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Subject: Daily Blurb - September 6, 2016

  Posted by: Guru - [330592710] Tue, Sep 06, 2016, 12:40

Football’s in the air!

RotoGuru is ramping up for the usual football stats, games, and features.

First, Football Pickoff returns for its 17th season. Registrations do not carry over from year to year, so you will need to register again for 2016. Each participant may register up to three entries. Rules are essentially the same as last year. Register now and get your picks logged in for week #1. Picks for the Thursday game lock at kickoff, while all other games lock at 1pm ET Sunday.

Preseason Sortable Stats are also up for Fireleague, FanDuel, DraftKings, and DraftDay. I also plan to include Yahoo DFS this season, although those values are not up yet – and may not be ready until next week.

I’ve tried to make sure I’ve captured salary data for all viable players, but if you notice that any player seems to be missing for any specific game (assuming that the player is actually listed at that game site), please let me know. Sometimes players get mistracked if there are spelling idiocrasies, or erroneous team affiliations.

Please be patient next week as I begin to track point stats for the 2016 season. It generally takes an extra day or two to get all feeds properly connected and to doublecheck values.