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Fantasy Points for 8-Oct-2015
FanDuel Salary Cap Baseball
Live stats are available for 09-Oct
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Starters are indicated by a ^ following the player’s name.
A number after the ^ indicates the player’s order in the batting lineup.
For data in semi-colon delimited text format, click here.

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Pitchers PointsSalaryTeam Opp. Score Stats Summary
PChris Young 10.00$6,300KANv hou 2-5  4.0IP 3H R ER 2BB 7K
PCollin McHugh^0 9.00$9,000HOU@ kan 5-2  6.0IP 4H 2R 2ER BB K Win
PYovani Gallardo^0 8.00$8,200TEX@ tor 5-3  5.0IP 4H 2R 2ER BB K Win
PDavid Price^0 7.00$12,300TORv tex 3-5  7.0IP 5H 5R 5ER 2BB 5K 2HB Loss
PLuke Gregerson 3.00$4,200HOU@ kan 5-2  1.0IP 2K HB Save
PJake Diekman 3.00$4,000TEX@ tor 5-3  2.0IP K Hold
PKelvin Herrera 3.00$4,000KANv hou 2-5  1.0IP H 2K
Ryan Madson 3.00N/AKANv hou 2-5  1.0IP 2H R ER 3K
PAaron Sanchez 2.00$6,400TORv tex 3-5  1.0IP K
PSam Dyson 2.00$4,100TEX@ tor 5-3  1.0IP H K Save
PBrett Cecil 2.00$4,000TORv tex 3-5  1.0IP BB K
PWill Harris 1.66$4,200HOU@ kan 5-2  0.2IP 2H K Hold
PYordano Ventura^0 1.00$8,800KANv hou 2-5  2.0IP 4H 3R 3ER BB 2K Loss
PLuke Hochevar 1.00$4,000KANv hou 2-5  1.0IP H
PTony Sipp 1.00$4,000HOU@ kan 5-2  1.0IP Hold
PKeone Kela 1.00$3,000TEX@ tor 5-3  1.0IP H R ER K Hold
POliver Perez 0.33$4,000HOU@ kan 5-2  0.1IP Hold

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Hitters PointsSalaryTeam Opp. Score Stats Summary
1BKendrys Morales^5 11.50$3,800KANv hou 2-5  2/4 2R 2RBI 2HR SO
2BRougned Odor^8 9.75$2,900TEX@ tor 5-3  1/2 3R RBI HR 2HBP
OFColby Rasmus^4 9.50$3,100HOU@ kan 5-2  1/3 R 2RBI HR BB SO SB
OFGeorge Springer^2 8.50$3,600HOU@ kan 5-2  2/4 2R RBI HR BB SO
CRobinson Chirinos^9 6.25$2,600TEX@ tor 5-3  1/4 R 2RBI HR
OFJose Bautista^3 5.25$4,400TORv tex 3-5  1/4 R RBI HR
2BJose Altuve^1 4.50$3,400HOU@ kan 5-2  3/5 R RBI CS
OFDelino DeShields Jr.^1 4.50$3,300TEX@ tor 5-3  2/4 R RBI 2B
OFBen Zobrist^2 3.50$3,200KANv hou 2-5  2/4 SB
OFJake Marisnick^9 3.50$2,800HOU@ kan 5-2  2/4 R 2B SO
3BAdrian Beltre^3 3.00$4,000TEX@ tor 5-3  1/1 RBI BB
1BEdwin Encarnacion^4 2.50$4,800TORv tex 3-5  2/4 RBI
OFKevin Pillar^9 2.50$3,200TORv tex 3-5  1/3 RBI 2B
CRussell Martin^7 2.25$3,200TORv tex 3-5  1/4 R 2B SO
CEvan Gattis^5 1.25$3,300HOU@ kan 5-2  1/4 RBI SO
OFBen Revere^1 1.25$2,800TORv tex 3-5  1/4 R E
3BJosh Donaldson^2 0.75$4,600TORv tex 3-5  0/1 BB
OFAlex Rios^9 0.50$2,200KANv hou 2-5  0/2 BB SO
OFShin-Soo Choo^2 0.25$3,800TEX@ tor 5-3  0/3 BB
OFLorenzo Cain^3 0.25$3,700KANv hou 2-5  1/4
3BMike Moustakas^6 0.25$3,100KANv hou 2-5  0/3 HBP
1BChris Carter^7 0.25$3,000HOU@ kan 5-2  1/4 2SO
3BLuis Valbuena^6 0.25$3,000HOU@ kan 5-2  0/3 BB 3SO
OFAlex Gordon^8 0.25$2,700KANv hou 2-5  1/4
1BMike Napoli^5 0.25$2,400TEX@ tor 5-3  0/3 BB 2SO
SSCarlos Correa^3 0.00$4,000HOU@ kan 5-2  1/5 2SO
OFCarlos Gomez 0.00$3,500HOU@ kan 5-2 
OFMitch Moreland 0.00$2,700TEX@ tor 5-3 
OFDalton Pompey 0.00$2,300TORv tex 3-5 
OFWill Venable 0.00$2,200TEX@ tor 5-3 
OFDrew Stubbs 0.00$2,200TEX@ tor 5-3 
SSMarwin Gonzalez 0.00$2,200HOU@ kan 5-2 
OFEzequiel Carrera -0.25$2,200TORv tex 3-5  0/1
SSCliff Pennington -0.25$2,200TORv tex 3-5  0/1
2BHanser Alberto -0.50$2,600TEX@ tor 5-3  0/2
2BRyan Goins^8 -0.75$2,300TORv tex 3-5  0/3
SSTroy Tulowitzki^5 -1.00$3,600TORv tex 3-5  0/4 SO
1BPrince Fielder^4 -1.00$3,400TEX@ tor 5-3  0/4 SO
1BEric Hosmer^4 -1.00$3,100KANv hou 2-5  0/4
SSElvis Andrus^7 -1.00$2,800TEX@ tor 5-3  0/4 2SO
1BJustin Smoak^6 -1.00$2,800TORv tex 3-5  0/4 2SO
CSalvador Perez^7 -1.00$2,400KANv hou 2-5  0/4 SO
OFJosh Hamilton^6 -1.00$2,400TEX@ tor 5-3  0/4 2SO
SSAlcides Escobar^1 -1.00$2,300KANv hou 2-5  0/4 SO
CJason Castro^8 -1.00$2,200HOU@ kan 5-2  0/4 3SO

For data in semi-colon delimited text format, click here.

Statistical data provided under license with

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