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Subject: Daily Blurb - February 15, 2011

  Posted by: Guru - [330592710] Tue, Feb 15, 2011, 10:56

Quote of the day
"I think even though they're bigger than us, we're quicker and more athletic than them. We get up and run up and down the floor. We're able to control their bigs and control Kobe for the most parts of the game. I think that's what helps us out a lot in this matchup." -- Charlotte forward Gerald Wallace, after a 20-point win over the Lakers, their 8th win over the Lakers in the past ten matchups

Daily blurb
It looks like it was a tough night for fantasy hoops. Josh Smith played well. Pau Gasol was respectable. But many of the top producers were hard to find in advance like Carlos Delfino, Courtney Lee, and Dante Cunningham.

The NBA schedule heats up for the next two days, with seven teams playing twice, and only one team not playing at all San Antonio. Plan accordingly.

The RotoHog salary cap Basic game ends at the All Star break, but the Season 2 game (post ASB) has already been launched. Those prices are already included in the RotoGuru sortable stats as a separate game choice. It appears that prices are simply a snapshot of the actual Season 1 prices on February 1st, so players whose prices were depressed for any reason on that date (e.g., schedule, injury) might be at a bargain level. On the other hand, there has been no attempt to rescale the general price level to correspond to a $35,000 roster cap, so there will still be plenty of challenges in assembling a post-ASB roster. The Assimilator will have Season 2 prices starting on Friday.