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Fantasy Points for 23-Feb-2021
Yahoo DFS Salary Cap NBA Basketball
Past week:   22-Feb   |   21-Feb   |   20-Feb   |   19-Feb   |   18-Feb   |   17-Feb   |   16-Feb   |

Starters are indicated by a ^ following the player’s name.
Active players not appearing in a game are listed as DNP.
Inactive players are denoted as NA.
Player salaries are only for the full slate game style at Yahoo.

To sort players by game, click here
For data in semi-colon delimited format, click here.

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Guards YH PointsSalaryTeamOpp. ScoreMin   Stats
PGHarden, James^62.2$52bknv sac 127-11840:50   29pt 11rb 14as 1st 4to 5trey 9-22fg 6-9ft
PGCurry, Stephen^57.2$49gsw@ nyk 114-10636:42   37pt 6rb 6as 2st 2to 7trey 9-22fg 12-12ft
PGDoncic, Luka^55$54dalv bos 110-10737:53   31pt 10rb 8as 1st 3to 6trey 11-23fg 3-4ft
SGHaliburton, Tyrese53.5$22sac@ bkn 118-12739:30   23pt 5rb 9as 3st 1bl 1to 4trey 9-20fg 1-2ft
PGYoung, Trae^52.4$41atl@ cle 111-11237:56   28pt 7rb 12as 1bl 5to 1trey 9-27fg 9-13ft
SGVanVleet, Fred^50.6$38torv phi 102-10936:58   12pt 8rb 8as 2st 4bl 1to 2trey 4-14fg 2-3ft
PGMurray, Jamal^50$33denv por 111-10638:02   24pt 5rb 8as 2st 1bl 1to 4trey 7-18fg 6-6ft
PGWestbrook, Russell^48.8$41was@ lac 116-13534:25   20pt 9rb 10as 1st 1bl 3to 9-18fg 2-5ft
PGLillard, Damian^47.9$50por@ den 106-11134:57   25pt 7rb 13as 5to 4trey 9-21fg 3-3ft
SGBrown, Jaylen^47.9$35bos@ dal 107-11037:33   29pt 7rb 5as 2st 3to 2trey 12-20fg 3-3ft
SGBeal, Bradley^44.8$46was@ lac 116-13539:18   28pt 4rb 10as 3to 1trey 12-24fg 3-3ft
SGPowell, Norman^43.8$25torv phi 102-10935:13   24pt 4rb 6as 3st 3to 2trey 9-19fg 4-4ft
SGIrving, Kyrie^43.5$42bknv sac 127-11836:35   21pt 5rb 7as 3st 3to 2trey 8-22fg 3-3ft
SGGeorge, Paul^42.7$37lacv was 135-11628:58   30pt 6rb 3as 1st 2to 6trey 11-17fg 2-4ft
SGRoss, Terrence42.6$22orlv det 93-10527:22   13pt 8rb 4as 4st 1bl 1to 3trey 4-12fg 2-2ft
PGFox, De'Aaron^39.2$36sac@ bkn 118-12738:29   27pt 1rb 8as 1bl 4to 5trey 9-18fg 4-7ft
SGHuerter, Kevin^39.1$18atl@ cle 111-11237:07   22pt 3rb 1as 4st 4trey 8-14fg 2-2ft
SGRose, Derrick37.8$14nykv gsw 106-11427:10   16pt 4rb 8as 1st 1bl 1to 2trey 6-15fg 2-2ft
PGSimmons, Ben^36.3$34phi@ tor 109-10235:13   15pt 9rb 7as 1bl 3to 5-11fg 5-6ft
SGSexton, Collin^34.7$27clev atl 112-11133:50   29pt 1rb 5as 1st 6to 3trey 9-16fg 8-10ft
SGBeasley, Malik^34.2$25min@ mil 112-13933:41   26pt 1rb 4as 1st 2to 6trey 10-16fg
PGLee, Saben33.6$12det@ orl 105-9328:43   21pt 3rb 4as 2st 3to 3trey 8-11fg 2-5ft
PGGarland, Darius^32.4$21clev atl 112-11142:32   17pt 2rb 8as 2st 5to 1trey 7-19fg 2-4ft
SGForbes, Bryn32.3$10milv min 139-11225:45   23pt 4rb 3as 5trey 8-13fg 2-2ft
PGWalker, Kemba^30.3$26bos@ dal 107-11033:22   21pt 4rb 3as 4trey 8-19fg 1-1ft
SGKorkmaz, Furkan^29.4$10phi@ tor 109-10228:18   19pt 7rb 2as 1to 5trey 5-11fg 4-4ft
PGJackson, Reggie29$10lacv was 135-11628:06   17pt 5rb 2as 1st 3trey 6-12fg 2-2ft
PGPayton, Elfrid^28.6$13nykv gsw 106-11433:38   20pt 3rb 4as 1to 8-19fg 4-5ft
SGWindler, Dylan27.5$10clev atl 112-11121:53   15pt 5rb 1as 1st 1bl 1to 5trey 5-6fg
PGSmith Jr., Dennis^27.1$13det@ orl 105-9318:20   14pt 3rb 1as 1st 2bl 1to 2trey 6-9fg
SGHield, Buddy^27$20sac@ bkn 118-12736:34   11pt 5rb 4as 1st 1bl 2to 3trey 3-9fg 2-2ft
PGCarter-Williams, Michael^26.7$16orlv det 93-10530:04   11pt 6rb 5as 1bl 2to 1trey 4-9fg 2-2ft
SGWiggins, Andrew^25.5$25gsw@ nyk 114-10637:35   16pt 5rb 1as 1bl 1to 1trey 6-13fg 3-5ft
SGBrunson, Jalen25.4$12dalv bos 110-10730:12   22pt 2rb 2as 2to 5trey 6-11fg 5-5ft
SGDiVincenzo, Donte^24.5$16milv min 139-11225:31   13pt 5rb 5as 2to 3trey 5-10fg
PGMorris, Monte^23.3$11denv por 111-10632:51   8pt 4rb 3as 2st 2trey 2-8fg 2-2ft
PGAugustin, D.J.^22.9$10milv min 139-11225:49   10pt 2rb 5as 1st 2trey 4-6fg
SGSnell, Tony^22.5$10atl@ cle 111-11232:44   11pt 5rb 1as 2bl 2to 3trey 4-7fg
SGFournier, Evan^22.1$24orlv det 93-10532:34   14pt 3rb 3as 1st 3to 3trey 4-14fg 3-6ft
SGTrent Jr., Gary^21.9$20por@ den 106-11134:30   18pt 2rb 1as 4trey 7-16fg
PGMann, Terance21.8$10lacv was 135-11620:13   12pt 4rb 2as 1st 1to 2trey 5-7fg
PGRubio, Ricky^21.8$18min@ mil 112-13922:55   12pt 4rb 4as 1to 2trey 4-8fg 2-2ft
SGCampazzo, Facundo21.6$12denv por 111-10627:08   3pt 3rb 6as 1st 1bl 1trey 1-5fg
SGRichardson, Josh^21.3$16dalv bos 110-10729:51   16pt 4rb 1as 1to 2trey 7-12fg
SGNowell, Jaylen21.3$10min@ mil 112-13922:11   13pt 4rb 1as 1st 1to 3trey 5-10fg
PGJohnson, Tyler21.1$10bknv sac 127-11822:35   7pt 3rb 3as 2st 1trey 2-6fg 2-2ft
PGMcLaughlin, Jordan20.6$10min@ mil 112-13925:05   9pt 3rb 6as 1to 3trey 3-9fg
SGMykhailiuk, Sviatoslav^20.1$10det@ orl 105-9321:46   9pt 3rb 3as 1st 1bl 3to 1trey 4-10fg
PGMilton, Shake17.2$10phi@ tor 109-10229:40   11pt 1rb 2as 1bl 1to 3trey 4-10fg
PGDavis, Terence15.6$10torv phi 102-10915:07   9pt 3rb 1bl 1trey 4-9fg
SGNeto, Raul13.7$10was@ lac 116-13520:08   11pt 1rb 1as 2trey 4-6fg 1-2ft
PGRandle, Chasson13.4$10orlv det 93-10517:56   9pt 2rb 2as 1to 2trey 3-4fg 1-2ft
SGBullock, Reggie^11.8$10nykv gsw 106-11418:30   7pt 4rb 1trey 2-6fg 2-2ft
PGPritchard, Payton11.7$10bos@ dal 107-11019:08   7pt 1rb 3as 1to 1trey 2-7fg 2-2ft
SGMays, Skylar11$10atl@ cle 111-11211:44   5pt 2as 1st 1trey 2-7fg
PGRondo, Rajon10.1$10atl@ cle 111-11214:15   7pt 3rb 1as 2to 1trey 3-4fg
PGSimons, Anfernee9.8$10por@ den 106-11113:26   3pt 4rb 2as 1to 1trey 1-4fg
PGJackson, Frank8.4$10det@ orl 105-9312:13   3pt 2rb 2as 1trey 1-5fg
PGWanamaker, Brad8.2$11gsw@ nyk 114-10611:15   2pt 1rb 2as 1bl 1to 1-2fg
PGJoseph, Cory7.2$10sac@ bkn 118-12717:27   4pt 1rb 2as 1to 1-4fg 2-2ft
SGShamet, Landry6$10bknv sac 127-11811:22   6pt 2trey 2-4fg
PGQuickley, Immanuel5.9$10nykv gsw 106-11413:06   3pt 2rb 1as 1to 1trey 1-5fg
SGMerrill, Sam5.7$10milv min 139-1126:48   3pt 1rb 1as 1trey 1-2fg
SGNesmith, Aaron5.6$10bos@ dal 107-11022:12   0pt 3rb 1bl 1to
PGBeverley, Patrick^5.5$12lacv was 135-11620:04   5pt 1as 1to 1trey 2-4fg
SGThomas, Matt3.9$10torv phi 102-1094:17   0pt 2rb 1as 0-1fg
SGShumpert, Iman3.2$10bknv sac 127-1185:31   2pt 1rb 1-2fg
SGHood, Rodney3$10por@ den 106-11117:24   2pt 1bl 2to 1-5fg
SGLee, Damion2.6$11gsw@ nyk 114-1068:32   0pt 3rb 1to 0-2fg
SGJoe, Isaiah1.2$10phi@ tor 109-1023:37   0pt 1rb 0-2fg
SGWilliams, Louis0$20lacv was 135-116DNP  
PGNtilikina, Frank0$10nykv gsw 106-114DNP  
PGMulder, Mychal0$10gsw@ nyk 114-106DNP  
PGMaxey, Tyrese0$10phi@ tor 109-102DNP  
PGEdwards, Carsen0$10bos@ dal 107-110DNP  
PGHampton, R.J.0$10denv por 111-106DNP  
SGHoward, Markus0$10denv por 111-106DNP  
SGDotson, Damyean0$10clev atl 112-111DNP  
SGJames, Justin0$10sac@ bkn 118-127DNP  
SGMcCollum, C.J.0$10por@ den 106-111DNP  
PGBlevins, Keljin0$10por@ den 106-111DNP  
SGRobinson, Jerome0$10was@ lac 116-135DNP  
SGCraig, Torrey0$10milv min 139-112DNP  
PGGuy, Kyle0$10sac@ bkn 118-127DNP  
PGFlynn, Malachi0$10torv phi 102-109DNP  
PGGoodwin, Brandon0$10atl@ cle 111-112DNP  
SGRivers, Austin0$10nykv gsw 106-114DNP  
SGTeague, Jeff0$10bos@ dal 107-110DNP  
PGWaters, Tremont0$10bos@ dal 107-110DNP  
SGCurry, Seth0$15phi@ tor 109-102NA  
PGHoliday, Jrue0$30milv min 139-112NA  
SGHarris, Jalen0$10torv phi 102-109NA  
PGHayes, Killian0$10det@ orl 105-93NA  
PGFultz, Markelle0$10orlv det 93-105NA  
PGWinston, Cassius0$10was@ lac 116-135NA  
SGScrubb, Jay0$10lacv was 135-116NA  
PGMannion, Nico0$10gsw@ nyk 114-106NA  
SGRamsey, Jahmi'us0$10sac@ bkn 118-127NA  
PGRussell, D'Angelo0$10min@ mil 112-139NA  
PGAnthony, Cole0$10orlv det 93-105NA  
PGHarper, Jared0$10nykv gsw 106-114NA  
SGWoodard II, Robert0$10sac@ bkn 118-127NA  
PGDinwiddie, Spencer0$10bknv sac 127-118NA  
SGEllington, Wayne0$10det@ orl 105-93NA  
PGPoole, Jordan0$10gsw@ nyk 114-106NA  
SGDozier, PJ0$10denv por 111-106NA  
PGLowry, Kyle0$29torv phi 102-109NA  
SGThompson, Klay0$10gsw@ nyk 114-106NA  
SGTerry, Tyrell0$10dalv bos 110-107NA  
PGChiozza, Chris0$10bknv sac 127-118NA  
PGWright, Delon0$10det@ orl 105-93NA  
SGSmart, Marcus0$10bos@ dal 107-110NA  
PGAdams, Jaylen0$10milv min 139-112NA  
PGMane, Karim0$10orlv det 93-105NA  
PGSmith, Ishmael0$10was@ lac 116-135NA  
SGLangford, Romeo0$10bos@ dal 107-110NA  
PGDellavedova, Matthew0$11clev atl 112-111NA  
SGHinton, Nate0$10dalv bos 110-107NA  
SGHarris, Gary0$10denv por 111-106NA  
SGBogdanovic, Bogdan0$13atl@ cle 111-112NA  
PGBurke, Trey-2$10dalv bos 110-1072:57   0pt 2to

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Forwards YH PointsSalaryTeamOpp. ScoreMin   Stats
PFAntetokounmpo, Giannis^67.6$55milv min 139-11229:09   37pt 8rb 8as 2st 2bl 3to 1trey 13-18fg 10-13ft
PFSiakam, Pascal^50.7$36torv phi 102-10942:20   22pt 6rb 7as 3st 1bl 1to 1trey 9-18fg 3-3ft
SFLeonard, Kawhi^48.4$44lacv was 135-11634:26   32pt 7rb 4as 1st 1to 3trey 13-20fg 3-6ft
PFHarris, Tobias^46.9$36phi@ tor 109-10235:48   23pt 7rb 5as 1st 2bl 1to 3trey 8-12fg 4-5ft
PFRandle, Julius^46.5$40nykv gsw 106-11434:37   25pt 10rb 7as 1to 3trey 8-21fg 6-6ft
SFTatum, Jayson^46.2$42bos@ dal 107-11035:36   28pt 6rb 4as 1st 2bl 4to 3trey 10-23fg 5-6ft
SFOubre, Kelly^40.6$30gsw@ nyk 114-10636:32   19pt 8rb 2as 3bl 1trey 8-18fg 2-2ft
SFBrown, Bruce^39.8$11bknv sac 127-11825:23   29pt 4rb 2as 1st 2trey 11-13fg 5-5ft
PFGrant, Jerami^35.4$31det@ orl 105-9333:29   17pt 7rb 6as 1st 2to 1trey 6-15fg 4-4ft
SFMiddleton, Khris^35.4$35milv min 139-11233:34   15pt 7rb 4as 2st 3trey 6-19fg
PFAnthony, Carmelo33.3$17por@ den 106-11132:26   24pt 4rb 1as 1bl 3trey 9-17fg 3-3ft
SFBey, Saddiq^33.1$16det@ orl 105-9332:32   10pt 8rb 3as 3st 2trey 4-10fg
SFJones, Derrick^33$13por@ den 106-11129:17   18pt 5rb 3bl 2trey 7-9fg 2-2ft
SFJackson, Josh30.4$18det@ orl 105-9329:40   18pt 7rb 2bl 2to 7-17fg 4-4ft
SFPorter, Michael^28.5$24denv por 111-10639:34   12pt 10rb 1as 1bl 2trey 4-9fg 2-3ft
PFBagley, Marvin^27$21sac@ bkn 118-12730:13   12pt 10rb 2bl 3to 5-10fg 2-4ft
SFGreen, Danny^27$11phi@ tor 109-10231:58   11pt 5rb 2as 3st 2to 3trey 3-9fg 2-3ft
SFOkoro, Isaac^26.5$10clev atl 112-11137:03   8pt 5rb 3as 3bl 1to 1trey 3-6fg 1-1ft
PFMorris, Marcus25.6$12lacv was 135-11622:53   11pt 3rb 4as 1st 1bl 1to 2trey 4-12fg 1-1ft
SFAnunoby, OG^25.3$22torv phi 102-10929:25   10pt 4rb 1as 1st 2bl 2trey 4-13fg
PFHachimura, Rui^24.8$19was@ lac 116-13536:29   10pt 9rb 2as 1st 2to 2trey 4-8fg
PFHill, Solomon24.8$10atl@ cle 111-11222:24   8pt 4rb 2as 3st 2trey 2-3fg 2-2ft
SFHarris, Joe^24.3$16bknv sac 127-11832:29   18pt 4rb 1as 5trey 6-10fg 1-2ft
SFConnaughton, Pat23.7$11milv min 139-11226:49   3pt 6rb 3as 2st 1bl 1trey 1-5fg
PFOkeke, Chuma23.3$11orlv det 93-10520:30   6pt 4rb 3as 3st 1to 2trey 2-4fg 0-2ft
SFBarnes, Harrison^23.1$21sac@ bkn 118-12736:42   18pt 3rb 1as 1st 3to 2trey 7-11fg 2-2ft
SFEdwards, Anthony^22.7$21min@ mil 112-13927:43   9pt 6rb 3as 2bl 4to 3trey 3-13fg
PFJohnson, James^22.1$10dalv bos 110-10728:04   8pt 3rb 3as 2st 4-8fg
SFStevens, Lamar21.8$10clev atl 112-11115:57   8pt 4rb 2as 2st 4-5fg
SFBembry, DeAndre^21.8$10torv phi 102-10924:17   4pt 4rb 4as 2st 1bl 2to 1-3fg 2-2ft
SFHardaway Jr., Tim20.9$14dalv bos 110-10724:46   14pt 2rb 3as 6-17fg 2-2ft
PFOjeleye, Semi20.9$10bos@ dal 107-11023:51   8pt 7rb 1as 1st 2trey 3-4fg
PFAntetokounmpo, Thanasis20.6$10milv min 139-11218:35   6pt 8rb 2as 1st 1to 3-4fg 0-2ft
SFBarton, Will^20.4$18denv por 111-10630:55   9pt 7rb 2as 4-11fg 1-1ft
SFBazemore, Kent19.5$11gsw@ nyk 114-10621:45   9pt 1as 3st 3trey 3-7fg
SFThybulle, Matisse19.1$10phi@ tor 109-10215:14   7pt 3rb 1as 3bl 2to 1trey 3-8fg
PFCollins, John^18.1$27atl@ cle 111-11213:29   13pt 3rb 1as 1trey 5-6fg 2-2ft
SFMcDaniels, Jaden17.2$10min@ mil 112-13921:51   4pt 1rb 2as 1st 2bl 1-4fg 2-2ft
PFNnaji, Zeke16.6$10denv por 111-10623:35   10pt 3rb 1st 2trey 4-8fg
PFWade, Dean^16.4$10clev atl 112-11120:48   5pt 2rb 2as 2bl 1trey 2-3fg
PFOsman, Cedi15.9$16clev atl 112-11119:57   11pt 2rb 3as 2to 3trey 3-7fg 2-2ft
PFBatum, Nicolas^15.6$13lacv was 135-11624:21   4pt 3rb 4as 1st 1to 2-4fg
PFToppin, Obi15.4$10nykv gsw 106-11413:06   7pt 2rb 1st 1bl 1trey 3-3fg
SFBarrett, RJ^14.5$20nykv gsw 106-11427:28   4pt 10rb 1as 3to 1trey 1-9fg 1-2ft
SFBurks, Alec14.5$10nykv gsw 106-11424:25   8pt 5rb 1as 1to 2trey 3-10fg
PFAminu, Al-Farouq^13.3$11orlv det 93-10521:30   3pt 4rb 1as 1st 1bl 2to 1trey 1-3fg
PFPaschall, Eric12.7$10gsw@ nyk 114-10614:55   8pt 1rb 1as 1st 1to 3-6fg 2-3ft
SFMathews, Garrison^12.5$10was@ lac 116-13518:22   8pt 1as 1st 2trey 3-3fg
SFEnnis, James^12$10orlv det 93-10523:54   4pt 5rb 2as 1to 1-4fg 2-4ft
PFCovington, Robert^11.9$22por@ den 106-11125:34   0pt 7rb 1as 1bl 1to 0-5fg
SFFinney-Smith, Dorian^11.1$10dalv bos 110-10738:32   0pt 3rb 1as 2st 0-5fg
SFRoberson, Andre10.8$10bknv sac 127-11817:21   0pt 4rb 2as 1st 0-3fg
PFHartenstein, Isaiah10.6$10denv por 111-10610:11   4pt 3rb 1st 1-3fg 2-2ft
SFJeffries, DaQuan10.4$11sac@ bkn 118-12714:48   5pt 2rb 1bl 1trey 2-3fg
SFBonga, Isaac10.2$10was@ lac 116-1357:22   3pt 1rb 2as 1st 1trey 1-1fg
PFClaxton, Nicolas9.7$10bknv sac 127-11813:46   5pt 1rb 1as 1bl 1to 1-2fg 3-4ft
SFBacon, Dwayne9.2$10orlv det 93-10518:10   8pt 1rb 4-12fg
PFDoumbouya, Sekou8.9$10det@ orl 105-9315:17   2pt 2rb 1as 1st 1-6fg
PFHernangomez, Juan8.6$10min@ mil 112-1398:57   2pt 3rb 2as 1-5fg
PFScott, Mike8.5$10phi@ tor 109-10212:12   3pt 5rb 1as 2to 1trey 1-2fg
PFVanderbilt, Jarred^8$10min@ mil 112-13910:56   2pt 5rb 1-2fg
SFKennard, Luke8$10lacv was 135-11611:10   3pt 2as 1st 1to 1trey 1-5fg
SFLittle, Nassir6.3$10por@ den 106-11114:26   0pt 4rb 1as 0-1fg
SFGallinari, Danilo5.5$11atl@ cle 111-11223:13   5pt 1as 1to 1trey 1-7fg 2-2ft
PFBertans, Davis5.5$13was@ lac 116-13526:26   6pt 1as 2to 2trey 2-4fg
SFBrown Jr., Troy5.2$10was@ lac 116-1353:57   4pt 1rb 2-2fg
SFOkogie, Josh3.7$10min@ mil 112-13912:28   2pt 1rb 1as 1to 1-2fg
PFWilliams, Grant2.9$10bos@ dal 107-1106:38   0pt 2rb 1as 1to
PFLayman, Jake2$10min@ mil 112-1393:13   2pt 1-3fg
PFToscano-Anderson, Juan0$11gsw@ nyk 114-106DNP  
SFGreen, Javonte0$10bos@ dal 107-110DNP  
SFSirvydis, Deividas0$10det@ orl 105-93DNP  
PFWilson, D.J.0$10milv min 139-112DNP  
SFMcCaw, Patrick0$10torv phi 102-109DNP  
PFPatterson, Patrick0$10lacv was 135-116DNP  
PFBjelica, Nemanja0$14sac@ bkn 118-127DNP  
PFJohnson, Stanley0$10torv phi 102-109DNP  
SFCancar, Vlatko0$10denv por 111-106DNP  
PFWatanabe, Yuta0$10torv phi 102-109DNP  
PFClark, Gary0$10orlv det 93-105DNP  
PFCollins, Zach0$10por@ den 106-111DNP  
PFKnight, Nathan0$10atl@ cle 111-112DNP  
PFKleber, Maxi0$10dalv bos 110-107DNP  
SFKnox, Kevin0$10nykv gsw 106-114DNP  
PFPrince, Taurean0$10clev atl 112-111DNP  
PFBol, Bol0$10denv por 111-106DNP  
SFIwundu, Wes0$10dalv bos 110-107DNP  
SFPinson, Theo0$10nykv gsw 106-114DNP  
PFNance, Larry0$10clev atl 112-111DNP  
SFElleby, CJ0$10por@ den 106-111DNP  
SFMcGruder, Rodney0$10det@ orl 105-93DNP  
SFWatson, Paul0$10torv phi 102-109DNP  
PFParker, Jabari0$10sac@ bkn 118-127DNP  
SFGill, Anthony0$10was@ lac 116-135DNP  
SFFerguson, Terrance0$10phi@ tor 109-102DNP  
PFGordon, Aaron0$10orlv det 93-105NA  
SFGreen, Josh0$10dalv bos 110-107NA  
PFDurant, Kevin0$48bknv sac 127-118NA  
SFReddish, Cam0$14atl@ cle 111-112NA  
SFBey, Tyler0$10dalv bos 110-107NA  
PFMetu, Chimezie0$10sac@ bkn 118-127NA  
PFSmailagic, Alen0$10gsw@ nyk 114-106NA  
SFCoffey, Amir0$10lacv was 135-116NA  
SFHunter, De'Andre0$10atl@ cle 111-112NA  
SFNwora, Jordan0$10milv min 139-112NA  
PFLuwawu, Timothe0$10bknv sac 127-118NA  
PFGriffin, Blake0$10det@ orl 105-93NA  
SFTucker, Rayjon0$10phi@ tor 109-102NA  
SFRobinson III, Glenn0$10sac@ bkn 118-127NA  
SFIsaac, Jonathan0$10orlv det 93-105NA  
SFDunn, Kris0$10atl@ cle 111-112NA  
PFMillsap, Paul0$15denv por 111-106NA  
SFCulver, Jarrett0$10min@ mil 112-139NA  
PFGreen, JaMychal0$14denv por 111-106NA  
PFWhittington, Greg0$10denv por 111-106NA  
SFDiakite, Mamadi0$10milv min 139-112NA  
PFLove, Kevin0$25clev atl 112-111NA  
SFReed, Paul0$10phi@ tor 109-102NA  
SFBrazdeikis, Ignas0$10nykv gsw 106-114NA  
SFAvdija, Deni-0.8$10was@ lac 116-13511:31   0pt 1rb 2to 0-2fg

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Centers YH PointsSalaryTeamOpp. ScoreMin   Stats
CJokic, Nikola^57.5$55denv por 111-10637:44   41pt 5rb 5as 1st 3trey 17-32fg 4-4ft
CTowns, Karl-Anthony^52.1$41min@ mil 112-13935:48   26pt 8rb 11as 1st 3to 1trey 10-19fg 5-5ft
CAllen, Jarrett^47.8$30clev atl 112-11133:34   13pt 14rb 2as 1st 4bl 1trey 5-11fg 2-2ft
CGreen, Draymond^47.8$26gsw@ nyk 114-10636:45   7pt 9rb 12as 3st 2bl 3to 1trey 3-9fg
CVucevic, Nikola^41.8$49orlv det 93-10532:48   20pt 9rb 4as 2bl 1to 2trey 9-22fg
CKanter, Enes^38.8$28por@ den 106-11138:00   16pt 14rb 2as 1bl 7-9fg 2-2ft
CCapela, Clint^38.7$33atl@ cle 111-11236:58   12pt 16rb 1as 1st 1bl 6-13fg 0-2ft
CHolmes, Richaun^37.7$21sac@ bkn 118-12726:17   18pt 11rb 1as 1st 1bl 1to 9-12fg
CWagner, Moritz^36.9$10was@ lac 116-13525:05   21pt 7rb 5as 1trey 8-13fg 4-4ft
CPortis, Bobby36.2$16milv min 139-11222:36   14pt 6rb 2as 2st 2bl 2trey 6-11fg
CEmbiid, Joel^35.4$51phi@ tor 109-10235:38   18pt 12rb 2as 1st 1bl 6to 1trey 3-13fg 11-12ft
CPlumlee, Mason^34.4$23det@ orl 105-9329:46   7pt 12rb 4as 3bl 2to 2-3fg 3-3ft
CZubac, Ivica32.9$11lacv was 135-11626:31   12pt 12rb 1as 2bl 1to 6-6fg
CJordan, DeAndre^31.6$17bknv sac 127-11834:08   10pt 8rb 4bl 4-5fg 2-6ft
CThompson, Tristan^24$13bos@ dal 107-11021:40   8pt 10rb 2as 1st 2to 3-6fg 2-2ft
CNoel, Nerlens^24$16nykv gsw 106-11423:39   8pt 5rb 1st 3bl 2to 4-6fg 0-1ft
CLopez, Brook^22$12milv min 139-11225:24   15pt 5rb 1st 2to 2trey 6-11fg 1-1ft
CGibson, Taj21.2$10nykv gsw 106-11424:21   8pt 11rb 1st 3to 2-3fg 4-4ft
CIbaka, Serge^21.2$18lacv was 135-11619:41   6pt 6rb 2as 2bl 1to 3-6fg
CMarjanovic, Boban20.1$10dalv bos 110-10712:59   10pt 8rb 1as 1to 5-7fg
CBaynes, Aron19.8$10torv phi 102-10929:50   11pt 4rb 2as 1bl 2to 1trey 5-10fg 0-1ft
CBoucher, Chris18.6$20torv phi 102-10922:33   10pt 3rb 1st 1bl 1to 2trey 4-6fg
CWiseman, James17.9$17gsw@ nyk 114-10615:44   14pt 2rb 1as 6-9fg 2-2ft
CLooney, Kevon^17.2$10gsw@ nyk 114-10620:15   2pt 6rb 4as 1bl 1to 1-1fg
CReid, Naz16.9$12min@ mil 112-13915:12   5pt 7rb 1as 1bl 1to 1trey 2-7fg
CBirch, Khem16.7$10orlv det 93-10515:12   5pt 6rb 1as 1bl 1-4fg 3-4ft
CTheis, Daniel^13.6$15bos@ dal 107-11025:55   2pt 3rb 1st 2bl 1to 1-4fg 0-2ft
CCauley-Stein, Willie12.8$10dalv bos 110-10723:56   5pt 4rb 1bl 2-2fg 1-2ft
CLopez, Robin10.6$11was@ lac 116-13516:57   5pt 3rb 1st 1to 2-7fg 1-2ft
CWilliams, Robert10.6$13bos@ dal 107-11014:05   4pt 3rb 1bl 2-3fg 0-2ft
CStewart, Isaiah10.4$10det@ orl 105-9318:14   4pt 2rb 1st 1bl 2to 2-2fg
CMcGee, JaVale10.2$10clev atl 112-11114:26   6pt 1rb 2as 3-5fg
CHoward, Dwight9.8$10phi@ tor 109-10212:22   2pt 4rb 2as 1-2fg
CPowell, Dwight^6.4$10dalv bos 110-10710:50   4pt 2rb 1-4fg 2-2ft
CKabengele, Mfiondu4.5$10lacv was 135-1163:37   3pt 1as 1trey 1-1fg
COkongwu, Onyeka2$10atl@ cle 111-11210:10   0pt 1st 1to 0-1fg
CFernando, Bruno0$10atl@ cle 111-112DNP  
CVonleh, Noah0$10bknv sac 127-118DNP  
CGreen, Jeff0$12bknv sac 127-118DNP  
CLen, Alex0$10was@ lac 116-135DNP  
CWhiteside, Hassan0$15sac@ bkn 118-127DNP  
CFall, Tacko0$10bos@ dal 107-110DNP  
CNurkic, Jusuf0$10por@ den 106-111DNP  
CBradley, Tony0$10phi@ tor 109-102DNP  
CPoirier, Vincent0$10phi@ tor 109-102DNP  
CDavis, Ed0$10min@ mil 112-139DNP  
CBamba, Mohamed0$10orlv det 93-105DNP  
CGiles, Harry0$10por@ den 106-111NA  
COkafor, Jahlil0$10det@ orl 105-93NA  
CPerry, Reggie0$10bknv sac 127-118NA  
CDrummond, Andre0$10clev atl 112-111NA  
CBolden, Marques0$10clev atl 112-111NA  
CPorzingis, Kristaps0$37dalv bos 110-107NA  
CRobinson, Mitchell0$10nykv gsw 106-114NA  
CBryant, Thomas0$10was@ lac 116-135NA  
CChriss, Marquese0$10gsw@ nyk 114-106NA  
COturu, Daniel0$10lacv was 135-116NA  

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