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Fantasy Points for 11-Nov-2019
Yahoo DFS Salary Cap NBA Basketball
Past week:   10-Nov   |   9-Nov   |   8-Nov   |   7-Nov   |   6-Nov   |   5-Nov   |   4-Nov   |

Starters are indicated by a ^ following the player’s name.
Active players not appearing in a game are listed as DNP.
Inactive players are denoted as NA.
Player salaries are only for the full slate game style at Yahoo.

To sort players by game, click here
For data in semi-colon delimited format, click here.

Jump to:     Guards   |   Forwards   |   Centers   |   Unlisted   |
Guards YH PointsSalaryTeamOpp. ScoreMin   Stats
SGHarden, James^60.3$57hou@ nor 122-11638:16   39pt 4rb 9as 2st 1bl 6to 3trey 13-25fg 10-14ft
PGDoncic, Luka^53.7$49dal@ bos 106-11633:47   34pt 6rb 9as 1to 3trey 11-21fg 9-10ft
SGWiggins, Andrew^51.7$30min@ det 120-11435:57   33pt 6rb 5as 1st 1bl 2to 3trey 12-20fg 6-8ft
PGRussell, D'Angelo^47.4$37gswv uta 108-12232:20   33pt 2rb 8as 1st 3to 5trey 13-25fg 2-5ft
SGHoliday, Jrue^45.3$31norv hou 116-12238:20   18pt 9rb 11as 1st 1bl 6to 6-21fg 6-8ft
PGWestbrook, Russell^44$46hou@ nor 122-11635:22   26pt 5rb 4as 4st 6to 1trey 11-21fg 3-4ft
PGWalker, Kemba^42.5$38bosv dal 116-10633:07   29pt 5rb 5as 1bl 3to 8trey 9-17fg 3-4ft
SGBrown, Jaylen^41.7$22bosv dal 116-10638:09   25pt 11rb 3as 1to 2trey 9-16fg 5-7ft
SGMitchell, Donovan^39.6$34uta@ gsw 122-10833:01   23pt 8rb 6as 2to 5trey 7-17fg 4-4ft
SGKennard, Luke^38.4$21detv min 114-12039:43   25pt 7rb 2as 1st 1to 4trey 8-17fg 5-5ft
SGVanVleet, Fred^34.4$23tor@ lac 88-9845:26   14pt 2rb 8as 3st 3to 1trey 6-20fg 1-2ft
PGConley, Mike^33.7$23uta@ gsw 122-10831:13   22pt 1rb 7as 5trey 6-11fg 5-5ft
SGBrooks, Dillon^32.9$12mem@ sas 113-10935:26   21pt 2rb 3as 2st 1to 1trey 8-17fg 4-6ft
SGWilliams, Louis32.8$31lacv tor 98-8835:46   21pt 4rb 4as 1st 2to 2trey 7-15fg 5-6ft
SGSmart, Marcus^28.2$19bosv dal 116-10636:33   17pt 1rb 6as 1bl 2to 4trey 6-9fg 1-1ft
PGWhite, Derrick28.1$13sasv mem 109-11328:44   15pt 3rb 5as 1bl 1to 2trey 5-13fg 3-3ft
SGRedick, J.J.^27.5$11norv hou 116-12236:57   24pt 3as 1to 7trey 7-16fg 3-3ft
SGBrunson, Jalen26.4$10dal@ bos 106-11627:10   12pt 7rb 2as 1st 1trey 4-7fg 3-4ft
PGRose, Derrick^26.1$23detv min 114-12019:54   6pt 3rb 5as 2st 1bl 3-13fg
PGBeverley, Patrick^24.4$19lacv tor 98-8823:46   6pt 12rb 2as 1st 2to 2-6fg 2-4ft
SGGalloway, Langston24.2$10detv min 114-12024:53   18pt 1rb 2as 1bl 1to 4trey 7-11fg 0-1ft
PGWright, Delon22.8$11dal@ bos 106-11621:11   9pt 4rb 2as 1st 1bl 3-5fg 3-4ft
SGBurks, Alec21.7$14gswv uta 108-12218:44   10pt 1rb 3as 1st 1bl 2trey 2-5fg 4-4ft
SGPoole, Jordan^19.2$10gswv uta 108-12232:16   11pt 6rb 2as 2to 1trey 5-11fg 0-1ft
PGMurray, Dejounte^19.2$23sasv mem 109-11319:16   4pt 6rb 4as 1st 1bl 4to 1-3fg 2-3ft
PGMorant, Ja^18.3$26mem@ sas 113-10924:42   9pt 4rb 3as 1trey 2-12fg 4-6ft
SGWanamaker, Brad17.8$10bosv dal 116-10621:04   10pt 4rb 2as 4-7fg 2-2ft
PGGreen, Javonte17.4$10bosv dal 116-10613:25   9pt 2rb 2st 1trey 4-8fg 0-1ft
PGJones, Tyus17.2$12mem@ sas 113-10923:04   8pt 1rb 6as 1to 3-10fg 2-2ft
SGForbes, Bryn^15.7$10sasv mem 109-11327:52   14pt 1rb 1as 1to 4trey 5-12fg
PGMudiay, Emmanuel15.3$10uta@ gsw 122-10814:56   11pt 4rb 1as 2to 1trey 4-5fg 2-2ft
SGDavis, Terence15.2$10tor@ lac 88-9816:45   5pt 1rb 2as 1st 1bl 1trey 2-4fg
SGMcLemore, Ben12.7$10hou@ nor 122-11618:33   4pt 1rb 1as 1st 1bl 1trey 1-4fg 1-2ft
PGBowman, Ky12.6$12gswv uta 108-12215:40   7pt 3rb 1st 1to 1trey 3-5fg
SGMills, Patty12.4$11sasv mem 109-11320:08   9pt 2rb 2as 2to 4-7fg 1-2ft
PGMcLaughlin, Jordan11.6$10min@ det 120-11411:57   3pt 3rb 4as 1to 1-4fg 1-1ft
SGGuduric, Marko11$11mem@ sas 113-10912:05   5pt 4as 1trey 2-3fg
PGRivers, Austin9.4$10hou@ nor 122-11620:39   8pt 2rb 1to 1trey 3-6fg 1-1ft
PGFrazier, Tim9.2$10detv min 114-12010:12   0pt 1rb 4as 1st 1to 0-3fg
SGShamet, Landry^9.2$10lacv tor 98-8818:09   6pt 1rb 2as 1to 2trey 2-5fg
SGThomas, Matt8.2$10tor@ lac 88-9811:22   8pt 1rb 1to 2trey 3-3fg
SGOkogie, Josh^6.8$13min@ det 120-11425:14   2pt 4rb 1st 3to 0-4fg 2-2ft
PGJackson, Frank5.9$10norv hou 116-12213:24   2pt 2rb 1as 1-8fg
PGEdwards, Carsen3.9$10bosv dal 116-1065:08   0pt 2rb 1as 0-1fg
SGCurry, Seth^3.7$10dal@ bos 106-11621:28   2pt 1rb 1as 1to 1-6fg
SGAlexander-Walker, Nickeil3$10norv hou 116-12211:18   2pt 1st 2to 1-4fg
PGWilliams-Goss, Nigel0$10uta@ gsw 122-1081:51   0pt 0-1fg
SGOni, Miye0$10uta@ gsw 122-1081:31   0pt
PGClemons, Chris0$10hou@ nor 122-116DNP  
SGLee, Courtney0$10dal@ bos 106-116DNP  
SGAllen, Grayson0$10mem@ sas 113-109DNP  
PGBone, Jordan0$10detv min 114-120DNP  
SGRobinson, Jerome0$10lacv tor 98-88DNP  
SGWalker, Lonnie0$10sasv mem 109-113DNP  
SGBarea, Jose0$10dal@ bos 106-116DNP  
PGNapier, Shabazz0$10min@ det 120-114DNP  
PGGray, Josh0$10norv hou 116-122DNP  
SGLangford, Romeo0$10bosv dal 116-106DNP  
PGMelton, De'Anthony0$10mem@ sas 113-109DNP  
PGTeague, Jeff0$20min@ det 120-114DNP  
PGJackson, Reggie0$17detv min 114-120NA  
PGCurry, Stephen0$10gswv uta 108-122NA  
PGWalton Jr., Derrick0$10lacv tor 98-88NA  
SGThomas, Khyri0$10detv min 114-120NA  
SGCleveland, Antonius0$10dal@ bos 106-116NA  
SGReaves, Josh0$10dal@ bos 106-116NA  
PGLowry, Kyle0$10tor@ lac 88-98NA  
SGThompson, Klay0$10gswv uta 108-122NA  
SGWeatherspoon, Quinndary0$10sasv mem 109-113NA  
SGMcCaw, Patrick0$10tor@ lac 88-98NA  
PGBall, Lonzo0$24norv hou 116-122NA  
SGExum, Dante0$10uta@ gsw 122-108NA  
SGIguodala, Andre0$10mem@ sas 113-109NA  
SGKonchar, John0$10mem@ sas 113-109NA  
PGWright-Foreman, Justin0$10uta@ gsw 122-108NA  
SGNowell, Jaylen0$10min@ det 120-114NA  
PGPonds, Shamorie0$10tor@ lac 88-98NA  
SGMartin, Kelan0$10min@ det 120-114NA  
SGFrazier, Michael0$10hou@ nor 122-116NA  
PGWaters, Tremont0$10bosv dal 116-106NA  

Jump to:     Guards   |   Forwards   |   Centers   |   Unlisted   |
Forwards YH PointsSalaryTeamOpp. ScoreMin   Stats
PFJackson, Jaren^42.7$19mem@ sas 113-10937:31   24pt 6rb 5as 1st 1bl 2to 4trey 10-17fg
PFSiakam, Pascal^39$40tor@ lac 88-9843:35   16pt 10rb 6as 1bl 1to 1trey 6-17fg 3-6ft
SFLeonard, Kawhi^38.7$49lacv tor 98-8834:58   12pt 11rb 9as 3st 9to 2-11fg 8-9ft
SFHart, Josh^32.8$17norv hou 116-12229:57   19pt 4rb 4as 2st 3to 4trey 5-8fg 5-8ft
PFGay, Rudy32.6$16sasv mem 109-11327:09   18pt 8rb 2as 1bl 1to 3trey 6-9fg 3-3ft
PFGriffin, Blake^32.4$39detv min 114-12023:58   19pt 7rb 6as 4to 1trey 6-12fg 6-8ft
PFHollis-Jefferson, Rondae30.3$10tor@ lac 88-9828:48   9pt 9rb 1as 3st 1bl 3to 4-11fg 1-2ft
SFDeRozan, DeMar^28.9$32sasv mem 109-11334:31   12pt 7rb 7as 2to 6-15fg 0-1ft
SFCrowder, Jae^27$17mem@ sas 113-10930:52   8pt 10rb 4as 1st 2to 1trey 3-5fg 1-2ft
PFGreen, JaMychal26.9$10lacv tor 98-8824:28   10pt 12rb 1as 1bl 2to 3-11fg 4-5ft
SFIngles, Joe26.1$15uta@ gsw 122-10827:00   11pt 3rb 7as 1st 2to 1trey 3-8fg 4-4ft
PFLayman, Jake25.9$10min@ det 120-11433:00   16pt 2rb 1as 2st 1bl 3to 4trey 6-9fg 0-1ft
SFGraham, Treveon^24.7$10min@ det 120-11424:05   13pt 6rb 3as 1trey 6-11fg
SFHarkless, Maurice24.3$10lacv tor 98-8832:32   9pt 4rb 3as 2bl 3-9fg 3-4ft
PFClarke, Brandon24.1$18mem@ sas 113-10917:31   14pt 8rb 1as 1to 2trey 6-7fg
SFPowell, Norman^23.8$10tor@ lac 88-9837:13   15pt 4rb 2as 1bl 2to 1trey 5-12fg 4-5ft
SFWilliams, Kenrich^23.2$10norv hou 116-12238:06   8pt 11rb 2as 1to 2trey 3-8fg
SFGordon, Eric23.1$14hou@ nor 122-11629:33   17pt 3rb 1as 1bl 2to 4trey 6-11fg 1-2ft
SFSnell, Tony^22.7$10detv min 114-12030:59   16pt 1rb 3as 1st 2to 4trey 5-7fg 2-2ft
SFTatum, Jayson^22.6$35bosv dal 116-10634:54   5pt 8rb 4as 1st 1to 1-18fg 3-4ft
PFChriss, Marquese21.2$10gswv uta 108-12216:31   11pt 6rb 2as 1trey 4-7fg 2-2ft
PFPaschall, Eric21.2$22gswv uta 108-12229:49   8pt 6rb 2st 4-10fg
SFMoore, E'Twaun21.1$10norv hou 116-12223:58   14pt 3rb 1as 1st 1to 1trey 6-14fg 1-1ft
PFCovington, Robert^19.8$22min@ det 120-11422:53   10pt 4rb 2as 1st 1bl 4to 2trey 2-8fg 4-4ft
PFMorris, Markieff19.2$11detv min 114-12024:02   10pt 6rb 2as 1to 2trey 3-7fg 2-2ft
PFGreen, Jeff19.1$10uta@ gsw 122-10820:45   12pt 3rb 1as 1bl 1to 2trey 4-8fg 2-2ft
PFLyles, Trey^18.4$10sasv mem 109-11318:05   7pt 7rb 1bl 1trey 3-5fg
SFHardaway Jr., Tim18.3$10dal@ bos 106-11620:38   9pt 4rb 1as 1bl 1trey 3-11fg 2-3ft
SFHill, Solomon17.7$10mem@ sas 113-10913:38   3pt 1rb 3as 3st 1trey 1-2fg
PFGreen, Draymond^17.4$33gswv uta 108-12222:20   4pt 7rb 4as 1to 2-7fg
PFTucker, P.J.^17.4$18hou@ nor 122-11633:28   10pt 7rb 1to 1trey 3-8fg 3-3ft
PFBogdanovic, Bojan^16.4$21uta@ gsw 122-10830:24   12pt 2rb 2as 1st 4to 2trey 4-15fg 2-2ft
PFPatterson, Patrick^15.9$10lacv tor 98-8815:18   12pt 2rb 1as 4trey 4-9fg
SFRobinson III, Glenn^15.4$13gswv uta 108-12224:08   8pt 2rb 2as 1st 1to 4-6fg
SFAnderson, Kyle13.6$12mem@ sas 113-10917:51   3pt 3rb 2as 2bl 2to 0-2fg 3-4ft
PFPorzingis, Kristaps^13.5$35dal@ bos 106-11619:50   4pt 5rb 1as 1bl 1to 1trey 1-11fg 1-1ft
SFFinney-Smith, Dorian^13.3$10dal@ bos 106-11626:03   9pt 4rb 1as 2to 1trey 4-9fg
SFBelinelli, Marco13$10sasv mem 109-11316:15   7pt 2as 1st 2trey 2-7fg 1-1ft
SFO'Neale, Royce^11.8$10uta@ gsw 122-10827:37   2pt 4rb 4as 1to 0-1fg 2-2ft
SFCulver, Jarrett11.4$14min@ det 120-11422:33   7pt 2rb 2as 1to 1trey 3-8fg
SFLee, Damion7$10gswv uta 108-12221:58   8pt 1to 4-11fg
SFMcGruder, Rodney6.5$10lacv tor 98-886:45   2pt 1as 1st 1-2fg
SFWilliams, Grant6.4$10bosv dal 116-1067:37   2pt 2rb 1bl 1to 0-1fg 2-2ft
SFHouse, Danuel^6.2$16hou@ nor 122-11611:43   2pt 1rb 1st 0-2fg 2-2ft
PFSefolosha, Thabo4.2$10hou@ nor 122-1166:10   3pt 1rb 1trey 1-1fg
PFJackson, Justin2.4$10dal@ bos 106-1167:36   0pt 2rb 0-2fg
PFNiang, Georges1.5$10uta@ gsw 122-1081:51   0pt 1as
PFKidd, Stanton1.2$10uta@ gsw 122-1081:51   0pt 1rb
SFBrown, Bruce1$18detv min 114-12013:30   3pt 2to 1-2fg 1-2ft
SFAnunoby, OG^0.5$20tor@ lac 88-981:47   0pt 1as 1to
SFMann, Terance0$10lacv tor 98-8800:18   0pt
SFEvans III, Jacob0$10gswv uta 108-122DNP  
PFClark, Gary0$10hou@ nor 122-116DNP  
PFBell, Jordan0$10min@ det 120-114DNP  
PFIngram, Brandon0$39norv hou 116-122DNP  
PFMetu, Chimezie0$10sasv mem 109-113DNP  
SFJohnson, Stanley0$10tor@ lac 88-98DNP  
SFCarroll, DeMarre0$10sasv mem 109-113DNP  
PFMelli, Nicolo0$10norv hou 116-122DNP  
PFAnderson, Ryan0$10hou@ nor 122-116DNP  
PFMiller, Malcolm0$10tor@ lac 88-98DNP  
PFSpellman, Omari0$10gswv uta 108-122DNP  
PFWatanabe, Yuta0$10mem@ sas 113-109NA  
SFBroekhoff, Ryan0$10dal@ bos 106-116NA  
PFKing, Louis0$10detv min 114-120NA  
SFJohnson, Keldon0$10sasv mem 109-113NA  
SFBates-Diop, Keita0$10min@ det 120-114NA  
PFBrissett, Oshae0$10tor@ lac 88-98NA  
PFWilliamson, Zion0$10norv hou 116-122NA  
PFSmailagic, Alen0$10gswv uta 108-122NA  
SFGreen, Gerald0$10hou@ nor 122-116NA  
SFCoffey, Amir0$10lacv tor 98-88NA  
SFCheatham, Zylan0$10norv hou 116-122NA  
PFSamanic, Luka0$10sasv mem 109-113NA  
PFRoby, Isaiah0$10dal@ bos 106-116NA  
PFHayward, Gordon0$29bosv dal 116-106NA  
PFMiller, Darius0$10norv hou 116-122NA  
SFGeorge, Paul0$37lacv tor 98-88NA  
PFBrantley, Jarrell0$10uta@ gsw 122-108NA  
PFHartenstein, Isaiah0$10hou@ nor 122-116NA  
SFDoumbouya, Sekou0$10detv min 114-120NA  
PFJackson, Josh0$10mem@ sas 113-109NA  
PFOjeleye, Semi-1$10bosv dal 116-1065:15   0pt 1to
SFMykhailiuk, Sviatoslav-2$10detv min 114-1204:49   0pt 2to 0-1fg

Jump to:     Guards   |   Forwards   |   Centers   |   Unlisted   |
Centers YH PointsSalaryTeamOpp. ScoreMin   Stats
CGobert, Rudy^52.3$30uta@ gsw 122-10834:30   25pt 14rb 1as 1st 2bl 11-12fg 3-9ft
CTowns, Karl-Anthony^48.6$53min@ det 120-11430:19   25pt 8rb 6as 2bl 1to 4trey 10-17fg 1-1ft
CDrummond, Andre^44.9$51detv min 114-12029:00   11pt 12rb 1as 4st 3bl 3to 4-12fg 3-3ft
CCapela, Clint^44.5$30hou@ nor 122-11636:22   11pt 20rb 1as 1st 2bl 1to 5-6fg 1-4ft
CHarrell, Montrezl43.2$26lacv tor 98-8831:19   14pt 11rb 2as 2st 3bl 2to 7-15fg 0-2ft
CFavors, Derrick^42.9$15norv hou 116-12229:15   13pt 12rb 3as 2st 2bl 1to 6-8fg 1-1ft
CValanciunas, Jonas^37.9$19mem@ sas 113-10927:20   18pt 12rb 1as 2bl 2to 9-12fg
CAldridge, LaMarcus^33.3$29sasv mem 109-11332:50   19pt 4rb 3as 2st 1to 8-15fg 3-4ft
CCauley-Stein, Willie^32.2$13gswv uta 108-12226:14   8pt 11rb 2as 2st 1bl 1to 4-7fg 0-2ft
CKleber, Maxi^30.6$11dal@ bos 106-11632:44   15pt 8rb 2as 1bl 4trey 4-10fg 3-4ft
CBoucher, Chris28.2$10tor@ lac 88-9822:03   13pt 6rb 1st 2bl 1to 3trey 5-10fg
CGasol, Marc^27.5$18tor@ lac 88-9833:01   8pt 5rb 5as 1st 2bl 3to 2trey 3-8fg
CTheis, Daniel^27.5$13bosv dal 116-10621:52   11pt 5rb 3as 1st 1bl 4-4fg 3-4ft
CDieng, Gorgui26.9$10min@ det 120-11417:11   9pt 7rb 1as 2st 1bl 1to 4-7fg 1-2ft
CPowell, Dwight24.5$12dal@ bos 106-11629:33   12pt 5rb 3as 1bl 1to 6-7fg 0-2ft
COkafor, Jahlil24.5$13norv hou 116-12216:16   14pt 5rb 1as 1st 5-7fg 4-6ft
CZubac, Ivica^21.8$13lacv tor 98-8816:41   6pt 9rb 1st 1bl 1to 3-9fg
CWilliams, Robert14.1$12bosv dal 116-10617:02   6pt 3rb 1as 1bl 3-4fg
CPoeltl, Jakob12.3$10sasv mem 109-11315:10   4pt 4rb 3as 1to 2-4fg
CChandler, Tyson8.6$10hou@ nor 122-1169:54   2pt 3rb 1bl 1-1fg
CBradley, Tony7.6$10uta@ gsw 122-10813:30   4pt 3rb 1-3fg 2-2ft
CMaker, Thon7.2$10detv min 114-12019:00   6pt 1rb 1trey 2-2fg 1-2ft
CVonleh, Noah7.1$10min@ det 120-11416:51   2pt 3rb 1as 1-1fg
CKanter, Enes5.6$18bosv dal 116-1065:54   2pt 3rb 1-1fg
CHayes, Jaxson1$10norv hou 116-1222:29   2pt 1to 1-1fg
CMarjanovic, Boban0$10dal@ bos 106-116DNP  
CHernandez, Dewan0$10tor@ lac 88-98DNP  
CCaboclo, Bruno0$10mem@ sas 113-109DNP  
CKabengele, Mfiondu0$10lacv tor 98-88DNP  
CWood, Christian0$10detv min 114-120DNP  
CEubanks, Drew0$10sasv mem 109-113NA  
CIbaka, Serge0$16tor@ lac 88-98NA  
CMotley, Johnathan0$10lacv tor 98-88NA  
CFall, Tacko0$10bosv dal 116-106NA  
CLooney, Kevon0$12gswv uta 108-122NA  
CHilario, Nene0$10hou@ nor 122-116NA  
CPoirier, Vincent0$10bosv dal 116-106NA  
CDavis, Ed0$10uta@ gsw 122-108NA  
CReid, Naz0$10min@ det 120-114NA  

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