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This facility allows you to manage your unique GuruPatron ID on this computer. It also allows you to change your email address or password. That information is not stored on this computer, but is in a protected file on the RotoGuru server.

The ID number is solely used to identify you at the message forum. Your unique ID will identify your GuruPatron status, and will enable you to access certain GuruPatron-only features. This ID should remain in a cookie on this computer indefinitely (as long as cookies are enabled on this computer), but if the cookie file is deleted or changed, it will need to be reset. You can also reset your ID on multiple computers (for example, at home and at work) so that you are recognized from multiple points of entry. You can check to see whether your current ID is recognized by visiting the GuruPatron Validation page.

To reset your ID on this computer, enter your GuruPatron name and your password, select "Reset", and click submit.

If you are using this computer only temporarily, you may wish to clear the ID when you are finished. To do this, enter your GuruPatron name, your password, select "Clear my ID", and submit.

To update your email address or to change your password, enter your GuruPatron name, your current password, the new password and/or email address, select the "Reset" option, and submit.

If you have forgotten your password (or if this is your first time here), you can have it emailed to your address on file. Simply enter your GuruPatron name, select "Forgot password", and submit. The email should be sent instantaneously.

If you have forgotten your password and the email address on file is no longer valid or appropriate, then you'll have to send a request to the Guru at These requests will be accommodated as long as they appear credible, but will most likely not be instantaneous.

In order to protect your email address, it will not be displayed here (or anywhere) unless your ID is already recognized. Thus, someone else cannot discover your email address by using this facility unless your ID is also present on their computer. And that can only happen if they have reset it using your password. So as long as your password is not easily guessable, your information should be secure.