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Subject: RIFC 2017: Final Recap

  Posted by: Guru - [330592710] Tue, Dec 26, 2017, 11:04

Congrats to twolves, who commandingly took the #1 playoff seed with a 21-5 record (3 games ahead of the #2 seed), and then steamrolled to the title with playoff game totals of 213, 182, and 163.

Final RIFC standings are posted here. I'll post links to the qualifying league results in a moment.

Meanwhile, if anyone in any of the RIFC leagues has any thoughts on possible rules changes for next year, feel free to post them here while they are still somewhat fresh.

I'm also interested in feedback on this year's additional flex rule that was in place during the bye weeks only.
      ID: 330592710
      Tue, Dec 26, 2017, 11:10
AAA #1

AAA #2


Regular Season Standings
AAA #1

AAA #2


2blue hen
      ID: 5254718
      Tue, Jan 02, 2018, 15:49
Congrats to Pete, for the hard-fought win in AA. Is there a sport you aren't great at? Well, I guess hockey. Pete drafted well but laid a couple of eggs early on, but rolled later in the season. And you're welcome for taking out Loki in the semis - that team was also great.

What are the parameters for moving up?
      ID: 33543714
      Wed, Jan 03, 2018, 13:34
Grats to all the winners!

I liked the flex rule quite a bit, even though I didn't get a chance to use it. It might've been useful to me to have it also reverse, so I could use a RB in a WR slot, as I ended up with more reliable backup RB's than WR's. (But none of them were very good in the end).