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RotoGuru's Football Pickoff Rules 2021

Note: Rules are essentially unchanged from 2020,
although prizes have been eliminated.

  1. First, you must register for the game. When registering, you will need to choose a unique entry name and a password, which you will use to log in with each time you visit the game site. You may register up to three separate entries for this game. There is no fee to enter.
  2. Each week, you have the opportunity to pick the winner in each of the NFL games. You may also elect to skip any game. By skipping a game, you will score no points for that game - positive or negative. You may select or change your pick for any game at any time prior to the lockout time for that game, as defined below:
    • The lockout time for games played on Thursday-Saturday is the scheduled kickoff time for the earliest game of the day.
    • The lockout time for all games played on Sunday and Monday is 1pm Eastern time on Sunday. (If there are any Sunday morning games, then those early games will lock at their scheduled kickoff times, and all other games will lock at 1pm ET.)
    • The lockout time for all playoff rounds is the scheduled time of the first kickoff of the weekend.
    Unless there is a technical failure, all picks should be logged using this game site. In the event of technical difficulties, a set of new or updated picks may be emailed to footpick@rotoguru1.com. You may also use the site's "GuruMail" facility to submit emailed picks. Emailed picks must be sent prior to the appropriate lockout time.
  3. Each week, you may choose to double the points for one game, specified in advance. It is not necessary to double a game.
  4. Points will be awarded based on the outcome of each game, and also based on the percentage of entrants which picked each team.
    • If you pick a winning team, your points will be equal to 100 minus the percentage of entrants who picked that team. (Skipped entries for the game will be ignored in calculating the percentages.) For example, if you picked a winning team that was selected by 90% of all entrants, then you get 10 points (i.e, 100-90).
    • If you pick a losing team, you lose points equal to the percentage of entrants which picked the losing team. For example, if you picked a losing team that was selected by 40% of all entrants, then you lose 40 points.
    • If a game ends in a tie, then no points will be awarded for that game.
    • If you select a game to be doubled, then your points earned for that game are multiplied by two, whether positive or negative.
    • Bonus points are awarded if you successfully pick a sufficient number of winners for any week. For weeks with a full slate of 16 games, bonus points begin with the 13th correct pick. For weeks with less than 16 games, the bonus point hurdle is three less than the total number of games. If you correctly pick 13 (or 11 or 10, depending on the week) winners, you receive 50 bonus points. For each correct winner beyond the threshold, you receive an additional 50 bonus points. The maximum bonus points available in any week is 200. Bonus points are not subject to doubling.
    • This game will continue throughout the entire regular season as well as the playoffs. Bonus points will not apply during the playoff rounds.
    Your weekly score is the sum of your game scores (including bonus points) for the week. Game standings will be based on your cumulative weekly scores.
  5. Information on the pick percentages is continuously updated as new picks are made or changed.
  6. You may elect to join a Division. Divisions provide a convenient means to rank your score against a subset of other entrants (e.g., family members, co-workers, friends). Division rankings have no relevance to the game scoring.
  7. Although modest prizes have been offered in the past, starting in 2021 the game will be offered "for fun only." The RotoGuru site is discontinuing most of its statistical coverage of professional sports at the end of 2021, but some of the original RotoGuru contests may continue for awhile longer, albeit on a no-prizes basis.

RotoGuru is produced by Dave Hall (a.k.a. the Guru), an avid fantasy sports player. He is neither employed by nor compensated by any of the fantasy sports games discussed within the RotoGuru site, and all opinions expressed are solely his own. Questions or comments on this game are welcome, and should be emailed to Guru<davehall@rotoguru2.com>.

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