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Fantasy Points for 25-Apr-2018
StarStreet Salary Cap NBA Basketball
Past week:   24-Apr   |   23-Apr   |   22-Apr   |   21-Apr   |   20-Apr   |   19-Apr   |   18-Apr   |

Starters are indicated by a ^ following the player’s name.
Active players not appearing in a game are listed as DNP.
Inactive players are denoted as NA.

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For data in semi-colon delimited format, click here.
Or try downloading this fuller set of season-long data.

Jump to:     Guards   |   Forwards   |   Centers   |   Unlisted   |
Unlisted SS PointsSalaryTeamOpp. ScoreMin   Stats
NAWestbrook, Russell^75.75N/Aokcv uta 107-9944:00   45pt 15rb 7as 5to 5trey 17-39fg 6-6ft
NAJames, LeBron^72N/Aclev ind 98-9541:49   44pt 10rb 8as 1st 1bl 5to 1trey 14-24fg 15-15ft
NAHarden, James^58.25N/Ahouv min 122-10437:37   24pt 5rb 12as 2st 2bl 3to 4trey 8-21fg 4-4ft
NAWall, John^55.25N/Awas@ tor 98-10843:57   26pt 9rb 9as 1st 3bl 7to 10-21fg 6-7ft
NAGeorge, Paul^53N/Aokcv uta 107-9944:39   34pt 8rb 2as 2st 1bl 2to 2trey 12-26fg 8-10ft
NACapela, Clint^49.75N/Ahouv min 122-10433:24   26pt 15rb 1as 1bl 12-14fg 2-4ft
NATowns, Karl-Anthony^49.5N/Amin@ hou 104-12235:30   23pt 14rb 4as 1bl 2to 1trey 9-14fg 4-4ft
NACrowder, Jae46N/Auta@ okc 99-10736:37   27pt 8rb 3as 1st 1to 6trey 9-19fg 3-4ft
NALowry, Kyle^43N/Atorv was 108-9837:37   17pt 2rb 10as 3st 1to 3trey 7-13fg 0-2ft
NAMitchell, Donovan^41.75N/Auta@ okc 99-10739:58   23pt 5rb 3as 3st 1bl 1to 1trey 9-22fg 4-4ft
NADeRozan, DeMar^41.5N/Atorv was 108-9839:10   32pt 2rb 5as 4to 3trey 12-24fg 5-6ft
NAValanciunas, Jonas^40.75N/Atorv was 108-9832:17   14pt 13rb 2as 1st 2bl 5-13fg 4-4ft
NAOladipo, Victor^36N/Aind@ cle 95-9839:42   12pt 12rb 4as 1st 2to 1trey 2-15fg 7-9ft
NARubio, Ricky^36N/Auta@ okc 99-10735:47   10pt 12rb 7as 4to 2trey 4-14fg 0-2ft
NATeague, Jeff^33.5N/Amin@ hou 104-12236:31   17pt 4rb 7as 1to 3trey 6-14fg 2-4ft
NASabonis, Domantas32.75N/Aind@ cle 95-9833:08   22pt 5rb 2as 1st 1to 8-12fg 6-8ft
NAWright, Delon31.75N/Atorv was 108-9826:25   18pt 5rb 1as 2st 1bl 2to 2trey 6-10fg 4-4ft
NAPaul, Chris^31.75N/Ahouv min 122-10434:10   12pt 5rb 9as 6-16fg
NABeal, Bradley^31.5N/Awas@ tor 98-10836:17   20pt 4rb 3as 1st 3to 3trey 8-20fg 1-2ft
NAGobert, Rudy^31N/Auta@ okc 99-10730:19   11pt 10rb 1as 1st 2bl 3to 3-8fg 5-6ft
NAGortat, Marcin^31N/Awas@ tor 98-10834:27   10pt 12rb 2as 1bl 1to 4-9fg 2-2ft
NAKorver, Kyle^30.5N/Aclev ind 98-9532:53   19pt 6rb 1st 1to 5trey 6-11fg 2-2ft
NAAriza, Trevor^27.5N/Ahouv min 122-10438:27   16pt 4rb 3as 4trey 5-11fg 2-2ft
NACrawford, Jamal27N/Amin@ hou 104-12225:55   20pt 2rb 2as 1st 3to 2trey 8-10fg 2-2ft
NAJoseph, Cory26.75N/Aind@ cle 95-9826:34   6pt 5rb 6as 2st 1bl 1to 2-6fg 2-2ft
NAIngles, Joe^26.5N/Auta@ okc 99-10741:47   16pt 4rb 3as 2to 4trey 5-11fg 2-2ft
NALove, Kevin^26N/Aclev ind 98-9537:21   11pt 10rb 1as 2to 1trey 2-11fg 6-6ft
NAGordon, Eric25.75N/Ahouv min 122-10431:52   19pt 1rb 1st 1bl 3trey 5-11fg 6-7ft
NAButler, Jimmy^25.75N/Amin@ hou 104-12229:42   8pt 5rb 5as 1st 1bl 4-10fg
NAYoung, Thaddeus^24N/Aind@ cle 95-9830:51   16pt 6rb 1as 2to 8-9fg 0-1ft
NATucker, P.J.^23.75N/Ahouv min 122-10433:07   15pt 3rb 2as 1to 5trey 5-8fg
NAMiles, C.J.21N/Atorv was 108-9823:30   8pt 4rb 2as 1st 1bl 2trey 2-7fg 2-2ft
NAAdams, Steven^19N/Aokcv uta 107-9940:36   6pt 6rb 1as 2st 2-6fg 2-2ft
NAStephenson, Lance18.5N/Aind@ cle 95-9822:57   12pt 4as 1to 2trey 4-8fg 2-2ft
NAWiggins, Andrew^18.5N/Amin@ hou 104-12237:14   14pt 4rb 2to 1trey 5-14fg 3-6ft
NAPorter, Otto^18.5N/Awas@ tor 98-10830:31   9pt 4rb 2as 1st 1to 4-9fg 1-2ft
NABogdanovic, Bojan^18.25N/Aind@ cle 95-9833:21   11pt 1rb 3as 1st 4to 3trey 4-9fg
NAMorris, Markieff^18.25N/Awas@ tor 98-10828:54   6pt 9rb 1st 2to 2-8fg 2-2ft
NAPoeltl, Jakob17.75N/Atorv was 108-9815:43   9pt 3rb 2as 1st 3-5fg 3-6ft
NAOubre, Kelly17.75N/Awas@ tor 98-10825:55   14pt 1rb 1st 1trey 3-11fg 7-7ft
NAAnthony, Carmelo^17.25N/Aokcv uta 107-9925:25   7pt 5rb 2st 2-6fg 3-4ft
NAFavors, Derrick^16.25N/Auta@ okc 99-10723:38   10pt 5rb 1bl 4to 2-3fg 6-8ft
NAAbrines, Alex16N/Aokcv uta 107-9924:42   3pt 4rb 1as 2st 1bl 1trey 1-3fg
NARose, Derrick16N/Amin@ hou 104-12224:00   12pt 2as 2trey 3-7fg 4-4ft
NAGibson, Taj^14.5N/Amin@ hou 104-12223:25   10pt 2rb 1bl 5-7fg
NATurner, Myles^14.25N/Aind@ cle 95-9820:55   8pt 3rb 2bl 3to 3-4fg 2-2ft
NACalderon, Jose^13N/Aclev ind 98-9520:27   6pt 2rb 2st 1to 2trey 2-6fg
NAScott, Mike12.5N/Awas@ tor 98-10813:57   7pt 4rb 1trey 3-5fg
NALawson, Ty12.5N/Awas@ tor 98-10814:26   4pt 2rb 4as 2-4fg
NANance, Larry12.25N/Aclev ind 98-9518:47   5pt 3rb 1as 1bl 2-3fg 1-2ft
NACollison, Darren^11.75N/Aind@ cle 95-9821:26   4pt 1rb 3as 1st 1-5fg 2-3ft
NABrewer, Corey^10.75N/Aokcv uta 107-9923:18   5pt 3rb 1as 1trey 2-4fg
NAAnderson, Ryan10.75N/Ahouv min 122-10410:22   5pt 3rb 1as 1trey 2-3fg
NAAnunoby, OG^10.25N/Atorv was 108-9821:35   3pt 3rb 1st 1bl 2to 1trey 1-4fg
NASmith, J.R.^10N/Aclev ind 98-9532:57   0pt 2rb 3as 2st 2to 0-8fg
NAGreen, Jeff9.5N/Aclev ind 98-9520:02   5pt 2rb 1as 1trey 2-3fg
NAGrant, Jerami8.5N/Aokcv uta 107-9923:12   4pt 2rb 1st 2-2fg
NAHood, Rodney8.25N/Aclev ind 98-9520:55   4pt 1rb 1as 1bl 1to 1-4fg 2-2ft
NASiakam, Pascal8.25N/Atorv was 108-9812:20   4pt 1rb 2as 1-2fg 2-2ft
NAGreen, Gerald8N/Ahouv min 122-1048:35   3pt 2rb 1bl 1trey 1-2fg
NAMahinmi, Ian7.75N/Awas@ tor 98-1087:33   2pt 3rb 1st 1-1fg
NABooker, Trevor7.25N/Aind@ cle 95-9811:06   4pt 1rb 1st 2-3fg
NAJones, Tyus7N/Amin@ hou 104-12211:29   0pt 2rb 3as 0-1fg
NAIbaka, Serge^6.5N/Atorv was 108-9822:55   3pt 2rb 1as 1to 1-3fg 1-2ft
NAClarkson, Jordan5.75N/Aclev ind 98-9514:49   4pt 1rb 1as 2to 2-5fg
NAO'Neale, Royce5.75N/Auta@ okc 99-10720:15   0pt 1rb 2as 1bl 1to 0-3fg
NAUdoh, Ekpe5.25N/Auta@ okc 99-1074:19   2pt 1rb 1bl 1-1fg
NADieng, Gorgui5N/Amin@ hou 104-12212:30   0pt 4rb 0-2fg
NAHilario, Nene4.5N/Ahouv min 122-10410:08   2pt 2rb 1-2fg 0-2ft
NAFelton, Raymond4.25N/Aokcv uta 107-994:00   2pt 1rb 1as 1to 1-2fg
NASatoransky, Tomas3.5N/Awas@ tor 98-1084:03   0pt 2rb 1as 1to 0-2fg
NAHuestis, Josh3N/Aokcv uta 107-993:21   1pt 1bl 0-1fg 1-2ft
NAJackson, Aaron1.5N/Ahouv min 122-10400:46   0pt 1as
NAPowell, Norman1.5N/Atorv was 108-988:28   0pt 1as 0-1fg
NABjelica, Nemanja1.25N/Amin@ hou 104-1222:58   0pt 1rb

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