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Fantasy Points for 21-Oct-2018
FanDuel Salary Cap NBA Basketball
Past week:   20-Oct   |   19-Oct   |   18-Oct   |   17-Oct   |   16-Oct   |   15-Oct   |   14-Oct   |

Starters are indicated by a ^ following the player’s name.
Active players not appearing in a game are listed as DNP.
Inactive players are denoted as NA.
Player salaries are only for the 'Full Roster' game style at FanDuel.

To sort players by game, click here
For data in semi-colon delimited format, click here.
Or try downloading this fuller set of season-long data.

Jump to:     Guards   |   Forwards   |   Centers   |   Unlisted   |
Guards FD PointsSalaryTeamOpp. ScoreMin   Stats
SGHarden, James^59.8$11,700hou@ lac 112-11539:45   31pt 4rb 14as 2st 3to 4trey 11-26fg 5-6ft
PGYoung, Trae^55.9$6,100atl@ cle 133-11137:40   35pt 2rb 11as 1st 1to 6trey 13-23fg 3-3ft
PGWestbrook, Russell^53.4$12,500okcv sac 120-13135:09   32pt 12rb 8as 5to 1trey 13-23fg 5-11ft
SGShumpert, Iman^48.6$3,600sac@ okc 131-12030:12   26pt 3rb 4as 3st 2bl 2to 4trey 9-13fg 4-5ft
PGFox, De'Aaron^43.8$6,600sac@ okc 131-12041:59   22pt 4rb 10as 1st 1bl 4to 1trey 7-12fg 7-9ft
SGHarris, Gary^42.1$6,000denv gsw 100-9834:52   28pt 3rb 1as 2st 1bl 2trey 11-20fg 4-7ft
PGCurry, Stephen^41.8$9,800gsw@ den 98-10039:13   30pt 4rb 6as 2to 6trey 10-23fg 4-4ft
SGBazemore, Kent^39$5,900atl@ cle 133-11132:17   23pt 5rb 4as 1st 1bl 2to 4trey 7-13fg 5-5ft
SGHuerter, Kevin36$3,500atl@ cle 133-11125:04   9pt 10rb 4as 2st 1bl 3trey 3-8fg
SGGordon, Eric^33$5,700hou@ lac 112-11532:55   21pt 5rb 2as 1st 5trey 7-18fg 2-2ft
SGSchroder, Dennis30.8$7,000okcv sac 120-13132:23   14pt 4rb 8as 1st 3to 2trey 5-16fg 2-2ft
SGThompson, Klay^26.4$6,300gsw@ den 98-10036:19   15pt 7rb 1st 1bl 3to 1trey 7-16fg
SGWilliams, Louis25$6,200lacv hou 115-11225:03   12pt 5rb 2as 1st 1bl 2to 3-16fg 6-6ft
PGGilgeous-Alexander, Shai25$4,400lacv hou 115-11225:35   12pt 5rb 4as 1st 2to 4-8fg 4-4ft
SGCraig, Torrey^24.8$3,500denv gsw 100-9826:36   5pt 9rb 2as 1st 1bl 1trey 2-5fg
SGClarkson, Jordan24.6$4,500clev atl 111-13323:02   19pt 3rb 2as 1to 3trey 7-12fg 2-3ft
SGHield, Buddy^24$6,500sac@ okc 131-12023:24   17pt 5rb 2as 2to 2trey 6-11fg 3-3ft
PGHill, George^22.5$5,600clev atl 111-13327:33   16pt 3as 1st 1to 2trey 7-9fg
PGBeverley, Patrick^21.8$5,100lacv hou 115-11223:30   4pt 4rb 2as 4st 2to 1-4fg 2-2ft
PGMorris, Monte21.2$3,800denv gsw 100-9821:36   9pt 6rb 4as 1to 1trey 4-10fg 0-2ft
SGDiallo, Hamidou20.2$3,500okcv sac 120-13121:05   11pt 1rb 2as 2st 1to 1trey 5-7fg
SGHood, Rodney^20.1$4,900clev atl 111-13326:40   13pt 3rb 3as 1to 1trey 6-12fg
PGFerrell, Yogi18.8$3,800sac@ okc 131-12019:34   9pt 4rb 1st 1bl 1to 4-7fg 1-1ft
SGIguodala, Andre16.1$4,100gsw@ den 98-10025:34   4pt 3rb 3as 1st 1bl 2to 2-2fg
PGCarter-Williams, Michael14.1$4,000hou@ lac 112-11513:39   2pt 3rb 3as 1st 1bl 2to 1-4fg
SGBradley, Avery^12.7$4,400lacv hou 115-11224:07   4pt 1rb 3as 1st 2-5fg
SGBurton, Deonte9.2$3,500okcv sac 120-1316:53   5pt 1rb 1bl 1trey 2-4fg
PGMurray, Jamal^8.4$5,800denv gsw 100-9826:24   3pt 2rb 2as 0-9fg 3-4ft
SGCarter, Vince^8$3,700atl@ cle 133-11112:18   3pt 2as 1st 1to 1trey 1-3fg
PGSexton, Collin7.4$4,200clev atl 111-13327:33   4pt 2rb 2as 2to 2-11fg
SGBeasley, Malik6.4$3,500denv gsw 100-9811:14   2pt 2rb 1st 1to 1-2fg
SGFerguson, Terrance^6.4$3,500okcv sac 120-13119:03   2pt 2rb 1st 1to 1-7fg
SGAbrines, Alex4.2$3,700okcv sac 120-1315:20   0pt 1rb 2as 0-1fg
SGMcLemore, Ben1.5$3,600sac@ okc 131-1202:47   0pt 1as 0-1fg
PGLin, Jeremy0.2$4,300atl@ cle 133-1119:41   0pt 1rb 1to 0-4fg
PGCook, Quinn0$3,500gsw@ den 98-10010:51   0pt 0-1fg
SGAdams, Jaylen0$3,500atl@ cle 133-11100:53   0pt
SGEvans III, Jacob0$3,500gsw@ den 98-100DNP  
PGFelton, Raymond0$3,800okcv sac 120-131DNP  
SGMason III, Frank0$3,800sac@ okc 131-120DNP  
PGTeodosic, Milos0$3,600lacv hou 115-112DNP  
SGAkoon-Purcell, DeVaughn0$3,500denv gsw 100-98DNP  
SGWallace, Tyrone0$3,500lacv hou 115-112DNP  
PGPaul, Chris0$8,700hou@ lac 112-115DNP  
SGKorver, Kyle0$3,500clev atl 111-133DNP  
SGLuwawu, Timothe0$3,500okcv sac 120-131DNP  
SGSmith, J.R.0$3,900clev atl 111-133DNP  
SGDorsey, Tyler0$3,600atl@ cle 133-111DNP  
SGLee, Damion0$3,800gsw@ den 98-100DNP  
SGHolland, John0$3,500clev atl 111-133NA  
SGRoberson, Andre0$3,500okcv sac 120-131NA  
SGAnderson, Justin0$3,500atl@ cle 133-111NA  
PGRobinson, Jerome0$3,600lacv hou 115-112NA  
SGHamilton, Daniel0$3,500atl@ cle 133-111NA  
PGLivingston, Shaun0$3,600gsw@ den 98-100NA  
SGThornwell, Sindarius0$3,500lacv hou 115-112NA  
PGThomas, Isaiah0$5,200denv gsw 100-98NA  
SGNwaba, David0$3,600clev atl 111-133NA  
SGBogdanovic, Bogdan0$5,800sac@ okc 131-120NA  
PGKnight, Brandon0$3,500hou@ lac 112-115NA  

Jump to:     Guards   |   Forwards   |   Centers   |   Unlisted   |
Forwards FD PointsSalaryTeamOpp. ScoreMin   Stats
SFDurant, Kevin^45.7$10,400gsw@ den 98-10038:37   20pt 11rb 7as 1st 1bl 4to 7-19fg 6-7ft
SFGeorge, Paul^44.2$9,200okcv sac 120-13132:38   29pt 6rb 2as 3st 4to 3trey 10-18fg 6-6ft
PFHarrell, Montrezl43.5$4,500lacv hou 115-11224:05   17pt 10rb 3as 1st 3bl 2to 8-10fg 1-1ft
PFLove, Kevin^40.9$8,100clev atl 111-13333:31   16pt 17rb 3as 1st 3to 1trey 6-19fg 3-4ft
SFGallinari, Danilo^37.8$6,500lacv hou 115-11232:26   20pt 9rb 4as 1bl 2to 1trey 7-19fg 5-5ft
SFBjelica, Nemanja^35$5,200sac@ okc 131-12030:43   12pt 5rb 4as 3st 1bl 1to 2trey 5-6fg
SFPrince, Taurean^29.7$7,200atl@ cle 133-11125:48   14pt 6rb 1as 2st 1bl 2to 1trey 5-16fg 3-3ft
PFHarris, Tobias^27.3$8,200lacv hou 115-11234:50   23pt 4rb 1as 2to 2trey 9-15fg 3-3ft
PFGiles, Harry26.2$3,500sac@ okc 131-12016:46   8pt 6rb 2as 1st 2bl 1to 4-10fg
PFMillsap, Paul^24.7$7,300denv gsw 100-9826:26   5pt 6rb 1as 3st 1bl 1to 1-7fg 3-8ft
PFLyles, Trey23.3$4,700denv gsw 100-9821:34   6pt 4rb 3as 3st 1to 2-8fg 2-4ft
SFBembry, DeAndre23.1$3,900atl@ cle 133-11116:23   13pt 3rb 1as 2st 1to 3trey 5-8fg 0-2ft
PFLooney, Kevon22.7$4,100gsw@ den 98-10019:04   10pt 6rb 1as 2bl 2to 4-4fg 2-2ft
SFOsman, Cedi^22.6$6,700clev atl 111-13339:12   12pt 3rb 4as 1st 1bl 5to 2trey 5-15fg
SFJackson, Justin20.5$4,100sac@ okc 131-12026:26   11pt 5rb 3as 1to 1trey 4-6fg 2-2ft
PFBagley, Marvin20.4$4,200sac@ okc 131-12023:44   13pt 7rb 1st 4to 5-13fg 3-6ft
PFGrant, Jerami20.1$4,800okcv sac 120-13127:47   7pt 3rb 1as 1st 2bl 1to 3-12fg 1-2ft
SFNance, Larry18.8$5,700clev atl 111-13317:18   9pt 4rb 4as 1to 3-6fg 3-5ft
PFSpellman, Omari17.7$3,800atl@ cle 133-11123:45   17pt 1rb 1as 2to 4trey 6-8fg 1-2ft
SFAnthony, Carmelo16.7$4,800hou@ lac 112-11526:46   9pt 6rb 1as 1to 1trey 3-8fg 2-2ft
SFDekker, Sam16.5$3,500clev atl 111-13314:29   7pt 5rb 1as 1st 1to 1trey 3-5fg
PFGreen, Draymond^16$7,400gsw@ den 98-10033:14   4pt 5rb 4as 1st 3to 1-4fg 2-4ft
SFGreen, Gerald15.3$3,700hou@ lac 112-11521:20   11pt 4rb 1as 2to 2trey 4-8fg 1-1ft
PFMbah a Moute, Luc14.9$3,500lacv hou 115-11216:33   8pt 2rb 1as 1bl 1trey 3-6fg 1-1ft
PFTucker, P.J.^14.1$4,900hou@ lac 112-11537:12   3pt 3rb 1as 1st 1bl 1trey 1-2fg 0-2ft
PFPoythress, Alex14$3,900atl@ cle 133-11123:47   3pt 5rb 4as 1to 1-3fg 1-2ft
SFHernangomez, Juan13.4$3,800denv gsw 100-9823:18   8pt 2rb 1bl 2trey 3-5fg
PFPatterson, Patrick^12.4$3,600okcv sac 120-13112:34   4pt 2rb 1st 1bl 1trey 1-6fg 1-1ft
PFHartenstein, Isaiah11.2$3,500hou@ lac 112-1159:23   6pt 1rb 1st 1bl 2to 3-3fg
SFEnnis, James^10.1$3,700hou@ lac 112-11522:51   6pt 3rb 1as 1to 2trey 2-5fg
PFScott, Mike6.6$3,500lacv hou 115-11210:20   3pt 3rb 1trey 1-1fg
PFJerebko, Jonas6.4$3,500gsw@ den 98-10011:28   5pt 2rb 1to 1-3fg 3-3ft
PFZizic, Ante5.6$3,600clev atl 111-1333:25   4pt 3rb 2to 2-4fg
PFClark, Gary0$3,500hou@ lac 112-1152:31   0pt 0-1fg
PFLabissiere, Skal0$3,500sac@ okc 131-1202:13   0pt 0-1fg
SFMcKinnie, Alfonzo0$3,500gsw@ den 98-1003:15   0pt 0-2fg
SFLydon, Tyler0$3,500denv gsw 100-98DNP  
PFFrye, Channing0$3,500clev atl 111-133DNP  
PFRandolph, Zach0$4,800sac@ okc 131-120NA  
SFVanderbilt, Jarred0$3,500denv gsw 100-98NA  
PFPreston, Billy0$3,500clev atl 111-133NA  
PFQi, Zhou0$3,500hou@ lac 112-115NA  
PFGabriel, Wenyen0$3,500sac@ okc 131-120NA  
PFMotley, Johnathan0$3,500lacv hou 115-112NA  
PFChriss, Marquese0$3,900hou@ lac 112-115NA  
SFBarton, Will0$6,900denv gsw 100-98NA  
PFDerrickson, Marcus0$3,500gsw@ den 98-100NA  
PFCollins, John0$7,100atl@ cle 133-111NA  
PFPorter, Michael0$4,200denv gsw 100-98NA  
SFEdwards, Vincent0$3,500hou@ lac 112-115NA  
SFNader, Abdel0$3,500okcv sac 120-131NA  

Jump to:     Guards   |   Forwards   |   Centers   |   Unlisted   |
Centers FD PointsSalaryTeamOpp. ScoreMin   Stats
CLen, Alex^46.2$5,400atl@ cle 133-11132:21   16pt 11rb 4as 4bl 1to 7-12fg 2-2ft
CCapela, Clint^45.7$6,800hou@ lac 112-11533:38   23pt 6rb 5as 3bl 1to 11-14fg 1-2ft
CJokic, Nikola^43.2$9,600denv gsw 100-9832:24   23pt 11rb 6as 2to 7-14fg 9-12ft
CAdams, Steven^38.8$7,500okcv sac 120-13133:50   10pt 14rb 2st 3bl 3to 3-7fg 4-8ft
CThompson, Tristan^28.3$4,400clev atl 111-13327:17   11pt 9rb 1as 1st 1bl 1to 5-6fg 1-2ft
CCauley-Stein, Willie^26.4$7,600sac@ okc 131-12022:12   13pt 7rb 2as 1st 1to 6-11fg 1-2ft
CGortat, Marcin^19$4,300lacv hou 115-11218:24   8pt 5rb 2as 1bl 1to 2-3fg 4-4ft
CNoel, Nerlens18$4,000okcv sac 120-13113:18   6pt 5rb 2bl 3-3fg
CPlumlee, Mason17.4$3,900denv gsw 100-9815:36   11pt 2rb 2as 1st 2to 4-6fg 3-5ft
CJones, Damian^13.9$4,600gsw@ den 98-10018:56   8pt 2rb 1as 1bl 1to 4-5fg 0-2ft
CMarjanovic, Boban5.2$4,000lacv hou 115-1125:07   4pt 1rb 2-2fg
CBell, Jordan2$4,000gsw@ den 98-1003:29   2pt 2-2ft
CWelsh, Thomas0$3,500denv gsw 100-98DNP  
CHilario, Nene0$3,700hou@ lac 112-115DNP  
CPlumlee, Miles0$3,700atl@ cle 133-111DNP  
CDavis, Tyler0$3,500okcv sac 120-131NA  
CKoufos, Kosta0$3,900sac@ okc 131-120NA  
CCousins, DeMarcus0$3,500gsw@ den 98-100NA  
CDelgado, Angel0$3,500lacv hou 115-112NA  
CDedmon, Dewayne0$5,300atl@ cle 133-111NA  

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