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Fantasy Points for 20-Sep-2019
FanDuel Salary Cap Baseball
Past week:   19-Sep   |   18-Sep   |   17-Sep   |   16-Sep   |   15-Sep   |   14-Sep   |   13-Sep   |

DFS salaries typically reflect only "all day" or "main" slates.
Salaries for single game contests are often different and are not reported below.
Starters are indicated by a ^ following the player’s name.
A number after the ^ indicates the player’s order in the batting lineup.
For data in semi-colon delimited text format, click here.

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Pitchers PointsSalaryTeam Opp. Score Stats Summary
PJacob deGrom^9 58.0$11,000NYM@ cin 8-1  7.0IP 4H 9K Win
PMerrill Kelly^9 58.0$8,500ARI@ sdg 9-0  7.0IP 2H 3BB 9K Win
PMike Foltynewicz^9 55.0$7,700ATLv sfo 6-0  8.0IP 3H BB 7K Win
PMichael Fiers^0 49.0$6,800OAKv tex 8-0  8.0IP 2H 5K Win
PDylan Cease^0 49.0$6,300CHW@ det 10-1  6.0IP 5H R ER 2BB 8K Win
PShane Bieber^0 47.0$10,700CLEv phi 5-2  7.1IP 7H 2R 2ER 7K Win
PEric Lauer^9 43.0$6,900SDGv ari 0-9  6.0IP 2H 2R 2ER 4BB 9K Loss
PCharlie Morton^0 41.0$9,500TAMv bos 5-4(F11)  6.1IP 5H 2R 2ER BB 8K
PRick Porcello^0 40.0$6,500BOS@ tam 4-5(F11)  6.0IP 3H 6K
PChase Anderson^9 40.0$6,400MILv pit 10-1  6.0IP 3H BB 4K Win
PLuis Castillo^9 37.0$10,300CINv nym 1-8  7.0IP 3H 3R 3ER 3BB 7K Loss
PAaron Brooks 36.0$5,600BALv sea 5-3  7.0IP H R ER BB 4K Win
PRandy Dobnak^0 34.0$5,500MINv kan 4-3  5.1IP 3H R ER 2BB 5K 2HB Win
PAlec Mills^9 32.0$6,800CHCv stl 1-2  4.2IP 2H 2BB 6K HB
PClayton Kershaw^9 27.0$10,400LADv col 12-5  6.0IP 8H 4R 4ER BB 5K Win
PJacob Waguespack^0 24.0$6,000TOR@ nyy 4-3  5.0IP 4H 3R 3ER BB 6K
PJames Happ^0 22.0$8,200NYYv tor 3-4  5.1IP 4H 2R 2ER 4K
PSteven Brault^9 22.0$5,700PIT@ mil 1-10  5.1IP 6H 6R 4ER 3BB 6K Loss
PZack Greinke^0 21.0$9,200HOUv laa 6-4  5.0IP 7H 4R 4ER 4K Win
PAnibal Sanchez^9 15.0$8,300WAS@ mia 6-4  5.0IP 6H 4R 3ER BB K HB E Win
PRobert Dugger^9 15.0$6,600MIAv was 4-6  5.0IP 3H 4R 4ER 2BB 4K Loss
PTyler Beede^9 15.0$6,400SFO@ atl 0-6  6.0IP 7H 6R 6ER 2BB 5K Loss
PNick Vincent 15.0$5,500PHI@ cle 2-5  2.0IP 3K
PJason Adam 15.0$5,500TOR@ nyy 4-3  1.0IP 2K Win
PDiego Castillo 15.0$5,500TAMv bos 5-4(F11)  1.0IP BB 2K Win
PMichael Wacha^9 12.0$7,200STL@ chc 2-1  4.0IP 5H R ER 2BB K
PRyan Helsley 12.0$5,500STL@ chc 2-1  1.0IP H K Win
PTrevor May 12.0$5,500MINv kan 4-3  1.0IP 3K Save
PPhillip Diehl 11.0$5,500COL@ lad 5-12  1.2IP H 2K
PWes Parsons 11.0$5,500COL@ lad 5-12  1.2IP BB 2K HB
PBen Heller 10.0$5,500NYYv tor 3-4  1.1IP 2H BB 2K
PTaylor Cole 10.0$5,500LAA@ hou 4-6  2.1IP H K
PChris Bassitt 9.0$8,200OAKv tex 8-0  1.0IP 2K
PFelix Hernandez^0 9.0$6,100SEA@ bal 3-5  5.0IP 8H 5R 5ER 2BB 3K Loss
PZach Reininger 9.0$5,500DETv chw 1-10  1.0IP 2H 2K
PKen Giles 9.0$5,500TOR@ nyy 4-3  1.0IP 2K Save
PFernando Rodney 9.0$5,500WAS@ mia 6-4  1.0IP 2K Hold
PRyan Pressly 9.0$5,500HOUv laa 6-4  1.0IP 2K Hold
PNick Anderson 9.0$5,500TAMv bos 5-4(F11)  1.0IP BB 2K Hold
PMatt Wisler 9.0$5,500SEA@ bal 3-5  1.0IP BB 2K
PDavid Bednar 9.0$5,500SDGv ari 0-9  1.0IP H 2K
PRyan Brasier 9.0$5,500BOS@ tam 4-5(F11)  1.0IP H 2K
PRoberto Osuna 9.0$5,500HOUv laa 6-4  1.0IP H 2K Save
PCaleb Ferguson 9.0$5,500LADv col 12-5  1.0IP H 2K
PArt Warren 9.0$5,500SEA@ bal 3-5  1.0IP 2K
PBobby Poyner 9.0$5,500BOS@ tam 4-5(F11)  1.0IP 2K
PJosh James 9.0$5,500HOUv laa 6-4  1.0IP BB 2K Hold
PJimmie Sherfy 9.0$5,500ARI@ sdg 9-0  1.0IP 2K
PPedro Strop 8.0$5,500CHCv stl 1-2  0.2IP BB 2K
PAdam Ottavino 8.0$5,500NYYv tor 3-4  0.2IP 2K Hold
PCody Stashak 8.0$5,500MINv kan 4-3  0.2IP H 2K Hold
PNick Ramirez 7.0$5,500DETv chw 1-10  1.1IP K
PAndrew Miller 7.0$5,500STL@ chc 2-1  1.1IP H K Hold
PMike Minor^0 6.0$8,900TEX@ oak 0-8  5.0IP 6H 6R 6ER 4BB 3K Loss
PKenta Maeda 6.0$8,000LADv col 12-5  1.0IP BB K
PDevin Smeltzer 6.0$7,300MINv kan 4-3  1.0IP 2R BB K Hold
PYoan Lopez 6.0$5,500ARI@ sdg 9-0  1.0IP H K
PKelvin Herrera 6.0$5,500CHW@ det 10-1  1.0IP K
PYohander Mendez 6.0$5,500TEX@ oak 0-8  1.0IP H R ER 3BB 2K
PManny Banuelos 6.0$5,500CHW@ det 10-1  2.0IP 2H
PBrad Wieck 6.0$5,500CHCv stl 1-2  1.0IP K
PTommy Kahnle 6.0$5,500NYYv tor 3-4  1.0IP H 2R 2ER BB 3K BS Loss
PJacob Faria 6.0$5,500MILv pit 10-1  1.0IP 2H BB K
PRanger Suarez 6.0$5,500PHI@ cle 2-5  1.0IP BB K
PCorbin Burnes 6.0$5,500MILv pit 10-1  1.0IP K
PDaniel Hudson 6.0$5,500WAS@ mia 6-4  2.0IP 3H Save
PJose Cisnero 6.0$5,500DETv chw 1-10  1.0IP 2H K
PNoe Ramirez 6.0$5,500LAA@ hou 4-6  1.0IP H K
PWill Harris 6.0$5,500HOUv laa 6-4  1.0IP K Hold
PAdalberto Mejia 6.0$5,500LAA@ hou 4-6  1.0IP K
PJohn Schreiber 6.0$5,500DETv chw 1-10  1.0IP 2H K
PKevin McCarthy 6.0$5,500KAN@ min 3-4  1.0IP K
PRowan Wick 6.0$5,500CHCv stl 1-2  1.0IP H 2BB K
PAriel Jurado 6.0$5,500TEX@ oak 0-8  1.0IP K
PEric Yardley 6.0$5,500SDGv ari 0-9  1.0IP K
PKeynan Middleton 6.0$5,500LAA@ hou 4-6  1.0IP BB K
PTayron Guerrero 6.0$5,500MIAv was 4-6  1.0IP K
PEric Skoglund^0 6.0$5,500KAN@ min 3-4  4.0IP 3H 2R 2ER BB Loss
PDerek Law 6.0$5,500TOR@ nyy 4-3  1.0IP 2H BB K Hold
PJohn Brebbia 5.0$5,500STL@ chc 2-1  1.2IP 2H BB Hold
PSam Gaviglio 5.0$5,500TOR@ nyy 4-3  0.2IP K Hold
PChaz Roe 5.0$5,500TAMv bos 5-4(F11)  0.2IP K
POliver Drake 5.0$5,500TAMv bos 5-4(F11)  0.2IP K
PWander Suero 5.0$5,500WAS@ mia 6-4  0.2IP H BB K E Hold
PBrad Brach 5.0$5,500NYM@ cin 8-1  0.2IP H K
PCarlos Carrasco 4.0$9,000CLEv phi 5-2  1.1IP BB Save
PTyler Lyons 4.0$5,500NYYv tor 3-4  0.1IP K
PTanner Rainey 4.0$5,500WAS@ mia 6-4  0.1IP K Hold
PJared Hughes 4.0$5,500PHI@ cle 2-5  1.1IP 2H R ER BB K
PEdwin Diaz 4.0$5,500NYM@ cin 8-1  0.1IP K
PDerek Holland 4.0$5,500CHCv stl 1-2  0.1IP BB K E
PBlake Parker 4.0$5,500PHI@ cle 2-5  1.1IP
PYacksel Rios 4.0$5,500PIT@ mil 1-10  0.1IP BB K HB
PBrian Moran 4.0$5,500MIAv was 4-6  0.1IP K
PKyle Zimmer 4.0$5,500KAN@ min 3-4  1.1IP
PYefry Ramirez 3.0$5,500PIT@ mil 1-10  1.0IP H
PBrusdar Graterol 3.0$5,500MINv kan 4-3  1.0IP 3H Hold
PDevin Williams 3.0$5,500MILv pit 10-1  1.0IP H R ER K
PAndrew Cashner 3.0$5,500BOS@ tam 4-5(F11)  1.0IP H R ER BB K
PBurch Smith 3.0$5,500SFO@ atl 0-6  1.0IP BB
PSal Romano 3.0$5,500CINv nym 1-8  1.0IP 3H 2R 2ER BB 2K
PPeter Lambert^9 3.0$5,500COL@ lad 5-12  3.0IP 6H 5R 5ER BB 3K 2HB E Loss
PTaylor Guerrieri 3.0$5,500TEX@ oak 0-8  1.0IP H R ER BB K
PGregory Soto 3.0$5,500DETv chw 1-10  1.0IP 2H R ER BB K
PJake McGee 3.0$5,500COL@ lad 5-12  1.0IP
PJosh Tomlin 3.0$5,500ATLv sfo 6-0  1.0IP H
PReggie McClain 3.0$5,500SEA@ bal 3-5  1.0IP BB
PRichard Bleier^0 3.0$5,500BALv sea 5-3  2.0IP 3H 2R 2ER K
PDylan Floro 3.0$5,500LADv col 12-5  1.0IP H R ER K
PJordan Zimmermann^0 2.0$6,700DETv chw 1-10  3.2IP 11H 9R 9ER BB 6K Loss
PRandy Rosario 2.0$5,500KAN@ min 3-4  0.2IP
PTyler Kinley 2.0$5,500MIAv was 4-6  0.2IP
PCarlos Martinez 2.0$5,500STL@ chc 2-1  0.2IP BB Save
PConner Menez 2.0$5,500SFO@ atl 0-6  0.2IP 2BB
PSteve Cishek 2.0$5,500CHCv stl 1-2  0.2IP H BB BS
PGerardo Reyes 1.0$5,500SDGv ari 0-9  0.1IP H
PJosh Taylor 1.0$5,500BOS@ tam 4-5(F11)  0.1IP
POliver Perez 1.0$5,500CLEv phi 5-2  0.1IP Hold
PTyler Chatwood 1.0$5,500CHCv stl 1-2  0.1IP
PColin Poche 1.0$5,500TAMv bos 5-4(F11)  0.1IP
PKyle Ryan 1.0$5,500CHCv stl 1-2  0.1IP
PEnderson Franco 1.0$5,500SFO@ atl 0-6  0.1IP
PBuddy Boshers 1.0$5,500TOR@ nyy 4-3  0.1IP Hold
PCory Gearrin 1.0$5,500NYYv tor 3-4  0.1IP
PTyler Webb 1.0$5,500STL@ chc 2-1  0.1IP Hold
PMike Morin 1.0$5,500PHI@ cle 2-5  0.1IP
PMarcus Walden 1.0$5,500BOS@ tam 4-5(F11)  0.1IP H BS
PWilliams Jerez 0.0$5,500PIT@ mil 1-10  0.0IP BB
PJeff Brigham 0.0$5,500MIAv was 4-6  1.0IP 3H R ER
PLuis Avilan 0.0$5,500NYM@ cin 8-1  0.0IP BB
PEmilio Pagan 0.0$5,500TAMv bos 5-4(F11)  1.0IP 2H 2R 2ER K BS
PRyne Stanek 0.0$5,500MIAv was 4-6  1.0IP H R ER BB
PJeurys Familia 0.0$5,500NYM@ cin 8-1  1.0IP 2H R ER
PTrevor Kelley -1.0$5,500BOS@ tam 4-5(F11)  0.2IP H R ER 2BB Loss
PGabe Speier -1.0$5,500KAN@ min 3-4  0.2IP R ER BB
PScott Barlow -2.0$5,500KAN@ min 3-4  0.1IP 2H R ER BB
PDarwinzon Hernandez -5.0$5,500BOS@ tam 4-5(F11)  0.1IP H 3R 3ER 2BB K Hold
PGeoff Hartlieb -5.0$5,500PIT@ mil 1-10  1.1IP 3H 4R 4ER BB K
PDrew Smyly^0 -6.0$7,100PHI@ cle 2-5  2.0IP 5H 4R 4ER 3BB Loss
PKeury Mella -6.0$5,500CINv nym 1-8  1.0IP 4H 3R 3ER 2BB
PNick Margevicius -6.0$5,500SDGv ari 0-9  0.0IP H 2R 2ER 2BB
PDavid Phelps -6.0$5,500CHCv stl 1-2  0.0IP 2R 2ER 2BB Loss
PJaime Barria^0 -7.0$5,800LAA@ hou 4-6  2.2IP 8H 6R 6ER K HB Loss
PSam Howard -8.0$5,500COL@ lad 5-12  0.1IP 3H 3R 3ER BB
PTrey Wingenter-10.0$5,500SDGv ari 0-9  0.2IP 2H 5R 5ER BB K HB
PWade Davis-11.0$5,500COL@ lad 5-12  0.1IP 3H 4R 4ER BB

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Hitters PointsSalaryTeam Opp. Score Stats Summary
OFEloy Jimenez^5 44.4$4,000CHW@ det 10-1  3/5 2R 4RBI 3B HR 2SO
1BMitch Moreland^7 44.4$2,500BOS@ tam 4-5(F11)  2/5 2R 4RBI 2HR SO
SSCarlos Correa^5 40.9$3,600HOUv laa 6-4  2/4 2R 3RBI 2HR SO
OFRonald Acuna^1 40.6$4,200ATLv sfo 6-0  2/2 3R 2RBI 2B HR 2BB
OFJeff McNeil^2 37.6$3,400NYM@ cin 8-1  3/5 3R 2RBI 2B HR
SSTrea Turner^1 37.4$4,300WAS@ mia 6-4  2/4 2R 2RBI 2HR
2BAsdrubal Cabrera^6 31.7$2,900WAS@ mia 6-4  2/3 R 3RBI HR BB
3BYoan Moncada^4 31.4$3,800CHW@ det 10-1  2/3 2R 2RBI HR BB
OFKyle Lewis^4 31.4$3,600SEA@ bal 3-5  2/4 2R 2RBI 2B HR 2SO
OFMark Canha^4 31.2$3,200OAKv tex 8-0  2/4 R 2RBI 2B HR BB SO
3BStarlin Castro^4 30.9$3,000MIAv was 4-6  3/4 2R RBI 2B HR SO
OFGarrett Hampson^6 30.9$2,700COL@ lad 5-12  2/4 2R RBI HR SB
OFA.J. Pollock^3 28.7$4,000LADv col 12-5  2/5 R 3RBI HR SO
OFChad Pinder^8 28.7$2,500OAKv tex 8-0  2/2 R 3RBI HR
1BPete Alonso^3 28.4$3,900NYM@ cin 8-1  1/4 2R 2RBI HR BB SO
OFOscar Mercado^2 28.4$2,800CLEv phi 5-2  2/4 2R 2RBI 2B SB
CKevan Smith^7 28.2$2,500LAA@ hou 4-6  3/4 R 2RBI HR SO
2BYolmer Sanchez^1 28.2$2,400CHW@ det 10-1  4/6 R 2RBI 2-2B SO
OFChris Taylor^6 27.9$2,800LADv col 12-5  1/2 2R RBI 2B BB HBP SO SB SF
OFAaron Judge^2 27.7$4,700NYYv tor 3-4  2/3 R RBI 2B HR BB
OFAristides Aquino^4 27.7$3,200CINv nym 1-8  2/4 R RBI HR SO SB
OFAnthony Santander^3 25.7$3,400BALv sea 5-3  1/4 R 3RBI HR 2SO
OFJosh Rojas^2 25.7$2,100ARI@ sdg 9-0  1/5 R 3RBI 2B 2SO SB
Trent Grisham 25.7N/AMILv pit 10-1  1/1 R 3RBI 3B BB
1BJustin Smoak^7 25.2$2,700TOR@ nyy 4-3  1/3 R 2RBI HR BB
CBrian McCann^7 25.2$2,100ATLv sfo 6-0  1/3 R 2RBI HR BB SO
2BGavin Lux^7 24.9$3,000LADv col 12-5  2/4 2R RBI BB SO SB
2BMax Muncy^2 22.7$3,500LADv col 12-5  2/5 R 3RBI 2B 2SO
SSAmed Rosario^8 22.2$2,400NYM@ cin 8-1  1/4 R 2RBI HR SO
2BTyler Wade^9 22.2$2,000NYYv tor 3-4  1/2 R 2RBI HR SO
SSAlex Bregman^3 21.7$4,000HOUv laa 6-4  1/3 R RBI HR BB
3BNolan Arenado^3 21.7$3,900COL@ lad 5-12  2/3 R RBI HR
SSCorey Seager^5 21.7$3,400LADv col 12-5  2/4 R RBI HR SO
2BHanser Alberto^7 21.7$2,800BALv sea 5-3  1/3 R RBI HR BB
OFJorge Soler^3 21.4$4,100KAN@ min 3-4  1/2 2R 2BB SO SB
1BChristian Walker^4 21.4$2,600ARI@ sdg 9-0  1/2 2R 2B 3BB SO
OFTeoscar Hernandez^6 21.2$2,800TOR@ nyy 4-3  2/3 R 2B 3B BB
2BKike Hernandez 19.4$2,600LADv col 12-5  2/3 2R 2RBI SO
CCarson Kelly^8 19.2$2,500ARI@ sdg 9-0  2/4 R 2RBI BB SO
SSWilly Adames^9 19.0$2,800TAMv bos 5-4(F11)  3/5 2RBI 2B SO
2BJose Altuve^1 18.7$4,400HOUv laa 6-4  1/4 R RBI HR SO
3BMiguel Sano^5 18.7$3,600MINv kan 4-3  1/3 R RBI 3B BB E
OFCharlie Blackmon^4 18.7$3,500COL@ lad 5-12  1/3 R RBI HR
2BAdam Frazier^5 18.7$2,800PIT@ mil 1-10  1/4 R RBI HR SO
CDanny Jansen^8 18.7$2,400TOR@ nyy 4-3  1/4 R RBI HR 2SO
OFSam Hilliard 18.7$2,400COL@ lad 5-12  1/1 R RBI HR
OFCody Bellinger^4 18.2$4,500LADv col 12-5  1/4 R 2B BB SB
SSTim Anderson^2 18.2$3,500CHW@ det 10-1  2/5 R 2B SO SB
2BWilmer Flores^5 16.2$2,700ARI@ sdg 9-0  2/5 R 2RBI SO
SSAndrelton Simmons^5 16.2$2,700LAA@ hou 4-6  1/4 R 2RBI 2B SO
CYadier Molina^6 16.0$2,700STL@ chc 2-1  3/4 2RBI
OFAlex Gordon^5 16.0$2,700KAN@ min 3-4  1/3 2RBI 2B HBP
3BMike Moustakas^3 15.9$3,300MILv pit 10-1  2/4 2R RBI 2E
SSFrancisco Lindor^1 15.7$4,000CLEv phi 5-2  1/2 R RBI 2BB
OFJon Berti^1 15.5$2,900MIAv was 4-6  2/5 RBI SO SB
CYasmani Grandal^2 15.4$3,100MILv pit 10-1  1/3 2R 2BB 2SO
SSJonathan Villar^1 15.2$3,600BALv sea 5-3  1/3 R BB SO SB
SSRaul Mondesi^2 15.2$3,600KAN@ min 3-4  0/5 R 3SO 2SB
2BAledmys Diaz^6 15.2$2,800HOUv laa 6-4  3/4 R 2B
OFGorkys Hernandez 15.2$2,000BOS@ tam 4-5(F11)  1/3 R 3B BB 2SO
OFBryan Reynolds^2 15.0$3,300PIT@ mil 1-10  3/4 3B
OFMarwin Gonzalez^6 13.0$2,800MINv kan 4-3  1/3 2RBI 2B
3BMaikel Franco^8 13.0$2,200PHI@ cle 2-5  1/3 2RBI 2B SO
OFRamon Laureano^5 12.7$2,900OAKv tex 8-0  2/4 R RBI SO
CWill Smith^8 12.7$2,600LADv col 12-5  1/3 R RBI HBP
CZack Collins^6 12.7$2,400CHW@ det 10-1  1/5 R RBI 2B 3SO
OFMichael Conforto^6 12.5$3,200NYM@ cin 8-1  1/3 RBI 2BB SO
1BJi-Man Choi^4 12.5$3,000TAMv bos 5-4(F11)  2/5 RBI 2B 3SO
2BIsan Diaz^5 12.5$2,800MIAv was 4-6  2/4 RBI 2B
3BMatt Chapman^2 12.4$3,500OAKv tex 8-0  0/3 2R 2BB
CSean Murphy^7 12.4$3,100OAKv tex 8-0  0/2 2R 2BB 2SO
1BHowie Kendrick^5 12.4$2,800WAS@ mia 6-4  2/4 2R
OFKyle Schwarber^4 12.2$3,700CHCv stl 1-2  2/4 R 2B
1BMatt Olson^3 12.2$3,600OAKv tex 8-0  1/3 R 2BB
SSJorge Polanco^2 12.2$3,500MINv kan 4-3  1/3 R 2B BB
OFLorenzo Cain^1 12.2$2,800MILv pit 10-1  0/3 R BB SB
3BRio Ruiz^4 12.2$2,600BALv sea 5-3  1/3 R 2B BB
2BBrock Holt^6 12.2$2,500BOS@ tam 4-5(F11)  1/4 R 2B BB 2SO
OFAustin Dean^8 12.2$2,200MIAv was 4-6  1/3 R 2B BB
SSAndrew Velazquez^9 12.2$2,000CLEv phi 5-2  0/2 R BB SO SB
OFDaniel Palka^8 12.2$2,000CHW@ det 10-1  3/5 R
OFNick Castellanos^2 12.0$3,900CHCv stl 1-2  2/3 2B BB
OFMike Yastrzemski^1 12.0$3,300SFO@ atl 0-6  3/4 2B
CManny Pina^7 10.0$2,000MILv pit 10-1  0/2 2RBI HBP SO SF
OFAdam Jones^6 9.7$2,500ARI@ sdg 9-0  1/5 R RBI SO E
OFAbraham Almonte 9.7$2,200ARI@ sdg 9-0  R RBI BB
SSMarcus Semien^1 9.5$4,100OAKv tex 8-0  1/5 RBI 2B
OFNelson Cruz^3 9.5$4,000MINv kan 4-3  1/3 RBI 2B SF
1BCarlos Santana^3 9.5$3,900CLEv phi 5-2  2/4 RBI
2BKeston Hiura^5 9.5$3,700MILv pit 10-1  1/2 RBI BB SO
2BOzzie Albies^2 9.5$3,500ATLv sfo 6-0  2/4 RBI SO
OFYasiel Puig^4 9.5$3,200CLEv phi 5-2  1/3 RBI BB
3BVladimir Guerrero Jr.^4 9.5$3,000TOR@ nyy 4-3  2/4 RBI SO
OFAdam Engel^9 9.5$2,400CHW@ det 10-1  1/5 RBI 2B 3SO
2BCory Spangenberg 9.4$2,500MILv pit 10-1  1/1 2R
2BCavan Biggio^2 9.2$4,000TOR@ nyy 4-3  1/4 R 2B 2SO
1BTrey Mancini^2 9.2$4,000BALv sea 5-3  1/3 R BB SO
1BPaul Goldschmidt^3 9.2$3,500STL@ chc 2-1  0/3 R 2BB SO
OFRyan Braun^4 9.2$3,000MILv pit 10-1  1/3 R 2B SO
CJames McCann^7 9.2$3,000CHW@ det 10-1  1/4 R BB SO
OFBrandon Nimmo^1 9.2$3,000NYM@ cin 8-1  1/4 R BB SO
SSNick Ahmed^7 9.2$2,500ARI@ sdg 9-0  0/3 R BB HBP
1BNeil Walker^3 9.2$2,500MIAv was 4-6  1/3 R BB SO
3BYu Chang^8 9.2$2,400CLEv phi 5-2  1/3 R 2B SO
OFMatt Joyce^6 9.2$2,400ATLv sfo 6-0  1/2 R BB
3BBrad Miller^5 9.2$2,000PHI@ cle 2-5  1/4 R 2B SO
SSTrevor Story^1 9.0$3,900COL@ lad 5-12  1/2 2BB SO
3BTommy Edman^2 9.0$3,100STL@ chc 2-1  1/4 2B HBP SO E
OFDexter Fowler^1 9.0$2,900STL@ chc 2-1  0/2 3BB SO
OFJason Heyward^7 9.0$2,900CHCv stl 1-2  2/3 BB
CRobinson Chirinos^8 9.0$2,800HOUv laa 6-4  1/3 2B HBP 2SO
OFJosh VanMeter^1 9.0$2,700CINv nym 1-8  1/4 SO SB
1BRyan McBroom^6 9.0$2,200KAN@ min 3-4  3/4 SO
2BJose Peraza^8 9.0$2,100CINv nym 1-8  1/3 SO SB E
1BNate Lowe 6.7$2,400TAMv bos 5-4(F11)  0/1 R RBI
OFVictor Robles^7 6.5$3,000WAS@ mia 6-4  1/4 RBI
3BHunter Dozier^4 6.5$2,900KAN@ min 3-4  1/4 RBI
OFJosh Reddick^7 6.5$2,700HOUv laa 6-4  1/4 RBI
1BMiguel Cabrera^3 6.5$2,500DETv chw 1-10  1/2 RBI
OFAustin Hays^5 6.5$2,300BALv sea 5-3  1/4 RBI
OFJuan Lagares 6.5$2,300NYM@ cin 8-1  1/1 RBI
OFBen Gamel 6.5$2,200MILv pit 10-1  0/1 RBI BB
CTony Wolters^8 6.5$2,000COL@ lad 5-12  1/4 RBI SO
OFAustin Meadows^2 6.2$4,500TAMv bos 5-4(F11)  0/4 R BB SO
OFYordan Alvarez^4 6.2$4,200HOUv laa 6-4  1/4 R SO
OFJuan Soto^4 6.2$4,100WAS@ mia 6-4  0/3 R BB 2SO
3BKyle Seager^3 6.2$3,800SEA@ bal 3-5  1/4 R
1BJose Abreu^3 6.2$3,700CHW@ det 10-1  1/6 R SO
OFMarcell Ozuna^4 6.2$3,500STL@ chc 2-1  0/4 R BB SO
OFKole Calhoun^4 6.2$3,300LAA@ hou 4-6  1/4 R
3BEduardo Escobar^3 6.2$3,300ARI@ sdg 9-0  0/4 R BB SO
CMitch Garver^1 6.2$3,200MINv kan 4-3  0/3 R BB
1BAlbert Pujols^3 6.2$3,100LAA@ hou 4-6  1/4 R
CTravis d'Arnaud^5 6.2$3,000TAMv bos 5-4(F11)  1/5 R
OFBrett Gardner^6 6.2$2,900NYYv tor 3-4  1/4 R
OFJ.D. Davis^7 6.2$2,800NYM@ cin 8-1  0/3 R BB
1BEric Thames 6.2$2,800MILv pit 10-1  1/1 R
OFTravis Demeritte^9 6.2$2,600DETv chw 1-10  0/2 R BB 2SO
OFAdam Haseley^7 6.2$2,500PHI@ cle 2-5  1/4 R
1BAnthony Rizzo^1 6.0$4,100CHCv stl 1-2  1/2 BB
3BD.J. LeMahieu^1 6.0$3,900NYYv tor 3-4  1/4 2B SO
SSXander Bogaerts^4 6.0$3,500BOS@ tam 4-5(F11)  2/5
2BRobinson Cano^4 6.0$3,000NYM@ cin 8-1  1/4 2B SO
OFChristin Stewart^4 6.0$2,800DETv chw 1-10  1/4 2B 2SO E
3BMatt Carpenter^5 6.0$2,800STL@ chc 2-1  0/3 2BB SO
3BJeimer Candelario^5 6.0$2,700DETv chw 1-10  1/4 2B
OFVictor Reyes^1 6.0$2,600DETv chw 1-10  2/4 E
CJorge Alfaro^6 6.0$2,600MIAv was 4-6  1/3 HBP SO
CWilson Ramos^5 6.0$2,500NYM@ cin 8-1  1/4 BB 2SO
SSJose Iglesias^6 6.0$2,400CINv nym 1-8  0/3 SO SB
1BYonder Alonso 6.0$2,400COL@ lad 5-12  1/1 2B
2BMichael Brosseau 6.0$2,300TAMv bos 5-4(F11)  0/1 2BB SO
CTucker Barnhart^5 6.0$2,200CINv nym 1-8  2/4
1BJared Walsh^6 6.0$2,200LAA@ hou 4-6  1/3 BB SO
SSOrlando Arcia^8 6.0$2,100MILv pit 10-1  1/4 2B 2SO
CLuis Torrens^8 6.0$2,000SDGv ari 0-9  1/2 BB
1BChris Davis^8 6.0$2,000BALv sea 5-3  2/4 SO E
CAndrew Knapp^9 6.0$2,000PHI@ cle 2-5  1/3 2B SO
1BFreddie Freeman^3 3.5$3,900ATLv sfo 6-0  0/3 RBI SF
1BAustin Nola^6 3.5$2,700SEA@ bal 3-5  0/4 RBI SO
2BDavid Bote^6 3.5$2,400CHCv stl 1-2  0/3 RBI
OFEddie Rosario^4 3.2$3,400MINv kan 4-3  0/4 R
OFGuillermo Heredia 3.2$2,300TAMv bos 5-4(F11)  0/2 R SO
OFKris Negron 3.2$2,000LADv col 12-5  R
OFJohnny Davis 3.2$2,000TAMv bos 5-4(F11)  R
OFBryce Harper^2 3.0$4,000PHI@ cle 2-5  1/4 2SO
3BKris Bryant^3 3.0$3,900CHCv stl 1-2  1/4
3BEugenio Suarez^3 3.0$3,800CINv nym 1-8  1/4 SO
3BJustin Turner 3.0$3,600LADv col 12-5  BB
OFAvisail Garcia^7 3.0$3,600TAMv bos 5-4(F11)  1/2
1BRhys Hoskins^3 3.0$3,500PHI@ cle 2-5  0/3 BB SO
SSNico Hoerner^8 3.0$3,500CHCv stl 1-2  1/4
SSDidi Gregorius^3 3.0$3,500NYYv tor 3-4  0/3 BB SO
SSPaul DeJong^7 3.0$3,400STL@ chc 2-1  0/3 BB SO
OFJoc Pederson^1 3.0$3,200LADv col 12-5  0/1 HBP
3BJosh Donaldson^4 3.0$3,200ATLv sfo 6-0  0/3 BB SO
OFKevin Pillar^5 3.0$3,100SFO@ atl 0-6  0/2 BB
OFAdam Eaton^2 3.0$3,100WAS@ mia 6-4  0/3 BB SO
1BJoey Votto^2 3.0$3,000CINv nym 1-8  0/3 BB 2SO
OFFranmil Reyes^6 3.0$3,000CLEv phi 5-2  0/3 BB SO
OFKhris Davis^6 3.0$3,000OAKv tex 8-0  0/3 BB SO
1BC.J. Cron^7 3.0$3,000MINv kan 4-3  1/3
CStephen Vogt^4 3.0$2,900SFO@ atl 0-6  1/4 SO
CChristian Vazquez^2 3.0$2,800BOS@ tam 4-5(F11)  0/3 BB 2SO
OFShin-Soo Choo^1 3.0$2,800TEX@ oak 0-8  1/3
OFHarold Castro^2 3.0$2,800DETv chw 1-10  1/4
OFDylan Moore^8 3.0$2,700SEA@ bal 3-5  1/3
2BJordy Mercer^6 3.0$2,700DETv chw 1-10  1/4 3SO
3BJose Osuna^4 3.0$2,700PIT@ mil 1-10  0/3 BB SO
SSJ.P. Crawford^2 3.0$2,700SEA@ bal 3-5  0/3 BB
2BRonny Rodriguez^7 3.0$2,700DETv chw 1-10  0/3 BB E
3BScott Kingery^6 3.0$2,600PHI@ cle 2-5  1/4
SSLuis Urias^7 3.0$2,600SDGv ari 0-9  1/3
3BColin Moran^3 3.0$2,600PIT@ mil 1-10  0/3 BB 2SO
1BJesus Aguilar 3.0$2,600TAMv bos 5-4(F11)  BB
2BCesar Hernandez^1 3.0$2,600PHI@ cle 2-5  1/4 SO
OFCameron Maybin 3.0$2,500NYYv tor 3-4  1/1 CS
2BDanny Mendick 3.0$2,500CHW@ det 10-1  1/1
3BMatt Duffy^8 3.0$2,500TAMv bos 5-4(F11)  1/2 SO
OFDelino DeShields Jr.^8 3.0$2,400TEX@ oak 0-8  1/3 SO
3BMatt Thaiss^8 3.0$2,400LAA@ hou 4-6  1/4 2SO
OFNick Martini^2 3.0$2,400SDGv ari 0-9  0/3 BB SO
OFManuel Margot^6 3.0$2,300SDGv ari 0-9  0/2 BB SO
CNick Dini^9 3.0$2,300KAN@ min 3-4  0/2 HBP
2BGreg Garcia^1 3.0$2,300SDGv ari 0-9  1/4 SO
2BCorban Joseph 3.0$2,200PIT@ mil 1-10  1/1
SSErick Mejia^7 3.0$2,100KAN@ min 3-4  1/4 SO
SSErik Gonzalez^8 3.0$2,100PIT@ mil 1-10  1/4
2BTony Kemp 3.0$2,100CHCv stl 1-2  BB
2BMarco Hernandez^9 3.0$2,100BOS@ tam 4-5(F11)  1/4 SO
3BDaniel Robertson 3.0$2,000TAMv bos 5-4(F11)  0/1 BB SO
SSNicky Lopez^8 3.0$2,000KAN@ min 3-4  0/3 BB
OFMookie Betts^1 0.0$4,400BOS@ tam 4-5(F11)  0/5 SO
3BAnthony Rendon^3 0.0$4,200WAS@ mia 6-4  0/4
2BGleyber Torres^4 0.0$4,100NYYv tor 3-4  0/3 SO
OFTommy Pham^3 0.0$4,000TAMv bos 5-4(F11)  0/5 3SO
OFMichael Brantley^2 0.0$3,800HOUv laa 6-4  0/4
CWillson Contreras^5 0.0$3,600CHCv stl 1-2  0/4
3BManny Machado^3 0.0$3,400SDGv ari 0-9  0/4 2SO
3BRafael Devers^3 0.0$3,400BOS@ tam 4-5(F11)  0/5 2SO
1BDan Vogelbach^7 0.0$3,300SEA@ bal 3-5  0/3 SO
1BSeth Brown 0.0$3,300OAKv tex 8-0  0/2 2SO
OFRandal Grichuk^5 0.0$3,300TOR@ nyy 4-3  0/4 SO
SSKevin Newman^1 0.0$3,300PIT@ mil 1-10  0/4 E
2BWhit Merrifield^1 0.0$3,200KAN@ min 3-4  0/5 4SO
1BDanny Santana^5 0.0$3,200TEX@ oak 0-8  0/3 SO E
1BLuke Voit^5 0.0$3,200NYYv tor 3-4  0/4 4SO
2BShed Long^1 0.0$3,000SEA@ bal 3-5  0/4
OFWillie Calhoun^3 0.0$3,000TEX@ oak 0-8  0/3
SSElvis Andrus^2 0.0$3,000TEX@ oak 0-8  0/3
3BEvan Longoria^3 0.0$2,900SFO@ atl 0-6  0/4 2SO
2BRougned Odor^6 0.0$2,900TEX@ oak 0-8  0/3
OFAndrew Benintendi^5 0.0$2,900BOS@ tam 4-5(F11)  0/1
1BEric Hosmer^4 0.0$2,900SDGv ari 0-9  0/4 3SO 2E
SSBrandon Crawford^7 0.0$2,900SFO@ atl 0-6  0/3
1BBrandon Belt^2 0.0$2,900SFO@ atl 0-6  0/4
3BDavid Fletcher^1 0.0$2,900LAA@ hou 4-6  0/4 2SO
3BGiovanny Urshela 0.0$2,900NYYv tor 3-4  0/1
CVictor Caratini 0.0$2,800CHCv stl 1-2  0/1 SO
OFD.J. Stewart^6 0.0$2,800BALv sea 5-3  0/4
1BRowdy Tellez 0.0$2,800TOR@ nyy 4-3  0/1
OFJordan Luplow^5 0.0$2,800CLEv phi 5-2  0/4 SO
1BBrandon Dixon 0.0$2,800DETv chw 1-10  0/2
OFAlex Dickerson^6 0.0$2,800SFO@ atl 0-6  0/4
COmar Narvaez^5 0.0$2,800SEA@ bal 3-5  0/4
OFLourdes Gurriel^3 0.0$2,700TOR@ nyy 4-3  0/4 3SO
OFNick Markakis^5 0.0$2,700ATLv sfo 6-0  0/4
CAustin Romine^8 0.0$2,700NYYv tor 3-4  0/3 2SO
CRoberto Perez^7 0.0$2,700CLEv phi 5-2  0/4 SO
1BRyan Zimmerman 0.0$2,700WAS@ mia 6-4  0/1
OFJackie Bradley^8 0.0$2,700BOS@ tam 4-5(F11)  0/4 3SO
2BIan Happ 0.0$2,700CHCv stl 1-2  0/2 SO
2BMauricio Dubon^8 0.0$2,700SFO@ atl 0-6  0/3 SO
CYan Gomes^8 0.0$2,700WAS@ mia 6-4  0/4 SO
1BMatt Beaty 0.0$2,700LADv col 12-5 
2BJonathan Schoop^8 0.0$2,700MINv kan 4-3  0/3
SSDansby Swanson^8 0.0$2,600ATLv sfo 6-0  0/4 SO E
CJacob Stallings^7 0.0$2,600PIT@ mil 1-10  0/3
OFIan Desmond^5 0.0$2,600COL@ lad 5-12  0/3 SO
OFKevin Kiermaier^6 0.0$2,600TAMv bos 5-4(F11)  0/2
OFNomar Mazara^4 0.0$2,600TEX@ oak 0-8  0/3 2SO
CJohn Hicks^8 0.0$2,600DETv chw 1-10  0/3 2SO
OFBen Zobrist 0.0$2,600CHCv stl 1-2  0/2
3BJoey Wendle^1 0.0$2,600TAMv bos 5-4(F11)  0/5
OFPhillip Ervin^7 0.0$2,500CINv nym 1-8  0/4 2SO
1BJosh Fuentes 0.0$2,500COL@ lad 5-12  0/1 SO
OFClint Frazier^7 0.0$2,500NYYv tor 3-4  0/3 SO
OFRaimel Tapia 0.0$2,500COL@ lad 5-12  0/1 SO
OFJosh Naylor^5 0.0$2,500SDGv ari 0-9  0/4 3SO
OFTim Locastro^1 0.0$2,500ARI@ sdg 9-0  0/4 4SO
2BJed Lowrie 0.0$2,500NYM@ cin 8-1  0/1
OFBrian Goodwin^2 0.0$2,500LAA@ hou 4-6  0/4 2SO
OFHarrison Bader^8 0.0$2,500STL@ chc 2-1  0/4 3SO
1BDan Murphy^2 0.0$2,500COL@ lad 5-12  0/4
OFHarold Ramirez 0.0$2,400MIAv was 4-6  0/1 SO
CJonathan Lucroy 0.0$2,400CHCv stl 1-2 
1BMike Ford 0.0$2,400NYYv tor 3-4  0/1 SO
2BTy France 0.0$2,400SDGv ari 0-9  0/1
OFPablo Reyes^6 0.0$2,400PIT@ mil 1-10  0/4 SO
SSMiguel Rojas^2 0.0$2,400MIAv was 4-6  0/5
3BHernan Perez^6 0.0$2,300MILv pit 10-1  0/2
OFLaMonte Wade 0.0$2,300MINv kan 4-3  0/1
OFCurtis Granderson 0.0$2,300MIAv was 4-6  0/1
CMatt Wieters 0.0$2,300STL@ chc 2-1  0/1
OFJaylin Davis 0.0$2,300SFO@ atl 0-6  0/1 SO
OFJay Bruce^4 0.0$2,300PHI@ cle 2-5  0/4
OFJose Martinez 0.0$2,200STL@ chc 2-1  0/1
1BRonald Guzman^7 0.0$2,200TEX@ oak 0-8  0/3 2SO
2BDee Gordon^9 0.0$2,200SEA@ bal 3-5  0/3 SO
1BRangel Ravelo 0.0$2,200STL@ chc 2-1  0/1 SO
OFJake Marisnick^9 0.0$2,200HOUv laa 6-4  0/4
3BPat Valaika^7 0.0$2,200COL@ lad 5-12  0/4 3SO
1BRyan O'Hearn 0.0$2,200KAN@ min 3-4  0/1 SO
2BJoe Panik 0.0$2,200NYM@ cin 8-1  0/1
OFSteve Wilkerson 0.0$2,200BALv sea 5-3 
CAustin Barnes 0.0$2,200LADv col 12-5  0/1
CJose Trevino^9 0.0$2,200TEX@ oak 0-8  0/3 SO
CChance Sisco^9 0.0$2,100BALv sea 5-3  0/3 2SO
3BTravis Shaw 0.0$2,100MILv pit 10-1  0/1
3BJake Lamb 0.0$2,100ARI@ sdg 9-0  0/2
3BSheldon Neuse^9 0.0$2,100OAKv tex 8-0  0/4
OFRyan LaMarre^9 0.0$2,100MINv kan 4-3  0/2 SO
2BSam Haggerty 0.0$2,000NYM@ cin 8-1 
OFIan Miller 0.0$2,000MINv kan 4-3 
OFJonathan Davis 0.0$2,000TOR@ nyy 4-3 
3BJedd Gyorko 0.0$2,000LADv col 12-5 
SSRichard Urena^9 0.0$2,000TOR@ nyy 4-3  0/3 SO
CSteve Baron 0.0$2,000PIT@ mil 1-10  0/1 SO
3BRyan Goins 0.0$2,000CHW@ det 10-1  0/1
OFMichael Hermosillo^9 0.0$2,000LAA@ hou 4-6  0/3 2SO
3BMartin Prado 0.0$2,000MIAv was 4-6  0/1
2BDerek Dietrich 0.0$2,000CINv nym 1-8  0/1
OFRafael Ortega 0.0$2,000ATLv sfo 6-0  0/1
CDom Nunez 0.0$2,000COL@ lad 5-12  0/1 SO
1BGerardo Parra 0.0$2,000WAS@ mia 6-4  0/1
OFTravis Jankowski 0.0$2,000SDGv ari 0-9  0/1
OFYonathan Daza 0.0$2,000COL@ lad 5-12  0/1
OFChris Owings 0.0$2,000BOS@ tam 4-5(F11) 
OFAnthony Alford^1 0.0$2,000TOR@ nyy 4-3  0/3 2SO
2BChristian Colon 0.0$2,000CINv nym 1-8  0/1
OFLewis Brinson^7 0.0$2,000MIAv was 4-6  0/4
OFTyrone Taylor 0.0$2,000MILv pit 10-1  0/1
OFChris Shaw 0.0$2,000SFO@ atl 0-6  0/1
CSandy Leon 0.0$2,000BOS@ tam 4-5(F11)  0/1 SO

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