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Fantasy Points for 21-Jul-2018
FanDuel Salary Cap Baseball
Live stats are available for 22-Jul
Past week:   20-Jul   |   19-Jul   |   18-Jul   |   17-Jul   |   16-Jul   |   15-Jul   |   14-Jul   |

DFS salaries typically reflect only "all day" or "main" slates.
Salaries for single game contests are often different and are not reported below.
Starters are indicated by a ^ following the player’s name.
A number after the ^ indicates the player’s order in the batting lineup.
Doubleheader games are denoted as (1) and (2).
For data in semi-colon delimited text format, click here.

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Pitchers PointsSalaryTeam Opp. Score Stats Summary
PJustin Verlander^0 61.0$11,500HOU@ laa 7-0  6.0IP 5H 2BB 11K Win
PDylan Covey^0 50.0$5,500CHW@ sea 5-0  8.1IP 2H 2BB 5K Win
PMarcus Stroman^0 49.0$6,600TORv bal 4-1  7.0IP 5H R ER 2BB 7K HB Win
PCarlos Carrasco^0 48.0$9,700CLE@ tex 16-3  6.2IP 5H 2R 2ER BB 8K Win
PMichael Fiers^0 47.0$6,700DETv bos 5-0  6.1IP 7H 3BB 6K Win
PPablo Lopez^0 43.0$5,600MIA@ tam 3-2  6.0IP 3H R ER BB 6K HB Win
PClayton Kershaw^9 34.0$10,700LAD@ mil 2-4  6.0IP 7H 4R ER 5K Loss
PSonny Gray^0 34.0$8,000NYYv nym 7-6  5.1IP 3H 3R 2ER 3BB 6K HB Win
PNick Kingham^9 32.0$8,100PIT@ cin 6-2  6.1IP 4H 2R 2ER 2BB 3K E Win
PBrian Johnson^0 30.0$5,700BOS@ det 0-5  5.0IP 5H 2R 5K Loss
PTrevor Cahill^0 29.0$6,900OAKv sfo 4-3(F11)  5.2IP 2H R ER 3BB 5K
PMike Montgomery^9 28.0$6,500CHCv stl(2) 3-6  6.0IP 5H R ER 2BB 3K
PFelix Hernandez^0 27.0$7,700SEAv chw 0-5  5.0IP 5H 4R 3ER 2BB 7K HB Loss
PNick Tropeano^0 27.0$6,500LAAv hou 0-7  5.0IP 2H 2R ER 4BB 5K Loss
PJake Junis^0 27.0$6,200KANv min 4-2  4.0IP 4H R ER 2BB 6K
PBrian Flynn 27.0$5,500KANv min 4-2  3.0IP H BB 4K Win
PTyler Chatwood^9 25.0$6,000CHCv stl(1) 7-2  5.1IP H R ER 6BB 2K HB Win
PZack Godley^9 24.0$8,700ARIv col 5-6  5.0IP 5H 4R 3ER 4BB 6K E
PLance Lynn^0 24.0$7,600MIN@ kan 2-4  5.0IP 3H 3R 3ER 6BB 6K Loss
PChase Anderson^9 24.0$7,600MILv lad 4-2  4.0IP 6H 2R 2ER 2BB 6K
PAlex Cobb^0 24.0$5,900BAL@ tor 1-4  5.0IP 4H 4R ER 3BB 4K Loss
PAnthony DeSclafani^8 22.0$6,100CINv pit 2-6  4.1IP 6H 3R 3ER 2BB 6K Loss
PCorbin Burnes 21.0$5,500MILv lad 4-2  2.0IP H BB 3K Win
PJohn Gant^9 21.0$6,800STL@ chc(2) 6-3  5.0IP 4H 3BB 2K
PMadison Bumgarner^0 18.0$9,500SFO@ oak 3-4(F11)  4.0IP 2H 3R 3ER 6BB 5K
PJosh Hader 18.0$5,500MILv lad 4-2  2.0IP H 4K Hold
PRyan Yarbrough 15.0$5,800TAMv mia 2-3  4.0IP 2H 2R 2ER 2BB 3K Loss
PYusmeiro Petit 15.0$5,500OAKv sfo 4-3(F11)  1.0IP 2K Win
PHunter Wood 15.0$5,500TAMv mia 2-3  2.0IP 3H R ER BB 4K
PLou Trivino 14.0$5,500OAKv sfo 4-3(F11)  1.2IP H 3K Hold
PKyle Freeland^9 12.0$8,200COL@ ari 6-5  5.0IP 5H 4R 4ER 3BB 3K HB
PBlake Treinen 12.0$5,500OAKv sfo 4-3(F11)  2.0IP H R ER 2BB 3K BS
PTanner Scott 12.0$5,500BAL@ tor 1-4  1.0IP 3K
PLuke Gregerson 10.0$5,500STL@ chc(1) 2-7  1.1IP H BB 2K
PSteven Matz^0 9.0$7,800NYM@ nyy 6-7  5.0IP 9H 5R 5ER BB 3K Loss
PLuke Weaver^9 9.0$6,100STL@ chc(1) 2-7  4.0IP 7H 3R 3ER 5BB 2K Loss
PKyle Crick 9.0$5,500PIT@ cin 6-2  1.0IP 2K
PWade Davis 9.0$5,500COL@ ari 6-5  1.0IP H BB 2K Save
PRyan Tepera 9.0$5,500TORv bal 4-1  1.0IP 2K Save
PJames Pazos 9.0$5,500SEAv chw 0-5  1.0IP 2K
PScott Oberg 9.0$5,500COL@ ari 6-5  1.0IP 2H R ER BB K BS Win
PAdam Ottavino 9.0$5,500COL@ ari 6-5  1.0IP 2K Hold
PJesse Chavez 9.0$5,500CHCv stl(1) 7-2  2.0IP K
PRyan Brasier 9.0$5,500BOS@ det 0-5  1.0IP 2K
PSam Dyson 9.0$5,500SFO@ oak 3-4(F11)  2.0IP BB K
PShane Greene 9.0$5,500DETv bos 5-0  1.0IP H 2K
PDellin Betances 9.0$5,500NYYv nym 7-6  1.0IP 2K Hold
PReyes Moronta 9.0$5,500SFO@ oak 3-4(F11)  2.0IP BB K
PFelipe Vazquez 9.0$5,500PIT@ cin 6-2  1.0IP H 2K HB
PSam Tuivailala 9.0$5,500STL@ chc(2) 6-3  1.0IP BB Win
PDerek Holland 8.0$6,600SFO@ oak 3-4(F11)  0.2IP 2K HB
PJ.T. Chargois 8.0$5,500LAD@ mil 2-4  1.2IP K
PYoshihisa Hirano 8.0$5,500ARIv col 5-6  1.2IP 2H R ER BB 2K Loss
PDavid Robertson 8.0$5,500NYYv nym 7-6  0.2IP H 2K E Hold
PTaylor Cole 8.0$5,500LAAv hou 0-7  1.2IP 2BB K
PDillon Maples 8.0$5,500CHCv stl(2) 3-6  0.2IP 2K
PJordan Hicks 8.0$5,500STL@ chc(2) 6-3  1.2IP H BB K
PRay Black 7.0$5,500SFO@ oak 3-4(F11)  1.1IP BB K
PPedro Strop 7.0$5,500CHCv stl(2) 3-6  1.1IP 2H R ER 2BB 2K BS
PNick Vincent 6.0$5,500SEAv chw 0-5  1.0IP K HB
PTim Peterson 6.0$5,500NYM@ nyy 6-7  2.0IP H R ER K
PTony Sipp 6.0$5,500HOU@ laa 7-0  1.0IP 2H K
PMike Mayers 6.0$5,500STL@ chc(1) 2-7  2.0IP
PWily Peralta 6.0$5,500KANv min 4-2  1.0IP K Save
PBrad Peacock 6.0$5,500HOU@ laa 7-0  1.0IP 2BB K
PDrew Steckenrider 6.0$5,500MIA@ tam 3-2  1.0IP H K Hold
PChasen Bradford 6.0$5,500SEAv chw 0-5  1.0IP K
PSergio Romo 6.0$5,500TAMv mia 2-3  1.0IP H K
PHector Velazquez 6.0$5,500BOS@ det 0-5  1.0IP K
PJose Alvarado 6.0$5,500TAMv mia 2-3  1.0IP K
PJake McGee 6.0$5,500COL@ ari 6-5  1.0IP BB K
PAmir Garrett 6.0$5,500CINv pit 2-6  1.0IP K
PRyne Stanek^0 6.0$5,500TAMv mia 2-3  1.0IP H BB K
PKyle Barraclough 6.0$5,500MIA@ tam 3-2  1.0IP H R ER 2K Save
POliver Drake 6.0$5,500LAAv hou 0-7  2.0IP
PJonathan Holder 6.0$5,500NYYv nym 7-6  1.0IP K Hold
PBartolo Colon^0 5.0$6,300TEXv cle 3-16  4.2IP 8H 5R 5ER BB 2K Loss
PZach Duke 5.0$5,500MIN@ kan 2-4  0.2IP H K
PJoakim Soria 5.0$5,500CHW@ sea 5-0  0.2IP K
PKyle Crockett 5.0$5,500CINv pit 2-6  0.2IP H K
PAlex Wilson 5.0$5,500DETv bos 5-0  1.2IP
PEdgar Santana 5.0$5,500PIT@ cin 6-2  0.2IP H K Hold
PAlex Claudio 4.0$5,500TEXv cle 3-16  0.1IP K
PRyan Pressly 4.0$5,500MIN@ kan 2-4  1.1IP H BB
PAdam Conley 3.0$5,500MIA@ tam 3-2  1.0IP H HB Hold
PZach Britton 3.0$5,500BAL@ tor 1-4  1.0IP BB
PDan Otero 3.0$5,500CLE@ tex 16-3  1.0IP 3H R ER K
PChasen Shreve 3.0$5,500NYYv nym 7-6  1.0IP Save
PJoe Smith 3.0$5,500HOU@ laa 7-0  1.0IP
PCorey Knebel 3.0$5,500MILv lad 4-2  1.0IP 2H Save
PMike Wright 3.0$5,500BAL@ tor 1-4  1.0IP 2H
PRaisel Iglesias 3.0$5,500CINv pit 2-6  1.0IP
PSeung Hwan Oh 3.0$5,500TORv bal 4-1  1.0IP Hold
PZach McAllister 3.0$5,500CLE@ tex 16-3  1.0IP BB
PBrad Boxberger 3.0$5,500ARIv col 5-6  1.0IP
PTrevor Hildenberger 3.0$5,500MIN@ kan 2-4  1.0IP H
PAnthony Swarzak 3.0$5,500NYM@ nyy 6-7  1.0IP 2H R ER K
PBud Norris 3.0$5,500STL@ chc(2) 6-3  1.0IP H Save
PAndrew Chafin 2.0$5,500ARIv col 5-6  0.2IP
PC.J. Edwards 2.0$5,500CHCv stl(1) 7-2  0.2IP Hold
PSteve Cishek 2.0$5,500CHCv stl(1) 7-2  0.2IP Hold
PRyan Buchter 2.0$5,500OAKv sfo 4-3(F11)  0.2IP 2H R ER K Hold
PTim Hill 2.0$5,500KANv min 4-2  0.2IP Hold
PZach Rosscup 1.0$5,500LAD@ mil 2-4  0.1IP
PSilvino Bracho 1.0$5,500ARIv col 5-6  0.1IP BS
PCody Allen 1.0$5,500CLE@ tex 16-3  0.1IP
PJustin Wilson 1.0$5,500CHCv stl(1) 7-2  0.1IP H R Hold
PTony Watson 0.0$5,500SFO@ oak 3-4(F11)  0.0IP 2H
PJared Hughes 0.0$5,500CINv pit 2-6  1.0IP 2H R ER
PRoenis Elias 0.0$5,500SEAv chw 0-5  1.0IP 2H R ER
PJack Flaherty 0.0$7,200STL@ chc(2) 6-3  1.0IP 2H R ER
PWill Smith -1.0$5,500SFO@ oak 3-4(F11)  0.2IP 3H R ER Loss
PRandy Rosario -1.0$5,500CHCv stl(2) 3-6  0.2IP H R ER Hold
PJorge de la Rosa -2.0$5,500ARIv col 5-6  0.1IP R ER BB
PJason Adam -2.0$5,500KANv min 4-2  0.1IP 2H R ER Hold
PNoe Ramirez -2.0$5,500LAAv hou 0-7  0.1IP H 2R 2ER BB K HB
PSteve Cishek -2.0$5,500CHCv stl(2) 3-6  0.2IP Hold 0.1IP 2H R ER BB
PGreg Holland -2.0$5,500STL@ chc(2) 6-3  0.1IP H 3R ER 2BB BS
PTyler Thornburg -3.0$5,500BOS@ det 0-5  1.0IP 2H 3R 3ER BB K
PMichael Lorenzen -3.0$5,500CINv pit 2-6  1.0IP 3H 2R 2ER
PTaylor Rogers -3.0$5,500MIN@ kan 2-4  0.0IP R ER 2BB
PJustin Wilson -6.0$5,500CHCv stl(2) 3-6  0.1IP H R Hold 0.0IP 2R 2ER 2BB Loss
PAroldis Chapman -9.0$5,500NYYv nym 7-6  0.0IP H 3R 3ER 3BB HB
PJose Alvarez -9.0$5,500LAAv hou 0-7  0.0IP 2H 3R 3ER BB
PTyler Lyons-10.0$5,500STL@ chc(1) 2-7  0.2IP 3H 4R 4ER 2BB
PAustin Bibens-Dirkx-21.0$6,600TEXv cle 3-16  4.0IP 13H 11R 11ER BB HB

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Hitters PointsSalaryTeam Opp. Score Stats Summary
1BYonder Alonso^5 43.9$2,900CLE@ tex 16-3  2/5 2R 3RBI 2HR BB SO
OFCorey Dickerson^1 43.4$3,300PIT@ cin 6-2  2/5 2R 2RBI 2HR SB
SSJose Iglesias^8 35.2$2,300DETv bos 5-0  2/3 R 4RBI 2B HR SO
OFGeorge Springer^1 32.2$3,700HOU@ laa 7-0  1/4 R 4RBI HR BB SO
OFTyler Naquin^9 31.9$2,200CLE@ tex 16-3  2/5 2R 3RBI HR
2BJavier Baez^5 28.2$4,100CHCv stl(1) 7-2  3/4 R 2RBI 2B SO SB S
3BMiguel Andujar^6 28.1$3,100NYYv nym 7-6  3/4 3R RBI 2-2B
OFAaron Judge^2 27.7$4,400NYYv nym 7-6  3/4 R RBI 2B HR
OFAvisail Garcia^5 25.7$3,000CHW@ sea 5-0  1/4 R 3RBI HR 3SO
CSalvador Perez^4 25.2$2,800KANv min 4-2  1/3 R 2RBI HR BB
CCurt Casali^7 25.2$2,000CINv pit 2-6  1/3 R 2RBI HR HBP
OFHunter Pence^8 25.0$2,000SFO@ oak 3-4(F11)  3/5 2RBI 2B 2SO SB
OFMichael Conforto^4 24.9$2,700NYM@ nyy 6-7  1/3 2R RBI HR BB SO
1BIan Desmond^6 24.7$3,400COL@ ari 6-5  2/4 R RBI 3B SB
OFBrandon Guyer 22.4$2,000CLE@ tex 16-3  2/2 2R 2RBI 2B
1BEdwin Encarnacion^4 22.2$3,800CLE@ tex 16-3  2/5 R 2RBI 2-2B SO
3BAdrian Beltre^4 22.2$2,400TEXv cle 3-16  1/3 R 2RBI HR SO
OFTommy Pham^5 22.2$3,100STL@ chc(2) 6-3  2/4 R 2RBI 2B BB
3BMatt Carpenter^1 21.7$3,900STL@ chc(1) 2-7  1/3 R RBI HR BB
OFChristian Yelich^2 21.7$3,800MILv lad 4-2  2/4 R RBI HR SO
1BBrandon Belt^2 21.7$3,100SFO@ oak 3-4(F11)  1/4 R RBI HR BB SO
1BJosh Bell^6 21.7$3,000PIT@ cin 6-2  4/4 R RBI 2B
2BJoey Wendle^1 21.7$2,800TAMv mia 2-3  2/4 R RBI HR
SSAmed Rosario^7 21.7$2,300NYM@ nyy 6-7  3/4 R RBI SB
3BMatt Carpenter 21.7$3,900STL@ chc(2) 6-3  1/1 R RBI HR BB
OFBen Zobrist^4 21.4$2,900CHCv stl(1) 7-2  4/4 2R BB
OFMelky Cabrera^7 21.4$2,000CLE@ tex 16-3  3/5 2R 2-2B
1BAnthony Rizzo^1 21.2$3,900CHCv stl(1) 7-2  1/2 R 3B 3BB
1BGregory Bird^7 19.2$3,200NYYv nym 7-6  2/4 R 2RBI 2B SO
SSPaul DeJong^3 19.2$3,100STL@ chc(2) 6-3  2/4 R 2RBI 2B SF E
OFSteven Souza Jr.^5 19.0$2,400ARIv col 5-6  3/4 2RBI BB SO
SSFrancisco Lindor^1 18.7$4,400CLE@ tex 16-3  2/5 R RBI 2-2B
OFTony Kemp^7 18.7$2,800HOU@ laa 7-0  1/2 R RBI 2B 2BB
OFJosh Reddick^5 18.7$2,700HOU@ laa 7-0  1/5 R RBI HR 2SO
OFCameron Maybin^9 18.7$2,500MIA@ tam 3-2  1/4 R RBI HR 2SO
1BJi-Man Choi^5 18.7$2,300TAMv mia 2-3  1/4 R RBI HR SO
CTommy Murphy 18.7$2,000COL@ ari 6-5  1/1 R RBI HR
2BKetel Marte^2 18.4$2,700ARIv col 5-6  2/3 2R BB HBP
COmar Narvaez^6 18.4$2,300CHW@ sea 5-0  2/3 2R 2B BB
OFKeon Broxton^7 16.0$2,400MILv lad 4-2  1/3 2RBI 3B
OFMichael Brantley^2 15.9$3,900CLE@ tex 16-3  1/3 2R RBI BB
CYan Gomes^8 15.9$2,300CLE@ tex 16-3  1/4 2R RBI HBP
SSDidi Gregorius^5 15.7$3,900NYYv nym 7-6  1/4 R RBI 3B
2BErik Gonzalez 15.7$2,100CLE@ tex 16-3  2/2 R RBI 2B
Garrett Hampson^7 15.7N/ACOL@ ari 6-5  1/3 R RBI 2B BB SO
3BJose Ramirez^3 15.5$4,900CLE@ tex 16-3  2/4 RBI 3B SO
CYadier Molina^2 15.5$2,900STL@ chc(1) 2-7  0/1 RBI BB HBP SB SF
SSYairo Munoz^7 15.5$2,200STL@ chc(2) 6-3  1/4 RBI BB SO SB
1BAnthony Rizzo^1 15.5$3,900CHCv stl(2) 3-6  4/5 RBI
3BMatt Chapman^7 15.4$3,000OAKv sfo 4-3(F11)  3/5 2R SO
OFHarrison Bader^1 15.4$2,300STL@ chc(2) 6-3  1/3 2R 2BB
1BJoe Mauer^1 15.2$2,800MIN@ kan 2-4  3/4 R 2B
CWillson Contreras^5 15.0$3,000CHCv stl(2) 3-6  1/3 2BB SB
3BTommy La Stella^8 13.0$2,000CHCv stl(1) 7-2  2/4 2RBI E
OFEddie Rosario^2 12.7$3,700MIN@ kan 2-4  2/4 R RBI SO
OFKyle Schwarber^6 12.7$3,100CHCv stl(1) 7-2  0/1 R RBI 2BB SO SF
3BJeimer Candelario^6 12.7$3,100DETv bos 5-0  2/3 R RBI SF
OFCarlos Gonzalez^4 12.7$2,900COL@ ari 6-5  1/5 R RBI 2B SO
OFRandal Grichuk^5 12.7$2,700TORv bal 4-1  1/4 R RBI 2B SO
OFCharlie Blackmon^1 12.5$3,900COL@ ari 6-5  1/4 RBI 2B BB SO
SSMarcus Semien^1 12.5$3,000OAKv sfo 4-3(F11)  0/2 RBI 3BB CS
OFAdam Jones^3 12.5$2,800BAL@ tor 1-4  2/4 RBI 2B
3BMartin Prado^6 12.5$2,400MIA@ tam 3-2  2/4 RBI 2B SO
OFA.J. Pollock^4 12.4$3,500ARIv col 5-6  0/3 2R 2BB
OFRyan Braun^4 12.4$3,000MILv lad 4-2  1/3 2R 2B
OFJason Heyward^3 12.4$3,000CHCv stl(1) 7-2  1/4 2R BB
SSMarwin Gonzalez^6 12.4$2,800HOU@ laa 7-0  1/3 2R BB SO
OFMatt Kemp^3 12.2$3,200LAD@ mil 2-4  2/4 R 2B SO
1BJose Abreu^3 12.2$3,000CHW@ sea 5-0  0/1 R BB 2HBP
SSJordy Mercer^8 12.2$2,500PIT@ cin 6-2  1/2 R 2B BB SO S
OFAndrew McCutchen^3 12.0$3,200SFO@ oak 3-4(F11)  0/3 2BB SO SB
2BRougned Odor^2 12.0$3,100TEXv cle 3-16  2/4 SO SB
OFTommy Pham^5 12.0$3,100STL@ chc(1) 2-7  0/2 2BB SB
OFStephen Piscotty^5 12.0$3,000OAKv sfo 4-3(F11)  1/5 2B 2SO SB
OFShohei-hitter Ohtani^5 12.0$2,900LAAv hou 0-7  2/4 2-2B
OFCarlos Gomez^6 12.0$2,700TAMv mia 2-3  0/2 2HBP SO SB
CBlake Swihart^9 12.0$2,100BOS@ det 0-5  1/3 BB SO SB
SSChris Taylor^6 10.0$3,300LAD@ mil 2-4  1/4 2RBI 2SO
SSNick Ahmed^6 10.0$2,600ARIv col 5-6  1/4 2RBI SO SF
CAustin Romine^9 10.0$2,000NYYv nym 7-6  1/4 2RBI SO
3BEduardo Escobar^4 9.5$3,300MIN@ kan 2-4  1/3 RBI BB SO
OFBrandon Nimmo^1 9.5$3,200NYM@ nyy 6-7  0/3 RBI 2HBP 2SO E
1BLucas Duda^5 9.5$2,700KANv min 4-2  1/3 RBI BB
CLuke Maile^8 9.5$2,100TORv bal 4-1  2/3 RBI
CVictor Martinez^5 9.4$2,200DETv bos 5-0  1/4 2R
SSTrevor Story^5 9.2$4,000COL@ ari 6-5  1/3 R BB SO
1BPaul Goldschmidt^3 9.2$4,000ARIv col 5-6  1/4 R BB 3SO
1BJustin Smoak^3 9.2$3,800TORv bal 4-1  0/2 R 2BB
OFTeoscar Hernandez^2 9.2$3,500TORv bal 4-1  1/4 R 2B 2SO
OFGregory Polanco^3 9.2$3,500PIT@ cin 6-2  1/5 R 2B
3BMike Moustakas^3 9.2$3,400KANv min 4-2  1/4 R BB SO
OFJoc Pederson^1 9.2$3,200LAD@ mil 2-4  2/3 R SO
1BMatt Olson^6 9.2$3,100OAKv sfo 4-3(F11)  1/3 R BB SO
3BYolmer Sanchez^2 9.2$3,100CHW@ sea 5-0  2/4 R E
OFJesse Winker^5 9.2$3,000CINv pit 2-6  2/4 R SO
OFJose Bautista^5 9.2$2,700NYM@ nyy 6-7  0/2 R 2BB SO
3BTim Beckham^1 9.2$2,500BAL@ tor 1-4  2/4 R E
OFGerardo Parra^2 9.2$2,500COL@ ari 6-5  0/2 R 2BB S
OFAlex Gordon^7 9.2$2,300KANv min 4-2  1/3 R BB SO
OFChad Pinder^8 9.2$2,300OAKv sfo 4-3(F11)  1/3 R BB SO S
OFAlbert Almora^7 9.2$2,600CHCv stl(2) 3-6  1/3 R BB SO
OFAndrew Benintendi^2 9.0$4,300BOS@ det 0-5  2/3 BB
SSJose Peraza^1 9.0$3,400CINv pit 2-6  1/3 2B BB
OFJorge Bonifacio^2 9.0$2,600KANv min 4-2  0/2 3BB SO
OFCarlos Tocci^9 9.0$2,000TEXv cle 3-16  1/3 3B 2SO
CFrancisco Pena^8 9.0$2,100STL@ chc(2) 6-3  1/4 SO SB
2BWhit Merrifield^1 6.5$3,500KANv min 4-2  1/5 RBI 2SO
1BRonald Guzman 6.5$2,300TEXv cle 3-16  1/1 RBI
3BMiguel Rojas^8 6.5$2,300MIA@ tam 3-2  1/4 RBI
CJosh Phegley^9 6.5$2,200OAKv sfo 4-3(F11)  0/2 RBI BB SO
3BJose Reyes^9 6.5$2,200NYM@ nyy 6-7  0/3 RBI BB SO
CJonathan Lucroy 6.5$2,200OAKv sfo 4-3(F11)  1/1 RBI
OFChris Owings^7 6.5$2,200ARIv col 5-6  1/4 RBI SO
3BKris Bryant^2 6.5$4,000CHCv stl(2) 3-6  0/4 RBI BB
3BTommy La Stella 6.5$2,000CHCv stl(2) 3-6  RBI BB
OFGiancarlo Stanton^3 6.2$4,200NYYv nym 7-6  1/4 R
2BStarlin Castro^5 6.2$3,300MIA@ tam 3-2  1/4 R 3SO
1BJustin Bour^4 6.2$3,300MIA@ tam 3-2  0/3 R BB 2SO
SSElvis Andrus^3 6.2$3,100TEXv cle 3-16  1/3 R
CBuster Posey^5 6.2$2,800SFO@ oak 3-4(F11)  1/5 R SO
1BJohn Hicks^4 6.2$2,800DETv bos 5-0  0/3 R BB SO
3BYandy Diaz 6.2$2,500CLE@ tex 16-3  1/1 R
OFKyle Tucker^9 6.2$2,400HOU@ laa 7-0  1/4 R SO
CMax Stassi^8 6.2$2,300HOU@ laa 7-0  0/3 R BB SO
2BAlen Hanson^7 6.2$2,200SFO@ oak 3-4(F11)  1/5 R SO
CKevin Plawecki^6 6.2$2,200NYM@ nyy 6-7  0/3 R BB SO
SSAlcides Escobar^9 6.2$2,200KANv min 4-2  0/2 R BB S
SSYairo Munoz 6.2$2,200STL@ chc(1) 2-7  1/2 R
2BTy Kelly 6.2$2,000NYM@ nyy 6-7  R BB
2BSean Rodriguez^7 6.2$2,000PIT@ cin 6-2  1/4 R SO
OFKyle Schwarber^6 6.2$3,100CHCv stl(2) 3-6  0/3 R BB
OFMookie Betts^1 6.0$5,100BOS@ det 0-5  2/5 SO
OFMike Trout^3 6.0$4,500LAAv hou 0-7  0/2 2BB 2SO
3BAlex Bregman^2 6.0$4,400HOU@ laa 7-0  0/3 BB HBP
2BJose Altuve^3 6.0$4,000HOU@ laa 7-0  0/2 2BB SO
OFMitch Haniger^3 6.0$3,800SEAv chw 0-5  0/2 2BB
OFJustin Upton^4 6.0$3,500LAAv hou 0-7  1/2 BB SO
2BJed Lowrie^3 6.0$3,300OAKv sfo 4-3(F11)  0/3 BB HBP SO
CYasmani Grandal^5 6.0$3,200LAD@ mil 2-4  1/2 BB SO E
3BJurickson Profar^5 6.0$3,200TEXv cle 3-16  1/3 BB SO
OFKike Hernandez^8 6.0$3,100LAD@ mil 2-4  1/3 BB SO
2BDaniel Robertson^2 6.0$3,100TAMv mia 2-3  1/4 2B SO
OFDerek Dietrich^1 6.0$2,900MIA@ tam 3-2  0/3 2BB SO
OFAdam Duvall^6 6.0$2,900CINv pit 2-6  1/4 2B
1BKendrys Morales^6 6.0$2,600TORv bal 4-1  0/1 2BB
SSDavid Fletcher^9 6.0$2,600LAAv hou 0-7  2/4
SSAledmys Diaz^7 6.0$2,500TORv bal 4-1  2/3
CElias Diaz^4 6.0$2,400PIT@ cin 6-2  1/5 2B SO
OFRosell Herrera^8 6.0$2,100KANv min 4-2  1/3 BB SO
OFNicky Delmonico^8 6.0$2,000CHW@ sea 5-0  1/4 2B 2SO
OFMarcell Ozuna^4 6.0$2,800STL@ chc(2) 6-3  1/4 BB SO
SSTim Anderson^9 3.5$3,200CHW@ sea 5-0  0/3 RBI SO SF
1BYulieski Gurriel^4 3.5$3,200HOU@ laa 7-0  0/4 RBI SF
CVictor Caratini^7 3.5$2,100CHCv stl(1) 7-2  0/3 RBI SF
3BYangervis Solarte^4 3.2$2,600TORv bal 4-1  0/4 R SO
CManny Pina 3.2$2,400MILv lad 4-2  0/1 R
OFRyan Rua 3.2$2,100TEXv cle 3-16  R
SSAddison Russell^8 3.2$3,000CHCv stl(2) 3-6  0/4 R
2BKolten Wong 3.2$2,400STL@ chc(2) 6-3  0/2 R SO
3BNolan Arenado^3 3.0$4,300COL@ ari 6-5  0/4 BB 2SO
SSManny Machado^2 3.0$4,300LAD@ mil 2-4  1/5
SSJean Segura^2 3.0$3,900SEAv chw 0-5  1/4 CS
2BScooter Gennett^2 3.0$3,900CINv pit 2-6  0/3 BB SO
OFStarling Marte^2 3.0$3,800PIT@ cin 6-2  1/5 SO
1BCody Bellinger^7 3.0$3,700LAD@ mil 2-4  1/4 3SO
OFLorenzo Cain^1 3.0$3,600MILv lad 4-2  1/4 SO
1BC.J. Cron^4 3.0$3,600TAMv mia 2-3  0/3 BB SO
OFAaron Hicks^1 3.0$3,500NYYv nym 7-6  0/4 BB SO
OFNick Castellanos^3 3.0$3,500DETv bos 5-0  1/4
1BMitch Moreland^4 3.0$3,500BOS@ det 0-5  1/4
OFBrian Anderson^2 3.0$3,400MIA@ tam 3-2  0/4 BB
CJ.T. Realmuto^3 3.0$3,400MIA@ tam 3-2  1/4 SO
2BDee Gordon^1 3.0$3,300SEAv chw 0-5  1/4 SO
OFKhris Davis^4 3.0$3,300OAKv sfo 4-3(F11)  0/4 BB 2SO
1BSteven Pearce^5 3.0$3,300BOS@ det 0-5  0/3 BB
SSJorge Polanco^5 3.0$3,200MIN@ kan 2-4  1/4 SO
SSBrandon Crawford^4 3.0$3,100SFO@ oak 3-4(F11)  0/4 BB 3SO
OFMark Trumbo^4 3.0$3,100BAL@ tor 1-4  0/3 BB SO
OFRobbie Grossman^7 3.0$3,000MIN@ kan 2-4  0/3 BB
OFMax Kepler^6 3.0$3,000MIN@ kan 2-4  0/3 BB SO
2BIan Kinsler^6 3.0$3,000LAAv hou 0-7  1/4 SO
2BJonathan Schoop^2 3.0$3,000BAL@ tor 1-4  1/4 SO
3BRafael Devers^6 3.0$3,000BOS@ det 0-5  1/4 2SO E
OFMarcell Ozuna^4 3.0$2,800STL@ chc(1) 2-7  0/3 BB SO
OFGorkys Hernandez^9 3.0$2,800SFO@ oak 3-4(F11)  0/3 BB 2SO
OFIan Happ^2 3.0$2,800CHCv stl(1) 7-2  0/4 BB 2SO
2BEduardo Nunez^7 3.0$2,700BOS@ det 0-5  1/4 SO
OFJoey Gallo^6 3.0$2,700TEXv cle 3-16  0/3 BB SO E
SSTyler Saladino^5 3.0$2,600MILv lad 4-2  1/4 SO
2BDaniel Descalso 3.0$2,600ARIv col 5-6  BB
1BWilmer Flores^3 3.0$2,600NYM@ nyy 6-7  1/5 SO
SSJ.T. Riddle^7 3.0$2,600MIA@ tam 3-2  1/4
3BColin Moran^5 3.0$2,600PIT@ cin 6-2  0/3 BB 3SO
SSAdeiny Hechavarria^8 3.0$2,600TAMv mia 2-3  1/2
OFKole Calhoun^1 3.0$2,500LAAv hou 0-7  0/3 BB 3SO
OFWillie Calhoun^8 3.0$2,500TEXv cle 3-16  1/4 SO
OFMallex Smith^7 3.0$2,500TAMv mia 2-3  1/4 SO
OFLeury Garcia^7 3.0$2,500CHW@ sea 5-0  1/4 SO
1BChris Davis^5 3.0$2,200BAL@ tor 1-4  0/3 HBP 2SO
CErik Kratz^8 3.0$2,200MILv lad 4-2  1/3
3BRonny Rodriguez^7 3.0$2,200DETv bos 5-0  1/3 SO
CJose Briceno 3.0$2,200LAAv hou 0-7  1/1
CRoberto Perez 3.0$2,100CLE@ tex 16-3  1/1
2BLogan Forsythe 3.0$2,100LAD@ mil 2-4  1/2 SO
1BBrandon Drury^8 3.0$2,100NYYv nym 7-6  1/4
CAustin Wynns^9 3.0$2,000BAL@ tor 1-4  0/2 BB
OFPhillip Ervin 3.0$2,000CINv pit 2-6  1/1
SSGreg Garcia^8 3.0$2,000STL@ chc(1) 2-7  0/1 BB
OFNick Martini 3.0$2,000OAKv sfo 4-3(F11)  BB
OFJason Heyward^3 3.0$3,000CHCv stl(2) 3-6  1/5
CYadier Molina 3.0$2,900STL@ chc(2) 6-3  BB
1BJose Martinez^2 3.0$3,200STL@ chc(2) 6-3  1/3
OFIan Happ 3.0$2,800CHCv stl(2) 3-6  BB
SSXander Bogaerts^3 0.0$4,300BOS@ det 0-5  0/4 2SO
1BJoey Votto^3 0.0$4,100CINv pit 2-6  0/4 SO
OFNelson Cruz^4 0.0$4,000SEAv chw 0-5  0/4 SO
1BJesus Aguilar^3 0.0$4,000MILv lad 4-2  0/4 2SO
3BKris Bryant 0.0$4,000CHCv stl(1) 7-2  0/1
2BBrian Dozier^3 0.0$3,800MIN@ kan 2-4  0/4 2SO
3BEugenio Suarez^4 0.0$3,700CINv pit 2-6  0/4 2SO
2BMax Muncy^4 0.0$3,700LAD@ mil 2-4  0/4 2SO 2E
2BYoan Moncada^1 0.0$3,600CHW@ sea 5-0  0/5 2SO
3BTravis Shaw 0.0$3,500MILv lad 4-2  0/1
OFShin-Soo Choo^1 0.0$3,400TEXv cle 3-16  0/4 2SO
1BJake Bauers^3 0.0$3,400TAMv mia 2-3  0/4 3SO
CGary Sanchez^4 0.0$3,300NYYv nym 7-6  0/4 2SO
1BJose Martinez 0.0$3,200STL@ chc(1) 2-7  0/1
3BJustin Turner 0.0$3,200LAD@ mil 2-4  0/1 SO
3BKyle Seager^5 0.0$3,200SEAv chw 0-5  0/3 SO
2BAsdrubal Cabrera^2 0.0$3,200NYM@ nyy 6-7  0/3 SO
OFDavid Peralta 0.0$3,200ARIv col 5-6  0/1 SO
SSAndrelton Simmons^2 0.0$3,200LAAv hou 0-7  0/3 E
OFLeonys Martin^1 0.0$3,200DETv bos 5-0  0/4 2SO
2BNiko Goodrum^2 0.0$3,200DETv bos 5-0  0/4 3SO
SSPaul DeJong^3 0.0$3,100STL@ chc(1) 2-7  0/4
OFJackie Bradley^8 0.0$3,000BOS@ det 0-5  0/4 SO
2BJason Kipnis^6 0.0$3,000CLE@ tex 16-3  0/5
OFDaniel Palka^4 0.0$2,900CHW@ sea 5-0  0/4 2SO
OFDenard Span^6 0.0$2,900SEAv chw 0-5  0/3
3BDavid Freese 0.0$2,800PIT@ cin 6-2  0/1
OFMark Canha^2 0.0$2,800OAKv sfo 4-3(F11)  0/5 SO
OFJake Cave^8 0.0$2,700MIN@ kan 2-4  0/4 4SO
OFDexter Fowler^7 0.0$2,700STL@ chc(1) 2-7  0/4 SO
OFJon Jay^1 0.0$2,700ARIv col 5-6  0/5 SO
OFCurtis Granderson^1 0.0$2,600TORv bal 4-1  0/4 2SO
OFAlbert Almora 0.0$2,600CHCv stl(1) 7-2  0/1
OFBilly Hamilton^9 0.0$2,600CINv pit 2-6  0/4 SO
CChris Iannetta^8 0.0$2,600COL@ ari 6-5  0/4
2BDevon Travis^9 0.0$2,500TORv bal 4-1  0/3 SO
OFTrey Mancini^6 0.0$2,500BAL@ tor 1-4  0/4 2SO
CTucker Barnhart 0.0$2,400CINv pit 2-6  0/1 SO
2BKolten Wong^6 0.0$2,400STL@ chc(1) 2-7  0/4 SO
OFJaCoby Jones^9 0.0$2,400DETv bos 5-0  0/3 SO
3BHernan Perez^6 0.0$2,300MILv lad 4-2  0/2
1BJefry Marte 0.0$2,300LAAv hou 0-7  0/1
CJesus Sucre^9 0.0$2,300TAMv mia 2-3  0/3 SO
OFSteven Duggar^1 0.0$2,300SFO@ oak 3-4(F11)  0/5 2SO
CRobinson Chirinos^7 0.0$2,300TEXv cle 3-16  0/4
CDevin Mesoraco 0.0$2,300NYM@ nyy 6-7  0/2
OFBen Gamel^7 0.0$2,300SEAv chw 0-5  0/3 E
OFHarrison Bader 0.0$2,300STL@ chc(1) 2-7  0/1
CChris Herrmann 0.0$2,300SEAv chw 0-5  0/1 SO
CBobby Wilson^9 0.0$2,200MIN@ kan 2-4  0/3 SO
1BJ.D. Davis 0.0$2,200HOU@ laa 7-0  0/1
OFBrett Phillips 0.0$2,200MILv lad 4-2 
OFJoey Rickard^8 0.0$2,200BAL@ tor 1-4  0/3 2SO
CIsiah Kiner-Falefa 0.0$2,200TEXv cle 3-16  0/1
OFDustin Fowler 0.0$2,200OAKv sfo 4-3(F11)  0/1
CJ.R. Murphy^8 0.0$2,100ARIv col 5-6  0/4 SO
CMartin Maldonado^8 0.0$2,100LAAv hou 0-7  0/4 3SO
CAustin Barnes 0.0$2,100LAD@ mil 2-4 
OFAdam Engel 0.0$2,100CHW@ sea 5-0 
2BChase Utley 0.0$2,100LAD@ mil 2-4  0/1
3BLuis Valbuena^7 0.0$2,100LAAv hou 0-7  0/3 2SO 2E
1BDan Vogelbach^8 0.0$2,000SEAv chw 0-5  0/3 2SO
OFJabari Blash 0.0$2,000LAAv hou 0-7  0/1 SO
2BNate Orf 0.0$2,000MILv lad 4-2  0/2 SO
SSYadiel Rivera 0.0$2,000MIA@ tam 3-2 
3BPablo Sandoval^6 0.0$2,000SFO@ oak 3-4(F11)  0/5 SO
3BRenato Nunez^7 0.0$2,000BAL@ tor 1-4  0/3 SO
1BHunter Dozier^6 0.0$2,000KANv min 4-2  0/4 SO
CDavid Freitas^9 0.0$2,000SEAv chw 0-5  0/2
OFRaimel Tapia 0.0$2,000COL@ ari 6-5  0/1
OFMatt den Dekker^8 0.0$2,000NYM@ nyy 6-7  0/3 3SO
OFBen Zobrist 0.0$2,900CHCv stl(2) 3-6  0/2
Justin Williams 0.0N/ATAMv mia 2-3  0/1
2BJavier Baez^4 0.0$4,100CHCv stl(2) 3-6  0/3 SO
OFDexter Fowler 0.0$2,700STL@ chc(2) 6-3  0/1 SO
SSGreg Garcia^6 0.0$2,000STL@ chc(2) 6-3  0/3 SO

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