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Fantasy Points for 8-Mar-2018
Yahoo DFS Salary Cap NBA Basketball
Past week:   7-Mar   |   6-Mar   |   5-Mar   |   4-Mar   |   3-Mar   |   2-Mar   |   1-Mar   |

Starters are indicated by a ^ following the player’s name.
Active players not appearing in a game are listed as DNP.
Inactive players are denoted as NA.
Player salaries are only for the full slate game style at Yahoo.

To sort players by game, click here
For data in semi-colon delimited format, click here.
Or try downloading this fuller set of season-long data.

Jump to:     Guards   |   Forwards   |   Centers   |   Unlisted   |
Guards YH PointsSalaryTeamOpp. ScoreMin   Stats
PGIrving, Kyrie^48.4$33bos@ min 117-10929:36   23pt 7rb 8as 2st 1bl 4to 3trey 9-15fg 2-2ft
PGWestbrook, Russell^48.1$55okcv pho 115-8729:29   27pt 8rb 9as 2to 11-14fg 5-7ft
SGCrabbe, Allen^44.1$14bkn@ cha 125-11133:23   29pt 8rb 1as 1st 1bl 2to 6trey 11-21fg 1-1ft
PGSimmons, Ben^41.6$35phi@ mia 99-10835:09   10pt 8rb 8as 3st 2bl 5to 5-10fg
SGBooker, Devin^38.7$35pho@ okc 87-11535:20   30pt 6rb 1as 1st 3to 4trey 10-22fg 6-6ft
PGTeague, Jeff^34$29minv bos 109-11731:14   13pt 5rb 8as 1st 3trey 5-12fg
PGWalker, Kemba^33$31chav bkn 111-12531:26   21pt 6as 2st 3to 3trey 7-11fg 4-4ft
PGDragic, Goran^32.5$26miav phi 108-9933:32   7pt 5rb 7as 3st 1trey 3-13fg
SGRedick, J.J.^32.1$15phi@ mia 99-10829:59   18pt 3rb 5as 1st 4trey 6-11fg 2-2ft
PGMurray, Dejounte^29$22sas@ gsw 107-11029:34   14pt 5rb 6as 1st 3to 7-14fg
PGLivingston, Shaun28.9$10gswv sas 110-10724:05   9pt 7rb 7as 1bl 2to 4-10fg 1-2ft
SGCrawford, Jamal25.2$10minv bos 109-11723:44   15pt 1rb 4as 1bl 1trey 7-16fg
PGMonk, Malik25.1$10chav bkn 111-12521:15   13pt 3rb 5as 1bl 2to 1trey 6-14fg
PGDinwiddie, Spencer^25$21bkn@ cha 125-11122:38   6pt 10as 1st 1bl 2to 3-6fg
SGThompson, Klay^24.4$24gswv sas 110-10736:27   13pt 2rb 6as 1trey 5-16fg 2-2ft
SGSmart, Marcus24.4$15bos@ min 117-10932:56   9pt 2rb 6as 2st 2to 2-7fg 5-9ft
SGBrewer, Corey^24.3$10okcv pho 115-8727:51   17pt 4rb 1as 1st 2to 2trey 6-11fg 3-3ft
PGRozier, Terry24.3$16bos@ min 117-10924:18   13pt 4rb 1as 2st 1to 2trey 5-10fg 1-1ft
PGPayton, Elfrid^24$29pho@ okc 87-11529:49   6pt 5rb 6as 2st 3to 3-13fg 0-1ft
PGHarrison, Shaquille23.3$10pho@ okc 87-11519:47   9pt 4rb 3as 1st 1bl 1to 3-6fg 3-3ft
SGWade, Dwyane23.2$15miav phi 108-9923:27   16pt 6rb 2as 3to 1trey 7-13fg 1-2ft
SGDaniels, Troy21.7$10pho@ okc 87-11529:42   6pt 6rb 1as 2st 1bl 2to 2trey 2-15fg
PGParker, Tony20.7$10sas@ gsw 107-11018:10   11pt 1rb 7as 2to 4-7fg 3-3ft
SGBrown, Jaylen^20$17bos@ min 117-10928:09   14pt 5rb 1trey 4-10fg 5-5ft
SGJohnson, Tyler^18.3$15miav phi 108-9925:18   12pt 4rb 1as 2trey 5-10fg
SGYoung, Nick17.9$10gswv sas 110-10726:55   12pt 2rb 1as 1st 1to 2trey 4-9fg 2-2ft
SGLamb, Jeremy16.4$13chav bkn 111-12521:57   15pt 2rb 1to 7-14fg 1-1ft
PGMills, Patty^14.9$10sas@ gsw 107-11030:56   8pt 2rb 3as 2trey 3-10fg
SGBatum, Nicolas^14.8$27chav bkn 111-12533:09   6pt 4rb 2as 1st 2to 3-9fg
SGBelinelli, Marco14.5$10phi@ mia 99-10829:55   14pt 1as 1to 3trey 5-11fg 1-1ft
PGRussell, D'Angelo^12.4$26bkn@ cha 125-11122:33   8pt 2rb 2as 1to 2-8fg 4-4ft
PGMcConnell, T.J.12$10phi@ mia 99-10819:51   4pt 5rb 2as 1to 2-4fg
SGHuestis, Josh10.8$10okcv pho 115-8719:33   3pt 4rb 2as 1trey 1-5fg
SGAbrines, Alex10.7$10okcv pho 115-879:19   6pt 1rb 1as 1st 1to 2trey 2-2fg
PGFelton, Raymond7.5$10okcv pho 115-8716:28   3pt 1as 2bl 3to 1trey 1-5fg
SGReed, Davon7.1$10pho@ okc 87-11516:22   2pt 3rb 1as 1-7fg
SGGreen, Danny6.5$10sas@ gsw 107-11021:20   2pt 1as 1bl 1-5fg
SGStone, Julyan6.1$10chav bkn 111-1252:37   1pt 3rb 1as 1-2ft
PGJones, Tyus6$10minv bos 109-11716:46   5pt 2as 2to 1trey 2-5fg
SGFerguson, Terrance5$10okcv pho 115-8710:38   2pt 1st 1-2fg
SGGraham, Treveon4.4$10chav bkn 111-12511:16   2pt 2rb 1-3fg
PGCook, Quinn3.7$10gswv sas 110-10721:32   2pt 1rb 1as 1to 1-6fg
PGCurry, Stephen^2$41gswv sas 110-1072:23   2pt 0-1fg 2-2ft
SGGinobili, Manu2$10sas@ gsw 107-1107:21   2pt 1bl 3to 1-1fg
SGForbes, Bryn2$10sas@ gsw 107-1107:14   3pt 1to 1trey 1-2fg
SGStauskas, Nik0$10bkn@ cha 125-1112:17   0pt
PGBrooks, Aaron0$10minv bos 109-117DNP  
PGLarkin, Shane0$10bos@ min 117-109DNP  
SGPaul, Brandon0$10sas@ gsw 107-110DNP  
PGUlis, Tyler0$10pho@ okc 87-115DNP  
SGGeorges-Hunt, Marcus0$10minv bos 109-117DNP  
SGMcGruder, Rodney0$10miav phi 108-99DNP  
PGBayless, Jerryd0$10phi@ mia 99-108DNP  
SGHilliard, Darrun0$10sas@ gsw 107-110NA  
SGKorkmaz, Furkan0$10phi@ mia 99-108NA  
SGWaiters, Dion0$10miav phi 108-99NA  
PGDozier, PJ0$10okcv pho 115-87NA  
PGWhite, Derrick0$10sas@ gsw 107-110NA  
PGWalton Jr., Derrick0$10miav phi 108-99NA  
SGRoberson, Andre0$10okcv pho 115-87NA  
SGButler, Jimmy0$10minv bos 109-117NA  
SGFultz, Markelle0$10phi@ mia 99-108NA  
PGMcCaw, Patrick0$10gswv sas 110-107NA  
SGYoung, James0$10phi@ mia 99-108NA  
SGSingler, Kyle0$10okcv pho 115-87NA  
PGJackson, Demetrius0$10phi@ mia 99-108NA  
SGHouse, Danuel0$10pho@ okc 87-115NA  
SGLin, Jeremy0$10bkn@ cha 125-111NA  
SGLeonard, Kawhi0$32sas@ gsw 107-110NA  
SGIguodala, Andre0$10gswv sas 110-107NA  
SGHayward, Gordon0$10bos@ min 117-109NA  
SGBird, Jabari0$10bos@ min 117-109NA  
PGDoyle, Milton0$10bkn@ cha 125-111NA  
PGPaige, Marcus0$10chav bkn 111-125NA  
PGCarter-Williams, Michael0$10chav bkn 111-125NA  
SGAllen, Kadeem0$10bos@ min 117-109NA  
SGKnight, Brandon0$10pho@ okc 87-115NA  
SGWhitehead, Isaiah0$10bkn@ cha 125-111NA  

Jump to:     Guards   |   Forwards   |   Centers   |   Unlisted   |
Forwards YH PointsSalaryTeamOpp. ScoreMin   Stats
SFDurant, Kevin^65.2$44gswv sas 110-10738:48   37pt 11rb 4as 4bl 3to 4trey 14-26fg 5-7ft
PFGreen, Draymond^53.4$30gswv sas 110-10736:09   11pt 12rb 10as 3st 2bl 2to 1trey 4-11fg 2-2ft
PFHollis-Jefferson, Rondae45.4$18bkn@ cha 125-11130:18   18pt 12rb 4as 1st 2bl 2to 7-13fg 4-5ft
SFBjelica, Nemanja^45.4$17minv bos 109-11740:21   30pt 12rb 2as 2to 6trey 11-16fg 2-2ft
SFAnderson, Kyle^45.2$18sas@ gsw 107-11033:27   12pt 11rb 4as 5st 1to 5-12fg 2-2ft
PFHorford, Al^40.6$21bos@ min 117-10934:14   20pt 8rb 6as 1bl 1to 1trey 8-14fg 3-3ft
SFLeVert, Caris39.8$15bkn@ cha 125-11129:35   22pt 4rb 8as 1st 2to 1trey 8-15fg 5-5ft
SFCarroll, DeMarre^36.5$21bkn@ cha 125-11131:10   15pt 5rb 3as 3st 1bl 1to 2trey 5-9fg 3-3ft
SFGeorge, Paul^34.3$39okcv pho 115-8728:39   21pt 4rb 3as 2bl 2to 4trey 7-16fg 3-4ft
PFSaric, Dario^32$21phi@ mia 99-10830:55   20pt 10rb 4as 6to 4trey 5-10fg 6-7ft
SFCovington, Robert^30.9$19phi@ mia 99-10829:28   3pt 7rb 3as 4st 1bl 0-10fg 3-4ft
SFWiggins, Andrew^29.4$23minv bos 109-11738:23   13pt 7rb 4as 2st 4to 1trey 6-21fg
PFWinslow, Justise28.2$15miav phi 108-9927:13   9pt 6rb 2as 1st 2bl 3trey 3-6fg 0-2ft
PFJohnson, James^27.4$15miav phi 108-9920:47   4pt 2rb 6as 3st 2bl 3to 2-6fg
SFMorris, Marcus26$13bos@ min 117-10932:35   17pt 5rb 2as 3trey 7-15fg 0-1ft
SFRichardson, Josh^25.8$22miav phi 108-9921:50   13pt 4rb 2as 1st 1bl 1to 3trey 5-12fg
PFGibson, Taj^22.3$19minv bos 109-11735:48   18pt 4rb 1as 2to 8-10fg 2-3ft
SFGay, Rudy22$13sas@ gsw 107-11015:54   10pt 5rb 1st 1bl 4-7fg 2-2ft
PFBertans, Davis^19.9$10sas@ gsw 107-11028:02   13pt 2rb 3as 3trey 5-14fg
PFAnthony, Carmelo^18.3$20okcv pho 115-8725:34   11pt 4rb 1as 1st 2to 3trey 4-11fg 0-2ft
PFGrant, Jerami17.2$10okcv pho 115-8715:30   5pt 6rb 2bl 1to 0-2fg 5-6ft
SFTatum, Jayson^17$18bos@ min 117-10922:11   12pt 5rb 1to 1trey 4-8fg 3-4ft
SFEllington, Wayne15.6$10miav phi 108-9921:57   9pt 3rb 2as 3trey 3-6fg
PFWilliams, Marvin^15.1$10chav bkn 111-12525:38   7pt 3rb 1as 1bl 3-7fg 1-2ft
SFKidd-Gilchrist, Michael^14.5$10chav bkn 111-12519:42   10pt 5rb 1as 3to 4-8fg 2-2ft
PFIlyasova, Ersan14$10phi@ mia 99-10820:18   5pt 5rb 2as 1bl 3to 1trey 2-7fg
PFChriss, Marquese12.8$11pho@ okc 87-11523:45   5pt 4rb 1st 2-6fg 1-2ft
SFHarris, Joe12.5$10bkn@ cha 125-11120:06   11pt 1as 1trey 5-8fg
SFJackson, Josh^12.4$20pho@ okc 87-11512:59   6pt 2rb 2as 1st 2to 1-8fg 4-4ft
SFCunningham, Dante12$10bkn@ cha 125-11124:43   3pt 5rb 1bl 1trey 1-3fg
PFJohnson, Amir11.2$10phi@ mia 99-10816:05   8pt 1rb 1st 1to 4-5fg
PFPeters, Alec10.4$10pho@ okc 87-1159:50   8pt 2rb 2trey 3-5fg
PFKaminsky, Frank9.6$11chav bkn 111-12522:22   0pt 3rb 2as 1st 0-5fg
PFLooney, Kevon8.4$10gswv sas 110-10714:12   4pt 2rb 1st 1to 2-2fg
PFTheis, Daniel8.4$10bos@ min 117-1099:34   1pt 2rb 2as 1st 1to 1-2ft
PFBender, Dragan^8.1$10pho@ okc 87-11531:44   3pt 3rb 1as 1trey 1-4fg
SFCasspi, Omri6.2$10gswv sas 110-10711:55   2pt 1rb 1bl 1-2fg
PFCollison, Nick5.2$10okcv pho 115-874:11   4pt 1rb 2-2fg
SFBacon, Dwayne0$10chav bkn 111-1252:38   0pt
PFAcy, Quincy0$10bkn@ cha 125-1112:17   0pt 0-1fg
SFOjeleye, Semi0$10bos@ min 117-1096:50   0pt
PFDudley, Jared0$10pho@ okc 87-115DNP  
SFAnderson, Justin0$10phi@ mia 99-108DNP  
SFLuwawu, Timothe0$10phi@ mia 99-108DNP  
PFHaslem, Udonis0$10miav phi 108-99DNP  
PFNader, Abdel0$10bos@ min 117-109DNP  
SFBabbitt, Luke0$10miav phi 108-99DNP  
SFWebb, James0$10bkn@ cha 125-111NA  
PFWest, David0$10gswv sas 110-107NA  
PFBoucher, Chris0$10gswv sas 110-107NA  
PFBell, Jordan0$10gswv sas 110-107NA  
PFMathiang, Mangok0$10chav bkn 111-125NA  
SFWarren, T.J.0$25pho@ okc 87-115NA  
SFBrown, Anthony0$10minv bos 109-117NA  
SFHamilton, Daniel0$10okcv pho 115-87NA  
SFJones, Derrick0$10miav phi 108-99NA  
SFYabusele, Guerschon0$10bos@ min 117-109NA  
PFMickey, Jordan0$10miav phi 108-99NA  
PFWilliams, Alan0$10pho@ okc 87-115NA  
PFJefferson, Amile0$10minv bos 109-117NA  

Jump to:     Guards   |   Forwards   |   Centers   |   Unlisted   |
Centers YH PointsSalaryTeamOpp. ScoreMin   Stats
CAldridge, LaMarcus^54.4$36sas@ gsw 107-11036:56   30pt 17rb 4as 2to 11-20fg 8-11ft
CAdams, Steven^45.4$25okcv pho 115-8729:57   16pt 12rb 2as 2st 3bl 3to 7-8fg 2-5ft
CWhiteside, Hassan^42.6$28miav phi 108-9928:40   26pt 8rb 2as 1st 2bl 5to 9-12fg 8-12ft
CHoward, Dwight^38.4$29chav bkn 111-12526:34   19pt 7rb 1st 3bl 1to 5-8fg 9-11ft
CTowns, Karl-Anthony^34.7$41minv bos 109-11737:57   15pt 11rb 3as 1bl 1to 5-12fg 5-8ft
CMcGee, JaVale^33.4$10gswv sas 110-10717:14   13pt 7rb 4bl 5-8fg 3-3ft
CEmbiid, Joel^28.9$41phi@ mia 99-10828:20   17pt 7rb 3as 1to 3trey 5-18fg 4-7ft
CAllen, Jarrett^25.9$12bkn@ cha 125-11121:00   13pt 7rb 1as 1bl 5-8fg 3-4ft
COlynyk, Kelly25.4$12miav phi 108-9923:41   10pt 7rb 2as 1st 1bl 2to 1trey 4-6fg 1-2ft
CZeller, Cody18.3$10chav bkn 111-12518:48   13pt 4rb 1as 1to 4-5fg 5-6ft
CChandler, Tyson^17$10pho@ okc 87-11519:41   10pt 5rb 1bl 2to 4-4fg 2-2ft
CPachulia, Zaza14.3$10gswv sas 110-10710:18   5pt 4rb 1as 1st 1-4fg 3-3ft
CBaynes, Aron^12.3$10bos@ min 117-10910:28   6pt 4rb 1as 3-6fg
CLen, Alex11.6$17pho@ okc 87-11511:01   2pt 3rb 1st 1bl 1-2fg
CDieng, Gorgui10.4$10minv bos 109-11715:47   0pt 7rb 1bl 1to 0-2fg
CMonroe, Greg8.8$11bos@ min 117-1099:09   2pt 4rb 2as 1to 1-2fg
CPatterson, Patrick8.5$10okcv pho 115-8720:48   0pt 5rb 1as 1bl 2to 0-2fg
CAdebayo, Bam6.8$10miav phi 108-9913:35   2pt 4rb 1-5fg
CLauvergne, Joffrey5.9$10sas@ gsw 107-11011:04   2pt 2rb 1as 1-3fg
CHernangomez, Guillermo4$10chav bkn 111-1252:38   4pt 1-1fg 2-2ft
CJohnson, Dakari3$10okcv pho 115-872:03   0pt 1bl
COkafor, Jahlil0$10bkn@ cha 125-111DNP  
CMozgov, Timofey0$10bkn@ cha 125-111DNP  
CHolmes, Richaun0$10phi@ mia 99-108DNP  
CGasol, Pau0$22sas@ gsw 107-110DNP  
CAldrich, Cole0$10minv bos 109-117DNP  
CJones, Damian0$10gswv sas 110-107NA  
CPatton, Justin0$10minv bos 109-117NA  

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Unlisted YH PointsSalaryTeamOpp. ScoreMin   Stats

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