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Welcome to RotoGuru's Football Pickoff Game - 2018!

Monday, December 31, 2018
Remember that Football Pickoff continues through the playoffs. Picks for the first playoff round will be frozen at 4:30pm Saturday, January 5. You cannot wait until Sunday to pick the Sunday games.

Thursday, August 30, 2018
Welcome to RotoGuru's Football Pickoff 2018. Registrations are now being accepted, and picks for any week in the regular season can now be entered.

The rules are essentially unchanged from last year.

The Grand prize and Midseason prize are available to all entrants.

You may choose to create or join a division if you wish. Doing so will have no impact on your official score, and will have no bearing on prizes. Divisions are provided solely as a convenient means to track your score against a smaller group of competitors.

If you elect to receive confirmation emails, they will be coming from the address "footpick@rotoguru1.com". Please make sure that your email system’s spam blocker will accept email from this address. If you do not receive your requested email confirmations, then your system is probably rejecting these emails. In the past, AOL has often blocked system generated emails from the rotoguru1.com domain, so if you want to receive confirmations via email, use an email address from an alternate domain. Other email providers occasionally block them as well.

If you discover something that looks like a bug, or if you have suggestions for improvement in site functionality or navigation, please send me a "Guru-Mail".

Enjoy the game!

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