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Fantasy Points for 26-Nov-2019
FanDuel Salary Cap NBA Basketball
Past week:   25-Nov   |   24-Nov   |   23-Nov   |   22-Nov   |   21-Nov   |   20-Nov   |   19-Nov   |

Starters are indicated by a ^ following the player’s name.
Active players not appearing in a game are listed as DNP.
Inactive players are denoted as NA.
Player salaries are only for the 'Full Roster' game style at FanDuel.

To sort players by game, click here
For data in semi-colon delimited format, click here.

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Guards FD PointsSalaryTeamOpp. ScoreMin   Stats
PGDoncic, Luka^42.6$12,500dalv lac 99-11434:31   22pt 8rb 6as 3st 7to 4-14fg 14-16ft
SGWilliams, Louis32.2$7,200lac@ dal 114-9933:29   21pt 6rb 6as 5to 4trey 7-14fg 3-4ft
SGMcRae, Jordan31.3$3,700was@ den 104-11723:53   21pt 4rb 3as 1st 2to 3trey 9-16fg
PGMurray, Jamal^28.4$7,800denv was 117-10424:56   16pt 2rb 2as 3st 1bl 5to 7-12fg 2-2ft
SGBeal, Bradley^26.8$9,700was@ den 104-11729:39   14pt 4rb 6as 1st 4to 2trey 6-15fg 0-2ft
PGMorris, Monte24.1$3,700denv was 117-10423:04   10pt 3rb 5as 1bl 4-9fg 2-2ft
SGHarris, Gary^21.8$4,500denv was 117-10428:22   11pt 4rb 2as 1st 1trey 4-11fg 2-2ft
PGBarea, Jose18.9$3,800dalv lac 99-11416:21   12pt 2rb 1as 1st 2trey 5-11fg
SGBeasley, Malik17.8$3,500denv was 117-10418:52   9pt 4rb 2as 1st 2to 1trey 3-5fg 2-2ft
PGBeverley, Patrick^15.4$5,700lac@ dal 114-9920:49   3pt 2rb 4as 1st 1bl 2to 1trey 1-6fg
PGCurry, Seth14.4$3,500dalv lac 99-11418:32   13pt 2rb 1to 3trey 5-8fg
SGMcGruder, Rodney13.5$3,600lac@ dal 114-9922:13   4pt 5rb 1as 1st 1to 2-4fg
PGSmith, Ishmael10.1$4,200was@ den 104-11720:18   2pt 3rb 3as 1-6fg
PGBrunson, Jalen8.2$3,600dalv lac 99-11413:00   4pt 1rb 4as 3to 1-6fg 2-2ft
SGWright, Delon7.3$4,300dalv lac 99-11417:54   4pt 4rb 1as 3to 1-3fg 2-2ft
PGRobinson, Jerome5.9$3,500lac@ dal 114-9910:14   2pt 2rb 1as 1-2fg 0-2ft
PGThomas, Isaiah^3$5,200was@ den 104-11721:51   3pt 2as 3to 1-8fg 1-2ft
SGMann, Terance0$3,500lac@ dal 114-993:00   0pt 0-1fg
PGChiozza, Chris0$3,500was@ den 104-1171:49   0pt
SGLee, Courtney0$3,600dalv lac 99-114DNP  
SGCraig, Torrey0$3,900denv was 117-104DNP  
SGDozier, PJ0$3,500denv was 117-104NA  
PGWalton Jr., Derrick0$3,500lac@ dal 114-99NA  
SGCleveland, Antonius0$3,500dalv lac 99-114NA  
SGReaves, Josh0$3,500dalv lac 99-114NA  
PGRobinson, Justin0$3,500was@ den 104-117NA  
SGMathews, Garrison0$3,500was@ den 104-117NA  
PGShamet, Landry0$3,800lac@ dal 114-99NA  

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Forwards FD PointsSalaryTeamOpp. ScoreMin   Stats
SFGeorge, Paul^49.8$9,500lac@ dal 114-9929:25   26pt 4rb 2as 6st 2to 4trey 8-21fg 6-6ft
PFLeonard, Kawhi^44.6$10,200lac@ dal 114-9928:28   28pt 8rb 4as 1st 2to 1trey 11-21fg 5-5ft
SFBarton, Will^38.6$6,700denv was 117-10437:01   17pt 8rb 8as 1bl 3to 2trey 7-13fg 1-1ft
PFPorzingis, Kristaps^34.5$8,500dalv lac 99-11430:17   15pt 10rb 1as 2st 1bl 3to 3trey 4-13fg 4-8ft
PFGrant, Jerami32.3$3,700denv was 117-10428:11   20pt 4rb 1as 2st 1trey 7-13fg 5-7ft
SFBertans, Davis23$6,000was@ den 104-11722:32   14pt 5rb 1bl 3trey 3-9fg 5-7ft
PFGreen, JaMychal21.1$3,800lac@ dal 114-9923:17   5pt 8rb 1as 2bl 1to 1trey 2-6fg
SFBrown Jr., Troy^20.8$3,700was@ den 104-11722:49   12pt 4rb 2as 1st 2to 5-8fg 2-2ft
SFHardaway Jr., Tim^19.7$5,400dalv lac 99-11429:28   8pt 1rb 1as 3st 1trey 3-8fg 1-1ft
PFMillsap, Paul^19.1$6,600denv was 117-10419:49   8pt 3rb 1as 2bl 3-9fg 2-3ft
SFHarkless, Maurice^18.2$3,800lac@ dal 114-9920:13   2pt 6rb 2as 2st 0-2fg 2-6ft
PFHachimura, Rui^17.8$5,000was@ den 104-11722:01   7pt 4rb 2as 1st 1trey 3-10fg
SFMiles, C.J.15.2$3,500was@ den 104-11721:17   5pt 1rb 2as 2st 1-7fg 3-5ft
SFFinney-Smith, Dorian^14.5$4,400dalv lac 99-11427:58   7pt 5rb 1as 1trey 2-5fg 2-2ft
PFKleber, Maxi9.2$4,200dalv lac 99-11417:30   0pt 6rb 1bl 1to 0-2fg
SFHernangomez, Juan7.6$3,500denv was 117-10411:45   3pt 3rb 2as 2to 1trey 1-2fg
SFJackson, Justin4.8$3,500dalv lac 99-1142:08   0pt 4rb
SFBonga, Isaac4.7$3,500was@ den 104-1175:51   2pt 1rb 1as 1-1fg
PFPatterson, Patrick1.2$3,500lac@ dal 114-993:00   0pt 1rb 0-1fg 0-2ft
PFPorter, Michael0$3,500denv was 117-104DNP  
PFBroekhoff, Ryan0$3,500dalv lac 99-114NA  
PFCoffey, Amir0$3,500lac@ dal 114-99NA  
PFRoby, Isaiah0$3,500dalv lac 99-114NA  
SFVanderbilt, Jarred0$3,500denv was 117-104NA  
SFSchofield, Admiral0$3,500was@ den 104-117NA  
PFMotley, Johnathan0$3,500lac@ dal 114-99NA  
SFKabengele, Mfiondu0$3,500lac@ dal 114-99NA  
SFCancar, Vlatko0$3,500denv was 117-104NA  

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Centers FD PointsSalaryTeamOpp. ScoreMin   Stats
CJokic, Nikola^36.5$10,800denv was 117-10424:53   8pt 20rb 5as 3to 4-8fg
CBryant, Thomas^34.6$6,800was@ den 104-11722:45   10pt 8rb 2as 2st 2bl 4-7fg 2-2ft
CPlumlee, Mason28.9$4,100denv was 117-10423:07   15pt 7rb 3as 1st 1bl 5to 7-8fg 1-4ft
CHarrell, Montrezl23.9$7,600lac@ dal 114-9928:00   12pt 7rb 1as 1st 1to 5-12fg 2-2ft
CWagner, Moritz22.9$4,500was@ den 104-11725:15   14pt 2rb 3as 1st 1to 1trey 6-8fg 1-1ft
CPowell, Dwight^22.1$4,600dalv lac 99-11424:15   10pt 3rb 1as 3st 2to 1trey 4-5fg 1-2ft
CZubac, Ivica^19.4$4,200lac@ dal 114-9917:52   11pt 7rb 4-7fg 3-3ft
CMarjanovic, Boban4$3,600dalv lac 99-1148:06   4pt 1-4fg 2-2ft
CMahinmi, Ian0$3,500was@ den 104-117NA  
CBol, Bol0$3,500denv was 117-104NA  

Jump to:     Guards   |   Forwards   |   Centers   |   Unlisted   |
Unlisted FD PointsSalaryTeamOpp. ScoreMin   Stats

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