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Guru's Market Madness Contest
"The Long and the Short of it"

2021 Tournament Return Simulator

This form allows you to simulate the unit-by-unit returns for a complete tournament, where the assumed winners for each game are under your complete control. Simply click on the simulated winner for each game below. As you add winners, the teams will propagate through the brackets until the entire bracket is complete. The Final Four games are listed at the bottom. Once you have selected all winners, click on the "Produce the Scores" button at the bottom, and you will get a complete listing of all team (and basket unit) scores, round by round, sorted from best to worst.

You do not have to select winners for every game, if you're only interested in the impact of a few games.

If you go back and make changes to an earlier game after you have already selected winners in succeeding games, make sure you work your way through the chain once again to ensure that all matchups are correct. Otherwise, you will probably get some invalid scoring.

West Region

East Region

South Region

Midwest Region

Final Four