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Fantasy Points for 22-Feb-2019
FanDuel Salary Cap NBA Basketball
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For the 2018-19 NBA season only

For your review as a sample, the first 20 lines of the current file are provided below.

A help file with a data legend and other notes can be found here:

Data from prior NBA seasons are available through the links below.

A master data file for the complete 2017-18 NBA season is also available via a separate subscription fee of $30.
For more information on that file, click HERE.

A master data file for the complete 2016-17 NBA season is also available via a separate subscription fee of $25.
For more information on that file, click HERE.

A master data file for the complete 2015-16 NBA season is also available via a separate subscription fee of $20.
For more information on that file, click HERE.

Date;GID;Pos;Name;Starter;FD Pts;FD Salary;Team;H/A;Oppt;Team Score;Oppt Score;Minutes;Stat line
20190222;4079;PG;Westbrook, Russell;1;77;$11,800;okc;H;uta;148;147;42.92;43pt 15rb 8as 2st 1bl 5to 6trey 15-29fg 7-10ft
20190222;4494;SG;Beal, Bradley;1;65.7;$9,400;was;A;cha;110;123;41.97;46pt 6rb 7as 1bl 1to 4trey 16-25fg 10-10ft
20190222;4369;PG;Jackson, Reggie;1;56;$5,700;det;A;atl;125;122;34.50;32pt 5rb 8as 2st 3trey 12-22fg 5-6ft
20190222;5136;SG;Mitchell, Donovan;1;50.3;$8,500;uta;A;okc;147;148;45.58;38pt 4rb 5as 1bl 3to 4trey 14-35fg 6-6ft
20190222;3979;PG;Conley, Mike;1;48.6;$7,800;mem;H;lac;106;112;35.52;25pt 3rb 10as 1st 2bl 4to 2trey 7-18fg 9-13ft
20190222;4440;PG;Walker, Kemba;1;47.5;$10,000;cha;H;was;123;110;35.78;27pt 5rb 11as 2to 3trey 9-25fg 6-8ft
20190222;4211;SG;DeRozan, DeMar;1;44.8;$7,900;sas;A;tor;117;120;34.17;23pt 4rb 8as 2st 1bl 4to 7-12fg 9-9ft
20190222;5708;PG;Young, Trae;1;43.4;$8,400;atl;H;det;122;125;36.68;30pt 2rb 10as 4to 5trey 11-23fg 3-3ft
20190222;4706;SG;LaVine, Zach;1;39.8;$7,800;chi;A;orl;110;109;33.23;22pt 4rb 6as 2st 2to 5trey 6-14fg 5-5ft
20190222;4704;SG;Wiggins, Andrew;1;36.7;$7,000;min;A;nyk;115;104;35.27;17pt 6rb 1as 2st 2bl 1to 3trey 5-16fg 4-6ft
20190222;4212;SG;Holiday, Jrue;1;36.4;$8,700;nor;A;ind;111;126;24.77;14pt 7rb 4as 2st 1bl 1to 1trey 5-12fg 3-5ft
20190222;4954;PG;Murray, Jamal;1;35;$6,600;den;A;dal;114;104;33.30;12pt 5rb 4as 3st 1bl 1to 2trey 5-16fg
20190222;4514;SG;Lamb, Jeremy;;34.7;$6,600;cha;H;was;123;110;22.95;16pt 6rb 1as 4st 2to 2trey 6-12fg 2-2ft
20190222;3891;PG;Lowry, Kyle;1;34.1;$8,000;tor;H;sas;120;117;35.27;17pt 3rb 5as 2st 1bl 3to 3trey 5-10fg 4-4ft
20190222;4073;PG;Rose, Derrick;;32.9;$5,600;min;A;nyk;115;104;23.37;20pt 2rb 3as 3st 3to 6-14fg 8-8ft
20190222;3816;SG;Williams, Louis;;32;$8,300;lac;A;mem;112;106;31.87;18pt 5rb 8as 4to 2trey 6-15fg 4-5ft
20190222;5664;PG;Brunson, Jalen;1;31.9;$3,700;dal;H;den;104;114;30.50;22pt 2rb 5as 1st 1bl 6to 3trey 8-12fg 3-3ft
20190222;4773;PG;Mudiay, Emmanuel;;31.7;$4,400;nyk;H;min;104;115;26.33;15pt 6rb 1as 3st 1bl 4to 2trey 6-16fg 1-2ft
20190222;4228;PG;Collison, Darren;1;31.2;$6,500;ind;H;nor;126;111;27.90;10pt 1rb 12as 1st 1to 4-9fg 2-2ft
20190222;4468;SG;Fournier, Evan;1;31.1;$6,200;orl;H;chi;109;110;37.58;22pt 3rb 5as 2to 3trey 8-17fg 3-3ft

file transmission terminated after approx. 20 lines.
For the complete file, please provide an authorized username and key value.

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