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Fantasy Points for 23-Apr-2019
DraftKings Daily Baseball
Live stats are available for 24-Apr
Past week:   22-Apr   |   21-Apr   |   20-Apr   |   19-Apr   |   18-Apr   |   17-Apr   |   16-Apr   |

DFS salaries typically reflect only "all day" or "main" slates.
Salaries for single game contests are often different and are not reported below.
Starters are indicated by a ^ following the player’s name.
A number after the ^ indicates the player’s order in the batting lineup.
Doubleheader games are denoted as (1) and (2).
For data in semi-colon delimited text format, click here.

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Pitchers PointsSalaryTeam Opp. Score Stats Summary
PZack Wheeler^9 38.75$7,900NYMv phi 9-0  7.0IP 5H 11K Win
PPablo Lopez^0 27.25$6,700MIA@ cle 3-1  6.1IP 2H R 2BB 6K HB Win
PJose Quintana^9 26.15$9,700CHCv lad 7-2  7.0IP 4H 2R 2ER 2BB 7K Win
PLuke Weaver^9 26.05$8,100ARI@ pit 2-1  6.1IP 6H R ER BB 7K Win
PDomingo German^0 26.00$9,000NYY@ laa 7-5  6.2IP 4H R BB 5K E Win
PJalen Beeks 25.50$5,900TAMv kan 5-2  4.2IP 2H 2BB 7K HB Win
PAndrew Cashner^0 24.15$6,500BALv chw 9-1  7.0IP 5H R ER BB 5K Win
PChris Sale^0 23.05$8,600BOSv det(1) 4-7  5.0IP 5H 2R 2ER 2BB 10K
PPatrick Corbin^8 21.90$8,800WAS@ col 6-3  6.0IP 5H 3R 2ER BB 6K Win
PSonny Gray^8 20.40$7,700CINv atl 7-6  5.1IP 6H 4R 3ER 9K E
PDaniel Poncedeleon^9 20.25$8,000STLv mil 4-3  5.0IP 2H R ER 3BB 7K
PWade Miley^0 19.10$6,800HOUv min 10-4  6.0IP 3H 3R 3ER BB 7K
PMatt Boyd^0 16.75$9,100DET@ bos(1) 7-4  7.0IP 3H 3R 3ER 2BB 3K Win
PTrevor Williams^9 16.75$8,300PITv ari 1-2  7.0IP 4H 2R 2ER BB 4K Loss
PJeff Samardzija^0 16.40$7,800SFO@ tor 7-6  5.1IP 5H 2R 2ER BB 4K Win
PFrankie Montas^0 16.15$7,600OAKv tex 11-5  5.2IP 9H 3R 3ER 2BB 6K E Win
PCarlos Carrasco^0 15.80$10,400CLEv mia 1-3  4.0IP 2H 4K
PNick Margevicius^9 13.85$6,900SDGv sea 6-3  5.0IP 4H 2R 2ER 5BB 4K Win
PSpencer Turnbull^0 13.85$7,200DET@ bos(2) 4-2  5.0IP 3H 4BB 2K 2HB Win
PJulio Urias 11.90$8,000LAD@ chc 2-7  2.0IP BB 4K
PJeff Hoffman^9 11.65$7,700COLv was 3-6  5.0IP 6H 4R 4ER 6K Loss
PAndrew Miller 10.25$5,700STLv mil 4-3  1.0IP 2K Win
Darwinzon Hernandez 10.25N/ABOSv det(2) 2-4  2.1IP 4H BB 4K
PAdam Cimber 9.75$4,000CLEv mia 1-3  1.2IP 3K
PZach Davies^9 9.70$7,500MIL@ stl 3-4  4.2IP 7H 2R 2ER BB 4K
PTrent Thornton^0 9.65$7,000TORv sfo 6-7  5.0IP 6H 4R 4ER 5K Loss
PRobert Stephenson 9.50$9,100CINv atl 7-6  0.2IP 2K Win
PChris Stratton^0 9.25$5,800LAAv nyy 5-7  5.0IP 9H 4R 4ER BB 6K Loss
PKyle Ryan 9.15$4,000CHCv lad 7-2  1.2IP H 3K
PSean Doolittle 9.00$5,900WAS@ col 6-3  1.1IP 3K Save
PHector Velazquez^0 8.50$6,400BOSv det(2) 2-4  3.1IP 3H 3R 3ER 2BB 5K Loss
PKevin Gausman^9 8.00$8,400ATL@ cin 6-7  5.1IP 8H 6R 5ER 2BB 6K Loss
PBrad Boxberger 7.65$4,200KAN@ tam 2-5  1.0IP BB 3K
PJake Newberry 7.55$4,000KAN@ tam 2-5  3.0IP 2H K
Tim Hill 7.30N/AKAN@ tam 2-5  2.0IP H R ER BB 3K
PTyler Thornburg 7.00$4,000BOSv det(1) 4-7  1.1IP 2K
PJeffrey Springs 6.85$4,000TEX@ oak 5-11  2.1IP 2H R ER 2BB 3K
PErik Swanson^9 6.55$7,700SEA@ sdg 3-6  5.2IP 7H 5R 4ER 3K Loss
PCory Gearrin 6.40$4,000SEA@ sdg 3-6  1.1IP H R ER 3K
PWill Smith 6.25$5,700SFO@ tor 7-6  1.0IP 2K Save
PLuis Avilan 6.25$4,600NYMv phi 9-0  1.0IP 2K
PEmilio Pagan 6.25$4,000TAMv kan 5-2  1.0IP 2K Save
PZach Eflin^8 6.00$9,400PHI@ nym 0-9  4.0IP 4H 4R 3ER BB 3K Loss
PMichael Pineda^0 6.00$7,100MIN@ hou 4-10  5.1IP 8H 4R 4ER 2BB 4K
PJosh Osich 5.75$4,000CHW@ bal 1-9  1.2IP K
PAdam Conley 5.65$6,900MIA@ cle 3-1  1.0IP H 2K Hold
PDaniel Winkler 5.65$4,700ATL@ cin 6-7  1.0IP BB 2K
PKelvin Herrera 5.65$4,200CHW@ bal 1-9  1.0IP BB 2K
PBrad Wieck 5.65$4,000SDGv sea 6-3  1.0IP H 2K Hold
PShane Greene 5.65$4,000DET@ bos(2) 4-2  1.0IP H 2K Save
Travis Lakins 5.60N/ABOSv det(2) 2-4  2.2IP 4H R ER 2K
PDavid Hernandez 5.50$4,000CINv atl 7-6  0.2IP 2K Hold
PJohn Gant 5.30$4,000STLv mil 4-3  2.0IP 2H R ER 2K BS
PBryan Shaw 5.30$4,000COLv was 3-6  2.0IP 2H K
PTyler Duffey 5.20$4,000MIN@ hou 4-10  1.1IP 2H 4R BB 2K E
PArchie Bradley 5.05$4,800ARI@ pit 2-1  1.0IP H BB 2K Hold
PYusmeiro Petit 5.00$4,000OAKv tex 11-5  1.1IP K
PDan Otero 4.70$4,000CLEv mia 1-3  2.0IP 3H K
PHector Rondon 4.45$4,900HOUv min 10-4  1.0IP 3H R ER K BS Win
PChad Sobotka 4.45$4,200ATL@ cin 6-7  1.0IP H 2BB 2K
PD.J. Johnson 4.30$4,400COLv was 3-6  0.2IP BB 2K HB
PSergio Romo 4.25$4,500MIA@ cle 3-1  1.0IP K Save
PAlex Claudio 4.25$4,000MIL@ stl 3-4  1.0IP K
PRyan Pressly 4.25$4,000HOUv min 10-4  1.0IP K Hold
PKirby Yates 4.25$4,000SDGv sea 6-3  1.0IP K Save
PPaul Fry 4.25$4,000BALv chw 9-1  1.0IP K
PRichard Lovelady 3.65$9,000KAN@ tam 2-5  1.0IP H K
PKeone Kela 3.65$5,600PITv ari 1-2  1.0IP BB K
PCody Allen 3.65$5,400LAAv nyy 5-7  1.0IP BB K
PGreg Holland 3.65$4,200ARI@ pit 2-1  1.0IP BB K Save
PDrew VerHagen 3.65$4,000DET@ bos(1) 7-4  1.0IP H R ER 2K
PDaniel Hudson 3.65$4,000TORv sfo 6-7  1.0IP H R ER 2K
PTony Sipp 3.50$4,500WAS@ col 6-3  0.2IP K Hold
PMark Melancon 3.50$4,000SFO@ tor 7-6  0.2IP K Hold
PCarlos Estevez 3.05$4,200COLv was 3-6  1.0IP R ER 2BB 2K
PRichard Rodriguez 3.05$4,000PITv ari 1-2  1.0IP 2H K
PLuis Cessa 3.05$4,000NYY@ laa 7-5  1.0IP H BB K Hold
PBuck Farmer 3.05$4,000DET@ bos(2) 4-2  1.0IP 2BB K Hold
PWes Parsons 2.90$4,000ATL@ cin 6-7  0.2IP BB K
PWander Suero 2.90$4,000WAS@ col 6-3  0.2IP H K Hold
PDaniel Stumpf 2.75$4,000DET@ bos(2) 4-2  0.1IP H K Hold 0.1IP K Hold
Justin Anderson 2.45N/ALAAv nyy 5-7  1.0IP 2H 2R 2ER BB 3K
PRyne Stanek^0 2.40$5,000TAMv kan 5-2  1.1IP H
PWill Harris 2.25$5,200HOUv min 10-4  1.0IP
PTrey Wingenter 2.25$4,000SDGv sea 6-3  1.0IP Hold
PZack Britton 2.25$4,000NYY@ laa 7-5  1.0IP Save
Wei-Chieh Huang 2.25N/ATEX@ oak 5-11  2.1IP 3H 2R ER 2BB K
Chasen Bradford 2.25N/ASEA@ sdg 3-6  1.0IP
PDaniel Stumpf 2.15$4,000DET@ bos(1) 7-4  0.1IP H K Hold
PMatt Albers 1.80$4,000MIL@ stl 3-4  1.1IP 2H
PGabriel Ynoa 1.65$4,000BALv chw 9-1  1.0IP H
PYimi Garcia 1.65$4,000LAD@ chc 2-7  1.0IP BB
PRaisel Iglesias 1.65$4,000CINv atl 7-6  1.0IP H Save
PSteve Cishek 1.55$4,500CHCv lad 7-2  0.1IP 2H K
PDrew Steckenrider 1.50$4,800MIA@ cle 3-1  0.2IP Hold
PAndrew Chafin 1.50$4,700ARI@ pit 2-1  0.2IP Hold
PAlex Colome 1.50$4,600CHW@ bal 1-9  0.2IP
PTim Mayza 1.50$4,300TORv sfo 6-7  0.2IP
PRyne Harper 1.50$4,100MIN@ hou 4-10  0.2IP
PVictor Alcantara 1.50$4,000DET@ bos(1) 7-4  0.2IP Hold
Ryan Dull 1.50N/AOAKv tex 11-5  2.0IP 5H 2R 2ER 2K
PThomas Pannone 1.45$6,200TORv sfo 6-7  2.1IP 3H 2R 2ER K
PTony Watson 1.05$4,600SFO@ tor 7-6  1.0IP 2H R ER K Hold
PJacob Rhame 1.05$4,400NYMv phi 9-0  1.0IP 2BB
PJordan Hicks 1.05$4,000STLv mil 4-3  1.0IP H R ER BB K Save
PKenta Maeda^9 1.00$10,000LAD@ chc 2-7  4.0IP 7H 6R 6ER 3BB 5K Loss
PDrew Anderson 1.00$4,000PHI@ nym 0-9  4.0IP 6H 5R 5ER 4BB 4K
PMarcus Walden 0.90$4,000BOSv det(2) 2-4  0.2IP H
PJoe Ross 0.75$7,900WAS@ col 6-3  0.1IP Hold
PAmir Garrett 0.75$6,000CINv atl 7-6  0.1IP Hold
PAdam Kolarek 0.75$4,000TAMv kan 5-2  0.1IP Hold
PZach Reininger 0.75$4,000DET@ bos(2) 4-2  0.1IP Hold
PCraig Stammen 0.45$4,000SDGv sea 6-3  1.0IP 2H R ER BB K
PCarson Fulmer 0.30$6,400CHW@ bal 1-9  0.2IP BB HB
PJared Hughes 0.30$6,000CINv atl 7-6  0.2IP H R ER BB K Hold
PTyler Olson 0.15$4,700CLEv mia 1-3  0.1IP H
PMichael Lorenzen 0.00$4,000CINv atl 7-6  2.2IP 4H R ER 2K
PAustin Pruitt -0.05$4,000TAMv kan 5-2  1.2IP 3H 2R 2ER K
PJoe Jimenez -0.30$4,000DET@ bos(2) 4-2  0.2IP 3H R ER K Hold
PSam Freeman -0.50$4,200LAAv nyy 5-7  2.0IP 3H R ER 2BB
PAdalberto Mejia -0.60$4,000MIN@ hou 4-10  0.0IP H
PJose Fernandez -0.60$4,000DET@ bos(2) 4-2  0.0IP H
PCaleb Ferguson -0.95$4,700LAD@ chc 2-7  1.0IP H R ER BB
PVictor Alcantara -1.10$4,000DET@ bos(2) 4-2  0.2IP Hold 0.2IP H R ER Hold
PBobby Poyner -1.55$4,000BOSv det(1) 4-7  1.0IP 2H R ER BB
PJesse Biddle -1.80$4,000ATL@ cin 6-7  0.0IP R 3BB
PHeath Hembree -2.30$4,000BOSv det(1) 4-7  0.2IP 2H R ER BB
PWandy Peralta -2.45$4,000CINv atl 7-6  0.1IP 2H R ER Hold
PMike Dunn -2.45$4,000COLv was 3-6  0.1IP 2H R ER
PSam Dyson -3.55$4,000SFO@ tor 7-6  1.0IP 2H 3R 3ER BB K Hold
PAlex Wilson -4.15$4,000MIL@ stl 3-4  1.0IP 2H 2R 2ER 2BB Loss
PTrevor Hildenberger -4.30$4,100MIN@ hou 4-10  0.2IP H 2R 2ER 2BB Loss
PColten Brewer -6.15$4,500BOSv det(1) 4-7  1.0IP 3H 3R 3ER BB Loss
PNeil Ramirez -6.15$4,300CLEv mia 1-3  1.0IP 3H 3R 3ER BB Loss
PIvan Nova^0 -9.40$6,600CHW@ bal 1-9  4.0IP 11H 9R 9ER 3BB 4K Loss
PChad Green -9.65$5,700NYY@ laa 7-5  0.1IP 3H 4R 4ER BB
PLance Lynn^0 -9.70$7,300TEX@ oak 5-11  3.1IP 9H 8R 8ER 2BB 3K HB Loss
PHomer Bailey^0 -9.95$6,200KAN@ tam 2-5  1.0IP 3H 4R 4ER 4BB Loss

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Hitters PointsSalaryTeam Opp. Score Stats Summary
3Luke Voit^2 32.00$4,200NYY@ laa 7-5  2/4 3R 2RBI 2HR BB SO
7Franmil Reyes^6 30.00$3,700SDGv sea 6-3  2/4 2R 3RBI 2HR
6Xander Bogaerts^4 28.00$4,400BOSv det(1) 4-7  2/4 2R 2RBI 2HR
46Ronny Rodriguez^6 28.00$4,000DET@ bos(1) 7-4  3/4 2R 2RBI 2-2B HR SO
5Travis Shaw^5 28.00$3,200MIL@ stl 3-4  2/4 2R 2RBI 2HR 2SO
3Rowdy Tellez^5 27.00$3,800TORv sfo 6-7  2/4 2R 4RBI 2B HR SO
7Victor Robles^2 26.00$4,700WAS@ col 6-3  2/5 R 3RBI 2B SO 2SB
2Mike Zunino^8 24.00$3,300TAMv kan 5-2  3/4 2R 2RBI HR
7Ramon Laureano^8 23.00$3,700OAKv tex 11-5  2/4 2R 2RBI 2B HBP SO SB
7Stephen Piscotty^5 23.00$3,600OAKv tex 11-5  4/5 3R 3B
4Joe Panik^9 23.00$2,900SFO@ tor 7-6  2/4 R 3RBI 2B HR
6Dansby Swanson^6 22.00$4,700ATL@ cin 6-7  2/4 R RBI 2B 3B SO SB
4Danny Santana^2 22.00$4,200TEX@ oak 5-11  3/5 R 2RBI HR SO E
2Yadier Molina^6 22.00$3,700STLv mil 4-3  3/4 2RBI 2-2B SB
35Pablo Sandoval^6 22.00$3,400SFO@ tor 7-6  3/4 2R RBI HR
6Javier Baez^4 21.00$4,800CHCv lad 7-2  2/3 2R RBI HR BB
7Brett Gardner^3 21.00$4,300NYY@ laa 7-5  4/5 R 2B 3B
7Yasiel Puig^4 21.00$4,200CINv atl 7-6  2/4 R 3RBI HR SF
7Joey Rickard^6 21.00$3,600BALv chw 9-1  2/4 2R 2RBI HR SO
3Mike Ford^5 21.00$3,600NYY@ laa 7-5  2/3 2R 2RBI HR
2Grayson Greiner^8 21.00$3,400DET@ bos(1) 7-4  2/3 R 2RBI HR BB SO E
7George Springer^1 20.00$5,100HOUv min 10-4  2/3 2R 2RBI 2B 2BB SO
4Jose Altuve^2 20.00$5,000HOUv min 10-4  1/4 R 3RBI HR BB 2SO
5Matt Chapman^3 20.00$4,300OAKv tex 11-5  1/2 R RBI HR 3BB
3Justin Bour^3 20.00$3,700LAAv nyy 5-7  1/4 R 4RBI HR
35Todd Frazier^7 20.00$3,600NYMv phi 9-0  1/4 R 4RBI HR 2SO
6Paul DeJong^3 19.00$4,900STLv mil 4-3  2/4 R RBI 2B HR SO
3Chris Davis^7 19.00$2,700BALv chw 9-1  2/4 R 2RBI HR SO
3Brandon Dixon^5 19.00$4,100DET@ bos(2) 4-2  3/4 3RBI 2-2B SO
7Eddie Rosario^4 18.00$5,300MIN@ hou 4-10  1/4 R 3RBI HR SO
7Dwight Smith^3 18.00$4,900BALv chw 9-1  1/4 R 3RBI HR
45Eric Sogard^1 18.00$3,600TORv sfo 6-7  1/4 2R RBI HR BB 2SO
4Michael Chavis^7 17.00$4,200BOSv det(2) 2-4  2/4 R RBI HR SO
3Renato Nunez^4 16.00$4,600BALv chw 9-1  1/4 R RBI HR BB SO
3Anthony Rizzo^3 16.00$4,000CHCv lad 7-2  1/4 R 2RBI HR SO
7Raimel Tapia^7 16.00$3,800COLv was 3-6  1/4 R 2RBI HR SO
2Austin Hedges^8 16.00$3,600SDGv sea 6-3  1/3 R 2RBI HR
7Joey Gallo^5 15.00$5,000TEX@ oak 5-11  3/4 R 2B BB SO
2Willson Contreras^6 15.00$4,300CHCv lad 7-2  1/3 R 3RBI 2B BB 2SO
7Ender Inciarte^8 15.00$4,100ATL@ cin 6-7  2/3 R RBI SB SF
7Mitch Haniger^1 14.00$5,400SEA@ sdg 3-6  2/3 R 2B 2BB E
46Jonathan Villar^1 14.00$4,900BALv chw 9-1  2/3 R 2B 2BB
37Brandon Belt^4 14.00$3,700SFO@ tor 7-6  1/4 R RBI HR 2SO
2Tucker Barnhart^6 14.00$3,600CINv atl 7-6  1/5 R RBI HR 2SO
5Evan Longoria^5 14.00$3,500SFO@ tor 7-6  1/4 R RBI HR 2SO
4Josh Harrison^7 14.00$3,400DET@ bos(1) 7-4  2/4 R 2RBI 2B SO CS
2Jorge Alfaro^6 14.00$3,400MIA@ cle 3-1  1/4 R RBI HR 2SO
6Orlando Arcia^8 14.00$3,200MIL@ stl 3-4  1/4 R RBI HR
2Martin Maldonado^8 14.00$2,500KAN@ tam 2-5  1/4 R RBI HR SO
5Yoan Moncada^1 13.00$4,900CHW@ bal 1-9  2/4 R 3B
7Adam Eaton^1 13.00$4,800WAS@ col 6-3  2/5 R 3B SO
37Niko Goodrum^4 13.00$4,400DET@ bos(1) 7-4  0/3 2R 2BB 2SO SB
6Marcus Semien^2 13.00$4,300OAKv tex 11-5  1/4 R 2RBI 2B BB
56Eduardo Escobar^2 13.00$3,900ARI@ pit 2-1  3/4 R 2B
3Ryan O'Hearn^5 13.00$3,600KAN@ tam 2-5  2/4 2B 3B 2SO
7Andrew Benintendi^1 13.00$4,600BOSv det(2) 2-4  3/4 R HBP
7Brian Goodwin^6 12.00$4,200LAAv nyy 5-7  2/4 R 2-2B SO
4Jonathan Schoop^7 12.00$4,200MIN@ hou 4-10  2/4 R 2-2B SO
5Matt Carpenter^1 12.00$4,000STLv mil 4-3  1/3 R BB SO SB
7Josh Reddick^7 12.00$3,900HOUv min 10-4  2/4 2R 2B
3Miguel Cabrera^3 12.00$3,900DET@ bos(1) 7-4  2/4 RBI 2B BB
57Chad Pinder^7 12.00$3,900OAKv tex 11-5  2/5 2R RBI SO
3Tyler White^8 12.00$3,600HOUv min 10-4  2/2 2R BB
46Tyler Wade^9 12.00$3,100NYY@ laa 7-5  1/4 RBI BB SO SB
23John Hicks^8 12.00$3,700DET@ bos(2) 4-2  2/3 RBI 2B BB
5Alex Bregman^3 11.00$4,800HOUv min 10-4  1/3 3RBI BB SF
3Joey Votto^1 11.00$4,400CINv atl 7-6  1/2 R 3BB SO
2Josh Phegley^9 11.00$3,600OAKv tex 11-5  1/5 R 2RBI 2B
46Jose Peraza^9 11.00$3,200CINv atl 7-6  1/4 R 2RBI 2B SO
5Jeimer Candelario^1 11.00$3,700DET@ bos(2) 4-2  3/5 R 2SO CS
7Michael Conforto^4 10.00$4,900NYMv phi 9-0  2/4 R BB
6Elvis Andrus^3 10.00$4,600TEX@ oak 5-11  1/5 R SB
7Jarrod Dyson^1 10.00$4,500ARI@ pit 2-1  2/3 R BB
7Jose Martinez^5 10.00$4,100STLv mil 4-3  2/3 R BB
6Tim Beckham^4 10.00$4,100SEA@ sdg 3-6  2/4 2RBI 2SO
6Wilmer Difo^9 10.00$4,000WAS@ col 6-3  2/4 2R E
7Isaac Galloway^8 10.00$3,900MIA@ cle 3-1  1/4 R SO SB
46Gleyber Torres^4 10.00$3,900NYY@ laa 7-5  2/5 R RBI 2SO
7Nomar Mazara^4 10.00$3,700TEX@ oak 5-11  2/5 RBI 2B SO
7Hunter Pence^6 10.00$3,700TEX@ oak 5-11  2/5 R 2B 2SO
5Justin Turner^2 10.00$3,600LAD@ chc 2-7  2/4 RBI 2B
57David Fletcher^9 10.00$3,600LAAv nyy 5-7  2/4 R RBI
7Socrates Brito^8 10.00$3,500TORv sfo 6-7  1/3 RBI 3B
45Daniel Robertson^7 10.00$3,400TAMv kan 5-2  2/4 R 2B SO
47Ben Zobrist^1 10.00$3,100CHCv lad 7-2  2/5 2R
5Josh Donaldson^2 9.00$5,000ATL@ cin 6-7  1/5 R RBI 2B 3SO E
4Brandon Lowe^1 9.00$4,800TAMv kan 5-2  1/3 R RBI BB
7Mallex Smith^8 9.00$4,400SEA@ sdg 3-6  0/3 R BB SO SB
2Wilson Ramos^5 9.00$3,900NYMv phi 9-0  1/3 R RBI BB
4Daniel Descalso^7 9.00$3,700CHCv lad 7-2  1/3 RBI 2B BB SO
5Rio Ruiz^5 9.00$3,600BALv chw 9-1  1/3 2R BB E
3Eric Hosmer^5 9.00$3,500SDGv sea 6-3  1/4 R RBI 2B SO
2Isiah Kiner-Falefa^9 9.00$3,300TEX@ oak 5-11  1/3 R 2B BB
3Kendrys Morales^6 9.00$3,200OAKv tex 11-5  1/3 RBI 2BB
2Francisco Cervelli^7 9.00$3,100PITv ari 1-2  1/3 RBI 2B BB SO
6Raul Mondesi^2 8.00$4,800KAN@ tam 2-5  2/4 R
6Carlos Correa^5 8.00$4,500HOUv min 10-4  2/4 2B SO
34Ryan McMahon^5 8.00$4,300COLv was 3-6  2/4 R SO
5Asdrubal Cabrera^7 8.00$4,300TEX@ oak 5-11  2/4 RBI
5Maikel Franco^5 8.00$4,200PHI@ nym 0-9  2/4 2B
7Byron Buxton^9 8.00$4,200MIN@ hou 4-10  1/3 SB
7Randal Grichuk^3 8.00$4,000TORv sfo 6-7  2/4 R
4Robinson Cano^3 8.00$3,900NYMv phi 9-0  2/4 R
3Neil Walker^4 8.00$3,500MIA@ cle 3-1  2/4 2B
6Jose Iglesias^7 8.00$3,400CINv atl 7-6  2/4 R SO
6Thairo Estrada^8 8.00$3,000NYY@ laa 7-5  2/4 BB SO
45Richard Urena^2 8.00$2,900TORv sfo 6-7  2/5 R
4Josh Harrison^7 8.00$3,400DET@ bos(2) 4-2  2/4 2B
3Freddie Freeman^3 7.00$5,300ATL@ cin 6-7  1/5 R RBI 3SO
6Trevor Story^2 7.00$5,200COLv was 3-6  1/3 2B BB SO
7Juan Soto^3 7.00$5,000WAS@ col 6-3  1/4 RBI BB 2SO
7Mookie Betts^2 7.00$4,800BOSv det(1) 4-7  1/4 2RBI
3Matt Adams 7.00$4,700WAS@ col 6-3  1/1 R 2B
2Omar Narvaez 7.00$4,600SEA@ sdg 3-6  1/2 R 2B
7Adam Jones^4 7.00$4,300ARI@ pit 2-1  1/4 RBI 2B SO
56Charlie Culberson 7.00$4,100ATL@ cin 6-7  1/1 RBI 2B
7Mike Tauchman^6 7.00$4,100NYY@ laa 7-5  1/3 2BB
7Jesse Winker^3 7.00$4,100CINv atl 7-6  1/2 R BB
7Kevin Pillar^8 7.00$3,800SFO@ tor 7-6  1/4 R RBI SO
7Curtis Granderson^1 7.00$3,400MIA@ cle 3-1  1/5 RBI 2B SO
4Tzu-Wei Lin^8 7.00$3,400BOSv det(1) 4-7  1/3 R 2B SO
6Xander Bogaerts^5 7.00$4,400BOSv det(2) 2-4  1/4 RBI BB SO
3Miguel Cabrera^3 7.00$3,900DET@ bos(2) 4-2  1/3 R BB
46Ronny Rodriguez^6 7.00$4,000DET@ bos(2) 4-2  1/4 R 2B 2SO
7Mike Trout^2 6.00$5,500LAAv nyy 5-7  0/2 R 2BB
45Howie Kendrick^4 6.00$4,700WAS@ col 6-3  0/3 2RBI HBP SO SF
6Fernando Tatis Jr.^1 6.00$4,600SDGv sea 6-3  2/4 2SO
7Nick Markakis^5 6.00$4,600ATL@ cin 6-7  0/2 R RBI BB SO SF
7Gregory Polanco^3 6.00$4,500PITv ari 1-2  2/4
2J.T. Realmuto^2 6.00$4,300PHI@ nym 0-9  2/3 SO
7Jake Marisnick 6.00$4,100HOUv min 10-4  0/1 2R RBI
6Corey Seager^4 6.00$4,000LAD@ chc 2-7  2/4 SO
2Austin Barnes^8 6.00$3,500LAD@ chc 2-7  0/2 R 2BB
4Starlin Castro^5 6.00$3,400MIA@ cle 3-1  2/4 SO E
7Mookie Betts^2 6.00$4,800BOSv det(2) 2-4  0/2 3BB
37Cody Bellinger^6 5.00$5,700LAD@ chc 2-7  1/4 2B SO
6Tim Anderson^2 5.00$5,100CHW@ bal 1-9  1/4 RBI SO
7Marcell Ozuna^4 5.00$5,000STLv mil 4-3  1/4 R SO
7Charlie Blackmon^1 5.00$4,900COLv was 3-6  1/4 R SO
37Trey Mancini^2 5.00$4,900BALv chw 9-1  1/5 R 2SO
4Ozzie Albies^1 5.00$4,800ATL@ cin 6-7  1/5 R SO
3Paul Goldschmidt^2 5.00$4,800STLv mil 4-3  1/4 RBI
7Khris Davis^4 5.00$4,600OAKv tex 11-5  1/5 RBI 2SO
37Wil Myers^4 5.00$4,600SDGv sea 6-3  1/4 R SO
3Ryan Zimmerman^5 5.00$4,500WAS@ col 6-3  1/3 BB SO
7Michael Brantley^4 5.00$4,500HOUv min 10-4  1/5 RBI
2Mitch Garver^1 5.00$4,500MIN@ hou 4-10  1/4 R 2SO
4Dee Gordon^6 5.00$4,400SEA@ sdg 3-6  1/4 2B
47Derek Dietrich 5.00$4,400CINv atl 7-6  1/1 R
7Alex Gordon^3 5.00$4,400KAN@ tam 2-5  1/3 HBP
3Jose Abreu^3 5.00$4,300CHW@ bal 1-9  1/3 BB SO
7Carlos Gonzalez^5 5.00$4,200CLEv mia 1-3  1/4 R 3SO
7Max Kepler^8 5.00$4,200MIN@ hou 4-10  1/3 RBI SO
7Ryan Braun^4 5.00$4,100MIL@ stl 3-4  1/3 BB 2SO
7Matt Joyce 5.00$4,100ATL@ cin 6-7  1/1 2B
5Colin Moran^5 5.00$3,900PITv ari 1-2  1/4 R
6Andrelton Simmons^4 5.00$3,800LAAv nyy 5-7  1/4 2B SO
7Kole Calhoun^1 5.00$3,700LAAv nyy 5-7  1/4 R 2SO
7Robbie Grossman^1 5.00$3,600OAKv tex 11-5  1/5 R 3SO
7A.J. Pollock^5 5.00$3,600LAD@ chc 2-7  1/4 R SO
7Melky Cabrera^2 5.00$3,500PITv ari 1-2  1/4 2B SO
7Tyler Naquin^9 5.00$3,500CLEv mia 1-3  1/3 RBI
46Joey Wendle^4 5.00$3,500TAMv kan 5-2  1/4 RBI 3SO
35Martin Prado^2 5.00$3,200MIA@ cle 3-1  1/3 RBI SF
45Luis Guillorme^8 5.00$3,100NYMv phi 9-0  1/4 R
6Brandon Crawford^7 5.00$2,900SFO@ tor 7-6  1/4 R SO
7J.D. Martinez^4 5.00$5,200BOSv det(2) 2-4  1/4 HBP 2SO
7Christian Yelich^2 4.00$5,800MIL@ stl 3-4  0/2 2BB 2SO
7Nelson Cruz^3 4.00$4,800MIN@ hou 4-10  0/3 R BB SO
7Tommy Pham^2 4.00$4,800TAMv kan 5-2  0/2 2BB
7Domingo Santana^2 4.00$4,700SEA@ sdg 3-6  0/3 RBI BB SO SF
3Edwin Encarnacion^3 4.00$4,600SEA@ sdg 3-6  0/2 2BB
5Eugenio Suarez^2 4.00$4,500CINv atl 7-6  0/3 2BB SO E
7Kevin Kiermaier^6 4.00$4,400TAMv kan 5-2  0/3 R BB SO
7Jason Heyward^8 4.00$4,200CHCv lad 7-2  0/2 2BB SO
57Jeff McNeil^6 4.00$4,100NYMv phi 9-0  0/3 R BB SO
2Christian Vazquez^7 4.00$3,900BOSv det(1) 4-7  0/2 R BB
57Kris Bryant^2 4.00$3,900CHCv lad 7-2  0/3 R BB
5Jeimer Candelario^1 4.00$3,700DET@ bos(1) 7-4  0/4 R BB 3SO E
45Jon Berti^9 4.00$3,600MIA@ cle 3-1  0/3 R BB SO
7Juan Lagares 4.00$3,400NYMv phi 9-0  0/2 R BB
7Phillip Ervin 4.00$3,200CINv atl 7-6  0/1 RBI BB SO
2Jesus Sucre^8 4.00$2,800BALv chw 9-1  0/2 BB HBP
37Niko Goodrum^4 4.00$4,400DET@ bos(2) 4-2  0/3 R BB 2SO
7Ronald Acuna^4 3.00$5,500ATL@ cin 6-7  1/4
5Jose Ramirez^3 3.00$4,800CLEv mia 1-3  1/4
7Nick Castellanos^2 3.00$4,400DET@ bos(1) 7-4  1/5 SO
2Tommy Murphy^7 3.00$4,100SEA@ sdg 3-6  1/3 SO
5Rafael Devers 3.00$4,100BOSv det(1) 4-7  1/1
57Brian Anderson^3 3.00$4,000MIA@ cle 3-1  1/4 SO
4Adam Frazier^1 3.00$4,000PITv ari 1-2  1/4
5J.D. Davis 3.00$3,900NYMv phi 9-0  1/1
46Hernan Perez^6 3.00$3,800MIL@ stl 3-4  1/3 SO
4Tommy La Stella^8 3.00$3,800LAAv nyy 5-7  1/3
7Alex Verdugo 3.00$3,800LAD@ chc 2-7  1/1
2Welington Castillo^5 3.00$3,700CHW@ bal 1-9  1/4
4Cesar Hernandez^6 3.00$3,700PHI@ nym 0-9  1/3 E
7Dexter Fowler^7 3.00$3,600STLv mil 4-3  1/4 SO
7Kyle Schwarber^5 3.00$3,600CHCv lad 7-2  1/4 2SO
57Nicky Delmonico^6 3.00$3,500CHW@ bal 1-9  1/3 SO
7Ian Desmond^6 3.00$3,500COLv was 3-6  1/4
7Bryan Reynolds^6 3.00$3,500PITv ari 1-2  1/2 SO
7JaCoby Jones^9 3.00$3,500DET@ bos(1) 7-4  1/4 2SO
23Buster Posey^3 3.00$3,400SFO@ tor 7-6  1/4 SO
7Billy McKinney^7 3.00$3,400TORv sfo 6-7  1/4 2SO
2Max Stassi^9 3.00$3,300HOUv min 10-4  1/4 SO
6Richie Martin^9 3.00$3,100BALv chw 9-1  1/4 SO
7Dustin Peterson^5 3.00$3,100DET@ bos(1) 7-4  1/5 SO
2Christian Vazquez^9 3.00$3,900BOSv det(2) 2-4  1/4 SO
3Mitch Moreland^3 3.00$4,500BOSv det(2) 2-4  1/5 SO
3Pete Alonso^2 2.00$5,000NYMv phi 9-0  0/4 BB SO
3Carlos Santana^4 2.00$4,800CLEv mia 1-3  0/3 BB E
3Justin Smoak^4 2.00$4,700TORv sfo 6-7  0/3 BB 2SO E
7Andrew Benintendi^1 2.00$4,600BOSv det(1) 4-7  0/3 BB SO
7Avisail Garcia^5 2.00$4,500TAMv kan 5-2  0/3 BB SO
3Rhys Hoskins^4 2.00$4,500PHI@ nym 0-9  0/3 BB 2SO
7David Peralta^3 2.00$4,400ARI@ pit 2-1  0/4 RBI SO
3Eric Thames 2.00$4,400MIL@ stl 3-4  BB
4Brian Dozier^7 2.00$4,400WAS@ col 6-3  0/3 BB SO
35Yandy Diaz^3 2.00$4,400TAMv kan 5-2  0/3 RBI 2SO SF
4Jason Kipnis^6 2.00$4,300CLEv mia 1-3  0/3 BB
4Kolten Wong^8 2.00$4,300STLv mil 4-3  0/3 BB E
47Ketel Marte^6 2.00$4,200ARI@ pit 2-1  0/3 BB
35Yulieski Gurriel^6 2.00$4,000HOUv min 10-4  0/4 R SO
7Jorge Soler^4 2.00$3,800KAN@ tam 2-5  0/3 BB
3Albert Pujols^5 2.00$3,700LAAv nyy 5-7  0/3 BB SO
7Scott Schebler^5 2.00$3,700CINv atl 7-6  0/4 BB 4SO
7Jason Martin 2.00$3,700PITv ari 1-2  0/1 BB SO
3Lucas Duda^6 2.00$3,600KAN@ tam 2-5  0/3 BB
35Kyle Farmer 2.00$3,600CINv atl 7-6  BB CS
6Willy Adames^9 2.00$3,600TAMv kan 5-2  0/3 BB
34Logan Forsythe^8 2.00$3,500TEX@ oak 5-11  0/3 RBI SO SF
2Austin Romine^7 2.00$3,400NYY@ laa 7-5  0/5 RBI 3SO
2Roberto Perez^7 2.00$3,300CLEv mia 1-3  0/2 HBP 2SO
7J.B. Shuck 2.00$3,200PITv ari 1-2  BB
67Chris Taylor^7 2.00$3,100LAD@ chc 2-7  0/3 RBI 2SO
4Ian Kinsler^7 2.00$3,100SDGv sea 6-3  0/3 R
2Andrew Knapp 2.00$3,100PHI@ nym 0-9  BB
5Rafael Devers^6 2.00$4,100BOSv det(2) 2-4  0/2 BB
7Jackie Bradley^8 2.00$3,300BOSv det(2) 2-4  0/3 BB
7J.D. Martinez^3 0.00$5,200BOSv det(1) 4-7  0/4 2SO
5Nolan Arenado^3 0.00$5,100COLv was 3-6  0/4
7Joc Pederson 0.00$5,100LAD@ chc 2-7  0/1 SO
6Francisco Lindor^1 0.00$4,900CLEv mia 1-3  0/4 2SO
3Dan Vogelbach 0.00$4,800SEA@ sdg 3-6  0/1
3Christian Walker^5 0.00$4,800ARI@ pit 2-1  0/4 2SO
6Jorge Polanco^2 0.00$4,700MIN@ hou 4-10  0/4 SO E
47Whit Merrifield^1 0.00$4,600KAN@ tam 2-5  0/4 SO
7Bryce Harper^3 0.00$4,600PHI@ nym 0-9  0/3 2SO
7David Dahl 0.00$4,500COLv was 3-6  0/1 SO
7Leonys Martin^2 0.00$4,500CLEv mia 1-3  0/4 2SO
3Mitch Moreland 0.00$4,500BOSv det(1) 4-7  0/1
7Lorenzo Cain^1 0.00$4,500MIL@ stl 3-4  0/4
3Josh Bell^4 0.00$4,400PITv ari 1-2  0/4 3SO
2Yasmani Grandal^3 0.00$4,400MIL@ stl 3-4  0/4 2SO
7Andrew McCutchen^1 0.00$4,400PHI@ nym 0-9  0/3 SO
7Shin-Soo Choo^1 0.00$4,300TEX@ oak 5-11  0/5 3SO
6Freddy Galvis 0.00$4,200TORv sfo 6-7  0/1 SO
35Ryon Healy^5 0.00$4,200SEA@ sdg 3-6  0/4 2SO E
5Manny Machado^3 0.00$4,200SDGv sea 6-3  0/4 SO
37Jake Bauers^8 0.00$4,200CLEv mia 1-3  0/3
2Yan Gomes^6 0.00$4,200WAS@ col 6-3  0/4 SO
4Michael Chavis^6 0.00$4,200BOSv det(1) 4-7  0/4 SO
7Ryan Cordell^7 0.00$4,100CHW@ bal 1-9  0/3
7Michael A. Taylor 0.00$4,100WAS@ col 6-3  0/1 SO
3Brandon Dixon 0.00$4,100DET@ bos(1) 7-4 
47Kike Hernandez^1 0.00$4,100LAD@ chc 2-7  0/4 2SO
7Hunter Renfroe 0.00$4,100SDGv sea 6-3 
2Tyler Flowers^7 0.00$4,100ATL@ cin 6-7  0/4 3SO
3Yonder Alonso^4 0.00$4,100CHW@ bal 1-9  0/4
35Max Muncy 0.00$4,000LAD@ chc 2-7  0/2 2SO
3C.J. Cron^5 0.00$4,000MIN@ hou 4-10  0/4 SO
7Brandon Nimmo^1 0.00$4,000NYMv phi 9-0  0/2 SO
7Teoscar Hernandez 0.00$3,900TORv sfo 6-7  0/1
7Lane Thomas 0.00$3,800STLv mil 4-3  0/1
7Billy Hamilton^9 0.00$3,800KAN@ tam 2-5  0/4 3SO
6Cole Tucker^8 0.00$3,800PITv ari 1-2  0/3 SO
5Jedd Gyorko 0.00$3,700STLv mil 4-3  0/1 SO
7Manuel Margot^2 0.00$3,700SDGv sea 6-3  0/4 SO
7Steven Duggar^1 0.00$3,700SFO@ tor 7-6  0/5
34Wilmer Flores 0.00$3,700ARI@ pit 2-1  0/1
6Yairo Munoz 0.00$3,700STLv mil 4-3  0/1
3Mark Reynolds^4 0.00$3,700COLv was 3-6  0/4 3SO
45D.J. LeMahieu^1 0.00$3,700NYY@ laa 7-5  0/6 2SO
7Keon Broxton 0.00$3,700NYMv phi 9-0  0/1 SO
6Nick Ahmed^7 0.00$3,600ARI@ pit 2-1  0/4 SO
7Nick Williams 0.00$3,600PHI@ nym 0-9  0/1
37Steven Pearce^5 0.00$3,600BOSv det(1) 4-7  0/2 SO
47Chris Owings^7 0.00$3,600KAN@ tam 2-5  0/4 3SO
5Jung Ho Kang 0.00$3,600PITv ari 1-2  0/1
6Miguel Rojas^7 0.00$3,600MIA@ cle 3-1  0/4 SO E
5Marwin Gonzalez^6 0.00$3,500MIN@ hou 4-10  0/4 SO
7Ben Gamel 0.00$3,500MIL@ stl 3-4  0/1 SO
3David Freese^3 0.00$3,500LAD@ chc 2-7  0/3 SO
4Yolmer Sanchez^8 0.00$3,500CHW@ bal 1-9  0/3 SO
7Roman Quinn^9 0.00$3,500PHI@ nym 0-9  0/3 3SO
7Gerardo Parra^2 0.00$3,400SFO@ tor 7-6  0/4 SO CS
7Aaron Altherr 0.00$3,400PHI@ nym 0-9  0/1
7Adam Engel^9 0.00$3,400CHW@ bal 1-9  0/3 2SO E
2Kevan Smith^7 0.00$3,300LAAv nyy 5-7  0/4 SO
2Carson Kelly^8 0.00$3,300ARI@ pit 2-1  0/3
2Manny Pina^7 0.00$3,300MIL@ stl 3-4  0/3
2Drew Butera^8 0.00$3,300COLv was 3-6  0/4 SO
56Mitch Walding 0.00$3,300PHI@ nym 0-9  0/1 SO
46Mike Freeman 0.00$3,300CLEv mia 1-3  0/1
4Greg Garcia 0.00$3,300SDGv sea 6-3  0/1
2Sandy Leon^9 0.00$3,300BOSv det(1) 4-7  0/2
56Tyler Saladino 0.00$3,200MIL@ stl 3-4  0/1 SO
2Jonathan Lucroy 0.00$3,200LAAv nyy 5-7  0/1
2Travis d'Arnaud 0.00$3,200NYMv phi 9-0  0/1
5Brandon Drury^6 0.00$3,200TORv sfo 6-7  0/4 SO
7Albert Almora 0.00$3,100CHCv lad 7-2  0/1
5Giovanny Urshela 0.00$3,100NYY@ laa 7-5  0/2
6Phillip Gosselin^7 0.00$3,000PHI@ nym 0-9  0/3 SO E
2Luke Maile^9 0.00$2,900TORv sfo 6-7  0/3
7Peter Bourjos 0.00$2,700LAAv nyy 5-7 
7Lewis Brinson 0.00$2,700MIA@ cle 3-1 
56Zack Cozart 0.00$2,600LAAv nyy 5-7  0/1
4Steve Wilkerson 0.00$2,600BALv chw 9-1  0/1 SO
7Nick Castellanos^2 0.00$4,400DET@ bos(2) 4-2  0/4 3SO
7JaCoby Jones^9 0.00$3,500DET@ bos(2) 4-2  0/4 SO
37Steven Pearce 0.00$3,600BOSv det(2) 2-4  0/1 SO
4Tzu-Wei Lin 0.00$3,400BOSv det(2) 2-4  0/1

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