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Fantasy Points for 4-Nov-2019
FanDuel Salary Cap NBA Basketball
Past week:   3-Nov   |   2-Nov   |   1-Nov   |   31-Oct   |   30-Oct   |   29-Oct   |   28-Oct   |

Starters are indicated by a ^ following the player’s name.
Active players not appearing in a game are listed as DNP.
Inactive players are denoted as NA.
Player salaries are only for the 'Full Roster' game style at FanDuel.

To sort players by game, click here
For data in semi-colon delimited format, click here.

Jump to:     Guards   |   Forwards   |   Centers   |   Unlisted   |
Guards FD PointsSalaryTeamOpp. ScoreMin   Stats
SGHarden, James^68$11,000hou@ mem 107-10037:15   44pt 10rb 6as 2st 1bl 6to 7trey 12-28fg 13-18ft
PGIrving, Kyrie^61.3$9,700bknv nor 135-12534:33   39pt 4rb 9as 3st 5to 2trey 13-21fg 11-11ft
PGLillard, Damian^49.4$10,300por@ gsw 118-12737:18   39pt 2rb 4as 1bl 1to 5trey 15-26fg 4-4ft
SGBooker, Devin^49.3$8,500phov phi 114-10932:05   40pt 4rb 3as 1bl 3to 3trey 15-19fg 7-7ft
SGHoliday, Jrue^43.9$8,300nor@ bkn 125-13534:00   15pt 7rb 3as 4st 2bl 2to 1trey 7-17fg
SGBrown, Bruce^43.9$3,900det@ was 99-11536:39   14pt 7rb 7as 2st 3bl 4to 1trey 5-12fg 3-5ft
PGRubio, Ricky^43.4$6,800phov phi 114-10933:36   21pt 7rb 10as 1to 3trey 6-14fg 6-6ft
PGBledsoe, Eric^41.8$6,300mil@ min 134-10623:37   22pt 9rb 6as 1st 3to 1trey 8-14fg 5-6ft
SGMiddleton, Khris^39.6$7,300mil@ min 134-10627:03   26pt 3rb 4as 2st 2to 4trey 9-15fg 4-4ft
PGMorant, Ja^38$7,700memv hou 100-10728:23   23pt 5rb 6as 1st 3to 1trey 10-16fg 2-4ft
PGSimmons, Ben^38$9,500phi@ pho 109-11435:37   6pt 5rb 6as 7st 4to 2-8fg 2-2ft
SGLeVert, Caris^35.9$6,500bknv nor 135-12535:08   23pt 7rb 5as 3to 4trey 9-19fg 1-3ft
SGBrooks, Dillon^35.3$4,400memv hou 100-10731:43   17pt 9rb 1as 2st 7-18fg 3-4ft
SGBeal, Bradley^35$9,600wasv det 115-9932:22   22pt 5rb 6as 1st 5to 1trey 8-17fg 5-8ft
SGHart, Josh^32.9$5,900nor@ bkn 125-13530:49   14pt 7rb 1as 4st 3to 2trey 6-13fg
PGBowman, Ky^32.8$4,400gswv por 127-11837:15   19pt 4rb 8as 3to 1trey 9-14fg
SGWiggins, Andrew^32.6$6,900minv mil 106-13430:38   25pt 3rb 2bl 2to 4trey 10-21fg 1-2ft
SGLee, Damion31.3$3,900gswv por 127-11829:10   18pt 4rb 3as 2st 2to 4-8fg 10-11ft
SGDiVincenzo, Donte30.9$3,800mil@ min 134-10620:15   17pt 7rb 1as 1st 1bl 2to 3trey 6-11fg 2-4ft
PGJones, Tyus30$3,900memv hou 100-10725:21   10pt 5rb 4as 3st 1to 4-9fg 2-2ft
PGNapier, Shabazz29.6$4,000minv mil 106-13424:36   10pt 3rb 4as 4st 2to 2trey 4-12fg
SGPoole, Jordan^29.1$3,900gswv por 127-11830:32   16pt 3rb 5as 1bl 1to 2trey 3-16fg 8-8ft
SGTemple, Garrett27.4$3,800bknv nor 135-12525:48   13pt 2rb 4as 1st 1bl 3trey 4-6fg 2-3ft
SGKorkmaz, Furkan^27$3,800phi@ pho 109-11433:41   20pt 5rb 2as 2to 4trey 6-13fg 4-5ft
PGThomas, Isaiah^26.4$5,300wasv det 115-9924:26   9pt 2rb 6as 1st 1bl 1trey 4-12fg
SGMcCollum, C.J.^24.2$6,700por@ gsw 118-12733:37   14pt 1rb 6as 2trey 6-16fg
PGSimons, Anfernee23.9$3,600por@ gsw 118-12719:07   14pt 2rb 1as 2st 1trey 5-10fg 3-3ft
PGTeague, Jeff^20.9$6,200minv mil 106-13418:05   10pt 2rb 3as 1st 1bl 2to 3-7fg 4-4ft
SGAnderson, Kyle20.5$4,500memv hou 100-10724:52   10pt 5rb 1as 1st 4-9fg 2-2ft
PGBall, Lonzo^19.9$7,400nor@ bkn 125-13520:52   15pt 2rb 3as 2to 3trey 6-10fg
SGRedick, J.J.19.2$4,300nor@ bkn 125-13521:04   12pt 1rb 1st 1bl 3trey 4-9fg 1-2ft
SGMcLemore, Ben18.5$3,500hou@ mem 107-10030:02   12pt 3as 1st 1to 3trey 3-11fg 3-4ft
PGJackson, Frank16$4,100nor@ bkn 125-13524:39   12pt 2as 2st 5to 1trey 4-9fg 3-3ft
SGMatthews, Wes^15.4$4,100mil@ min 134-10621:50   8pt 2rb 2st 1to 2trey 3-6fg
SGRichardson, Josh^15.1$6,100phi@ pho 109-11438:25   8pt 3rb 5as 4to 1trey 3-11fg 1-2ft
SGGalloway, Langston14.5$3,800det@ was 99-11522:04   10pt 1as 1bl 2trey 4-8fg
SGGraham, Treveon^14.4$3,800minv mil 106-13422:57   3pt 2rb 2as 2st 1trey 1-5fg
PGSmith, Ishmael13.9$4,500wasv det 115-9920:24   6pt 2rb 5as 2to 3-9fg
PGDinwiddie, Spencer12.7$5,900bknv nor 135-12520:44   7pt 1rb 3as 1st 3to 1trey 3-8fg
SGSnell, Tony^12.2$3,900det@ was 99-11533:51   11pt 1rb 3trey 4-14fg
PGRivers, Austin11.1$3,500hou@ mem 107-10023:53   7pt 3rb 1as 1to 1trey 3-9fg
SGMykhailiuk, Sviatoslav9.5$3,500det@ was 99-11527:13   6pt 3as 1to 2trey 2-5fg
PGHill, George8.7$4,200mil@ min 134-10616:56   7pt 1rb 1as 1to 1trey 2-4fg 2-2ft
PGCarter, Jevon8.4$3,800phov phi 114-10910:13   0pt 2rb 2st 0-2fg
PGJohnson, Tyler8.2$3,500phov phi 114-10920:27   8pt 1rb 1to 4-7fg
SGConnaughton, Pat7.7$3,800mil@ min 134-10616:02   0pt 6rb 1as 1to 0-2fg
SGTrent Jr., Gary5.7$3,500por@ gsw 118-1275:12   0pt 1rb 1as 1st 0-2fg
SGGuduric, Marko5.2$3,500memv hou 100-10717:10   4pt 1rb 1st 3to 2-6fg
SGKorver, Kyle4.4$3,500mil@ min 134-10617:09   3pt 2rb 1to 1trey 1-5fg 0-1ft
PGNeto, Raul4.2$3,500phi@ pho 109-11412:23   2pt 1rb 2as 2to 1-2fg
SGBrown, Sterling1.2$3,500mil@ min 134-1063:38   0pt 1rb
SGAlexander-Walker, Nickeil0$4,000nor@ bkn 125-1354:17   0pt 0-2fg
PGClemons, Chris0$3,500hou@ mem 107-1002:58   0pt
SGThomas, Khyri0$3,500det@ was 99-1151:54   0pt
PGRobinson, Justin0$3,500wasv det 115-991:54   0pt 0-1fg
SGWatanabe, Yuta0$3,500memv hou 100-107DNP  
PGWestbrook, Russell0$10,700hou@ mem 107-100DNP  
SGPinson, Theo0$3,500bknv nor 135-125DNP  
SGKonchar, John0$3,500memv hou 100-107DNP  
SGOkobo, Elie0$3,500phov phi 114-109DNP  
SGNwaba, David0$3,500bknv nor 135-125DNP  
SGRussell, D'Angelo0$9,400gswv por 127-118DNP  
PGMelton, De'Anthony0$3,500memv hou 100-107DNP  
PGBurke, Trey0$3,600phi@ pho 109-114DNP  
SGEvans III, Jacob0$3,500gswv por 127-118NA  
PGMason III, Frank0$3,500mil@ min 134-106NA  
PGJackson, Reggie0$4,600det@ was 99-115NA  
SGReynolds, Cameron0$3,500mil@ min 134-106NA  
PGCurry, Stephen0$9,000gswv por 127-118NA  
PGFrazier, Tim0$3,500det@ was 99-115NA  
PGMilton, Shake0$3,500phi@ pho 109-114NA  
SGAllen, Grayson0$3,600memv hou 100-107NA  
SGRose, Derrick0$5,800det@ was 99-115NA  
PGMcLaughlin, Jordan0$3,500minv mil 106-134NA  
PGChiozza, Chris0$3,500wasv det 115-99NA  
SGJerome, Ty0$3,700phov phi 114-109NA  
SGLuwawu, Timothe0$3,500bknv nor 135-125NA  
SGMcRae, Jordan0$3,700wasv det 115-99NA  
SGIguodala, Andre0$4,400memv hou 100-107NA  
PGNowell, Jaylen0$3,500minv mil 106-134NA  
PGGray, Josh0$3,500nor@ bkn 125-135NA  
PGLecque, Jalen0$3,500phov phi 114-109NA  
PGHarper, Jared0$3,500phov phi 114-109NA  
SGMathews, Garrison0$3,500wasv det 115-99NA  
SGShayok, Marial0$3,500phi@ pho 109-114NA  
SGSmith, Zhaire0$3,500phi@ pho 109-114NA  
PGBone, Jordan-1$3,500det@ was 99-1151:54   0pt 1to 0-1fg

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Forwards FD PointsSalaryTeamOpp. ScoreMin   Stats
SFAntetokounmpo, Giannis^58$12,000mil@ min 134-10626:42   34pt 15rb 6as 3to 14-19fg 6-11ft
SFIngram, Brandon^55.5$8,900nor@ bkn 125-13537:02   40pt 5rb 5as 2st 4to 1trey 17-24fg 5-5ft
PFPaschall, Eric^51.6$5,800gswv por 127-11839:32   34pt 13rb 1bl 1to 4trey 11-19fg 8-8ft
PFHorford, Al^51$7,500phi@ pho 109-11434:45   32pt 5rb 4as 2st 1bl 2to 5trey 13-20fg 1-2ft
SFHarris, Tobias^43$7,300phi@ pho 109-11437:09   24pt 10rb 2as 2st 2to 1trey 10-20fg 3-5ft
SFPrince, Taurean^40.2$4,800bknv nor 135-12537:48   12pt 11rb 4as 4st 3to 2trey 4-12fg 2-2ft
SFBrown Jr., Troy40$3,700wasv det 115-9930:30   14pt 10rb 4as 3st 1to 5-10fg 4-4ft
SFHouse, Danuel^37.3$5,100hou@ mem 107-10036:28   15pt 9rb 1as 1st 3bl 2to 2trey 6-15fg 1-1ft
PFAllen, Jarrett^31.5$5,200bknv nor 135-12530:03   18pt 10rb 1as 1st 3to 7-8fg 4-7ft
SFKennard, Luke^31.3$5,000det@ was 99-11534:21   24pt 4rb 5as 5to 3trey 6-12fg 9-11ft
SFCaboclo, Bruno30.5$3,500memv hou 100-10724:11   11pt 5rb 1as 2st 2bl 1trey 5-8fg
SFHarris, Joe^29.6$4,400bknv nor 135-12532:47   19pt 3rb 4as 1st 2to 4trey 7-14fg 1-2ft
PFWood, Christian26.3$4,000det@ was 99-11520:43   15pt 4rb 1as 2bl 1to 2trey 5-6fg 3-4ft
SFGordon, Eric^24.5$3,900hou@ mem 107-10032:12   16pt 5rb 1as 1st 2to 3trey 5-17fg 3-5ft
PFCovington, Robert^23.8$5,700minv mil 106-13423:04   15pt 4rb 2as 1st 2to 3trey 5-9fg 2-2ft
PFHachimura, Rui^23.3$5,500wasv det 115-9916:18   12pt 4rb 3as 1st 1to 1trey 5-7fg 1-1ft
PFClarke, Brandon^22.7$5,600memv hou 100-10720:22   3pt 6rb 1as 4bl 1to 1-4fg 1-1ft
SFOubre, Kelly^22.7$6,200phov phi 114-10932:02   14pt 6rb 1as 1bl 3to 1trey 5-9fg 3-6ft
SFCrowder, Jae^22$4,800memv hou 100-10729:15   8pt 5rb 2as 3st 4to 1trey 2-8fg 3-4ft
PFBell, Jordan21.7$3,500minv mil 106-13414:31   12pt 6rb 3as 2to 4-6fg 4-4ft
PFSpellman, Omari20.2$3,800gswv por 127-11815:12   7pt 6rb 2as 1bl 1trey 3-4fg
SFHezonja, Mario20$4,400por@ gsw 118-12725:52   11pt 5rb 1st 3trey 4-6fg
SFMiles, C.J.18.9$3,700wasv det 115-9919:10   12pt 2rb 1as 1bl 1trey 3-8fg 5-5ft
SFBurks, Alec18.8$3,900gswv por 127-11827:58   13pt 4rb 2as 2to 1trey 4-12fg 4-5ft
PFLabissiere, Skal17.5$3,900por@ gsw 118-12715:25   4pt 5rb 1as 2bl 2-8fg
PFChriss, Marquese17.3$4,000gswv por 127-11814:05   5pt 4rb 3as 1bl 1trey 2-3fg
SFRobinson III, Glenn^16.7$5,300gswv por 127-11830:46   5pt 6rb 3as 2-5fg 1-2ft
SFBazemore, Kent16.7$4,700por@ gsw 118-12722:21   7pt 6rb 1as 1st 2to 1trey 3-10fg
SFBertans, Davis16.2$4,400wasv det 115-9922:14   9pt 1rb 1st 1bl 3trey 3-7fg
SFBridges, Mikal16.1$4,000phov phi 114-10925:17   6pt 3rb 1as 2st 1to 2-3fg 2-2ft
SFCulver, Jarrett15.3$3,500minv mil 106-13424:08   8pt 4rb 1as 1st 2to 2trey 3-11fg
SFLayman, Jake14.8$3,800minv mil 106-13426:27   5pt 4rb 2st 1to 2-10fg 1-1ft
PFIlyasova, Ersan14.8$4,000mil@ min 134-10615:57   5pt 4rb 1st 1bl 1to 1trey 2-6fg
PFHayes, Jaxson14.5$3,800nor@ bkn 125-13516:26   3pt 5rb 1as 2st 2to 0-3fg 3-3ft
SFSefolosha, Thabo13.8$3,500hou@ mem 107-1006:51   3pt 4rb 2as 1bl 1trey 1-2fg
PFVonleh, Noah13.7$3,600minv mil 106-13416:08   5pt 6rb 1as 1trey 1-7fg 2-2ft
SFWilliams, Kenrich12.6$4,100nor@ bkn 125-1356:17   3pt 3rb 1st 1bl 1trey 1-2fg
PFTolliver, Anthony^12.5$3,800por@ gsw 118-12717:10   3pt 5rb 1as 1bl 1to 1trey 1-5fg
SFOkogie, Josh12.4$4,400minv mil 106-13422:05   3pt 7rb 1st 2to 1-6fg 1-3ft
PFKaminsky, Frank11.8$4,900phov phi 114-10920:02   3pt 4rb 2as 1bl 2to 0-5fg 3-6ft
PFSaric, Dario^11.7$5,400phov phi 114-10925:12   5pt 6rb 1as 1st 5to 1trey 2-6fg
SFHood, Rodney^11.7$4,300por@ gsw 118-12735:42   4pt 6rb 1as 1to 1-8fg 2-2ft
SFBonga, Isaac^10.1$3,900wasv det 115-9922:48   5pt 3rb 1as 2-5fg 1-1ft
SFMoore, E'Twaun9.7$3,500nor@ bkn 125-13514:53   7pt 1rb 1as 1trey 2-4fg 2-3ft
PFScott, Mike9.6$3,700phi@ pho 109-11418:16   7pt 3rb 1to 1trey 3-5fg
PFTucker, P.J.^8.7$6,000hou@ mem 107-10034:04   0pt 6rb 3as 3to 0-1fg
PFWilson, D.J.4.9$3,500mil@ min 134-1066:38   2pt 2rb 1as 1to 1-3fg
SFMorris, Markieff^4.4$4,300det@ was 99-11514:11   4pt 2rb 2to 2-4fg
PFKurucs, Rodions3.4$3,500bknv nor 135-1257:05   0pt 2rb 1st 2to 0-1fg
SFEnnis, James3.2$4,100phi@ pho 109-11411:39   3pt 1rb 1to 1-4fg 1-2ft
SFHill, Solomon3$3,900memv hou 100-10714:54   4pt 1to 1-5fg 2-2ft
SFJohnson, Cameron2$3,500phov phi 114-1099:30   2pt 1-3fg
SFSchofield, Admiral1.2$3,500wasv det 115-991:54   0pt 1rb
SFThybulle, Matisse1$4,600phi@ pho 109-1144:50   2pt 1to 1-3fg 0-2ft
SFMusa, Dzanan0$3,500bknv nor 135-125DNP  
PFBolden, Jonah0$3,500phi@ pho 109-114DNP  
PFGreen, Draymond0$7,700gswv por 127-118DNP  
PFDiallo, Cheick0$3,500phov phi 114-109DNP  
PFMelli, Nicolo0$3,600nor@ bkn 125-135DNP  
PFAnderson, Ryan0$3,500hou@ mem 107-100DNP  
SFLittle, Nassir0$3,500por@ gsw 118-127DNP  
PFClaxton, Nicolas0$3,500bknv nor 135-125DNP  
PFClark, Gary0$3,500hou@ mem 107-100NA  
PFPelle, Norvel0$3,500phi@ pho 109-114NA  
SFAntetokounmpo, Thanasis0$3,500mil@ min 134-106NA  
SFKing, Louis0$3,500det@ was 99-115NA  
PFCollins, Zach0$4,500por@ gsw 118-127NA  
SFBates-Diop, Keita0$3,500minv mil 106-134NA  
PFBender, Dragan0$3,500mil@ min 134-106NA  
SFChandler, Wilson0$3,500bknv nor 135-125NA  
PFWilliamson, Zion0$3,500nor@ bkn 125-135NA  
PFSmailagic, Alen0$3,500gswv por 127-118NA  
SFGreen, Gerald0$3,500hou@ mem 107-100NA  
PFEllenson, Henry0$3,500bknv nor 135-125NA  
PFCheatham, Zylan0$3,500nor@ bkn 125-135NA  
PFGriffin, Blake0$8,800det@ was 99-115NA  
SFMiller, Darius0$3,500nor@ bkn 125-135NA  
SFMartin, Kelan0$3,500minv mil 106-134NA  
SFHoard, Jaylen0$3,500por@ gsw 118-127NA  
PFReid, Naz0$3,500minv mil 106-134NA  
PFHartenstein, Isaiah0$3,500hou@ mem 107-100NA  
PFDoumbouya, Sekou0$3,500det@ was 99-115NA  
SFJackson, Josh0$3,500memv hou 100-107NA  
PFJackson, Jaren0$6,600memv hou 100-107NA  

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Centers FD PointsSalaryTeamOpp. ScoreMin   Stats
CDrummond, Andre^57.8$10,600det@ was 99-11538:49   15pt 24rb 4as 2st 2bl 4to 6-20fg 3-3ft
CWhiteside, Hassan^40.2$7,500por@ gsw 118-12728:16   22pt 11rb 2bl 1to 10-14fg 2-5ft
CBaynes, Aron^38.4$6,000phov phi 114-10931:36   15pt 7rb 6as 1st 2bl 3to 3trey 6-9fg
CWagner, Moritz31.8$3,900wasv det 115-9921:30   12pt 4rb 2st 3bl 4-7fg 4-4ft
CCapela, Clint^29.6$7,800hou@ mem 107-10028:54   10pt 13rb 2as 1st 2to 5-10fg 0-1ft
CValanciunas, Jonas^28.5$5,700memv hou 100-10723:49   10pt 10rb 3as 1bl 1to 4-11fg 2-2ft
CLopez, Brook^26.4$5,200mil@ min 134-10625:40   9pt 2rb 2as 1st 3bl 1trey 4-6fg
CDieng, Gorgui^26.2$4,000minv mil 106-13417:21   10pt 6rb 4as 1bl 3-9fg 4-4ft
CBryant, Thomas^24.9$7,600wasv det 115-9926:30   14pt 7rb 1as 1bl 2to 1trey 6-10fg 1-2ft
CCauley-Stein, Willie^21.6$4,900gswv por 127-11815:30   10pt 3rb 2as 2st 1to 4-5fg 2-2ft
CJordan, DeAndre20$5,900bknv nor 135-12516:04   4pt 5rb 2as 1st 2bl 2to 2-3fg
CO'Quinn, Kyle13$3,700phi@ pho 109-11413:15   5pt 5rb 1bl 1to 1trey 2-3fg
COkafor, Jahlil^12.3$5,000nor@ bkn 125-13521:27   4pt 4rb 1as 1bl 1to 1-3fg 2-3ft
CLopez, Robin9.6$3,500mil@ min 134-10618:33   1pt 3rb 2as 1bl 1to 0-2fg 1-2ft
CFavors, Derrick4.3$5,900nor@ bkn 125-1358:14   0pt 4rb 1as 2to 0-1fg 0-2ft
CChandler, Tyson2.7$3,500hou@ mem 107-1007:23   0pt 1rb 1as
CMaker, Thon2$3,600det@ was 99-1158:21   0pt 1bl 1to
CTowns, Karl-Anthony0$10,900minv mil 106-134DNP  
CAyton, Deandre0$3,500phov phi 114-109DNP  
CEmbiid, Joel0$10,800phi@ pho 109-114DNP  
CGasol, Pau0$3,500por@ gsw 118-127DNP  
CBrown, Moses0$3,500por@ gsw 118-127NA  
CMahinmi, Ian0$3,500wasv det 115-99NA  
CLooney, Kevon0$5,600gswv por 127-118NA  
CHilario, Nene0$3,500hou@ mem 107-100NA  

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Unlisted FD PointsSalaryTeamOpp. ScoreMin   Stats

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