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Fantasy Points for 5-Jan-2019
FanDuel Salary Cap NBA Basketball
Past week:   4-Jan   |   3-Jan   |   2-Jan   |   1-Jan   |   31-Dec   |   30-Dec   |   29-Dec   |

Starters are indicated by a ^ following the player’s name.
Active players not appearing in a game are listed as DNP.
Inactive players are denoted as NA.
Player salaries are only for the 'Full Roster' game style at FanDuel.

To sort players by game, click here
For data in semi-colon delimited format, click here.
Or try downloading this fuller set of season-long data.

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Guards FD PointsSalaryTeamOpp. ScoreMin   Stats
SGHarden, James^53.5$13,000hou@ por 101-11036:59   38pt 5rb 7as 1st 1bl 7to 5trey 13-35fg 7-7ft
PGCurry, Stephen^51$10,100gsw@ sac 127-12338:29   42pt 5rb 2as 2st 6to 10trey 14-26fg 4-4ft
SGMitchell, Donovan^49.5$7,400uta@ det 110-10538:15   26pt 5rb 5as 3st 1bl 2to 1trey 10-21fg 5-6ft
PGSimmons, Ben^49.3$9,200phiv dal 106-10035:48   20pt 14rb 11as 4to 9-17fg 2-6ft
SGHield, Buddy^44$7,100sacv gsw 123-12734:51   32pt 5rb 4as 8trey 12-21fg
PGLillard, Damian^43$9,000porv hou 110-10136:12   17pt 5rb 12as 2st 4to 2trey 5-15fg 5-6ft
SGBogdanovic, Bogdan^42.7$6,300sacv gsw 123-12734:58   17pt 6rb 7as 3st 1to 3trey 5-17fg 4-5ft
PGVanVleet, Fred^42$5,300tor@ mil 123-11635:14   21pt 5rb 8as 1bl 5trey 6-12fg 4-4ft
SGHoliday, Jrue^41.5$8,600nor@ cle 133-9826:59   22pt 5rb 3as 2st 1bl 4trey 9-13fg
PGBrunson, Jalen39.2$3,600dal@ phi 100-10625:44   13pt 11rb 8as 1st 2to 1trey 4-14fg 4-4ft
SGMcCollum, C.J.^37.8$6,700porv hou 110-10140:01   24pt 4rb 4as 1st 3trey 9-21fg 3-4ft
SGClarkson, Jordan36.3$5,200clev nor 98-13324:10   23pt 4rb 3as 1st 1bl 2to 3trey 8-17fg 4-5ft
SGDoncic, Luka^35.6$7,800dal@ phi 100-10626:19   14pt 8rb 4as 2st 1trey 4-16fg 5-10ft
SGBrogdon, Malcolm^35.1$5,700milv tor 116-12333:26   15pt 3rb 5as 1st 2bl 1trey 5-11fg 4-4ft
SGThompson, Klay^32.8$7,600gsw@ sac 127-12339:30   20pt 4rb 2as 1st 1bl 1to 3trey 8-15fg 1-2ft
PGBledsoe, Eric^32.6$7,200milv tor 116-12332:18   14pt 3rb 8as 2st 3to 2trey 4-9fg 4-5ft
SGMiddleton, Khris^31.9$7,500milv tor 116-12332:05   14pt 2rb 9as 1st 1to 2trey 6-13fg 0-1ft
SGRedick, J.J.^30.4$5,600phiv dal 106-10033:33   20pt 2rb 2as 2st 1to 2trey 8-14fg 2-3ft
PGWhite, Derrick^27.8$6,400sasv mem 108-8827:02   19pt 4rb 1st 1bl 2to 1trey 8-9fg 2-2ft
SGDeRozan, DeMar^26.8$8,900sasv mem 108-8834:17   12pt 9rb 4as 1st 5to 3-10fg 6-7ft
SGGreen, Danny^26.8$4,100tor@ mil 123-11640:26   12pt 9rb 1st 1bl 2to 2trey 5-7fg
SGJones, Jalen26$3,500clev nor 98-13327:49   15pt 5rb 3st 4to 1trey 7-13fg 0-2ft
PGConley, Mike^25.7$8,400mem@ sas 88-10825:20   21pt 1rb 3as 1to 3trey 7-12fg 4-4ft
PGGraham, Devonte'^25.6$4,000cha@ den 110-12326:28   10pt 3rb 8as 2trey 3-9fg 2-2ft
PGRubio, Ricky^25.4$6,900uta@ det 110-10529:35   18pt 2rb 4as 1st 4to 1trey 6-13fg 5-5ft
PGMills, Patty24.4$3,600sasv mem 108-8823:34   15pt 2rb 4as 1st 2to 3trey 5-6fg 2-3ft
PGWalker, Kemba^24.3$8,900cha@ den 110-12333:18   20pt 4rb 3as 5to 1trey 6-17fg 7-9ft
PGMurray, Jamal^23.7$8,000denv cha 123-11031:42   8pt 6rb 7as 2to 2trey 3-13fg
SGBullock, Reggie^23.6$4,200detv uta 105-11039:01   19pt 3rb 2as 2to 5trey 7-14fg
SGRivers, Austin^22.7$4,300hou@ por 101-11042:07   21pt 1rb 1as 1to 5trey 8-15fg
SGBurks, Alec^22.6$4,500clev nor 98-13335:36   8pt 3rb 6as 1st 1to 2trey 2-9fg 2-2ft
PGFox, De'Aaron^22.5$8,500sacv gsw 123-12731:05   8pt 7as 2st 2to 3-12fg 2-2ft
SGBrown, Bruce^22.1$3,500detv uta 105-11034:50   12pt 3rb 7as 4to 3-7fg 6-6ft
PGPayton, Elfrid^21.5$6,200nor@ cle 133-9823:40   13pt 3as 2st 2to 1trey 5-8fg 2-2ft
PGMcConnell, T.J.21.2$4,900phiv dal 106-10029:21   6pt 1rb 4as 3st 1to 2-5fg 2-4ft
PGCarter, Jevon21.1$3,500mem@ sas 88-10822:40   6pt 3rb 3as 3st 2to 2trey 2-8fg
SGIguodala, Andre20.7$4,300gsw@ sac 127-12325:35   7pt 6rb 3as 1bl 1to 1trey 3-9fg
SGMatthews, Wes^20.4$4,900dal@ phi 100-10624:03   18pt 2rb 4trey 7-11fg
SGKorkmaz, Furkan^20.2$3,700phiv dal 106-10027:49   7pt 6rb 4as 1trey 2-8fg 2-2ft
SGCraig, Torrey^20.1$4,100denv cha 123-11028:35   12pt 3rb 1as 1bl 2trey 4-7fg 2-4ft
PGHill, George19.9$3,800milv tor 116-12328:20   11pt 2rb 1as 2st 1to 1trey 2-4fg 6-6ft
SGMonk, Malik19.6$4,100cha@ den 110-12322:15   16pt 3rb 2as 3to 2trey 6-11fg 2-2ft
PGSexton, Collin^18.6$5,400clev nor 98-13330:41   15pt 3rb 2as 3to 2trey 5-12fg 3-4ft
PGJackson, Frank18.5$3,500nor@ cle 133-9818:30   6pt 5rb 3as 1st 1to 3-8fg
PGJackson, Reggie^16.9$5,600detv uta 105-11025:28   12pt 2rb 3as 2to 2trey 4-10fg 2-2ft
SGBrooks, Dillon15.5$3,700mem@ sas 88-10816:42   15pt 1as 1to 3trey 6-11fg 0-1ft
SGMilton, Shake14.4$3,500phiv dal 106-10010:42   6pt 2rb 2bl 1trey 2-4fg 1-1ft
SGBelinelli, Marco14.3$3,800sasv mem 108-8819:07   9pt 4rb 1as 1to 2-6fg 5-5ft
PGCook, Quinn13.9$3,500gsw@ sac 127-1239:31   10pt 2rb 1as 3trey 3-6fg 1-1ft
SGClark, Ian13.9$3,500nor@ cle 133-987:24   8pt 2rb 1as 1bl 1to 2trey 3-5fg
PGExum, Dante13.9$4,100uta@ det 110-1058:08   4pt 2rb 5as 1-1fg 2-2ft
SGMorris, Monte13.7$4,200denv cha 123-11015:05   8pt 1rb 1as 1st 2trey 2-7fg 2-2ft
SGBrown, Sterling13.4$3,500milv tor 116-12314:26   11pt 2rb 3trey 4-7fg
PGForbes, Bryn^13.2$4,700sasv mem 108-8830:05   7pt 1rb 2as 1st 1to 1trey 2-7fg 2-2ft
PGShamet, Landry12.7$3,500phiv dal 106-10023:36   7pt 1rb 1as 1st 1trey 3-6fg
PGFerrell, Yogi12.7$3,600sacv gsw 123-12716:55   5pt 1rb 3as 1st 1to 1trey 2-4fg
SGKorver, Kyle12.4$3,700uta@ det 110-10514:22   8pt 2rb 1bl 1to 2trey 3-4fg
SGTemple, Garrett^11.4$3,900mem@ sas 88-10829:46   7pt 2rb 2as 1st 4to 1trey 3-11fg
PGCurry, Seth10.2$3,800porv hou 110-10122:42   5pt 1rb 1st 1bl 2to 1trey 2-6fg
PGFrazier, Tim9.7$3,600nor@ cle 133-9819:44   3pt 1rb 3as 1bl 2to 1trey 1-2fg
SGBeasley, Malik9.4$4,400denv cha 123-11022:29   4pt 2rb 1bl 2-4fg
PGSmith Jr., Dennis^8.2$5,500dal@ phi 100-10622:16   2pt 1rb 4as 1to 1-5fg
PGCalderon, Jose7.7$3,500detv uta 105-11022:32   7pt 1rb 1as 2to 1trey 3-6fg
SGKennard, Luke7.4$3,800detv uta 105-11013:16   2pt 2rb 1st 1-5fg
SGHoliday, Justin7.4$5,300mem@ sas 88-10820:35   2pt 2rb 2as 1-7fg
SGWright, Delon7.2$3,800tor@ mil 123-11613:48   0pt 1rb 2as 1st 0-4fg
SGMcLemore, Ben7$3,500sacv gsw 123-12711:16   5pt 1st 1to 1trey 2-3fg
PGNeto, Raul7$3,500uta@ det 110-10512:29   4pt 1st 2-3fg
PGKnight, Brandon7$3,500hou@ por 101-11013:13   7pt 1trey 3-7fg 0-1ft
PGParker, Tony4.7$3,700cha@ den 110-12316:20   2pt 1rb 3as 3to 1-2fg
SGMcCaw, Patrick4.2$3,500clev nor 98-13316:54   0pt 1rb 1st 0-2fg
SGPondexter, Quincy3.9$3,500sasv mem 108-882:13   0pt 2rb 1as 0-1fg
SGSnell, Tony3.9$3,600milv tor 116-12313:21   0pt 2rb 1as
SGGalloway, Langston0$3,500detv uta 105-1103:04   0pt 0-1fg
PGLivingston, Shaun0$3,600gsw@ sac 127-1233:47   0pt
PGGoodwin, Brandon0$3,500denv cha 123-11000:54   0pt
SGEvans III, Jacob0$3,500gsw@ sac 127-123DNP  
SGMason III, Frank0$3,500sacv gsw 123-127DNP  
SGSimons, Anfernee0$3,500porv hou 110-101DNP  
PGBrown, Lorenzo0$3,500tor@ mil 123-116DNP  
PGMack, Shelvin0$3,600mem@ sas 88-108DNP  
SGTrent Jr., Gary0$3,500porv hou 110-101DNP  
SGConnaughton, Pat0$3,600milv tor 116-123DNP  
SGStauskas, Nik0$3,500porv hou 110-101DNP  
SGThomas, Khyri0$3,500detv uta 105-110DNP  
PGLowry, Kyle0$8,100tor@ mil 123-116DNP  
SGMacura, J.P.0$3,500cha@ den 110-123DNP  
PGJackson, Demetrius0$3,500phiv dal 106-100DNP  
PGHarris, Devin0$3,500dal@ phi 100-106DNP  
PGDellavedova, Matthew0$3,500clev nor 98-133DNP  
PGCarter-Williams, Michael0$3,600hou@ por 101-110DNP  
PGChealey, Joe0$3,500cha@ den 110-123NA  
PGMurray, Dejounte0$3,500sasv mem 108-88NA  
PGBaldwin, Wade0$3,500porv hou 110-101NA  
SGRichardson, Malachi0$3,500tor@ mil 123-116NA  
SGAllen, Grayson0$3,500uta@ det 110-105NA  
SGShumpert, Iman0$4,300sacv gsw 123-127NA  
SGFultz, Markelle0$3,500phiv dal 106-100NA  
PGPaul, Chris0$8,500hou@ por 101-110NA  
SGLamb, Jeremy0$5,800cha@ den 110-123NA  
SGWalker, Lonnie0$3,600sasv mem 108-88NA  
SGSmith, J.R.0$3,500clev nor 98-133NA  
SGMitrou-Long, Nazareth0$3,500uta@ det 110-105NA  
PGDuval, Trevon0$3,500milv tor 116-123NA  
SGLee, Damion0$3,500gsw@ sac 127-123NA  
SGSmith, Zhaire0$3,500phiv dal 106-100NA  
SGBluiett, Trevon0$3,500nor@ cle 133-98NA  
SGMorris, Jaylen0$3,500milv tor 116-123NA  
PGMacon, Daryl0$3,500dal@ phi 100-106NA  
PGHarrison, Andrew0$3,500nor@ cle 133-98NA  
SGGordon, Eric0$6,000hou@ por 101-110NA  
SGButler, Jimmy0$7,900phiv dal 106-100NA  
PGLoyd, Jordan0$3,500tor@ mil 123-116NA  
PGBarea, Jose0$4,600dal@ phi 100-106NA  
PGThomas, Isaiah0$3,500denv cha 123-110NA  
SGDiVincenzo, Donte0$3,500milv tor 116-123NA  
SGNwaba, David0$3,500clev nor 98-133NA  
PGSmith, Ishmael0$3,500detv uta 105-110NA  
PGEvans, Keenan0$3,500detv uta 105-110NA  
SGLofton, Zach0$3,500detv uta 105-110NA  

Jump to:     Guards   |   Forwards   |   Centers   |   Unlisted   |
Forwards FD PointsSalaryTeamOpp. ScoreMin   Stats
SFAntetokounmpo, Giannis^67.6$12,400milv tor 116-12339:38   43pt 18rb 4as 1st 6to 3trey 16-25fg 8-11ft
SFLeonard, Kawhi^59.2$10,200tor@ mil 123-11638:01   30pt 6rb 6as 5st 2to 2trey 8-16fg 12-15ft
PFGriffin, Blake^56.5$9,100detv uta 105-11039:27   34pt 10rb 5as 2st 3to 3trey 13-21fg 5-6ft
SFDurant, Kevin^53.5$10,000gsw@ sac 127-12338:54   29pt 5rb 9as 2bl 1to 3trey 11-20fg 4-5ft
PFDavis, Anthony^53.5$13,100nor@ cle 133-9828:35   20pt 10rb 3as 4st 2bl 1to 6-12fg 8-10ft
PFSiakam, Pascal^45.3$7,000tor@ mil 123-11638:50   30pt 4rb 3as 2bl 3trey 11-15fg 5-7ft
PFIbaka, Serge^43.3$6,600tor@ mil 123-11635:45   25pt 9rb 5as 1bl 3to 1trey 11-17fg 2-3ft
PFMillsap, Paul39.7$6,200denv cha 123-11027:29   18pt 6rb 3as 4st 2to 1trey 7-14fg 3-4ft
SFJackson, Justin37.5$3,600sacv gsw 123-12734:14   28pt 5rb 1as 1st 1to 5trey 10-14fg 3-3ft
PFAldridge, LaMarcus^36.9$8,700sasv mem 108-8830:58   18pt 2rb 7as 2st 5-9fg 8-10ft
PFGreen, Draymond^36.9$7,000gsw@ sac 127-12331:57   12pt 7rb 7as 1st 2bl 3to 1trey 5-7fg 1-1ft
PFJackson, Jaren^34.9$6,300mem@ sas 88-10833:41   15pt 7rb 1as 4st 2to 1trey 5-8fg 4-5ft
SFHarris, Gary34.7$4,800denv cha 123-11025:30   17pt 6rb 5as 1st 3trey 7-15fg 0-1ft
PFFavors, Derrick^32.5$6,500uta@ det 110-10528:15   13pt 5rb 3as 1st 2bl 1trey 3-8fg 6-7ft
SFBjelica, Nemanja^32.3$6,500sacv gsw 123-12732:50   12pt 9rb 3as 2st 1to 2trey 5-9fg
PFWilliams, Marvin^32.2$5,500cha@ den 110-12334:18   16pt 6rb 3st 1bl 3to 3trey 6-15fg 1-2ft
SFBatum, Nicolas^31.9$4,800cha@ den 110-12333:32   11pt 7rb 3as 2st 1bl 1to 3trey 4-6fg
PFBolden, Jonah^31.3$3,600phiv dal 106-10029:03   11pt 9rb 3as 2bl 1to 4-8fg 3-6ft
SFTurner, Evan^29.6$3,600porv hou 110-10130:50   14pt 3rb 4as 1st 1bl 6-11fg 2-2ft
SFOsman, Cedi^27.7$4,800clev nor 98-13332:54   13pt 1rb 5as 3st 3to 2trey 5-12fg 1-1ft
PFPowell, Dwight27.3$4,100dal@ phi 100-10617:14   13pt 4rb 1as 1st 2bl 1to 5-6fg 3-5ft
SFAnderson, Kyle^27.3$6,100mem@ sas 88-10828:57   7pt 4rb 3as 2st 2bl 1to 3-6fg 1-2ft
SFGay, Rudy^25.6$5,700sasv mem 108-8824:45   9pt 8rb 2as 2st 2to 1trey 4-12fg
SFIngles, Joe^25.3$5,800uta@ det 110-10532:41   16pt 4rb 1as 1st 1bl 3to 2trey 6-11fg 2-3ft
SFCrowder, Jae22.5$4,800uta@ det 110-10525:52   4pt 5rb 3as 3st 1to 1-8fg 2-3ft
SFBertans, Davis22$4,000sasv mem 108-8821:02   4pt 5rb 2as 2st 1bl 1trey 1-5fg 1-2ft
PFLyles, Trey21$3,700denv cha 123-11014:04   9pt 5rb 2as 1st 1trey 2-5fg 4-4ft
SFHouse, Danuel^20.8$4,700hou@ por 101-11026:13   7pt 4rb 2st 1bl 1trey 3-6fg
PFBroekhoff, Ryan20.7$3,500dal@ phi 100-10621:41   15pt 1rb 3as 1bl 3to 3trey 6-8fg
PFAminu, Al-Farouq^20.6$5,900porv hou 110-10129:54   7pt 8rb 2as 1st 2to 1trey 3-6fg
SFMoore, E'Twaun^19.7$4,400nor@ cle 133-9827:16   10pt 1rb 3as 2st 2to 1trey 3-6fg 3-3ft
PFGreen, JaMychal19$4,600mem@ sas 88-10829:07   8pt 10rb 1st 4to 1trey 2-8fg 3-3ft
SFMiller, Darius18.7$4,200nor@ cle 133-9822:45   14pt 1rb 1as 1st 1to 4trey 4-6fg 2-3ft
PFNance, Larry^17.2$6,000clev nor 98-13325:57   6pt 6rb 2as 1st 2to 2-7fg 2-2ft
SFPowell, Norman16.2$3,900tor@ mil 123-11615:19   2pt 1rb 4as 2st 1bl 2to 0-5fg 2-2ft
SFKidd-Gilchrist, Michael16$3,500cha@ den 110-12316:03   7pt 5rb 2as 2-4fg 3-4ft
SFSefolosha, Thabo15.6$3,700uta@ det 110-1058:51   6pt 3rb 2st 2-4fg 2-2ft
SFGreen, Gerald15.4$3,900hou@ por 101-11028:26   13pt 2rb 1bl 3to 1trey 6-10fg
PFJerebko, Jonas14.6$3,600gsw@ sac 127-12313:11   2pt 8rb 1st 1-5fg
SFLayman, Jake14.4$3,500porv hou 110-10121:35   9pt 2rb 1st 1trey 3-7fg 2-2ft
PFKleber, Maxi14.4$3,700dal@ phi 100-10621:41   6pt 7rb 3-6fg
SFBarnes, Harrison^14$5,900dal@ phi 100-10626:19   7pt 5rb 2as 2to 2-9fg 3-4ft
PFTucker, P.J.^13.8$4,400hou@ por 101-11033:31   0pt 4rb 2as 2st 0-1fg
PFFrye, Channing13$3,500clev nor 98-13319:49   8pt 2as 1bl 1to 2trey 3-8fg
SFJohnson, Stanley11.6$3,500detv uta 105-11014:22   4pt 3rb 1st 1bl 2to 1-5fg 2-2ft
PFGiles, Harry11.3$3,600sacv gsw 123-12712:19   2pt 4rb 3as 1-4fg
PFLeonard, Meyers11.2$3,500porv hou 110-10114:04   2pt 6rb 2as 1to 1-4fg
PFCollins, Zach10.6$3,500porv hou 110-10113:16   7pt 3rb 1trey 3-6fg
PFIlyasova, Ersan8.9$3,600milv tor 116-12313:23   3pt 2rb 1as 1st 1to 1trey 1-5fg
PFDiallo, Cheick7.6$3,500nor@ cle 133-988:42   5pt 3rb 1to 2-2fg 1-2ft
PFWilson, D.J.4.4$3,500milv tor 116-1238:55   0pt 2rb 1st 1to 0-1fg
SFAnunoby, OG4.4$3,600tor@ mil 123-11616:41   3pt 2rb 1to 1trey 1-6fg
SFCunningham, Dante3.5$3,500sasv mem 108-887:42   2pt 1as 1-3fg
SFFinney-Smith, Dorian3.4$3,900dal@ phi 100-10623:57   4pt 2rb 3to 2-8fg
SFMcKinnie, Alfonzo3.2$3,500gsw@ sac 127-1237:44   0pt 1rb 2as 1to 0-2fg
SFBridges, Miles3.2$3,600cha@ den 110-12312:07   2pt 1rb 1-1fg
SFO'Neale, Royce2.4$3,500uta@ det 110-1058:30   0pt 2rb
PFLeuer, Jon2.4$3,500detv uta 105-11010:28   0pt 2rb 0-3fg
PFEubanks, Drew2$3,500sasv mem 108-882:13   2pt 2-2ft
SFEnnis, James2$3,800hou@ por 101-11011:53   2pt 1-2fg
SFHernangomez, Juan^1.4$4,900denv cha 123-11019:45   0pt 2rb 1to 0-3fg
PFRabb, Ivan0$3,500mem@ sas 88-10800:52   0pt
SFLydon, Tyler0$3,500denv cha 123-11000:54   0pt
SFBacon, Dwayne0$3,600cha@ den 110-123DNP  
PFBoucher, Chris0$3,500tor@ mil 123-116DNP  
PFJohnson, Amir0$3,700phiv dal 106-100DNP  
SFHood, Rodney0$4,500clev nor 98-133DNP  
PFKaminsky, Frank0$3,600cha@ den 110-123DNP  
SFHarkless, Maurice0$5,400porv hou 110-101DNP  
SFCasspi, Omri0$3,500mem@ sas 88-108DNP  
SFJohnson, Wesley0$3,500nor@ cle 133-98DNP  
SFClark, Gary0$3,500hou@ por 101-110DNP  
SFRobinson III, Glenn0$3,500detv uta 105-110DNP  
SFMiles, C.J.0$3,500tor@ mil 123-116DNP  
PFChriss, Marquese0$3,500hou@ por 101-110DNP  
PFLabissiere, Skal0$3,500sacv gsw 123-127DNP  
PFSmith, Jason0$3,500milv tor 116-123DNP  
PFNiang, Georges0$3,500uta@ det 110-105DNP  
PFAntetokounmpo, Kostas0$3,500dal@ phi 100-106NA  
PFWilliams, Kenrich0$3,500nor@ cle 133-98NA  
PFBagley, Marvin0$6,400sacv gsw 123-127NA  
SFAnthony, Carmelo0$3,500hou@ por 101-110NA  
SFVanderbilt, Jarred0$3,500denv cha 123-110NA  
PFSpalding, Ray0$3,500dal@ phi 100-106NA  
PFGabriel, Wenyen0$3,500sacv gsw 123-127NA  
PFMetu, Chimezie0$3,500sasv mem 108-88NA  
PFDerrickson, Marcus0$3,500gsw@ sac 127-123NA  
SFParsons, Chandler0$3,500mem@ sas 88-108NA  
SFBlossomgame, Jaron0$3,500clev nor 98-133NA  
SFWilliams, Troy0$3,500sacv gsw 123-127NA  
PFNowitzki, Dirk0$3,500dal@ phi 100-106NA  
SFMoore, Ben0$3,500sasv mem 108-88NA  
PFSwanigan, Caleb0$3,500porv hou 110-101NA  
PFPorter, Michael0$4,000denv cha 123-110NA  
PFHartenstein, Isaiah0$3,500hou@ por 101-110NA  
PFWood, Christian0$3,500milv tor 116-123NA  
SFWatanabe, Yuta0$3,500mem@ sas 88-108NA  
PFRandolph, Zach0$3,500sacv gsw 123-127NA  
SFChandler, Wilson0$4,000phiv dal 106-100NA  
SFBarton, Will0$6,700denv cha 123-110NA  
SFMirotic, Nikola0$6,400nor@ cle 133-98NA  
PFHenson, John0$3,500clev nor 98-133NA  
PFEllenson, Henry0$3,600detv uta 105-110NA  
PFCavanaugh, Tyler0$3,500uta@ det 110-105NA  
SFEdwards, Vincent0$3,500hou@ por 101-110NA  
PFLove, Kevin0$3,500clev nor 98-133NA  
PFStokes, Jarnell0$3,500mem@ sas 88-108NA  
SFHill, Solomon-1$3,500nor@ cle 133-984:03   0pt 1to

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Centers FD PointsSalaryTeamOpp. ScoreMin   Stats
CJokic, Nikola^72.4$10,300denv cha 123-11034:16   39pt 12rb 6as 3st 1bl 2to 3trey 16-29fg 4-5ft
CEmbiid, Joel^50.9$11,500phiv dal 106-10034:43   25pt 12rb 5as 1st 1bl 2to 1trey 7-17fg 10-11ft
CRandle, Julius^49.4$8,400nor@ cle 133-9832:57   22pt 12rb 8as 1st 2to 1trey 8-14fg 5-5ft
CNurkic, Jusuf^47.5$9,100porv hou 110-10131:26   25pt 15rb 3as 11-18fg 3-6ft
CCapela, Clint^46.2$8,600hou@ por 101-11034:26   13pt 21rb 2as 2bl 1to 5-8fg 3-4ft
CDrummond, Andre^45.6$9,000detv uta 105-11037:32   15pt 18rb 3st 1bl 3to 7-10fg 1-4ft
CCauley-Stein, Willie^43.6$7,300sacv gsw 123-12731:32   14pt 13rb 6as 2st 1to 6-13fg 2-4ft
CBiyombo, Bismack^40.4$3,600cha@ den 110-12330:04   16pt 12rb 2st 2bl 2to 7-10fg 2-3ft
CThompson, Tristan^34.2$6,100clev nor 98-13326:10   10pt 11rb 2as 2st 1bl 1to 4-8fg 2-2ft
CGasol, Marc^30.2$8,300mem@ sas 88-10825:27   6pt 11rb 6as 1st 1bl 4to 2-9fg 2-2ft
CGobert, Rudy^28.7$8,800uta@ det 110-10526:41   9pt 11rb 3as 1bl 1to 4-7fg 1-4ft
CPlumlee, Mason^28.1$5,000denv cha 123-11019:17   8pt 3rb 5as 3bl 4-5fg
CLooney, Kevon^23.9$4,500gsw@ sac 127-12323:30   5pt 7rb 3as 2bl 2-2fg 1-1ft
COkafor, Jahlil22.3$3,500nor@ cle 133-9819:25   10pt 4rb 1as 2bl 3-5fg 4-4ft
CPoeltl, Jakob22.2$3,800sasv mem 108-8817:02   11pt 6rb 2as 1bl 2to 5-5fg 1-2ft
CJordan, DeAndre^22.1$6,800dal@ phi 100-10630:46   8pt 8rb 5as 3to 4-5fg
CHernangomez, Guillermo17.5$5,100cha@ den 110-12315:35   10pt 5rb 1as 3-7fg 4-4ft
CHilario, Nene8.1$3,500hou@ por 101-11013:12   0pt 3rb 1as 1st
CMuscala, Mike8.1$3,600phiv dal 106-10015:25   4pt 3rb 1as 1to 2-5fg
CLopez, Brook^6.4$6,000milv tor 116-12324:08   5pt 2rb 1to 1trey 2-6fg
CUdoh, Ekpe3.2$3,600uta@ det 110-1056:21   2pt 1rb 1-2fg
CNoah, Joakim2.4$3,500mem@ sas 88-1086:53   1pt 2rb 1to 0-2fg 1-2ft
CBell, Jordan2.4$3,600gsw@ sac 127-1237:52   0pt 2rb 0-1fg
CMonroe, Greg0.2$3,900tor@ mil 123-1165:56   0pt 1rb 1to
CMejri, Salah0$3,500dal@ phi 100-106DNP  
CGasol, Pau0$3,900sasv mem 108-88DNP  
CKoufos, Kosta0$3,500sacv gsw 123-127DNP  
CMaker, Thon0$3,600milv tor 116-123DNP  
CPachulia, Zaza0$3,500detv uta 105-110DNP  
CPatton, Justin0$3,500phiv dal 106-100DNP  
CZeller, Cody0$5,200cha@ den 110-123NA  
CJones, Damian0$3,900gsw@ sac 127-123NA  
CBradley, Tony0$3,500uta@ det 110-105NA  
CValanciunas, Jonas0$5,000tor@ mil 123-116NA  
CWelsh, Thomas0$3,500denv cha 123-110NA  
CZizic, Ante0$3,700clev nor 98-133NA  
CCousins, DeMarcus0$3,500gsw@ sac 127-123NA  

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