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Fantasy Points for 4-Jul-2019
DraftKings Daily Baseball
Past week:   3-Jul   |   2-Jul   |   1-Jul   |   30-Jun   |   29-Jun   |   28-Jun   |   27-Jun   |

DFS salaries typically reflect only "all day" or "main" slates.
Salaries for single game contests are often different and are not reported below.
Starters are indicated by a ^ following the player’s name.
A number after the ^ indicates the player’s order in the batting lineup.
For data in semi-colon delimited text format, click here.

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Pitchers PointsSalaryTeam Opp. Score Stats Summary
PLuis Castillo^8 36.85$10,000CINv mil 1-0  7.2IP H BB 9K 2HB Win
PMatt Boyd^0 28.60$10,600DET@ chw 11-5  5.1IP 9H 4R 4ER 13K Win
PHyun-Jin Ryu^9 23.90$11,100LADv sdg 5-1  6.0IP 3H 3BB 5K Win
PJose Quintana^9 21.55$7,400CHC@ pit 11-3  7.0IP 6H 3R 3ER BB 6K Win
PLance Lynn^0 20.35$9,500TEXv laa 9-3  7.0IP 9H 2R 2ER 5K Win
PBrandon Woodruff^9 19.30$9,400MIL@ cin 0-1  6.0IP 7H R ER 6K Loss
PChris Stratton 16.75$5,800PITv chc 3-11  3.0IP 5K
PJames Happ^0 16.40$7,000NYY@ tam 8-4(F10)  5.1IP 3H R ER 3BB 5K
PYonny Chirinos^0 16.15$8,700TAMv nyy 4-8(F10)  7.0IP 5H 3R 3ER BB 5K
PDinelson Lamet^9 15.65$7,100SDG@ lad 1-5  5.0IP 3H 3R 3ER 2BB 7K HB Loss
PDaniel Poncedeleon 15.40$7,800STL@ sea 5-4  2.2IP BB 3K Win
PAnibal Sanchez^9 14.70$8,300WASv mia 5-2  6.0IP 5H 2R ER 3BB 2K Win
PAdam Cimber 14.05$4,000CLE@ kan 8-4  2.1IP H BB 3K Win
PJ.T. Chargois 13.75$4,200LADv sdg 5-1  1.2IP 5K
Gerardo Reyes 11.90N/ASDG@ lad 1-5  2.0IP H 4K
PElieser Hernandez^9 10.95$6,700MIA@ was 2-5  4.1IP 5H 3R 3ER BB 6K 2HB Loss
PWei-Chung Wang 10.65$4,000OAKv min 7-2  2.1IP BB K Win
PJeff Brigham 10.50$4,000MIA@ was 2-5  2.0IP 3K
PHomer Bailey^0 8.45$7,200KANv cle 4-8  5.0IP 6H 2R 2ER 2BB 3K
PA.J. Minter 8.25$4,000ATLv phi 12-6  1.0IP K Win
PMike Soroka^9 7.90$9,000ATLv phi 12-6  4.2IP 9H 4R 4ER 2BB 6K
PTanner Anderson^0 7.90$5,700OAKv min 7-2  4.2IP 9H 2R ER 2BB 3K
PJacob Faria 7.65$7,100TAMv nyy 4-8(F10)  1.0IP BB 3K
PTrevor May 7.65$4,500MIN@ oak 2-7  1.0IP H 3K
PEdgar Garcia 7.30$4,000PHI@ atl 6-12  2.0IP 2H 2R 2ER 4K
PJace Fry 7.05$5,000CHWv det 5-11  1.0IP H 3K HB
PNoe Ramirez 7.05$4,100LAA@ tex 3-9  1.0IP 2H 3K
PTaylor Cole 6.80$4,300LAA@ tex 3-9  2.2IP 2BB K
PThomas Pannone 6.75$7,700TORv bos 7-8  4.1IP 4H 4R 4ER BB 4K
PA.J. Cole 6.40$4,000CLE@ kan 8-4  1.1IP H 2K
PAndrew Kittredge 6.25$4,000TAMv nyy 4-8(F10)  1.0IP 2K
PBrandon Workman 6.10$4,100BOS@ tor 8-7  2.0IP 2H R ER 2BB K BS Win
PMatt Barnes 5.65$5,700BOS@ tor 8-7  1.0IP BB 2K Hold
PAndrew Miller 5.65$5,700STL@ sea 5-4  1.0IP H 2K Hold
PTanner Rainey 5.65$4,200WASv mia 5-2  1.0IP H 2K Hold
PMatt Carasiti^0 5.65$4,200SEAv stl 4-5  1.0IP H 2K
PLou Trivino 5.65$4,000OAKv min 7-2  1.0IP H 2K Hold
PJoakim Soria 5.65$4,000OAKv min 7-2  1.0IP H 2K
PTommy Milone 5.20$7,600SEAv stl 4-5  5.1IP 7H 5R 5ER BB 4K Loss
PTyler Clippard 5.15$4,700CLE@ kan 8-4  1.2IP H K
PShane Greene 5.05$4,000DET@ chw 11-5  1.0IP H BB 2K
PCory Gearrin 4.55$4,000SEAv stl 4-5  1.2IP H BB K
PTommy Kahnle 4.25$5,100NYY@ tam 8-4(F10)  1.0IP K Hold
PNick Kingham 4.25$4,800TORv bos 7-8  1.0IP K
PTyler Chatwood 4.25$4,600CHC@ pit 11-3  1.0IP K
PDan Altavilla 4.25$4,300SEAv stl 4-5  1.0IP K
PRyan Brasier 4.25$4,100BOS@ tor 8-7  1.0IP K Hold
PChris Martin 4.25$4,000TEXv laa 9-3  1.0IP K
PDylan Floro 4.25$4,000LADv sdg 5-1  1.0IP K
PTim Hill 4.25$4,000KANv cle 4-8  1.0IP K Hold
PCarlos Martinez 3.65$9,700STL@ sea 5-4  1.0IP H K Save
PBuck Farmer 3.65$6,700DET@ chw 11-5  1.0IP H K
PJoe Biagini 3.65$5,700TORv bos 7-8  1.0IP BB K
PKelvin Herrera 3.65$4,200CHWv det 5-11  1.0IP H R K
PChad Sobotka 3.65$4,200ATLv phi 12-6  1.0IP BB K Hold
PIan Kennedy 3.65$4,000KANv cle 4-8  1.0IP BB K
PJosh Taylor 3.65$4,000BOS@ tor 8-7  1.0IP H K
PAdam Kolarek 3.50$4,000TAMv nyy 4-8(F10)  0.2IP K
PJose Berrios^0 3.25$11,000MIN@ oak 2-7  5.0IP 6H 3R 3ER 3BB 2K HB Loss
PAroldis Chapman 3.25$4,000NYY@ tam 8-4(F10)  1.0IP 3H 2R 2ER 2BB 2K BS Win
PZack Littell 3.05$6,500MIN@ oak 2-7  1.0IP 2H K
PFernando Rodney 3.05$4,500WASv mia 5-2  1.0IP 2H K Save
PJose Alvarez 3.05$4,200PHI@ atl 6-12  1.0IP H BB K
PCorbin Burnes 2.90$6,800MIL@ cin 0-1  0.2IP H K
PAdam Ottavino 2.90$5,000NYY@ tam 8-4(F10)  0.2IP BB K Hold
PJonny Venters 2.90$4,000WASv mia 5-2  0.2IP BB K Hold
PAlex Claudio 2.75$4,000MIL@ cin 0-1  0.1IP K
PDavid Hernandez 2.75$4,000CINv mil 1-0  0.1IP K Hold
PJordan Lyles^9 2.40$7,800PITv chc 3-11  4.0IP 10H 7R 7ER BB 7K Loss
PSteve Cishek 2.25$4,500CHC@ pit 11-3  1.0IP
PDaniel Stumpf 2.25$4,000DET@ chw 11-5  1.0IP
PJunior Guerra 1.65$4,000MIL@ cin 0-1  1.0IP BB
PZack Britton 1.65$4,000NYY@ tam 8-4(F10)  1.0IP H Hold
PWily Peralta 1.65$4,000KANv cle 4-8  1.0IP H 2R
PLuke Jackson 1.65$4,000ATLv phi 12-6  1.0IP BB
PRaisel Iglesias 1.65$4,000CINv mil 1-0  1.0IP H Save
PJD Hammer 1.65$4,000PHI@ atl 6-12  1.0IP BB
PZach Rosscup 1.55$5,300LADv sdg 5-1  0.1IP 2H R K
PGriffin Canning^0 1.50$8,700LAA@ tex 3-9  3.1IP 7H 6R 6ER 3BB 6K Loss
PLuis Cessa 1.10$7,400NYY@ tam 8-4(F10)  0.2IP 2H R ER 2BB 2K
PKen Giles 1.05$4,000TORv bos 7-8  1.0IP H R ER BB K Loss
PJohn Gant 1.05$4,000STL@ sea 5-4  1.0IP 2H Hold
PGrant Dayton 0.90$4,800ATLv phi 12-6  0.2IP H R ER K
PJarlin Garcia 0.90$4,000MIA@ was 2-5  0.2IP H
PDavid Hale 0.75$4,800NYY@ tam 8-4(F10)  0.1IP Save
PJavy Guerra 0.75$4,000WASv mia 5-2  0.1IP Hold
PReynaldo Lopez^0 0.60$5,600CHWv det 5-11  5.1IP 9H 7R 6ER 3K E Loss
PJake Newberry 0.45$4,000KANv cle 4-8  1.0IP H 2BB
PZach Davies 0.00$5,900MIL@ cin 0-1  1.0IP 2H 2R 2ER BB
PNick Wittgren -0.35$4,000CLE@ kan 8-4  1.0IP H R ER
PJosh Osich -0.35$4,000CHWv det 5-11  1.0IP H R ER
PMatt Festa -1.20$4,000SEAv stl 4-5  0.0IP H BB BS
PWander Suero -1.20$4,000WASv mia 5-2  0.0IP 2H
PLogan Allen -1.55$9,200SDG@ lad 1-5  1.0IP 2H 2R ER HB
PAustin Davis -1.55$4,600PHI@ atl 6-12  1.0IP 2H 3R 3ER BB 2K
PLocke St. John -1.55$4,000TEXv laa 9-3  1.0IP H R ER 2BB
PZach Plesac^0 -1.60$9,000CLE@ kan 8-4  2.2IP 3H 3R 3ER 3BB K
PBlaine Hardy -1.70$4,000DET@ chw 11-5  0.2IP 2H R ER
PDerek Law^0 -1.70$4,000TORv bos 7-8  0.2IP 2H R ER
PColten Brewer -2.05$4,500BOS@ tor 8-7  1.2IP 3H 3R 3ER K
PJacob Webb -2.30$4,000ATLv phi 12-6  0.2IP 2H R ER HB
PEmilio Pagan -2.45$4,000TAMv nyy 4-8(F10)  0.1IP 2H 2R 2ER K
PLuis Garcia -2.75$6,900LAA@ tex 3-9  1.0IP 5H 3R 3ER 2K
PHector Velazquez^0 -2.95$5,000BOS@ tor 8-7  2.1IP 5H 3R 3ER 2BB K
PTim Mayza -2.95$4,300TORv bos 7-8  1.0IP H 2R 2ER BB BS
PAdam Conley -3.55$6,900MIA@ was 2-5  1.0IP 2H 2R 2ER BB
PJuan Minaya -4.30$4,300CHWv det 5-11  0.2IP 3H 2R 2ER
PZach Eflin^9 -4.65$8,100PHI@ atl 6-12  3.0IP 7H 7R 6ER 2BB 3K Loss
PMichael Wacha^0 -5.30$6,100STL@ sea 5-4  3.1IP 6H 4R 4ER 2BB
PClay Holmes -5.70$7,200PITv chc 3-11  2.0IP 5H 4R 4ER BB K HB
POliver Drake -7.80$4,600TAMv nyy 4-8(F10)  0.0IP H 3R 3ER 2BB Loss
PMike Morin -8.15$4,000MIN@ oak 2-7  1.0IP 3H 4R 4ER HB
PJorge Lopez-10.40$5,000KANv cle 4-8  0.0IP 4H 4R 4ER BS Loss

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Hitters PointsSalaryTeam Opp. Score Stats Summary
6Dansby Swanson^2 39.00$4,500ATLv phi 12-6  3/5 2R 5RBI 2B 2HR
6Marcus Semien^1 36.00$3,800OAKv min 7-2  2/4 2R 5RBI 2HR BB
2Danny Jansen^8 35.00$3,100TORv bos 7-8  3/4 3R 2RBI 2B 2HR
4Rougned Odor^8 34.00$3,900TEXv laa 9-3  2/4 2R 5RBI 2HR SO
57Kris Bryant^3 31.00$4,500CHC@ pit 11-3  4/5 3R RBI 2-2B HR
5Jose Ramirez^5 28.00$4,200CLE@ kan 8-4  2/5 2R 2RBI 2HR SO
2Willson Contreras^5 26.00$4,500CHC@ pit 11-3  3/5 R 3RBI 2B HR
4Ozzie Albies^8 25.00$4,200ATLv phi 12-6  2/3 2R 3RBI HR BB
56Robel Garcia^6 25.00$2,700CHC@ pit 11-3  3/5 R RBI 3B HR 2SO E
67Niko Goodrum^7 24.00$4,000DET@ chw 11-5  3/5 2R 2RBI HR
5Rafael Devers^2 23.00$5,300BOS@ tor 8-7  2/3 2R RBI HR 2BB SO
6Freddy Galvis^2 23.00$4,000TORv bos 7-8  2/5 2R 2RBI 2B HR 2SO
7Nomar Mazara^5 22.00$4,500TEXv laa 9-3  4/5 R 2RBI 2-2B SO
7Dexter Fowler^6 22.00$3,600STL@ sea 5-4  1/2 2R 2RBI HR 2BB
7Mike Trout^2 21.00$5,300LAA@ tex 3-9  2/4 2R RBI HR BB
3Freddie Freeman^3 21.00$5,000ATLv phi 12-6  2/5 2R RBI 2B HR 2SO
6Francisco Lindor^1 21.00$5,000CLE@ kan 8-4  2/4 R 3RBI BB SB
3Miguel Cabrera^3 21.00$3,700DET@ chw 11-5  2/5 2R RBI 2B HR
5Anthony Rendon^3 19.00$5,400WASv mia 5-2  2/4 R 2RBI HR
3Anthony Rizzo^4 19.00$4,600CHC@ pit 11-3  2/4 2R RBI 3B BB SO
7Bryce Harper^3 19.00$4,300PHI@ atl 6-12  2/3 R RBI BB HBP SB
7Nick Markakis^5 19.00$3,900ATLv phi 12-6  3/4 R RBI 3-2B SO
2Cam Gallagher^8 19.00$2,300KANv cle 4-8  2/4 2R RBI HR E
45Jose Rondon^6 19.00$2,100CHWv det 5-11  2/4 R 2RBI HR SO
34Max Muncy^5 18.00$5,100LADv sdg 5-1  1/3 2R RBI HR HBP SO E
2Gary Sanchez^3 18.00$4,700NYY@ tam 8-4(F10)  1/5 R 3RBI HR SO
34Michael Chavis^8 18.00$4,000BOS@ tor 8-7  1/4 R 3RBI HR 2SO
7Eloy Jimenez^5 18.00$3,800CHWv det 5-11  1/4 R 3RBI HR 2SO SF
2Chris Herrmann^8 18.00$3,200OAKv min 7-2  4/4 R RBI 2B E
7Victor Reyes^1 17.00$3,300DET@ chw 11-5  2/5 2R RBI SO SB
6J.P. Crawford^2 16.00$4,700SEAv stl 4-5  1/4 R 2RBI HR
6Tim Beckham^6 16.00$3,900SEAv stl 4-5  1/3 R RBI HR BB SO
37Gerardo Parra^2 16.00$3,700WASv mia 5-2  2/4 R 2RBI 2-2B SO
6Miguel Rojas^1 16.00$3,600MIA@ was 2-5  1/5 R 2RBI HR SO
2Matt Wieters^9 16.00$3,400STL@ sea 5-4  1/3 R RBI HR BB
7Albert Almora^8 16.00$3,300CHC@ pit 11-3  1/5 2R RBI HR
7Nelson Cruz^3 15.00$5,200MIN@ oak 2-7  3/5 2R 2B SO CS
7Shin-Soo Choo^1 15.00$4,600TEXv laa 9-3  2/5 R 2B SO SB
7Cody Bellinger^4 14.00$5,600LADv sdg 5-1  1/4 R RBI HR SO
2Kurt Suzuki^6 14.00$4,500WASv mia 5-2  1/4 R RBI HR
7Avisail Garcia^4 14.00$4,400TAMv nyy 4-8(F10)  1/4 RBI 2B BB SO SB
3Edwin Encarnacion^5 14.00$4,400NYY@ tam 8-4(F10)  1/5 R RBI HR 2SO
7Leury Garcia^1 14.00$4,100CHWv det 5-11  4/5 R SO
5Josh Donaldson^4 14.00$4,000ATLv phi 12-6  1/5 R RBI HR SO
5Jeimer Candelario^5 14.00$3,400DET@ chw 11-5  1/5 R RBI HR 2SO
45Harold Castro^6 14.00$3,100DET@ chw 11-5  2/5 2R RBI 2B SO
4Marco Hernandez 14.00$3,100BOS@ tor 8-7  1/1 R RBI HR
56Sean Rodriguez 14.00$3,000PHI@ atl 6-12  1/1 R RBI HR
7J.D. Martinez^4 13.00$4,400BOS@ tor 8-7  3/4 R RBI
7Jesse Winker^1 13.00$4,000CINv mil 1-0  3/3 R 2B
7Christian Yelich^2 12.00$5,800MIL@ cin 0-1  1/3 2B HBP SB
3Carlos Santana^3 12.00$5,100CLE@ kan 8-4  2/3 2B 2BB
2James McCann^4 12.00$4,300CHWv det 5-11  2/5 2R 2B 2SO
7Nick Castellanos^2 12.00$4,300DET@ chw 11-5  2/5 2RBI 2B
7Victor Robles^8 12.00$4,200WASv mia 5-2  1/3 R HBP SO SB
7Joey Gallo^4 11.00$5,700TEXv laa 9-3  1/3 2R 2BB 2SO
7Tyler Naquin^9 11.00$3,700CLE@ kan 8-4  1/3 R RBI 2B BB
7Christin Stewart^4 11.00$3,600DET@ chw 11-5  1/4 R RBI 2B HBP SO
7Robbie Grossman^7 11.00$3,500OAKv min 7-2  3/4 R
46Luis Rengifo^9 11.00$3,100LAA@ tex 3-9  3/4 2B E
4Starlin Castro^4 11.00$2,900MIA@ was 2-5  3/5 2B
6Elvis Andrus^3 10.00$4,900TEXv laa 9-3  2/5 R 2B SO
7Mallex Smith^1 10.00$4,600SEAv stl 4-5  2/4 R 2B SO
45Tommy Edman^1 10.00$4,200STL@ sea 5-4  2/4 2RBI 2SO
6Jean Segura^2 10.00$4,100PHI@ atl 6-12  2/5 2R SO E
3Bobby Bradley^8 10.00$3,400CLE@ kan 8-4  2/3 R 2B SO E
2Kevin Plawecki^7 10.00$3,000CLE@ kan 8-4  2/3 R BB CS
57Brandon Drury^9 10.00$2,700TORv bos 7-8  2/4 R 2B
7Ronald Acuna^1 9.00$5,400ATLv phi 12-6  1/4 2R BB 2SO
45D.J. LeMahieu^1 9.00$5,400NYY@ tam 8-4(F10)  1/5 R 2RBI 2SO
7Tommy Pham^2 9.00$4,500TAMv nyy 4-8(F10)  1/3 R 2BB
7Joc Pederson^1 9.00$4,300LADv sdg 5-1  1/3 RBI 2B HBP 2SO
3Rhys Hoskins^4 9.00$4,300PHI@ atl 6-12  1/4 RBI 2B BB 3SO
7Aaron Hicks^2 9.00$4,200NYY@ tam 8-4(F10)  1/4 RBI 2B BB SO
7Byron Buxton^9 9.00$4,100MIN@ oak 2-7  0/2 2BB SB
7Kyle Schwarber^1 9.00$4,100CHC@ pit 11-3  1/4 RBI 2B BB 2SO
7Terrance Gore^9 9.00$4,000KANv cle 4-8  1/3 R 2B BB
3Justin Smoak^5 9.00$3,900TORv bos 7-8  1/3 2B 2BB SO
5Jung Ho Kang^7 9.00$3,400PITv chc 3-11  1/3 R RBI 2B SO
45Joey Wendle^7 9.00$3,100TAMv nyy 4-8(F10)  1/5 R RBI 2B 2SO
47Cavan Biggio^4 8.00$4,700TORv bos 7-8  0/2 R 3BB SO
7Austin Meadows^3 8.00$4,700TAMv nyy 4-8(F10)  2/5 2B 2SO
46Kevin Newman^1 8.00$4,700PITv chc 3-11  2/4 R
7Jose Martinez^2 8.00$3,900STL@ sea 5-4  2/4 2B
7Tyler O'Neill^5 8.00$3,900STL@ sea 5-4  2/4 R SO
35Cheslor Cuthbert^6 8.00$3,700KANv cle 4-8  2/4 2B SO
3Eric Hosmer^2 8.00$3,700SDG@ lad 1-5  2/4 RBI SO
5Asdrubal Cabrera^7 8.00$3,600TEXv laa 9-3  0/2 R RBI 2BB SO SF
56Ehire Adrianza^6 8.00$3,600MIN@ oak 2-7  2/3 RBI SO
2Jorge Alfaro^5 8.00$3,400MIA@ was 2-5  2/5 2B SO
3Nate Lowe 8.00$2,800TAMv nyy 4-8(F10)  0/1 2R 2BB SO
6Javier Baez^2 7.00$5,000CHC@ pit 11-3  1/5 2RBI 2SO
47Whit Merrifield^1 7.00$4,900KANv cle 4-8  1/5 R RBI 2SO
4Eric Sogard^1 7.00$4,800TORv bos 7-8  1/5 RBI 2B SO
3Dan Vogelbach^4 7.00$4,700SEAv stl 4-5  1/3 RBI BB SO
6Xander Bogaerts^3 7.00$4,700BOS@ tor 8-7  1/5 R RBI SO
57Scott Kingery^1 7.00$4,300PHI@ atl 6-12  1/4 R BB SO
4Cesar Hernandez^7 7.00$3,800PHI@ atl 6-12  1/4 2RBI 2SO
2J.T. Realmuto^5 7.00$3,700PHI@ atl 6-12  1/5 R RBI SO
7Khris Davis^4 7.00$3,600OAKv min 7-2  1/4 R BB SO
3Rowdy Tellez^6 7.00$3,600TORv bos 7-8  1/5 2RBI SO
2Travis d'Arnaud^8 7.00$3,600TAMv nyy 4-8(F10)  1/4 RBI BB SO
46Mike Freeman 7.00$3,500CLE@ kan 8-4  1/1 R 2B
3Mike Ford^7 7.00$3,500NYY@ tam 8-4(F10)  1/2 R BB
2Elias Diaz^8 7.00$3,500PITv chc 3-11  1/2 RBI 2B SO SF
67J.T. Riddle^7 7.00$3,400MIA@ was 2-5  1/3 R BB
7Mike Tauchman^8 7.00$3,100NYY@ tam 8-4(F10)  1/3 R RBI SO
6Jordy Mercer^9 7.00$3,000DET@ chw 11-5  1/4 R 2B SO
23John Hicks^8 7.00$2,300DET@ chw 11-5  1/5 2RBI SO
6Trea Turner^1 6.00$5,300WASv mia 5-2  0/2 R BB HBP
7Shohei-hitter Ohtani^3 6.00$5,200LAA@ tex 3-9  2/5
7Domingo Santana^3 6.00$5,000SEAv stl 4-5  2/4
67Chris Taylor^7 6.00$4,400LADv sdg 5-1  0/2 R RBI BB 2SO SF
37Jay Bruce^6 6.00$4,200PHI@ atl 6-12  2/5
47Kike Hernandez 6.00$4,000LADv sdg 5-1  2/2
7Jorge Soler^5 6.00$4,000KANv cle 4-8  0/2 RBI 2BB
45David Bote^7 6.00$3,900CHC@ pit 11-3  0/4 R RBI HBP 4SO
3Ryan Zimmerman^5 6.00$3,800WASv mia 5-2  2/4 SO
4Jonathan Schoop^7 6.00$3,700MIN@ oak 2-7  2/4
6Fernando Tatis Jr.^1 5.00$5,100SDG@ lad 1-5  1/4 R SO
5Miguel Sano^5 5.00$5,000MIN@ oak 2-7  1/3 BB SO
47Danny Santana^2 5.00$4,900TEXv laa 9-3  1/5 RBI 2SO
35Yandy Diaz^1 5.00$4,900TAMv nyy 4-8(F10)  1/5 BB SO
6Raul Mondesi^2 5.00$4,800KANv cle 4-8  1/5 RBI SO
5Yoan Moncada^2 5.00$4,700CHWv det 5-11  1/4 BB 3SO E
7Yasiel Puig^4 5.00$4,700CINv mil 1-0  1/4 RBI
7Max Kepler^1 5.00$4,600MIN@ oak 2-7  1/5 2B SO
56Manny Machado^3 5.00$4,300SDG@ lad 1-5  1/3 BB SO
3Joey Votto^2 5.00$4,200CINv mil 1-0  1/3 BB
7Willie Calhoun^6 5.00$4,200TEXv laa 9-3  1/3 BB
4Dee Gordon^9 5.00$4,000SEAv stl 4-5  1/4 R SO
4Keston Hiura^4 5.00$4,000MIL@ cin 0-1  1/3 HBP SO
7Kole Calhoun^1 5.00$3,900LAA@ tex 3-9  1/5 RBI SO
7Brett Gardner^9 5.00$3,900NYY@ tam 8-4(F10)  1/4 R 2SO
7Cesar Puello^2 5.00$3,900MIA@ was 2-5  1/3 BB
3Paul Goldschmidt^4 5.00$3,800STL@ sea 5-4  1/4 2B 2SO
56Dylan Moore^8 5.00$3,500SEAv stl 4-5  1/2 BB CS
6Andrelton Simmons^4 5.00$3,500LAA@ tex 3-9  1/4 RBI
37Matt Beaty^6 5.00$3,500LADv sdg 5-1  1/2 R
7Harrison Bader^8 5.00$3,000STL@ sea 5-4  1/3 R SO
7Guillermo Heredia^9 5.00$2,900TAMv nyy 4-8(F10)  1/4 BB SO
35Jose Osuna^6 4.00$4,800PITv chc 3-11  0/3 R BB
7Aaron Judge 4.00$4,600NYY@ tam 8-4(F10)  R BB
5Matt Chapman^2 4.00$4,500OAKv min 7-2  0/4 R BB SO
7Mookie Betts^1 4.00$4,500BOS@ tor 8-7  0/4 R BB
5Giovanny Urshela 4.00$3,800NYY@ tam 8-4(F10)  R BB
7Jackie Bradley^7 4.00$3,600BOS@ tor 8-7  0/4 R RBI 3SO
2Brian McCann^7 4.00$3,400ATLv phi 12-6  0/3 R BB SO
4Jurickson Profar^9 4.00$3,300OAKv min 7-2  0/3 R HBP SO
7Jarrett Parker^8 4.00$3,000LAA@ tex 3-9  0/3 R BB 2SO
7Starling Marte^3 3.00$5,100PITv chc 3-11  1/4 SO
7Nick Senzel^6 3.00$4,800CINv mil 1-0  1/3
3Matt Olson^3 3.00$4,500OAKv min 7-2  1/5 SO
37Garrett Cooper^3 3.00$4,400MIA@ was 2-5  1/5 2SO
34Derek Dietrich^5 3.00$4,400CINv mil 1-0  1/3 SO
3Jose Abreu^3 3.00$4,200CHWv det 5-11  1/5 3SO
37Mark Canha^5 3.00$4,100OAKv min 7-2  1/4 SO
3Austin Nola^7 3.00$4,000SEAv stl 4-5  1/4
6Didi Gregorius^4 3.00$4,000NYY@ tam 8-4(F10)  1/5 SO CS
7Harold Ramirez^6 3.00$3,800MIA@ was 2-5  1/5
2Jason Castro^8 3.00$3,800MIN@ oak 2-7  1/4 SO
47Luis Arraez^4 3.00$3,800MIN@ oak 2-7  1/5
6Willy Adames^6 3.00$3,800TAMv nyy 4-8(F10)  1/5 2SO
7Melky Cabrera^5 3.00$3,700PITv chc 3-11  1/4
7Franmil Reyes^4 3.00$3,700SDG@ lad 1-5  1/4 SO
4Brad Miller^8 3.00$3,600PHI@ atl 6-12  1/4
7Teoscar Hernandez^7 3.00$3,400TORv bos 7-8  1/4
46Jose Peraza^7 3.00$3,100CINv mil 1-0  1/3
2Jonathan Lucroy^7 3.00$3,000LAA@ tex 3-9  1/4
7Charlie Tilson^9 3.00$2,800CHWv det 5-11  1/4 SO
4Yolmer Sanchez^7 3.00$2,800CHWv det 5-11  1/1
2Jeff Mathis^9 3.00$2,000TEXv laa 9-3  1/4 2SO
3Josh Bell^4 2.00$5,600PITv chc 3-11  0/3 RBI SF
35Hunter Dozier^4 2.00$4,700KANv cle 4-8  0/3 BB SO
7Oscar Mercado^2 2.00$4,500CLE@ kan 8-4  0/4 R SO S
7Austin Riley^6 2.00$4,500ATLv phi 12-6  0/3 BB 3SO
7Alex Verdugo^2 2.00$4,300LADv sdg 5-1  0/3 RBI SF
2Christian Vazquez^6 2.00$4,000BOS@ tor 8-7  0/3 BB
7Delino DeShields Jr. 2.00$4,000TEXv laa 9-3  0/1 R SO
37Charlie Culberson 2.00$3,800ATLv phi 12-6  0/1 R
4Jason Kipnis^4 2.00$3,800CLE@ kan 8-4  0/4 RBI SO SF
7Ramon Laureano^6 2.00$3,800OAKv min 7-2  0/3 HBP SO
5Maikel Franco 2.00$3,600PHI@ atl 6-12  BB
3Neil Walker 2.00$3,600MIA@ was 2-5  0/1 BB
7Matt Joyce 2.00$3,500ATLv phi 12-6  BB
4Brian Dozier^7 2.00$3,500WASv mia 5-2  0/3 BB 2SO E
7Wil Myers^6 2.00$3,300SDG@ lad 1-5  0/3 BB 2SO
2Russell Martin^8 2.00$3,100LADv sdg 5-1  0/2 BB SO
3Jesus Aguilar 2.00$3,000MIL@ cin 0-1  BB
4Ian Kinsler^7 2.00$2,600SDG@ lad 1-5  0/2 BB E
35Yadiel Rivera^8 2.00$2,300MIA@ was 2-5  0/2 BB SO E
7Juan Soto^4 0.00$5,500WASv mia 5-2  0/4 3SO
47Lourdes Gurriel^3 0.00$5,500TORv bos 7-8  0/5 SO
34Howie Kendrick 0.00$5,200WASv mia 5-2  0/1
46Gleyber Torres^6 0.00$4,900NYY@ tam 8-4(F10)  0/4 2SO
3Eric Thames^5 0.00$4,800MIL@ cin 0-1  0/4 SO
7Bryan Reynolds^2 0.00$4,800PITv chc 3-11  0/4 2SO
5Eugenio Suarez^3 0.00$4,600CINv mil 1-0  0/4 2SO
3Matt Adams 0.00$4,600WASv mia 5-2  0/1
45Mike Moustakas^3 0.00$4,600MIL@ cin 0-1  0/4 2SO
2Yasmani Grandal^1 0.00$4,600MIL@ cin 0-1  0/4 2SO
6Jorge Polanco^2 0.00$4,500MIN@ oak 2-7  0/5 3SO
4Adam Frazier 0.00$4,500PITv chc 3-11  0/1
5Justin Turner^3 0.00$4,400LADv sdg 5-1  0/4 2SO
2Omar Narvaez^5 0.00$4,400SEAv stl 4-5  0/4 2SO
7Alex Gordon^3 0.00$4,200KANv cle 4-8  0/4 SO
6Paul DeJong^3 0.00$4,100STL@ sea 5-4  0/4
57Brian Anderson 0.00$4,100MIA@ was 2-5  0/1
5Colin Moran 0.00$4,100PITv chc 3-11  0/1 SO
3Justin Bour^5 0.00$4,100LAA@ tex 3-9  0/4 SO
5Vladimir Guerrero Jr. 0.00$3,900TORv bos 7-8  0/1
7Hunter Renfroe^5 0.00$3,900SDG@ lad 1-5  0/4 2SO
5Kyle Seager 0.00$3,800SEAv stl 4-5  0/1
7Phillip Ervin 0.00$3,800CINv mil 1-0  0/1 SO
7Lane Thomas 0.00$3,800STL@ sea 5-4  0/1 SO
7Ben Gamel^7 0.00$3,800MIL@ cin 0-1  0/3 2SO
45Yairo Munoz^7 0.00$3,800STL@ sea 5-4  0/4 SO
4Kolten Wong 0.00$3,800STL@ sea 5-4  0/1
7Kyle Garlick 0.00$3,700LADv sdg 5-1  0/1
7Curtis Granderson 0.00$3,600MIA@ was 2-5  0/1 SO
6Orlando Arcia^8 0.00$3,600MIL@ cin 0-1  0/3
37Jake Bauers^6 0.00$3,500CLE@ kan 8-4  0/4 SO
45Greg Garcia 0.00$3,500SDG@ lad 1-5  0/1 SO
4Brock Holt^5 0.00$3,400BOS@ tor 8-7  0/2
6Jose Iglesias 0.00$3,400CINv mil 1-0 
2Curt Casali^9 0.00$3,200CINv mil 1-0  0/3 2SO
4Nicky Lopez^7 0.00$3,200KANv cle 4-8  0/4 SO
6Tyler Saladino^6 0.00$3,100MIL@ cin 0-1  0/3 SO
3Matt Thaiss^6 0.00$3,100LAA@ tex 3-9  0/4 2SO
45Eduardo Nunez 0.00$2,900BOS@ tor 8-7  0/2
7Daniel Palka 0.00$2,800CHWv det 5-11  0/3 2SO
2Francisco Mejia 0.00$2,600SDG@ lad 1-5  0/1 SO
7Ryan Cordell^8 0.00$2,400CHWv det 5-11  0/4 SO
2Andrew Knapp 0.00$2,300PHI@ atl 6-12  0/1 SO
2Austin Hedges^8 0.00$2,200SDG@ lad 1-5  0/3 SO
2Sandy Leon^9 0.00$2,100BOS@ tor 8-7  0/3
Michael Brosseau^5 0.00N/ATAMv nyy 4-8(F10)  0/2

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