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Fantasy Points for 2-Jun-2018
FanDuel Salary Cap Baseball
Past week:   1-Jun   |   31-May   |   30-May   |   29-May   |   28-May   |   27-May   |   26-May   |

DFS salaries typically reflect only "all day" or "main" slates.
Salaries for single game contests are often different and are not reported below.
Starters are indicated by a ^ following the player’s name.
A number after the ^ indicates the player’s order in the batting lineup.
For data in semi-colon delimited text format, click here.

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Pitchers PointsSalaryTeam Opp. Score Stats Summary
PJacob deGrom^9 61.0$10,600NYMv chc 1-7(F14)  7.0IP 7H R ER 2BB 13K
PGarrett Richards^0 52.0$8,000LAAv tex 2-3(F10)  7.0IP H R BB 9K
PVincent Velasquez^9 47.0$8,400PHI@ sfo 0-2  6.1IP 5H R ER BB 9K Loss
PAndrew Suarez^9 46.0$6,500SFOv phi 2-0  7.0IP 3H 5K Win
PZack Greinke^9 45.0$9,100ARIv mia 6-2  6.2IP 7H R ER BB 6K Win
PMarco Gonzales^0 45.0$7,800SEAv tam 3-1  6.2IP 5H R ER 2BB 6K HB Win
PGio Gonzalez^9 43.0$9,100WAS@ atl 5-3(F14)  7.0IP 5H 3R 3ER 9K
PCole Hamels^0 43.0$8,300TEX@ laa 3-2(F10)  7.0IP 5H 2R 2ER BB 8K 2HB
PLuke Farrell 42.0$5,500CHC@ nym 7-1(F14)  5.0IP 2H 2BB 7K Win
PTrevor Bauer^0 41.0$10,000CLE@ min 1-7  5.2IP 6H 7R 3ER 3BB 11K Loss
PDavid Price^0 40.0$7,900BOS@ hou 5-4  6.0IP 5H 3R 3ER BB 7K Win
PLance Lynn^0 40.0$7,200MINv cle 7-1  6.0IP 2H R ER 5BB 5K HB Win
PJhoulys Chacin^0 38.0$7,000MIL@ chw 5-0  5.2IP 3H BB 5K Win
PBrandon McCarthy^9 37.0$6,500ATLv was 3-5(F14)  6.0IP 4H 2R 2ER 7K
PJustin Verlander^0 34.0$11,200HOUv bos 4-5  6.0IP 3H 2R 2ER 2BB 6K
PJames Shields^0 34.0$6,300CHWv mil 0-5  7.0IP 8H 3R 3ER BB 6K Loss
PJesse Biddle 33.0$5,500ATLv was 3-5(F14)  3.0IP H 2BB 8K HB
PMasahiro Tanaka^0 31.0$8,700NYY@ bal 8-5  5.1IP 8H 4R 4ER BB 7K Win
PChad Kuhl^9 31.0$7,800PIT@ stl 2-3  6.0IP 4H 2R 2ER 2BB 5K HB
PMike Montgomery^9 31.0$6,900CHC@ nym 7-1(F14)  6.0IP 2H R ER BB 4K
PGerman Marquez^9 30.0$7,300COLv lad 4-12  6.0IP 7H 4R 4ER 3BB 8K
PJustin Miller 30.0$5,500WAS@ atl 5-3(F14)  3.0IP 5K Win
PEric Lauer^9 30.0$5,500SDGv cin 8-2  5.0IP 5H R ER 2BB 4K Win
PKevin Gausman^0 28.0$7,300BALv nyy 5-8  5.1IP 9H 6R 5ER 9K Loss
PJames Happ^0 27.0$9,500TOR@ det 4-7  5.0IP 5H 4R 4ER 2BB 8K
PChris Archer^0 27.0$8,800TAM@ sea 1-3  5.0IP 7H 2R 2ER 2BB 6K HB Loss
PLuke Weaver^9 24.0$6,100STLv pit 3-2  5.0IP 4H R ER 4K
PJason Hammel^0 22.0$7,600KANv oak 5-4  6.0IP 7H 3R 3ER 2BB 3K HB
PTrevor Cahill^0 20.0$8,400OAK@ kan 4-5  4.2IP 7H 4R 4ER 2BB 6K HB
PMatt Boyd^0 18.0$7,400DETv tor 7-4  7.0IP 6H 4R 4ER 2BB 3K
PJustin Wilson 16.0$5,500CHC@ nym 7-1(F14)  1.1IP H BB 4K
PAustin Gomber 15.0$5,500STLv pit 3-2  3.0IP BB 2K Hold
PTim Peterson 15.0$5,500NYMv chc 1-7(F14)  2.0IP 3H BB 3K
PBud Norris 15.0$5,500STLv pit 3-2  1.0IP H R ER 3K BS Win
PJosh Hader 13.0$5,500MIL@ chw 5-0  1.1IP BB 3K Hold
Oliver Perez 13.0N/ACLE@ min 1-7  1.1IP H 3K
PCaleb Smith^9 12.0$8,100MIA@ ari 2-6  4.0IP 5H 5R 5ER 2BB 5K HB Loss
PMatt Harvey^8 12.0$6,300CIN@ sdg 2-8  5.0IP 6H 5R 4ER BB 3K Loss
PJohn Axford 12.0$5,500TOR@ det 4-7  2.0IP 2K
PDaniel Hudson 12.0$5,500LAD@ col 12-4  2.0IP H 2K
PAdam Cimber 12.0$5,500SDGv cin 8-2  1.0IP H 3K HB
PRobert Gsellman 12.0$5,500NYMv chc 1-7(F14)  1.0IP BB 3K
PJake Diekman 12.0$5,500TEX@ laa 3-2(F10)  1.0IP H K Win
PLouis Coleman 12.0$5,500DETv tor 7-4  1.0IP K Win
PTaylor Williams 12.0$5,500MIL@ chw 5-0  2.0IP 2H 2K
Jose Castillo 12.0N/ASDGv cin 8-2  1.0IP 3K
PHarrison Musgrave 11.0$5,500COLv lad 4-12  2.2IP H R ER BB 2K
PTony Sipp 10.0$5,500HOUv bos 4-5  1.1IP 2K
PWalker Buehler^9 9.0$8,600LAD@ col 12-4  5.0IP 8H 4R 4ER 2BB 2K HB
PJustin Anderson 9.0$5,500LAAv tex 2-3(F10)  1.0IP BB 2K Hold
PDaniel Coulombe 9.0$5,500OAK@ kan 4-5  1.0IP BB 2K
PRyan Pressly 9.0$5,500MINv cle 7-1  1.0IP 2H 2K
PPedro Baez 9.0$5,500LAD@ col 12-4  1.0IP H BB Win
PCraig Kimbrel 9.0$5,500BOS@ hou 5-4  1.0IP 2K Save
PDellin Betances 9.0$5,500NYY@ bal 8-5  1.0IP 2K
PShane Carle 9.0$5,500ATLv was 3-5(F14)  1.0IP 2K
PJose LeClerc 9.0$5,500TEX@ laa 3-2(F10)  1.0IP 2K
PEdubray Ramos 9.0$5,500PHI@ sfo 0-2  1.0IP 2K
PJerry Blevins 9.0$5,500NYMv chc 1-7(F14)  1.0IP H 2BB 2K
PJeurys Familia 9.0$5,500NYMv chc 1-7(F14)  1.0IP H BB 2K
PMiguel Castro 8.0$5,500BALv nyy 5-8  1.2IP BB K HB
PRyne Stanek 8.0$5,500TAM@ sea 1-3  1.2IP K
PJackson Stephens 6.0$5,500CIN@ sdg 2-8  2.0IP H
PKelvin Herrera 6.0$5,500KANv oak 5-4  1.0IP K Save
PTyler Cloyd 6.0$5,500MIA@ ari 2-6  2.0IP H R ER 3BB K
PHeath Hembree 6.0$5,500BOS@ hou 5-4  1.0IP BB K Hold
PAlex Colome 6.0$5,500SEAv tam 3-1  1.0IP K Hold
PHansel Robles 6.0$5,500NYMv chc 1-7(F14)  1.0IP K
PCraig Stammen 6.0$5,500SDGv cin 8-2  1.0IP H K
PScott Alexander 6.0$5,500LAD@ col 12-4  1.0IP K
PEdwin Diaz 6.0$5,500SEAv tam 3-1  1.0IP K Save
PPeter Moylan 6.0$5,500ATLv was 3-5(F14)  1.0IP K
PEvan Marshall 6.0$5,500CLE@ min 1-7  1.0IP K
PDrew Steckenrider 6.0$5,500MIA@ ari 2-6  1.0IP K
PTyler Glasnow 6.0$5,500PIT@ stl 2-3  1.0IP BB K
PRyan Madson 6.0$5,500WAS@ atl 5-3(F14)  1.0IP K
PDavid Robertson 6.0$5,500NYY@ bal 8-5  1.0IP 2H R ER 2K
PYusmeiro Petit 6.0$5,500OAK@ kan 4-5  2.0IP H R ER K Loss
PKeone Kela 6.0$5,500TEX@ laa 3-2(F10)  1.0IP K Save
PTrevor Hildenberger 6.0$5,500MINv cle 7-1  1.0IP H K
PTim Hill 6.0$5,500KANv oak 5-4  1.0IP 2H R ER BS Win
PLuis Garcia 5.0$5,500PHI@ sfo 0-2  0.2IP K
PAndrew Chafin 5.0$5,500ARIv mia 6-2  0.2IP BB K
PJonathan Holder 5.0$5,500NYY@ bal 8-5  0.2IP H K Hold
PEmilio Pagan 4.0$5,500OAK@ kan 4-5  0.1IP K HB
PHector Rondon 4.0$5,500HOUv bos 4-5  0.1IP BB K
PShawn Kelley 4.0$5,500WAS@ atl 5-3(F14)  0.1IP K
PKyle Crick 3.0$5,500PIT@ stl 2-3  1.0IP BB
PTony Watson 3.0$5,500SFOv phi 2-0  1.0IP Hold
PJoe Jimenez 3.0$5,500DETv tor 7-4  1.0IP Save
PMychal Givens 3.0$5,500BALv nyy 5-8  1.0IP 3H 2R 2ER 2K
PAaron Bummer 3.0$5,500CHWv mil 0-5  1.0IP H
PPhil Hughes 3.0$5,500SDGv cin 8-2  1.0IP H R ER K
PHunter Strickland 3.0$5,500SFOv phi 2-0  1.0IP Save
PBrandon Kintzler 3.0$5,500WAS@ atl 5-3(F14)  1.0IP
PChad Green 3.0$5,500NYY@ bal 8-5  1.0IP BB Hold
PA.J. Minter 3.0$5,500ATLv was 3-5(F14)  1.0IP
PJose Alvarez 3.0$5,500LAAv tex 2-3(F10)  1.0IP 2H R ER BB K Loss
PBlake Parker 3.0$5,500LAAv tex 2-3(F10)  1.0IP H R ER BB K BS
PBrandon Morrow 3.0$5,500CHC@ nym 7-1(F14)  1.0IP H
PKyle Barraclough 3.0$5,500MIA@ ari 2-6  1.0IP
PKevin McCarthy 3.0$5,500KANv oak 5-4  1.0IP BB Hold
PSean Doolittle 3.0$5,500WAS@ atl 5-3(F14)  1.0IP Save
PPedro Araujo 3.0$5,500BALv nyy 5-8  1.0IP H
PTyler Duffey 3.0$5,500MINv cle 7-1  1.0IP 2H
PJoe Smith 2.0$5,500HOUv bos 4-5  0.2IP BB
PSammy Solis 2.0$5,500WAS@ atl 5-3(F14)  0.2IP
PCory Mazzoni 2.0$5,500CHC@ nym 7-1(F14)  0.2IP H
PArchie Bradley 1.0$5,500ARIv mia 6-2  0.1IP
PJames Pazos 1.0$5,500SEAv tam 3-1  0.1IP Hold
PYoshihisa Hirano 1.0$5,500ARIv mia 6-2  0.1IP H
PWilmer Font 1.0$5,500TAM@ sea 1-3  1.1IP 2H R ER 2BB
PTim Mayza 1.0$5,500TOR@ det 4-7  0.1IP
PMax Scherzer 0.0$12,100WAS@ atl 5-3(F14)  0.1IP BB K
PJace Fry 0.0$5,500CHWv mil 0-5  1.0IP H 2R 2ER BB K
PDan Otero 0.0$5,500CLE@ min 1-7  0.0IP H
PJoe Kelly 0.0$5,500BOS@ hou 5-4  1.0IP H R ER BB Hold
PT.J. McFarland 0.0$5,500ARIv mia 6-2  1.0IP 2H R ER
PSam Freeman 0.0$5,500ATLv was 3-5(F14)  1.0IP H R ER BS
PAdam Morgan -3.0$5,500PHI@ sfo 0-2  0.0IP 2H R ER
PRichard Rodriguez -3.0$5,500PIT@ stl 2-3  0.0IP H R ER Loss
PDylan Floro -3.0$5,500CIN@ sdg 2-8  1.0IP 5H 3R 3ER BB K
PMiguel Socolovich -3.0$5,500ATLv was 3-5(F14)  1.0IP 3H 2R 2ER BB Loss
PGerson Bautista -4.0$5,500NYMv chc 1-7(F14)  0.2IP 2H 2R 2ER
PWill Harris -4.0$5,500HOUv bos 4-5  0.2IP 2H 3R 3ER BB K BS Loss
PSeung Hwan Oh -7.0$5,500TOR@ det 4-7  0.2IP 4H 3R 3ER BB Loss
PBryan Shaw -8.0$5,500COLv lad 4-12  0.1IP 3H 3R 3ER Loss
PBuddy Baumann-11.0$5,500NYMv chc 1-7(F14)  0.1IP 3H 4R 4ER 2BB Loss
PMike Dunn-12.0$5,500COLv lad 4-12  0.0IP 2H 4R 4ER 2BB

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Hitters PointsSalaryTeam Opp. Score Stats Summary
OFJoc Pederson^6 52.8$3,000LAD@ col 12-4  4/5 4R 2RBI 2B 2HR
OFMike Trout^2 36.7$5,300LAAv tex 2-3(F10)  3/5 R RBI 3B HR SB
1BJesus Aguilar^3 34.2$3,400MIL@ chw 5-0  3/3 R 2RBI 2B HR BB
3BMiguel Andujar^8 31.7$2,900NYY@ bal 8-5  2/4 R 3RBI 2B HR SO
OFMatt Kemp^4 31.4$3,400LAD@ col 12-4  2/3 2R 2RBI HR BB SO
SSYangervis Solarte^2 31.4$3,200TOR@ det 4-7  2/4 2R 2RBI 2B HR
OFBen Zobrist^1 31.2$3,200CHC@ nym 7-1(F14)  2/6 R 2RBI 2B 2BB SO SB
CLuke Maile^9 30.9$2,000TOR@ det 4-7  2/2 2R RBI 2B HR BB
OFAndrew Benintendi^1 28.4$4,600BOS@ hou 5-4  1/4 2R 2RBI HR BB SO
OFAaron Hicks^7 28.4$3,400NYY@ bal 8-5  3/4 2R 2RBI SO SB
OFGiancarlo Stanton^4 28.2$4,500NYY@ bal 8-5  2/4 R 2RBI HR BB SO
OFEddie Rosario^2 28.2$3,900MINv cle 7-1  1/2 R 2RBI HR 2BB
SSChris Taylor^1 28.2$3,700LAD@ col 12-4  2/3 R 2RBI 3B 2BB SO
OFAdam Jones^2 28.2$3,000BALv nyy 5-8  3/5 R 2RBI HR 2E
OFJuan Soto^5 27.9$3,100WAS@ atl 5-3(F14)  3/5 2R RBI HR SO
OFTravis Jankowski^1 27.9$2,500SDGv cin 8-2  2/5 2R RBI 2SB
CChristian Vazquez^8 27.7$2,000BOS@ hou 5-4  1/3 R RBI HR BB SB
3BJohan Camargo^6 25.7$2,400ATLv was 3-5(F14)  1/5 R 3RBI HR 2SO
2BBrian Dozier^1 25.2$4,100MINv cle 7-1  2/4 R 2RBI 2B 3B 2SO
OFDavid Peralta^4 25.2$3,000ARIv mia 6-2  1/3 R 2RBI HR BB SO
CBruce Maxwell^9 25.2$2,000OAK@ kan 4-5  2/3 R 2RBI HR
1BPaul Goldschmidt^3 24.9$3,600ARIv mia 6-2  1/3 2R RBI HR HBP
OFMarcell Ozuna^4 24.7$3,300STLv pit 3-2  2/3 R RBI HR BB
OFScott Schebler^6 24.7$3,000CIN@ sdg 2-8  2/3 R RBI HR HBP
2BJonathan Villar^7 24.7$2,600MIL@ chw 5-0  3/4 R RBI HR
CCurt Casali^7 24.7$2,000CIN@ sdg 2-8  2/3 R RBI HR BB E
2BJavier Baez 22.2$4,200CHC@ nym 7-1(F14)  1/1 R 2RBI HR
3BAlex Bregman^2 22.2$3,900HOUv bos 4-5  1/4 R 2RBI HR SO
OFMichael A. Taylor^6 22.2$2,800WAS@ atl 5-3(F14)  1/6 R 2RBI HR
SSDidi Gregorius^6 21.9$3,900NYY@ bal 8-5  2/5 2R RBI SO SB
2BDixon Machado^9 21.9$2,300DETv tor 7-4  2/4 2R RBI 2-2B
SSManny Machado^3 21.7$4,200BALv nyy 5-8  1/4 R RBI HR BB 2SO
OFJorge Soler^5 21.7$3,500KANv oak 5-4  1/3 R RBI HR BB 2SO
OFAustin Meadows^2 21.7$3,500PIT@ stl 2-3  1/3 R RBI HR BB SO
OFMichael Conforto^4 21.7$3,100NYMv chc 1-7(F14)  1/5 R RBI HR BB 2SO
2BIan Kinsler^1 21.7$2,700LAAv tex 2-3(F10)  2/5 R RBI HR
2BKolten Wong^7 21.7$2,100STLv pit 3-2  1/3 R RBI HR HBP SO
CErik Kratz^8 21.7$2,000MIL@ chw 5-0  2/4 R RBI HR
1BAnthony Rizzo^4 21.5$4,000CHC@ nym 7-1(F14)  3/6 RBI BB 2SO SB
2BJose Altuve^3 21.2$4,400HOUv bos 4-5  1/3 R BB SO 2SB
2BBreyvic Valera^8 19.7$3,000LAD@ col 12-4  2/5 R 3RBI
OFAlbert Almora^7 19.2$2,900CHC@ nym 7-1(F14)  1/6 R 2RBI 2B BB 3SO
OFManuel Margot^8 19.2$2,200SDGv cin 8-2  2/4 R 2RBI 2B
OFJ.D. Martinez^3 19.0$4,700BOS@ hou 5-4  2/4 2RBI 2SO SB
OFLorenzo Cain^1 18.7$3,700MIL@ chw 5-0  1/4 R RBI HR 2SO
3BJeimer Candelario^1 18.7$3,600DETv tor 7-4  1/4 R RBI HR 2SO
1BRyon Healy^6 18.7$2,700SEAv tam 3-1  1/4 R RBI HR 2SO
1BYulieski Gurriel^5 18.7$2,600HOUv bos 4-5  2/4 R RBI SB
3BColin Moran^6 18.7$2,500PIT@ stl 2-3  1/3 R RBI HR SO
3BDanny Valencia^8 18.7$2,500BALv nyy 5-8  2/4 R RBI 2-2B SO
2BKetel Marte^6 18.7$2,400ARIv mia 6-2  1/3 R RBI 3B BB
OFJoey Rickard^1 18.7$2,200BALv nyy 5-8  1/5 R RBI HR SO
OFLewis Brinson 18.7$2,000MIA@ ari 2-6  1/1 R RBI HR
3BBrian Anderson^4 18.5$2,700MIA@ ari 2-6  2/3 RBI 3B BB
OFJason Heyward^2 18.2$2,600CHC@ nym 7-1(F14)  4/5 R 2B
2BD.J. LeMahieu^1 16.2$3,000COLv lad 4-12  1/5 R 2RBI 2B
OFNick Castellanos^2 16.0$3,900DETv tor 7-4  2/4 2RBI 2B SO
CSalvador Perez^4 16.0$3,400KANv oak 5-4  1/3 2RBI 2B HBP SO CS
OFJon Jay^1 15.7$3,200KANv oak 5-4  2/4 R RBI 2B SO
2BWilmer Difo^7 15.7$2,700WAS@ atl 5-3(F14)  1/6 R RBI 3B SO
SSAlcides Escobar^9 15.7$2,200KANv oak 5-4  1/3 R RBI 3B
2BJoe Panik^1 15.4$2,000SFOv phi 2-0  2/4 2R 2B
SSTrevor Story^5 15.2$4,300COLv lad 4-12  3/4 R 2B SO
OFChristian Yelich^2 15.2$4,300MIL@ chw 5-0  1/3 R BB SO SB
SSXander Bogaerts^2 15.2$3,900BOS@ hou 5-4  0/2 R 2BB SB
OFBrett Gardner^1 15.2$3,300NYY@ bal 8-5  2/5 R 2-2B
2BStarlin Castro^1 15.2$3,000MIA@ ari 2-6  2/5 R 2-2B
SSJose Iglesias^8 15.2$2,800DETv tor 7-4  1/3 R BB SB
2BDee Gordon^1 15.0$3,300SEAv tam 3-1  1/4 2SB
1BEric Hosmer^2 12.7$3,500SDGv cin 8-2  2/4 R RBI SO
OFYasiel Puig^7 12.7$3,100LAD@ col 12-4  1/4 R RBI BB
OFCharlie Blackmon^2 12.5$5,100COLv lad 4-12  2/3 RBI BB
1BMarwin Gonzalez^8 12.5$2,300HOUv bos 4-5  1/1 RBI 3B
SSJean Segura^2 12.2$4,000SEAv tam 3-1  1/2 R 2BB CS
OFKyle Schwarber^6 12.2$3,800CHC@ nym 7-1(F14)  2/6 R BB 2SO
2BWhit Merrifield^2 12.2$3,700KANv oak 5-4  1/3 R 2B HBP 2SO CS
1BIan Desmond^7 12.2$3,500COLv lad 4-12  0/1 R 2BB HBP SO
CWillson Contreras^5 12.2$3,000CHC@ nym 7-1(F14)  1/4 R 2BB 2SO S
2BJonathan Schoop^5 12.2$3,000BALv nyy 5-8  2/4 R 2B E
OFGreg Allen^6 12.2$2,800CLE@ min 1-7  0/3 R BB SO SB
OFIan Happ 12.0$2,800CHC@ nym 7-1(F14)  1/3 BB 2SO SB
OFBrian Goodwin 12.0$2,300WAS@ atl 5-3(F14)  0/1 BB HBP SO SB
CJohn Hicks^6 10.0$2,500DETv tor 7-4  1/4 2RBI 3SO
OFMatt Szczur 10.0$2,000SDGv cin 8-2  1/1 2RBI
CYasmani Grandal^3 9.7$3,400LAD@ col 12-4  1/5 R RBI 2SO
2BJose Pirela^3 9.7$3,300SDGv cin 8-2  1/3 R RBI CS SF
OFMax Kepler^6 9.7$3,300MINv cle 7-1  1/4 R RBI 2SO
CTony Wolters^8 9.7$3,000COLv lad 4-12  1/4 R RBI
OFRyan LaMarre^9 9.7$2,000MINv cle 7-1  1/4 R RBI 3SO
OFNelson Cruz^4 9.5$4,100SEAv tam 3-1  1/3 RBI BB
1BJustin Smoak^3 9.5$3,300TOR@ det 4-7  1/3 RBI BB
3BKyle Seager^5 9.5$3,200SEAv tam 3-1  1/4 RBI 2B
2BJed Lowrie^3 9.5$3,100OAK@ kan 4-5  2/5 RBI SO
CWilson Ramos^4 9.5$2,900TAM@ sea 1-3  1/4 RBI 2B SO
CSpencer Kieboom^8 9.5$2,000WAS@ atl 5-3(F14)  2/6 RBI SO
SSMarcus Semien^1 9.2$3,600OAK@ kan 4-5  1/5 R 2B SO
OFMitch Haniger^3 9.2$3,600SEAv tam 3-1  2/4 R SO
SSJurickson Profar^2 9.2$3,500TEX@ laa 3-2(F10)  1/4 R 2B
1BMatt Olson^5 9.2$3,100OAK@ kan 4-5  1/3 R BB
1BLogan Morrison^4 9.2$3,100MINv cle 7-1  2/4 R SO
OFFranmil Reyes^5 9.2$2,900SDGv cin 8-2  2/3 R
SSAddison Russell^8 9.2$2,900CHC@ nym 7-1(F14)  1/6 R BB 4SO E
SSNick Ahmed^2 9.2$2,500ARIv mia 6-2  1/4 R 2B SO
OFStephen Piscotty^8 9.2$2,300OAK@ kan 4-5  1/4 R 2B
2BRougned Odor^6 9.2$2,200TEX@ laa 3-2(F10)  1/3 R BB 2SO
CA.J. Ellis^7 9.2$2,000SDGv cin 8-2  0/2 R 2BB
3BJose Ramirez^3 9.0$5,400CLE@ min 1-7  1/3 2BB
SSFrancisco Lindor^1 9.0$5,200CLE@ min 1-7  2/5 2B SO
2BGleyber Torres^9 9.0$3,800NYY@ bal 8-5  0/3 HBP SO SB
2BYoan Moncada^1 9.0$3,600CHWv mil 0-5  1/4 SB
SSAndrelton Simmons^5 9.0$3,500LAAv tex 2-3(F10)  1/2 BB HBP
2BJason Kipnis^7 9.0$3,100CLE@ min 1-7  1/4 SB E
OFJose Bautista^3 9.0$2,600NYMv chc 1-7(F14)  1/5 2B BB SO
CJorge Alfaro^8 9.0$2,500PHI@ sfo 0-2  1/3 3B SO
OFAndrew McCutchen^3 7.0$3,300SFOv phi 2-0  0/3 2RBI SF
OFNomar Mazara^3 6.5$3,800TEX@ laa 3-2(F10)  0/3 RBI BB SO
OFTommy Pham^3 6.5$3,600STLv pit 3-2  1/4 RBI
OFChad Pinder 6.5$2,400OAK@ kan 4-5  1/1 RBI
1BRonald Guzman^8 6.5$2,200TEX@ laa 3-2(F10)  1/4 RBI 2SO
3BDeven Marrero^7 6.5$2,000ARIv mia 6-2  0/3 RBI BB 2SO
CJeff Mathis^8 6.5$2,000ARIv mia 6-2  0/2 RBI BB SO SF
OFGeorge Springer^1 6.2$4,200HOUv bos 4-5  1/4 R 3SO
OFNick Markakis^4 6.2$3,400ATLv was 3-5(F14)  1/5 R SO
1BCody Bellinger^5 6.2$3,400LAD@ col 12-4  0/4 R BB 2SO
OFShin-Soo Choo^1 6.2$3,300TEX@ laa 3-2(F10)  1/5 R SO
OFKike Hernandez 6.2$3,000LAD@ col 12-4  0/1 R BB
CTyler Flowers^5 6.2$3,000ATLv was 3-5(F14)  1/5 R 2SO
OFNiko Goodrum^5 6.2$2,900DETv tor 7-4  0/3 R BB SO
OFJackie Bradley^9 6.2$2,600BOS@ hou 5-4  0/3 R BB
SSFreddy Galvis^6 6.2$2,500SDGv cin 8-2  1/4 R
OFChris Owings^5 6.2$2,500ARIv mia 6-2  1/4 R SO
3BMatt Duffy^3 6.2$2,500TAM@ sea 1-3  0/3 R BB SO
SSEhire Adrianza^8 6.2$2,300MINv cle 7-1  0/3 R BB 2SO
2BRyan Goins^8 6.2$2,000KANv oak 5-4  1/3 R SO
3BNolan Arenado^3 6.0$5,500COLv lad 4-12  2/4
OFAaron Judge^2 6.0$4,900NYY@ bal 8-5  1/5 2B 3SO
1BEdwin Encarnacion^4 6.0$4,400CLE@ min 1-7  1/3 BB
1BFreddie Freeman^3 6.0$4,300ATLv was 3-5(F14)  1/5 2B 2SO
3BMike Moustakas^3 6.0$4,300KANv oak 5-4  1/3 BB SO
2BScooter Gennett^2 6.0$3,900CIN@ sdg 2-8  1/4 2B SO
1BMiguel Cabrera^3 6.0$3,400DETv tor 7-4  1/3 BB 2SO
2BJose Rondon 6.0$3,300CHWv mil 0-5  1/2 2B SO
SSJose Peraza^1 6.0$3,200CIN@ sdg 2-8  1/4 2B SO
1BGregory Bird^3 6.0$3,200NYY@ bal 8-5  1/5 2B 3SO
3BMatt Chapman^6 6.0$2,900OAK@ kan 4-5  1/3 BB SO
3BChristian Arroyo^8 6.0$2,700TAM@ sea 1-3  1/2 BB
SSDaniel Robertson^1 6.0$2,600TAM@ sea 1-3  2/4
CVictor Martinez^4 6.0$2,500DETv tor 7-4  1/4 2B
SSJordy Mercer^8 6.0$2,400PIT@ stl 2-3  2/3
OFBradley Zimmer^9 6.0$2,400CLE@ min 1-7  2/4 2SO
CMike Zunino^9 6.0$2,400SEAv tam 3-1  1/3 HBP 2SO
SSAmed Rosario^8 6.0$2,300NYMv chc 1-7(F14)  2/6 SO
3BPablo Sandoval^5 6.0$2,200SFOv phi 2-0  1/4 2B 2SO
OFRobbie Grossman^5 6.0$2,200MINv cle 7-1  1/4 2B SO
2BGreg Garcia^2 6.0$2,000STLv pit 3-2  1/3 BB
3BLuis Guillorme^7 6.0$2,000NYMv chc 1-7(F14)  2/6
CNick Hundley^8 6.0$2,000SFOv phi 2-0  2/3
COmar Narvaez^6 6.0$2,000CHWv mil 0-5  1/3 BB
3BAdrian Beltre^4 3.5$2,900TEX@ laa 3-2(F10)  0/3 RBI SO SF
OFJaCoby Jones^7 3.5$2,300DETv tor 7-4  0/3 RBI SO SF
CGary Sanchez^5 3.2$3,500NYY@ bal 8-5  0/5 R SO
OFVictor Reyes 3.2$2,500DETv tor 7-4  R
CMitch Garver^7 3.2$2,000MINv cle 7-1  0/4 R SO
SSRonny Rodriguez 3.2$2,000DETv tor 7-4  R
OFBryce Harper^2 3.0$5,200WAS@ atl 5-3(F14)  1/6 4SO
OFMichael Brantley^2 3.0$4,600CLE@ min 1-7  0/4 BB
3BKris Bryant^3 3.0$4,500CHC@ nym 7-1(F14)  1/8 4SO E
SSCarlos Correa^4 3.0$4,200HOUv bos 4-5  0/3 BB
1BJoey Votto^3 3.0$3,800CIN@ sdg 2-8  1/4 SO
3BAnthony Rendon^3 3.0$3,800WAS@ atl 5-3(F14)  0/5 BB 2SO
3BEugenio Suarez^4 3.0$3,700CIN@ sdg 2-8  0/3 BB 2SO E
3BJustin Turner^2 3.0$3,700LAD@ col 12-4  1/5
1BYonder Alonso^5 3.0$3,700CLE@ min 1-7  0/3 HBP 2SO E
1BJose Abreu^3 3.0$3,600CHWv mil 0-5  1/4 2SO
3BChristian Villanueva^4 3.0$3,600SDGv cin 8-2  1/4 SO
3BEvan Longoria^4 3.0$3,500SFOv phi 2-0  0/3 BB 3SO
OFKhris Davis^4 3.0$3,500OAK@ kan 4-5  0/3 HBP
SSBrandon Crawford^2 3.0$3,400SFOv phi 2-0  1/4 SO
1BMark Reynolds 3.0$3,400WAS@ atl 5-3(F14)  0/3 BB SO
CJ.T. Realmuto^2 3.0$3,400MIA@ ari 2-6  1/5 SO
1BCarlos Santana^5 3.0$3,300PHI@ sfo 0-2  1/3
OFJoey Gallo^5 3.0$3,300TEX@ laa 3-2(F10)  0/3 BB 2SO
OFCorey Dickerson^5 3.0$3,200PIT@ stl 2-3  1/4 2SO
OFGorkys Hernandez^7 3.0$3,100SFOv phi 2-0  1/3 SO
3BRyan McMahon 3.0$3,000COLv lad 4-12  1/1
OFDenard Span^7 3.0$3,000SEAv tam 3-1  1/4 SO
1BJustin Bour^3 3.0$2,900MIA@ ari 2-6  1/4 SO
3BYolmer Sanchez^2 3.0$2,900CHWv mil 0-5  1/4
OFCarlos Gomez^7 3.0$2,900TAM@ sea 1-3  0/2 HBP
3BMaikel Franco^6 3.0$2,800PHI@ sfo 0-2  1/3
2BEduardo Nunez^5 3.0$2,800BOS@ hou 5-4  1/4 2SO
OFAlex Gordon^6 3.0$2,800KANv oak 5-4  0/3 BB
OFBilly Hamilton^9 3.0$2,600CIN@ sdg 2-8  1/4 SO
OFJarrod Dyson^1 3.0$2,500ARIv mia 6-2  1/4 CS
1BAdrian Gonzalez 3.0$2,400NYMv chc 1-7(F14)  1/4
OFTrey Mancini^6 3.0$2,400BALv nyy 5-8  0/3 BB 2SO
OFMark Canha 3.0$2,400OAK@ kan 4-5  0/1 BB
OFRob Refsnyder^6 3.0$2,400TAM@ sea 1-3  1/3 2SO
2BDevon Travis^6 3.0$2,200TOR@ det 4-7  1/4
CRobinson Chirinos^7 3.0$2,200TEX@ laa 3-2(F10)  0/3 BB 2SO
1BChris Davis^7 3.0$2,200BALv nyy 5-8  1/4 2SO
OFCameron Maybin 3.0$2,200MIA@ ari 2-6  BB
SSMiguel Rojas^6 3.0$2,200MIA@ ari 2-6  1/4 SO
OFGuillermo Heredia^8 3.0$2,100SEAv tam 3-1  0/3 BB SO
CChance Sisco^9 3.0$2,100BALv nyy 5-8  1/4 SO
OFJake Marisnick^9 3.0$2,100HOUv bos 4-5  0/2 BB SO
SSCharlie Culberson^7 3.0$2,000ATLv was 3-5(F14)  1/5 SO
CCarson Kelly^8 3.0$2,000STLv pit 3-2  0/2 BB
CBryan Holaday 3.0$2,000MIA@ ari 2-6  1/1
OFTrayce Thompson^9 3.0$2,000CHWv mil 0-5  0/2 BB SO
OFMichael Hermosillo^9 3.0$2,000LAAv tex 2-3(F10)  0/2 HBP 2SO
CKevin Plawecki^6 3.0$2,000NYMv chc 1-7(F14)  0/5 BB 2SO 2E
SSJ.T. Riddle^7 3.0$2,000MIA@ ari 2-6  1/4
CJose Lobaton 3.0$2,000NYMv chc 1-7(F14)  BB
SSTrea Turner^1 0.0$4,200WAS@ atl 5-3(F14)  0/7 5SO
3BMatt Carpenter^1 0.0$4,100STLv pit 3-2  0/4 3SO
2BOzzie Albies^2 0.0$4,000ATLv was 3-5(F14)  0/6
3BTravis Shaw^4 0.0$4,000MIL@ chw 5-0  0/4
OFShohei-hitter Ohtani^6 0.0$4,000LAAv tex 2-3(F10)  0/4 SO
1BMatt Adams^4 0.0$3,700WAS@ atl 5-3(F14)  0/2
OFCarlos Gonzalez^4 0.0$3,700COLv lad 4-12  0/4 2SO
OFBrandon Nimmo^1 0.0$3,700NYMv chc 1-7(F14)  0/6 3SO
SSTim Anderson^5 0.0$3,600CHWv mil 0-5  0/4
2BAsdrubal Cabrera^2 0.0$3,500NYMv chc 1-7(F14)  0/6 3SO E
2BAlen Hanson 0.0$3,400SFOv phi 2-0  0/1 SO
OFTeoscar Hernandez^1 0.0$3,400TOR@ det 4-7  0/2
OFJustin Upton^3 0.0$3,400LAAv tex 2-3(F10)  0/4 2SO
3BEduardo Escobar^3 0.0$3,400MINv cle 7-1  0/4 3SO
1BC.J. Cron^2 0.0$3,400TAM@ sea 1-3  0/4 2SO
OFMac Williamson^6 0.0$3,300SFOv phi 2-0  0/3 2SO
CChris Iannetta 0.0$3,300COLv lad 4-12  0/1
2BJosh Harrison^1 0.0$3,200PIT@ stl 2-3  0/4
OFRyan Braun^5 0.0$3,200MIL@ chw 5-0  0/4 2SO
1BMitch Moreland^4 0.0$3,200BOS@ hou 5-4  0/4 2SO
2BCesar Hernandez^1 0.0$3,200PHI@ sfo 0-2  0/4 SO
OFNoel Cuevas 0.0$3,200COLv lad 4-12  0/1
OFStarling Marte^3 0.0$3,100PIT@ stl 2-3  0/4 3SO
3BRafael Devers^6 0.0$3,100BOS@ hou 5-4  0/4 3SO
OFEnder Inciarte^1 0.0$3,000ATLv was 3-5(F14)  0/6
OFKevin Pillar^5 0.0$3,000TOR@ det 4-7  0/4
2BDaniel Castro 0.0$3,000COLv lad 4-12 
OFDexter Fowler^6 0.0$3,000STLv pit 3-2  0/4
OFGerardo Parra^6 0.0$3,000COLv lad 4-12  0/4 SO
2BLogan Forsythe 0.0$3,000LAD@ col 12-4  0/1 SO
CAustin Barnes 0.0$3,000LAD@ col 12-4 
OFMelky Cabrera 0.0$2,900CLE@ min 1-7  0/1
1BJosh Bell^4 0.0$2,900PIT@ stl 2-3  0/4 SO
1BAlbert Pujols^4 0.0$2,900LAAv tex 2-3(F10)  0/4 2SO
OFDelino DeShields Jr.^9 0.0$2,900TEX@ laa 3-2(F10)  0/4 2SO
OFHarrison Bader 0.0$2,900STLv pit 3-2 
OFMatt Joyce^2 0.0$2,900OAK@ kan 4-5  0/3 SO
OFHunter Renfroe 0.0$2,900SDGv cin 8-2  0/1
OFAdam Duvall^5 0.0$2,900CIN@ sdg 2-8  0/4 3SO
2BJoey Wendle 0.0$2,900TAM@ sea 1-3  0/1
SSDansby Swanson^8 0.0$2,800ATLv was 3-5(F14)  0/4 3SO
2BJedd Gyorko^5 0.0$2,800STLv pit 3-2  0/4 2SO
OFOdubel Herrera^3 0.0$2,800PHI@ sfo 0-2  0/4 SO
OFJesse Winker 0.0$2,800CIN@ sdg 2-8  0/1 SO
OFJay Bruce 0.0$2,800NYMv chc 1-7(F14)  0/1 SO
SSBrock Holt 0.0$2,700BOS@ hou 5-4 
OFCurtis Granderson 0.0$2,700TOR@ det 4-7  0/2 2SO
OFDerek Dietrich^5 0.0$2,700MIA@ ari 2-6  0/4 2SO
OFDaniel Palka 0.0$2,700CHWv mil 0-5  0/1 SO
1BJ.D. Davis 0.0$2,600HOUv bos 4-5  0/1 SO
CDevin Mesoraco^5 0.0$2,600NYMv chc 1-7(F14)  0/3 SO
CMax Stassi^7 0.0$2,600HOUv bos 4-5  0/4 2SO
OFNick Williams^7 0.0$2,600PHI@ sfo 0-2  0/3
OFTony Kemp 0.0$2,600HOUv bos 4-5  0/3 SO
OFMark Trumbo^4 0.0$2,600BALv nyy 5-8  0/4 3SO
1BMatt Skole^4 0.0$2,500CHWv mil 0-5  0/2 2SO
CEvan Gattis^6 0.0$2,500HOUv bos 4-5  0/4
1BJi-Man Choi^6 0.0$2,500MIL@ chw 5-0  0/4 2SO
OFMallex Smith 0.0$2,500TAM@ sea 1-3  0/1
OFJohnny Field^5 0.0$2,400TAM@ sea 1-3  0/3 2SO
1BKendrys Morales^4 0.0$2,400TOR@ det 4-7  0/4 2SO
CKurt Suzuki 0.0$2,300ATLv was 3-5(F14)  0/1 SO
3BDavid Freese 0.0$2,300PIT@ stl 2-3  0/1
3BLuis Valbuena 0.0$2,300LAAv tex 2-3(F10)  0/1 SO
2BSean Rodriguez 0.0$2,300PIT@ stl 2-3 
OFCharlie Tilson^8 0.0$2,200CHWv mil 0-5  0/3 SO
OFAaron Altherr^4 0.0$2,200PHI@ sfo 0-2  0/3 SO
OFAbraham Almonte^7 0.0$2,200KANv oak 5-4  0/4 2SO
SSScott Kingery^2 0.0$2,100PHI@ sfo 0-2  0/4
SSYadiel Rivera 0.0$2,100MIA@ ari 2-6  0/1 SO
3BTommy La Stella 0.0$2,100CHC@ nym 7-1(F14)  0/1 SO
CMartin Maldonado^8 0.0$2,100LAAv tex 2-3(F10)  0/4 SO
SSOrlando Arcia^9 0.0$2,100MIL@ chw 5-0  0/4
OFDustin Fowler^7 0.0$2,100OAK@ kan 4-5  0/3
3BRyan Flaherty 0.0$2,100ATLv was 3-5(F14)  0/1 SO
OFPreston Tucker 0.0$2,100ATLv was 3-5(F14)  0/1 SO
1BJefry Marte^7 0.0$2,000LAAv tex 2-3(F10)  0/3 2SO E
OFJ.B. Shuck^8 0.0$2,000MIA@ ari 2-6  0/3
SSAledmys Diaz^7 0.0$2,000TOR@ det 4-7  0/4
OFRandal Grichuk^8 0.0$2,000TOR@ det 4-7  0/3
CJesus Sucre^9 0.0$2,000TAM@ sea 1-3  0/3 E
3BCory Spangenberg 0.0$2,000SDGv cin 8-2  0/1 SO
SSAdrian Sanchez 0.0$2,000WAS@ atl 5-3(F14)  0/1
CRoberto Perez^8 0.0$2,000CLE@ min 1-7  0/3 2SO
2BBrandon Dixon 0.0$2,000CIN@ sdg 2-8 
3BJose Reyes 0.0$2,000NYMv chc 1-7(F14)  0/1
CBlake Swihart^7 0.0$2,000BOS@ hou 5-4  0/4
CJonathan Lucroy 0.0$2,000OAK@ kan 4-5  0/1
OFPeter Bourjos 0.0$2,000ATLv was 3-5(F14)  0/1
3BAlex Blandino 0.0$2,000CIN@ sdg 2-8  0/1
CPedro Severino 0.0$2,000WAS@ atl 5-3(F14) 
2BJesmuel Valentin 0.0$2,000PHI@ sfo 0-2  0/1
OFAdam Engel^7 0.0$2,000CHWv mil 0-5  0/3 2SO
CElias Diaz^7 0.0$2,000PIT@ stl 2-3  0/3
OFSocrates Brito 0.0$2,000ARIv mia 6-2 
OFCarlos Tocci 0.0$2,000TEX@ laa 3-2(F10) 
Kaleb Cowart 0.0N/ALAAv tex 2-3(F10)  0/1 SO

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