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Subject: Daily blurb - February 9, 2016

  Posted by: Guru - [330592710] Tue, Feb 09, 2016, 11:25

The seasons are a-changing.

With the conclusion of the NFL playoffs, the champion of Football Pickoff is ISLAM, who has now capped off a ridiculous three-peat. This was the tightest contest ever, with only 7 points separating the top three contestants. Prize winners will be notified by email sometime during the next week. For a full listing of available prizes, see item 7 of the rules.

I've made a few enhancements to the NBA data file that is now available on s subscription basis. See this thread for a description of the file, including the enhanced version [post 4].

GuruGolf should be launched this coming weekend. The official announcement will be made in the RotoGuru Golf Forum.