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2018 Market Madness Contest Registration

To play this game, you must use a browser which is JavaScript enabled, and which accepts cookies. Most current browsers satisfy these conditions, including Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome, Safari, and AOL. If you are unsure about your browser, just try it. If it doesn't work, you'll find out pretty quickly.

Fill in the registration information below. You real name is the name to which any prize will be payable. Your Login Name will be the only name ever publicly posted in the standings. Your email address will only be used to provide your registration confirmation, and to convey important information about the game, particularly in the event of technical or server problems. Your password will be required to log in to the game. If you forget your password, send an email to the Guru stating your real name, your entry name, and your registered email address. Password reminders will only be sent to the registered email address.

Login names and passwords are case and space sensitive. To protect against possible program errors, please avoid using a quotation mark (") or ampersand (&) in any of the fields below.

Once you submit your registration, you may immediately log in to the game. Remember, for this contest, you may register up to three different entries.

Your Name:

If you win a prize, the check will be made payable to this name.

Login Name:

Your contest results will be publicly listed under this login name.

Email address:

If you supply an AOL email address (or another domain which uses AOL's mail processing), be aware that you will probably not receive any automated confirmation emails, as AOL seems to block all system-generated email from this domain. Other email services which sometimes block RotoGuru server email include ATT, Snet, SBCGlobal, Prodigy, and sometimes even Yahoo. Thus, if you have an alternate email address, you are advised to use it for confirmations for this game.