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0 Subject: RIBC 2017: Draft Rationales

Posted by: Guru
- [330592710] Tue, Mar 15, 2016, 16:47

This thread will contain all of the individual pick rationales for the 2017 RIBC draft. RIBC managers should supply those rationales in the Rationale Collection thread. Once the first round rationales are posted, you will not be able to post directly into this thread.

I expect that this thread will be updated daily.
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      ID: 330592710
     Mar 27, 5:57 pm
22.15 Skaggs, Tyler - LAA - SP
aka. ďI own stock everywhere!Ē Tyler Skaggs is kinda like Jonathan Taylor Thomas, except without the Teen Beat posters. I donít tend to carry a lot of SP in RIBC, because I think thereís more value to be found in streaming starts, so this is where I draw the line. Skaggs is the true ace in LA, and I was thrilled that his ADP was so low, so I could draft him everywhere. His elite ERA fits the other Mobster pitchers, his FIP has been even better, and I think thereís more strikeouts on the way. 2.5 years removed from TJ surgery, this former first round prospect is selling out local concerts, driving fangirls wild, and ready to breakout on the national scene. Heís releasing a new boyband CD this summer, heís got all the right moves, and I'm pre-ordering the vinyl.
352Seattle Zen
      ID: 330592710
     Mar 27, 5:57 pm
22.16 Espinosa, Danny - LAA - SS
I felt I needed a back up middle infielder, ideally someone qualified at both second and short. I had three guys in mind, Danny, who does meet the dual qualification, Kolton Wong and one undrafted.

Remember way back in another carefree era where a 24 year old slick gloved shortstop for the Nationals hit 21 homers and stole 17 bases? He was then drafted in the 11th round by average in the five RIBC leagues during the Obama/Romney campaign of 2012. Danny was taken in between Edwin Encarncion and Max Sherzer that year on average. Some careers are not like the others...

His OPS declined, but he still hit 17 homers and stole 20 bags in 2012, leading him to get picked in the ninth round by average in 2013. It went downhill from there. Last year was the first time he had over 600 plate appearances since 2012. He also had a career high 24 dingers, yet his slugging percentage was a dismal .378.

He now plays for Los Angels de Los Angeles as their starting second baseman. That makes three LAA bats on my team. He had a career high 9% walk rate last year, giving me hope that he can produce a league average OBP. If either Jorge Polanco or Schimpf fail to produce, perhaps Danny E can fill in.

353Seattle Zen
      ID: 330592710
     Mar 27, 6:00 pm
23.01 Iwakuma, Hisashi - SEA - SP
I already posted my love note to Kuma. I honestly insisted to myself that I would let him go this year because the last three times I drafted him it was at a level that he didn't meet. Well, 23rd round is time to gamble. I did have a list of starters I was going to take over Hisashi, but they all got swiped right ahead of me - Tyler Skaggs, Charlie Morton and Zack Davies. E Rodriguez was a coin flip.

Kuma's success rides on his ability to nearly eliminate walks and generate weak contact with his highly effective sinker/slider. Last season he just didn't have it. If he still does not in April, I'll move on.

      ID: 330592710
     Mar 27, 6:17 pm
23.02 Profar, Jurickson - TEX - 3B
aka. "Sparky the PlugĒ. This is my brother Jurickson, and this is my other brother Jurickson. Somewhat worried the shoulder injury zapped whatever power he had, but Bugs Bunny is all over the field and should find at-bats. A perennial Mobster, I didnít get a chance to draft him on many teams this year, so Iím grabbing him in RIBC. He performed well in the WBC, so perhaps this is the year the breakout finally happens. Its ESPN robbery that he only gets 3B, and its an Wild West Texas Holdup that he hasnít been traded already. His mama told him, he's gonna be so much more, someday. I think Pittsburgh makes a great landing spot. Most seasons, I let someone else draft him, wait until they drop him, and then I pick him up. Letís just go ahead and speed up the process this year.
      ID: 330592710
     Mar 27, 6:20 pm
23.03 Prado, Martin - MIA - 3B
Expressly looking for a 3B here to back up Solarte and free up Baez to mostly fill MI positions. Principally considered Prado/Plouffe/Duffy/(undrafted), with Pradoís track record of consistency and superior OBP the primary selling points. His exceptional performance against LHP (three year average OPS of .971 (.433/.538)) sealed it Ė heís another spot-start candidate to help address the relatively poor OBP and SLG projected for my team as a whole. Canít say that Iíd have taken Plouffe instead, had I known theyíre now suspecting Prado will miss the first month of the season ... but I canít say I wouldnít have, either.
      ID: 330592710
     Mar 27, 6:20 pm
23.04 Rivero, Felipe - PIT - RP
After taking Morton at 22.13, Iím down to RP/RP/hitter on my wish list. Iím going to take a reliever here and leave one of each for my final pair.

One guy Iíve been looking at for a couple rounds is Felipe Rivero. His ratios last year were subpar for the bullpen, but I think he pitched better than they show. He increased his ability to draw swinging strikes, but sacrificed a little control at the same time. If he can cut down on the walks a bit, which I think is quite possible, heíll be a top RP arm. He also profiles as a much more traditional closer than the incumbent Watson. Watson is a very good pitcher who significantly limits hard contact, but heís 31 and only has 20 career saves to his credit. Pirates management has said all the right things so far, but I can see Watson losing his job relatively quickly if his poor spring performance carries over into April. I should also note the risk of Daniel Hudson getting first shot as closer if that scenario plays out.

Rivero is fairly likely to go undrafted if I donít take him, so I can probably wait if I see another RP of interest. Hector Rondon may be just the guy. Even in a down season last year, he kept his WHIP below 1.00. Itís unlikely heíll give up as many homers again, so his ERA should return to the mid 2s with a strikeout per IP. Wade Davis is another closer struggling in the spring, though I give Carl Edwards a better shot at promotion than Rondon.

I donít really think Rondon will be in the save mix in April, so Iíd rather just take Rivero now and worry about finding another reliever to draft later.

      ID: 330592710
     Mar 27, 8:14 pm
23.05 Devenski, Chris - HOU - RP
Devenski is a long relief/spot starter who put up some interesting numbers last year over 108 innings: 8.64 K/9, 2.34 FIP, and 0.91 whip. He was arguably pitching about as well as anyone over the second half of the year. I am not really sure how much impact a guy like this can have on a fantasy team but am thinking if he keeps pitching like this, he will get innings somewhere.
      ID: 330592710
     Mar 27, 8:16 pm
23.06 Siegrist, Kevin - STL - RP
3rd reliever and closer candidate in a row. There were not many options available that are the #2 choice for saves on their team. it helps that he strikes out more than 1 batter per inning and that his percentages should not be as questionable as those of others at this point.

I now have 5 starters and 2 closers and 3 setup man as my pitching staff. 5x200 + 5x75 = 1375 IP. right on target. I guess I am finished and will turn to hitting with my last 2 picks.

      ID: 330592710
     Mar 27, 8:19 pm
23.07 Plouffe, Trevor - OAK - 3B
I wanted a backup for Longoria, and had been looking at Prado and Plouffe for a few rounds. I expected to end up with Prado because of his injury, but he was taken a few picks ahead of mine.

Hopefully Plouffe's 2017 will be more like his 2014-2015 than his 2016. It's a contract year, and the As generally do a good job getting the most out of their players.

Improvement or not, he has a fairly stable floor. It would surprising if his OPS reached .750, but it would be even more surprising if it dropped below .720. He'll be a servicable fill-in and he won't kill my team if I need to start him consistently: that's all I'm looking for out of this pick.

      ID: 330592710
     Mar 27, 9:56 pm
23.08 Reynolds, Mark - COL - 1B
Not too often you draft a short term rental but that's what Reynolds is. He should receive playing time to start the season but will get pushed to a reserve role when the Rockies get healthy. He might be a spot starter for me even on that rental period. Not great but can be above average at Coors.
      ID: 330592710
     Mar 27, 10:07 pm
23.09 Triggs, Andrew - OAK - SP
A flier on a late-round starter. I think heís slated to be SP4 for Oakland. Limited ML experience, although heĎs 28. For some reason, sabermetric sites seem to think heís worth speculating on. When I first started targeting him as a potential late round pick, he was having a good spring. Lately, not so much. But, youneverknow.
362Uptown Bombers
      ID: 330592710
     Mar 27, 10:25 pm
23.10 Mondesi, Raul - KAN - 2B
No real serious expectations for him. I wanted a backup at 2B to start the season and Mondesi was just named the starter. I doubt he will continue to hit at his current pace once the season starts but he should get a chance to do that for the first few weeks. Iíll plug him in when I can to log the GPís and hope for a few cheap steals. Iíll keep him as long as heís decent. Chose him over Kolten Wong, who was probably a safer pick for the long term but if Mondesi truly has turned the corner and is serviceable, then his speed upside is worth the gamble.
363Dave R
      ID: 330592710
     Mar 27, 10:28 pm
23.11 Brach, Brad - BAL - RP
I have no delusions of Brad getting a closer gig with Britton on the Orioles, unless there's an injury, and that might not even get him a full time job. But he's been a reliable set up man for Baltimore, last year posting an ERA of 2.04, WHIP of 1.05 all while striking out 92 batter in 79 innings, picking up a couple saves along the way. Those kind of numbers can only help my staff.
      ID: 330592710
     Mar 28, 12:07 am
23.12 Finnegan, Brandon - CIN - SP
Just another young arm with upside. I'll watch him throw a start or two, then I'll either unload him, stream him, or maybe get lucky and he'll be an anchor in my rotation.
      ID: 330592710
     Mar 28, 2:43 am
23.13 Wong, Kolten - STL - 2B
This guy simply isn't as good as he thinks he is. And he isn't helping his cause by saying he'd prefer to be traded than to be platooned. And what kind of nonsense is that, anyway. If I had the chance to work only 4 days out of 7, and get full salary, I'd take it right away. I made this pick because I thought Wong had more potential trade value if he starts off hot than anyone else I could see. And I was feeling light on stolen bases.
      ID: 330592710
     Mar 28, 8:58 am
23.14 Tillman, Chris - BAL - SP
      ID: 330592710
     Mar 28, 8:58 am
23.15 Ryu, Hyun-Jin - LAD - SP
Wanted one more SP to ensure I approach the innings limit with the ability to spot start some as necessary. Was considering a few, none of whom ended up being drafted, when it was announced that Ryu had earned the 4th spot in the Dodgers rotation and would NOT begin the year on the DL, so I quickly queued him up first. He put up 3.38/1.19 in 2015, if he stays healthy there's no reason for me to believe that he can't be somewhere close to that in his age 30 season pitching in Dodger stadium; he could be a steal at the 367th pick of the draft.
      ID: 330592710
     Mar 28, 10:51 am
23.16 Saunders, Michael - PHI - OF
Was set to take Ryu here but no dice.

.338/.478 last season is enough to make Saunders draftable in rd 23. Will probably hit 5th in the order as the Phillies' RF. It seemed silly to not draft him.

      ID: 330592710
     Mar 28, 11:01 am
24.01 Ramos, Wilson - TAM - C
I think Ramos will be back in May sometime. Maybe the option to DH will allow him to come back earlier than later. The projections seem to be giving a lot of weight to prior seasons and none to his 2016 season. I had Ramos last year and had zero complaints. I don't know if I'll actually keep him rostered long or not.
      ID: 330592710
     Mar 28, 11:06 am
24.02 Soo Kim, Hyun - BAL - OF
He ought to be leading off for the O's as his OBP is in the high 3's. Of course, they'll likely hit him in the bottom third of their order vs. righties. If he gets 400 AB's with an .800 OPS, it's great value in round 24, maybe even with 120 + runs/RBI. If he's producing and the O's move him up in the lineup, even better. I'd assumed Holt might take one OF on the turn so I had Markakis ready to go as my back up.
      ID: 330592710
     Mar 28, 12:48 pm
24.03 Jeffress, Jeremy - TEX - RP
      ID: 330592710
     Mar 28, 3:26 pm
24.04 DeShields, Delino - TEX - OF
This guy was super-hyped last year (he went in the 11th round of the RIBC draft). After a solid spring with a ton of walks and stolen bases, there's talk of him starting in left field and leading off for the Rangers. If he sticks, I'm looking at 80 runs and 30 stolen bases with an OBP around .333 from round 24! This was the kind of upside pick this creaky-old team needed.
      ID: 330592710
     Mar 28, 4:11 pm
24.05 Anderson, Brett - CHC - SP
Another upside arm. I don't expect to get many starts at all. But at this price he has the upside to pay off if he somehow stays healthy. Especially on a cubs team that could get him great wins and improve his numbers with great defense.
374Dave R
      ID: 330592710
     Mar 28, 6:45 pm
24.06 Duffy, Matt - TAM - 3B
I know he's hurt and I know he's had a slower recovery than usual. I know he wasn't drafted in any other RIBC leagues. But I thought he was worth a gamble as the 374th player taken. Duffy is listed as 3B in ESPN, but when he returns he will be the starting SS for Tampa. This is the guy who finished 2nd as the National League ROY in 2015, when he slashed .295/.334/.428 with 12 homers and 77 RBI, adding a dozen SB's

Matt is still only 26 so you cant say his best years are behind him, I think they're yet to come.

But who knows, maybe I'll become impatient and toss him back on the scrap pile.

375Uptown Bombers
      ID: 330592710
     Mar 28, 6:45 pm
24.07 Kelly, Joe - BOS - RP
I had Michael Saunders at the top of a 2 man queue but he was snatched. It took a long time for my pick to come up and when I finally got a chance to check the dayís news, I saw that Thornburg was headed to the DL. I had my eye on him earlier in the draft before he was taken, as I had an odd hunch that maybe Kimbrel unexpectedly has a bad year. I know itís not very likely, but since that was my hunch that made me want Thornburg, I moved Kelly up to the top of my queue. Iíd still rather have Saunders and wait for another RP in the next round, but at this late stage, thereís not much else to go on but hunches.
      ID: 330592710
     Mar 28, 6:45 pm
24.08 Rondon, Hector - CHC - RP
A late-round reliever with a good K-ratio who may be second in line behind Wade Davis. Not much else to say.
      ID: 330592710
     Mar 28, 8:01 pm
24.09 Adams, Matt - STL - 1B
A much slimmer Adams has looked great so far this spring. Will be without a starting position but has started playing in the outfield so might get a few more starts that way. Round 24 guys almost always get dropped at some point. Don't see that changing with Adams.
      ID: 330592710
     Mar 28, 8:08 pm
24.10 Garcia, Jaime - ATL - SP
I considered taking Drew Storen to see if he ends up getting the first few saves of the year with Raisel Iglesias potentially still out, then spot starting pitchers with this slot until one sticks.

I decided that I liked Jaime Garcia's potential enough to give him a chance instead. His career ERA of 3.57 is only available this late because of he has been so injury-plagued. He reached 170 IP last year and is healthy at the moment, so I'll give him a chance and see how long he can stay productive and off the DL.

      ID: 330592710
     Mar 28, 8:08 pm
24.11 Gomes, Yan - CLE - C
at the start of the draft I decided that I will pass on catcher as long as possible. whether that is the last round or the round before does not matter as long as it is in round 20+.

the problem I have with catchers is that most of them see probably 120-130 games a year. thats 20% less than other position players. In addition to that the stats of most catchers after the top 5 are bad. They are on the replacement player level, were the playing at a different position.

my planned strategy this year is to play matchups with my catcher slot to maximize the games played and hopefully also the counting stats of R and RBI. I don't care about SB for a catcher. The only problem I see here is that I am living in Europe, so at the time a lot of lineups are posted, knowing which catchers are playing that day, is at a time I am usually not awake anymore. I need to rely on some twitter accounts of local correspondents to see if my preferred options for the day are indeed playing. what makes matters worse are these early games and that pickups for 7pm games can't be done at 6pm when there was a single 2pm game earlier that day. So I need to find metrics of the likelihood that a catcher is starting that day. this looks like a lot of trouble and I may abandon my strategy after a few weeks. hopefully not because of the timing constraints, but because I found a player that performs like Gary Sanchez, who ideally plays DH on days he is not catching. I guess its time to wake up and stop dreaming.

      ID: 330592710
     Mar 28, 8:11 pm
24.12 Schebler, Scott - CIN - OF
More OF/UTIL depth; Schebler hit .330/.432 last year and has the potential to take over the RF job in Cincinnati. This is basically a round 24, young guy upside play.
      ID: 330592710
     Mar 28, 10:12 pm
24.13 O'Day, Darren - BAL - RP
My pitching squad could use one more infusion of quality IP before the draft is done, so Iíd like to take a RP here. The ideal pick would give me Ks, solid ratios, and an outside shot at some saves. I looked at a bunch of names but wasnít able to find all three in the same package. Thus, I am forced to choose two of the three qualities. I donít like rostering players whose talent I donít believe in if I can help it, so Iím just going to suck it up and take the best pitcher I can find, saves be damned.

My favorite RIBC pitcher of all time, Koji Uehara, is one possibility. His WHIP and K rate are still top tier, but age has begun to catch up with him just a little. Heís about to turn 42, so itís understandable! I think there are three guys in the Cubs pen more likely to close, but itís not completely impossible that he can snag a few as the year goes along.

I can also go with Darren OíDay, another veteran of past twilson squads. His performance declined more last year than Uehara, but injuries are a likely culprit. Heís looking very strong in spring training. More than a handful of saves are out of the question, but that doesnít mean he wonít have value as roster glue.

I think OíDay is the most likely remaining pitcher to pitch to a sub-2 ERA and sub-1 WHIP, so heís my guy.

      ID: 330592710
     Mar 28, 10:12 pm
24.14 Buchter, Ryan - SDG - RP
A purely speculative handcuff of my second closer (of only two); while the conventional wisdom is that Capps replaces Maurer in SDG if Maurer falters (and maybe even if he doesnít), Iím not completely buying that Capps will be all the way back from Tommy John surgery this year and, if he proves not to be, I believe Buchter is the other guy to have in this bullpen. 78 K/3 W/1 S/2.86/1.03 in 67 IP last year Ė his first full season in the majors. If he puts up those numbers again, heíll be a solid part of my rotation even if he never gets a shot at the closerís role.
      ID: 330592710
     Mar 28, 11:22 pm
24.15 Smith, Mallex - TAM - OF
aka. ďMore steals? So full! Canít eat another bite!Ē Word is that Colby Rasmus will miss a 4-6 weeks and that puts Mallex in the opening day starting lineup. I love when Colby Rasmus has an impact on my team! blue hen seems to like Mallex, so maybe I can trade swing a trade. Wait, BH isnít in this league? I was wondering why he was waiting until round 24 to pick! The bank of steals is open, might as well get as I can while he still has a job. Run like the wind Mallex! You donít have much time!
384Seattle Zen
      ID: 330592710
     Mar 28, 11:22 pm
24.16 Span, Denard - SFO - OF
I was going to shake my fist at ksoze for taking Ryu because holt was upset at this, which caused him to take Michael Saunders, who I really coveted. But Uptown said that he would have taken Saunders, so I guess I should have taken him at 23.01 if I really wanted him.

I like Denard Span, he is one of many former Twin outfielders who were traded away for a few non-magical beans. Baseball Prospectus likes him to have a +740 OPS with 20 steals and over 70 runs for the Giants. I will not shake a stick at that. You know, Saunders is bound to get hurt... I'm okay with this turn of events. Had Fosten taken Span, I would have gone with beard guy Werth.

385Seattle Zen
      ID: 330592710
     Mar 28, 11:22 pm
25.01 Harris, Will - HOU - RP
There may be a second-in-line closer out there, a handcuff not taken yet, but not really any obvious ones, so I went with a guy with a projected 9.5K/9 and below 3 ERA. If he continues to be a solid contributor to ratios and K/9, he can stay. If a new guy starts the season lights out and becomes the new closer in waiting on some team, Harris will understand why I'm kicking him to the curb. Would have taken Rondon had Guru not.
      ID: 330592710
     Mar 29, 12:13 am
25.02 Werth, Jayson - WAS - OF
aka. ďThis pick was WERTH-LESS!Ē If Conforto is on the bench Opening Day, then I still need a 4th OF until Pearce and Profar qualify. The 25th round seems early for a 4th OF. Donít you think? This is the question that I have been asking all of you this draft. Havenít you already drafted my 4th outfielder? Isnít he already on your team right now, just waiting for you to drop, and for me to pick up? Perhaps heís a minor leaguer, just waiting to get the call? As a Mets fan, I canít stand Jason Werth (nothing personal), so I figured this would be a player I could easily drop for a streaming slot (nothing personal). Perhaps we shall call the day that I release Jayson Werth, "Garden gnomeĒ "Garden gnome" day! (As Werth chases with a bat, Fosten runs in terror). Thanks to everyone who read my posts, and to Guru for putting up with my lag. Best of luck to everyone in the new season. Cheers to rotoguru, the best folks in all the land! Peace.
      ID: 330592710
     Mar 29, 12:13 am
25.03 Castillo, Welington - BAL - C
Iíve intended to take a second catcher ever since I drafted Vogt and his .603 OPS vs LHP over the past three years. Considered three others, all still undrafted, and pretty quickly settled on Castillo. Should see roughly 400 AB over the course of the season, historically very good against LHP (.836 OPS over the past three years), and even better against RHP than Vogt is against LHP (.688 OPS, again over the past three years). With the two of them, I should be able to come pretty close to the GP max at catcher, and without too many days of a sub-.700 OPS bat in the lineup at catcher.
      ID: 330592710
     Mar 29, 12:33 am
25.04 Revere, Ben - LAA - OF
I wanted another hitter here to fill out my roster. Itís always such a struggle to maintain a full lineup in RIBC given the short bench, so I wanted a 3/1 split between offense and pitching. I would have preferred a MI here all else being equal, but outfield offers the best potential for a difference maker. I already have six players on the roster that qualify at OF plus a DH beyond that, so thereís no reason to take an everyday guy with a limited ceiling.

I have two names in mind, Ben Revere and [undrafted]. Revere is a year removed from back-to-back $15 seasons. He has absolutely no power, but does a good job of getting on base (2016 excluded) and stealing when the opportunity presents itself. I like his chance to provide me with cheap steals as long as he gets the playing time. Heís currently behind Cameron Maybin in the Angels pecking order but has outperformed Maybin in spring training.

[undrafted] was suggested by my father, who saw him hit in spring training and came away impressed. Heís definitely an off-the-radar name, and the playing time isnít there as of yet, but Iím definitely going to keep an eye on him as the season gets going.

At this point, my team is relying on Hernan Perez to play well and often enough to stay afloat in SB, so it makes sense to take another stab at the category with my final pick.

      ID: 330592710
     Mar 29, 1:21 am
25.05 Lowrie, Jed - OAK - 2B
Welcome aboard, Jed! You get to round out my MI crew and can hang around as long as you stay healthy and keep hitting. Based on my past experience with you, it will probably only be a matter of days.
      ID: 330592710
     Mar 29, 4:10 am
25.06 Markakis, Nick - ATL - OF
with JD Martinez injured and Kris Bryant having 3B eligibility I only have Renfroe and Judge (starting job not yet settled) to back them up. I felt the need for another OF if there would be one near the top of draftable players.

my top OF was Markakis. he has an excellent OBP and a bad SLG. There is some talk that he might trade in some AVG for some power which would translate into a slightly higher SLG. I'll take that.

in the end I would feel comfortable inserting him into my lineup if JD is still out, Judge the backup and one of my others is sitting out a game.

      ID: 330592710
     Mar 29, 4:16 am
25.07 Storen, Drew - CIN - RP
Like youngroman, I will be streaming catchers, which has been my plan ever since Lucroy was drafted.

I'm not sure why I hadn't thought to do it before this year: it solves the problem of playing time, and with 14+ options most days, there are usually plenty of matchup advantages to choose from.

It also creates a permanent free slot for me to be creative with. Maybe I want to spot-start a pitcher or middle infielder or add a RP to see how a volatile closer situation plays out: I can just go without a starting catcher for a day or two. I can roster other players for 16 days over the course of the season and still have 162 games started from my C position.

With that in mind, there was no good reason for me to draft a catcher at all, so I took Storen. Iglesias seems like he'll probably be ready for the beginning of the season, but it's no sure thing, and the assumption that he'll get the lion's share of the saves may be wishful thinking. He may not even be the top choice.

Storen has looked awful in spring training, but it's worth giving him a shot and seeing what his role is: 1/3 of the saves would have plenty of value. If Iglesias is healthy and gets the first few saves, then I'll drop Storen and begin streaming my catchers.

      ID: 330592710
     Mar 29, 10:29 am
25.08 Rosenthal, Trevor - STL - RP
Late round flier. Didn't put much time into this pick. Rosenthal has been elite and his stuff appears to still be there. His role has changed since he was the closer. I don't see him thriving as a MR so its unlikely he lasts a week on my team
      ID: 330592710
     Mar 29, 10:54 am
25.09 Romo, Sergio - LAD - RP
A late-round reliever with a good K-ratio who may be second in line behind Jansen. Not much else to say.
394Uptown Bombers
      ID: 330592710
     Mar 29, 10:54 am
25.10 Souza Jr., Steven - TAM - OF
Power source potential with regular playing time. Nothing much else to say about him.
395Dave R
      ID: 330592710
     Mar 29, 11:56 am
25.11 Strahm, Matt - KAN - RP
Last pick. Although mentioned as a possible starter, Matt will start the season in the bullpen for the Royals. I'm OK with that, and if he's ever moved in the starting rotation, I'm OK with that also

I'm also OK with numbers along the lines of what he produced last year. After being called up at the end of July, he posted an ERA of 1.23 and WHIP of 1.09 and struck out 30 batters in only 22 innings, a 12.3K/9 average.

I'm sure I could have done worse.

      ID: 330592710
     Mar 29, 12:40 pm
25.12 Boyd, Matt - DET - SP
The last of my upside arms. Just earned the 5th starter role after a strong spring.
      ID: 330592710
     Mar 29, 1:37 pm
25.13 Uehara, Koji - CHC - RP
No idea who is next in line in Chicago when Wade Davis's arm explodes. Folks have already drafted Edwards and Rondon. But I simply couldn't pass up one last 40+ year-old for this team. If I lucked into 25 saves, spectacular. If I end up with 9k/9 and a WHiP of 1.00 over 50 innings with a few wins thrown in, that's fine too.
      ID: 330592710
     Mar 29, 5:13 pm
25.14 Aguilar, Jesus - MIL - 1B
Where did this guy come from? 6-3 250lb. Hit 7 homers this spring, batting .466, made the roster, hasnt really had a shot in the majors yet.

Going to back up at 1B but worth the 25th pick imo. I needed a corner guy with this pick anyway

      ID: 330592710
     Mar 29, 5:13 pm
25.15 Soria, Joakim - KAN - RP
Meh. I looked through the remaining RP's for potential "hold your breath and hope something happens to the closer" saves and saw Soria and his lousy 2016 numbers was still available. It appears he's second in line for KC. I likely will bench him initially and keep him there unless he reverts to pre-2016 form, or takes over the closer role. Had another, obviously undrafted, RP in mind in case Soria went before my last pick.
      ID: 330592710
     Mar 29, 5:43 pm
25.16 Zimmerman, Ryan - WAS - 1B
Shot in the dark. There are reasons to believe Zimmerman might have an improved 2017. Conditioning, elevating the ball, possibly not going to the DL. He's only 32, so maybe he can turn it around. I thought he was more like 42, but I see he was only 20 yrs old in his rookie season.

Hmm. "

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