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Subject: Daily blurb - January 4, 2016

  Posted by: Guru - [330592710] Mon, Jan 04, 2016, 10:14

Happy New Year!

The NFL regular season is in the books. Be aware that, as in prior years, I will not be continuing statistical reporting for NFL DFS games during the playoffs. Frankly, I donít have access to NFL player stats during the playoffs. So, youíre on your own. And with no more than four games per weekend, you really ought be able to figure out your lineups without reams of supporting data.

Football Pickoff will continue throughout the playoffs, however. So keep on pickin'.

Congrats to Gurupie twolves, who got hot at the right time and marched to the RIFC championship from the #6 seed position. His score in week #15 of 227.16 was (I believe) the highest scoring week for any RIFC season.