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0 Subject: RIHC 2017-18: Draft Rationales

Posted by: Guru
- [330592710] Sat, Oct 07, 2017, 16:59

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      ID: 330592710
     Oct 12, 8:23 am
12.11 Matthews, Wesley - DAL - SG
I was all set in picking Rondo. everything looked fine in the morning: 1 pick to go. Rondo is still available. And then Dave ruined my day. I am way short in assists and struggle to get PG's for multiple rounds. every time I talk myself into "he will be there 20 picks later". and every time I get disappointed. There are still some PG's out there that I like, but not in rounds 12/13. I will try the same one last time. to be honest there are only 3 picks left, so I can't repeat this forever. I fear that I must be active on the wire to get the Jeremy Lin of 2017/18.

after I missed PG, again, I looked into SG as a consolation price because it should get you the most assists. the top choice available is Wesley Matthews. he fits my team: gets me the 3-pointers and steals I need to reach my targets. improves FT%. if only his FG% would be better. but you can't have everything.

      ID: 330592710
     Oct 12, 10:38 am
12.12 Mitchell, Donovan - UTA - SG
Dave R really hacked me off by taking Rondo, and Crabbe and Josh Jackson were on my 'Want' list also.

Rodney Hood is made of glass, and the Jazz are desparate for scoring post-Hayward. I'm also a sucker for rookies who perform in Summer League, then preseason and end in the top 3 of 'GM steal of the draft' voting (See: Kuzma) Plus Mitchell was a prolific 3PT shooter and thief in college and Summer League.

This is a good time to take risks though, and I'm more inclined to go for young players on bad teams at this stage. At least that means there's usually a void to fill and a longer leash. Along with Kuzma, Mitchell could definitely be a dark horse for ROY.

      ID: 330592710
     Oct 12, 10:39 am
13.01 Holiday, Justin - CHI - SF
Sometimes, you just need to grab opportunity. Zach LaVine might be out until the end of the year, but Holiday has stepped in and performed admirably. He's one of the few players on a bad Chicago team that has notable NBA experience, and someone needs to produce for them, right? I think Holiday has as good chance as any. Not only that, i feel he could stick in the starting lineup even when LaVine returns. He's made 15 3s in 5 contests and drained all 12 of his free throws.

In the context of the 13th round, that's definitely worth a shot.

      ID: 330592710
     Oct 12, 11:46 am
13.02 Waiters, Dion - MIA - SG
I am still recovering from not getting Rondo. Waiters is similar to Matthews only with more assists than rebounds. He has the same strengths and the same bad FG%. I guess with these last 2 picks I will end up in the last third at FG%. but I will be near the top in steals and 3s.

my statistical holes are: BLK, ASS and FG%. ideally BLK gets addressed with a specialist at 14.11/15.02. and I finally hope to get a backup PG that is worth his draft slot.

147Dave R
      ID: 330592710
     Oct 12, 1:03 pm
13.03 Ingles, Joe - UTA - SF
What a boring pick, but boring isn't always bad at this point in the draft. Ingles played him self into a new contract last year, and Hayward's exit opened up a starting gig as SG for Utah. So sometime along the way he should get additional eligibility as G/F.

After the ASB Joe average over 8 ppg, over 4 boards and assists,1.2 steals and 1.9 3's. With some additional usage this year I'm expecting an increase in scoring

148Mighty Meatwads
      ID: 330592710
     Oct 12, 1:23 pm
13.04 Maker, Thon - MIL - C
As with my selection of Josh Jackson, I decided to take a flier on a youngster that I think can become special. He's still generally raw, but showed flashes of being an impact player last season. Considering he was starting as a rookie for a playoff team, has the confidence of the coaches and his teammates, I'm expecting a significant increase in minutes and statistics. I still think Maker is mostly overlooked, which is understandable since he averaged less than 10 minutes per game last season. In my humble opinion he has a chance to become one of the best 7-footers in the NBA down the road, and I want him whenever it clicks.
      ID: 330592710
     Oct 12, 2:05 pm
13.05 Collins, John - ATL - PF
Collins has had a big offseason/preseason, and so this was a pure upside pick. Chances are Collins won't be asked to or actually produce much in his first year, but sometimes talent wins out, so I'm fine sitting on him for a bit. I also considered Jerian Grant here, but Collins was the sexier pick.
      ID: 330592710
     Oct 12, 2:05 pm
13.06 Labissiere, Skal - SAC - PF
More big man depth with Labissiere, who could be a breakout candidate if everything goes right. He has put up some nice per 36 numbers but will have to be more consistent to stay on the court.
      ID: 330592710
     Oct 12, 4:46 pm
13.07 Bazemore, Kent - ATL - SG
See rationale above for Ilyasova (12.06). Bad teams make great opportunity for productive late round fantasy assets. Looking at it, I probably should have taken Bazemore last round - honestly I think he is a steal at this point in the draft. He is no superstar, but the Hawks are really hurting for scoring and playmaking, and the tandem of Schroeder and Bazemore will be tasked with trying to make the Hawks go. He is a bum at the FT line (sadly an unintentional problem for me) but otherwise I love Rotowire's projection for him.

He is the perfect bridge to Nicolas Batum's return in a couple of months.

152Da Bomb
      ID: 330592710
     Oct 12, 5:06 pm
13.08 Monk, Malik - CHA - SG
This pick is a bit of a hedge in case Lamb's injury is more serious than what is being reported, but Monk could still carve out value even if he doesn't start. He hasn't been shy about shooting it this preseason and has put up point totals of 21, 19, 19 over the previous 3 games with 10 threes. He's also shown the ability to get to the line and it seems he will be a better rebounder and distributor than what he was at Kentucky.
153BB the Ball
      ID: 330592710
     Oct 12, 5:14 pm
13.09 Zeller, Cody - CHA - C
needed at least 1 more center (if Tyson holds up)- was happy to see Cody fall here. Solid production last year-- we will see what the year brings.
      ID: 330592710
     Oct 12, 5:14 pm
13.10 Harkless, Maurice - POR - SF
Projected as starting PF, so his minutes should be near last year's. Given the same production, he should provide some steals, blocks and FG% help with some risk at FT%.
      ID: 330592710
     Oct 12, 7:15 pm
13.11 Clarkson, Jordan - LAL - PG
Could be the first guy off the bench for the Lakers, filling in as both PG and SG. Could have marginal value in that role. Ranked #81 in the player rater last year, although he may not get as many minutes this year. Also, with Lonzo Ball on my roster showing a gimpy ankle for most of the preseason, Clarkson may have the most utility if/when Ball is sidelined.
      ID: 330592710
     Oct 12, 8:26 pm
13.12 Johnson, Tyler - MIA - SG
After Olynyk, Johnson is one more player from second unit of Miami. Just before the pick I read that McGruder has injured and will miss some months beacuse of surgery. It could open some extra minutes for players as Johnson for example. Last year I liked Johnson's stats, he helped my team to the good result. Nothing special, but a bit from everything.
      ID: 330592710
     Oct 12, 8:29 pm
14.01 Swanigan, Caleb - POR - PF
I wanted some exciting picks at the end of the draft. A season without rookies is too simple. I like sometimes the double or quits situations too. This year Swanigan is my first rookie, but neither M. Brogdon, nor D. Murray, T. Prince and W. Hernangomez has spent too long time in the NBA before. Swanigen showed some good production in the preseason games, and maybe he will be the starter PF in Portland.
      ID: 330592710
     Oct 12, 8:33 pm
14.02 Fox, De'aaron - SAC - PG
Just a 14th round flier on a rookie who may or may not get enough minutes to warrant activating in this league. Will take a wait-and-see approach.
      ID: 330592710
     Oct 12, 8:33 pm
14.03 Plumlee, Mason - DEN - PF
I like his potential contributions in Rebounds, Blocks, Steals and FG%. If he doesn't get the minutes, he'll find himself a Free Agent.
160BB the Ball
      ID: 330592710
     Oct 12, 8:40 pm
14.04 Grant, Jerian - CHI - PG
someone has to man the point for now. I'm in need of assists so he should help start off the year until the FA market is clearer.

Hope my targets continue to be available!!

161Da Bomb
      ID: 330592710
     Oct 12, 10:34 pm
14.05 Winslow, Justise - MIA - SF
Winslow started 15 of his 18 games last season and averaged 36 minutes in those. McGruder (I feel like this is a safe undrafted name to mention) who started a lot at SF after Winslow went down recently got hurt himself, re-opening the door for another potential big role for Winslow. He's a well-rounded player but his %s leave something to be desired, though ideally my focus on %s earlier in the draft will help absorb players like these that become more frequent towards the end and in free agency.
      ID: 330592710
     Oct 13, 12:21 am
14.06 Parsons, Chandler - MEM - SF
He is supposed to be starting and has performed in the past. Memphis has been treating him conservatively this preseason.....but sadly even when he has played he has not done all that well.

This is a shot in the dark for some production as the Grizzlies' possible 3rd option.....or waiver wire fodder.

      ID: 330592710
     Oct 13, 12:21 am
14.07 Iguodala, Andre - GSW - SF
Iguodala is settled in to a 2nd team role with the Warriors and will kick in a steady, well rounded stat line with occasional offensive outbursts. He provides depth at SF for my team.
      ID: 330592710
     Oct 13, 12:36 am
14.08 Powell, Norman - TOR - SG
Powell played well last year, and as a young player with good upside, I took another player who could vastly outperform his ADP. Chances are he won't become an integral part of my rotation, however.
165Mighty Meatwads
      ID: 330592710
     Oct 13, 3:34 am
14.09 Ulis, Tyler - PHO - PG
After watching Ulis run the offense in Phoenix last season, I firmly believe he can be a solid starting point in the NBA. Entering this season he's projected to come off the bench, limiting his upside. However, the trade rumors involving Eric Bledsoe are still alive. If and when the starting job opens up for this little man, I expect him to be a very hot pickup in standard leagues. Since I was a little light on PG stats (at least until Isaiah Thomas returns) I felt he made a lot of sense for me this deep in our draft.
166Dave R
      ID: 330592710
     Oct 13, 7:17 am
14.10 Thompson, Tristan - CLE - PF
I hadn't even considered Tristan, Crowder comes on board, Love shifts to starting center and Thomspon goes to the bench.

Even so Thompson should be able to carve out 25 minutes, and along with that some valuable rebounds and blocks, and excellent FG%

Plus he gives me an additional option a Center

      ID: 330592710
     Oct 13, 8:56 am
14.11 Ferrell, Yogi - DAL - PG
I finally managed to get a guard which should get a meaningful number of assists. the only other options that I considered for that role are Dunn/Grant and Ntilikina.

With Seth Curry injured, Ferrell should start at SG at the beginning of the season. Smith looks like the real deal, but I guess he will also have games where he struggles. in these situations Ferrell should run the point and get me the assists I need.

      ID: 330592710
     Oct 13, 9:11 am
14.12 Holmes, Richaun - PHI - C
What a difference a week makes! At that time, Holmes was healthy, Embiid was not on the court yet, and i was targetting my Embiid handcuff well inside the top 100. Now, Holmes has a fractured wrist with a 3 week evaluation period, and i ironically breathed a huge sigh of relief after selecting him with #148. It's a weight off my shoulders. I was terrified of the scenario that someone else nabs Richaun and Joel goes down after 12 games - argghhh!

When Embiid went down last season, Holmes was a top 35 player. But i also think he will have standalone value after a mini-breakout last year, as there's no way Embiid plays 35 mins/game or 82 games. Plus, i love the little bonus of FC flex at this stage.

Trust the Process...and his backup!

      ID: 330592710
     Oct 13, 9:15 am
15.01 Markkanen, Lauri - CHI - PF
As per 13.01, the Bulls will be terrible. With a full rebuild underway, the 7th pick of the draft had a great EuroBasket tourney and will get ample opportunity for 20-30 mins. He's had a very quiet start but busted out for 15 4th quarter points in his last game.

Young players on bad teams. Repeat.

Oh, and it appears i'm only drafting rookies or EuroBasket stars now. This could go brilliantly or terribly, terribly wrong...

      ID: 330592710
     Oct 13, 9:38 am
15.02 Mozgov, Timofey - BKN - C
I could have taken another of the guards I considered with this pick or take a starting center. In the end I took the center because I only have 2 eligible players right now and I can't expect that Saric gets eligibility soon. Mozgov is starting and has not much competition. He should produce early on. If he does not he will soon join team waiver wire.
171Dave R
      ID: 330592710
     Oct 13, 10:13 am
15.03 Ross, Terrence - ORL - SF
Generally at this point in the draft, I'm looking for young stars in the making. I hardly accomplished that with this and 16.10 as well. In retrospect I'm not thrilled with this pick, I should have taken one of the youngsters from Boston, Tatum or Brown

Ross mainly makes his mark in scoring 3's and steals, the move from Toronto to the Magic last year increased his playing time, unfortunately that didn't lead to an increase in production.

Ross could be the first player to exit team SANFORDORS

172Mighty Meatwads
      ID: 330592710
     Oct 13, 11:14 am
15.04 Dunn, Kris - CHI - PG
Obviously fantasy owners in this league and elsewhere are skeptical Dunn can be consistent enough with his shot to have value. Count me among that group. I made this selection simply because he's projected to be the starter when he returns, and he's already solid defensive player. I'm hoping he takes a giant step forward this season and remains on my roster, but if I'm being honest with myself, it's more likely he gets cut than makes the impact I need.
      ID: 330592710
     Oct 13, 1:25 pm
15.05 Bogdanovic, Bojan - IND - SF
Bogdanovich is a solid vet who is good for Pts, 3s, and FT. I was lacking in all those categories, and Bojan seemed safe at this point, even though he doesn't have great upside.
      ID: 330592710
     Oct 13, 1:43 pm
15.06 Rozier, Terry - BOS - PG
Young guy who seems to be consistently improving his game, but the big question is how many minutes will he get?
      ID: 330592710
     Oct 13, 1:43 pm
15.07 Oubre Jr., Kelly - WAS - PF
Oubre is a second year player who performed well in flashes last year. While it is up in the air how much playing time he receives with Morris out.....he could be another option to rack up some games while I await Morris' return.
176Da Bomb
      ID: 330592710
     Oct 13, 1:51 pm
15.08 Carroll, Demarre - BKN - SF
Carroll was a productive roto player in Atlanta before he took 3-4 steps back in Toronto. Now Carroll has the welcome scenery change, is reunited with Kenny Atkinson from Atlanta, says he is healthy for the first time in a couple years, and has been starting in the preseason.
177BB the Ball
      ID: 330592710
     Oct 13, 2:36 pm
15.09 Morris, Marcus - BOS - SF
Like the last picks of the draft-- thought he was worth a shot--- working the waiver wire is also fun.
      ID: 330592710
     Oct 13, 2:36 pm
15.10 Turner, Evan - POR - SF
he's productive in many cats, its all about his minutes. Had Marcus Morris first in my queue, BB grabbed him just before me.
      ID: 330592710
     Oct 13, 2:36 pm
15.11 Booker, Trevor - BKN - PF
Was surprised to see that he averaged 10 pts, 8 boards, 2 assists and a steal in 25 minutes/game last year good for a player rater ranking of #99, in spite of missing 11 games. If he manages something similar this year, hell be a useful fill-in to cover injuries and/or prop up rebounding. If Hollis-Jefferson goes down, his utility would presumably jump up.Marcus Morris and Bojan Bogdanovic were two other names on my short list, but both was snagged earlier in this round.
      ID: 330592710
     Oct 13, 3:49 pm
15.12 Valentine, Denzel - CHI - SG
After this round I was not too satisfied, because I feel I could have made better choice then Valentine. Maybe Jaylen Brown who was picked up by Guru after me.
It was interesting that Valentine played some backup pointgard in the preseason games, and he produced well, but his preseason dalliance with the backup PG job isn't likely to carry into the regular season. And Justin Holiday is too good in the fight for starting SG position.
      ID: 330592710
     Oct 13, 3:50 pm
16.01 Tatum, Jayson - BOS - SF
...and the second rookie at the end. Tatum will open the year as Boston's starting power forward at least while Marcus Morris is sidelined for a week or two.
      ID: 330592710
     Oct 13, 3:54 pm
16.02 Brown, Jaylen - BOS - SF
I had queued up Brown and Tatum for this pick, with no strong sense of my preference between the two. Jason made the choice for me.

Boston lost its top two defenders Bradley and Crowder so as Brad Stevens says, Jaylens gotta become a lockdown defender for us. This should keep him on the court, after averaging only 17 minutes last year. Not an offensive threat, but at age 20, this is his chance to show what he can do when given the opportunity. An upside pick, but likely to stay on my bench as the season opens, where I can observe a lot just by watching. (-Yogi Berra)

      ID: 330592710
     Oct 13, 3:56 pm
16.03 Biyombo, Bismack - ORL - C
May never see the lineup, absent an injury to a big. Can bring Blocks and Rebounds, not much else.
184BB the Ball
      ID: 330592710
     Oct 13, 3:56 pm
16.04 Parker, Jabari - MIL - SF
Seeing now he is looking for a Feb return this was probably not the time to pick him up. Par for the course this draft!!

On a side note this was a very smooth draft in my opinion-- looking forward to a great season!!

185Da Bomb
      ID: 330592710
     Oct 13, 4:00 pm
16.05 Rivers, Austin - LAC - PG
In Rivers' 29 starts last season he had impressive averages of 16 pts, 4 assts, 3 bds, 2+ 3s with a 46% FG. He was slated to start again this season until he went down with an injury in the preseason opener, but there was news today that he's now doubtful to play in the preseason finale, which is better than out, which gives some hope of him being ready for the season opener, which could make this more like 14th round value in the 16th round.
      ID: 330592710
     Oct 13, 4:07 pm
16.06 Okafor, Jahlil - PHI - C
This is a longshot, but if Embiid gets hurt or the Sixers find a taker for Okafor in trade, he has an old fashioned back to the basket game that some team might covet.

In reality he is my first cut.

      ID: 330592710
     Oct 13, 4:23 pm
16.07 Nance Jr., Larry - LAL - PF
Like Rozier, Nance has generated some nice stat lines and a little hype but is involved in a 3 way competition for the PF slot, so it remains to be seen if he will be fantasy worthy.
      ID: 330592710
     Oct 13, 6:02 pm
16.08 Portis, Bobby - CHI - PF
Sometimes it's better to take a crappy player with your last pick or picks so you don't have any reservations dropping them for a hot FA. Portis has upside but is in a crowded situation, and I probably won't wait around for him to get his shot.
189Mighty Meatwads
      ID: 330592710
     Oct 13, 6:08 pm
16.09 Levert, Caris - BKN - SG
With my final selection of the draft, I decided to take a chance on this second year player. I enjoy watching him play and feel he's a really solid role player with upside. The addition of D'Angelo Russell will likely prevent him from breaking out this season, but his versatility and the Nets uptempo offense gives reason for optimism. I think he consistently plays 25 minutes per game, and could be one injury away from getting serious run.
190Dave R
      ID: 330592710
     Oct 13, 7:06 pm
16.10 Stephenson, Lance - IND - SF
It was only 4 years ago that Lance was a borderline allstar, averaging almost 14 points, 7.2 boards, 4.6 assists, and over a three a game. Since then he hasn't played more than 69 games, taking the court last year for only 18 games.

So, what was I thinking?

Not sure, just hoping he can throw some decent counting stats my way. He did have a decent run for the last 10 games of the year with the Pacers after signing a new contract with them, the team he started his career with.

      ID: 330592710
     Oct 13, 7:06 pm
16.11 Poeltl, Jakob - TOR - C
he is the first NBA player from Austria. I am from Austria. Last year someone reached for him in RIHC as well as G20. someone thought that he would be valuable during the season. I did not think that and simply would have taken him out of patriotism.

It has nothing changed this year. The only difference is that nobody in RIHC reached for him and he is still out there in G20 as well.

I guess he won't last on my team long. he will be replaced by the hot free agent 1 to 3 days into the" season. The only exception of that happening would be a season-ending injury to Jonas Valanciunas.

      ID: 330592710
     Oct 14x, 2:21 am
16.12 Simmons, Jonathon - ORL - SG
The honour of the last pick goes to Jonathan Simmons. He's had a nice preseason, and had a decent stretch with the Spurs at the end of last year. Hoping he can unseat Terence Ross as the starter.

Or he could end up on the wire within a week. I had my eye on Caris LeVert here also but gone.

We're done. Let's go!

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