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Fantasy Points for 18-Jun-2018
FanDuel Salary Cap Baseball
Past week:   17-Jun   |   16-Jun   |   15-Jun   |   14-Jun   |   13-Jun   |   12-Jun   |   11-Jun   |

DFS salaries typically reflect only "all day" or "main" slates.
Salaries for single game contests are often different and are not reported below.
Starters are indicated by a ^ following the player’s name.
A number after the ^ indicates the player’s order in the batting lineup.
Doubleheader games are denoted as (1) and (2).
For data in semi-colon delimited text format, click here.

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Pitchers PointsSalaryTeam Opp. Score Stats Summary
PNick Pivetta^8 59.0$7,500PHIv stl 6-5(F10)  7.1IP 4H 2R 2ER BB 13K
PTrevor Bauer^0 55.0$11,200CLEv chw 6-2  7.0IP 3H 2BB 8K Win
PJacob deGrom^8 52.0$9,000NYM@ col 12-2  8.0IP 5H 2R ER BB 7K Win
PTrevor Williams^9 52.0$5,800PITv mil 1-0  7.0IP H 2BB 7K HB Win
PAndrew Suarez^9 38.0$6,600SFOv mia 4-5  6.1IP 5H 2R 2ER BB 7K
PSonny Gray^9 36.0$7,700NYY@ was(2) 4-2  5.0IP 6H 2R 2ER BB 7K HB Win
PZack Greinke^0 35.0$9,100ARI@ laa 7-4  6.1IP 7H 3R 3ER 2BB 5K Win
PGerrit Cole^0 33.0$11,000HOUv tam 5-4  7.0IP 3H 4R 4ER 5BB 8K
PIan Kennedy^0 27.0$6,400KANv tex 3-6  6.0IP 4H 5R 5ER 3BB 8K HB Loss
PJhoulys Chacin^9 26.0$7,400MIL@ pit 0-1  6.1IP 6H R ER 2BB 2K Loss
PTyler Anderson^9 22.0$6,200COLv nym 2-12  5.1IP 7H 3R 3ER 2BB 5K HB Loss
PBartolo Colon^0 22.0$5,600TEX@ kan 6-3  6.0IP 9H 3R 3ER BB K E Win
PDrew Rucinski 21.0$5,500MIA@ sfo 5-4  3.0IP 4K
PErick Fedde^9 19.0$5,500WASv nyy(2) 2-4  5.1IP 7H 3R 3ER 2BB 4K Loss
PMike Mayers 15.0$5,500STL@ phi 5-6(F10)  2.0IP BB 3K
PCollin McHugh 15.0$5,500HOUv tam 5-4  1.0IP 2K Win
PJustin Anderson 14.0$5,500LAAv ari 4-7  1.2IP 3H 3K
PNoe Ramirez 13.0$5,500LAAv ari 4-7  1.1IP BB 3K
PMiles Mikolas^9 12.0$9,500STL@ phi 5-6(F10)  5.0IP 6H 4R 4ER BB 3K
PCaleb Smith^9 12.0$7,700MIA@ sfo 5-4  4.0IP 6H 4R 4ER 2BB 4K HB E
PTayron Guerrero 12.0$5,500MIA@ sfo 5-4  1.0IP BB K Win
PDellin Betances 12.0$5,500NYY@ was(2) 4-2  1.0IP 3K Hold
PJuan Minaya 10.0$5,500CHW@ cle 2-6  1.1IP H 2K
PDylan Covey^0 9.0$7,200CHW@ cle 2-6  5.0IP 6H 5R 4ER 5BB 2K HB E Loss
PJaime Barria^0 9.0$6,800LAAv ari 4-7  4.0IP 6H 6R 6ER BB 5K Loss
PJake Thompson 9.0$5,500PHIv stl 6-5(F10)  1.0IP 2H R ER K Win
PJonny Venters 9.0$5,500TAM@ hou 4-5  1.0IP H 2K
PWill Harris 9.0$5,500HOUv tam 5-4  1.0IP H 2K
PFelipe Vazquez 9.0$5,500PITv mil 1-0  1.0IP H 2K Save
PJonathan Holder 9.0$5,500NYY@ was(2) 4-2  1.0IP 2K Hold
PAroldis Chapman 9.0$5,500NYY@ was(2) 4-2  1.0IP H BB 2K Save
PSam Dyson 8.0$5,500SFOv mia 4-5  1.2IP K Hold
PJosh Hader 8.0$5,500MIL@ pit 0-1  0.2IP H BB 2K
PEdubray Ramos 8.0$5,500PHIv stl 6-5(F10)  0.2IP 2K Hold
PWily Peralta 7.0$5,500KANv tex 3-6  1.1IP H R ER 3BB 2K
PKyle Crick 6.0$5,500PITv mil 1-0  1.0IP K Hold
PPaul Sewald 6.0$5,500NYM@ col 12-2  1.0IP BB K
PTony Barnette 6.0$5,500TEX@ kan 6-3  1.0IP K Hold
PKeone Kela 6.0$5,500TEX@ kan 6-3  1.0IP K Save
PSam Tuivailala 6.0$5,500STL@ phi 5-6(F10)  1.0IP BB K
PKyle Barraclough 6.0$5,500MIA@ sfo 5-4  1.0IP K Save
PChaz Roe 6.0$5,500TAM@ hou 4-5  1.0IP H K Hold
PDavid Robertson 6.0$5,500NYY@ was(2) 4-2  1.0IP BB K Hold
PTony Watson 5.0$5,500SFOv mia 4-5  0.2IP K
PHector Santiago 5.0$5,500CHW@ cle 2-6  0.2IP 2H R ER 2BB 2K
PMatt Andriese 5.0$5,500TAM@ hou 4-5  2.2IP 4H 3R 3ER BB 2K
PVictor Arano 5.0$5,500PHIv stl 6-5(F10)  0.2IP 2H 2R 2ER 3K Hold
PHarrison Musgrave 5.0$5,500COLv nym 2-12  1.2IP 2H 2R 2ER 2K
PRyne Stanek^0 5.0$5,500TAM@ hou 4-5  1.2IP
PArchie Bradley 4.0$5,500ARI@ laa 7-4  1.1IP H Save
PDiego Castillo 4.0$5,500TAM@ hou 4-5  1.1IP Hold
PJose Alvarado 4.0$5,500TAM@ hou 4-5  0.1IP 2H K Hold
PDan Otero 3.0$5,500CLEv chw 6-2  1.0IP H R ER K
PBud Norris 3.0$5,500STL@ phi 5-6(F10)  1.0IP BB
PJoakim Soria 3.0$5,500CHW@ cle 2-6  1.0IP
PJacob Barnes 3.0$5,500MIL@ pit 0-1  1.0IP
PAkeel Morris 3.0$5,500LAAv ari 4-7  2.0IP H R ER BB
PJake Diekman 3.0$5,500TEX@ kan 6-3  1.0IP Hold
PJustin Grimm 3.0$5,500KANv tex 3-6  1.0IP H
PJake McGee 3.0$5,500COLv nym 2-12  1.0IP 2H R ER K
PShawn Kelley 3.0$5,500WASv nyy(2) 2-4  1.0IP BB
PWander Suero 3.0$5,500WASv nyy(2) 2-4  1.1IP H 2K HB Win 1.0IP R ER BB K HB E
PMatt Grace 3.0$5,500WASv nyy(2) 2-4  1.0IP H
PYoshihisa Hirano 2.0$5,500ARI@ laa 7-4  0.2IP H BB
PNeil Ramirez 2.0$5,500CLEv chw 6-2  0.2IP
PBrooks Pounders 2.0$5,500COLv nym 2-12  0.2IP 2H R ER K
PBrian Flynn 2.0$5,500KANv tex 3-6  0.2IP 2H BB
PSammy Solis 2.0$5,500WASv nyy(2) 2-4  0.2IP Hold 0.2IP H BB
PEvan Marshall 1.0$5,500CLEv chw 6-2  0.1IP 2H R ER K HB
PAdam Morgan 1.0$5,500PHIv stl 6-5(F10)  0.1IP H BS
PJack Flaherty 0.0$7,800STL@ phi 5-6(F10)  1.2IP K Hold
PJose Urena 0.0$6,800MIA@ sfo 5-4  1.0IP BB K
PTim Collins 0.0$5,500WASv nyy(2) 2-4  0.0IP BB
PJorge de la Rosa -1.0$5,500ARI@ laa 7-4  0.2IP 3H R ER
PMatt Bowman -1.0$5,500STL@ phi 5-6(F10)  0.2IP 2H 2R 2ER BB K BS Loss
PSergio Romo -5.0$5,500TAM@ hou 4-5  0.1IP 2H 2R 2ER BB BS Loss
PHunter Strickland -8.0$5,500SFOv mia 4-5  0.1IP 3H 3R 3ER 2BB BS Loss
PJeff Hoffman-14.0$5,600COLv nym 2-12  0.1IP 2H 5R 5ER 3BB

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Hitters PointsSalaryTeam Opp. Score Stats Summary
OFBrandon Nimmo^1 50.4$3,800NYM@ col 12-2  4/6 2R 4RBI 2HR 2SO
OFShin-Soo Choo^1 36.9$3,600TEX@ kan 6-3  2/2 2R RBI 2B HR 3BB
CDevin Mesoraco^6 34.9$3,000NYM@ col 12-2  1/3 2R 3RBI HR BB HBP
CYadier Molina^5 33.9$2,700STL@ phi 5-6(F10)  3/4 2R RBI 2B HR BB
2BJason Kipnis^8 31.4$2,900CLEv chw 6-2  3/4 2R 2RBI HR
OFAaron Hicks^1 31.4$3,300NYY@ was(2) 4-2  2/5 2R 2RBI 2B HR SO
OFMichael Conforto^5 30.4$3,600NYM@ col 12-2  3/4 2R 2-2B BB SB
OFOdubel Herrera^3 28.7$3,100PHIv stl 6-5(F10)  2/5 R 3RBI HR
SSNick Ahmed^7 27.9$3,200ARI@ laa 7-4  2/3 2R RBI HR BB
3BAdrian Beltre^4 25.7$3,500TEX@ kan 6-3  1/5 R 3RBI HR 3SO
1BPaul Goldschmidt^2 25.2$4,400ARI@ laa 7-4  1/4 R 2RBI HR BB 3SO
OFJustin Upton^3 25.2$3,600LAAv ari 4-7  1/3 R 2RBI HR BB SO SF
SSAmed Rosario^9 25.2$3,100NYM@ col 12-2  3/5 R 2RBI 2-2B 2SO
CWilson Ramos^3 25.2$2,500TAM@ hou 4-5  1/3 R 2RBI HR BB 2E
3BMatt Carpenter^1 24.7$3,500STL@ phi 5-6(F10)  2/5 R RBI 2B HR 2SO
3BMatt Davidson^6 24.7$2,500CHW@ cle 2-6  2/4 R RBI 2B HR SO
2BJose Altuve^3 24.4$4,300HOUv tam 5-4  3/4 2R 2B SB
3BPablo Sandoval^7 22.2$2,500SFOv mia 4-5  1/4 R 2RBI HR SO
CRoberto Perez^9 22.0$2,000CLEv chw 6-2  2/3 2RBI 2-2B BB SO
OFGiancarlo Stanton^4 22.0$4,200NYY@ was(2) 4-2  4/5 2RBI 2B SO
SSKetel Marte^6 21.7$3,300ARI@ laa 7-4  1/3 R RBI HR BB SO
OFJose Bautista^7 19.2$3,000NYM@ col 12-2  0/2 R 2RBI 3BB E
OFTommy Pham^2 18.7$3,800STL@ phi 5-6(F10)  1/5 R RBI HR 3SO
1BWilmer Flores^4 18.7$3,400NYM@ col 12-2  1/5 R RBI HR SO
1BAlbert Pujols^4 18.7$2,900LAAv ari 4-7  1/5 R RBI HR
OFLewis Brinson^6 18.7$2,400MIA@ sfo 5-4  2/3 R RBI 2B BB SO
1BJake Bauers^2 18.4$2,900TAM@ hou 4-5  1/2 2R 2B 2BB SO
3BAnthony Rendon^4 18.4$3,400WASv nyy(2) 2-4  2/3 2R 2B BB SO
SSMiguel Rojas^7 16.5$2,100MIA@ sfo 5-4  2/4 3RBI E
CJeff Mathis^8 16.2$2,000ARI@ laa 7-4  1/4 R 2RBI 2B
OFNomar Mazara^3 15.7$3,500TEX@ kan 6-3  3/5 R RBI
OFGerardo Parra^6 15.7$3,200COLv nym 2-12  2/4 R RBI 2B
OFLonnie Chisenhall^6 15.7$2,700CLEv chw 6-2  1/2 R RBI 2BB
1BCarlos Santana^4 15.4$3,400PHIv stl 6-5(F10)  1/3 2R 2BB
3BJose Ramirez^3 15.0$5,000CLEv chw 6-2  1/3 2BB SB
3BAlex Bregman^2 13.0$4,100HOUv tam 5-4  1/5 2RBI 2B SO
1BYulieski Gurriel^5 13.0$3,300HOUv tam 5-4  2/4 2RBI
OFAaron Altherr 13.0$2,300PHIv stl 6-5(F10)  1/2 2RBI 2B SO
SSFrancisco Lindor^1 12.7$4,900CLEv chw 6-2  0/2 R RBI BB HBP SO SF
CJ.T. Realmuto^3 12.7$3,300MIA@ sfo 5-4  1/4 R RBI 2B SO
SSRaul Mondesi^9 12.7$2,000KANv tex 3-6  1/4 R RBI 2B
2BRosell Herrera^7 12.5$2,000KANv tex 3-6  1/4 RBI 3B SO
OFRhys Hoskins^2 12.4$4,200PHIv stl 6-5(F10)  1/4 2R BB
CBuster Posey^4 12.2$3,200SFOv mia 4-5  2/4 R 2B
CFrancisco Cervelli^5 12.2$3,000PITv mil 1-0  2/2 R BB
3BMatt Duffy^1 12.2$2,700TAM@ hou 4-5  0/3 R BB SB
OFMike Trout^2 12.0$5,500LAAv ari 4-7  2/3 2BB CS
OFMichael Brantley^2 12.0$4,200CLEv chw 6-2  2/5 SB
OFAaron Judge^2 12.0$4,900NYY@ was(2) 4-2  0/3 2BB 2SO SB
2BJoey Wendle^5 10.0$2,300TAM@ hou 4-5  1/4 2RBI 3SO
2BJoe Panik^6 9.7$2,700SFOv mia 4-5  1/4 R RBI SO
OFDelino DeShields Jr.^9 9.5$2,900TEX@ kan 6-3  2/4 RBI SO
OFMac Williamson^5 9.5$2,800SFOv mia 4-5  1/3 RBI BB SO
SSJordy Mercer^8 9.5$2,700PITv mil 1-0  1/3 RBI 2B
OFCameron Maybin^5 9.4$2,200MIA@ sfo 5-4  1/4 2R SO
SSCarlos Correa^4 9.2$4,300HOUv tam 5-4  1/4 R 2B 2SO
OFCarlos Gonzalez^4 9.2$3,800COLv nym 2-12  1/4 R 2B SO
2BAsdrubal Cabrera^2 9.2$3,300NYM@ col 12-2  2/6 R 3SO
SSElvis Andrus^2 9.2$3,200TEX@ kan 6-3  0/3 R 2BB
2BCesar Hernandez^1 9.2$3,200PHIv stl 6-5(F10)  1/4 R BB
OFJon Jay^1 9.2$3,200ARI@ laa 7-4  2/5 R
OFMarwin Gonzalez^7 9.2$2,800HOUv tam 5-4  1/3 R BB SO
OFKole Calhoun^9 9.2$2,000LAAv ari 4-7  2/3 R SO E
2BIan Kinsler^1 9.0$3,300LAAv ari 4-7  2/5 2B SO
2BYoan Moncada^1 9.0$2,900CHW@ cle 2-6  2/3 BB SO CS E
2BJonathan Villar^6 9.0$2,800MIL@ pit 0-1  1/3 SO SB
SSJ.P. Crawford^9 9.0$2,300PHIv stl 6-5(F10)  1/3 2B BB 2SO E
OFHernan Perez^5 9.0$2,200MIL@ pit 0-1  0/3 BB SB
SSYadiel Rivera^8 9.0$2,000MIA@ sfo 5-4  2/2 2B
1BMark Reynolds^6 7.0$2,900WASv nyy(2) 2-4  0/3 2RBI 2SO SF
3BMike Moustakas^3 6.5$3,900KANv tex 3-6  1/3 RBI SF
3BYolmer Sanchez^2 6.5$2,600CHW@ cle 2-6  1/4 RBI SO
OFJarrod Dyson^9 6.5$2,300ARI@ laa 7-4  1/4 RBI SO
CMartin Maldonado^8 6.5$2,200LAAv ari 4-7  1/4 RBI 2SO
CAndrew Knapp^7 6.5$2,200PHIv stl 6-5(F10)  1/4 RBI 2SO
2BKolten Wong 6.5$2,000STL@ phi 5-6(F10)  1/1 RBI
OFRajai Davis^7 6.4$2,300CLEv chw 6-2  0/4 2R SO
OFAndrew McCutchen^3 6.2$3,700SFOv mia 4-5  0/3 R BB CS
3BTodd Frazier^3 6.2$3,600NYM@ col 12-2  1/5 R
SSJurickson Profar^5 6.2$3,500TEX@ kan 6-3  0/4 R BB
3BBrian Anderson^2 6.2$3,400MIA@ sfo 5-4  0/3 R BB SO
2BDaniel Descalso^5 6.2$3,200ARI@ laa 7-4  1/5 R SO
SSAndrelton Simmons^6 6.2$3,100LAAv ari 4-7  1/4 R
CMax Stassi 6.2$2,500HOUv tam 5-4  1/1 R
SSAlcides Escobar^6 6.2$2,500KANv tex 3-6  1/4 R SO
OFAbraham Almonte^8 6.2$2,300KANv tex 3-6  1/4 R
OFAdam Engel^9 6.2$2,000CHW@ cle 2-6  0/2 R HBP
OFClint Frazier 6.2$3,300NYY@ was(2) 4-2  R HBP
SSTrevor Story^5 6.0$4,400COLv nym 2-12  0/2 2BB
2BD.J. LeMahieu^1 6.0$3,700COLv nym 2-12  1/4 2B SO
OFGregory Polanco^7 6.0$3,200PITv mil 1-0  1/2 BB SO CS
OFAlex Gordon^2 6.0$2,700KANv tex 3-6  1/3 BB
2BJedd Gyorko^6 6.0$2,500STL@ phi 5-6(F10)  1/4 2B 3SO E
OFCarlos Gomez^8 6.0$2,200TAM@ hou 4-5  1/3 BB SO
2BKelby Tomlinson^8 6.0$2,000SFOv mia 4-5  0/2 BB HBP SO
OFAdam Eaton^1 6.0$3,800WASv nyy(2) 2-4  2/5 2SO
SSTrea Turner^2 6.0$3,800WASv nyy(2) 2-4  0/3 BB HBP SO
1BGregory Bird^6 6.0$3,100NYY@ was(2) 4-2  0/2 2BB
2BGleyber Torres^5 6.0$4,000NYY@ was(2) 4-2  1/4 BB
OFJuan Soto^5 6.0$3,500WASv nyy(2) 2-4  2/4 SO
2BDan Murphy 6.0$3,400WASv nyy(2) 2-4  1/2 2B SO
OFJosh Reddick^6 3.5$2,900HOUv tam 5-4  0/1 RBI SF
3BJose Reyes 3.2$3,000NYM@ col 12-2  0/1 R
OFGeorge Springer^1 3.0$4,200HOUv tam 5-4  0/3 BB
1BIan Desmond^7 3.0$3,800COLv nym 2-12  1/3
OFChristian Yelich^2 3.0$3,800MIL@ pit 0-1  1/4 2SO
2BWhit Merrifield^1 3.0$3,700KANv tex 3-6  1/4
1BEdwin Encarnacion^4 3.0$3,600CLEv chw 6-2  0/4 BB 2SO
OFDavid Peralta^4 3.0$3,500ARI@ laa 7-4  1/5 2SO
2BJosh Harrison^1 3.0$3,300PITv mil 1-0  1/4 SO
1BJustin Bour^4 3.0$3,300MIA@ sfo 5-4  0/3 BB SO
1BBrandon Belt^2 3.0$3,300SFOv mia 4-5  1/4 SO
1BJose Abreu^3 3.0$3,300CHW@ cle 2-6  1/4
1BEric Thames^4 3.0$3,200MIL@ pit 0-1  0/3 HBP SO
CSalvador Perez^4 3.0$3,200KANv tex 3-6  1/4
1BJosh Bell^6 3.0$3,100PITv mil 1-0  1/3
3BColin Moran^4 3.0$2,700PITv mil 1-0  1/4 SO CS
CRobinson Chirinos^7 3.0$2,600TEX@ kan 6-3  0/3 HBP 2SO
3BHunter Dozier^5 3.0$2,600KANv tex 3-6  1/4 SO
OFTony Kemp^9 3.0$2,600HOUv tam 5-4  1/3 S
CJose Briceno 3.0$2,600LAAv ari 4-7  1/1
1BRonald Guzman^8 3.0$2,400TEX@ kan 6-3  0/3 BB SO
OFDaniel Palka^4 3.0$2,400CHW@ cle 2-6  0/3 BB 2SO
2BGreg Garcia 3.0$2,400STL@ phi 5-6(F10)  1/1
2BJose Fernandez^5 3.0$2,100LAAv ari 4-7  1/3
3BDavid Freese 3.0$2,100PITv mil 1-0  BB
1BNeil Walker 3.0$2,200NYY@ was(2) 4-2  BB
SSDidi Gregorius^3 3.0$4,100NYY@ was(2) 4-2  1/5 CS
CAustin Romine^8 3.0$3,000NYY@ was(2) 4-2  1/4
OFMichael A. Taylor 3.0$3,000WASv nyy(2) 2-4  BB
3BNolan Arenado^3 0.0$4,700COLv nym 2-12  0/4 SO
OFCharlie Blackmon^2 0.0$4,500COLv nym 2-12  0/4
OFMarcell Ozuna^4 0.0$4,300STL@ phi 5-6(F10)  0/5 3SO
1BJose Martinez^3 0.0$3,900STL@ phi 5-6(F10)  0/5 SO
OFLorenzo Cain^1 0.0$3,700MIL@ pit 0-1  0/4 2SO
3BJake Lamb^3 0.0$3,500ARI@ laa 7-4  0/5 3SO
CEvan Gattis 0.0$3,500HOUv tam 5-4  0/1
OFStarling Marte^3 0.0$3,500PITv mil 1-0  0/4 SO
OFRyan Braun^3 0.0$3,300MIL@ pit 0-1  0/4 2SO
1BYonder Alonso^5 0.0$3,300CLEv chw 6-2  0/5 SO E
1BJesus Aguilar 0.0$3,200MIL@ pit 0-1  0/1
2BStarlin Castro^1 0.0$3,000MIA@ sfo 5-4  0/4 3SO
3BLuis Guillorme 0.0$3,000NYM@ col 12-2 
CTommy Murphy^8 0.0$3,000COLv nym 2-12  0/3 3SO
OFNoel Cuevas 0.0$3,000COLv nym 2-12  0/1
SSScott Kingery 0.0$2,900PHIv stl 6-5(F10)  0/1
OFJoey Gallo^6 0.0$2,900TEX@ kan 6-3  0/4 3SO E
3BAlen Hanson 0.0$2,800SFOv mia 4-5  0/1
CErik Kratz^7 0.0$2,800MIL@ pit 0-1  0/3 2SO
OFCorey Dickerson^2 0.0$2,800PITv mil 1-0  0/4
SSTim Anderson^7 0.0$2,700CHW@ cle 2-6  0/4 2SO
OFDexter Fowler 0.0$2,700STL@ phi 5-6(F10)  0/1
OFDerek Dietrich 0.0$2,700MIA@ sfo 5-4  0/2 SO
SSYairo Munoz^8 0.0$2,700STL@ phi 5-6(F10)  0/4 2SO
1BC.J. Cron^4 0.0$2,700TAM@ hou 4-5  0/4 3SO
SSDavid Fletcher 0.0$2,700LAAv ari 4-7  0/1
OFChris Young 0.0$2,600LAAv ari 4-7  0/1
OFGorkys Hernandez^1 0.0$2,500SFOv mia 4-5  0/5 2SO
OFNick Williams^6 0.0$2,500PHIv stl 6-5(F10)  0/3
3BMaikel Franco^5 0.0$2,400PHIv stl 6-5(F10)  0/4
SSJ.T. Riddle 0.0$2,400MIA@ sfo 5-4  0/1 S
SSWilly Adames^6 0.0$2,400TAM@ hou 4-5  0/4 2SO
CBrian McCann^8 0.0$2,300HOUv tam 5-4  0/2 SO E
OFJohnny Field^9 0.0$2,300TAM@ hou 4-5  0/3 E
OFHarrison Bader^7 0.0$2,300STL@ phi 5-6(F10)  0/4 3SO
2BJesmuel Valentin 0.0$2,300PHIv stl 6-5(F10)  0/1 SO
3BLuis Valbuena^7 0.0$2,300LAAv ari 4-7  0/3 E
OFMallex Smith^7 0.0$2,300TAM@ hou 4-5  0/4 2SO
OFJ.B. Shuck 0.0$2,200MIA@ sfo 5-4  0/1
CKevan Smith^5 0.0$2,100CHW@ cle 2-6  0/4 SO E
OFJake Marisnick 0.0$2,100HOUv tam 5-4 
OFCharlie Tilson^8 0.0$2,100CHW@ cle 2-6  0/4 2SO
CBryan Holaday 0.0$2,000MIA@ sfo 5-4 
CFrancisco Pena 0.0$2,000STL@ phi 5-6(F10)  0/1 SO
2BEric Sogard 0.0$2,000MIL@ pit 0-1  0/1
SSOrlando Arcia^8 0.0$2,000MIL@ pit 0-1  0/2
1BTyler White 0.0$2,000HOUv tam 5-4  0/2 SO
3BMiguel Andujar^7 0.0$3,500NYY@ was(2) 4-2  0/4 SO
2BWilmer Difo^7 0.0$2,200WASv nyy(2) 2-4  0/2 SO
OFBrian Goodwin 0.0$2,100WASv nyy(2) 2-4  0/1 SO
OFBryce Harper^3 0.0$4,300WASv nyy(2) 2-4  0/4 SO
CPedro Severino^8 0.0$2,000WASv nyy(2) 2-4  0/4 2SO

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