliephan jr.
ID: 14373118
Fri, Dec 15, 11:02
Hi this Paul's son
I thank you all for remembering my father
please visit the the Thread Paul's Memorial Gift for info on donations.

Thank You all very much!

P.S. I'm 12 now and my sister is 14
138philliephan jr.
ID: 14373118
Fri, Dec 15, 11:03
My bad it is Philliepan's memorial gift(s)
ID: 107452613
Fri, Dec 15, 18:19
Just last Saturday I spent quite a bit of time trying to decide how to thank Philliephan for his excellent work with the sartibles. I could not help but think of what an unselfish person Paul was to do so much work while asking nothing in return. Reaching no conclusion, I put it off thanking him for a while. I sure regret that now.

Philliephan Jr., my prayers and best wishes to you and to your whole family.
140StL Cards
ID: 5911531413
Mon, Dec 18, 17:00
It is a real tribute that one of the games he loved to play has put up a special tribute. Smallworld Hockey has an announcement regarding Paul Scheirer.
ID: 5311191421
Mon, Jan 01, 07:45
ID: 36053257
Sat, Feb 03, 07:19
Paul, I'm sure you've got the best seat in the house this weekend. We miss you.
ID: 56819210
Fri, Feb 23, 18:59
It takes a special person to go so far out of their way to make his competitors better at something. I know I did tons of work before he came about to make my team as good as possible, but then he did all that and more, then made it available to everyone. His giving brought about so much more than hoarding stuff for himself. I don't play any SW games anymore but check in to see people's opinions on sports. What a great man he must have been. My prayers go out to his family.

147 Taxman
ID: 23852713
Sun, Oct 06, 2002, 19:29
Thanks to KKB in linking this working memorial to our friend and now guardian, philliephan. May the memory his spirit, friendship, companionship and gamesmanship continue to be be a guiding light to all fantasy game players.

I have named my primary team in each sport, each season Taxphan in honor of Paul.

170 Baldwin
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172 Jugrnt
      ID: 49415420
      Tue, May 04, 2021, 21:16
Felt obliged to say I've been using the tools on for a LONG time. I never knew Paul
but I appreciate the work he did. I hope he lives
on in the memories of those that knew him.
      ID: 224161914
      Thu, May 19, 2022, 15:16
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