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Fantasy Points for 18-Apr-2019
Yahoo DFS Baseball
Live stats are available for 17-Aug
Past week:   17-Apr   |   16-Apr   |   15-Apr   |   14-Apr   |   13-Apr   |   12-Apr   |   11-Apr   |

DFS salaries typically reflect only "all day" or "main" slates.
Salaries for single game contests are often different and are not reported below.
Starters are indicated by a ^ following the player’s name.
A number after the ^ indicates the player’s order in the batting lineup.
For data in semi-colon delimited text format, click here.

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Pitchers PointsSalaryTeam Opp. Score Stats Summary
PPatrick Corbin^8 39.4$50WASv sfo 4-2  7.2IP 2H R ER BB 9K HB Win
PJulio Urias^9 37.3$35LAD@ mil 3-1  6.0IP H 2BB 9K Win
PKyle Freeland^9 34.2$37COLv phi 6-2  6.0IP 2H 7K Win
PLuke Weaver^9 32.5$28ARI@ atl 4-1  5.0IP 4H BB 9K Win
PHomer Bailey^0 28.4$26KAN@ nyy 6-1  6.0IP 3H R ER BB 6K Win
PDomingo German^0 24.6$33NYYv kan 1-6  6.0IP 6H 3R 3ER 9K Loss
PTanner Roark^8 22.6$34CIN@ sdg 4-1  5.1IP 4H R ER 2BB 5K Win
PChris Paddack^9 18.4$45SDGv cin 1-4  6.0IP 3H 3R 3ER BB 5K Loss
PMike Soroka^9 17.8$32ATLv ari 1-4  5.0IP 4H R ER 2BB 6K 2HB Loss
PAndrew Cashner^0 17.6$26BAL@ tam 6-5(F11)  5.0IP 5H 2R 2ER BB 6K
PJohn Means 17.1$25BAL@ tam 6-5(F11)  2.0IP BB 4K Win
PZach Davies^9 13.6$33MILv lad 1-3  5.0IP 3H 3BB 2K
PRyne Harper 13.1$25MINv tor 4-7  3.1IP H 2K
PTyson Ross^0 11.7$32DETv chw 9-7  6.0IP 7H 5R 2ER 2K
PDrew Pomeranz^9 11.0$28SFO@ was 2-4  4.2IP 6H 4R 4ER 3BB 7K HB Loss
PSam Dyson 10.2$25SFO@ was 2-4  2.0IP H BB 3K
PJosh Tomlin 9.1$25ATLv ari 1-4  2.0IP H 2K
PZach Eflin^9 9.0$30PHI@ col 2-6  6.0IP 7H 3R 2ER 3BB 2K Loss
PJoe Biagini 9.0$25TOR@ min 7-4  1.0IP K Win
PJose Alvarado 9.0$25TAMv bal 5-6(F11)  1.0IP 3K
PRaisel Iglesias 9.0$25CIN@ sdg 4-1  1.0IP 3K Save
PIan Kennedy 8.2$25KAN@ nyy 6-1  1.1IP H BB 3K
PMatt Andriese 8.2$25ARI@ atl 4-1  2.0IP H R ER 3K HB
PRobert Stephenson 8.2$25CIN@ sdg 4-1  1.1IP 2H 3K Hold
PClay Buchholz^0 7.9$42TOR@ min 7-4  4.2IP 6H 3R 3ER 3BB 4K
PCaleb Ferguson 7.1$28LAD@ mil 3-1  1.1IP H 2K Hold
PFelix Hernandez^0 7.0$26SEA@ laa 11-10  6.0IP 9H 4R 4ER BB 3K
PDrew VerHagen 7.0$25DETv chw 9-7  0.1IP K Win
PMark Melancon 7.0$25SFO@ was 2-4  1.0IP 2K
PJacob Barnes 7.0$25MILv lad 1-3  1.0IP 2K
PScott Oberg 6.2$25COLv phi 6-2  1.1IP 2BB 2K Hold
PWade Davis 6.1$25COLv phi 6-2  1.0IP H 2K
PKen Giles 6.1$25TOR@ min 7-4  1.0IP H 2K Save
PYoshihisa Hirano 6.1$25ARI@ atl 4-1  1.0IP H 2K Save
PRichard Lovelady 6.1$25KAN@ nyy 6-1  1.2IP BB K
PHunter Wood^0 5.3$25TAMv bal 5-6(F11)  2.0IP 2H BB K
PMychal Givens 5.2$25BAL@ tam 6-5(F11)  1.2IP 2H R ER 2K BS
PChad Green 5.2$25NYYv kan 1-6  1.0IP 2H 2K
PEmilio Pagan 5.1$25TAMv bal 5-6(F11)  2.0IP R ER BB K
PPhil Maton 5.1$25SDGv cin 1-4  2.0IP H R ER K
PRyan Tepera 5.0$25TOR@ min 7-4  1.0IP K Hold
PAmir Garrett 5.0$25CIN@ sdg 4-1  1.0IP K Hold
PTrevor May 5.0$25MINv tor 4-7  1.0IP K
PAnthony Swarzak 4.3$25SEA@ laa 11-10  1.0IP H R ER 2BB K BS Win
PDillon Peters 4.2$25LAAv sea 10-11  0.2IP H BB 2K
PAndrew Chafin 4.2$25ARI@ atl 4-1  0.2IP H 2K HB Hold
PBrad Wieck 4.1$25SDGv cin 1-4  1.0IP H K
PRoenis Elias 4.1$25SEA@ laa 11-10  1.0IP H K Save
PJuan Nicasio 4.1$25PHI@ col 2-6  1.0IP H K
PTyler Duffey 4.1$25MINv tor 4-7  1.0IP H R ER 2K
PZack Britton 4.0$25NYYv kan 1-6  0.2IP K
PZach Duke 3.0$25CIN@ sdg 4-1  0.1IP K Hold
PThomas Pannone 3.0$25TOR@ min 7-4  0.1IP K
PJake Petricka 3.0$25MILv lad 1-3  1.0IP
PSean Doolittle 2.3$25WASv sfo 4-2  1.0IP 3H R ER 2K Save
PIvan Nova^0 2.2$29CHW@ det 7-9  6.1IP 11H 6R 6ER 3K HB
PJimmy Yacabonis 2.2$25BAL@ tam 6-5(F11)  1.1IP H BB Hold
PJeremy Jeffress 2.1$25MILv lad 1-3  1.0IP BB
PJoe Harvey 2.1$25NYYv kan 1-6  1.0IP R ER BB K
PShane Greene 2.1$25DETv chw 9-7  1.0IP BB Save
PChris Stratton^0 2.0$27LAAv sea 10-11  5.0IP 7H 6R 6ER 3BB 4K
PAdam Kolarek 1.5$25TAMv bal 5-6(F11)  2.0IP 4H R ER BB K
PDaniel Winkler 1.2$25ATLv ari 1-4  1.0IP 2H
PKenley Jansen 1.2$25LAD@ mil 3-1  1.0IP 2H R ER K Save
PPaul Fry 1.1$25BAL@ tam 6-5(F11)  0.2IP R ER BB K Hold
PJoe Kelly 1.1$25LAD@ mil 3-1  0.2IP H Hold
PYoan Lopez 1.0$25ARI@ atl 4-1  0.1IP Hold
PJacob Webb 1.0$25ATLv ari 1-4  0.1IP
PKyle Barraclough 1.0$25WASv sfo 4-2  0.1IP Hold
PTrevor Gott 1.0$25SFO@ was 2-4  0.1IP
PLuis Garcia 0.3$25LAAv sea 10-11  1.0IP 3BB
PBrandon Brennan 0.2$25SEA@ laa 11-10  0.2IP H R ER BB K Hold
PTim Mayza 0.1$25TOR@ min 7-4  1.0IP H R ER Hold
PJose Alvarez 0.1$25PHI@ col 2-6  0.1IP H R ER K
PBlaine Hardy 0.1$25DETv chw 9-7  1.0IP H R ER
PMichael Lorenzen 0.0$25CIN@ sdg 4-1  0.1IP Hold
PCody Allen -0.6$25LAAv sea 10-11  1.0IP 2H R ER 2BB K Loss
PEvan Phillips -0.8$25BAL@ tam 6-5(F11)  0.1IP H R ER BB K Hold
PDiego Castillo -1.7$25TAMv bal 5-6(F11)  1.0IP 3H R ER Loss
Carson Fulmer -1.7N/ACHW@ det 7-9  1.0IP H 2R 2ER K 2HB Loss
PTravis Bergen -1.8$25SFO@ was 2-4  0.0IP H BB
PJalen Beeks -2.2$25TAMv bal 5-6(F11)  3.0IP 6H 3R 3ER 2BB K
PKelvin Herrera -2.7$25CHW@ det 7-9  0.2IP 2H R ER BB
PVictor Alcantara -2.7$25DETv chw 9-7  0.2IP 2H R ER BB BS
PCarlos Estevez -2.7$25COLv phi 6-2  0.2IP 2H 2R 2ER K HB Hold
PChad Sobotka -3.6$25ATLv ari 1-4  0.2IP 3H 3R 2ER BB K
PMatt Albers -3.7$25MILv lad 1-3  1.0IP 3H 3R 3ER K Loss
PJonathan Holder -3.7$25NYYv kan 1-6  0.1IP 3H 2R 2ER K
PVictor Arano -4.7$25PHI@ col 2-6  0.2IP 2H 2R 2ER BB
PJake Jewell -5.4$25LAAv sea 10-11  1.1IP 3H 4R 4ER 2BB 2K HB
PMichael Pineda^0 -6.2$43MINv tor 4-7  3.2IP 7H 6R 6ER BB K Loss
PRuben Alaniz -8.6$25SEA@ laa 11-10  0.1IP 4H 4R 4ER K

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Hitters PointsSalaryTeam Opp. Score Stats Summary
5Ryon Healy^8 36.7$16SEA@ laa 11-10  2/4 2R 5RBI 2HR BB
3Ryan McMahon^5 36.7$9COLv phi 6-2  3/4 2R 5RBI 2HR
2Omar Narvaez^7 34.1$17SEA@ laa 11-10  3/4 3R 4RBI HR 2BB E
7Joey Rickard^6 30.7$7BAL@ tam 6-5(F11)  4/5 R 2RBI 2B 3B BB SO SB
7Eddie Rosario^4 28.4$20MINv tor 4-7  2/4 2R 2RBI 2HR SO
7Kole Calhoun^1 28.4$13LAAv sea 10-11  2/3 2R 2RBI 2B HR 2BB
7Tommy Pham^2 28.1$27TAMv bal 5-6(F11)  4/5 R 2RBI HR SB CS
3Max Muncy^6 23.9$19LAD@ mil 3-1  2/3 R 2RBI 2B HR BB
3Christian Walker^5 21.3$16ARI@ atl 4-1  2/5 R 2RBI 2B HR 3SO
6Andrelton Simmons^3 20.6$10LAAv sea 10-11  3/5 2R 2RBI 2-2B
6Wilmer Difo^7 19.4$8WASv sfo 4-2  2/3 R RBI HR BB
Ryan Cordell^9 19.4N/ACHW@ det 7-9  3/4 R RBI HR
7Randal Grichuk^3 18.7$17TOR@ min 7-4  2/4 2R RBI HR 2SO
7Nick Castellanos^2 18.7$17DETv chw 9-7  3/4 R 2RBI 2-2B SO SF
7Eloy Jimenez^5 18.7$15CHW@ det 7-9  1/4 R 2RBI HR BB SO
2Welington Castillo^7 18.7$9CHW@ det 7-9  2/4 R 2RBI HR
7Tim Locastro^7 18.1$7ARI@ atl 4-1  1/2 R BB HBP 2SB
7Cody Bellinger^4 16.8$27LAD@ mil 3-1  2/4 R RBI HR SO CS
3Freddie Freeman^3 16.8$22ATLv ari 1-4  1/3 R RBI HR HBP SO
7Jorge Soler^6 16.8$17KAN@ nyy 6-1  2/4 R RBI HR 2SO E
3Dan Vogelbach^5 16.8$15SEA@ laa 11-10  2/2 2R 3BB
3Ryan O'Hearn^5 16.8$15KAN@ nyy 6-1  2/4 R RBI HR
2Pedro Severino^8 16.8$7BAL@ tam 6-5(F11)  1/4 R RBI HR BB SO
2J.T. Realmuto^5 16.1$19PHI@ col 2-6  1/4 R 2RBI HR SO
3Justin Smoak^4 16.1$16TOR@ min 7-4  1/4 R 2RBI HR SO
3Albert Pujols^4 16.1$13LAAv sea 10-11  2/4 R 2RBI 2B BB SO
2Tucker Barnhart^9 16.1$9CIN@ sdg 4-1  1/3 R 2RBI HR SO
2Grayson Greiner^8 16.1$7DETv chw 9-7  3/4 R 2RBI 2B E
7Billy Hamilton^9 15.8$10KAN@ nyy 6-1  2/3 2R BB SB
7Peter Bourjos^8 15.8$7LAAv sea 10-11  2/5 R RBI 2B SB
7Trey Mancini^2 14.9$21BAL@ tam 6-5(F11)  3/5 R 2B BB
7Christian Yelich^2 14.2$27MILv lad 1-3  1/4 R RBI HR
7Juan Soto^3 14.2$22WASv sfo 4-2  1/2 R RBI 2B BB HBP
7Avisail Garcia 14.2$15TAMv bal 5-6(F11)  1/3 R RBI HR 2SO
7Jesse Winker^3 14.2$14CIN@ sdg 4-1  1/4 R RBI HR
7Teoscar Hernandez^5 14.2$13TOR@ min 7-4  1/4 R RBI HR SO
3Joey Votto^1 14.2$11CIN@ sdg 4-1  1/4 R RBI HR SO
5David Fletcher^9 14.2$9LAAv sea 10-11  1/5 R RBI HR 2SO
5Evan Longoria^5 14.2$7SFO@ was 2-4  2/3 R RBI 2B HBP
6Raul Mondesi^2 13.5$24KAN@ nyy 6-1  2/3 R 2RBI 2B SO 2SF
3Miguel Cabrera^3 13.5$13DETv chw 9-7  2/4 R 2RBI 2B SF
4Eric Sogard^1 13.5$7TOR@ min 7-4  2/4 3RBI 2B
7Mitch Haniger^2 13.2$24SEA@ laa 11-10  1/5 2R BB 2SO SB
6Tim Anderson^6 13.2$20CHW@ det 7-9  2/5 2R SB
4Gordon Beckham^7 13.2$7DETv chw 9-7  2/4 2R SO SB E
7A.J. Pollock^5 12.3$15LAD@ mil 3-1  2/4 R 3B
4Wilmer Flores^2 12.3$8ARI@ atl 4-1  2/4 R 2B HBP SO
3Edwin Encarnacion^4 11.6$22SEA@ laa 11-10  1/4 2R BB HBP
7Adam Jones^4 11.6$18ARI@ atl 4-1  1/3 R RBI 2BB
4Tommy La Stella^7 11.6$10LAAv sea 10-11  3/4 R RBI
7Byron Buxton^9 11.3$14MINv tor 4-7  1/4 RBI 2B 2SO SB
7Dustin Peterson^6 10.6$7DETv chw 9-7  1/4 2RBI SB
7Austin Meadows^1 9.7$24TAMv bal 5-6(F11)  2/3 R 2B
6Tim Beckham^6 9.7$20SEA@ laa 11-10  1/4 RBI 2BB SO
7Niko Goodrum^4 9.7$19DETv chw 9-7  2/5 R 2B 2SO E
7David Dahl^2 9.7$18COLv phi 6-2  1/3 R 2B BB CS
3Ryan Zimmerman^4 9.7$15WASv sfo 4-2  1/3 RBI 2B BB SO
4Dee Gordon^9 9.4$15SEA@ laa 11-10  1/4 BB SO SB
4Brian Dozier^6 9.4$10WASv sfo 4-2  1/4 2B SB
7Dwight Smith^3 9.0$15BAL@ tam 6-5(F11)  1/5 R RBI 2B 2SO SF
7JaCoby Jones^9 9.0$14DETv chw 9-7  0/2 2R 2HBP
3Yonder Alonso^4 9.0$12CHW@ det 7-9  1/5 2R 2B
2Mike Zunino^6 9.0$11TAMv bal 5-6(F11)  1/4 2RBI 2B
7David Peralta^3 7.8$20ARI@ atl 4-1  2/5 2B SO
4Cesar Hernandez^7 7.8$18PHI@ col 2-6  3/4 SO
7Hunter Renfroe^5 7.8$14SDGv cin 1-4  2/4 2B 2SO
7Raimel Tapia^6 7.8$10COLv phi 6-2  1/2 2BB SO CS
2Tony Wolters^8 7.8$9COLv phi 6-2  3/4
5Anthony Rendon^2 7.1$27WASv sfo 4-2  1/4 R 2B 2SO
7Whit Merrifield^1 7.1$24KAN@ nyy 6-1  1/5 RBI 2B SO
7Alex Gordon^3 7.1$21KAN@ nyy 6-1  1/5 RBI 2B 2SO
5Manny Machado^3 7.1$20SDGv cin 1-4  1/4 RBI 2B SO
4Jonathan Villar^1 7.1$20BAL@ tam 6-5(F11)  1/5 R BB 2SO
5Yandy Diaz^4 7.1$20TAMv bal 5-6(F11)  0/3 R 2BB 3SO
5Renato Nunez^4 7.1$17BAL@ tam 6-5(F11)  1/4 RBI BB E
3Ji-Man Choi^3 7.1$17TAMv bal 5-6(F11)  0/3 R 2BB 2SO CS
7Brian Goodwin^5 7.1$16LAAv sea 10-11  1/4 R BB 2SO
2Willians Astudillo^7 7.1$13MINv tor 4-7  2/4 R
4Jonathan Schoop^8 7.1$13MINv tor 4-7  2/4 RBI
6Nick Ahmed 7.1$12ARI@ atl 4-1  1/1 RBI 2B
5Jeimer Candelario^5 7.1$11DETv chw 9-7  1/3 R BB E
2Yan Gomes^5 7.1$10WASv sfo 4-2  0/2 RBI 2BB SO
2Erik Kratz^8 7.1$7SFO@ was 2-4  1/3 RBI 2B
4Yolmer Sanchez^8 7.1$7CHW@ det 7-9  1/3 RBI BB
4Hernan Perez^7 6.8$8MILv lad 1-3  1/3 SO SB
6Trevor Story^4 6.4$23COLv phi 6-2  1/3 R RBI SF
5Nolan Arenado^3 6.4$22COLv phi 6-2  1/4 2R
3Luke Voit^3 5.2$25NYYv kan 1-6  1/3 BB SO
6Fernando Tatis Jr.^1 5.2$22SDGv cin 1-4  2/4 SO
7Victor Robles^1 5.2$22WASv sfo 4-2  1/5 2B 2SO
7Clint Frazier^6 5.2$18NYYv kan 1-6  2/4
7Lorenzo Cain^1 5.2$18MILv lad 1-3  1/3 BB 2SO
7Nick Markakis^5 5.2$17ATLv ari 1-4  1/3 BB
7Charlie Blackmon^1 5.2$17COLv phi 6-2  1/4 BB 2SO
7Ender Inciarte^8 5.2$12ATLv ari 1-4  1/3 HBP SO
7Johan Camargo^2 5.2$9ATLv ari 1-4  2/4 SO 2E
5Rio Ruiz^5 5.2$7BAL@ tam 6-5(F11)  2/6
7Mike Trout^2 4.5$27LAAv sea 10-11  1/5 R
7Aaron Judge^2 4.5$27NYYv kan 1-6  1/4 R 2SO
3Rhys Hoskins^4 4.5$26PHI@ col 2-6  0/3 R HBP 2SO
3Jay Bruce 4.5$20SEA@ laa 11-10  1/1 RBI
3Tyler Austin^2 4.5$14SFO@ was 2-4  1/4 R SO
3Rowdy Tellez^6 4.5$11TOR@ min 7-4  1/4 R
5Marwin Gonzalez^6 4.5$10MINv tor 4-7  0/3 R BB SO
7Billy McKinney^8 4.5$9TOR@ min 7-4  1/4 R
7Scott Schebler^6 4.5$7CIN@ sdg 4-1  0/2 R BB SO
7Michael A. Taylor^9 4.5$7WASv sfo 4-2  1/4 R 3SO
4Luis Urias^8 4.5$7SDGv cin 1-4  0/2 R BB 2SO
6Richie Martin^7 4.5$7BAL@ tam 6-5(F11)  1/5 RBI
3Chris Davis 4.5$7BAL@ tam 6-5(F11)  1/1 R
2Martin Maldonado^8 4.5$7KAN@ nyy 6-1  1/4 R SO
5Brandon Drury^7 4.5$7TOR@ min 7-4  0/3 R BB
7Ronald Acuna^4 2.6$26ATLv ari 1-4  1/4 3SO
7Bryce Harper^3 2.6$26PHI@ col 2-6  0/3 BB SO
6Jorge Polanco^2 2.6$23MINv tor 4-7  0/4 BB SO
7Joc Pederson^1 2.6$21LAD@ mil 3-1  0/3 BB SO
7Max Kepler^1 2.6$20MINv tor 4-7  0/4 BB SO
6Dansby Swanson^6 2.6$18ATLv ari 1-4  1/4 SO
5Justin Turner^3 2.6$17LAD@ mil 3-1  0/3 BB
7Franmil Reyes^4 2.6$17SDGv cin 1-4  0/3 BB 2SO
6Willy Adames^9 2.6$17TAMv bal 5-6(F11)  1/5 SO
7Mallex Smith^1 2.6$17SEA@ laa 11-10  1/6 2SO
7Ryan Braun^3 2.6$16MILv lad 1-3  0/3 BB SO
2Austin Barnes^8 2.6$13LAD@ mil 3-1  0/3 BB
5Eduardo Escobar 2.6$13ARI@ atl 4-1  1/1
3C.J. Cron^5 2.6$13MINv tor 4-7  1/4 2SO
4Tyler Wade^9 2.6$12NYYv kan 1-6  0/1 BB
6Orlando Arcia^8 2.6$12MILv lad 1-3  1/3 SO
4Daniel Robertson^8 2.6$12TAMv bal 5-6(F11)  0/4 BB SO
3Eric Hosmer^2 2.6$11SDGv cin 1-4  1/4 SO
3Jesus Aguilar^5 2.6$10MILv lad 1-3  1/4 3SO
7Steven Duggar^1 2.6$9SFO@ was 2-4  0/3 BB 2SO CS
3Mike Ford^7 2.6$9NYYv kan 1-6  0/3 BB 2SO
2Jonathan Lucroy 2.6$8LAAv sea 10-11  1/1
6Jose Iglesias^7 2.6$8CIN@ sdg 4-1  1/3 CS
4Josh Harrison^1 2.6$7DETv chw 9-7  0/4 HBP
7Gerardo Parra 2.6$7SFO@ was 2-4  1/1
7Nick Williams 2.6$7PHI@ col 2-6  BB
7Matt Kemp^4 2.6$7CIN@ sdg 4-1  1/3
2Danny Jansen^9 2.6$7TOR@ min 7-4  1/4 SO
6Gleyber Torres^4 1.9$21NYYv kan 1-6  0/3 RBI SO SF
7Andrew McCutchen^1 0.0$26PHI@ col 2-6  0/4 SO
7Kevin Kiermaier^7 0.0$24TAMv bal 5-6(F11)  0/5
5Yoan Moncada^2 0.0$23CHW@ det 7-9  0/5 2SO
5Maikel Franco^8 0.0$21PHI@ col 2-6  0/4
5D.J. LeMahieu^5 0.0$21NYYv kan 1-6  0/4
4Brandon Lowe^5 0.0$21TAMv bal 5-6(F11)  0/5 4SO
6Freddy Galvis^2 0.0$20TOR@ min 7-4  0/4 SO
5Josh Donaldson 0.0$20ATLv ari 1-4  0/1 SO
7Domingo Santana^3 0.0$20SEA@ laa 11-10  0/6 3SO
5Hunter Dozier^4 0.0$19KAN@ nyy 6-1  0/4 3SO
4Ozzie Albies^1 0.0$18ATLv ari 1-4  0/5 3SO
2Yasmani Grandal^4 0.0$18MILv lad 1-3  0/4 SO
7Nelson Cruz^3 0.0$18MINv tor 4-7  0/4 SO
7Ketel Marte^6 0.0$18ARI@ atl 4-1  0/5 2SO
2Austin Romine^8 0.0$17NYYv kan 1-6  0/3 SO
4Kike Hernandez^7 0.0$17LAD@ mil 3-1  0/4 SO
6Corey Seager^2 0.0$17LAD@ mil 3-1  0/4 SO
7Manuel Margot^6 0.0$16SDGv cin 1-4  0/3 SO
7Brett Gardner^1 0.0$16NYYv kan 1-6  0/4 2SO
3Jose Abreu^3 0.0$16CHW@ det 7-9  0/5
7Jarrod Dyson 0.0$16ARI@ atl 4-1 
4Howie Kendrick 0.0$15WASv sfo 4-2  0/1 SO
5Eugenio Suarez^2 0.0$14CIN@ sdg 4-1  0/4 SO
2Tyler Flowers^7 0.0$14ATLv ari 1-4  0/4 3SO
3Mark Reynolds 0.0$13COLv phi 6-2  0/1 SO
7Leury Garcia^1 0.0$13CHW@ det 7-9  0/5
7Ian Desmond 0.0$12COLv phi 6-2  0/1
4Chris Owings 0.0$12KAN@ nyy 6-1 
2Michael Perez 0.0$12TAMv bal 5-6(F11)  0/1 SO
7Yasiel Puig 0.0$12CIN@ sdg 4-1  0/1
5Travis Shaw^6 0.0$11MILv lad 1-3  0/4 SO
7Kevin Pillar^3 0.0$11SFO@ was 2-4  0/4 3SO
2Austin Hedges^7 0.0$11SDGv cin 1-4  0/3 SO
3Justin Bour 0.0$11LAAv sea 10-11  0/1 SO
3Brandon Belt^4 0.0$11SFO@ was 2-4  0/3 2SO
7Guillermo Heredia 0.0$10TAMv bal 5-6(F11) 
6Charlie Culberson 0.0$10ATLv ari 1-4  0/1 SO
2Kevan Smith^6 0.0$10LAAv sea 10-11  0/3
6Scott Kingery^2 0.0$10PHI@ col 2-6  0/4 SO E
5Giovanny Urshela 0.0$10NYYv kan 1-6  0/1 SO
2Manny Pina 0.0$9MILv lad 1-3 
7Alex Verdugo 0.0$9LAD@ mil 3-1  0/1 SO
4Ian Kinsler 0.0$9SDGv cin 1-4  0/1 SO
2J.R. Murphy 0.0$8ARI@ atl 4-1  0/1
4Derek Dietrich^5 0.0$8CIN@ sdg 4-1  0/3 SO
2Carson Kelly^8 0.0$7ARI@ atl 4-1  0/5
2Buster Posey 0.0$7SFO@ was 2-4  0/1
4Jose Peraza 0.0$7CIN@ sdg 4-1  0/1
5Dylan Moore 0.0$7SEA@ laa 11-10 
3Lucas Duda^7 0.0$7KAN@ nyy 6-1  0/4 4SO
5Pablo Sandoval 0.0$7SFO@ was 2-4  0/1
7Cedric Mullins^9 0.0$7BAL@ tam 6-5(F11)  0/5 SO
4Garrett Hampson^7 0.0$7COLv phi 6-2  0/4
7Ben Gamel 0.0$7MILv lad 1-3  0/1
3Eric Thames 0.0$7MILv lad 1-3  0/1 SO
5Zack Cozart 0.0$7LAAv sea 10-11  0/1 SO
6Brandon Crawford^6 0.0$7SFO@ was 2-4  0/4 SO
4Greg Garcia 0.0$7SDGv cin 1-4  0/1
7Matt Joyce 0.0$7ATLv ari 1-4  0/1 SO
4Yangervis Solarte^7 0.0$7SFO@ was 2-4  0/3 SO
7Roman Quinn^6 0.0$7PHI@ col 2-6  0/4 4SO
4Ildemaro Vargas^1 0.0$7ARI@ atl 4-1  0/5

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