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Fantasy Points for 21-Jan-2019
Yahoo DFS Salary Cap NBA Basketball
Past week:   20-Jan   |   19-Jan   |   18-Jan   |   17-Jan   |   16-Jan   |   15-Jan   |   14-Jan   |

Starters are indicated by a ^ following the player’s name.
Active players not appearing in a game are listed as DNP.
Inactive players are denoted as NA.
Player salaries are only for the full slate game style at Yahoo.

To sort players by position, click here
For data in semi-colon delimited format, click here.
Or try downloading this fuller set of season-long data.

Oklahoma City 127 @ New York 109
Oklahoma City YH PointsSalaryMin   Stats
PGWestbrook, Russell^39.5$5328:44   17pt 10rb 9as 3to 1trey 6-12fg 4-5ft
SGFerguson, Terrance^13.7$1019:59   9pt 1rb 1as 1st 1to 3trey 3-5fg
SFGeorge, Paul^44.8$4830:40   31pt 4rb 4as 1st 4trey 9-18fg 9-9ft
PFGrant, Jerami^30.2$2333:53   16pt 6rb 2as 2bl 2to 1trey 6-9fg 3-5ft
CAdams, Steven^20.9$2929:31   10pt 7rb 3as 2to 5-8fg
PGSchroder, Dennis24.6$1828:38   17pt 3rb 4as 1st 5to 4trey 5-12fg 3-3ft
SFNader, Abdel30.2$1020:21   16pt 6rb 2as 2st 2to 2trey 6-9fg 2-3ft
CNoel, Nerlens19.6$1019:48   6pt 8rb 2st 2to 3-5fg
SFDiallo, Hamidou7.1$1017:20   3pt 3rb 1as 1to 1-2fg 1-2ft
PFPatterson, Patrick2$109:00   2pt 1-2fg
SGLuwawu, Timothe1.2$102:06   0pt 1rb 0-1fg
SGAbrines, Alex0$10DNP  
PGFelton, Raymond0$10DNP  
SGRoberson, Andre0$10NA  
SGGrantham, Donte0$10NA  
SFBurton, Deonte0$10NA  

New York YH PointsSalaryMin   Stats
SGHardaway Jr., Tim^31.9$1627:22   23pt 2rb 3as 1st 1to 4trey 7-14fg 5-6ft
PGMudiay, Emmanuel^19.4$2017:57   14pt 2rb 2as 6-11fg 2-2ft
SFKnox, Kevin^18.8$1926:31   8pt 4rb 2as 1bl 2trey 3-8fg 0-1ft
PFVonleh, Noah^18.5$1832:28   10pt 5rb 1as 1st 2to 3-6fg 4-7ft
CKornet, Luke^6.2$146:45   2pt 1rb 1st 1-4fg
PGNtilikina, Frank18.9$1130:03   9pt 2rb 5as 1st 3to 1trey 4-12fg
SGTrier, Allonzo37.2$1029:47   16pt 6rb 8as 2st 4to 3-8fg 10-10ft
SFDotson, Damyean12.6$1023:37   3pt 3rb 2as 1st 1-4fg 1-2ft
CKanter, Enes16.1$2019:14   11pt 3rb 1as 5-11fg 1-1ft
CRobinson, Mitchell25.7$1015:32   8pt 6rb 1as 1st 2bl 4-4fg 0-1ft
PFHezonja, Mario5.4$1210:44   5pt 2rb 2to 2-5fg 1-2ft
SGThomas, Lance0$10DNP  
SGLee, Courtney0$10DNP  
PGBurke, Trey0$10NA  
PFPorzingis, Kristaps0$10NA  
PFHicks, Isaiah0$10NA  

Chicago 104 @ Cleveland 88
Chicago YH PointsSalaryMin   Stats
PGDunn, Kris^34.3$2131:13   13pt 4rb 9as 2st 3to 1trey 5-10fg 2-2ft
SGLaVine, Zach^31.9$2424:47   25pt 2rb 1as 2st 3to 3trey 9-16fg 4-6ft
SFHutchison, Chandler^22.3$1031:49   8pt 9rb 1as 1bl 1to 1trey 2-3fg 3-4ft
PFMarkkanen, Lauri^20.6$2431:40   13pt 8rb 2to 3trey 5-11fg
CLopez, Robin^29.8$1023:44   8pt 9rb 4as 1st 1bl 1to 4-9fg
SGSelden, Wayne9.1$1025:15   5pt 3rb 1as 1to 1-5fg 3-4ft
PGArcidiacono, Ryan11.5$1018:42   3pt 5as 1st 2to 1trey 1-3fg
PFPortis, Bobby23.5$2018:38   15pt 5rb 1as 1st 2to 3trey 6-10fg
SFHarrison, Shaquille11$1016:47   3pt 5rb 1st 1to 1trey 1-2fg
SFParker, Jabari14.6$1312:09   10pt 3rb 2as 2to 2trey 2-5fg 4-4ft
SGBlakeney, Antonio2.2$102:38   1pt 1rb 0-2fg 1-2ft
CFelicio, Cristiano1.2$102:38   0pt 1rb
SGAlkins, Rawle0$10NA  
SGValentine, Denzel0$10NA  
PGSampson, Brandon0$10NA  
CCarter Jr., Wendell0$10NA  

Cleveland YH PointsSalaryMin   Stats
PGSexton, Collin^26.6$1329:21   18pt 3rb 2st 1to 2trey 7-17fg 2-3ft
SGBurks, Alec^6$1617:12   3pt 5rb 3to 1-7fg 1-1ft
PFOsman, Cedi^17.5$1132:05   8pt 3as 2st 1to 1trey 3-7fg 1-2ft
SFHood, Rodney^12.4$1026:49   4pt 2rb 2as 1bl 1-8fg 2-2ft
CZizic, Ante^31.8$1728:22   13pt 9rb 2as 1st 1bl 1to 4-7fg 5-6ft
PGPayne, Cameron27.3$1025:47   11pt 4rb 3as 2st 1bl 2to 1trey 4-11fg 2-4ft
PGClarkson, Jordan22$1919:51   12pt 5rb 4as 1st 5to 4-12fg 4-5ft
PFFrye, Channing10.2$1019:19   9pt 1rb 2trey 3-4fg 1-2ft
SGDellavedova, Matthew7.4$1018:39   3pt 2rb 2as 1to 1-6fg 1-2ft
SFBlossomgame, Jaron17.2$1016:55   7pt 6rb 1bl 3-8fg 1-2ft
CAdel, Deng1.2$105:40   0pt 1rb
SGSmith, J.R.0$10NA  
SGNwaba, David0$10NA  
PFHenson, John0$10NA  
PFNance, Larry0$19NA  
PFLove, Kevin0$10NA  
CThompson, Tristan0$20NA  

Detroit 87 @ Washington 101
Detroit YH PointsSalaryMin   Stats
SGBrown, Bruce^20$1021:21   4pt 5rb 4as 1st 1bl 2to 2-10fg
PGJackson, Reggie^14.4$1623:22   7pt 2rb 2as 1st 1to 1trey 3-11fg
PFGriffin, Blake^42.8$4535:59   29pt 9rb 4as 3to 4trey 9-16fg 7-11ft
SFBullock, Reggie^27.4$1335:39   12pt 7rb 4as 1bl 2to 2trey 4-11fg 2-2ft
CPachulia, Zaza^11.6$1223:41   4pt 3rb 1st 1bl 2to 2-3fg
SFJohnson, Stanley12$1022:17   4pt 5rb 1st 1to 2-5fg
SGKennard, Luke7.4$1121:11   5pt 2rb 2as 3to 2-8fg 1-1ft
SGGalloway, Langston10.6$1018:30   8pt 3rb 1to 2trey 3-5fg
PGCalderon, Jose11$1013:33   7pt 4as 2to 1trey 2-2fg 2-2ft
SGThomas, Khyri8$1012:21   5pt 1st 1trey 2-4fg
PGLucas, Kalin7.1$105:35   2pt 3rb 1as 0-1fg 2-2ft
PFLeuer, Jon2.7$105:29   0pt 1rb 1as 0-1fg
SFRobinson III, Glenn0$101:02   0pt
PGSmith, Ishmael0$10NA  
SGWhitehead, Isaiah0$10NA  
PFEllenson, Henry0$10NA  
CDrummond, Andre0$33NA  

Washington YH PointsSalaryMin   Stats
SGBeal, Bradley^32.2$4234:12   16pt 1rb 4as 1st 3bl 3to 1trey 4-12fg 7-8ft
PGSatoransky, Tomas^28.8$2138:04   10pt 4rb 8as 2st 4to 4-8fg 2-3ft
SFAriza, Trevor^40.4$2433:35   20pt 12rb 4as 2trey 7-13fg 4-4ft
PFGreen, Jeff^20.6$1524:40   11pt 3rb 2as 1st 1bl 3to 5-11fg 1-1ft
CBryant, Thomas^27.9$1725:46   11pt 12rb 1as 1bl 2to 5-9fg 1-2ft
PFPorter, Otto26.8$2226:08   19pt 4rb 1st 4trey 7-15fg 1-1ft
CMahinmi, Ian11.6$1019:58   2pt 3rb 1st 1bl 0-3fg 2-2ft
SFDekker, Sam21.5$1019:21   11pt 5rb 1as 1st 1trey 4-6fg 2-2ft
PGRandle, Chasson7.2$1014:53   1pt 1rb 4as 1to 0-1fg 1-4ft
SGBrown Jr., Troy0$101:19   0pt
PGMcRae, Jordan0$101:02   0pt 0-1fg
SGRobinson, Devin0$10NA  
PGWall, John0$10NA  
PFHoward, Dwight0$10NA  
CMorris, Markieff0$10NA  

Dallas 106 @ Milwaukee 116
Dallas YH PointsSalaryMin   Stats
SGMatthews, Wes^44.1$1031:04   15pt 3rb 3as 3st 4bl 3trey 6-14fg
PGBrunson, Jalen^26.1$1029:46   16pt 3rb 5as 1to 2trey 6-15fg 2-2ft
SFDoncic, Luka^49.2$3832:55   18pt 11rb 10as 1st 1bl 3to 2trey 6-17fg 4-5ft
PFBarnes, Harrison^11.1$1831:09   8pt 3rb 1as 2to 4-15fg 0-2ft
CJordan, DeAndre^37.5$2431:02   15pt 15rb 1as 2bl 3to 6-11fg 3-6ft
SFFinney-Smith, Dorian30$1033:06   13pt 5rb 2as 2st 1bl 1to 3trey 5-8fg
SGHarris, Devin12.5$1017:54   9pt 1as 1bl 1to 2trey 3-6fg 1-2ft
PFKleber, Maxi15.2$1116:51   8pt 6rb 2trey 3-8fg
CPowell, Dwight16.9$1016:13   4pt 2rb 1as 1st 2bl 2-5fg
PGMacon, Daryl0$10DNP  
SFBroekhoff, Ryan0$10DNP  
SFAntetokounmpo, Kostas0$10DNP  
CNowitzki, Dirk0$10DNP  
SGBarea, Jose0$10NA  
PGSmith Jr., Dennis0$10NA  
PFSpalding, Ray0$10NA  
CMejri, Salah0$10NA  

Milwaukee YH PointsSalaryMin   Stats
SGBrogdon, Malcolm^42.8$2232:51   19pt 4rb 2as 5st 1bl 2to 1trey 6-14fg 6-6ft
PGBledsoe, Eric^37.3$2732:30   21pt 4rb 5as 2st 2to 1trey 8-16fg 4-4ft
PFAntetokounmpo, Giannis^51.5$5535:46   31pt 15rb 5as 5to 1trey 10-20fg 10-12ft
SFMiddleton, Khris^27.1$2633:06   13pt 8rb 3as 1bl 3to 1trey 6-18fg
CLopez, Brook^42$1734:13   16pt 10rb 5bl 1to 4trey 6-10fg
PGHill, George15.2$1021:31   5pt 6rb 2as 1trey 2-5fg
SGBrown, Sterling18.4$1019:09   11pt 2rb 2as 1st 1to 3trey 4-4fg
CWilson, D.J.3.9$1014:07   0pt 2rb 1as 0-1fg
PFIlyasova, Ersan0$106:45   0pt 0-1fg
SGSnell, Tony3$106:00   0pt 1st 0-2fg
PFMaker, Thon1.5$104:02   0pt 1as
SGDiVincenzo, Donte0$10DNP  
SFConnaughton, Pat0$10DNP  
PGDuval, Trevon0$10NA  
SFColson, Bonzie0$10NA  
PFWood, Christian0$10NA  
CSmith, Jason0$10NA  

Orlando 122 @ Atlanta 103
Orlando YH PointsSalaryMin   Stats
SGFournier, Evan^40.1$2136:37   29pt 3rb 7as 3to 3trey 9-18fg 8-9ft
PGAugustin, D.J.^18$1327:33   15pt 4as 3to 4trey 4-8fg 3-3ft
SFIsaac, Jonathan^32.3$1331:46   8pt 9rb 3as 1st 2bl 4-8fg
SFSimmons, Jonathon^23.8$1020:40   7pt 4rb 2as 2st 1bl 3-6fg 1-1ft
CVucevic, Nikola^54.8$4134:32   29pt 14rb 2as 2bl 1trey 12-23fg 4-4ft
SGRoss, Terrence39.5$1426:40   16pt 5rb 7as 3st 2to 1trey 7-15fg 1-1ft
PGBriscoe, Isaiah8.9$1020:27   2pt 2rb 3as 1-5fg 0-1ft
PFMartin, Jarell11.2$1016:14   8pt 1rb 1bl 1to 2trey 3-5fg
CBamba, Mohamed14.4$1013:28   8pt 2rb 1st 1bl 2to 3-3fg 2-2ft
SGIwundu, Wes13.5$1012:03   0pt 5rb 1as 1st 1bl
SGGrant, Jerian0$10DNP  
SFFrazier, Melvin0$10DNP  
CBirch, Khem0$10DNP  
SGCaupain, Troy0$10NA  
PFGordon, Aaron0$26NA  
PFJefferson, Amile0$10NA  
CMozgov, Timofey0$10NA  

Atlanta YH PointsSalaryMin   Stats
PGYoung, Trae^29.6$2329:14   21pt 3rb 6as 4to 8-13fg 5-6ft
SFBembry, DeAndre^40.9$1934:12   11pt 2rb 7as 4st 2bl 1to 5-11fg 1-1ft
PFCollins, John^27.5$2931:49   14pt 10rb 3as 3to 1trey 5-12fg 3-6ft
SFPrince, Taurean^12.9$1625:16   9pt 2rb 1as 1trey 4-10fg
CDedmon, Dewayne^35.3$1926:34   24pt 9rb 1as 1to 5trey 8-14fg 3-3ft
PGLin, Jeremy17.2$1129:40   15pt 1rb 2as 2to 1trey 5-9fg 4-5ft
PFSpellman, Omari1.6$1116:44   0pt 3rb 2to 0-1fg
SFHamilton, Daniel13.7$1015:40   2pt 6rb 1as 1st 1-4fg
CLen, Alex11.3$1414:01   2pt 4rb 1as 1bl 1-7fg 0-2ft
PGDorsey, Tyler7.4$109:58   5pt 2rb 1trey 2-3fg
PFCarter, Vince3.9$106:52   0pt 2rb 1as 0-2fg
SGHuerter, Kevin0$20DNP  
PFAnderson, Justin0$10DNP  
SGBazemore, Kent0$22NA  
PGAdams, Jaylen0$10NA  
SFPoythress, Alex0$10NA  
PFPlumlee, Miles0$10NA  

Sacramento 94 @ Brooklyn 123
Sacramento YH PointsSalaryMin   Stats
PGFox, De'Aaron^21.6$3029:10   9pt 3rb 6as 1st 3to 1trey 4-14fg 0-2ft
SGHield, Buddy^19.9$2727:17   11pt 7rb 1as 1to 3trey 4-10fg
SFShumpert, Iman^14.5$1032:08   4pt 1as 2st 2bl 3to 1-10fg 2-2ft
PFBjelica, Nemanja^3.2$114:46   2pt 1rb 1-3fg
CCauley-Stein, Willie^22.2$2527:10   12pt 6rb 2as 6-8fg 0-1ft
SGBogdanovic, Bogdan46.7$2132:15   22pt 6rb 11as 2st 5to 3trey 9-19fg 1-2ft
PFJackson, Justin26$1029:02   14pt 5rb 1st 1bl 2trey 6-8fg
PFBagley, Marvin15.5$1620:09   9pt 5rb 1as 1to 3-7fg 3-4ft
CGiles, Harry11.2$1018:59   8pt 1rb 2as 1to 4-8fg
PGFerrell, Yogi18.6$1016:40   3pt 3rb 2as 2st 1bl 1trey 1-5fg
PGMason III, Frank0$102:24   0pt 0-1fg
SGMcLemore, Ben0$10DNP  
CKoufos, Kosta0$10DNP  
SGWilliams, Troy0$10NA  
PFGabriel, Wenyen0$10NA  
PFRandolph, Zach0$10NA  
PFLabissiere, Skal0$10NA  

Brooklyn YH PointsSalaryMin   Stats
PGRussell, D'Angelo^53.8$3131:59   31pt 4rb 8as 1st 1bl 7trey 12-25fg
SGHarris, Joe^35.4$1329:04   19pt 7rb 2as 2st 1to 3trey 8-14fg
SFGraham, Treveon^22.5$1029:39   8pt 5rb 3as 1st 1bl 2to 1trey 2-3fg 3-4ft
SFKurucs, Rodions^17.4$1023:24   16pt 2rb 1to 7-10fg 2-2ft
CAllen, Jarrett^19.9$2523:12   8pt 12rb 1as 4to 3-5fg 2-2ft
PGDinwiddie, Spencer20.6$2028:55   11pt 3rb 6as 3to 1trey 3-12fg 4-5ft
CDavis, Ed27.7$1024:48   6pt 16rb 1as 1st 2to 2-2fg 2-2ft
PFCarroll, DeMarre13.3$1524:13   9pt 4rb 1as 2to 1trey 3-8fg 2-4ft
PFHollis-Jefferson, Rondae17.9$1112:56   5pt 2rb 1as 1st 2bl 2-7fg 1-1ft
PGNapier, Shabazz22.2$1011:50   10pt 1rb 2as 3st 1to 3-4fg 4-4ft
PFDudley, Jared0$10DNP  
SGLeVert, Caris0$10NA  
PFWilliams, Alan0$10NA  
SFMusa, Dzanan0$10NA  
SFPinson, Theo0$10NA  
SFCrabbe, Allen0$10NA  

New Orleans 105 @ Memphis 85
New Orleans YH PointsSalaryMin   Stats
SGHoliday, Jrue^45.2$3538:57   21pt 11rb 6as 2st 4to 1trey 9-16fg 2-6ft
PGPayton, Elfrid^21.6$1832:05   9pt 3rb 4as 2st 3to 1trey 3-8fg 2-2ft
PFRandle, Julius^40.9$3227:28   20pt 12rb 5as 2st 7to 6-9fg 8-11ft
SFMoore, E'Twaun^7.7$1020:27   6pt 1rb 1as 1to 3-6fg
COkafor, Jahlil^41$1035:24   20pt 10rb 1st 2bl 9-11fg 2-3ft
PFMirotic, Nikola36.7$2332:19   21pt 6rb 1as 1st 2bl 2to 5trey 6-15fg 4-4ft
SFMiller, Darius8.2$1027:33   3pt 1rb 2bl 2to 1trey 1-4fg
SGJackson, Frank9.3$1016:12   3pt 4rb 1as 1trey 1-2fg
PGFrazier, Tim7.7$108:46   2pt 1rb 1as 1bl 1-3fg
PFDiallo, Cheick1.2$1000:49   0pt 1rb
SGJohnson, Wesley0$10DNP  
SGClark, Ian0$10DNP  
SGHill, Solomon0$10DNP  
PGBluiett, Trevon0$10NA  
SFWilliams, Kenrich0$10NA  
CDavis, Anthony0$59NA  

Memphis YH PointsSalaryMin   Stats
PGConley, Mike^47.8$2637:28   20pt 4rb 8as 4st 1to 3trey 7-15fg 3-4ft
SGTemple, Garrett^25.6$1038:19   9pt 8rb 4as 1st 2to 2trey 3-10fg 1-2ft
SGHoliday, Justin^21.6$1237:38   8pt 3rb 4st 2to 2trey 3-8fg
PFJackson, Jaren^19.9$1931:09   14pt 2rb 1as 1bl 1to 6-14fg 2-4ft
CGasol, Marc^42.6$2334:38   22pt 8rb 6as 1st 1to 1trey 9-19fg 3-5ft
PFGreen, JaMychal10$1714:57   5pt 5rb 1to 1trey 2-11fg
PGCarter, Jevon1.2$1014:52   0pt 1rb 0-1fg
PGMack, Shelvin3.2$1114:14   2pt 1rb 2as 3to 1-3fg
CRabb, Ivan8.6$109:23   5pt 3rb 2-5fg 1-2ft
SGWatanabe, Yuta0$105:53   0pt 0-2fg
SFWashburn, Julian0$101:29   0pt
PFCasspi, Omri0$10DNP  
SFAnderson, Kyle0$21DNP  
SGBrooks, Dillon0$10NA  
SFParsons, Chandler0$10NA  
CNoah, Joakim0$10NA  

Miami 99 @ Boston 107
Miami YH PointsSalaryMin   Stats
SGRichardson, Josh^27.7$1831:39   11pt 1rb 3as 4st 1to 3trey 4-13fg
PGWinslow, Justise^24$2228:00   8pt 5rb 6as 1st 2to 1-5fg 6-6ft
PFJohnson, James^15.6$1018:15   8pt 3rb 4as 1bl 5to 2trey 3-7fg
SFMcGruder, Rodney^0$108:02   0pt 0-3fg
CWhiteside, Hassan^21.1$2420:18   6pt 8rb 1as 1st 1bl 2to 3-5fg 0-1ft
SFJones, Derrick34.8$1028:58   18pt 9rb 1st 1bl 1trey 7-12fg 3-3ft
PGJohnson, Tyler14.2$1128:02   9pt 1rb 2as 1st 2to 3trey 3-9fg
CAdebayo, Bam30.4$1527:42   13pt 7rb 2as 1st 2bl 3to 4-6fg 5-6ft
SFWaiters, Dion22.9$1025:53   18pt 2rb 1as 1st 2to 2trey 8-16fg
SGWade, Dwyane20.4$1823:11   8pt 2rb 6as 1st 2to 3-10fg 2-2ft
PGEllington, Wayne0$10DNP  
PFOlynyk, Kelly0$10DNP  
PFHaslem, Udonis0$10DNP  
SGDragic, Goran0$10NA  
PFRobinson, Duncan0$10NA  
SFMaten, Yante0$10NA  

Boston YH PointsSalaryMin   Stats
PGIrving, Kyrie^68.6$4434:14   26pt 3rb 10as 8st 1bl 3to 2trey 11-19fg 2-3ft
SGSmart, Marcus^20.6$1634:14   6pt 3rb 4as 1st 1bl 1to 2trey 2-7fg
PFMorris, Marcus^27.8$1830:39   17pt 4rb 2as 1st 2trey 6-11fg 3-3ft
SFTatum, Jayson^23.7$2731:03   19pt 6rb 1as 4to 3trey 8-13fg
CHorford, Al^44.4$2132:25   16pt 12rb 4as 1st 3bl 4to 8-11fg
SGBrown, Jaylen15.8$1820:01   6pt 4rb 2st 1to 3-9fg
SFHayward, Gordon8.2$1919:04   7pt 1rb 2as 3to 1trey 2-6fg 2-2ft
PGRozier, Terry7.2$1417:45   3pt 1rb 2as 1trey 1-6fg
CBaynes, Aron11.9$1014:48   4pt 2rb 1as 2bl 2to 1-4fg 2-2ft
SFOjeleye, Semi2$105:47   3pt 1to 1trey 1-1fg
SGWanamaker, Brad0$10DNP  
SFYabusele, Guerschon0$10DNP  
CTheis, Daniel0$10DNP  
SGBird, Jabari0$10NA  
PGDozier, PJ0$10NA  
SGHunter, R.J.0$10NA  
PFWilliams, Robert0$10NA  

Houston 93 @ Philadephia 121
Houston YH PointsSalaryMin   Stats
SGHarden, James^51.7$6230:49   37pt 6rb 3as 1st 2bl 6to 6trey 12-26fg 7-8ft
SGGordon, Eric^14.8$1926:57   8pt 4rb 2as 1to 2trey 2-13fg 2-3ft
PGRivers, Austin^6.9$1826:34   0pt 2rb 3as 0-5fg 0-2ft
PFTucker, P.J.^25.7$1929:40   2pt 6rb 1as 4st 1bl 1-3fg
CHilario, Nene^5.2$108:13   4pt 1rb 2-2fg
SFGreen, Gerald22.4$1130:51   18pt 2rb 2as 1to 2trey 6-16fg 4-4ft
SGEnnis, James25.8$1030:42   7pt 4rb 2as 4st 1to 2-7fg 3-3ft
NAFaried, Kenneth18.2N/A23:09   13pt 6rb 2to 1trey 5-7fg 2-4ft
PFClark, Gary9.6$1013:26   0pt 3rb 2bl 0-2fg
SFEdwards, Vincent1.2$1012:00   0pt 1rb 0-2fg
CChriss, Marquese11.1$107:39   4pt 3rb 1as 1bl 1to 1-3fg 2-2ft
SGKnight, Brandon0$10DNP  
PGPaul, Chris0$31NA  
SFAnthony, Carmelo0$10NA  
PFHartenstein, Isaiah0$10NA  
SFHouse, Danuel0$10NA  
CCapela, Clint0$10NA  

Philadephia YH PointsSalaryMin   Stats
PGSimmons, Ben^32.2$4327:40   9pt 6rb 6as 1st 2bl 2to 3-12fg 3-4ft
SGRedick, J.J.^27.9$1927:58   16pt 2rb 1as 2st 1bl 1to 1trey 5-10fg 5-5ft
SGBrewer, Corey^25.1$1032:43   11pt 3rb 1as 2st 2bl 3to 5-10fg 1-2ft
PFChandler, Wilson^29.3$1027:13   9pt 14rb 3as 1to 1trey 4-4fg
CEmbiid, Joel^64.8$5126:32   32pt 14rb 2as 2st 3bl 2to 9-16fg 14-17ft
CMuscala, Mike12.5$1024:20   2pt 5rb 1as 1bl 0-3fg 2-2ft
PGMcConnell, T.J.22.7$1121:08   12pt 1rb 3as 1st 1bl 1to 6-11fg
SGShamet, Landry18.2$1020:02   18pt 1rb 1to 3trey 7-13fg 1-1ft
PFBolden, Jonah21.3$1011:43   0pt 4rb 1as 1st 4bl 0-2fg
SFKorkmaz, Furkan7.7$1010:56   6pt 1rb 1as 1to 2trey 2-4fg
CJohnson, Amir12.8$109:45   6pt 4rb 2as 1to 1trey 2-3fg 1-2ft
CPatton, Justin0$10DNP  
PGMilton, Shake0$10NA  
SGFultz, Markelle0$10NA  
SGHighsmith, Haywood0$10NA  
SGSmith, Zhaire0$10NA  
SFButler, Jimmy0$34NA  

Portland 109 @ Utah 104
Portland YH PointsSalaryMin   Stats
PGLillard, Damian^45.6$3636:26   26pt 8rb 8as 2to 1trey 10-20fg 5-6ft
SGMcCollum, C.J.^27.8$2538:04   14pt 4rb 4as 1st 2trey 6-17fg 0-1ft
PFAminu, Al-Farouq^19.7$2025:01   8pt 6rb 1as 1bl 4-6fg
SFHarkless, Maurice^14.7$1218:17   6pt 1rb 1as 1st 1bl 3-3fg
CNurkic, Jusuf^58.1$3331:55   22pt 8rb 7as 1st 6bl 5to 8-17fg 6-8ft
SGTurner, Evan24.6$1226:28   10pt 8rb 4as 1to 5-8fg
PFLayman, Jake21.6$1025:21   12pt 3rb 1st 1bl 2trey 5-9fg
PGCurry, Seth11.1$1014:18   3pt 3rb 3as 1trey 1-2fg
CLeonard, Meyers14.9$1013:20   8pt 2rb 1as 1st 2trey 3-4fg
CCollins, Zach5.7$1010:50   0pt 1rb 1as 1st 0-4fg
PGBaldwin, Wade0$10DNP  
PFSwanigan, Caleb0$10DNP  
SFStauskas, Nik0$10DNP  
SGSimons, Anfernee0$10NA  
SGTrent Jr., Gary0$10NA  

Utah YH PointsSalaryMin   Stats
SGMitchell, Donovan^50.9$3733:38   36pt 7rb 5as 1st 4to 2trey 12-28fg 10-12ft
PFFavors, Derrick^32.8$1924:03   12pt 9rb 2as 3bl 2to 3-7fg 6-6ft
PFCrowder, Jae^29.4$1633:14   15pt 7rb 2as 1st 3trey 6-14fg
SFO'Neale, Royce^26.3$1837:16   11pt 4rb 1as 2st 1bl 1trey 4-9fg 2-3ft
SFIngles, Joe^13.4$1936:31   2pt 2rb 6as 1-7fg
CGobert, Rudy38.1$4033:06   10pt 13rb 3as 4bl 4to 4-10fg 2-4ft
SGKorver, Kyle9.8$1022:57   6pt 4rb 1to 3-8fg
PGRubio, Ricky16.4$1913:38   12pt 2rb 2as 1st 4to 1trey 3-6fg 5-6ft
PFNiang, Georges0$105:37   0pt 0-2fg
SGAllen, Grayson0$10DNP  
PGMitrou-Long, Nazareth0$10DNP  
PFCavanaugh, Tyler0$10DNP  
CUdoh, Ekpe0$10DNP  
PGNeto, Raul0$10NA  
PGExum, Dante0$10NA  
PFSefolosha, Thabo0$10NA  
CBradley, Tony0$10NA  

Golden State 130 @ LA Lakers 111
Golden State YH PointsSalaryMin   Stats
SGThompson, Klay^51.6$2826:51   44pt 3rb 2as 1bl 2to 10trey 17-20fg
PGCurry, Stephen^38$4430:08   11pt 5rb 12as 1st 2trey 3-12fg 3-3ft
SFDurant, Kevin^40.2$4830:14   20pt 6rb 4as 3bl 2to 1trey 8-13fg 3-4ft
PFGreen, Draymond^27.1$3022:33   5pt 3rb 7as 3st 1to 1-4fg 3-4ft
CCousins, DeMarcus^25.3$2021:18   8pt 9rb 5as 1to 2-9fg 4-5ft
CLooney, Kevon33.6$1522:06   8pt 8rb 4as 3st 1bl 2to 4-8fg
SFMcKinnie, Alfonzo11.6$1021:16   8pt 3rb 2trey 3-8fg 0-2ft
SGIguodala, Andre17.6$1120:59   6pt 3rb 2as 1st 1bl 1to 3-3fg
PGLivingston, Shaun9.4$1013:20   4pt 2rb 2as 2-3fg
PGCook, Quinn5.5$1012:06   5pt 1as 1to 1trey 2-8fg
PFJerebko, Jonas16.2$1012:00   9pt 6rb 4-5fg 1-1ft
PFBell, Jordan7.4$107:09   2pt 2rb 2as 1-5fg
SGEvans III, Jacob0$10NA  
SGLee, Damion0$10NA  
PFDerrickson, Marcus0$10NA  
CJones, Damian0$10NA  

LA Lakers YH PointsSalaryMin   Stats
SGIngram, Brandon^25.5$2433:59   17pt 5rb 3as 2to 1trey 7-16fg 2-3ft
SGHart, Josh^8.9$1719:53   6pt 2rb 1as 1to 2trey 2-2fg
SFKuzma, Kyle^18.4$3133:14   16pt 2rb 2as 3to 7-18fg 2-2ft
SFCaldwell-Pope, Kentavious^7.4$1421:40   4pt 2rb 2as 2to 1-5fg 2-2ft
CChandler, Tyson^4.6$108:23   1pt 3rb 0-1fg 1-2ft
CZubac, Ivica23.8$1220:42   18pt 4rb 1bl 2to 7-8fg 4-4ft
SGMykhailiuk, Sviatoslav11.6$1019:14   5pt 3rb 2as 1trey 2-4fg
CMcGee, JaVale21.3$1218:55   10pt 9rb 1as 1to 4-8fg 2-4ft
PFBeasley, Michael26$1017:34   15pt 5rb 2as 1bl 1to 7-8fg 1-2ft
SGStephenson, Lance16.1$1016:20   6pt 3rb 5as 1to 1-5fg 4-8ft
SGCaruso, Alex13.5$1012:00   6pt 1as 2bl 1trey 2-3fg 1-4ft
PFWagner, Moritz10.6$1011:34   5pt 3rb 1st 1to 2-5fg 1-3ft
SFBonga, Isaac4.7$106:32   2pt 1rb 1as 0-1fg 2-4ft
PGBall, Lonzo0$27NA  
PGRondo, Rajon0$17NA  
PFJames, LeBron0$53NA  
PFWilliams, Johnathan0$10NA  

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