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Fantasy Points for 8-Feb-2018
FanDuel Salary Cap NBA Basketball
Past week:   7-Feb   |   6-Feb   |   5-Feb   |   4-Feb   |   3-Feb   |   2-Feb   |   1-Feb   |

Starters are indicated by a ^ following the player’s name.
Active players not appearing in a game are listed as DNP.
Inactive players are denoted as NA.
Player salaries are only for the 'Full Roster' game style at FanDuel.

To sort players by game, click here
For data in semi-colon delimited format, click here.
Or try downloading this fuller set of season-long data.

Jump to:     Guards   |   Forwards   |   Centers   |   Unlisted   |
Guards FD PointsSalaryTeamOpp. ScoreMin   Stats
PGWalker, Kemba^54.7$8,300cha@ por 103-10939:25   40pt 1rb 3as 4st 3to 6trey 13-26fg 8-8ft
PGIrving, Kyrie^46$8,000bos@ was 110-10433:22   28pt 5rb 6as 1st 1bl 3to 1trey 9-19fg 9-10ft
SGBeal, Bradley^42.5$8,600wasv bos 104-11044:23   18pt 5rb 9as 2st 1to 3trey 7-27fg 1-1ft
PGAugustin, D.J.^41.1$4,100orlv atl 100-9835:09   18pt 3rb 9as 2st 2trey 5-14fg 6-6ft
PGSmith Jr., Dennis^37.1$6,500dal@ gsw 103-12130:19   22pt 3rb 3as 2st 1bl 2to 4trey 8-18fg 2-2ft
PGCurry, Stephen^36.4$9,800gswv dal 121-10329:41   20pt 7rb 8as 4to 4trey 7-12fg 2-2ft
PGLillard, Damian^33.8$9,200porv cha 109-10341:44   18pt 4rb 8as 1st 4to 3trey 6-22fg 3-3ft
SGCaldwell-Pope, Kentavious^32.9$4,700lalv okc 106-8130:54   20pt 7rb 1as 1st 3trey 7-10fg 3-3ft
SGBrown, Jaylen^31.3$5,500bos@ was 110-10437:33   18pt 4rb 3as 1st 1bl 2to 3trey 7-16fg 1-2ft
SGBatum, Nicolas^30.9$6,700cha@ por 103-10939:02   11pt 2rb 5as 4st 2to 1trey 5-15fg
PGSatoransky, Tomas^30.8$4,700wasv bos 104-11034:06   14pt 4rb 4as 1st 2bl 3to 2trey 6-12fg
SGHart, Josh^30.1$6,300lalv okc 106-8132:52   10pt 8rb 5as 1st 1bl 3to 2trey 4-9fg
PGSchroder, Dennis^29.5$7,500atl@ orl 98-10031:07   19pt 5rb 5as 3to 2trey 5-15fg 7-8ft
SGFournier, Evan^29.1$6,200orlv atl 100-9832:23   22pt 3rb 3as 1to 2trey 7-14fg 6-6ft
SGDeRozan, DeMar^28.5$8,400torv nyk 113-8828:48   8pt 5rb 5as 1st 2bl 2to 1trey 2-11fg 3-3ft
PGVanVleet, Fred28.2$4,900torv nyk 113-8823:41   10pt 1rb 6as 3st 1to 2trey 4-11fg
SGMatthews, Wes^27.4$5,800dal@ gsw 103-12128:52   17pt 2rb 2as 2st 1to 2trey 7-17fg 1-2ft
SGMcCollum, C.J.^27.3$6,900porv cha 109-10340:53   22pt 4rb 3as 4to 2trey 7-18fg 6-7ft
SGThompson, Klay^27$6,500gswv dal 121-10334:13   18pt 5rb 4as 3to 2trey 8-15fg
PGBarea, Jose^23$4,900dal@ gsw 103-12128:11   6pt 8as 1st 1bl 1to 2-9fg 2-2ft
PGFelton, Raymond^22.5$3,500okc@ lal 81-10631:24   7pt 5rb 3as 2st 1to 1trey 3-8fg
SGBazemore, Kent^21.8$6,400atl@ orl 98-10023:55   6pt 4rb 4as 1st 2bl 4to 3-11fg
PGDorsey, Tyler21.5$3,900atl@ orl 98-10024:57   11pt 5rb 3as 1trey 5-9fg 0-1ft
PGJack, Jarrett^21.4$4,000nyk@ tor 88-11323:02   10pt 2rb 6as 1bl 3to 1trey 4-7fg 1-1ft
PGWright, Delon21.1$4,400torv nyk 113-8821:59   11pt 3rb 3as 1st 1to 1trey 5-6fg
PGLowry, Kyle^18.9$8,000torv nyk 113-8825:00   7pt 2rb 3as 2st 1to 2trey 2-10fg 1-2ft
PGMack, Shelvin17.7$4,500orlv atl 100-9821:54   9pt 1rb 3as 1st 4-10fg 1-2ft
PGBurke, Trey16.9$3,600nyk@ tor 88-11313:03   12pt 2rb 3as 2to 2trey 4-9fg 2-2ft
SGAbrines, Alex16.1$4,000okc@ lal 81-10624:18   8pt 3rb 1as 1st 1trey 3-10fg 1-1ft
PGDelaney, Malcolm15.1$3,500atl@ orl 98-10019:50   11pt 3rb 1as 1to 2trey 4-6fg 1-2ft
SGHardaway Jr., Tim^14$6,000nyk@ tor 88-11329:52   9pt 5rb 1to 1trey 4-14fg
PGFerrell, Yogi12.9$4,000dal@ gsw 103-12130:42   9pt 2rb 1as 1st 3to 2trey 3-9fg 1-2ft
SGCaruso, Alex12.5$3,500lalv okc 106-8118:11   0pt 5as 1st 1bl 1to 0-4fg
PGRozier, Terry11.9$6,500bos@ was 110-10429:44   12pt 2rb 1as 4to 2trey 4-6fg 2-4ft
PGFrazier, Tim11.4$3,700wasv bos 104-11014:05   0pt 2rb 2as 3st 3to 0-3fg
SGLee, Courtney^9.8$5,100nyk@ tor 88-11328:14   4pt 4rb 2as 2to 1-6fg 2-2ft
PGLivingston, Shaun7.7$3,500gswv dal 121-10313:13   6pt 1rb 1as 1to 3-5fg
SGYoung, Nick7.5$3,500gswv dal 121-1039:27   6pt 1as 2trey 2-5fg
PGNapier, Shabazz7.2$3,600porv cha 109-10315:50   0pt 1rb 2as 1bl 0-3fg
PGNtilikina, Frank6.9$3,500nyk@ tor 88-11320:59   5pt 2rb 3as 5to 2-6fg 1-2ft
SGMcCaw, Patrick5.5$3,500gswv dal 121-10313:10   2pt 1as 1bl 1to 1-4fg
SGCollinsworth, Kyle5.5$3,500dal@ gsw 103-12119:08   2pt 1as 1st 1to 1-4fg
PGCarter-Williams, Michael5.4$3,500cha@ por 103-10913:35   0pt 2rb 2as 0-2fg
SGGraham, Treveon4.9$3,600cha@ por 103-10917:22   1pt 2rb 1as 0-1fg 1-2ft
SGPowell, Norman3.6$3,500torv nyk 113-883:37   0pt 3rb 0-2fg
SGMeeks, Jodie3.5$3,500wasv bos 104-1108:37   2pt 1as 0-1fg 2-2ft
SGDozier, PJ3.2$3,600okc@ lal 81-1062:12   2pt 1rb 1-2fg
SGAfflalo, Arron3.2$3,500orlv atl 100-986:01   0pt 1rb 1bl 1to 0-2fg
SGDotson, Damyean2.7$3,500nyk@ tor 88-1136:53   0pt 1rb 1as 0-1fg
PGPayton, Gary2.4$3,500lalv okc 106-813:21   0pt 2rb 0-2fg
SGConnaughton, Pat2$3,500porv cha 109-1038:43   2pt 1-1fg
SGFerguson, Terrance1.5$3,500okc@ lal 81-10612:53   0pt 1as 0-5fg
PGEnnis, Tyler1.2$3,500lalv okc 106-814:03   0pt 1rb
SGBelinelli, Marco0$3,800atl@ orl 98-100DNP  
SGMonk, Malik0$3,500cha@ por 103-109DNP  
SGHarris, Devin0$3,800dal@ gsw 103-121DNP  
SGNader, Abdel0$3,500bos@ was 110-104DNP  
PGAllen, Kadeem0$3,500bos@ was 110-104DNP  
PGStone, Julyan0$3,500cha@ por 103-109DNP  
PGBaker, Ron0$3,500nyk@ tor 88-113NA  
PGCook, Quinn0$3,500gswv dal 121-103NA  
SGRoss, Terrence0$4,400orlv atl 100-98NA  
PGBaldwin, Wade0$3,500porv cha 109-103NA  
PGBrown, Lorenzo0$3,500torv nyk 113-88NA  
SGWilcox, C.J.0$3,500porv cha 109-103NA  
PGLarkin, Shane0$3,600bos@ was 110-104NA  
PGMagette, Josh0$3,500atl@ orl 98-100NA  
PGWestbrook, Russell0$12,100okc@ lal 81-106NA  
PGWall, John0$3,500wasv bos 104-110NA  
PGBall, Lonzo0$6,800lalv okc 106-81NA  
SGSmart, Marcus0$5,500bos@ was 110-104NA  
SGBird, Jabari0$3,500bos@ was 110-104NA  
PGPaige, Marcus0$3,500cha@ por 103-109NA  

Jump to:     Guards   |   Forwards   |   Centers   |   Unlisted   |
Forwards FD PointsSalaryTeamOpp. ScoreMin   Stats
PFNowitzki, Dirk^51.7$5,300dal@ gsw 103-12127:57   16pt 11rb 1as 5st 2bl 1trey 6-10fg 3-3ft
SFDurant, Kevin^48.8$10,500gswv dal 121-10329:41   24pt 9rb 4as 1st 2bl 1to 4trey 8-13fg 4-4ft
SFGeorge, Paul^47.3$8,600okc@ lal 81-10634:06   29pt 9rb 3as 2st 1bl 6to 5trey 11-25fg 2-6ft
SFPorter, Otto^47.2$6,700wasv bos 104-11040:11   27pt 11rb 2as 2st 2to 3trey 9-18fg 6-6ft
PFGreen, Draymond^43$8,300gswv dal 121-10332:23   12pt 10rb 6as 2st 2bl 2to 1trey 4-17fg 3-4ft
SFBeasley, Michael^41.9$6,200nyk@ tor 88-11330:44   21pt 7rb 1as 3st 1bl 1to 7-13fg 7-7ft
PFKuzma, Kyle38.8$4,700lalv okc 106-8123:54   16pt 9rb 2as 1st 2bl 2trey 6-15fg 2-2ft
PFKornet, Luke35$3,500nyk@ tor 88-11322:18   11pt 10rb 4bl 3trey 4-9fg
PFAminu, Al-Farouq^35$5,500porv cha 109-10336:08   6pt 15rb 2as 3st 1to 1trey 2-7fg 1-2ft
PFWest, David34.9$4,300gswv dal 121-10316:47   10pt 7rb 7as 1st 1bl 4-6fg 2-2ft
PFPowell, Dwight^34.2$5,500dal@ gsw 103-12131:23   18pt 6rb 2as 2st 7-9fg 4-4ft
SFIngram, Brandon^32.4$7,100lalv okc 106-8133:22   19pt 2rb 6as 1st 1to 3trey 7-11fg 2-2ft
PFSiakam, Pascal31$4,000torv nyk 113-8823:00   14pt 5rb 6as 1st 1to 1trey 6-9fg 1-1ft
PFKaminsky, Frank30.7$4,400cha@ por 103-10929:32   17pt 6rb 1as 2st 1to 4trey 6-14fg 1-1ft
PFCollins, John30.4$5,200atl@ orl 98-10025:39   9pt 12rb 1st 2bl 2to 1trey 4-9fg
SFHezonja, Mario^29$5,400orlv atl 100-9828:42   8pt 10rb 2as 3st 3to 2-7fg 4-6ft
SFPrince, Taurean^28.7$4,500atl@ orl 98-10030:59   19pt 1rb 5as 1st 2to 4trey 7-12fg 1-2ft
PFIbaka, Serge^28.6$5,000torv nyk 113-8825:00   13pt 8rb 2as 1bl 3trey 4-12fg 2-2ft
PFMorris, Marcus26.6$4,900bos@ was 110-10436:27   15pt 8rb 1st 1to 1trey 5-14fg 4-4ft
PFMorris, Markieff^25.5$6,300wasv bos 104-11028:56   9pt 5rb 5as 1st 1bl 3to 1trey 3-6fg 2-2ft
PFGrant, Jerami23.1$5,200okc@ lal 81-10622:58   8pt 8rb 1as 2bl 2to 4-9fg
SFMiles, C.J.22$3,700torv nyk 113-8820:22   11pt 5rb 2as 1st 1to 3trey 4-8fg
SFIguodala, Andre21.9$3,900gswv dal 121-10325:46   5pt 2rb 3as 2st 2bl 2to 1trey 2-3fg
PFWilliams, Marvin^20.3$4,400cha@ por 103-10923:28   10pt 4rb 1as 2bl 2to 2trey 4-6fg
PFDavis, Ed18.6$3,800porv cha 109-10318:02   7pt 8rb 1bl 1to 3-3fg 1-1ft
SFTatum, Jayson^17.9$5,400bos@ was 110-10431:29   11pt 2rb 1as 2st 3to 3-9fg 5-7ft
SFHarkless, Maurice^17$3,700porv cha 109-10331:35   8pt 5rb 1bl 4-7fg
SFTurner, Evan16.9$3,500porv cha 109-10320:15   13pt 2rb 1as 1trey 5-7fg 2-2ft
SFOubre, Kelly16.2$4,700wasv bos 104-11032:58   11pt 6rb 2to 2trey 3-10fg 3-4ft
PFTheis, Daniel16.2$4,200bos@ was 110-10427:49   7pt 6rb 1bl 1to 1trey 3-4fg 0-2ft
SFSimmons, Jonathon^14.7$5,800orlv atl 100-9834:12   13pt 1rb 1as 1to 1trey 5-11fg 2-2ft
PFBirch, Khem14.4$4,100orlv atl 100-9819:59   2pt 7rb 2bl 2to 1-1fg
SFIwundu, Wes12.7$3,500orlv atl 100-9816:26   4pt 1rb 1as 1st 1bl 2-5fg
SFKidd-Gilchrist, Michael^12$4,200cha@ por 103-10928:33   6pt 5rb 3-9fg
SFBrewer, Corey11.9$3,500lalv okc 106-8118:54   6pt 2rb 3as 1to 3-6fg
PFScott, Mike11.3$3,600wasv bos 104-11015:25   7pt 4rb 1as 2to 1trey 3-5fg 0-1ft
SFAnunoby, OG^11.1$3,500torv nyk 113-8820:33   6pt 3rb 1as 1trey 2-5fg 1-1ft
SFLamb, Jeremy11.1$4,900cha@ por 103-10921:03   7pt 3rb 1as 1to 3-11fg 1-1ft
SFHamilton, Daniel11.1$3,500okc@ lal 81-10615:43   5pt 3rb 3as 2to 1trey 2-5fg
PFPatterson, Patrick^10.8$4,100okc@ lal 81-10625:55   0pt 4rb 2as 1st 0-6fg
PFKleber, Maxi10$3,500dal@ gsw 103-12120:03   2pt 5rb 1bl 1to 1-6fg
PFLooney, Kevon9.9$3,500gswv dal 121-10315:37   6pt 2rb 1as 3-3fg 0-2ft
SFThomas, Lance9.4$3,500nyk@ tor 88-11321:57   2pt 2rb 2as 1st 1to 1-3fg
PFIlyasova, Ersan^6.8$4,500atl@ orl 98-10015:27   5pt 4rb 3to 2-4fg 1-2ft
SFSingler, Kyle5.7$3,500okc@ lal 81-1065:39   3pt 1rb 1as 1-2fg 1-2ft
SFJones, Jalen5.2$3,500dal@ gsw 103-1216:48   1pt 1rb 1st 0-1fg 1-2ft
PFHicks, Isaiah5$3,500nyk@ tor 88-11317:16   5pt 2-5fg 1-2ft
SFHuestis, Josh^4.8$3,500okc@ lal 81-10616:52   0pt 4rb 0-3fg
SFCasspi, Omri1.2$3,500gswv dal 121-1033:53   0pt 1rb
SFLayman, Jake0$3,500porv cha 109-103DNP  
SFFinney-Smith, Dorian0$3,500dal@ gsw 103-121DNP  
PFMcRoberts, Josh0$3,500dal@ gsw 103-121DNP  
PFGordon, Aaron0$8,900orlv atl 100-98DNP  
PFMcCullough, Chris0$3,500wasv bos 104-110DNP  
SFBacon, Dwayne0$3,500cha@ por 103-109DNP  
SFMotley, Johnathan0$3,500dal@ gsw 103-121DNP  
SFOjeleye, Semi0$3,500bos@ was 110-104DNP  
PFSwanigan, Caleb0$3,500porv cha 109-103DNP  
PFSmith, Jason0$3,500wasv bos 104-110DNP  
PFYabusele, Guerschon0$3,500bos@ was 110-104DNP  
SFBembry, DeAndre0$3,500atl@ orl 98-100DNP  
SFRobinson, Devin0$3,600wasv bos 104-110NA  
PFBoucher, Chris0$3,500gswv dal 121-103NA  
PFAnthony, Carmelo0$6,000okc@ lal 81-106NA  
SFMcDermott, Doug0$3,500dal@ gsw 103-121NA  
PFBell, Jordan0$3,500gswv dal 121-103NA  
SFWhite, Andrew0$3,500atl@ orl 98-100NA  
PFMathiang, Mangok0$3,500cha@ por 103-109NA  
SFCaboclo, Bruno0$3,600torv nyk 113-88NA  
PFIsaac, Jonathan0$3,500orlv atl 100-98NA  
PFCavanaugh, Tyler0$3,500atl@ orl 98-100NA  
SFArtis, Jamel0$3,500orlv atl 100-98NA  
SFHayward, Gordon0$3,500bos@ was 110-104NA  
SFDeng, Luol0$3,500lalv okc 106-81NA  
PFMiller, Malcolm0$3,500torv nyk 113-88NA  
SFBarnes, Harrison0$6,000dal@ gsw 103-121NA  
PFMcKinnie, Alfonzo0$3,500torv nyk 113-88NA  

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Centers FD PointsSalaryTeamOpp. ScoreMin   Stats
CNurkic, Jusuf^53.3$6,500porv cha 109-10332:52   24pt 14rb 1as 2st 4bl 7to 10-14fg 4-5ft
CValanciunas, Jonas^41$6,600torv nyk 113-8824:19   18pt 10rb 2as 2st 1bl 1to 2trey 7-12fg 2-4ft
CGortat, Marcin^31$4,500wasv bos 104-11030:33   10pt 10rb 4as 1st 1bl 3to 4-7fg 2-4ft
CHorford, Al^30.4$7,400bos@ was 110-10434:31   12pt 7rb 2as 1st 2bl 2to 1trey 5-8fg 1-2ft
CHoward, Dwight^28.5$8,200cha@ por 103-10939:02   7pt 15rb 1as 1bl 1to 3-11fg 1-1ft
CRandle, Julius^28.2$7,300lalv okc 106-8128:26   17pt 6rb 2as 1bl 2to 8-16fg 1-1ft
CO'Quinn, Kyle^26.1$4,000nyk@ tor 88-11325:42   9pt 8rb 1as 2bl 4-10fg 1-2ft
CLopez, Brook^25.8$5,300lalv okc 106-8124:28   9pt 9rb 2as 1bl 4-14fg 1-2ft
CAdams, Steven^25.3$6,900okc@ lal 81-10633:08   13pt 9rb 1as 4-11fg 5-8ft
CPoeltl, Jakob23.5$3,900torv nyk 113-8820:04   13pt 5rb 1as 1bl 6-7fg 1-1ft
CBiyombo, Bismack^23.4$5,600orlv atl 100-9828:01   10pt 7rb 3st 4to 5-9fg
CSpeights, Marreese22.9$3,700orlv atl 100-9817:13   14pt 2rb 1as 2bl 1to 4trey 5-11fg
CMejri, Salah22.5$3,600dal@ gsw 103-12116:37   10pt 5rb 1as 2bl 1to 5-10fg
CDedmon, Dewayne18.9$4,900atl@ orl 98-10023:54   8pt 2rb 3as 1st 1bl 2to 2trey 3-11fg
CZubac, Ivica17.5$3,500lalv okc 106-8117:17   7pt 5rb 1as 1bl 2-6fg 3-3ft
CMuscala, Mike17$3,500atl@ orl 98-10012:56   5pt 5rb 2as 1bl 2-5fg 1-1ft
CPlumlee, Miles^16$3,500atl@ orl 98-10018:04   4pt 5rb 2as 1bl 2-2fg
CBaynes, Aron^15.5$3,900bos@ was 110-10414:21   2pt 5rb 1as 1st 1bl 1-3fg
CCollins, Zach14.1$3,500porv cha 109-10316:52   6pt 3rb 1as 1st 1trey 2-6fg 1-2ft
CMahinmi, Ian14$3,700wasv bos 104-11015:46   6pt 5rb 1st 1to 3-6fg
CPachulia, Zaza^13.5$3,900gswv dal 121-10312:16   8pt 5rb 1as 2to 3-4fg 2-2ft
CZeller, Cody10.8$3,700cha@ por 103-10913:58   4pt 4rb 2as 1to 1-3fg 2-4ft
CMcGee, JaVale6.4$3,500gswv dal 121-1033:53   4pt 2rb 0-1fg 4-4ft
CJohnson, Dakari6.2$3,500okc@ lal 81-1066:59   2pt 1rb 1bl 1-2fg
CCollison, Nick4.4$3,500okc@ lal 81-1067:53   4pt 2rb 2to 2-2fg 0-2ft
CNogueira, Lucas4.4$3,500torv nyk 113-883:37   2pt 2rb 1-2fg
CLeonard, Meyers4.2$3,500porv cha 109-1032:06   3pt 1rb 1trey 1-2fg
CBryant, Thomas3.5$3,500lalv okc 106-814:18   2pt 1as 1-3fg
CKanter, Enes0$7,000nyk@ tor 88-113DNP  
CNoah, Joakim0$3,500nyk@ tor 88-113NA  
CHernangomez, Guillermo0$3,500cha@ por 103-109NA   0pt
CVucevic, Nikola0$8,200orlv atl 100-98NA  
CNoel, Nerlens0$3,500dal@ gsw 103-121NA  
CJones, Damian0$3,500gswv dal 121-103NA  

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Unlisted FD PointsSalaryTeamOpp. ScoreMin   Stats
NAMonroe, Greg20.2N/Abos@ was 110-10419:44   5pt 6rb 2as 2st 1to 2-5fg 1-3ft
NATaylor, Isaiah1N/Aatl@ orl 98-10013:12   1pt 0-3fg 1-2ft

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