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Fantasy Points for 19-Oct-2017
Yahoo DFS Salary Cap NBA Basketball
Past week:   18-Oct   |   17-Oct   |   16-Oct   |   15-Oct   |   14-Oct   |   13-Oct   |   12-Oct   |

Starters are indicated by a ^ following the player’s name.
Active players not appearing in a game are listed as DNP.
Inactive players are denoted as NA.

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For data in semi-colon delimited format, click here.
Or try downloading this fuller set of season-long data.

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Guards YH PointsSalaryTeamOpp. ScoreMin   Stats
PGWestbrook, Russell^45.6$57okcv nyk 75-5728:02   18pt 8rb 14as 1bl 6to 6-11fg 6-9ft
SGDeRozan, DeMar^29.7$36torv chi 117-10132:03   11pt 6rb 5as 2st 1bl 5to 2-9fg 7-8ft
PGLowry, Kyle^29.3$31torv chi 117-10131:20   12pt 4rb 9as 1st 4to 1trey 4-7fg 3-3ft
SGHoliday, Justin^27.8$12chi@ tor 101-11734:53   15pt 4rb 2as 1st 1bl 1to 4trey 5-16fg 1-1ft
PGWright, Delon25.9$10torv chi 117-10123:22   13pt 2rb 5as 1st 4-6fg 5-5ft
PGGrant, Jerian^23.9$10chi@ tor 101-11727:10   7pt 2rb 7as 2st 2to 3-9fg 1-1ft
SGRoberson, Andre^19.2$16okcv nyk 75-5721:24   6pt 6rb 2as 1st 3-7fg
SGLee, Courtney^16.9$10nyk@ okc 57-7530:28   9pt 2rb 3as 1st 2to 1trey 4-8fg
SGPondexter, Quincy15.4$10chi@ tor 101-11711:55   8pt 2rb 2st 1to 4-6fg
SGValentine, Denzel13.4$10chi@ tor 101-11725:31   12pt 2rb 1to 4trey 4-10fg
PGFelder, Kay13.4$10chi@ tor 101-11715:31   6pt 2rb 6as 4to 2-9fg 2-2ft
SGNwaba, David10.3$10chi@ tor 101-11712:53   4pt 4rb 1as 1-1fg 2-3ft
PGVanVleet, Fred10.2$10torv chi 117-10112:59   2pt 1rb 2as 1st 1bl 2to 1-5fg
PGSessions, Ramon^9.9$10nyk@ okc 57-7520:38   3pt 2rb 1as 1st 1bl 3to 1trey 1-3fg
PGBaker, Ron7.7$10nyk@ okc 57-759:36   1pt 1rb 1as 2st 2to 0-1fg 1-4ft
SGAbrines, Alex7.4$10okcv nyk 75-5715:22   3pt 2rb 1st 1to 1trey 1-2fg
PGFelton, Raymond4.5$10okcv nyk 75-576:48   0pt 1as 1st
PGBlakeney, Antonio3$10chi@ tor 101-1171:14   3pt 1trey 1-1fg
PGArcidiacono, Ryan1.5$10chi@ tor 101-1175:19   0pt 1as 0-2fg
PGNtilikina, Frank0.5$10nyk@ okc 57-754:36   0pt 1as 1to 0-2fg
SGSingler, Kyle0$10okcv nyk 75-57DNP  
SGWilliams, Louis0$11lac@ lal -DNP  
SGJack, Jarrett0$10nyk@ okc 57-75DNP  
SGCaruso, Alex0$10lalv lac -DNP  
PGTeodosic, Milos0$10lac@ lal -DNP  
PGBall, Lonzo0$24lalv lac -DNP  
PGClarkson, Jordan0$17lalv lac -DNP  
PGBeverley, Patrick0$16lac@ lal -DNP  
SGThornwell, Sindarius0$10lac@ lal -DNP  
PGDozier, PJ0$10okcv nyk 75-57DNP  
SGCaldwell-Pope, Kentavious0$10lalv lac -DNP  
PGEnnis, Tyler0$10lalv lac -DNP  
PGEvans, Jawun0$10lac@ lal -DNP  
SGDotson, Damyean0$10nyk@ okc 57-75DNP  
SGHart, Josh0$10lalv lac -DNP  
SGWilliams, C.J.0$10lac@ lal -DNP  
SGRivers, Austin0$10lac@ lal -DNP  
PGPayne, Cameron0$10chi@ tor 101-117NA  
SGLaVine, Zach0$23chi@ tor 101-117NA  
PGDunn, Kris0$10chi@ tor 101-117NA  
PGBrown, Lorenzo0$10torv chi 117-101NA  
SGFerguson, Terrance-1$10okcv nyk 75-572:28   0pt 1to

Jump to:     Guards   |   Forwards   |   Centers   |   Unlisted   |
Forwards YH PointsSalaryTeamOpp. ScoreMin   Stats
PFPorzingis, Kristaps^34$30nyk@ okc 57-7529:05   21pt 10rb 1bl 2to 1trey 8-19fg 4-4ft
PFAnthony, Carmelo^29.7$28okcv nyk 75-5728:44   19pt 1rb 1as 1st 2bl 1to 2trey 7-17fg 3-5ft
SFGeorge, Paul^28.8$46okcv nyk 75-5730:34   19pt 4rb 1st 1bl 1to 3trey 6-17fg 4-4ft
SFMiles, C.J.28$10torv chi 117-10120:01   22pt 5rb 6trey 7-12fg 2-2ft
PFMarkkanen, Lauri^26.6$15chi@ tor 101-11733:27   17pt 8rb 1bl 3to 2trey 5-12fg 5-6ft
SFPowell, Norman^22.3$13torv chi 117-10124:35   15pt 4rb 1as 1st 2to 3trey 5-11fg 2-2ft
PFIbaka, Serge^18.8$23torv chi 117-10124:14   8pt 4rb 2bl 2trey 3-8fg
SFZipser, Paul^17.5$12chi@ tor 101-11724:07   7pt 5rb 3as 1st 3to 3-6fg 1-2ft
SFAnunoby, OG15.6$10torv chi 117-10117:14   9pt 3rb 2as 1trey 3-6fg 2-2ft
PFO'Quinn, Kyle14.9$10nyk@ okc 57-7512:22   6pt 7rb 1as 1to 2-4fg 2-2ft
SFMcDermott, Doug3.5$10nyk@ okc 57-7510:41   0pt 3as 1to 0-1fg
SFHardaway Jr., Tim^3$16nyk@ okc 57-7519:56   5pt 2to 1trey 2-7fg
PFSiakam, Pascal3$10torv chi 117-1014:58   0pt 1st
PFBeasley, Michael2$10nyk@ okc 57-7500:36   2pt 1-1fg
PFThomas, Lance1.9$10nyk@ okc 57-7513:55   0pt 2rb 1as 2to 0-3fg
PFPatterson, Patrick1.4$10okcv nyk 75-576:42   0pt 2rb 1to 0-2fg
PFMcKinnie, Alfonzo0$10torv chi 117-1011:14   0pt
PFWilson, Jamil0$10lac@ lal -DNP  
SFBrewer, Corey0$10lalv lac -DNP  
PFHarrell, Montrezl0$10lac@ lal -DNP  
SFDekker, Sam0$10lac@ lal -DNP  
SFKuzma, Kyle0$11lalv lac -DNP  
SFGallinari, Danilo0$24lac@ lal -DNP  
SFHuestis, Josh0$10okcv nyk 75-57DNP  
PFRandle, Julius0$25lalv lac -DNP  
PFPortis, Bobby0$10chi@ tor 101-117DNP  
PFJohnson, Brice0$10lac@ lal -DNP  
PFNance, Larry0$12lalv lac -DNP  
PFKornet, Luke0$10nyk@ okc 57-75DNP  
PFGriffin, Blake0$38lac@ lal -DNP  
SFIngram, Brandon0$13lalv lac -DNP  
PFDeng, Luol0$10lalv lac -DNP  
SFJohnson, Wesley0$10lac@ lal -DNP  
SFHamilton, Daniel0$10okcv nyk 75-57DNP  
SFKuzminskas, Mindaugas0$10nyk@ okc 57-75DNP  
PFNogueira, Lucas0$10torv chi 117-101DNP  
SFMcDaniels, K.J.0$10torv chi 117-101NA  
PFMiller, Malcolm0$10torv chi 117-101NA  
SFCaboclo, Bruno0$10torv chi 117-101NA  
PFMirotic, Nikola0$22chi@ tor 101-117NA  
PFGrant, Jerami-2$10okcv nyk 75-5710:19   0pt 2to 0-2fg

Jump to:     Guards   |   Forwards   |   Centers   |   Unlisted   |
Centers YH PointsSalaryTeamOpp. ScoreMin   Stats
CValanciunas, Jonas^49$14torv chi 117-10130:30   23pt 15rb 2as 2st 1to 9-17fg 5-6ft
CAdams, Steven^34.5$13okcv nyk 75-5723:47   10pt 5rb 1as 5st 1bl 1to 4-4fg 2-3ft
CLopez, Robin^32.6$17chi@ tor 101-11731:44   18pt 8rb 2as 1st 1to 7-15fg 4-4ft
CKanter, Enes^24.9$10nyk@ okc 57-7522:17   10pt 7rb 1as 3st 4to 5-10fg
CPoeltl, Jakob8$10torv chi 117-10117:30   2pt 5rb 1st 3to 1-2fg
CFelicio, Cristiano3.4$10chi@ tor 101-11716:16   4pt 2rb 3to 2-2fg
CCollison, Nick0$10okcv nyk 75-57DNP  
CJordan, DeAndre0$28lac@ lal -DNP  
CBogut, Andrew0$10lalv lac -DNP  
CNoah, Joakim0$10nyk@ okc 57-75DNP  
CHernangomez, Guillermo0$16nyk@ okc 57-75DNP  
CReed, Willie0$10lac@ lal -DNP  
CBryant, Thomas0$10lalv lac -DNP  
CLopez, Brook0$26lalv lac -DNP  
CJohnson, Dakari0$10okcv nyk 75-57DNP  
CZubac, Ivica0$12lalv lac -DNP  

Jump to:     Guards   |   Forwards   |   Centers   |   Unlisted   |
Unlisted YH PointsSalaryTeamOpp. ScoreMin   Stats

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