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Fantasy Points for 9-Aug-2020
FanDuel Salary Cap Baseball
Live stats are available for 10-Aug
Past week:   8-Aug   |   7-Aug   |   6-Aug   |   5-Aug   |   4-Aug   |   3-Aug   |   2-Aug   |

DFS salaries typically reflect only "all day" or "main" slates.
Salaries for single game contests are often different and are not reported below.
Starters are indicated by a ^ following the player’s name.
A number after the ^ indicates the player’s order in the batting lineup.
Doubleheader games are denoted as (1) and (2).
For data in semi-colon delimited text format, click here.

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Pitchers PointsSalaryTeam Opp. Score Stats Summary
PDinelson Lamet^0 60.0$8,400SDGv ari 9-5  6.2IP H R ER 11K HB Win
PJustus Sheffield^0 49.0$5,900SEAv col 5-3  6.0IP 4H 7K Win
PJames Paxton^0 47.0$7,800NYY@ tam 3-4  6.1IP 4H 3R 3ER BB 11K HB
PLucas Giolito^0 46.0$9,500CHWv cle 4-5(F10)  7.0IP 4H 2R 2ER 5BB 9K
PNathan Eovaldi^0 43.0$7,200BOSv tor 5-3  6.0IP 6H 3R 3ER 10K
PSpencer Turnbull^0 40.0$8,100DET@ pit 2-1  7.0IP 5H R ER 2BB 4K HB Win
Max Fried^0 39.0N/AATL@ phi(2) 8-0(F7)  5.0IP 4H BB 6K HB Win
PKevin Gausman^0 38.0$6,500SFO@ lad 2-6  6.1IP 3H R ER 6K
PShane Bieber^0 37.0$12,000CLE@ chw 5-4(F10)  6.0IP 4H 3R 3ER 2BB 8K
PMatt Shoemaker^0 34.0$7,300TOR@ bos 3-5  6.0IP 3H 3R 2ER 6K 2E
PJacob deGrom^0 33.0$11,100NYMv mia 4-2  5.0IP 7H 2R 2ER 2BB 6K Win
PLance Lynn^0 33.0$9,400TEXv laa 7-3  5.0IP 4H 2R 2ER 3BB 6K Win
PJesus Luzardo^0 32.0$6,400OAKv hou 7-2  5.2IP 5H 2R 2ER 2BB 5K Win
PGerman Marquez^0 31.0$9,000COL@ sea 3-5  7.0IP 6H 5R 2ER BB 4K Loss
PWalker Buehler^0 29.0$9,800LADv sfo 6-2  5.2IP H 2R 2ER 4BB 6K HB
PBrady Singer^0 27.0$6,800KANv min 4-2  5.0IP 5H 2R 2ER 2BB 4K E Win
Vincent Velasquez^0 27.0N/APHIv atl(1) 2-5(F7)  4.0IP 3H R ER 3BB 6K HB
PSonny Gray^0 25.0$10,800CIN@ mil 3-9  5.1IP 6H 4R 4ER 3BB 7K HB Loss
PTrevor Richards 24.0$5,800TAMv nyy 4-3  4.0IP 4H 2R 2BB 4K
PChris Stratton 24.0$5,500PITv det 1-2  3.0IP 3H R ER 6K
PAsher Wojciechowski^0 23.0$6,800BAL@ was 5-2(T6)  3.2IP 3H 2BB 4K HB
PBrandon Woodruff^0 21.0$9,100MILv cin 9-3  4.0IP 3H 2R 2ER 2BB 5K
PPablo Lopez^0 21.0$7,100MIA@ nym 2-4  5.0IP 5H 3R 2ER 4BB 4K Loss
PBurch Smith 21.0$5,500OAKv hou 7-2  3.0IP H 4K Save
PTaylor Widener 18.0$5,500ARI@ sdg 5-9  3.0IP 2H 3R 3ER 2BB 6K HB
PJohn Curtiss 18.0$5,500TAMv nyy 4-3  2.0IP 4K
PJose Berrios^0 16.0$8,900MIN@ kan 2-4  5.1IP 8H 4R 4ER 3BB 4K Loss
PJosh Staumont 15.0$5,500KANv min 4-2  2.0IP 2H 3K Hold
PMatt Barnes 15.0$5,500BOSv tor 5-3  1.0IP 2K Win
PPhil Maton 15.0$5,500CLE@ chw 5-4(F10)  1.0IP 2K Win
Tyler Matzek 14.0N/AATL@ phi(1) 5-2(F7)  1.2IP 2BB K Win
Spencer Howard^0 14.0N/APHIv atl(2) 0-8(F7)  4.2IP 7H 4R 4ER BB 4K Loss
PAustin Brice 13.0$5,500BOSv tor 5-3  1.1IP 3K
PTaylor Williams 13.0$5,500SEAv col 5-3  1.1IP H 3K Save
PRyan Borucki 12.0$5,700TOR@ bos 3-5  1.0IP 3K
PBrent Suter 12.0$5,600MILv cin 9-3  2.0IP 3H Win
PHansel Robles 12.0$5,500LAA@ tex 3-7  1.0IP H 3K
PEdwin Diaz 12.0$5,500NYMv mia 4-2  1.0IP 2H 3K Hold
PRichard Rodriguez 12.0$5,500PITv det 1-2  2.0IP H R ER 3K 2HB Loss
PStefan Crichton 12.0$5,500ARI@ sdg 5-9  2.0IP 3H BB 2K
PCaleb Ferguson 12.0$5,500LADv sfo 6-2  1.0IP 3K
PJake McGee 12.0$5,500LADv sfo 6-2  1.0IP K Win
PJames Karinchak 12.0$5,500CLE@ chw 5-4(F10)  1.0IP BB 3K
PMike Morin 11.0$5,500MIA@ nym 2-4  1.2IP H BB 2K
PAndre Scrubb 10.0$5,500HOU@ oak 2-7  1.1IP H 2K
PCristian Javier^0 9.0$8,000HOU@ oak 2-7  3.0IP 3H 5R 5ER 2BB 5K Loss
PSteven Brault^0 9.0$6,100PITv det 1-2  2.0IP BB K HB
PScott Barlow 9.0$5,500KANv min 4-2  1.0IP 2K Save
PJoe Jimenez 9.0$5,500DET@ pit 2-1  1.0IP 2K Save
PMike Mayers 9.0$5,500LAA@ tex 3-7  1.0IP R 2K
PJared Hughes 9.0$5,500NYMv mia 4-2  1.0IP 2K Hold
PDevin Williams 9.0$5,500MILv cin 9-3  1.0IP 2K
PRyan Thompson 9.0$5,500TAMv nyy 4-3  1.0IP Win
PNick Wittgren 9.0$5,500CLE@ chw 5-4(F10)  1.0IP H 2K
PErik Swanson 9.0$5,500SEAv col 5-3  1.0IP 2K Hold
PJoely Rodriguez 9.0$5,500TEXv laa 7-3  1.0IP H BB 2K Hold
PGeoff Hartlieb 9.0$5,500PITv det 1-2  1.0IP 2K
Cory Gearrin 9.0N/AMIN@ kan 2-4  2.0IP 2BB K
PAndrew Heaney^0 8.0$7,500LAA@ tex 3-7  3.2IP 8H 5R 5ER 4K Loss
PJavy Guerra 8.0$5,500WASv bal 2-5(T6)  0.2IP 2K
PAshton Goudeau 8.0$5,500TOR@ bos 3-5  1.2IP H 2R 2ER BB 3K Loss
PLuis Patino 8.0$5,500SDGv ari 9-5  1.2IP 2H 2R 2ER 4BB 3K
PJimmy Herget 8.0$5,500TEXv laa 7-3  0.2IP BB 2K Hold
Austin Davis 7.0N/APHIv atl(2) 0-8(F7)  1.1IP 3H R ER 2K
Huascar Ynoa^0 7.0N/AATL@ phi(1) 5-2(F7)  2.1IP H R ER BB K
PCharlie Morton^0 6.0$8,200TAMv nyy 4-3  2.0IP 3H R ER 2BB K HB
PGreg Holland 6.0$5,500KANv min 4-2  1.0IP K Hold
PJonathan Hernandez 6.0$5,500TEXv laa 7-3  1.0IP K
PKenley Jansen 6.0$5,500LADv sfo 6-2  1.0IP K
PAlex Colome 6.0$5,500CHWv cle 4-5(F10)  1.0IP K HB
PEvan Marshall 6.0$5,500CHWv cle 4-5(F10)  1.0IP H R ER BB 2K BS
PCarlos Sanabria 6.0$5,500HOU@ oak 2-7  1.0IP H BB K
PTyler Kinley 6.0$5,500COL@ sea 3-5  1.0IP 2BB K HB
PSeth Lugo 6.0$5,500NYMv mia 4-2  1.0IP BB K Save
PBrian Moran 6.0$5,500MIA@ nym 2-4  1.0IP K
PNate Jones 6.0$5,500CIN@ mil 3-9  1.0IP K
Darren O'Day 6.0N/AATL@ phi(2) 8-0(F7)  1.0IP K
Josh Tomlin 6.0N/AATL@ phi(1) 5-2(F7)  1.0IP BB K Hold
Chad Sobotka 6.0N/AATL@ phi(2) 8-0(F7)  1.0IP K
PBrandon Bailey 5.0$5,600HOU@ oak 2-7  1.2IP H R ER BB K HB
POliver Perez 5.0$5,500CLE@ chw 5-4(F10)  0.2IP K Save
PTyler Clippard 5.0$5,500MIN@ kan 2-4  0.2IP K
PJonathan Holder 5.0$5,500NYY@ tam 3-4  1.2IP 2H BB
PStephen Strasburg^0 4.0$10,000WASv bal 2-5(T6)  4.1IP 7H 5R 5ER BB 2K
PJacob Barnes 4.0$5,500LAA@ tex 3-7  1.1IP H R ER K
PYusmeiro Petit 4.0$5,500OAKv hou 7-2  0.1IP BB K Hold
PBrett Martin 4.0$5,500TEXv laa 7-3  0.1IP 2BB K Hold
PRyan Buchter 4.0$5,500LAA@ tex 3-7  0.1IP K
Ramon Rosso 4.0N/APHIv atl(1) 2-5(F7)  1.1IP BB
PBuck Farmer 3.0$6,100DET@ pit 2-1  1.0IP H BB Hold
PEdinson Volquez 3.0$5,500TEXv laa 7-3  1.0IP H R ER K
PHumberto Castellanos 3.0$5,500HOU@ oak 2-7  1.0IP H R ER K HB
PNik Turley 3.0$5,500PITv det 1-2  1.0IP BB
PCorey Knebel 3.0$5,500MILv cin 9-3  1.0IP
PDellin Betances 3.0$5,500NYMv mia 4-2  1.0IP BB Hold
Mark Melancon 3.0N/AATL@ phi(1) 5-2(F7)  1.0IP H Save
Cole Irvin 3.0N/APHIv atl(1) 2-5(F7)  1.0IP 2H
PCody Reed 2.0$5,500CIN@ mil 3-9  0.2IP H BB
PTy Buttrey 2.0$5,500LAA@ tex 3-7  0.2IP
PJosh Osich 2.0$5,500BOSv tor 5-3  0.2IP BB
PPaul Fry 1.0$5,500BAL@ was 5-2(T6)  0.1IP
PTravis Lakins 1.0$5,500BAL@ was 5-2(T6)  0.1IP
PBlake Treinen 1.0$5,500LADv sfo 6-2  0.1IP H Hold
PBrad Hand 1.0$5,500CLE@ chw 5-4(F10)  0.1IP H R BB Hold
PSam Freeman 1.0$5,500WASv bal 2-5(T6)  0.1IP 2BB
Will Smith 1.0N/AATL@ phi(1) 5-2(F7)  0.1IP BB Hold
PAlex Claudio 0.0$5,500MILv cin 9-3  1.0IP 2H R ER BB HB
PJimmy Cordero 0.0$5,500CHWv cle 4-5(F10)  1.0IP 2H 2R ER Loss
Joel Kuhnel 0.0N/ACIN@ mil 3-9  1.0IP 2H 2R 2ER K
Trevor Kelley 0.0N/APHIv atl(2) 0-8(F7)  1.0IP 4H 3R 3ER 2K
PZack Britton -1.0$5,500NYY@ tam 3-4  0.2IP 2H R ER BB Loss
PShaun Anderson -1.0$5,500SFO@ lad 2-6  0.2IP H R ER
PCaleb Baragar -1.0$5,500SFO@ lad 2-6  0.2IP H 2R 2ER BB K
PTim Hill -1.0$5,500SDGv ari 9-5  0.2IP 2H 2R 2ER K
Luke Jackson -1.0N/AATL@ phi(1) 5-2(F7)  0.2IP H R ER BB
PTyler Rogers -2.0$5,500SFO@ lad 2-6  0.1IP 2H 2R 2ER K BS Loss
PStephen Tarpley -2.0$5,500MIA@ nym 2-4  0.1IP 2H R ER HB
Adam Morgan -2.0N/APHIv atl(1) 2-5(F7)  0.1IP 2H 2R 2ER BB K
PDan Altavilla -4.0$5,500SEAv col 5-3  0.2IP 2H 3R 3ER 2BB K
PShawn Armstrong -4.0$5,500BAL@ was 5-2(T6)  0.2IP 2H 2R 2ER
Deolis Guerra -5.0N/APHIv atl(1) 2-5(F7)  0.1IP 2H 2R 2ER Loss
PMadison Bumgarner^0 -6.0$7,600ARI@ sdg 5-9  2.0IP 5H 6R 6ER BB 2K Loss
PMichael Lorenzen -9.0$5,500CIN@ mil 3-9  0.0IP H 3R 3ER 3BB

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Hitters PointsSalaryTeam Opp. Score Stats Summary
Freddie Freeman^3 47.1N/AATL@ phi(2) 8-0(F7)  3/4 3R 3RBI 2B 3B HR
Ronald Acuna^1 46.9N/AATL@ phi(2) 8-0(F7)  4/4 2R 3RBI 2HR
OFChristian Yelich^3 43.9$4,200MILv cin 9-3  2/3 2R 3RBI 3B HR 2BB
1BMitch Moreland^5 40.9$3,100BOSv tor 5-3  2/4 2R 3RBI 2HR SO E
3BManny Machado^2 37.4$3,100SDGv ari 9-5  2/4 2R 2RBI 2HR
OFJesse Winker^5 34.4$2,100CIN@ mil 3-9  3/4 2R 2RBI 2B HR
2BKeston Hiura^2 31.4$3,200MILv cin 9-3  3/5 2R 2RBI HR
1BYulieski Gurriel^5 31.2$2,900HOU@ oak 2-7  2/3 R 2RBI 2B HR BB SO
OFA.J. Pollock^6 28.7$3,000LADv sfo 6-2  2/3 R 3RBI HR SO
3BMatt Chapman^4 28.2$3,300OAKv hou 7-2  2/4 R 2RBI 2B HR SO
CJames McCann^8 28.2$2,700CHWv cle 4-5(F10)  3/4 R 2RBI HR SO E
2BMichael Brosseau^5 28.2$2,200TAMv nyy 4-3  2/4 R 2RBI 2B HR SO
OFRobbie Grossman^6 27.7$2,500OAKv hou 7-2  2/3 R RBI 2B HR BB
2BAndres Gimenez^8 27.6$2,100NYMv mia 4-2  3/4 3R 2B SB
OFMookie Betts^2 25.7$4,100LADv sfo 6-2  1/4 R 3RBI HR
1BMatt Olson^3 25.7$3,500OAKv hou 7-2  1/4 R 3RBI HR
SSFernando Tatis Jr.^1 25.2$4,300SDGv ari 9-5  2/4 R 2RBI HR 2SO
OFWil Myers^5 25.2$3,300SDGv ari 9-5  2/4 R 2RBI HR SO
1BJesus Aguilar^4 25.2$3,200MIA@ nym 2-4  2/4 R 2RBI HR
3BDylan Moore^2 25.2$2,700SEAv col 5-3  1/3 R 2RBI HR HBP SO
2BTommy La Stella^2 25.2$2,600LAA@ tex 3-7  1/4 R 2RBI HR BB
SSNick Ahmed^9 25.2$2,300ARI@ sdg 5-9  1/3 R 2RBI HR BB SO
3BAndy Young^6 25.2$2,000ARI@ sdg 5-9  1/3 R 2RBI HR HBP SO
2BBrandon Lowe^6 24.9$3,300TAMv nyy 4-3  1/3 2R RBI HR HBP
1BTy France^4 24.9$2,200SDGv ari 9-5  1/4 2R RBI HR BB 2SO
1BJustin Smoak^6 22.2$2,500MILv cin 9-3  3/5 R 2RBI 2B SO
2BStarlin Castro^3 22.2$2,400WASv bal 2-5(T6)  1/3 R 2RBI HR SO
CFrancisco Mejia^8 22.2$2,000SDGv ari 9-5  1/4 R 2RBI HR SO
Ronald Acuna^1 22.2N/AATL@ phi(1) 5-2(F7)  1/4 R 2RBI HR SO
2BCavan Biggio^1 21.7$3,400TOR@ bos 3-5  1/3 R RBI HR BB
OFKole Calhoun^2 21.7$2,700ARI@ sdg 5-9  1/3 R RBI HR BB SO
OFNick Solak^5 21.6$2,600TEXv laa 7-3  2/4 3R 2-2B
Adam Duvall 19.5N/AATL@ phi(1) 5-2(F7)  2/2 3RBI 2B
2BHanser Alberto^1 19.2$3,000BAL@ was 5-2(T6)  2/3 R 2RBI 2B
3BRafael Devers^2 18.7$3,300BOSv tor 5-3  1/4 R RBI HR
SSBo Bichette^2 18.7$3,200TOR@ bos 3-5  1/4 R RBI HR SO
1BJose Abreu^4 18.7$2,900CHWv cle 4-5(F10)  1/4 R RBI HR 2SO
3BMaikel Franco^7 18.7$2,600KANv min 4-2  1/4 R RBI HR SO
1BCarlos Santana^4 18.4$2,700CLE@ chw 5-4(F10)  1/2 2R 3BB
2BJon Berti^2 18.2$2,200MIA@ nym 2-4  1/3 R 2BB SB
3BEddy Alvarez^8 18.0$2,000MIA@ nym 2-4  3/4 2B SB
SSElvis Andrus^7 15.7$2,500TEXv laa 7-3  2/4 R RBI 2B
OFTim Lopes^7 15.7$2,500SEAv col 5-3  1/3 R RBI SB
2BMike Freeman^7 15.7$2,000CLE@ chw 5-4(F10)  2/5 R RBI 2B 2SO
2BCesar Hernandez^1 15.5$2,800CLE@ chw 5-4(F10)  2/4 RBI 2-2B SO
2BJurickson Profar^7 15.4$2,600SDGv ari 9-5  2/3 2R HBP
OFCharlie Blackmon^3 15.2$3,900COL@ sea 3-5  2/3 R 2B BB
OFShohei-hitter Ohtani^4 15.2$3,100LAA@ tex 3-7  2/3 R 2B BB SO
2BGarrett Hampson^1 15.2$2,500COL@ sea 3-5  1/3 R BB SB
1BAustin Slater^8 15.2$2,300SFO@ lad 2-6  0/1 R BB HBP SO SB
OFVictor Reyes^7 15.2$2,300DET@ pit 2-1  1/2 R 2B BB HBP
Freddie Freeman^3 15.2N/AATL@ phi(1) 5-2(F7)  3/4 R 2B SO
OFMike Yastrzemski^1 13.0$3,400SFO@ lad 2-6  1/3 2RBI BB
1BLogan Morrison^4 12.7$2,200MILv cin 9-3  0/3 R RBI 2BB 2SO
CManny Pina^9 12.7$2,000MILv cin 9-3  1/3 R RBI HBP SO
OFMax Kepler^1 12.5$3,700MIN@ kan 2-4  1/3 RBI 2B BB SO
OFBrandon Nimmo^1 12.5$2,900NYMv mia 4-2  1/3 RBI BB HBP
CAustin Romine^8 12.5$2,300DET@ pit 2-1  2/4 RBI 2B SO
Travis d'Arnaud^5 12.5N/AATL@ phi(2) 8-0(F7)  2/4 RBI 2B
OFWhit Merrifield^1 12.4$3,600KANv min 4-2  1/3 2R BB SO
SSMarcus Semien^1 12.4$2,700OAKv hou 7-2  1/4 2R BB
Dansby Swanson^2 12.4N/AATL@ phi(2) 8-0(F7)  1/3 2R BB
2BD.J. LeMahieu^1 12.2$3,800NYY@ tam 3-4  2/4 R BB
3BYoan Moncada^2 12.2$3,200CHWv cle 4-5(F10)  1/4 R 2B BB 2SO
3BColin Moran^4 12.2$3,200PITv det 1-2  0/1 R 2BB HBP
OFMichael Brantley^4 12.2$3,200HOU@ oak 2-7  1/3 R 2B BB
OFJorge Soler^2 12.2$3,100KANv min 4-2  2/3 R BB
OFJose Martinez^3 12.2$2,800TAMv nyy 4-3  1/3 R 2B BB SO
SSGleyber Torres^5 12.2$2,800NYY@ tam 3-4  1/3 R 2B BB SO
CJeff Mathis^9 12.2$2,100TEXv laa 7-3  1/3 R SO SB
2BMark Mathias^8 12.2$2,000MILv cin 9-3  1/4 R SB
Marcell Ozuna^4 12.2N/AATL@ phi(1) 5-2(F7)  1/3 R 2B BB SO
Tyler Flowers^8 12.2N/AATL@ phi(1) 5-2(F7)  1/1 R 2BB
2BAdam Frazier^1 12.0$2,200PITv det 1-2  2/4 SB
Rhys Hoskins^2 12.0N/APHIv atl(2) 0-8(F7)  2/2 2B HBP
OFAnthony Santander^2 10.0$2,800BAL@ was 5-2(T6)  1/3 2RBI SO
OFShin-Soo Choo^1 10.0$2,800TEXv laa 7-3  1/4 2RBI 2SO
OFHunter Dozier^4 10.0$2,500KANv min 4-2  1/4 2RBI
Andrew McCutchen 10.0N/APHIv atl(1) 2-5(F7)  1/2 2RBI SF
SSTrevor Story^2 9.7$4,000COL@ sea 3-5  1/4 R RBI SO
3BJose Ramirez^2 9.7$3,900CLE@ chw 5-4(F10)  1/5 R RBI SO
2BRougned Odor^6 9.7$2,600TEXv laa 7-3  1/4 R RBI 3SO
CBryan Holaday^9 9.7$2,000BAL@ was 5-2(T6)  1/2 R RBI
OFDavid Dahl^5 9.5$2,900COL@ sea 3-5  2/4 RBI 2SO
OFBrian Goodwin^6 9.5$2,900LAA@ tex 3-7  1/2 RBI BB
CYasmani Grandal^3 9.5$2,700CHWv cle 4-5(F10)  1/4 RBI 2B 2SO
CSalvador Perez^3 9.5$2,700KANv min 4-2  1/2 RBI BB SF
OFFranmil Reyes^5 9.5$2,500CLE@ chw 5-4(F10)  1/4 RBI 2B 2SO
3BIsiah Kiner-Falefa^2 9.5$2,400TEXv laa 7-3  1/4 RBI 2B
SSErik Gonzalez^7 9.5$2,300PITv det 1-2  2/4 RBI SO CS
Marcell Ozuna^4 9.5N/AATL@ phi(2) 8-0(F7)  2/4 RBI 2SO
OFTeoscar Hernandez^4 9.2$3,200TOR@ bos 3-5  1/4 R 2B 3SO
OFKyle Lewis^3 9.2$3,200SEAv col 5-3  1/3 R BB
1BLuke Voit^4 9.2$3,000NYY@ tam 3-4  1/3 R BB SO
2BKike Hernandez^9 9.2$2,700LADv sfo 6-2  1/3 R 2B SO
OFAdam Eaton^2 9.2$2,700WASv bal 2-5(T6)  1/3 R 2B SO
3BEric Sogard^1 9.2$2,400MILv cin 9-3  0/3 R 2BB
OFNomar Mazara^6 9.2$2,400CHWv cle 4-5(F10)  0/2 R 2BB 2SO
CChance Sisco^7 9.2$2,300BAL@ was 5-2(T6)  1/2 R BB SO
CAlex Avila^9 9.2$2,300MIN@ kan 2-4  1/3 R BB 2SO
CTomas Nido^9 9.2$2,100NYMv mia 4-2  1/3 R BB SO
3BJake Lamb 9.2$2,100ARI@ sdg 5-9  1/1 R BB
CDaulton Varsho^7 9.2$2,000ARI@ sdg 5-9  1/4 R 2B SO
Dansby Swanson^2 9.2N/AATL@ phi(1) 5-2(F7)  1/3 R HBP
Neil Walker^7 9.2N/APHIv atl(1) 2-5(F7)  1/2 R BB
Roman Quinn^8 9.2N/APHIv atl(1) 2-5(F7)  1/3 R 2B SO
OFJ.D. Davis^5 9.0$2,700NYMv mia 4-2  1/2 2BB SO
SSRaul Mondesi^5 9.0$2,700KANv min 4-2  0/3 BB SB
OFAaron Hicks^3 9.0$2,600NYY@ tam 3-4  1/4 2B BB SO
CJason Castro^8 9.0$2,500LAA@ tex 3-7  1/3 2B BB SO
2BNicky Lopez^8 9.0$2,000KANv min 4-2  1/3 2B BB CS
Jean Segura^5 9.0N/APHIv atl(1) 2-5(F7)  0/2 BB SB
3BJeff McNeil^2 7.0$2,600NYMv mia 4-2  0/3 2RBI SO SF
1BVladimir Guerrero Jr.^6 6.5$2,900TOR@ bos 3-5  1/4 RBI SO
OFMark Canha^5 6.5$2,900OAKv hou 7-2  1/4 RBI 3SO
1BMiguel Cabrera^3 6.5$2,700DET@ pit 2-1  1/4 RBI 2SO
OFMatt Kemp^4 6.5$2,700COL@ sea 3-5  1/4 RBI 3SO
SSFreddy Galvis^8 6.5$2,600CIN@ mil 3-9  1/4 RBI
1BMike Ford^6 6.5$2,300NYY@ tam 3-4  0/3 RBI HBP
2BDee Gordon^8 6.5$2,100SEAv col 5-3  1/3 RBI
CMichael Perez 6.5$2,000TAMv nyy 4-3  1/1 RBI
OFCody Bellinger^3 6.2$4,300LADv sfo 6-2  1/4 R SO
OFNick Castellanos^2 6.2$4,000CIN@ mil 3-9  0/4 R BB SO
SSXander Bogaerts^4 6.2$3,600BOSv tor 5-3  0/3 R BB SO
3BKyle Seager^4 6.2$3,400SEAv col 5-3  0/3 R BB
3BJustin Turner^4 6.2$3,100LADv sfo 6-2  1/4 R SO
SSJ.P. Crawford^1 6.2$3,100SEAv col 5-3  1/4 R
2BJonathan Schoop^2 6.2$3,000DET@ pit 2-1  0/3 R HBP 2SO
CWill Smith^8 6.2$2,700LADv sfo 6-2  0/2 R BB
OFByron Buxton^8 6.2$2,500MIN@ kan 2-4  1/4 R SO
OFAustin Hays^6 6.2$2,400BAL@ was 5-2(T6)  1/3 R
OFJackie Bradley^8 6.2$2,200BOSv tor 5-3  1/2 R SO
2BTony Kemp^8 6.2$2,200OAKv hou 7-2  0/3 R BB 2SO
1BPablo Sandoval^6 6.2$2,100SFO@ lad 2-6  0/3 R BB 2SO
CSandy Leon^8 6.2$2,100CLE@ chw 5-4(F10)  0/4 R BB 2SO
3BPat Valaika^8 6.2$2,000BAL@ was 5-2(T6)  0/1 R BB
2BLuis Rengifo^9 6.2$2,000LAA@ tex 3-7  0/3 R BB 2SO
OFRob Refsnyder^8 6.2$2,000TEXv laa 7-3  1/3 R SO
Austin Riley^8 6.2N/AATL@ phi(2) 8-0(F7)  1/4 R 2SO
OFNelson Cruz^3 6.0$4,100MIN@ kan 2-4  2/4 SO
OFJuan Soto^4 6.0$3,800WASv bal 2-5(T6)  1/3 2B
SSDavid Fletcher^1 6.0$3,500LAA@ tex 3-7  1/5 2B 2SO
OFAustin Meadows^2 6.0$3,400TAMv nyy 4-3  1/4 2B 2SO
OFRamon Laureano^2 6.0$3,400OAKv hou 7-2  0/2 2HBP SO
OFTrent Grisham^6 6.0$3,300SDGv ari 9-5  0/2 2BB 2SO
3BBrian Anderson^5 6.0$3,200MIA@ nym 2-4  1/3 BB 2SO
OFMichael Conforto^4 6.0$3,000NYMv mia 4-2  1/3 BB CS
3BEugenio Suarez^4 6.0$2,900CIN@ mil 3-9  1/3 BB SO E
SSDonovan Solano^3 6.0$2,800SFO@ lad 2-6  1/3 BB SO
3BAsdrubal Cabrera^5 6.0$2,700WASv bal 2-5(T6)  1/1 BB
SSJake Cronenworth 6.0$2,700SDGv ari 9-5  1/1 2B
OFBrett Gardner^9 6.0$2,600NYY@ tam 3-4  1/4 2B 2SO
OFDominic Smith^6 6.0$2,600NYMv mia 4-2  1/4 2B
OFDwight Smith^5 6.0$2,600BAL@ was 5-2(T6)  1/2 BB
OFLourdes Gurriel^5 6.0$2,500TOR@ bos 3-5  2/4 SO
SSKevin Newman^2 6.0$2,500PITv det 1-2  1/4 2B
OFJosh Reddick^2 6.0$2,400HOU@ oak 2-7  2/4
OFShogo Akiyama^1 6.0$2,300CIN@ mil 3-9  1/4 HBP 3SO
CCam Gallagher^9 6.0$2,000KANv min 4-2  1/4 2B SO
CJoe Hudson^9 6.0$2,000SEAv col 5-3  1/2 BB
Rhys Hoskins^2 6.0N/APHIv atl(1) 2-5(F7)  0/2 2BB
SSJorge Polanco^2 3.5$3,000MIN@ kan 2-4  0/4 RBI SO
1BEvan White^6 3.5$2,300SEAv col 5-3  0/3 RBI 2SO SF
OFDelino DeShields Jr. 3.5$2,100CLE@ chw 5-4(F10)  RBI S
2BChad Pinder 3.2$2,600OAKv hou 7-2  R
OFMike Trout^3 3.0$4,600LAA@ tex 3-7  0/4 BB SO
3BAlex Bregman^3 3.0$4,000HOU@ oak 2-7  0/3 BB
3BAnthony Rendon^5 3.0$3,900LAA@ tex 3-7  0/3 BB SO
2BJose Altuve^1 3.0$3,900HOU@ oak 2-7  1/4 SO
1BMax Muncy^5 3.0$3,800LADv sfo 6-2  1/3 2SO
SSFrancisco Lindor^3 3.0$3,300CLE@ chw 5-4(F10)  0/4 BB SO
SSTrea Turner^1 3.0$3,200WASv bal 2-5(T6)  1/3
OFTommy Pham^3 3.0$3,200SDGv ari 9-5  0/4 BB
OFEddie Rosario^4 3.0$3,000MIN@ kan 2-4  1/4
1BJosh Bell^3 3.0$2,800PITv det 1-2  1/4 SO
CGary Sanchez^8 3.0$2,700NYY@ tam 3-4  1/4 2SO
3BTodd Frazier^3 3.0$2,700TEXv laa 7-3  1/4 SO
1BJi-Man Choi 3.0$2,500TAMv nyy 4-3  1/1
3BYandy Diaz^1 3.0$2,500TAMv nyy 4-3  1/4 SO
OFCorey Dickerson^3 3.0$2,500MIA@ nym 2-4  1/5 E
2BLuis Arraez^7 3.0$2,400MIN@ kan 2-4  1/4 SO
OFDomingo Santana^6 3.0$2,400CLE@ chw 5-4(F10)  0/4 BB
OFPhillip Ervin 3.0$2,300CIN@ mil 3-9  BB
OFBradley Zimmer^9 3.0$2,300CLE@ chw 5-4(F10)  0/3 HBP 3SO
CMike Zunino^9 3.0$2,300TAMv nyy 4-3  0/1 BB SO
1BEric Thames^6 3.0$2,300WASv bal 2-5(T6)  0/1 HBP SO
3BJedd Gyorko 3.0$2,200MILv cin 9-3  0/1 BB SO
OFManuel Margot^7 3.0$2,200TAMv nyy 4-3  0/3 BB 2SO E
CSean Murphy 3.0$2,200OAKv hou 7-2  BB
OFChristin Stewart^6 3.0$2,100DET@ pit 2-1  0/3 HBP SO
CJ.R. Murphy^9 3.0$2,100PITv det 1-2  0/2 BB SO
2BDanny Mendick^9 3.0$2,100CHWv cle 4-5(F10)  0/3 BB 2SO
3BJeimer Candelario^5 3.0$2,100DET@ pit 2-1  0/3 BB 2SO
CYan Gomes^8 3.0$2,100WASv bal 2-5(T6)  0/1 BB
CCarson Kelly^8 3.0$2,000ARI@ sdg 5-9  0/3 BB 2SO
CRyan Lavarnway^7 3.0$2,000MIA@ nym 2-4  1/4
OFTravis Jankowski^9 3.0$2,000CIN@ mil 3-9  1/3 SO
OFMatt Joyce^6 3.0$2,000MIA@ nym 2-4  0/3 BB 2SO E
2BChristian Colon^6 3.0$2,000CIN@ mil 3-9  1/4
Andrew McCutchen^1 3.0N/APHIv atl(2) 0-8(F7)  0/2 BB 2SO
Scott Kingery^8 3.0N/APHIv atl(2) 0-8(F7)  1/3 SO
Nick Markakis^5 3.0N/AATL@ phi(1) 5-2(F7)  0/1 BB SO CS
Nick Markakis^6 3.0N/AATL@ phi(2) 8-0(F7)  1/4 SO
Johan Camargo^6 3.0N/AATL@ phi(1) 5-2(F7)  0/3 BB 2SO
Bryce Harper^3 3.0N/APHIv atl(1) 2-5(F7)  0/3 BB SO
Bryce Harper^3 3.0N/APHIv atl(2) 0-8(F7)  1/3 SO
Andrew Knapp^9 3.0N/APHIv atl(1) 2-5(F7)  0/1 BB
OFAaron Judge^2 0.0$4,500NYY@ tam 3-4  0/5
OFJoey Gallo^4 0.0$3,900TEXv laa 7-3  0/4 3SO
OFJ.D. Martinez^3 0.0$3,700BOSv tor 5-3  0/4
1BPete Alonso^3 0.0$3,600NYMv mia 4-2  0/4 SO E
2BKetel Marte^1 0.0$3,600ARI@ sdg 5-9  0/3 SO
1BJoey Votto^3 0.0$3,400CIN@ mil 3-9  0/4
SSCarlos Correa^6 0.0$3,400HOU@ oak 2-7  0/4 2SO
OFJoc Pederson^1 0.0$3,200LADv sfo 6-2  0/4 SO
1BMiguel Sano^6 0.0$3,200MIN@ kan 2-4  0/4 2SO
OFLuis Robert^7 0.0$3,200CHWv cle 4-5(F10)  0/4 SO
3BGiovanny Urshela^7 0.0$3,200NYY@ tam 3-4  0/4 2SO
3BRio Ruiz^4 0.0$3,100BAL@ was 5-2(T6)  0/3 SO
1BC.J. Cron^4 0.0$3,100DET@ pit 2-1  0/4 2SO
OFEloy Jimenez^5 0.0$3,000CHWv cle 4-5(F10)  0/4 2SO
1BRenato Nunez^3 0.0$3,000BAL@ was 5-2(T6)  0/3 SO
1BDan Murphy 0.0$3,000COL@ sea 3-5  0/1 SO
OFStarling Marte^3 0.0$3,000ARI@ sdg 5-9  0/2 2SO
OFJaCoby Jones^9 0.0$3,000DET@ pit 2-1  0/1 SO
CChristian Vazquez^6 0.0$2,900BOSv tor 5-3  0/3 3SO
SSJonathan Villar^1 0.0$2,900MIA@ nym 2-4  0/5 4SO
OFKyle Tucker^7 0.0$2,900HOU@ oak 2-7  0/4 2SO
1BChristian Walker^4 0.0$2,800ARI@ sdg 5-9  0/4 SO
OFDavid Peralta^5 0.0$2,800ARI@ sdg 5-9  0/2 SO
2BRyan McMahon^7 0.0$2,700COL@ sea 3-5  0/4 3SO
OFAvisail Garcia^5 0.0$2,700MILv cin 9-3  0/5 3SO
1BRowdy Tellez^8 0.0$2,700TOR@ bos 3-5  0/4 2SO
2BWilmer Flores 0.0$2,700SFO@ lad 2-6  0/1 SO
OFKevin Pillar 0.0$2,700BOSv tor 5-3  0/1 SO
1BBrandon Belt^4 0.0$2,700SFO@ lad 2-6  0/4
OFHunter Renfroe^4 0.0$2,700TAMv nyy 4-3  0/4 2SO
SSLeury Garcia^1 0.0$2,700CHWv cle 4-5(F10)  0/5 2SO
3BEvan Longoria^5 0.0$2,600SFO@ lad 2-6  0/4 SO
OFMarwin Gonzalez^5 0.0$2,600MIN@ kan 2-4  0/4 SO
OFStephen Piscotty^7 0.0$2,600OAKv hou 7-2  0/4 SO
SSWilly Adames^8 0.0$2,600TAMv nyy 4-3  0/4 SO
OFAlex Verdugo^1 0.0$2,600BOSv tor 5-3  0/4 2SO E
SSNiko Goodrum^1 0.0$2,600DET@ pit 2-1  0/4 SO
OFBrett Phillips 0.0$2,500KANv min 4-2 
SSChris Taylor 0.0$2,500LADv sfo 6-2  0/1 SO
OFAlex Dickerson^2 0.0$2,500SFO@ lad 2-6  0/3 SO
OFBryan Reynolds^5 0.0$2,500PITv det 1-2  0/4 2SO
SSAmed Rosario^7 0.0$2,500NYMv mia 4-2  0/4 3SO
SSJoey Wendle 0.0$2,500TAMv nyy 4-3 
2BJose Peraza 0.0$2,400BOSv tor 5-3  0/1 SO
OFRandal Grichuk^7 0.0$2,400TOR@ bos 3-5  0/4 3SO
3BTravis Shaw^3 0.0$2,400TOR@ bos 3-5  0/4 3SO
OFMichael A. Taylor^9 0.0$2,400WASv bal 2-5(T6)  0/2
OFAndrew Benintendi^7 0.0$2,400BOSv tor 5-3  0/2 SO
OFChris Owings^8 0.0$2,400COL@ sea 3-5  0/4 2SO 2E
OFWillie Calhoun 0.0$2,300TEXv laa 7-3  0/1
OFEdward Olivares^9 0.0$2,300SDGv ari 9-5  0/4 2SO
CReese McGuire^9 0.0$2,300TOR@ bos 3-5  0/3 SO
OFBilly Hamilton 0.0$2,300NYMv mia 4-2 
2BGreg Garcia 0.0$2,300SDGv ari 9-5  0/1
CTyler Heineman^9 0.0$2,300SFO@ lad 2-6  0/3 2SO
OFAlex Gordon^6 0.0$2,300KANv min 4-2  0/4 3SO
OFJon Jay 0.0$2,300ARI@ sdg 5-9  0/2 2SO
OFSam Hilliard^9 0.0$2,300COL@ sea 3-5  0/4 SO
1BDan Vogelbach^5 0.0$2,200SEAv col 5-3  0/4 2SO
CTucker Barnhart^7 0.0$2,200CIN@ mil 3-9  0/4 SO
CMartin Maldonado^9 0.0$2,200HOU@ oak 2-7  0/3 2SO
SSBrandon Crawford^7 0.0$2,200SFO@ lad 2-6  0/4 2SO
OFCole Tucker 0.0$2,200PITv det 1-2 
OFOscar Mercado 0.0$2,200CLE@ chw 5-4(F10) 
3BCarter Kieboom^7 0.0$2,200WASv bal 2-5(T6)  0/2 SO
1BMatt Beaty^7 0.0$2,200LADv sfo 6-2  0/2
OFJo Adell^7 0.0$2,100LAA@ tex 3-7  0/4 4SO E
OFMyles Straw^8 0.0$2,100HOU@ oak 2-7  0/3 2SO
OFRaimel Tapia 0.0$2,100COL@ sea 3-5 
OFScott Heineman 0.0$2,100TEXv laa 7-3 
OFJarrod Dyson^8 0.0$2,100PITv det 1-2  0/4 SO
OFTravis Demeritte 0.0$2,000DET@ pit 2-1 
OFMonte Harrison^9 0.0$2,000MIA@ nym 2-4  0/4 4SO
3BRyan Goins 0.0$2,000CHWv cle 4-5(F10) 
2BHarold Castro 0.0$2,000DET@ pit 2-1  0/2
SSBrock Holt^7 0.0$2,000MILv cin 9-3  0/3 SO
CAustin Allen^9 0.0$2,000OAKv hou 7-2  0/3 2SO
3BTaylor Ward 0.0$2,000LAA@ tex 3-7  0/1 SO
OFTim Locastro 0.0$2,000ARI@ sdg 5-9  0/2 2SO
OFJ.T. Riddle^6 0.0$2,000PITv det 1-2  0/4
2BMauricio Dubon 0.0$2,000SFO@ lad 2-6 
SSTzu-Wei Lin^9 0.0$2,000BOSv tor 5-3  0/2 SO S
CElias Diaz^6 0.0$2,000COL@ sea 3-5  0/3
CTony Wolters 0.0$2,000COL@ sea 3-5 
Ender Inciarte^9 0.0N/AATL@ phi(1) 5-2(F7)  0/3
Roman Quinn^9 0.0N/APHIv atl(2) 0-8(F7)  0/3 SO
J.T. Realmuto^4 0.0N/APHIv atl(2) 0-8(F7)  0/3 2SO
Adam Haseley^1 0.0N/APHIv atl(1) 2-5(F7)  0/1 SO
Adam Haseley 0.0N/APHIv atl(2) 0-8(F7) 
Didi Gregorius^6 0.0N/APHIv atl(2) 0-8(F7)  0/3
Johan Camargo^9 0.0N/AATL@ phi(2) 8-0(F7)  0/4 SO
Andrew Knapp 0.0N/APHIv atl(2) 0-8(F7) 
Phillip Gosselin^7 0.0N/APHIv atl(2) 0-8(F7)  0/3
Jean Segura^5 0.0N/APHIv atl(2) 0-8(F7)  0/3 SO
Didi Gregorius^4 0.0N/APHIv atl(1) 2-5(F7)  0/3
Adeiny Hechavarria^7 0.0N/AATL@ phi(1) 5-2(F7)  0/3 SO
J.T. Realmuto 0.0N/APHIv atl(1) 2-5(F7)  0/1
Kyle Garlick 0.0N/APHIv atl(2) 0-8(F7) 
Jay Bruce^6 0.0N/APHIv atl(1) 2-5(F7)  0/3
Adam Duvall^7 0.0N/AATL@ phi(2) 8-0(F7)  0/4 2SO

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